Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby Archrival » Tue May 27, 2014 11:31 am

Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World


The Warhammer Fantasy Universe is as dark as one can possibly get, danger and death lurks every turn. The Spirit of Morr strikes randomly, and sometimes not keeping what he reaps, that merchant you might have seen well and fine earlier as you purchased his goods that very day could very well be dead by nightfall, that’s how fragile life is in this world. Disease, famine and war are predominant. Though saying that there are those that have lived for quite a long time in this world, the dwarves are as ancient and set into their ways as the stone and metal they craft. The Elves that wield the greatest magic are old and wise; some of the oldest of them can peer into the events of the future as their high magic will let them, but their appearances very rarely look any older than a human in his fifties. Humans however are great in number and common in most corners of the Old World but lack the elder races lifespan, most barely make it past sixty but even they are rare in these dark times as Morr’s range is vast and great.

There are many things that are enemies of the human race and the Elder races: Chaos are beings of great corruption that follow dark gods with even darker motives, those that follow these gods can range from mutants that were once human but changed by the stigmata of chaos, to full on daemons of chaos which are the gods spirit followers and are similar in appearance to their gods.

There are four chaos gods: There is Nurgle the plague god, this great bloated, disease ridden and boil festering god seeks to cover the Old World in plague and foulness, those that follow him suffer from major diseases and are bloated and swollen from illness those that fight them best be wary they do not catch what the followers have because it could be their downfall.

The next is Khorne the blood god, he seeks to see the world in blood and ruin, his followers are the hardest to spot as they don’t mutate obviously but are still as dangerous as they are great warriors and have great skill in battle.

The third is Tzeentch the changer of ways, this being is the most tricky of the chaos gods as his followers are steeped in magic and are the most ambitious in the Old World, many plans to destroy the Old World are set out by Tzeentch followers, the mutants of tzeentch are also very hard to spot like Khorne but only in early stages as they soon gain tentacles, clawed limbs or have multiple limbs.

The final Chaos Daemon god on the list is Slaanesh, the god of lust and pleasure those that follow him are the most decadent and self indulgent. Taking part in many sexual taboos or strange sexual rituals. Slaanesh also manage to taint a lot of the elves causing a civil war and the creation of the Dark Elves.

Other beings that are out to destroy the Elder and Human races are the Greenskins or Orcs and Goblins. These are feral looking beings that ruin and pillage or capture any villages they can get their hand on. Even though the Greenskins fight the elder/human races they are not allies with chaos though there are Greenskins that are tainted by chaos.
The Skaven are ratmen, created by the warpstone of chaos. They however like the Greenskins aren’t directly in league with the chaos cults, but have been known to do so from time to time. Skaven live in burrows and warrens underground, much like normal rats, that have tunnels leading all over the Old World, and can use them to quickly traverse the country without being seen.

A rarer but no more deadly threat are the undead, these are usually seen when accompanied by either vampires or a necromancer. They are much like their fantasy counterparts, from the shuffling zombies to the clattering skeletons. Though the difference is merely how long the course has decayed, the shambling being that the creature has not fully come under the control of their master, but once fully decayed they can fight as well as they did in life. And much like zombie films, the only usual way to kill these is to destroy the head with the smack of a hammer or crushing the skull with your boot. Other kinds of undead like Banshees and Ghouls come under this banner too, and when facing these hordes it’ll be no surprise to find these higher tier abominations


You will be playing one of three races, Dwarves, Elves and Humans, if you wish to play anything different (And not chaos related) like ogres or Halflings then you’ll have to send me a PM since their play style is different to what you’d perceive them in other fantasy realms. Your characters will be very much mortal in that if they take a wound then it will be as physically impacting as the real world. Cut your hand on a sharp bit of glass, get a gash from a glancing blow of a sword and it’ll make your character react, and only their strength of conviction will drive them through. If not seen to or treated then it won’t heal for a while but seeing a surgeon or being attended to by a priest of Shallya may help it but you will be left scarred, if not treated or looked at then it could become infected as disease in this world is much more frequent. So with this in mind I recommend at least one starts as an Apothecary, Barber-Surgeon or an Initiate of Shallya, but any other kinds of Initiate of the cults of the Old World are just as useful.

