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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:40 am

That sounds... Very familiar. Search for "Dean".

I'm not saying your "earth" powers can't work, you just gotta detail them more and make them brutal.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:52 am

I'll work on them when I get a little more time.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:53 pm

1. Guys...this character....HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRAGONS! (gasp!)

2. I am aware he is quite strong, let me know if he needs adjusting.

3. He was fun to make ^.^

Name: Drake Abelson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Quote: (After Calamity) "Tear it all away and leave nothing. Pierce their ideals and let darkness reign!"

Background: Drake was the average first year college student; adjusting to life away from home, optimistic about his future, and generally enjoying life. He had a rather large family, consisting of two younger brothers, a younger and older sister, and a myriad of cousins, uncles, and aunts. He loved all of his family members deeply, and never failed to have a fantastic time in any of their presence. It was during one of these wonderful times, at a family reunion, that the calamity struck. Drake watched in horror as each and every one of his beloved family died, their screams driving into his ears. His younger sister, only eight years old, clung to him as she died. He could do nothing but scream and scream as death surrounded him. Then sweet darkness surrounded him and he fell unconscious.

Personality: Before the calamity, Drake was an easy-going, fun loving, energetic young man. He enjoyed the company of his friends and family, and endeavoured to have fun as much as possible. This attitude sometimes clashed with the necessity of work, but Drake always found a way somehow and ended up doing pretty good with his education up until the calamity. When he awoke from the Voice's message, Drake's mind was shattered. For a brief period of time he was utterly insane, screaming his sorrow and hatred of the calamity to the uncaring vortex in the sky. But something began to slowly draw the pieces of his psyche back together. The purpose that the Voice had instilled in him reached out and pulled Drake's mind back into something sane, or relatively so. Now Drake somewhat resembles his former self. At first appearance the young man displays the traits that he held before the calamity. But, in resemblance to his powers, something sinister lurks beneath the surface. His agenda is fairly simple; kill or break anyone who tries to defy his reality. While his power is great, he is not above using subversion and deceit to get his way rather than brute force. he is perfectly capable of acting benign and compassionate, even if it is all just a facade to meet his ends.

Vision: Drake's psyche was ripped apart and reformed by his rage, hate, and sorrow at the calamity that killed everyone he loved. He is convinced of the fact that a person's soul cannot be recreated by the reality renewing cycle that the universe is undergoing, and is thusly certain that his family can never be recovered. This has fostered a hatred of the very reality he lives in. His vision is to destroy reality, make the very fabric of space and time pay for ruining his happiness. Obviously this vision is insane, and this new reality would probably look more like a world consumed by darkness, where every living thing suffers in the unending shade. In a way, killing everyone else who seeks to reform reality would meet his goal.

Power: Piercing Darkness - When Drake came to after the calamity, as mentioned he briefly went mad. In his madness and despair, Drake's powers manifested. He ripped the interior of his body to shreds, unable to bear the sorrow he was experiencing. When he was finished, nothing but his heart and brain remained, and in place of all else was darkness. On the surface it seemed that nothing had changed, Drake looked the same. But underneath the facade of skin lurks his true self. Somehow this darkness sustains him the same as his human organs and blood once did. In terms of capabilities, this darkness functions as follows. From any part of his body, Drake can protrude this darkness. The forms these protrusions can take can be stiff or prehensile (like spears or whip-like tentacles). The darkness can be sharp or blunt and functions similarly to crystal in physical properties when rigid, or like flesh when prehensile (it will shatter when stiff or tear when flexible). The protrusions are incredible strong, able to support at least one ton of pressure, if not more. This translates into strength of strike, and only the most durable of materials will be able to resist being pierced by this solid darkness. The protrusions can be fired as missiles, effective up to about eighty meters. The projectiles dissipate shortly after impact, but are deadly. Protrusions that remain attached to Drake can extend up to a thirty meter radius, but no further. Protrusions can also have their own protrusions, but these also cannot extend beyond the thirty meter radius. Because of this, Drake can create "appendages" such as claws or wings (though he cannot fly) or spider like "legs" of shadow to scale walls or travel faster. This is an offensive oriented power, and while it can be used for defence, there is no specific defensive orientation (no walls or shields of shadow). Now for drawbacks. Obviously this power is self mutilating. Here is how that functions; any wounds created by the inner darkness heal incredibly fast, and Drake feels little pain in regards to them. However, wounds created by an outside source function almost as if Drake were still completely human. The differences being he bleeds shadows, and his wounds heal at an accelerated rate. These wounds still pain and cripple him (although say he were injured in the leg, he could use a shadow protrusion to walk.), but he cannot be killed by conventional means. He will not die of "blood" loss, nor will having al his limbs (sans his head) removed prevent him from functioning (or growing them back over time). The only way to kill him physically is through a puncture to his brain or heart. Either one of those will end his existence nigh immediately. Due to the unstable nature of his psyche, Drake is especially vulnerable to psyonic attacks, or attacks that affect his mental state. He is powerful, but not unbeatable. As a side note, the shadows can also manifest as clothing of whatever nature he desires.

