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Shadowrun: Justice

Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:33 pm

The Striped suited man canvas all 7 of you, he motions for one of his guards. They bring in a Titanium suitcase and place it on the desk in front of you. "I know I've explained it to you all individually but since you're all a team now I suppose I should explain again." He remarks as he fixes his tie and adjust his legs to sit more comfortably. "You're all here because you've done something, or rather have done nothing with your lives. The Drekstain of the sheets of the world. Now normally I'd be done with it and send you all to your graves through some form of execution but I see potential in all 7 of you." He states, his posture tells you that this is a man that has seen a lot of the world and he's not one to back down. "Now what you see here is a suitcase, in this suitcase is something that you have no business knowing about. But what you do have business in is sending this suitcase to it's appropriate destination. Of course I've made the precautions should any of you try and find out what's in this fragging thing." He motions for the guard to send in another prisoner, this one is small ,frail and afraid. Sweat and tears can be seen dripping down his face. "Now you, try and open this suitcase"The Striped suited man tells the prisoner. He hesitates, "go on now, enter in any code you wish" The man says with a crooked smile.

The prisoner shuffles his feet to the suitcase, he enters in a random code and a sudden shock overwhelms his body and he staggers back to the floor. "Now, get up and do it again" The striped suited man demanded. "P-please don't make me" the prisoner cried with snot flooding out his naval cavity "Do.it.again" The man said sternly now. The prisoner get's on his feet and hesitantly enters in a second code.

This time what was a small shock is something much much larger, it lasts for 10 seconds and whats left is a hollow and burnt shell of a man.

"Now, as you can see what's happened here. Should you be stupid enough to try and open it , the first time it will administer a powerful shock. Enough to disorient you for several hours. Now if you had a head full of drek and you decided to try again for a second time. It will push a shock so powerful your brain will fry and you'll be dead." His smile was wider this time. Now I'll leave you all for a few minutes to gather your bearings. He get's out of his chair and exits the room.

Time bomb doesn't appreciate the smell of burnt carcass. He gives a snarl and wipes his nose. This striped suited man hasn't made an everlasting impression on him, Time Bomb may not be the smartest of trolls but he's not fragging stupid enough to try what that prisoner did. "I, do no like man in suit" he states, if it were up to him he'd have shoved a grenade in his mouth faster than you can say don't shove a grenade in my mouth.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:11 pm

Surface watches, slightly amused with a grin on his face. Enjoying the feeling of finally having his arms free of their confines, which they were kept in prior to his arrival, Surf was poking the dead body, giggling a bit to himself for about a half a minute before he lost interest when the man left the room.

" I swore he was never gonna shut up, Now the question is what exactly was done, or will be to keep us from tossing this case in a river and going about our merry way. You saw how he just fried that guy, that shows exactly what we're worth to 'im " Surface takes a second to laugh at the corpse before resuming " I don't know about you guys, but even if my charges are dropped I'll still have people gunning for my fraggin neck, I'm only here because it seems entertaining."

While waiting for anyone else to respond Surface goes back to poking the corpse and humming a little tune to himself.

Safe Zone

Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:22 pm

Blood, sweat, and the smell of rotting corpses mixed with the pungent stench of congealing bodily fluids on a floor caked with the remnants of the living.

Safe Zone thought he had left all that behind a year ago. Trading one cage for another wasn't his first plan, but at least a government-sanctioned prison pretended like its occupants deserved some modicum of respect.

The smoldering corpse and its acrid fetor stung his nostrils and wormed its way into his mouth and lungs, forcing a quick cough out of him. Only a year, and he had already acclimatized to the less horrific smells of dirty linens and crude prison food. Was it really a good idea to leave all this behind for a volatile stranger's clearly illegal and dangerous request? Safe Zone didn't need a heaven in this world, he just needed a haven--a prison was just as good as any other for him.

