Once Upon Atyme: Dorothy OOC

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

Re: Once Upon Atyme: Dorothy OOC

Postby Archrival » Fri May 23, 2014 8:32 pm

Sure, I really enjoyed my character, one of my more interesting ones if I must say.
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Re: Once Upon Atyme: Dorothy OOC

Postby Cerulean » Mon May 26, 2014 10:13 am

I completely understand c:

And yes, I would like to hear about your plans as well.
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Re: Once Upon Atyme: Dorothy OOC

Postby PandaBrady » Sat May 31, 2014 3:01 am

Ozcar would explain his plans to leave Ahz to Tomi and Locasta, Locasta begs him not to leave, as he has kept a relative peace among the people, though the Wicked Witches are still a problem. He promises not to leave until he finds a suitable replacement, or if he can turn Elfiba back to the Good side. The bird golem would arrive and he would ask that Tomi and Locasta send the girl to hi,, because he would rather not have another Ahz war if what she does effects Ahz as much as he has. Meanwhile at the Party, Dorothy would be celebrated as a hero, that is until the Wicked Witch of the West arrives, and threatens her to leave Ahz or she'll be served to her monkeys for charcoal steak night. She would leave, stating that she needs to find her sister to give her a proper burial. Everyone would be dead silent, and Toto would walk in holding the Silver Slippers, Dorothy would hide them and the Witch says she'll be back tomorrow when it will be brighter (Cavier fights Pirates until Sunset, running them off, and confiscating their airships).
Next Day Locasta would arrive bright and early with Tomi, and she would find Dorothy, now wearing the shoes, which attached themselves while she was asleep. Elfiba would arrive once more, and Locasta would tell her that exerting her power here would incite a war that her currently poor country could not afford to be a part of. After Elfiba leaves, Locasta would ask for volunteers to go along with Dorothy to the Emerald City, as she has "unattended business". After gaining some help, Locasta would kiss Dorothy on the forehead goodbye, and tells her it's a long journey without magic, and she'll need to be prepared to face whatever comes her way. Dorothy would understand, and pack some things in a bag for herself in a small backpack, as well as a few cooking utensils and things she thought she'd need on the way. The group would leave, Cavier not going with them, until realizing that a certain group of pirates were unaccounted for when he arrested the group, and would give chase. The group would go along, probably explaining how the Yellow Brick Road works, and maybe teaching her about the continent. Hours later, they find a thin, depressed man, staring at a tree as some birds begin laughing at him. This is scarecrow, and while he looks mysterious (being more of a scary look to him, for intimidation) he seems friendly enough, telling Dorothy that he can't think of any ideas to get rid of the crows for good. She offers him to come along, stating that she's trying to get home, and the Wizard is supposed to be able to grant anyone's wish, or at least that's what she was told by the townspeople (I assume Tomi would be too kind hearted to tell her the truth).
The group would leave with another member, and I planned on adding a few interesting spots along the way, a monster ranch, the china kingdom, a fairy springs, then the "Cursed Forest" called that because it was said that a strange man was seen years ago relentlessly chopping down trees, as if under a curse or spell to do only that, though reports of him had ended years ago. After sitting to rest, the group would find the Woodsman by Dorothy sitting on his foot, and he making a noise. After using her can of oil on him, he would begin moving again, seemingly a normal person, except for his massive axe, odd hair color, and his off color almost red skin. Tin man, or Tin for short, would tell them that he doesn't remember what love is, because years ago, he left someone he loved as if in a trance, to chop down the trees, and one day, just stopped. He knew his heart was gone, because he just didn't feel emotions since then. Dorothy offers for him to come along, and he does. A few more stops on the way like the tinker village of Knuck, which warns people not to go into the Malamar Forest, as it houses a fearsome creature. But, the Yellow Brick Road points straight through it, and a way around would definitely take too long, so they brave it, and find inside a Lion Victian who believes himself to be king of the Animalans, and tries to scare the group off, but is frightened up a tree by Toto's barks. Toto is told to behave himself, and the Lion cries because he hasn't seen anyone else in so long that he has become scared of the slightest things. Dorothy offers him to come along as well, and he joins, saying, "If the Wizard can help a scaredy cat like me, he must be great."