Relation: Jace Phelps and Drake Abelson's respective families were long time friends. The two boys met at a young age, and were fast friends, despite the age gap between them. The Abelsons and the Phelps would often get together for parties and such, and there was never a lack of enjoyment for both. For Drake, Jace was almost like the older brother that he never had, and he valued their friendship greatly. The young man admired how relaxed Jace could be, while still being able to work efficiently. The two never fought over anything, not once, although this was mostly due to Jace's go with the flow nature. However as time went on, Drake would see less and less of Jace. The loner persona that defined Jace was beginning to shine through, and it saddened Drake when the Phelps family would swing by and with regretful looks inform him that Jace wasn't around. Drake never held it against Jace, and always met him with a grin when he did show up. At the time of the calamity, Drake had not seen Jace for about two years. After the calamity, Drake is unaware that Jace has survived. It is unknown how Drake's broken psyche will handle seeing his old friend. Will Jace be the bulwark that the remnants on Drake's mind clings to, or will his appearance only further Drake's madness?

Appearance: Drake is about five foot ten with short, dark hair that is fairly messy. He is actually quite handsome, this helping give him a trustworthy appearance. His smile is warm and friendly, despite the sinister ideals that lie beneath it. His power usually clothes him in a plain black t-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. His eyes were once blue but became a curious violet colour after the acquisition of his powers.
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:49 am

Vegedus wrote:I'm leaning on "no" to multiple characters too, unless there's a good reason for it. Of your two concepts I like the first one better, but the second one could work IF it was played completely straight, including Unfortunate Implications, so it's creepy and odd rather than funny.

Yeah, that's essentially what I had in mind for the magical girl character, in that she's unhinged and creepy and all.

Anyway, I guess I'm leaning a little bit more towards the first option now, but I'm not completely sure yet. ...Especially now that someone else has a character similar to what I was thinking of...;;;

Ah, well...in any case, I'll try to work on a draft or two soon.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:46 am

M'yes, we could stand to have some more "good" guys, but I don't think it's critical. And soon is good. I'm hoping we can start the RP next week. In fact, if there's enough character sheets by then, I'll probably start the game by friday next week or earlier, and anyone not done can join the game after it's started. Also, now that we do have a couple of character sheets in, I suggest any lurkers should consider tying their character concepts to the existing characters, like, give relation some thought from the start and then contacting those people to see if they're up for it.

@ Draken: Accepted. The powers are fine, don't think they're particularly OP, granted the general level. Note I have a character with what's effectively a nuke. I wouldn't mind you dialing the "heals quickly" part down, settle for, can heal most anything... eventually, but you don't have to if you think it's an important part of the concept.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:12 am

Oh cool! Interested to see what IS overpowered then XD. If its alright I will keep the healing as it is.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:30 pm

Name: Jack Roberts
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Quote: "Ehhh..."

Background: Dick-ass thief. That's a title that suits Jack..or used to. He liked to think it anyway. Born to an abusive family, Jack grew up the youngest of two. His chilhood was plauged with abuse by his father, towards his mother, as a result Jack has a little soft-spot towards females, though he won't ever admit it. Life in his family only shaped Jack into what he turned out to be before the accident. Thieft. Jack started out small, breaking into suberban homes, and stealing what he could before the police could roll around. Jack had resorted at first to stealing, to support his family, he had neither the skill nor class to get a real job, and when one of Jack's friends introduced him to the business...he soon found that going buy unoticed was something he was good at. Jack, always wanted more however. He soon couldn't settle for simple houses, he wanted more of a rush, more of that feeling he was soon getting addicted to. He soon lost contact with his family, and his sister, in favor of moving to New York with the dream of "winning it big" And he seemed to be doing well, learning more about safe-cracking, lock-picking as he went...until he was arrested for breaking and entering of course. Arrested at the age of 19, Jack would spend three years in jail, before being let out. However his time alone seemed to change Jack who no longer found a need for a petty rush to steal...however. His want to steal, never quite left him as a way to quickly get money in his pockets, it wasn't seen before Jack was stealing again but this time for himself, He had mellowed out a little, but not quite all the way...and he viewed theft, as a way of life. He decided, it would be no different then any job someone could have. There were people who typed, people who wrote, and Jack, people who stole.

