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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:15 pm

" I will give your advice consideration, Do yourself a favor and stay out of sight, if you cause trouble for me your head will be the next in my growing collection of many." She told all of this to ricky, whilst standing on the ledge of the building . The two girls could be useful maybe, if they could be controlled She was now getting closer to the collapsed building, filled with lashing tentacles.

"There really ought to be a fine line between good and bad"

From the sky dropped a huge sheet of metal, like a cleaver blade that fell directly into the building, if not cutting off the tentacles, then at the very least temporarily blocking their path of attack.

The sheet of metal had also knocked some of the ceiling away from where Carrie and Luna were now crouching and trying not to die

" I suggest the two of you make your way out of there while I deal with this nuisance hmmm?"

   +2 risk of getting stabbed by a stray tentacle   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:03 pm

Luna jumped when the metal landed in front of her. She heard the voice before reaching to pick up Carrie and carry her from the building. She ran until she thought they were safe and, if she held her, set Carrie down. She didn't know what was happening but knew there was another person in the fight. "Thanks!" she called up to the roof. "Come down so we can talk!" She still held one of her bone swords and was swinging it around with near expert movements.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:21 pm

Dean watched helplessly as Ricky was carried away by a storm of birds. It annoyed him immensely, his 'prey' away so easily, presumably through someone else's interference, but he had other things to worry about. Right as the front of the tank seemed to come together, a tentacle shot through the armor, running the entire length of Dean's right outstretched arm. He let out a yelp and a clutched the bleeding arm. The gash was not deep and would barely damage his use of the arm, the real problem was the breaking of Dean's concentration; The tank immediately stopped it's summoning, and much of the front dissipating again. Dean tried to recall the same mental images again, but the moment was gone. He had dodge another tentacle, before looking at the two remaining caterpillar tracks and forming a new idea.

"HIM! Drive at him, go go go go GO!" he shouted, pointing at Nihlus and barking at the tracks. Their acceleration was slow at first, but it rapidly speeding up, before the two was heading for Nihlus at ramming speed. One drove directly into his legs, knocking him over, while the other subsequently pushed into his stomach, driving him straight into a wall and pinning him there. The track kept rotating, grinding away at Nihlus' stomach.

"Now Damian, dammit!" Dean shouted, before taking cover behind what little scrap metal was left.

Carrie was awake, but quite barely so. She just sighed with resignation as the building was sheared into, and relented as Luna motioned to carry her again, ripping off the needle from the blood pack in the process. As she was put down, she shared a look with her of dubious intent. She simply looked tired.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:52 pm

about 10 feet away Tialla lands in front of the young girl

"This seems a good distance, now, tell me what kind of world you would like me to make a reality for you today."

She floated there stoic and emotionless as ever, waiting for a reply

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:28 pm

"I want a world where everyone can get along peacefully." she replied. "A place where there's no war, no sickness, no evil. A place where he Goddess can get the worship she deserves from everyone." She looked at Carrie and smiled softly. "A place I can keep her safe."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:07 pm

"Very well, I see no issue in making yours and any other person's vision come true. "

She tilts her head and looks Luna over "It seems you've become infatuated with the girl, amusing, though it may prove your undoing in the end."

Taking a step back and floating a little higher she tells Luna " Though, the girl may not share your vision, and my goal is to grant everyone's vision a reality, I want you to know something. . . " She stares back at the young girl who is still holding her friend with a cold and icy glare. "If you , or she, dare get in my way, you'd best be prepared to lay down your lives, because I will tear your souls out of your bodies with no hesitation. This is not a child's game, this is the era of new gods, and you can either join us, and live out your dreams, or turn to dust with no one to remember you. I expect"

Conviction, Honesty, and Fear

Whether or not Luna feared her, there was no room to appear weak or bead around the bush. If she got in the way, she would die.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:21 pm

She pointed her sword up at her. "If you can help us then do so. Do not make vague threats to either of us. Trust me, that is a very bad idea." She pointed her empty hand under the new woman's feet and fired off 5 of her bone bullets. "As long as Carrie and I are safe and the world gets reborn for one of us, I could care less."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:53 am

She stares below her feet at the bullets, her tejectory was off, not high enough to harm Tallia, so she concluded that her motive was reverse intimidation . . . laughable

" Alright, I'll have you two accompany me on that roof over there. . . "

Out of the darkness a ssmall light appeared, almost sounding like a train, when the light dissipated it revead a rather wide man, carved out of stone with a terrified expression and a handle where his hears should be. The carvings hands twisted the handle, and it let out a screech as the door opened, like it was in pain, even though the screech came from the door.