There is magic in the world but those that wield it are treated with immense suspicion and fear as their power is very much related to the forces of chaos and those that grow too powerful for their own boots soon get swallowed by the powers of chaos or destroyed by their own magic as it is as temperamental as a active volcano. Those in the empire tend to belong to one of the Eight winds of magic and study under the respective colleges, anyone found practicing forbidden magic or magic not belonging to the colleges tend to get hunted down by Witch Hunters and soon end up burning at the stake for their heresy. Playing a High Elf Wizard means you don’t have to rely on the colleges but you’re as rare as a friendly Skaven but not impossible, choosing to be either a human Wizard apprentice or Elf Wizard you’ll have to send me a PM proving why you can be trusted with the turbulent magical power.

The world you the players inhabit is filled with superstition and belief, religion is a very strong aspect and those that preach in the streets are often listened to and heeded, one wrong word among a throng of people could end in your hanging or imprisonment. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time you can be arrested and jailed, that’s how fickle the people of the Old World are, the law system does nothing to help those who can’t afford it. You as players will have to convince others of your actions if you commit something claimed as lawbreaking, or as mentioned pony up a decent sum to get yourself a Litigant. If you choose to start as a Litigant, you will have to research the laws of the Old World with help from some Warhammer Fantasy RP books I think are relevant.


Most of you will ask ‘what are the professions, classes, roles in Warhammer Fantasy?’ Well I’ll tell you, there are a lot. You can be damn near anything you wish; want to be a butcher? Sure, want to be a deckhand? Sure, thief, scholar, tomb plunderer, grave robber, they’re all there. I will allow you to be any basic career you wish to choose. What do I mean by ‘basic career’? A basic career is any career listed in the Warhammer Fantasy Core rule book (2nd Edition) or in the Warhammer Fantasy Career Compendium that is listed as ‘basic’; it’s as simple as that. I will allow advanced careers only in certain circumstances; one being that you desire to belong to a specific wizard’s college before we start, or if you present a reasonable case as to why you should get a certain career above your fellow players.

‘How do we get these books?’ I hear you cry, also pretty simple if you’re willing to spend some time downloading. Both books are fully torrent-able, since in the past few months I’ve managed to get them myself. The other way is to ask me to email them to you since I have them as PDF files, or some other type of transference such as Skype. I will not have any person in this RP who is not willing to do background research into Warhammer Fantasy if they don’t have prior knowledge on the subject, since the world is not your normal generic Fantasy and if you think as such then I’m gonna bring a world of hurt crushing down on your head. Any further books you need or think you might need, such as the info on the wizard’s colleges I just mentioned, should either be included in a collection within a torrent or I can procure them myself for you.

However do not think I’m using the full tabletop rules, because I’m not, this will be purely a character based RP. I’m merely using the careers and the books as guidelines to keep everyone in line with how this world works, and those familiar with how Warhammer goes down (*Cough*Iris, Tuor*Cough*) will know how cruel it can be. But feel free to let the career you pick influence your character. The trappings that the books describe for each career are the tools your character is allowed to own, and there are certain items that every career gets as bog standard:

‘Common clothing consisting of a shirt, breeches, and worn
boots, a tattered cloak, a dagger tucked in a boot or belt, a sling bag
or a backpack containing a blanket, a wooden tankard, a wooden
cutlery set, a hand weapon (axe, club, sword, etc.) and a purse
holding 2d10 Gold Crowns (gc).’

Now these items you can give and take as you see fit, if your career gives you better options and items then I’d suggest you go for those when describing the appearance of your character. I don’t just wanna see a listing of your items; I want them built into a nice descriptive appearance.

Now I’m gonna be a little hypocritical when I said about not using any of the rules, though it still stands true. If the career you pick has a skill or a trait that will impact your character in a physical or story based sense , such as being able to drive a coach or cart, then I want you to make mention of it in the ‘Traits’ part of the CS. Though with the traits it can be a list e.g.:

-Wields one of the winds of magic (Hysh)
-Can read and write
-Can speak the Arcane language
-Can Swim
-Knows about the art of Necromancy’

I’ll leave it up to you what you feel is necessary to tell everyone because there might be moments when one of your traits is called upon and if you don’t have it listed I’m gonna say you ain’t got it, and given that I listed swim as an example, you could die from not having it. But saying that then the reverse is true too, if you got it listed and I look up your career and you ain’t meant to have it, Imma gonna scold you.

Tuor has kindly provided you all, and myself, with a website (Link) that does a lot of the work for you, all you have to do is select the race you want, the career you desire (Or a relative background based choice) and boom your character is fully made for you. Now while this website does exactly what I want from you, which is make you a character with a basic career, it however does not list every basic career available to you, from which you can find in the Compendium, or have race stuff for outside races such as the Ogres. It also does not list the trappings you would gain for that career so you'll have to look those up yourself. Now for those I have the necessary books but obviously if you want that stuff then I’m guessing you’re willing to make an effort and ask or obtain yourself.