Personality: For a man with such an exotic job, Jack's personality was quite muted and relaxed. One thing he had learned in jail was to not stand out, strange how it seemed to apply to the real world as well. Jack was reserved, but not to the point where he did not socialize. He was no bubbly joe, but he wasn't a mute one either. Of course, in itself, Jack's calm manner was unique. One wouldn't quite suspect him to engage in such thievings, given how polite he normally seemed. His calm and relaxed exterior, however, only served to hide the clever calculating spirit of a thief, one who was always out for themselves and no one else.

Vision: Survive. For now. For now Jack seems to be only focused on survival. One could say Jack has no vision for the future. At least not well-defined one. Just like he lived in his time before the calamity, he only lived in the present, moving from day to day, and only getting enough to steal. Sure there was a rush, but most days he found himself thinking more and more, that he did what he did simply because it fed and put money in his pockets. However, one is not to say Jack wasn't aware of other goals and visions. Jack's vision of the future, one in this new world, is a place full of boundless oportunity, or at least one that would be more stable then it was now. Jack frankly hated the chaos. He hated all of the chaos. He hated how most people were dead, and how the people left seemed to be monsters. But. He did not let his hate shift his own view, of a land at peace...or a land that wasn't some hellish nightmare. As chaotic as it was, Jack was sure, this would be abother phase of his life. He could dwell on how horrid it all was, but he'd decided that would only cause him uneeded pain...but he still had that dream. A dream of a fantastic world, a child's dream, of other realms, another fantasy. Strange...for a man with such a brooding past, to have such a child-like dream....

Relation:Some kid. Of course you have no memory of the event, considering how it was just another house. One of many you'd broken into. The guy was messy enough, probably single, down on his life kid. Young of course. Jace Phelps, at least that's what the old highschool ID card said, sitting on the dresser. Who cares, he was just a nobody. Some to steal from.


Break - Jack's ability is interesting...he was a thief yes, one who stole money, and valuable objects from others. He'd done it for all his life. But how had he gotten all of that money, and valuables? Jack had always needed to break into something. To crack a safe, break a lock, or smash in a window. And that seems to have manifested into the ability to break anything, physical at least. He can break objects, and people with ease, simply gazing upon them, to turn them into chunks of concrete or flesh. Jack's ability seems to be limited however, only to inorganic materials, he can't break a human's flesh, or any other animal for that matter, but he can break the very bones that make up their structure. And with varrying force. He can crack a wall straight down the middle, shifting it completely apart, or cause a thin, needly crack to edge out. The same applies to humans, when needed. Full breaks, or thin hair-line fractures. However, the large the object, the more concentration Jack needs to break it.

Cut - Cut, is almost exactly like break, both are abilities that Jack has to use on a "seen" object and both seem to rend reality, causing the unseen hands or force to do his will. Where break can only harm inorganic objects, cut seems to easily effect organic objects, and physical alike. One could say they are differeny abilities...however cut seems to be a far more concentrated version of break, the two powers only limited to Jack's view on how his old world used to work. You couldn't take a hammer to a fend and expect it to move, just as you couldn't take a knife to a window and not expect to get cut. Though given time...break or cut could prove further uses.


EDIT: Fixed and revamped plenty of things!

EDIT2: Added in relation!
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:12 am

General Announcement: So I'll be starting the game next saturday, at the latest. Earlier if everyone is accounted for before that. This means it'll be prudent for any other comers to have a CS by friday at the latest, so you have time to get feedback and correct. Even more prudent would be to have it by tomorrow, Tuesday, as I'll be having only sporadic internet from Wednesday to Friday. Those already accepted should also have their relations up by friday!

@ Slip: Mostly minor things. Something is up with your power section. Either there's a bad copypaste or you're not done.

