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Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:09 pm

Garethcool wrote:
Thiamor wrote:
Thiamor wrote:Hey, is there anyone in here that is any good at making Character Sprites? Like good ones outta scratch?

So, no one able to do such thing?

That's not my side of expertise. Sprite work is hard and tedious, and I prefer other art styles. I have done sprite work before, but when I do finish something it takes me a good week to finish one scene.

Scene? You may be misunderstanding what I want. Character Sprites. The one where it shows the character from front, back, and the sides. But, also showing it from those views walking if it makes any sense. No scene involved. I am just needing someone to make some good or decent detailed Character Sprites.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:23 pm

You mean like these?


Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:44 pm

Yeah, but more detailed.
But yes, like those.
I'm trying to find someone who is good at it to make some for me.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:05 pm

Thiamor wrote:Yeah, but more detailed.
But yes, like those.
I'm trying to find someone who is good at it to make some for me.

you have to make it larger to be more detailed. and that's where sprite work becomes tedious and annoying.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:07 pm

My point still stands. I need someone to do it.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:54 am

rando wrote:I'm looking for an artist for a new project of mine called Tea Soul Release...

It is a Romance/Harem Manga... Below is information on the project as well as information on the world in which it takes place...

The basic storyline of Tea Soul Release:

Tachibana Yamato lives in a world filled with magic, however due to the way he was raised he is unable to use magic and is unaware it even exists. Well, was...

After his grandfather died Yamato received 25 antique cups as an inheritance, which would be great if he didn’t live in a single student dorm room. Shortly after receiving the cups Yamato uses one of them for his daily tea and from inside the cup a green haired girl dressed like a French maid, named Mint, comes out of the cup. Sometime after being glomped by Mint and having some time to try and figure it out he calls his best friend Keibi Mamoru and shows to him the cups. Pouring two more cups, two more girls, Rose, a pink haired girl dressed like a swordsman, and Lime a dark haired girl dressed like a flamenco dancer, appear from the cups.

Calming him down, Rose, Lime, and Mint reveal to Yamato and Mamoru that there is the spirit of a girl sealed in each of the twenty five cups, and that since his grandfather died, all twenty-five cups and through that all twenty five girls have become connected to him. Lime, then proves it by pulling down a fourth glass and having herself, Rose, Mint, and Mamoru pour tea into it only for nothing to happen. However when Yamato pours the glass a black haired six year old girl in pajamas, named Cammy (Short for Chamomile), appears.

Now he not only has to deal with College classes, his dorm manager, and the insanity of his friend Mamoru, but also the four girls currently living in his studio style dorm room and the 21 cups that contain other girls, and if that wasn’t enough there are others after Yamato’s life so they can take the cups. With each cup the pieces begin to fit together, the truth behind why Yamato’s parents kept him sealed off from magic, why the girls are sealed in the cups, and how they can be freed.

The series itself has a complex background and an entire mythos surrounding the origin of magic, as well as the origin of the sealed items, for the world in which it takes place. Below I will give a short and simple description of the origin of magic in Tea Soul Release as well as some information of events that take place both before and during the series.

Magic in the world of T.S.R. goes back to an ancient myth in the T.S.R. Universe, the myth is as follows. After a great flood, all that was left of humanity were nine wise men and their families. As a reward for surviving the destruction of the world the nine were taught the ways of magic. They were told that all magic was the same, but there are many ways to harness its powers. Each of them was taught a way to harness the power of magic, in the process they each developed a symbol to represent their magic. The “forms” of magic became;

Magic Powered by creating and destroying Life: Symbolized by a Yin/Yang Spiral of Red and Blue Fire
Magic Powered by Hard Work and Determination: Symbolized by a Peaked Mountain
Magic Powered by Seeking the Ultimate Freedom: Symbolized by Wings of Wind
Magic Powered by Constantly Searching for New Discoveries: Symbolized by a Crashing Wave of Water
Magic Powered by Conviction in ones Actions: Symbolized by a Coils of Spinning Iron
Magic Powered by Constantly Training Oneself: Symbolized by a Giant Tree
Magic Powered by Controlling the Magic Inside of All Things: Symbolized by a Sphere of Lightning
Magic Powered through harnessing Fear and Negative Emotions: Symbolized by a Decayed Skull
Magic Powered through Hope in the Future: Symbolized by a Seed beginning to Bud