They're off once more, having to pass through the Worm Caves, as a usual area of travel has been cut off by recent Bifrhinos (Rainbow Colored Two horned Rhinos, that are rare) causing an avalanche. The group could go over the caves, but that may take too long, though, going through the Worm Caves is practically suicide. The group would be forced in as another avalanche would occur, forcing them to run in, and become trapped. The group would face Glow Spiders (Simply, large glowing spiders), Mush bats (Bats made of Fungus), and the Drill Worm (A Giant worm creature that is constantly spinning in an aileron, which the tunnels are named after. The Drill Worm would bust out the wall of the cave after Dorothy performs a magic that no one had seen before, a materialization, and control of liquid beyond that of even a learned Witch. The Worm, hating Sunlight, retreats as the party comes out to the Wake-me-not fields. Some of the more human members of the party would pass out into a fever dream from this, making them relieve they're most favorite part of their lives until they realize it isn't real and manage to break out of it. They would enter the Emerald City, and the Wizard would not have his dirigible done yet. So, seeing as he still had to pick a reliable substitute, as well as try to win back Elfy, he would put on the airs, and state that for him to grant their wishes, he would need a powerful item, the source of the Wicked Witch of the West's power, her Jet Black broom. Meanwhile Elfiba has made an alliance with the Women's Reformation Army, who promise to give her a heap of tamed wild animals, as long as she would share the riches in the emerald city, which Elfiba promised she could take, if she could get the Silver Slippers back from Dorothy. Elfiba would then fly and write a message in the sky, "Surrender Dorothy, or Die." it says, which causes an uproar in the community. They would send her to Elfiba's western country, and ask for some to go with her, as they don't want her dieing along the way and having the Wicked Witch attacking because she never made it.
The Party would then leave, Cavier just having arrived and seeing the group leave to Westenland, and throwing his hat on the ground, (as this was almost the day he caught, Capatain Jack Sparrow). The group would then have another series of stops on the way their, including the Town of Winkinsoft, a place where everyone wishes to be free of Elfiba, but follows her every wish as soon as they step outside of their town because of her Magic Eye, which she had made to replace her old one that was ripped out by Showpoo, a Flying monkey, now a mere garden decoration. She supposedly can see whatever she wants with it, and they'd rather not take their chances. Next would be the "Fighting Tree Tournament Grounds!" where malicious Treants like to practice their branch and root fighting techniques, and say that none may pass until they prove themselves. After a brief bit of fighting in the so called tournament, Dorothy would show enough skill to them to be let through, they even giving her some Crab Apples to throw (Apples that are literally suicidal hard shelled crabs, they ball up, and wait to be thrown at something, which is when they decide to attack).
Wanting to see the progress, Elfiba uses her magic eye, and witnesses the group talking about the Broom. Thinking they want to destroy her, she gathers 40 massive Crows the size of people, and tells them to go out, and kill those people, but bring the girl back alive. As the Crows attack, Dorothy would be about to be attacked by one of the crows, when Scarecrow would jump in the way, tearing a hole through his body, losing a large amount of straw. Scarecrow would snap the neck of the crow, and fall down to the on the ground Dorothy. After having seen what happened, during this skirmish, a tear would drop from her eye, landing on the scarecrow, causing a blinding light, which would then disappear revealing (I know this is kinda silly) Dorothy in Scarecrow's clothing, with straw coming out here and there. She would quickly finish off the rest of the Crows in a strategic Ninja style, and then fall to the ground, Scarecrow and Dorothy back to normal, with Scarecrow back to top shape. Dorothy doesn't remember anything, but Scarecrow says that during that time, he had gained so many ideas on how to deal with the crows, and so many thoughts he had never thought before. This was a good idea for an adventure.
Having seen her Crows defeated, Elfiba would be desperate, sending 40 Dire Wolves (of course large mean wolves) and 2 pack leaders, a Fenrir (Large mean wolf, gaping maw, chilling breath), and a bandersnatch (Large mean dog, giant claws, very quick, and fire breath) both very rare, one found in Unterland, the other only in remote regions of Grimoire. The group would rest in the forest for the night, and take turns keeping watch. That night, the group would be attacked by the Wolves and the pack leaders, which would again become Dorothy being in trouble, the Bandersnatch and Fenrir breathing at Dorothy, who is saved by Tin. Tin saying, "If Scarecrow could learn to think, I thought maybe, you could teach me how to feel." Before becoming silent. Dorothy angered by this would get up, a small bit of blood from a bit coming off and landing on Tin, (you may see where this is going.) She appears in a armored suit, that appears not to hinder her movements at all, and giving her a much quicker and more powerful swing with Tin's Axe. Toto would find that he can become a dire wolf, only when Dorothy was in trouble, and Toto was being brave. The two would take down the remaining group, and Dorothy would fall to the ground again. Next day, Elfiba, freightend sends out 40 Killer bees (giant bees), and the group manages to defeat them, through the use of Tin, (and any other golems, as the Killer Bees would attack, and lose their stingers, killing themselves without harming the golem).