Inside the entrance was the top of the roof where Ricky was, if he turned to the left he could even see the door.

"There you have it, somewhere away from all this commotion for the time being, dont mind the one already up there. . . he's in no shape to raise a hand against me, or those under my care."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:39 pm

Ricky sighs. He looks up as hears J.J.'s little remark.
"J.J., have you seen a little show called Mirai Nikki? In English, Future Diary. It's an interesting thing really, the end of the world like ours. Strange powers. Fight to become god. With in the contents, a couple tried to team up, and realized that those who died, remained so. Gathering all us to one spot after saving us, is an interesting way to lower our guards."

He moves his head to stare at Luna.
"Boney, would you put your trust, your life in this stranger's hands? Would you take the life you hold, and put it in her's?" Ricky looks to Carrie.
"Do you really want to get any closer to me?" Ricky smiles, as he lays back down, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:41 am

Luna stared at him, a look of distrust. She didn't fully trust anyone, not even Carrie, but knew to admit so would possibly start an argument she'd rather not get into. "Why do you care what I think, who I trust, what I do with my life? They're my choices and I'd prefer you not to meddle. She may not have seemed it but she was trying to be polite.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:51 am

Completely still, Ricky replies, "You are literally about to take a seat next to the man, that crippled and knocked the two of you out less than 10 minutes ago. You may not think this decision matters to me, yet it does. By all means, take a front row seat."

Ricky smiles as he starts to think of his immediate future.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:28 pm

The battle rages around Damian as a blade of darkness forms in his hand, as stark and black as the heart of the beast in his presence. The blade twists in his hand as he leaps from his position to blast a tentacle in half! The black mist chokes the area, so he moves as he attacks! Every slash is followed with a leap and a stride, covering ground quickly! He leaps over the broken ground and writhing tentacles to the main target in front of him!

Damian's veins grow black as the darkness around him is absorbed, his black blade now glowing a bright lustrous gold! He meteors down towards a nearby wall where this Nihilus beast is pinned! A device as crude as Dean's surely couldn't keep this beast of pure darkness at bay for long! As Damian smashes into the ground next to the vehicle, he throws the blade with expert accuracy, piercing the beast's arm- adding just one other road block to whatever escape it could possible muster.

"You called?" He says with a certain degree of confidence.

However, his breathing is rapid and shallow, this enveloping darkness has taken its toll on Damian, yet he is far from being unable to fight.

(Shadow Sickness: -1 to rolls until out of combat)

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:27 am

Caught up in his rampage of madness, Nihlus did not see the encroaching treads until it was too late. With a surprised grunt he was slammed against a nearby wall, but the treads did not stop there. They continued to grind against his torso, focusing on his stomach at first but they slowly began to rise along his body. Gnashing and snarling, Nihlus began to push against the treads. His strength was abominable as the heavy treads slowly rose off of his body. It seemed that Dean's tactic was not meant to last....had Damian not been present.

With a mighty impact the blade of light pierced Nihlus's remaining human arm, causing his grip on the treads to falter and the hefty objects to fall against him once more. A roar of surprise and rage escaped the creature's mouth as sections of his torso began to disintegrate underneath Dean's onslaught. There was pain, but the madness numbed his body. Suddenly, however, the treads carved away just a bit too much. In that moment, Nihlus's dark beating heart was exposed to the open air. The beast's eyes flared as panic and fear set in. With a scream that all but resembled a shockwave a host of tentacles erupted from the beast's body. They tore the treads to pieces before lashing out at both Dean and Damian; however the attacks were not aimed or coordinated. It was merely a panic response, and as a result both of the targets were only knocked away. It was unlikely that they would sustain any outstanding injury.

