Dark-Comics Official Forum Gallery (Commission OPEN!)

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Dark-Comics Official Forum Gallery (Commission OPEN!)

Postby Dark-Comics » Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:29 pm

Here we go!
OK hello you all in Snafu World! Ma name is Amanda (just call me Mandy).
Im the owner of the Dark-Comics Inc. and i´ll like to make more user got interested on our Art.

Why i say ``Our´´?
Because, im not the only one in the group.
There are almost 7 more in the Dark-Comics Inc.
I cant not say the real name´s for security but i can give you the DA Account names.
Here some of the Users
    Dark-Comics User´s

What About Commissions?
We do commissions by a good prise w00t
For more info Click Here or here Is better if you do click just in the first link ;)

Art Trades & Request ones?
:happy: Offcourse! we do :P
Why not? But its gonna take a little time to be give´d... Aprox. from 1 hour to 2 days (if you want it with some especial detail) :tongue:

May i can joy in Dark-Comics Group?
Hmmm... Well In the good sence . if you wanna get inside the Dark-Comics Group you´ll be tested for make us sure than you are a good, Fun and trustfull Artist. Also you can talk with one of us to get us know more well and deside if you´ll be part of our community. (For that click on the Banner than says ``MSN´´)

Another thinks like Contributions and Prints will be post latter but now just enjoy some of the pics than are in the Dark-Comics Gallery :rock: :devil:




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