Shortly after learning magic, the one who gained power through Fear and Negative Emotions coveting the controller of hope’s wife, used his power to control the others into killing most of the controller of hopes family, in order to attain the other’s wife. Failing to do so he slaughtered what he believed was left of that family. Fortunately one child was saved by each of the others family. In the wake of the death of the family of hope the eight remaining families spread across the world. Over time one member of each family became a shadow king, a being of intense magical strength that controlled events behind the scene. Every 50 years a new person takes the position of one of the 8 Shadow Kings, due to a Shadow King of the Budding Seed never existing.

Over time the Shadow King of the Decayed Skull created a new way of using magic, by attaching the soul of a person who died with negative emotions, thus creating sealed items. Sealed Items continued in the state they had when they died, clothes and all, but without the memory from the year before death. Trapped between the worlds of life and death the Sealed Souls made contracts with living Magi to retake physical forms.

49 years before the series begins, the newly chosen Shadow King of the Lightning Sphere began collecting the Sealed Souls of various strong female magi that had been sealed, transferring them from the items they were sealed into and placing them into a set of 25 antique cups created by an ancient wizard. 5 years before the series begins, he the last of the cups had been connected to a Sealed Soul. 5 months before the series begins the Shadow King of the Lightning Sphere dies from an unknown reason, but not before he had spiritually attached the 25 cups to his grandson Tachibana Yamato.

As the series begins Yamato receives the 25 cups and uses them to bring mint and three other girls out, becoming a target for those who seek the cups, but are unaware of his lineage. As more people come after the cups, the time for the Decision of the Kings comes around, and Tachibana’s lineage is revealed to the world, not only making him a target to those after the cups, but to those seeking to become Shadow Kings themselves. While facing other Magi, Yamato learns the full truth behind the cups and begins to search for a way, not to just release the sealed spirits from the cups but to restore them to life.

It is probably going to be rather long so I'm looking for an artist that will be commited to working with me. Also if the series is ever published in anyway the profits for the series would be split 50/50.

I have the entire first chapter scripted, as well as a large portion of the second chapter scripted. I hope to find an artist shortly...

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:08 pm

I've been busy with many things, and asked for help with sprite work. But I don't need help with that now. I do, however, need some help with something else.

I'm a writer, and I need help creating that in which I write, into a Manga.

It's a Fantasy, Action/ Science Fiction story.Plain and simple.
It's called Night.
I'll explain it, though.
Scientist have been studying the accounts of Magic. They in-turn create Machines that can re-create the the specific magic skills. It the form of Weapons. Swords, Hammers, Staffs. Things such as that. Though someone steals them, duplicates the items, and creates many of the weapons. Many years later, the artificial, 'fake' magic awakens Gods. These Gods are the ones' who control the real magic. A fire God, Water God, Ice God, Time God...Etc. They begin to try to eradicate the fake magic and the wielders before the fake magic begins to mess with the balance of power that the Real Magic is creating for the world. They also let a Chosen one know of real weapons that holds within real magic, that can help battle the wielders of the Fake magic. He is told to gather up 5 people and himself, to use the Real Weapons. They already have 3. I'm sorry how bad it sounds, I'm rushing to type this.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:44 am

Okay, since no matter how hard I try, I cannot do this:

An Ice cream truck covered in skulls of which whom the driver is Chuck Norris wielding a Colt Python(really big revolver) in his left hand while driving with the right, on the driver's seat there is Mr. T with an M16 rifle, yelling: "I'm coming, fools!" while his upper half of the body is completely out the window, on the roof's front part there is the Punisher with a Sniper's rifle, crouching(the rifle is kept down, not ready to fire, and behind him there is an Arnold Schwarzenegger with a half-robotic face and a anti-tank missile launcher on his shoulder (this one is ready to fire).