Elfiba furious now, sends out a full force, a small army of Winkies to deal with the Golems and the others keeping Dorothy from capture, and harm. The troops would arrive at the town of El, where the group would be met, stating that they have orders to kill the party. Lion feeling useless through the whole adventure stands in the way, "Not today. I've had it with the spooks, and the monsters, the dark, the witches and wizards. You're going to leave Dorothy alone, or you're gonna have to go through me." Dorothy steps up too, "No, this is my problem. Don't worry yourself about it. I'm not letting them kill my friends." She and lion look at each other, Dorothy now understanding her new power. The two fuse, and a Immundus Lioness Dorothy appears, roaring at the Winkies. The battle commences, but eventually they run away in fear as Dorothy releases a roar so deafening, it was like thunder in a metal box around one's head. Dorothy falls drained, and the Dreaded legion of Winged monkeys arrive. Baboons, Gorillas, and Capuchins all descend and carry Dorothy and the Lion to the castle, they're sheer number easily defeating the group. Scarecrow and Tin would team up with the rest of the group to stage a prison break on Dorothy inside Elfiba's Castle. Meanwhile, Elfiba has set Jinjur, the general of the Female Reformation Army, to subdue the lion to be an obedient Guard Lion. Elfiba studies Dorothy for a while, making quite a discovery. She uses a spell to slowly rid the protective charm that Locasta had put on Dorothy and that when the time was up, the girl would be in this coma forever, or at least until Elfiba finds a creative way to kill her, to take the shoes. After a long battle inside the castle, and saving Dorothy just in time, Elfiba comes down from her invention room. "Even if I can't have the Silver Slippers, thanks to my magic eye, I have been able to create a device that will make me more powerful than ever. All thanks to this girl who comes from Ozcar's plane." No attempt on her would go well, and Dorothy would awaken, at which point Elfiba would invoke a sacred duel, so sacred, even the lord of the demons wouldn't dare break it. A one on one battle of magic (to the pain), as it was the only way to get the slippers, which would increase her magic tenfold. Using the new device that she created Elfiba has created a Mana Well, a portable device that forces Mana from the continent into herself. After a long hard fought battle, Dorothy wins with a tidal wave of water, causing Elfiba to begin to melt. She was still alive in their, but was now nothing more than a puddle to be mopped up by her guards. Seeing the end of the Wicked Witch, the Winkies rejoice, and the Winged Monkeys aknowledge her as a new master, allowing her 3 requests. Her first was that they would take her home, but that couldn't be done, as it was too far, and she had wasted one. She then asked that everyone in the party be brought back to the Emerald City (Jinjur having fled upon the break occuring), so everyone gets a free ride there, and with broom in hand, they see the Wizard, who reveals himself to be just a man, of course on accident as Toto finds him in his booth. Ozcar reveals that he has been alive the whole time in flesh, and that he has proclaimed Scarecrow the new ruler in his stead. Lion gets recognition as the king of Malimar Forest, and Tin is reunited with his love, a female golem. The winkies beseech him to become their king, and he and his wife accept. The classic "Oh, I'm sorry my dear it's a one way ticket I cannot turn back." occurs, and Locasta arrives, stating that Dorothy should see Glenda, who is now the most powerful witch in the continent. She does, relatively quickly, as not much gets in her way from there, and Glenda greets her, and tells her a powerful secret, then tells her that the Silver Slippers allow her to go anywhere that she has been before, by tapping her heels 3 times, thinking of the place, and saying, "There's no place like home." 3 times. Dorothy thanks everyone asks the Flying monkeys to take everyone to their homes, and then leaves. She awakens in the hospital with slight head trauma, there her aunt and uncle greet her, happy she's awake. A coma for 48 hours, they tell her. Much shorter than her time in Ahz. She tells them of the fantastic things that she saw, and what had happened, and they thought that she had been watching too many cartoons, or reading too many fantasies. They leave the room to notify the nurse and to give her some private time to get back around. As Dorothy shifts to sit up, she notices something on her feet. A pair of Silver Slipers, which the nurse didn't recall seeing earlier, but didn't bring attention to it. Toto barks from the window and Dorothy looks at him, smiles, and nods.

