Hall of Win

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Hall of Win

Postby Spike » Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:59 am

Challenge Yourself
Hall of Win

In this thread, we honour those who have won the forum 'Challenge Yourself' contests.
As of 2013, we will also be including the winners of the forum-wide Snafu Community Art Contests.

Challenge Yourself I: Snafu Ultimate Showdown [thread]
Winner: AinoKitsune for "Save Our Server"
Runners up: Aneri, Maddkaze, Aeris and Keeper

Challenge Yourself II: Fan Characters[thread]
Winner: Serafina for "Snow White and Rose Red"
Runners up: Erix and LynxViscount, honourable mention to BG07

Challenge Yourself III: Forsaken Angel Project[thread]
Winner: Butterfly~Kiss for "Ayame Nightwood"
Runners up: Erix and BigJC, honourable mention to Aneri

Challenge Yourself IV: Original Characters[thread]
Winner: Keeper for "Velmont"
Runners up: Alfina and Cali, honourable mention to ZoulArt

Challenge Yourself V: Self Portraits[thread]
Winner: Cali for "Self Portrait in the Fall"
Runners up: Yovannyx, DeadArt and Demi De Vre, honourable mention to Alfina

Snafu Community Art Contest 2013: Summer Activities [thread]
Winner: Laudine for "Last Glimpse of Summer"
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