I tried an exact 24 times and something always gets messed up, I hope someone could do a good job. And if you post it on dA, remember that my insane mind thought of it first.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:02 pm

I am a artist and a writer currently seeking a colorist and a Inker.
To see my artwork check out Poetic-Frequency on Deviantart.

I draw furry art in an interesting style, but I also do non-furry properties.
To protect the rights of the project I'm currently working on, I'm keeping it a guarded secret,
but it's a webcomic which a theme consisting of machinery.

I would like a inker colorist who is skilled at machinery and steam punk settings,
as well as being able to color with a water color effect, though if anything else, I can settle with traditional cell shading.

Also this person has to have a good amount of time on their hands and be able to finish work on a set amount of time. . . . so ofcourse I'm seeking someone very skilled in photoshop or other programs.

If your interested, reply to me on this thread and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Also any questions, feel free to ask.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:39 pm

Hello. I am currently looking for an artist to help me with an idea of a comic. I can fill whoever with as much information of the comic as I can, and would love to work with that person. I am however, looking for someone who can draw something bloody, gory, grizzly, strange, ect... for the comic.

Well, I hope for someone to read this. And I hope to hear back from someone soon.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:07 pm

Jasthn wrote:Hello. I am currently looking for an artist to help me with an idea of a comic. I can fill whoever with as much information of the comic as I can, and would love to work with that person. I am however, looking for someone who can draw something bloody, gory, grizzly, strange, ect... for the comic.

Well, I hope for someone to read this. And I hope to hear back from someone soon.

You should let everyone know what your idea is. People don't like to work without knowing what they're getting themselves into.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:04 pm

You should let everyone know what your idea is. People don't like to work without knowing what they're getting themselves into.[/quote]

Oh, i'm sorry.

Well, the main character of the story (Satsujin) has his sister (Jessica), mother and father, however the parents are Alcoholics' and end up beating Jessica, putting Satsujin in charge of taking care of his sister, as well as himself. Through the story, Satsujin gains the power to control the air around him, he later finds out that his sould belong to the demon kind (evil), and also the the angel kind (good). And with this power being obtained, Satsujin is in a fight for his life to escape the president and his army of soldiers and bio-engineered monsters, ontop of that he must save himself from being killed by demon, and his part demon soul, while trying to convince the entire world to accept him, that he had never caused any sins to start an all out hunt for his head, and that he has always been good at heart and will do his best to protect human kind from the demons.

That's just the beggining the extremely short version, he has others helping him out, such as a person who can use fire, earth, water. It would take up too much room if I talked about the whole story.


Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:06 pm

I'd like to place your cartoons in one of our magazines. Please have someone contact me at 972-448-9186 or email dkale@beckett.com
Thank you,
Doug Kale
Editorial Director
Beckett Media

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:19 am

There anyone who is able to make animated flash videos that is willing to try to animate cut-scenes for a video game?

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:28 am

I've been absent from snafu for a while, but i haven't been idle.
I've been working on a comic; "FLuffy the Demonic Teddy-Bear", but i wish for assistance. Would anybody around be interested in being the artists and color-ers for the comic. I have someone working with now, but it's going along to slow. Anyhow, i need some time to write the story out to run it across anyone willing to help. But the concept art and ideas are there already. If you want an idea of what i'm doing, here are some of the stuff we sketched before:


Anybody interested please reply.
If i did something i shouldn't have, i'm sorry.
Just really would like to see where i could take this.
Contact me at earlquake@hotmail.com

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:12 pm

Hello, I have a request for a web manga.
I have called it Queen of Maggots, and I think I want it to be a shonen manga with lots of action, horror, and a female protagonist.
The story is that the original Johann Faust bartered one of his unborn descendent's soul in exchange for a deal with a deal with the Devil. Hundreds of years later Regina Morrison, a seventeen year-old from Staten Island, NYC, unknowingly stops a political assination in exchange for her own life, and turns up in purgatory. Mephistopheles explains that she is un-dead and cannot pass on until Regina experiences her zenith of happiness. After exploring the dead-lands, The angel/devil of death, Azazel, tells her that people like her tend to attract weird things and to not go looking for trouble.
Unfortunatly, after accidently running into the assasin that killed her, she finds out a whole organization is behind the assasination, so she begins to learn her ancestor's craft of corpse bothering.
After one run in with the organization she finds out that the Organization is no stranger to weird people. She gains an enemy in the Black Death, a human who weilds powers of torture and mind illusions. She also make friends with a gun-slinging hispanic girl nearby and the two fight the Organization, and the Seven Sins and Sorrows.
If you are good drawer with lots of practice drawing manga, shonen manga, and skulls, and are interested, please reply.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:34 am

Can someone make me a sig themed from rob zombie's movie EL Superbeasto?

