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Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Beelzebub - Lord of Flies Pg.4)

Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:22 am

I guess it's a compliment if I say your art is positively nightmarish :P.

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Beelzebub - Lord of Flies Pg.4)

Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:30 pm

Coos wrote:The name Beelzebub always gave me the "hefty" impression.
Still, this looks fantastic. Nice job.

He's considered the demon of gluttony, so that hefty impression probably from that. :P

Thanks though, Coos!

Zega wrote:daaamn! i lov his face!
I really enjoy your art man! its perfect, i mean, its what i would like to make everyday, but i don't have the immaginationyou have so.. well....

I really wanted to make it disgruntled and fearsome enough that you could only appreciate his face for that value. Heehee. <3

You can very well do that, if you've got the time and inspiration. I'm sure you're capable of it, after all, you've got talent in some aspects I lack. :3

sam4books wrote:Hey! It's Beelzebub! The best demon out there, mostly because he's the guy in charge of all those locusts that played a part in so far two plagues, and an upcoming one (if you look outside one day and see a large black cloud eating that nice tree in your backyard they belong to Beelzebub most likely and your gonna die)

What about the gluttony part though? Isn't he also the demon lord of Gluttony?

I like that thing behind him though, I always pictured him as having something to do with eyes, and the feelers add to the fact he's the Lord of the Flies.

Are you going to draw the other demon lords too?

Haha! I'm so gld you noticed his noteriety so well. X3 I shall remember that when I'm torching them with a makeshift flamethrower.

Yeah, he's the demon lord of gluttony, but I like to avert from the generics of his biblical self and more towards the character I plan to make him into. No worries, I'll make sure to have him act gluttonous, such as in having a hunger for power.

The eyes were added mostly do to my affection for creepy eyeballs. X3 But, yes, though, he requires that little aura behind him to remind those that he is the Lord of Flies.

I plan to no worries. And they're referred as devils in my book. :3

Vegedus wrote:I guess it's a compliment if I say your art is positively nightmarish :P.

It very much is. |3

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Denizens of Hell Pg.5)

Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:40 pm

I feel bad for never introducing this series to you all, as it's been one of my most favorites that I've drawn. My series "Denizens of Hell" revolves around the calssification of the various demons that inhabit the Hells, as they are presented in my story, that is. They're catagorized under "Demon..." and any randowm noun after that, which typically characterizes what sort of powers and behavior they exhibit. In the past, I've already drawn parts 1 and 2 of my series, and recently, part 3. The very part I'll be specifically showing you all.

Here are parts 1 and 2, though, via links to my DA submissions of them. So, my apologizes to the sum of you who dislike looking at images through the website. I know of the distain some have for it. :P

Part 1

Part 2

Now, though, here is part 3 of my series. With the Demon Gibbet, Evictor, and Bile. As shown from left to right. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL VIEW


As well as the information on their classifications.

Gibbet: A demon created during Faust's reign, the Gibbet is to present the ferocious punishment that which the underworld enthusiastically prides itself over. This hulking monster of barren flesh and marrow conceals a vast majority of its surface through a shroud-like layer of overlaying flesh. These masses of flesh slosh over one another, having it ooze and drape into a thick membrane that will repair itself after any sort of attack, speaking that it's not corrosive. Underneath his shroud, a cluster of organic wrappings of entrails and stiff muscle make up most of his anatomy. The enormous ball of entrails that act as his fists, consist of various protrusions that resemble numerous fingertips/talons. These twitching appendages will lock onto whatever or whomever they take grasp of, either flailing them about or simply tearing them to shreds with their razor-bladed edges, which are capable of rotating similiarly to a buzzsaw. The Gibbet sports a cage-shaped abdomen, which dangles from the separation of flesh and turning into what appears to be blackish bone or sinew. A massive tail dangles beneath the cage-like attachment, allowing the demon additional swiping, slashing, and/or thrusting capabilities with its arrowed edge. These demons remain only in the Hells, as they are more content in demoralizing the sinners around them with the corpses of their brethern, thus proving the strife those damned to the underworld must go through visually.

