RP Forum Rules (NEW - 3/4/2014)

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

RP Forum Rules (NEW - 3/4/2014)

Postby Tuor » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:18 pm

Role Playing Rules / Guidelines / Info
Welcome to Role Playing. People here like to have fun, but role playing takes structure and group participation, so familiarize yourself with the Global Forum Rules and the rules that follow before posting outside of the Welcome to the Weirdness thread (you're welcome to introduce yourself there). Be aware that mods may employ blue bolts from the heavens or ethereal mummies if they decide (or are convinced by GMs) that intervention is needed to keep RPs running smoothly.

RP Protocol
  • Approval
    Before starting up your super-awesome RP, take the idea to the Idea Board and get the approval of at least four people. Be prepared for criticism. If your idea is approved and you make a thread for it, include a link to the discussion about it. The Idea Board is also the place to kick around and develop ideas, so do that sort of thing there rather than in a new thread.
  • Running an RP
    If your idea has support, it's time to get it going. Make a new thread for it with a descriptive title and an opening post with relevant information for participants. Take some time to set things up right and to let everyone interested have a chance to sign up. Since you'll be running the story as the GM, make especially sure that your posts are well-composed and say exactly what you want. All participants should be polite and on-topic, but everyone should remember that the main goal is to have fun.

    Remember that your character is your character. You do not have the ability to take control of another person's character without that player's permission, even if you are the Game-Master (GM). This is known as God-Modding and is disrespectful to the other players.
  • End of RPs
    RP threads with no activity for at least a month are considered dead, and should not be posted in. If there is a legitimate multi-member resurgence of interest, contact a mod before reactivating the RP to avoid a lock. If an RP has run its course, the participants may discuss it in its thread until a month has passed since the last RP post.
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