Map of the World
Timeline of Events(You guys will begin in 2512 just for the record.)

Character sheet

Name: (Human names of the Empire are very German so Germanic names are a good place to start, Dwarves have odd surnames in that males are named after their father e.g Gotrek son of Gurni= Gotrek Gurnisson and females are named similar though it ends in ‘Sdtor’ there are Dwarves with last names different to this but this is only through a great action to which they become synonymous with e.g Snorri Nosbiter. As for Elves it’s rather freeform just keep it Elf-ish. I suggest using the character creator to do this bit for you if you don't feel up to it.)

Race: (Elf, Human, Dwarf)

Age: (Humans live upto about 50-60, Dwarves to about 500, Elves to about 1000.)

Career: (This is your previous job or perhaps current job, and I’ve already made mention of this previous. If starting as an Advanced Career for whatever reason, I want you to put it like this: ‘Advanced Career (Ex-Basic Career)’)

Appearance: (This is what you wear and carry, what you look like and what possible distinguishing features you have.)

Personality: (This is how you act; remember Humans are very superstitious and rather religious bunch. Dwarves like to be gold obsessed, drink loving elf-haters with a knack for pointing out flawed handywork. And Elves tend to be haughty, rather snooty and mysterious beings.)

Traits: (As mentioned before, these are the things that may impact your character IC wise.)

History: (Tell us what happened to you and where you came from. If you’re from The Empire then make mention of from where in the Empire you’re from. If a Dwarf then say what dwarf hold you came from and how you got to the Empire. You’re usual standard history spiel; previous life, how you came to be an adventurer.)
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby (CH3)3CLi » Tue May 27, 2014 1:40 pm

How long will recruitment last, approximately?

Just want to know how much time I've got to research and how leisurely (or fast-paced) I can/should go about it.

I might just edit this post into a CS later once I've finished the basic research if that's all right with you.

Character Sheet

Name: Johann Klein Erlichmann

Race: Human (Male)

Age: 25

Career: Scholar (Ex-Scribe)


A small stature of 5’ 5”, 120 lb., a pallid complexion, and a quiet voice belies the passionate scholar of literacy known to the citizens that frequent the Collegium Theologica of Middenheim as Johann the Meek, or, more endearingly, simply Hans. Hans's effeminately heart-shaped face only adds to the illusion of detached demureness--easily broken by engaging him in conversation about literature. His keen, pale grey eyes tend to be focused downward, either at the ground in front of his feet or in the parchments he finds pleasure in perusing at odd hours of the night with one hand holding back the bangs of his black hair cut close to his head and naturally layered while the other hand habitually tugs gently on the silver earring in his left earlobe, toying with it until his reading is complete.

He generally wears an unassuming, grey, woolen frock coat belted at the waist with a modest utility belt threaded through the leather straps of his writing kit—a leather-wrapped wooden box with smatterings of silver filigree decorating its edges—positioned safely on his left hip and constantly under his guarding arm, the belt itself cinched firmly to his thin waist. The box contains multiple quills and small sheets of rolled-up parchments as well as a few small candles, five matches tied together in a small bundle, wax, and a corked bottle of ink wrapped in wax-coated paper and placed into a small leather pouch. A family heirloom from a lineage of Collegium scribes of which Hans is the latest, the box means the world to him. On the other hip, tied tightly to the belt, is a coin pouch, usually consisting of the day’s earnings from reading and writing letters for peasants as a hobby Hans performs on the side. Underneath the coat Hans sports a white tunic and black breeches tucked into scuffed, ink-stained boots.

As with every wary citizen resigned to dealing with Halfling pickpockets and ornery, drunken Dwarves, Hans keeps a small dagger sheathed in a scabbard strapped to his left thigh, a minor weapon to provide a false sense of security in an ever-darkening world. In less favorable weather, he wraps a brown, woolen cloak around his shoulders. Whether wrapped in waxed paper or held in plain sight, Hans keeps an illuminated book with him as a sign of his membership in the Calligrapher’s Guild. It also serves as a notebook for him to jot down anything that strikes his mind, though his main use of it thus far is a daily recounting of events to preserve for his own memory.