: This demon was created by the devil Old Man Jack. The Evictor was to possess a very portal that, whenever thrown into the mirror, would immediately transport its victim to the hellacious agony that was Hell. These demons are very feeble in their body structure though. Nearly anorexic and skeletal, the Evictor is forced to take its assaults from the air, capable by the enormous cape of flesh that acts as its own flotation device. Similar to how a kite flies, the Evictor will wisp and zip throughout the skies; typically at nightfall, and capture helpless mortal beings with their elongated arm (which was given an additional limb for extra length), and toss them into their mirror appendage. The Evictor lacks eyes on his head, though, the palm of its right hand contains a demon's eye, allowing it precise, though not accurate vision. There is as well the possibility of gouging out or maiming the eyeball, leaving the demon completely incapable of seeing. A rather flawed demon, the Evictor are used as a backhanded approach, usually summoned into battle when numbers of much more vigorous demons have already taken the field. Regardless, though, the Evictor has proven their worth to their devil Jack, as they are constantly complimented by him when they bring him new, virgin souls to for his gluttonous enjoyment.

: A demon created during Faust's reign, the Demon Bile is exactly what Lucifer Stephenson catagorized him to be: a bile. The Bile is a demon of disgusting proportions, nearly having his entire body covered within puses, bodily tumors, and festering molds of flesh; he is completely unapproachable by any human senses. Those who are able to withstand the ominious potency will soon realize that any force of attacking is utterly useless against the demon's adamantium-like body. The only method of kill against the festering husk is to pop the puses protruding from his body, from which emits a virluent gas, though, leaving a devestating aggrievement. A Demon Bile typically leads in his attacks through simply strutting around aimlessly, allowing the foul odor and aliments of his bodily morbidities to harm any approachers. Though, when death is nearing to these beasts, they will counter with surprising prowess. The demon's claws are replaced with taloned openings that contain a slimey cape of corrosive substances, from when spewed onto any caught in its range, are severely burned and corroded by its acidic compounds. The capes also act as a net trapping, allowing the Demon Bile to reel in his prey, and devour them through the mishapened jaw that horribly opens down his body. Amidst this, the Bile's creator is mysteriously shrouded in history, as little records are told of their appearance. Though, Lucifer has foughten against these demonic foes, he still cannot place from whom or what created them. Though, rumors have it the Lord of Flies himself may have created them in order to tamper with Faust's dictating balance within the Hells. Nevertheless, even that remains unknown to truly be.

Any comments or criticism is happily welcomed. :3


Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Denizens of Hell Pg.5)

Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:58 pm


"Morality. This conception hardly felt as it promised in the scriptures. It falls to an enigma in which all of mankind must uphold some identity of this virtuous art. Loathing the concept is -- by far -- the most effortless toward those who bellow a beacon of relinquishment from its oppressive grasp. Everyone has a libertine persona amidst the follies seeded within their religious beliefs. It is forfeit though... There is no hope to those who failed to see the true ecstasy within amorality. They clinch to one another for pathetic comfort, in hopes their ambitions as an entirety will be enough to save them from damnation. There is no hope, though... There is no ecstasy as well. There is only damnation. Those who have festered in their pointless virtues failed to see the true ecstasy within amorality. Even as their inquisitor, I refuse to unveil that answer to those who beckon it through their agonizing gulps."

- Meltavius Faustheart, Devilish Inquisitor of the Fifth Circle

A concept piece for a character in a new short story I'm writting.

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: New OC Pg.5)

Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:47 pm

New character, also the protagonist to a short story I based her off of.

Enjoy! Also, with a back story to boot! :3


"Rosalia Cambridge, former English-born who immigrated to New York with her parents during the mass immigration of the early 19th century Western European. She was shortly killed by a fatal mass murder by radicals. Dying at 13 years of age, but with the undying stride to start life anew, Rosalia's spirit was bound to the city of New York, where she explored the streets she could have traversed in her former life.

