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Hitsugi's art corner.

Postby HitsugiNerd » Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:56 am

I'm not that great, but I aspire to be an artist. :) I take any forms of criticism. Please don't be afraid to tell me ways to improve.

this is just a quick sketch I did while waiting for my next class. It's of my favorite rock star, Hitsugi

This one is a sketch of my boyfriend. :)

This is of my Dunmer in the game Morrowind. I drew this all in permanent marker, I wanted to try and see how well I could do without making a mistake.

This is from my original story, it's of my 4 main characters.

Here is one of my 3 main boys. From left to right: Giuseppi De'Medici, Vain Mezzoalto and Boris Makalov.
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