(sorry if this is the wrong place to make requests)


Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:57 pm

Mmm, I'm thinking of something related to the PowerPunk & PowerPuff Girls...

This is how the PowerPunk Girls appear in the comic:

Now, here are my multiple choices with each girl.
Brat and Bubbles:

* Have Brat looking as if she has beaten/taken down Bubbles, by sitting on top of her; maybe Bubbles is helplessly teary-eyed, and Brat just triumphantly stares down at her.

* Have the two gazing into each other's eyes, holding hands, and are either both kneeling down on the floor, or are about to lie down on the PowerPuff Girls' bed. And on top should be written, "Opposites Attract".

Berserk and Blossom:

* Berserk maliciously kicks Blossom, which sends her flying into/across the air. Image Also have the quote, "You stepped out here on broken glass, so I could kick your scrawny ass!", from Hole's "Skinny Little Bitch".

* Have Berserk appear in Blossom's mirror, and taking her hand to the PowerPunks' dimension (and maybe looking slightly seductive).

Brute and Buttercup:

* Brute just laying there, by the wall, hands behind head and legs crossed; she licks her lips as she watches Buttercup punching her bag/meat.

* The two standing next to each other, looking as victorious as a powerful duo.

If anyone ever reads this, please tell me what you think and can do. ;)

~ Dominik528

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:30 pm

rando wrote:I'm looking for an artist for a new project of mine called Tea Soul Release...

Only thing that turns me away from this is the amount of characters but it seems like a great idea and has potential for good comedy which i love.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:40 am

RPer looking for assistant for rp promotion. The assisstant must be skilled in photoshop and atleast able to aid with illustration work. Promotional pensil drawn 12-15 page comic in progress, almost done. ↲willing illustrators also required.↲Help in sharpening character and area desines for same project also welcome, even if only ideas.↲Details given upon request. Applicants either pm or email.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:43 am

Excuse me, I'm maybe new here, but I aim to have my fan-art up there officially on the site.

I've been working on this fan-art since September, so I have 30 pages of pre-made comics to spare ( I've only inked 5 though, and since I've started on the 3rd page instead of the first, I need to start on my first and second page)

If you like, I can tell you the plot of my fan-art.

"There is a realm far-far away. It's denizens terrorized by a man only known as the DARK LORD :devil: . Together with his corrupted army, the DARK LEGION; which by the way consist of the realm's warriors twisted by the DARK LORD's influence, his reign of terror seems endless o.O . Then one day, as he was sitting on his throne, he realized that to achieve his goal of total destruction of the realm, he needed generals to boost the immense power of the legion. However, all those peons seem utterly useless. He then decided to summon heroes from faraway universes and galaxies (e.g, Buttercup, The Mask, Jenny/XJ-9, Phineas and Ferb). He open a vortex to kidnap them and corrupt them under his influence. At first, he wanted to summon all of our heroes into one spot. However, someone interrupted the spell from afar, and the heroes start popping up in different places. Cause of this, he couldn't corrupt them all till the remaining heroes realize what they must do; defeat the DARK LORD, save their corrupted friends and get back home in one piece (sounds like alot of work to me :eek: )

:gun: :brickwall:

Do you like it? Well, to spice up this comic, I need a few request:
1) Need a good guy/gal with a huge amount of photoshoping experience, coz I don't.
2) Need additional ideas and plots (though the story is already set, I can change the script a bit if a good idea comes around. Script writers, this is the job for you ! :happy:)
3) Need all the support I can get, no-one likes being put down :'( (unless it's for improvement).
4) Does anyone know any more characters to add in? The following conditions is that they must come from either disney, C.N, or nickelodian ( great characters from other channels will be only for side-stories and comic relief), animation or 2.D cartoons can do, no real-life shows like Hannah Montana.