Regardless, a century of being a wondering spirit, she was bound once again. This time, to metal and flesh. She was transformed into one of the Sheol, mortal automations of supernatural nature and maglinant purposes. Rosalia, through miraculous means, retained most of her human appearance, despite the middle section of her body resembling nothing but strippped entrails and decrepit bone. Though, she hides these through the layers of clothing, in hopes they will avert any disgust to her outer apperance.

She walks the sections of Limbo confined within the living, thrieving city of New York, completely unknown to the mortal lives around her. This is, of course, to her sadness, as she merely wants companionship. A girl enrolled as one of the walking damned, simply looking for a friend to share a stroll with.

Rosalia's routine is that of constant survival, always alert and vigilant of the Sheol who never retained their free will. She is the example of study and observation toward the devils who watch over her helpless progress away from the horrid golems that chase after her every, single day. The female Sheol has no abilities, except for what you or I have as regular human beings. There are supernatural gifts within her feeble self, though, she regrets to notice their existence. Just to make it more difficult to survive.

Only one of the numerous devils that take vile pleasure in her strife pities her. A crimson-haired devil who saved her once, and only once. Rosalia, like the tulip, is a target of sadness. Slowly turning a bloody red as the days continue to move on and taunt her. This is her story.

As this is her tragic image, always eerie but sympathetic at the same time."

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: New OC Pg.5)

Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:03 am

Dude... i really love your sicknesssss!!! xD

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: New OC Pg.5)

Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:09 am

Great piece ö_ö
She kind of reminds me of Aliciel From Ragnarok Online
Only at fIrst glance though

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: New OC Pg.5)

Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:19 pm

@Zega: Thanks man, you're compliment helps fuel my sickness. >:3

@Mehoaido: I looked her up and I can very well see they do! XD I have to say though, Aliciel looks a lot more deadly than my li'l Rosalia. c:>


Double update today!

First, a recent piece based on an old style that I nearly never draw anymore. Puff style. :p

My darkly puff OC Bane was the subject to the curious question, "Could I draw puff again?"


My last, probably most liked piece, is of a past contest entry based on the concept of Good vs Evil. The composition I went with was the holy might of Lucifer's purified form of his Crimson Blood-line purging the demons of hell (in this case, Demon Bersekers, as they're the most common demon he combats. :3) around him. I thought it was perfect at the time, but my skepticism kicked in when I saw the odd coloring job I did, and the vague inking on Lucifer's outline. >3< Regardless, I still uphold it as one of my more admirable works. :)


Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Double update Pg.5)

Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:10 pm

One can never get tired of your art. Your art style really fits PERFECTLY for drawing demons & stuff, like you usually do, so it's kinda hard for one to give hints & tips (you just can't go beyond perfection XD).

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Double update Pg.5)

Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:18 pm

thats Lucifer!? looks a little... different than before.

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Double update Pg.5)

Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:58 am

    o___o Hell, Keeper, where have I been?
    I didn't even see the thread update! </3

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Double update Pg.5)

Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:21 pm

@Black: My art perfection itself? I hardly doubt it's as extravagent as that, but that's very respectful of you to say. Thanks, Black. I'll keep up just so to please you as a fan of my work. ^w^

@Zega: Well, Lucifer's personality can vary between his Blood-line form. In Crimson Puriel form, he incredibly stoic in his expressions. Kind of like the cold stare of God's judgment on sinners. Though, your comment got me thinking that I should try making some pieces with him just looking like his regular self. Without any Blood-line that is.

