Szemi's (my) artworks, fanfictions, etc.

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Szemi's (my) artworks, fanfictions, etc.

Postby szemi » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:55 am

Hey there. I'm a Powerpuff artist from! Let's see:

I worked out the good counterparts of the Rowdyruff Boys, they are the Rowdyrunk Boys - Bolt, Breeze and Byrum. In my opinion they are unofficially official, because my Rowdyrunk Boys are the only, who has old school and new school versions, and has (almost) similar clothes as the Powerpunks have

Here some pictures of them:
It's the old school version

And the new school version

I also made logos as well:
The traditional PPG logo style made in Paint

Smaller version

Their bios Image (Sorry, but if the image is big, you can read the bios better :))

I also wrote a PPG fanfiction with "Meet the Rowdyrunks" title: ... -367588794
In this fanfiction the Powerpuff Girls meet their heroic male counterparts, the Rowdyrunk Boys and they save Townsville together.

And here are the Rowdyrunk wallpapers I drew myself


Intro: ... -326995198
Ending: ... -327190954

P.S. Check my deviantART account for more artworks:
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