But is that the end of what was heard from Dorothy during this time? No. 2 more adventures were to be had during this RP, which I will have to continue writing about at a later time.

Two weeks of Dorothy’s Time has passed, but it has been 2 and a half months for the inhabitants of the world of Atyme. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry had bought a new farm, closer to town, and not hit by a twister. They hoped doing this would help Dorothy, as she was beginning to miss her new friends from Ahz, and began to get slightly depressed. This couldn’t come at a better time, as the carnival was coming into town, and the two guardians thought it might cheer her up. At the Carnival Dorothy sees a familiar, yet younger face. Ozcar had made it back to Kansas. He was slowly becoming younger, and became the Carnival’s Main attraction, as a Magician. He spoke with Dorothy, and asked her if her shoes still had their power, because he was slowly losing his learned from Ahz, and he feared that he’d lose it all together. Dorothy still had her power, but hadn’t thought to use it till then, in secrecy of course. That night after the circus she taps her heels together, and whispers “There’s no place like Ahz.” 3 times. Toto jumps onto her before she disappears and reappears in a different part of Ahz, the North Country, Glintadem.
She notices that the land seems less colorful than it used to be, and wanders around looking for someone, when she comes upon a red headed boy named Tip, an apprentice Alchemist to a wicked witch named Mombi. He’s fed up with being Mombi’s servant boy, and wants her to help him do some pranks on her, and then he will take her to the Emerald City, “Though, I don’t know why you’d wanna go there right now.”
They steal a “Life Powder” which, when used in a potion, and a certain phrase is uttered, you can create an inanimate. But, Mombi doesn’t know the phrase, which is why she threw the potion away calling it junk. They then create a Scarecrow named Jack Lantern that they use to scare mombi back into her house for a few hours. So, using a Potion of swift speed, he manages to take himself, Jack, Dorothy, and Toto to the emerald city in less than an hour. There, they are stopped by guards, seeing Dorothy, but not recognizing her until she states her name. They bring her to King Scarecrow, who reveals that sense she left Ahz, things have gone to shambles. Crow wasn’t the type for politics, and because the power of the Wizard wasn’t with him, noble families began feuding for his position, and he would tell them he could show that he was a good king. They began not liking that when he pardoned all those that had helped Dorothy on her quest, and allowed Cavier to become the Head of the Knights. Cavier, as head, wrote new laws that were to be followed, and many disliked the new rules, even though Crow found them reasonable. So Ahz began to fall into chaos. Monsters began to show up inside of towns, and monster tamers began to become a more needed job. This allowed the Female Reformation Army (Who had no interactions with other characters besides Lion), to be hired as monster tamers, but they began using them to attack the capital, stating that women should rule, and that men should be as low as slaves or cattle. Trying to appease the current Politicians, he listened to what they wanted instead of the FRA. Now, the entire continent isn’t safe for the Capital of Ahz, and may break into a continental civil war again.
He is asking Lion and Tin what he should do, but the Golem Birds do not make it back, and cannot leave himself, as he has so much to worry about with the other politicians. Glinda is checking on Tin, and Locasta was checking in on Lion in Malimar Forest, and neither have yet returned. So, he hopes that the bravest person he knows could fix this, with some help of course. So, she heads out to check on Lion and Locasta, and upon reaching the forest, she would find Lion and the other animals outside of the forest, with a passed out Locasta. It turns out that the Giant Agorn, a Legendary Spider with a poison that causes those injected with it to sleep for many days. A large enough dose was said to cause a man to sleep for a hundred years. The Lion has tried to battle the Giant Spider, but has failed on multiple occasions. He hoped that Locasta could help, but was unable to. Tip suggests they help fight it, since he can create an antidote if he gets his hands on the venom of the spider. The party venture into the now web covered cold and lonely forest, to face Agorn, and in a long battle, they manage to chase it out of the forest, tumbling down a ravine, its fangs coming off as they hit the edge of the cliff, spewing the venom around, and leaving some within. Tip uses the Venom to create an antidote, and Locasta is revived.