"When did those in power ever take 'No' for an answer?" A memory of a voice drifted into his mind--a memory he also hadn't thought about for a year, one supposedly held at bay by the safety of the prison walls. What the voice said was true, though, and his left hand fingered the metallic spine of his newly-acquired spellbook to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. He would have to finish this job, that much was obvious. Things were too well-prepared for their employer to leave any loose ends behind, and he didn't have the social standing to afford stepping into a monster's line of fire.

Safe Zone watched the male elf out of the corner of his eye, keeping his gaze to the floor. He hadn't paid any attention to most of what the elf had been saying, though he wasn't sure he would've cared either way. What he did hear was a fair point made, however.

Surface Tension wrote:Now the question is what exactly was done, or will be to keep us from tossing this case in a river and going about our merry way.

Safe Zone had a vague idea of what would be done to them if they intentionally decided to frag with someone who had the power to set this entire scheme up. He didn't feel like continuing down that train of thought, which meant he had no intention of divulging those thoughts to someone so clearly unconcerned about the consequences.

What he did say was, "Why don't you ask him yourself when he returns?"
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Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:42 pm

Swift eyed the charred corpse as the other man continued to poke at it for amusement. The big shot in the suit bothered him. If he's asking inmates to take care of his delivery, then it's not something that he'd want anyone besides the person at point B getting a hold of it. He looked to the Troll that commented on their "client". "Just another drekhead with enough cash to make things happen, if ya ask me." He knew the suit's type. He'd been hired by as many as he'd killed.

"Still..." Swift turned his eyes to the other two that opened their mouths so far. "Experience has taught me that that's the kinda person ya don't wanna cross. I say we play his little game, for now. It's gotta beat sittin' in a cell..." He walked over to the corpse, tapping it lightly with his boot. ...Or gettin' fried liked our friend here."

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:12 pm

Red Queen looked at the other with a sigh. "Well, come on, boys. It's not like this package is gonna deliver itself. Honestly, I want to meet the other person. Might be a pretty girl." With that, she reached to grab the case and begin walking. She honestly didn't care if any of the others were following her or not. She stopped and spun on her heels. "Which direction do we need to go?"

Safe Zone

Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:52 pm

Safe Zone watched the succubus walk aimlessly before turning around and asking for directions.

He didn't bother moving.

They hadn't been given any instructions further than "gather your bearings" so there was no point trying to rush things. Unless someone was privy to their destination, they would need to wait until the stripe-suited man returned.

He flipped through a few pages of the spellbook as he waited, marveling at the plethora of spells that existed. Too bad he wouldn't be able to utilize most of them.

A quick glance upward told him the succubus girl was still waiting for some kind of answer. He snorted.

"Why don't you ask him yourself when he returns?"

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:10 am

She glared at him, frowning. "You love saying that, don't you?" she asked, had on her hip. "You love being an ass. Well, I hate assholes." She drew her blade and pointed it at him. "I suggest you keep your head." She sheathed her sword before tapping her foot, her arms crossed. "Where is he?!" she growled, punching the wall.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:22 am

"Ease up, will ya? Why don't ya chop up Crispy over here to pass the time?" Swift always did have rotten luck with women. This lady seemed to be as psycho as they come. "Besides, if this item's hot enough that he's recruitin' criminals for an off-the-books delivery, we're probably gonna have plenty of people tryin' to kill us on the way. He let out a slight chuckle as he finished. "Why don't you make some playmates outta them?"

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:18 am

"So the succubus behaves like a reckless child. Wonderful." Safe Zone pondered her usefulness as a teammate while duly noting her general overreaction to the slight jab. What was she planning on doing? Kill him in a room full of other hand-selected criminals? He may not have known what they each could do, but if everyone was as skilled as he suspected, then her victory would be incredibly short-lived once she proved herself to be as much of an enemy to her teammates as the Lone Star officers would be.

"Definitely preparing for impromptu skirmishes if she lacks the ability to control her own temper. This is why I hate people," he thought to himself.

He waited for the black-haired elf to finish speaking before responding to her, though he felt his tolerance for socialization with incorrigible fools already hitting its limit. Clamming up and letting them dig their own graves was his usual strategy for those types of people, but he still had enough social motivation to make at least one or two more comments.