@Visi: Poor Visi... should I have told you about my art thread? <:3 Well, at least you know where it is now. Typically, though, you'll finding it leaving for page 2 of the Art forum do to its lack of comments. Not as much attention to my work like it did years back in Snafu's Golden Years. :B

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:05 pm

Shit has certainly hit the fan this time, folks. I actually re-drew Powerpuff fan characters and did a fanart of a cartoon character. XD Now, I don't think of these as a disappointment from my usual, original works, but I suppose it's rather surprising I stray from them to do works like these. Honestly, I just like experiencing the nostalgia that came when I drew them. :)

Here they are:





Phelan <--he's new. TwT

And Creepie Creecher from the cartoon "Growing Up Creepe" (I'm a fan! XD)

I promise to do something from my own imagination soon. I have a piece awaiting inking, so that should steer me back into my regular routine of drawing my own OCs. Hell, can you really call characters made out from the universe from another show OCs? XD

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:35 pm

dude... you are sick xD

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:25 pm

What Zega said~ :D

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:46 am

    I really like Yuki.
    Too bad I hate purple. D:

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:08 am

@Zega: Thanks, Zega! But I always wondered what part of my art you found "sick". X3

@Coos: Always a follower, but I get the message. ;3 Thanks, Coos. :D

@Visi: I'm glad you do. She's a demoness who desires the compassion of a mortal man, and simply wants to get away from her terrible life in Hell. And sorry to disappoint you, I like purple. XD

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:04 am

So funny, that every Artist seems to have A character called yuki XD...
I like Dolette

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Fan OCs and a fanart Pg.5)

Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:12 pm

I find that surprising!? O_O Srsly, though? I-I never noticed. XD

Dolette's my Powerpunk Girl. Actually, a polar opposite to another puff character of mine. Anywho, thank you, Mehoaido. :D

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Meltavius Reference Sheet Pg.5)

Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:05 pm

Click the image to see the full artwork, please.


This is the reference sheet I made for Visi's comic idea. I can only hope it goes over well enough for a stable part in the comic. Of course, I'll be happy to supply anymore ideas to Visi, if she asks for them. I'll be waitin', Visi. ;3

Anyway, thought I post it here as well. I mean, it's still art in my opinion. :)

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: The Hellfires' Indicter Pg.5)

Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:57 pm


This was rather strong subject matter I applied. In fact, it's characterization directly accusing God of His wrongdoings. Harsh, isn't it? This is all out of my character Meltavius, though. So don't worry and start thinking I'm some sort of Christian hater. Ironically enough, I'm Catholic.

Actually, this is of an urge to portray Meltavius' tense cynicism against the tainted conceptions used by the frequent excuse of God as their acting motive. So, what better to set the pinnacle of blame all against the source? Which comes forth through Meltavius' vicious, though strong eruption from the fires of Hell, announcing his accusation with the harsh point of a decrepit finger. He's even sporting a crucifix for the sole purpose to spite God. You see, it's harsh symbolism as that that signifies a true devil. Meltavius doesn't do this for his kind though, but mostly for himself, as he's always held a great disdain for the lack of prevention towards radical and fanatical massacres used in God's name. Supposeably, he has enough reason to display such disgust to the Holy Lord.

And for (un)needed clarification, this wasn't from self-hatred against Christians. Maybe for the geneocides committed from the excuse of using God as their motive. Though, I really like to avert from any political agruments, mostly for my distaste for politics in the first place. Hell, even religious based ones.

Anywho, enjoy! |D

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: The Hellfires' Indicter Pg.5)

Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:33 pm

D'ah shit! It's been a while since I've properly updated this thrad. >~>' Well... Happy Halloween to anyone celebrating it this night. I got zip this year, but whatever. So, here's part 4 to my series "Denizens of Hell".


Click the thumbnail to enlarge. :P

Here's the information on all five demons, too.

Auger: This demon was created during Faust's reign, which their duty typically consisted of tunneling underpasses and shortcuts throughout the mazes of the Underworld. Naturally, this demon were solely meant for construction work, though, with the uprise of a certain mortal boy, Faust had these tunneling beasts suited for more combat oriented perks. The Auger was soon affixed with stones and minerals found within the black sands of Hell, encasing its tender anatomy underneath titanium-like membrane of hard rock and earth. Some of these forcibly implanted crystals can still be seen through the demon's skin, showing the desperation to transform these workers into warriors. Luckily, that is to Faust's luck, the Auger's mandible specialized in impalement and disembowelment. Their twisted mouths are to rip outwards, expelling an elongated spike from their throat, where their blackish, barbed tongue wraps around it, having act as an auger. Thusly giving their name. Augers are very agile, using their shard-like fanned spikes to direct the force of their thrust attacks. Though, their speed can be rendered clumsy from their oddly shapen fingertips. After all, these demons were meant for tunneling, and with hands more suited toward gripping ledges and steep slopes encountered through their construction work, having them for combat can be quite awkward. Regardless, the Auger manages and still proves to be a formidable opponent whenever fought singularly or in groups. In past battles, they have prided themselves over in sneak attacking through tunneling below their foes and gruesomely impaling them upon surfacing.