As for vision, "surviving" if you win can be taken for granted. You'll be a god of the new universe, or so you've been told. So effectively, you have no vision right now, as the vision is about what you want to do with the new world, not this one. The character not being completely sure about that is fine, but they should have an inkling. Or you should, at least. I'm thinking an indulgent world without forbidden desire, everyone free to outlive their cravings and addictions. Or, in the other direction, a world without poverty and abuse? Or something weirder.
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:47 am

Yeah..I definately need to tweek it a bit more. It was the result of a rushed job before I went off to sleep. I was thinking about some of the more glaring mistakes I made, while I'm at work.
For the powers: I know some of the more obvious things that need to be fixed, but was there anything specific you had in mind?

As for the vision, yeah I could see where you're going with that, I just needed to put it better into words. Thanks, Veg. I'll get right to work on it, as soon as I get back from work.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:36 pm

Slipslash wrote: For the powers: I know some of the more obvious things that need to be fixed, but was there anything specific you had in mind?

Nope, just like, finish it. One could argue the powers are disparate enough that they really are separate and you thus have a more than one power, but I don't feel like being a stickler on that. Particularly since they're not that strong on their own.


Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:15 pm

Slipslash wrote:EDIT: Fixed and revamped plenty of things!

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:46 am

Acceptuuud. I'm kinda sad to see the mask thing go, tho.

That brings the player character count up to... Four. Huh. That number was higher in my head. But I know of at least five people that have something cooking. Hope they post something soooon~

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:19 am

Added to her powers.

Also, Would anyone be her relation? I don't think what I changed it to will work.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:22 pm

The griffon is still largely irrelevant to the characters or the powers theme, and is still pretty lame. It's also very much an extra, "seperate" power, when you should only have one. You're gonna have to do something about that or remove it. Transformation is cool, but it should be about turning into a form reflecting their true self or a (dark?) incarnation of their vision. Not a trite, mythological animal.

The other power is getting there (though still fairly boring Avatar), but you need to be specific about what constitutes "an element". I assume you mean the four, classical greek elements (which you should write, because that's not the only meaning of the word). But how pure do they need to be? Since this is an urban setting, can you control asphalt, is that 'earth'? Metal? The old elements are very poorly defined because they don't actually have anything to do with the way the real world works, so you need to define them.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:55 pm

Well, for Earth, it would be mainly dirt and natural rocks, Stone would be any man-made rocks like asphalt and concrete, and Metal would be metal, though Stone and Metal would be sub-elements to Earth.

Wind is wind. The only sub-element I can think of would be Gas, which would allow her to create and control different types of poisonous gasses.

Water is water. The sub-element for it would be Ice, maybe Mist, though Mist could also be a fusion element of Water and Wind.

Fire is fire. Only sub-elements I can think of would be Lightning, Electricity, Plasma or Energy.

Spirit is too confusing for me to try to explain. I know practically nothing about it or any of it's possible sub-elements.

And those are the 5 main Wiccan elements.

Also, the Gryphon would be her spiritual animal.

Each witch who worships gaia has 4 things: a coven name, a spiritual weapon, a spiritual beast and an element. I decided not to put in her weapon because I would think it's a little OP with what she can already do.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:08 pm

Wiccan elements... Should have figured... Except you don't use the one of the only one of them that makes them stand out from the greek ones, making them completely interchangeable. Also, you didn't my answer my question. Can your character control all of these sub-element? As long as you're only bending, not creating the elements I don't think that's too much, especially given that a lot of the pure elements will be useless in the setting. And also, I don't actually want you to answer my questions. I want you to tidy up your CS and make the answers apparent there. I don't care about your explanations and justifications.

And the gryphon is still lame and counter to the games theme.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:32 pm

Name: Mnemonic

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A -- Its voice is a mixed chorus of both men and women

Quote: “YoU arE bRokeN, LeT me FiX yoU.”

Background: Have you ever heard of the 'Egocentric Predicament'? It states that we cannot view the world outside of our own perceptions. All worldly knowledge takes the form of mental representations that our mind examines in different ways. Direct contact with reality cannot be made outside of our own minds; therefore, we cannot be sure reality even exists. This means that we are each limited to our own perceptual world and views.

Mnemonic came into existence the moment the cataclysm ended the world as we knew it. Whether it was a human once, or just another example of reality bending, we'll never know. Mnemonic is an accumulation of all the people that died that day, their memories and voices stored within Mnemonic. In just a split second, Mnemonic experienced more emotions than any other person would ever feel during their lifetime. And out of that, a vision came. This world was rotten, broken, and needed to be fixed.