Suddenly a blade fell from the sky, landing just in front of Nihlus and severing several tentacles. The creature gave the metal a quizzical look as it clutched its torso, tentacles already at work to knot around the exposed heart. The fear was fresh in his broken mind, and a choice manifested before him. Escape now and live to hunt another day, or risk it all to kill his foes.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:01 pm

In anger, Luna aimed her fingers of her left hand at Ricky's head. "Shut the fuck up before I kill you now, boy." she growled. "My fingers are guns with bullets stronger than diamonds." She was already regretting her action to speak to the woman who had attacked Nihlus. She just hoped Carrie was still safe.

[spoiler]Risks: Loss of limb (+3, -2 until fully healed), Unconsciousness (+3)[spoiler]
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:16 pm

By reflex, Dean curled into a ball as he was thrown into the air. He hit the ground with a mean thump, but nothing important was hit. He scrambled to his legs. This would be a lot more tricky without his power of creation. He stretched out an arm and opened his mouth. Gurgling and grinding sounds emerged, turning more and more inhuman until it simply sounded like rocks in a tumbler. With a crack a bit of the pavement began to rise before Drake. Slowly. It bend a bit and pieces of it were cracking, but even so, a wall of concrete was being erected between the Dean and him. It was also shuffling forward, just enough that it could collapse down on him. Dean fell to his knees, but with his arm still outstretched. Too much.

By her own power, Carrie walked through the door, her poise regained in the process. She would not let the newcomer faze her, simply giving her a nod before doing going through. On the other side, she eyed Ricky for a good long moment. Exchanged a tense stare, darted her eyes passed his obviously messed up leg. Then gave a subtle smile and went over to sit down on the edge of the building, a good 10 meters away from him, sailing right past Luna in the process.

"Luna, dear, don't worry about him." she said with some warmth to her voice, her gaze fixed downwards. "Let's hear a little more about what this new girl wants before we kill each other again."

All the while, her attention was on the fight going on beneath them. The thing she had killed was back. It seemed different though, crazier, weaker, and it was two against one. It wouldn't be a problem. Dean was fighting weirdly, inefficiently. Perhaps it was time she got rid of him, Luna seemed more trusting. Perhaps Tialla could also be useful, but she would have to know the specifics of her vision. She seemed only glad to share.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:14 pm

Damian, barreling back from the panic response manages to break his fall by slamming his fist into it like an anchor, dragging along and slowing him down. He eventually comes to a halt, after having been sliding several meters, severing several tentacles through sheer force alone.

He stumbles to his feet, shaking excess darkness off before noticing Dean has also escaped relatively unscathed. He rushes over to his side, avoiding the aimless tentacles strewn across the ground.

"It appears this beast lacks true guidance, should we martial our tactics to compliment each others' strengths, we should be able to push this beast back." He says, now aside Dean and looking over to the writhing core of Nihilus.

"Hopefully our allies are okay. But we must finish this before moving on."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:54 pm

"If you really feel the need to act like children I'll have to put you in time out" a double sided clock rises between the two of them, and a bird popping out with enough force to knock a man on his rear end

" I'm not a fan of muzzles but you risking one " she says as she turns to Loki "In the future refrain from any kind of attack on all those under my attack, verbal, physical or otherwise, anything deemed as such until the end of this damned *test* will be dealt with strictly by means of execution, anyone who attempts to sow seeds of doubt, or cause insubordination, will be dealt with fatally understand?"

   Suggested risk for Luna: slightly bruised +1   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:01 pm

Ricky stares at the ladies, one by one. Moving his gaze slowly.
He starts to laugh. Louder and louder by the second.
He turns the building under them into a mountain of C4!

   Risks: +1 Dud, +3 Out of energy(-5 every encounter afterwards until recuperation) +6 Death   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:52 pm

"No, In fact I like things quiet"

A large tiki like mask, with small wooden hads covering its ears opens its mouth behind the three, allowing them entry if they chose to seek protection, but not really leaving them much time to decide either way.