"If I lose my head before the mission even begins, drek-for-brains, yours probably won't be too far behind considering our boss's electrifying temperament." He nodded at the sizzling body on the ground. "Do us all a favor and try not to piss him off before we even walk out the fragging door."

He turned to the black-haired elf who had recently spoken, deciding this particular teammate had more sense than the one poking Crispy and the one punching a wall.

"'Gathering bearings' is my official excuse. Code name is Safe Zone, though I'm not expecting you to oblige."

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:13 am

A slight chuckle left Swift's mouth as the one calling himself Safe Zone addressed him. "Hmph. Swift Strike." Safe was calmer than the others, not to mention more sane than them, or at least it looked that way. Still, it was reason enough to trust him for now. Bored out of his mind, he sat down to wait for his new client. He thought to himself that it was nice that at least some of his new allies were somewhat sane.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:33 am

The door encompassed by the room opened. "Oh good! You 7 haven't killed each other yet. Well it'll happen soon" The Striped suited man gave a slight chuckle. He enjoyed toying with his Time Bomb thought. "Well now that you've all gotten well acquainted I suppose you'll want to know where you'll be going. You'll be leaving this beautiful city of New York and heading across the country to Point B, San Francisco. Now I know what you might be thinking, why don't I just get you all a private jet and fly you to San Fran?"He said then let out a big laugh he was clearly amused by this notion. "That's the kind of thing that gets put on record. I will not risk it, so what you're first step is going to be to get there is well.."He motions for one of his guards to retrieve a small map

"If you'll look here there is a Horizon train bound for Ohio. Now this is as far as you'll go with that kind of transportation, only problem is that the train station is heavily guarded. Now none of you are children, I won't tell you how to fragging get on the train. You want to kill all the guards in sight be my guest, settle it amongst yourselves of course" He folds the map back up and heads for the door but turns around once more "One of my friends over here will give you all a ride to the train station, I quite like New York City and I'd rather you 7 not go around dreking up the place. Oh and by the way I will be checking up on you all from time to time" He said with one last smile as he exits.

Stealing a fragging train? Time Bomb had stolen buses and Lone Star vans but never a fragging train. The guards escorted all of us into the vehicle and we were off.

It took around 40 minutes to get to the train station, if you can even call it that, there were gates everywhere and you can see fro ma distance guards by the dozen. The guards get back into their vehicle and leave. All that remains is the 7 of us and a suitcase.

Time Bomb sniffs the air and lets out a disgruntled face "Too many Guards, Stealth best option" He remarks

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:17 pm

"Agreed. We won't make it out of here alive if we brute force this. From what I heard in prison, New York City is home to several megacorp office branches and an excessive amount of corporate security."

"That reminds me. Our prison SINs were removed, but I don't recall the Stripe-Suited Menace giving us any new SINs. Frag. How do we get past this ridiculously heavy security...?" Safe Zone was at a loss. When it came to reasons for selection, he knew his healing skills were his only redeeming factor. There was no point pretending he had any viable solution out of this fix, and there was only so long a group of seven criminals could hang out in front of an Amtrak station before someone decided to ask some hard questions.

He supposed there was some form of tech-savvy genius or two in the group, but willful participation didn't seem to be in anyone's personality and he didn't feel like drawing attention to the group by triggering another emotional wall-punch.

"Fragging tactfulness. I don't know the first thing about it. Drek. We need some kind of Matrix hack, probably, though I couldn't for the life of me suggest one. Just something that wouldn't alert the hypersensitive guards to the presence of seven SINless people boarding a train all at once. Even a child would find that kind of thing suspicious." Safe Zone wandered to a nearby bench and sat down next to a prim female elf in a business suit who sniffed condescendingly at his shabby attire before getting up and walking away. He hoped the other six would take the hint. If they're going to take time, it'd be best to blend in with the crowd as much as possible while they formulate a plan, rather than standing around awkwardly.