Personality: Mnemonic is confused, to say the least. Hundreds of voices scream and shout inside its head, and it can’t tell which memory is its own, which one belongs to one of the voices. Mnemonic is unstable, it can at one point attack you indiscriminately, the next ask you for assistance.

Mnemonic isn’t the toughest though, and relies heavily on subterfuge and manipulation. It will present itself as something innocent, to lure the victim into a false sense of security, only to slowly erode their mind until they can’t even remember who they once were.

Vision: Individuality is highly overrated, wouldn't the world be a far better place if everybody was the same? No more pain, no more suffering We'd all be true equals, all sharing the same thoughts and experiences. We could all start anew, become white slates to write a whole new personality on. A perfect personality, with perfect memories. No more pain, no more suffering. We'd stem out the good ones as well, because there's always a counter weight. Where there's good, there's bad. No more pain, no more suffering. We would all feel the same, we'd all be the same. One unified organism. No more pain, no more suffering. No more voices.

Power: Remembrance
Mnemonic has the ability to alter memories, to completely replace them or even remove them. This can be done as subtly or aggressive as needed, depending on the situation. How would you react, if you distinctly remember dying, that one warm summer day, when you forgot to look to your right and got intercepted by a car? Or what if you remember being tortured for days or weeks on end by some psychopath, slowly carving away at your skin? Mnemonic can nearly instantly instill heavy trauma into its victim, though there is a limit. Mnemonic has to do this inside the victims own mind, leading him or her through a dreamlike state where the events occur. The victim is still possible to regain control, forcing Mnemonic out or worse, turning it against it. Of course, the chances of this happening is slim, and the victim has to have exceptional willpower to see something is amiss.

Mnemonic’s ability don’t stop at just altering the mind of its victim, but the very fabric of reality itself. Or at least, what we believe to be reality. Science could never proof that what we perceive is reality, and not an interpretation of our perception. The ‘Egocentric Predicament’ as it’s called, states that the world does not exist outside of our perception. So what if someone can alter this? Change a city block’s point in the timeline for instance. Mnemonic carries an array of memories with it, these memories are from all kinds of time periods. It could bring someone’s memory of the 50’s back to life, immersing the world around it to that state.

Relation: Everybody. Perhaps your mother is crying out within the mass of personalities? Or your brother? A lost lover? Maybe just a close friend. And if not, Mnemonic can just look into your memories and fish out what it needs to mimic a person like you would remember them.

Appearance: You ever seen Spiderman? Or read the comics? Of course you have. Then you know of Venom, right? That creepy symbiotic goo from outer space? Now take that, minus the need for a host, and you got Mnemonic.

That’s right, Mnemonic is just black sludge. It does take on a sort of human appearance, but it’s generally just black goo. It does however give it one amazing ability, which is the ability to mold itself to different shapes, or people in its case. It will take on the appearance of the controlling personality, allowing it to infiltrate and otherwise lure its victim in a false sense of security.
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:45 pm

.....what the hell

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:29 am

Took me a while but the CS is mostly complete. Relations will come soon.

Name: "Noël Edge"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Quote: "As the world writhes in it's final moments it cackles at mankind's fate, for they struggle against one another, squabbling about who is right and who must fall. Which belief will hold out and which must be sacrificed. They all seek a path in desperation. Only tragedy awaits them.

As for me, it matters little to one such as you, for what I seek none can comprehend."

Background: When the calamity hit millions perished, men, women and children. Animals faired no better. When the calamity settled, Noël Edge stood amongst the ashes of civilization. Perhaps he was a survivor; that is the guess of many of those who hopelessly wander the ruins, a stranger who's mind snapped due to the chaotic nature surrounding him.
Or perhaps he was born of the calamity, others whisper fearfully who have glimpsed his mind and what he hides beneath his skin.

Noël himself cares little. What lies before him is a path few can even imagine.

Personality: Noël is an intelligent, pragmatic, enigmatic and to a degree, a philosophical man. Ever interested in the world and its state of flux yet he cares little when it comes to those who struggle in it. With a preference to speak, Noël abhors having to use violence mindlessly though he will not shy away from what he believes to be necessary at that moment.
Ever calm the man does not have much sympathy for those who have survived and while he is polite, there are hints of disdain with those who persist asking him questions on trivial matters.

Vision: Noël seeks not to recreate or remake the world as humanity once knew, instead he seeks to understand the calamity itself and halt its progression. Once he has halted this cycle he intends to leave the earth to it's fate, whether it is rebuilt by humanity or it's successors matters little to him. As he has no attachments to this forsaken world he feels that he is no longer obliged to interfere.