I would appreciate if you would quickly reply to my message. Thank you and pls take care of me.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:17 pm

What about showing others your available for requests and such? Should you just say that in your art thread?

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:55 pm


Re: Requests and Recruitment

Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:55 pm

Okay, if you look at the last page of the PPGD suggestions board, you know that BeeAre and I are interested in doing a webcomic of No More Heroes (an original story) and before you ask yes it is a collaboration, as long as a writer (BeeAre), an artist (one of U, yes U!), and an "advertiser/frequent storyline idea guy/intern guy who does all the dirty work" (me) counts as a collaboration. Okay, so it's a fansequel to the events of No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2. The plot still needs fine tuning... and a plot altogether, but it was decided that an artist be found beforehand, but the main idea is simple.

I. The hero is Travis touchdown. Travis has an Irish brother, Henry, a... girlfriend? Silvia Christel, and an apprentice Shinobu. What does he do exactly? Well, he mainly works odd jobs, but he is in truth an assassin for the U.A.A.
II. Travis, having to go back to the top of the UAA rankings, will have to fight a good number of super powered assassins, some being just assassins with lightsabers to full on "hey-ain't-that-from-Touhou?" crazy assassins to just "okay-this-guy-is-psychotic" crazy. It is unknown at this point where Travis will start rank-wise, but in order to keep it long I'm going to say 25 or 50 (without skipping one. :| ) These fights will be one on one, with insane abilities and end in a pretty gruesome demise.
III. Actual backstory, cameos and major character appearances from similar-genre games (i.e. Killer7, MadWorld, heck even though he isn't in an action game I think a cameo by Phoenix Wright will be funny.)

Okay, now you know the premise of No More Heroes, now here are the requirements...

I. It must be free of charge. Sorry, but I gotz no moneys.
II. You have to be not so squeamish around the following: blood, gore, pain, decapitation, bisecting (vertically), bisecting (horizontally), getting torn to ribbons, losing appendiges, getting disemboweled, blinded, deafened, or exploding violently.
III. We won't be strict on what the assassins will look like, so have imagination. Also, must be good with backgrounds, characters, and weapons. Also, must be good with drawing the things stated above, as very rarely will an assassin not kick the bucket in that fashion.
IV. Be heavy on the shadows, like the game. If you don't know what it looks like, look at some clips.
V. In order to make the cut, we need to see a fight scene, starting with Travis, fighting a man named Massimo Bellini (a pirate guy who uses a sort of mix of a cutlass and a lightsaber called a beam cutlass in one hand, and some iron claws in another, and goes around in a pirate ship... need I say it again that these bosses are insanely weird?), having Travis expertly dodge, block, and attack, ending in Massimo Bellini getting killed by his own cannonball rolling on top of him. If you can do that, you are in. Requirements will be edited if the standards cannot be truly met. You can use the No More Heroes Wiki as a reference for Travis, major characters (except for Thunder Ryu, he died), and the city. In any case, go ahead with it.

Re: Requests and Recruitment

Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:57 am

Hey, everyone, I'm looking for a traditional or CG artist who can draw some characters for me for a story I'm writing. A friend suggested I should try making it into a manga/comic, but I'm still deciding on that much. In the meantime, I'm having a hard time creating an image of one of the main characters.

The character is a nine-year old Sikh boy named Sukhman Chuadhary. The description goes as thus; A boy of average height for a nine-going-on-ten-year old, and is considerably husky. To further elaborate; Sukhman is meant to be noticably fat around the stomach and waist, but not to the point of being obese. Being of Punjabi Indian decent, Sukhman has a light tan and is always wearing a blue turban, he also has brown eyes.

I'm still trying to figure out whether I'm going to have the hair/eye color direction in this story to be realistic or cartoonish, but this is what I've come up with Sukhman thus far.

If you are interested in doing this quick project and perhaps more in the future, please pm me.
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