Siamese: This demon was preferably created through Satan's reign, despite some speculations determining it was manifested through direly sinful damned being fused together by the dark karma found within Hell. Regardless of either originations, the Siamese is thought to be among the most peculiar demons found in both Hell and the Mortal Realm. A story has garnered from their existence which told of two demons who constantly squabbled over who was born first from the hellfires. So, in order to bring about a quick resolution, Satan had both demons fused together, proclaiming they were born as a whole. Presently, the Siamese are a locked away demon, in which they are hardly used through the skirmishes that erupt between Lucifer Stephenson and the demons. They have, through the Crusades' times, been used against Crusaders in attempts to ruin the overwhelming Christian faith expressed through the 10th and 12th century. Though, even with successful Christian mortalities, the Siamese proved far too unpredictable for proper handling. The Siamese held in its adaptations to have independent thinking, a trait highly dangerous toward the concrete hierarchy established by both Satan's and Faust's reign; even with their opposite views upon them. How this came to be was from having one side of the demon acting as the mindless thrall, while the other half had the opportunity to accumulate its own personality and mindset. Acts of cunningness and trickery have been seen in their behavior, which is bestly exhibited in one half preferring to attack with its claws while another attempts to overrule this with its hooked talon. These constant rivalries usually result in calamitous assaults on either its targeted foe or neighboring others. Several demons can be butchered to shreds in not careful to stray from many of the deadly twirls and decapitating swings the Siamese typically performs. Even the devils act weary whenever accompanied by these double-sided demons. There have been attempts to extinguish this sense of self-thinking, though, all plans have ended in drastic failure or even an immunity to them. Many feel this demon is the beacon to the day that the demons overcome their slave based roles and revolt against the hierarchy of the Hells. Perhaps even a revolt that the Archdevil himself could not resolve.

Phosphor: This demon was created during Faust's reign, considerably from the enthusiasm toward chemistry by the devil who made him. The Phosphor is build up of chemical reactions exhibited in the Lake of Fire and the River Styx that encircles the Hells. Phosphors have the capability to absorb the oxygen surrounding it or from nearby sources, and chemically transform this into an electrical source. Though, the electricity that emits afterward is not of the earthly sense, though, of a supernatural material that exhibits a wild sensation of blistering heat and severe combustion found in the nervous system. The demon's body lacks moveable legs do to its additional ability to stay afloat from the surging flow of radiation exhuming from its chakram-like appendages. These circular formations allow the Phosphor to transfer the electrical flow to the outer ends of its body, giving it both a source of propulsion and a shield to barrier itself from incoming attacks. Nearly all of the demon's attacks are range based, giving it a keen eye to singling out a weak point found on their foe's body. The spheres of electricity that circulate through the chakram-like appendages are typically the best spot to disrupt. Any scathe brought upon them can result in hazardous, electrical explosions, having the demon fall to a vegetable state, upon having its nervous system completely destroyed by its own power. Another weak point is its eyes, as it shares many demon's disability to have immense anguish upon having them stabbed through. Though, in situations where these demons are mortally wounded, they shall enact a kamikaze tact and have its entire body expand into a chakram of its own energy and roll after its death dealer. It is through this drastic action the demon is corroding itself until both its body and chemical make-up is nothing more than ash and soot – the two minerals that crafted a majority of the Hells. Unfortunately, to the young Tamer who has encountered them, the Phosphor is a preferentially used demon for its outstanding marksmanship and unrelenting malice.