After becoming an adventurer, Hans has added a leather backpack to his list of carried items consisting of a light fleece blanket, his favorite wooden tankard, and a small cutlery set carved from rose wood consisting of two knives, three spoons, three forks, and two small skewer sticks. Though unsure of how to use one outside of what he’s read in books, Hans also purchased a short axe for more defensive measures on the road and--after careful deliberation--dropped two gold crowns into his coin purse for possible travel expenditures.


Hans is careful and meticulous in both transliteration and daily life, keeping his bedroom as neat and tidy as his handwriting. While being a public scribe on the side has alleviated much of his crippling shyness, he is still reluctant to socialize casually with people, fearful of speaking out of turn or committing a dreaded social faux pas—so fearful, in fact, that he can come off as curt and dismissive, creating more problems than he’s aware of. Hans’s devotion to the art of reading and writing allows him to pore over letters and documents for hours on end, lost in the elegant lines penned by other scribes until his candle’s wick runs out and then some.

With the turbulence of the world and the constant reminders that life is exponentially more transient beyond the safety of protected cities and towns, Hans is weary of forming close ties with people who may simply disappear one day never to be seen again—if they’re lucky. Those whom he can’t help but care about, however, has his loyalty forevermore and Hans will do anything to keep those he cares for safe from harm. With most decisions and actions, he will err on the side of the majority, but when it comes to decisions made about literature and writing, Hans is stubborn to the point of bull-headedness if events run counter to his principle of integrity in recordkeeping—especially if clerical errors are not corrected or intentionally created for the sake of some political scheme.

Hans is a devout believer in the benevolence and protection of Sigmar, the Empire’s founder, and often mutters prayers to the god throughout the day while fingering the small, two-tailed comet pendant dangling from a chain around his neck and tucked safely inside his tunic when not in use. While quiet and unassuming normally, if motivated, Hans tends to do things without the acknowledgment or recognition of others, needing neither to assure himself in his course of action.


Academic Knowledge (History, Law, Theology, Science)
Common Knowledge (the Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarves, Elves)
Secret Language (Guild Tongue)
Trade (Calligrapher, Cartographer)
Linguistics (Breton, Classical, Reikspiel, Eltharin, Khazalid, Norse)


Born under the star sign Wymund the Anchorite to a family of three children in 2487, Hans grew up as the middle child of a burgher family of Collegium scribes well-known among the employees who maintained the records and books of the Collegium Theologica in Middenheim. While his older brother, Gustav, chose to pursue a career as a physician instead of carrying on the family legacy, Hans was more than eager to learn the meticulous art of recordkeeping via reading and writing from his father and was soon admitted to the ranks of Collegium scribes after coming of age and passing the scribes’ aptitude and linguistics test.

When his father passed away at the age of 62, Hans and Gustav became the main providers for their mother and younger brother, Nicholas—still in training to become an apothecary. Though still young and inexperienced in the eyes of older Collegium scribes, Hans has shown a passion for reading and recording information far beyond what should be considered normal in a spritely 25-year-old man at the prime of his life, often remaining at the Collegium late into the night to recopy or transliterate information from aging tomes onto fresher parchment to be bound into a book anew or simply reading the works of other scribes until the sun rose, his fingertips stained with ink and his eyes strained with constant use.

For seven years Hans soaked up the voluminous tomes and endless scrolls of information the Collegium kept stored in its archives, greedily looking for more lore, more news from the outside world, more fantastic tales collected and preserved for posterity, more records of laws and Empirical matters, more history, anything he could get his hands on. If a tome proved too difficult to read, he took the time to learn the language or dialect it was written in and tackled it once more, always eager to expand his mental store of knowledge even if it meant devoting himself to learning another language for a year or two. Luckily for Hans, his passion for scholarly work was bolstered by his natural gift for learning languages and, before long, he had already grasped the colloquial and academic languages of Bretonnia and the scholarly language of the olden times, with formal knowledge of the languages Eltharin, Khazalid, and Norse. It wasn't long before Hans exhausted what information the Collegium could provide to him and while the influx of new events to record and new tomes to transliterate always kept him busy, he longed for something that the beautiful metaphors and well-chosen diction of scholars old and new could not provide--he wanted something corporeal.