   Risks for Tialla +3 loss of limb   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:29 pm

Luna reached to grab Carrie's hand to lead her through the door. She knew Ricky was going to end up killing them and didn't want to be around when that happened. She just wanted Carrie safe and the other girl to at least try to control herself. She didn't know where the door led but hoped it was somewhere safe.

   Risks: Loss of limb (+3, -2 until fully healed), Unconsciousness (+3)   
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:55 pm

The creature known as Nihlus snarled at the inanimate blade wall in front of him, but he did not take immediate action. He could feel his power waning, the rage subsiding into sorrow. The writhing tentacles slowed and retracted a bit, becoming shorter and more limp. Nihlus tried to move forward, away from the wall that it had been pinned to, but discovered that it could not. Looking to its left, Nihlus saw that its arm was still pinned to the wall by Damian's blade (I didn't forget!). It tugged at the impediment, gently at first but with steadily increasing force, until with a roar the dark entity simply tore itself away, leaving its remaining human arm still attached to the wall. Nihlus stumbled forward as a shadowy substance poured from the stump where its arm had been, head bowed and shoulders limp. Cut off visually from his foes, the monster had nothing to fuel its broken emotions and so it simply looked around; seemingly in a daze. Even its shadow arm seemed to have lost mass, looking far less imposing than it had been moments before.

It was at that time that Ricky set his plan into motion. Nihlus glanced half heartedly at the mountain of C4 not too far away from him, but he simply did not react. He watched for a few moments, waiting for something to trigger him.

   Risks: "Blown Away" +3 (not dead, just major injury. I intend to give Ricky this one XD)   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:58 pm

Carrie lethargically followed Luna halfway to the door before stumbling, breaking free of her grip in the process.

"No. Too slow." she said with a dim smile, looking at Luna. "Just go."

Instead she focused her attention downwards. There was a chance her power had returned. Probably one better than trying to run from what was gonna be a massive explosion. She emptied her mind, focused on what she had come here to do. If she failed, billions of lives for billions of years would suffer for it. She had to be become god of the void, no matter the price. A wing of erasure shot up from her back as a sign of her concentration, and the building seemed to shimmer...

"Holy s..." Dean trailed off as he saw the building change. With a single yelp he commanded the standing piece of street to stop, hanging, wobbling midrise, while making moves to raise a new one, between him and the C4. It was about as good a blast shield as he could make in a second.

   Dean: +1 Overcome by rage, +2 badly burned, hideously scarred, +1 Exhausted
Carrie: +1 Actually fond of Luna, +6 Death   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:02 pm

"I... really hope those aren't what I think they are." Damian lets out, showing definite signs of fear.

However, Dean, being industrious as ever has raised a kind of makeshift shielding from the pavement. Without missing a beat, Damian puts his only hand up against the roadwork wall and begins to funnel his own golden energy into it, filling the cracks and charging it with a kind of ethereal foundation.

Hopefully it holds...

   Shadow Sickness -1. Power Overload +2. Broken Bones. Like- all of them. It's a pretty big tower of C4. +5.   

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:17 pm

Luna looked at Carrie as she watched it all. She hadn't seen Carrie's full power and didn't know its limits but hoped she could get rid of the building. She slipped through the portal, hid and slumped to the ground as she began crying. She hoped Carrie wouldn't die.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build IC

Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:40 pm

As Ricky laughed at everyone's panic, he turns his shirt into a capsule.
He looked at at Carrie's last desperate attempt to save everyone. As they made eye contact, Ricky gives his respects, "One for one."
Inside the capsule braces locked him in place, to prevent movement. "This is going to be a masochist's dream."

The C4 goes off, blasting everything away. Carrie's body is obliterated. Luna stretched out her arm for Carrie, but it was much too late. Tialla tackled Luna back into the portal. Luna's right arm and Tialla's left leg are caught on the other side by the explosion.

Damian and Dean are smashed by their own protective walls. The pressure almost crushes Damian, and the heat burns Dean's face beyond recognition. Their faces seeming to complete their understanding and alliance.

Nihlus is smashed by all the rubble around him and blown back, reburied by the rubble that had held down.

Ricky lands somewhere on the edge of Queens, the pain from the landing and shock knocked him unconscious.
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