"And we've only just gotten started..." he muttered to himself.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:59 pm

Another chuckle. With everything happening Swift couldn't help it. "Yeah..." He sat down next to Safe to "blend in". Getting in would take stealth, like Time Bomb said, and that just happened to be his specialty. He could already see holes in the layout of their security, which would be no problem if he was alone. But he wasn't. He was dragging six other fraggers in with him. "Maybe a fire alarm or somethin'? Somethin' that'll draw their attention somewhere else. Either that..." He kept his voice down to avoid excessive attention. Most other people were already steering clear of them.

Swift looked over the security again. The holes were still there, of course, which meant that he could make them bigger. "Or I sneak my way in to thin 'em out, make it easier for the rest of ya to sneak in there. I could knock 'em out or kill 'em, whichever ya want."

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:50 pm

Surface sighed at how much they were over thinking all of this.

"Ever heard of wolfpacks? I read up on 'em once, never had an application for 'em 'till now."

Surface took a deep breath in to make sure he could talk as long as possible.

"We are gonna need to split up, look like we arent all traveling together, sneak in from different areas, with possibly at most ONE other person with us. If need be, one of us will wait and go after the other two have passed, the key is to look like we dont know each other and get on the same car, from different stairways and stand in different places in the station. The less of us in one spot close to each other, the easier it is to be stealthy and NOT draw attention."

Surf looked verrrry pleased with himself coming up with this plan

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:02 pm

Safe Zone glanced at the elf who had just spoken, his eyes focusing on the tip of a tattoo that peeked out from under the sleeve of the elf's blazer, following it with his eyes as it tapered down to the elf's right wrist and wrapped around it like a bracelet. A magician was Safe Zone's first guess, considering the circumstances, but with the unpredictability of the group, it could just be a normal tattoo.

"While I like the idea, you forget those guards won't even so much as let us step foot onto that train without some form of identification."

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:26 pm

" Give me three minutes, then head in, I'll make an illusion of some drunk firing off a gun , in that time you guys sneak on board and I'll use the illusion to lure the guards away from the train, after all, their job is to keep undesirables out, right? A-And this merits a chance for some . . .FUN. Once we're on the train I'll make us invisible and conceal the sound of our breathing when whoever is operating the train will no doubt come looking for proof of us legally entering the train."

Surface was almost trembling at the thought of getting back into his old groove again. The world seemed more vibrant , his pupils were dilating for no apparent reason. A grin spread across his face, he was finally going to get what he had been aching for for months, a chance to do something chaotic, a chance to hear people fleeing in confusion and terror, this was something that, to him, few other people could appreciate.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:01 pm

Red Queen watched and listened quietly, taking everything in. "Or, with my stealth, I could easily make a scene without drawing attention to myself, no need for drekky magic." She held up the suitcase in front of herself and sighed. "Now, who wants to hold this while I take care of our problems?" Looking over the men, she decided they were all weak and pathetic compared to her. Each of them, as far as she knew, relied on magic and/or technology. Weaknesses.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:36 pm

"Well... We got three options, apparently. Tech, magic or straight-up stealth." Swift shrugged lightly on how none of these drekheads could agree on anything. "Personally, I don't give a drek what we do, as long as it works. We keep this up, and they'll come to see what the commotion's all about." His eyes turned to the one called Red Queen. "Mind tellin' me what your "distraction's" gonna be? 'Cause unless ya know the layout of their security, I'm comin' with ya, or they'll see you comin' pretty fraggin' quick."

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:24 pm

Safe Zone resisted an incredibly powerful urge to roll his eyes at the female elf. A perfectly viable plan wasn't viable because it involved magic? The logic, or lack thereof, eluded him. He had half a mind to say something, then remembered that if he wasn't careful, she would probably punch a guard instead of a wall, this time.