The day Hans chose to wander was nothing special. There was no tragic event or dramatic argument that sped him on his way from comfort to the unknown dangers of the world outside. As he woke up in bed one day to the sound of the wind blowing open his unlocked window, Hans realized with a startling alacrity that his love for reading of the world beyond what he knew was actually a desire to see that world for himself. He had just been too much of a coward to brave the dangers lurking beyond the walls of Middenheim and perpetually present throughout the paths leading from one safe haven to another. With Gustav a successful, practicing physician, Hans had no worries about his family’s financial stability and, without any warning, packed what belongings he could feasibly carry and left in the middle of the night, leaving behind a letter of resignation at his desk in the Collegium Theologica and a letter of farewell to his family on the dining table.

"...May Shallya daily awaken you, Gustav, and kind-hearted Nicholas with a gentle reminder of life and love. Where I wander, her mercy may not be enough, but take heart in my determination, Mother, if nothing else. I simply chose to walk against a strong wind one day.

All my love to you,

--Excerpt from Johann's farewell letter to his family.
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby Archrival » Tue May 27, 2014 1:51 pm

Take as much time as needed, I feel between 4-6 players would be the key amount. But anybody willing to put time and effort is good in my book, obviously taking your time means a more developed CS. By the way if you want to know where to get the books I suggest going to trusty old Piratebay.
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby Zelosse » Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:28 am

Name: Sven Wolfram

Race: Human

Age: 40

Career: Priest of Morr

Appearance: As a priest of Morr, Sven is dressed in flowing black robes with a long piece of silk embroidered with holy symbols of his god. His robes are loose fitting but functional without hindering his ability to move. On his person he carries a skull that is a polished white. It is kept in a black velvet bag tied to the side of his thick leather belt. Underneath his robes is leather breeches and a silk shirt.
A medium sized booklet emblazoned with the symbol of Morr rests comfortably in a small sling designed to carry it in the open, to show he is a priest not a cultist of some sort. The book contains rituals dedicated to his order and the demands of the followers.

Personality: Sven is a brooding type of person, betrayed by friends and family all his life had driven him to a point of desperation and suffering that forced him to seek a way of life away from others. This has made of him an introvert with trust issues. Though he does show trust to his companion, he is usually unwilling to trust anyone else beyond a few feet. His devotion to his god is absolute, and his conviction to rid the world of Necromancers is without question.
Strong willed and cunning, he displays great leadership when confronted with those who would taint death, in order to return the dead to their rightful place and return the tortured souls to Morr.

Traits: Sven has a nervous twitch when he is around other priests of different gods, and becomes very easily agitated when he is forced into anywhere with abundance of people.

History: All his life, Sven Wolfram was bullied by everyone in his town as a weakling. Incapable of doing the simplest things and always the first to be beaten at the slightest provocation. He never learned to fight back and feared the beatings would be worse if he did, so instead he became an outcast. Never talking to anyone, family or otherwise, and trying his hardest to avoid people all together. His fondest dreams growing up was to curl up and die to end the suffering he was forced to endure day in and out.
Though he never noticed that his Father had always tried to help him, teach him to fight, or help him confront his fears, he always had a respect for his Father who worked tirelessly as a soldier for the empire.
It wasn't until cultists had begun abducting strangers that he had emerged from wallowing in self pity long enough to care about anything any more. All around the outskirts of town there was killings, sacrifices, even ghouls had begun to crop up only to be destroyed without remorse.
Jonathin Wolfram was sacrificed before his 15th birthday and ressurected as a ghoul to destroy his family and spread the disease in a hope to catch the city guard unawares. Before the ravenous ghoul killed Sven as it had his family, the guard had arrived at the sound of commotion with a passerby in dark robes. At once the robed man had leapt into action and banished the ghouls spirit, destroying the enchantment that animated it along with purifying his dead family so that none could rise to unlife.
Family gone and his heart broken, he vowed to have his revenge. To make sure that nobody would ever do such a horrible thing under his vigilant gaze. He followed the black robed man and discovered he was not a wizard or a cultist, but a man of faith. A man dedicated to the god of Death. Guardian of departed souls and ruler of the underworld. It hadn't taken long for Sven to become a disciple. Nor did it take long for him to become accomplished.

Years later he would return to his fathers burial site with nothing but a shovel and his book and set to work retrieving his Father's head and reburying to corpse. With the polished skull of his father and the power of his God, he wanders the broken world searching for the Necromancers and their kin to exact his revenge.

I threw this together at like 4am. Just wanted to get something here, be it patchwork or not.
I dont care
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Re: Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby estimoony » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:36 am

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy: New Guard of the Old World (OOC)

Postby Sigment » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:55 am

Please do not post randomly on the forum. If you intend to join the RP, then post a CS, otherwise please head to another area of the forum.
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