Cyst: A demon created during Satan's reign, the Demon Cyst is the veteran variation of the Demon Bile the Tamer Lucifer has come to detest. The Cyst are actually far more approachable than the Bile, as it does not use exterior aliments to enfeeble its victims. Instead, the Cyst infect their targets with a viral infestation of internal cancers, having their bodies bloat out from severe build-ups of tumors and eventually having them suffocate from their lungs clasping upon the encumbering girth of their internal infections. These demons do possess a formidable prowess though, so one should never combat them with a presumptuous attitude. The Cyst's fleshy sacs are armed with small sprouts of blackbone; the hardest material found inside a demon or devil, and can deliver staggering damage toward any who are stabbed by them. In fact, a primary of the Cyst's deadly viruses are transmitted through the act of using its blackbone roots as makeshift syringes, and expelling their cancerous infection into the fresh wounds they inflict on contact. The Cyst lack eyeballs atop its head, as the sloshes of its saggy flesh cover up a majority of its actual body. As a substitute to allow it sight, a sarcoma is rippled from its stomach, enabling a bulbous, demonic eye to peer through the self-inflicted wound. Their movement is surprisingly fast and frighteningly accurate. The Demon Cyst will not hesitate to charge toward its targeted foe, despite its encumberment of excess and hefty flesh. Their blackbone shells that provide the entirety of their hanging bodily sloshes are also used as the only defense toward attacks that necessarily cause grave afflictions. The Cyst could be compared to the Mollusca family found in mortal species, as its vital organs and only home is sought by its blackbone shells. Typically, they are hardly seen in their presented appearance, as they sink their entire body into their shells and only their spherical sacs are used to provide mobility.

Optic: A demon created during Faust's reign, the devil Old Man Jack created these demons for his own sadistic pleasures. The Demon Optic act as diabolical illusionists, who use their hulking size to overwhelm their victims physically, and viciously drug them with visual hallucinations seen through the enormous, round mirrors replacing their faces. Normally, you are faced with an undefinable figment of a demon's eye. This alone can frighten one by the Optic's tyrannical gaze, though, its hideous ability to take one's deepest phobias and have them appear as an actuality is what truly assists in their demonic wickedness. Optics are nearly impossible to approach in a frontal assault, as the entire front of their bodies are clustered in jagged, bodily spikes. The demon uses this to its advantage whenever approaching their victims in a horrifying manner. Old Man Jack had it sure their unnatural anatomy prove overwhelming to one's senses, as their feet are wrinkled, decomposing hands, which leave disturbing crackles of bone and mort flesh when close enough to hear. Their looming height is a staggering seven feet tall, having them as one of the most nightmarish demons Lucifer has fought against. An assured fatality against the Optic is by shattering its facial lense, as it acts no differently from a regular demonic eye. When the demon is rendered blinded, attacking from behind is one's best approach. Either breaking its bridle legs or spinal cord will include additional aggrievement to its movement. Though, this does not cease the Optic in dismembering its prey with its blackbone claws, which Old Man Jack spend particular time in crafting them to be the sharpest of all demons' claws.

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Denizens of Hell: Part 4 Pg.5)

Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:27 am

So much tl;dr, so I only read the ones I liked the designs on (Siamese, Phosphor, and Cyst)

Amazing 8D. I could use these so well in crossovers with mine, you have no idea x3

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Airbrush Couple Tests Pg.5)

Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:02 am

Well, Coos, you're welcomed to use them, so long as proper copyright is addressed to myself. X)

Anyway, here's a quick update. I airbrushed two of my demons (my Cyst and Optic) in GIMP, just to experiment with digital media for a change. I know, some aspects are kinda faulty, and I didn't really color in complete digital. This is more of a mixed media of inked pen and digital airbrush. >>

Regardless, enjoy!


Demon Cyst


Demon Optic

Re: Keeper's Artistries (Update: Airbrush Couple Tests Pg.5)

Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:42 pm

    I honestly thought it was traditional. D:
    Never used GIMP in my life for pieces.... so. -shrug- I apologize.
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