"Honestly, our slightly addled magician at least has a follow-up plan for staying undetected throughout the duration of the train ride. If we're pretending like this is a democracy of seven, I'm voting for the illusions."
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Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:52 pm

Common sense is not something you would see often in a criminal, especially not those days. When Safe indirectly suggested a vote, Swift had already made his decision. "Agreed. Seems like the safest option here." Mr. Suit had told them not to cause a scene before leaving New York, so subtlety and no casualties were the best idea.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:25 pm

Raiden had been watching and listening, paying attention but never speaking. As the others were arguing about how to cause a distraction, he began walking away. He pulled out a few pieces of paper, lit each one with the zippo he had from his personal effects prior to the jail time, and tossed each one into a trash can. With each trash can in the area on fire, he walked past the group and leaned against the wall, watching as the guards took action. With none of them paying attention to him, he snuck onto the train.

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:37 pm

"What.... Oh, no."

Safe Zone watched one of the quiet teammates throw flaming pieces of paper into nearby trashcans with quiet dread. Worst case scenario, a guard or someone nearby had seen that. Best case scenario, the guards would quickly put out the measly trashcan fires and double up security because there was a fragging arsonist on the loose in the station and they would definitely be wary of anyone even mildly suspicious. Either way, things had just become more difficult for the group as a whole.

Safe Zone rubbed his eyes with one hand. One person had managed to get onto the train, now for the other six. They hadn't even decided which car to meet in, and already things were about to go haywire. A bit of prior warning would have been nice. Now the guards not putting out the fires were on high alert and moving would be difficult.

"We can still salvage this," he realized. As the guards scrambled to put out the fires and search the area for the suspect, he coughed for attention, staring at the elven magician.

"Sorry I don't know your code name, yet, but we'll take care of that when we're not in danger of being sent back to prison. You'd better throw up that illusion now and have these guards go after it as the source of the fires, or we might have to prepare for a rough fight."

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:09 pm

"Its Surface Tension, and please make sure to tell that drekeater who set the trash cans on fire that if he ever gets in the way of my fun again , He'll be the one on fire. As for the rest, meet me in car # 3.. . ." There was a nostalgic tone to Surface's voice when he said that, burning people alive obviously wasn't something new to him.

With that, after a few moments, an image of someone who appears to be a drunk homeless man is waving his gun in the air holding a Molotov cocktail in the other appeared in the midst of the crowd in the center of the station, coupled with the fake sound of a gun being fired into the crowd, and Surface using his abilities to throw his voice to make it sound as if the image had yelled "Down with Corporate big business, ill burn this place down to send them a message that their days are numbered!"

Surface waits for the guards to get caught up trying to get to the man a midst the panicking crowd before pretending to be panicking and making himself invisible to slip into the train car unnoticed.

Re: Shadowrun: Justice

Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:21 pm

Well, shit... May as well get moving. Swift nodded to Safe to signal that he would begin moving. He sprinted his way in, keeping track of each guard's line of sight and avoiding them. Surface's distraction made it much easier to avoid detection, since a crazy man with a Molotov cocktail and a gun was a much clearer threat than he looked to be. With little effort, Swift approached Car #3, and made his way inside.

Safe Zone

Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:41 pm

"Times like these, I wish I'd practiced being more agile." Safe Zone's train of thought had to balance looking panicked and weaving his way through the crowd towards the third car. He noticed Swift Strike slipping into the car almost languidly and hated the guy for making this look so much easier than it actually was.

Luckily, Surface Tension's gun-toting hobo was still running rampant in the distance, so despite being alternately buffeted and sandwiched by the crowd, Safe Zone eventually managed to drag himself through the open door of car three with a few bruises to show for his efforts.

He ducked into an empty booth before any of the normal occupants of car three took notice of him and ran his hands over the worst of the bruises, letting the light blue sparks of magic repair the damaged capillaries and restore the darkening blotches of skin to the original color. It was petty, he knew, to heal such minor injuries instead of letting his body take care of them, but he'd be damned if he had to admit exactly how many elbows he took to the ribs.

Sighing and leaning back against the upholstered seat, Safe Zone took a moment to breathe before peeking out and looking for the others.

"Guess I should tell the others that our personal arsonist doesn't know where to meet up.... I'll consider it."
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