She reveals that she still has some business to attend to, and kisses Dorothy on the forehead for good luck. She suggests that they leave for Winkie Country post haste, and takes her own leave. Dorothy uses the Slippers magic, remembering this time what they do. They arrive at El, where they are thrown into the dungeon of the castle. Dorothy demands to speak to Tin, and the Winkies reveal that he has been rusting in the dungeons with his wife, ever since Princess Langwidere took over. She had a certain beauty that men couldn’t resist, and when Dorothy asked to see her, Langwidere accepted her request.
Dorothy was taken to the throne room, where she was struck by the beauty of the Princess before her. Langwidere brought her to her private quarters, where the two talked about the current situation. “I was once the most beautiful in all of Ahz, before it had left the ground, the island was called Ehv.” She says, “I was there for the creation of the magnificent Jewel that keeps the continent afloat, known as the Baum Diamond. Its beauty paled in my comparison mind you, but I soon was surpassed by another in beauty. So, we came to an agreement, and I claimed her pretty face as my own. I now have a collection of over 30 heads, any of which, I am willing to give to you, for yours. Each grants a different power or a bit from its previous owner.” Dorothy would be taken aback by this, “No, thank you ma’am, but certainly not.” She would reply. “Oh, but you are attractive, in your own right. Not at all Beautiful mind you, but I’d be willing to part with Head 26 for yours. She was Dignitary of the last Ahzian dynasty.” She would say. Appalled by the thought, Dorothy would continue to deny her, and ask for her friends to be let free. “Then I keep your head. My spells enchant the body so that it may continue living, as if it had no need for a head. Only to talk, that’s what it’s needed for then.” Dorothy would reluctantly agree, notifying everyone of this, and they would be allowed to spend the night in the guest rooms. That night, Tin, his wife, Lion, and the party would come up with a plan to sneak out at night with Dorothy. Tip creates the Gump, a living flying furniture machine. The plan would fall through, and a messed up Smoke Potion made by Tip in a hurry would cause a fire in the castle. This fire destroying the heads of Langwiere, aside from her most horrid, yet terrifying of them all head number 24 a Dragon’s head. Upon putting it on, as the party runs from the castle, a large green dragon emerges from the castle, spewing poisonous clouds, and vowing Dorothy’s head as her own, chasing after the group. After an engaging fight, the Dragon head is lopped off by Tin Dorothy, and the body lies limp and lifeless on the ground.
The group heads back to the Emerald city, where they find that the FRA have gotten into the walls, thanks to the help of Mombi and her potions, granting the women different powers and forms. The group gets captured, and Dorothy is allowed free, as long as she helps the FRA. Dorothy agrees to helping, only if her friends are not harmed. Jinjur allows this, and Mombi advises her to be careful, as Dorothy was the girl who killed her sister, Elfiba. The new FRA would then move towards the castle, as Dorothy kisses Tip goodbye (the two having gotten closer romantically throughout the whole ordeal.) and whispers into his ear. Tip quickly sets the group to go into the Throne Room using an old waterway that hadn’t been used since Nessarose’s turning of her sisters. The group then finds themselves in the Lavitory, seeing that the FRA is just outside, fighting Scarecrow, who now wields a scythe, hoping around and dodging blows without throwing any of his own. Dorothy would then try to protect Crow, and become one with him, knocking a few of the FRA away, and opening the door for the group to help. After holding Jinjur down, Dorothy Crow would ask for her to tell her army to stand down. Jinjur would then reveal that she has more power than originally thought. She produces extra arms and knocks Dorothy through a wall, jumping after her and the hole in the wall collapsing. Tip would run over to try and fix the hole. The group would then be treated to one on one fights against members of the FRA with special powers that go against theirs, in a one piece style. Jinjur and Dorothy fight in the other room, a strange place with no doors leading in or out. The area has a platform over a large dark area of nothing, with a bright light at the bottom. The two battle it out, and eventually Dorothy and Crow unfuse, with Dorothy still standing. Jinjur then stabs through Scarecrow with an arm and Dorothy thinks him dead. She battles jinjur even harder, and finally manages to head butt Jinjur into unconsciousness.
Dorothy, sore, tired, and weak, finds herself face to face with Mombi, who is ready to have her revenge and Dorothy begins losing, the potions and such exploding, causing burns, cuts, and bruises. She begins falling when Mombi uses one more potion on her, The Potion of Death’s Kiss, a well-known potion that only loses its effects by having true love’s kiss. Tip comes through the wall at that moment, along with the other party members, and sees Dorothy “Dead” and Mombi is surprised to see Tip, having not realized he was here. “Y-you shouldn’t be here.” She says to him. It’s then that he remembers this place, it’s like a forgotten dream to him. He challenges Mombi to a duel, and faces her, defeating her. She nearly falls off the edge, when Jack catches her, pulling her to safety. “I don’t want grandma to die.” He says. She admits defeat, and Tip kisses Dorothy awake.
Tip then makes a Truth Potion and finds the truth behind his true identity, as Princess Ahzma, the heir to the throne. When he doubts her, Mombi throws a dispel potion on him, turning him into her true form. Jack exclaims, “My Dad is my Mom, this is the best day ever!” Ahzma is disappointed by her new appearance and her attraction, hugs Dorothy, “We’ll still be best friends.” She says. “Now, for you two.” She says referring to Jinjur and Mombi. She creates an obedience potion, and makes Mombi a maid, and Jinjur to disband the army, which she states she would’ve anyways, since there is a woman in power again.
Ahzma is declared new Queen of Ahz, and she has a banquet, having used her new found potion mastery to create repairable walls. That night, she wishes Dorothy happiness back in her home world, and Dorothy promises that she would be back as soon as she could. She’ll talk her aunt and uncle into coming. Ahzma smiles, and says, “Until next time then.” As she lets Dorothy go, Dorothy says, “I promise.”
The next day, Dorothy wakes up, and her Aunt and uncle are very worried about where she was for the 8 hours at the circus, and worry that she may be going insane. They begin talking about putting her in a mental institute, and Dorothy becomes livid. She says that she’ll prove Ahz is real, and with 3 clicks of her heels, she transports herself and them to Ahz, just outside the Emerald city. They stare in disbelief at what they see, and there new Farm falls from the sky, landing gently next to them. The ground begins to tear open as a strange creature comes from the ground, yelling. “Growly. Traully. Mog!” The creature moves towards the City and bangs on the walls. Ahzma throws a potion at him from up above. “Stay back!” She yells at it throwing more at him. He backs away momentarily, until Dorothy uses her Water magic to trip him. He falls then retreats. Ahzma and Dorothy have a joyful reunion, as it’s been over a week for Ahzma since she saw Dorothy last, and lets her know that the Gnome King found out about the Baum Diamond. He’s known as the Metal Monarch, and wants all jewels and metal for his own. A golem appears named Tick Tock, a messenger Golem of Ahzma’s that brings news back and forth between kingdoms, with no threat of being attacked. Apparently, the Gnome King Roquat wishes for Ahzma and her friends to meet with him in his Castle. Dorothy asks that some of the guards watch her aunt and uncle while she deals with this. Em and Henry are irritant but think that she knows what she’s doing. When they arrive at the Castle, inside they find many strange lawn ornaments, and a small red skinned Gnome greets them happily. “Welcome, to my Castle!” he says, “Please, stay the night while I speak politicals with the future queen of the continent.” He says. The next morning, everyone has disappeared except for Dorothy and 3 others. The King states that if by Sun Set, Dorothy finds all of her friends, he will stop going after the Diamond, but every wrong ornament they pick, one of them will become a . Unfortunately, she is just shy of it, but does manage to rescue everyone. That’s when they realize there is an Anti-magical field in effect around the castle, as Roquat has led an assault on the city. He and his Gullet Troll from earlier have broken through Tin and Lion’s defenses. They ruin the city, and the team rush in. It’s while fighting through the gnome army, that Dorothy makes it to the Secret Room with Ahzma, and they find the Gnome King about to take the Baum Diamond. He then reveals that these events leading up to him taking this were so he could take the rarest Jewel in the world. He made plans with Langwiere, the Wicked Witches, and the Female Reformation Army. He had planned on splitting all of Ahz with them, while keeping the precious jewel for himself. He turns into his giant form, and they begin fighting. Auntie Em comes through the battle, worried about Dorothy, and after nearly dieing, managed to save the day with her Chicken Belinda, dropping a few eggs down the Gnome Kings throat as he tried to eat her.
The Gnome King falls off the platform backwards, Dorothy catches Aunt Em, and the Diamond shatters under the Gnome King’s new weight. The entire continent of Ahz begins falling quickly towards the ocean, and after a near death use of Water Magic, Dorothy slows the fall, but devastation happens to the other continents. Ahzma asks Dorothy and her family to stay, who agree, hoping to help those in the world of Atyme. Dorothy is given an apartment next to the castle, and they happily rest from their battles, as tomorrow, they plan to go help the other Continents effected by their new position in the world.
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