Instead he plans to create a world far from the conflict currently surrounding him, a place where he can watch the universe expand and grow, a world where he can witness countless miracles form and not suffer trivial matters stemmed from those who seek to use the knowledge he's gathered to supplement their goals or visions.

Power: "Corrupt that which is known."
To those who lack the understanding, Noël seems to have the ability to alter the properties of objects he touches. From turning steel rods into glass fragments or parts of a concrete slab into sand.
Yet the reality is far more complex. Noël is capable of altering the world around him through the knowledge he has gathered. So long as he has an understanding of an object, he is able to shift its properties. However he can only alter the world around him by physically touching it, the larger the object the longer it take to fully alter its mass.

A curious fact is that Noël is also capable of taking the knowledge of others or at least copy it, allowing him to glean facts not yet known to him. However this done through a battle of minds, those who are weak minded and weak willed fall easily to his mind but those who are filled with resolve can find themselves taking some of the knowledge Noël has gained.

Relation: "The creature known as 'Mnemonic' both fascinates me and yet brings me unease, observing this creature I have witnessed oddities that far exceed those who've I've stumbled across upon this wasteland. Though perhaps not in pure might but the way it has been affected by this... calamity, this evolution... this change is most intriguing.

And yet the unease that stems from the creature's instability as well as its origin come with questions that I am compelled to ask... though surely they will damn me."

Standing at a moderate height of 5"10 Noël is practically hidden in his clothing, choosing to wear black pants, gloves, a long dark brown coat, a white buttoned shirt and formal shoes. Even his face has been completely covered by a ski-mask over which rests an emotionless white mask and to top it off a fedora.

Each article of clothing seems to be curiously cleaned and neat, an oddity considering the circumstances.
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Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:57 am

Aaaand the super-freaks cometh.

@Asmo: Luv it. Your second power isn't quite clear though: You can transform the envirornment around you, as long as it fits with possible alternate paths of history? So you could go "Hey, remember how the Nazis won the war?" and suddenly there'd be swastikas and tanks everywhere? Is there any more to it than changing the envirornment?

Also, bonus points for being the first to have a relation and further points for having relations to everyone :P

And if you feel like it, you can multiple visions, what with the split personality :)

@Iris: The vision reads kinda contradictory: He wants to stop the world from ending, permanently/indefinitely, yes? And then he wants to create the dyson sphere, not by completing the cycle and creating a new universe with the sphere in it, but by halting the destruction of this one, and then building it himself, by hand, yes? "leave this forsaken world to it's fate" sounds a lot like letting the world end, but that's not actually what he wants right?

The power mimic needs a down-side. You could say that he can only copy them temporary, and loses the knowledge later, but that's kinda boring. Maybe he can use someone's power as long as they're alive? Or the more power he copies, the more fucked up he gets?

And as mentioned, relation doesn't have to mean you knew them before hand. It can just be "Hey, I stalked this Mnemonic thing, it seems interesting, full of juicy knowledge. Barter him/her for it or break him/her open, hmmm..."

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:13 am

I've reworked his vision to make his intentions clearer and altered his power. I think that in the end the mimic ability would actually contradict his need for understanding. After all not everyone fully comprehends their powers after all (probably), so their lack of understanding would prevent him from copying their power.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:00 am

Vegedus wrote:Aaaand the super-freaks cometh.

@Asmo: Luv it. Your second power isn't quite clear though: You can transform the envirornment around you, as long as it fits with possible alternate paths of history? So you could go "Hey, remember how the Nazis won the war?" and suddenly there'd be swastikas and tanks everywhere? Is there any more to it than changing the envirornment?

Also, bonus points for being the first to have a relation and further points for having relations to everyone :P

And if you feel like it, you can multiple visions, what with the split personality :)

Actually, his/her/its second power only works in combination with memories. Essentially it brings a memory into "reality" (read the part on the 'Egotistical Predicament' on that). So if there's someone in that mass of personalities that still remembers New York during the 50's, it can bring that back (for either a limited time, or permanent... depending on how far I can take this power). So unless someone remembers the Nazis winning the second world war, I highly doubt something like that would happen ;)

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:01 am

@ Iris: Right, I feel the same. The powers are an instinctive thing, not a knowledge thing, the mimic doesn't quite fit the theme.

The vision makes sense now, although I'd note that it's quite an ambitious one. The deterioration of the world is quite rapid and much of the damage done is likely irreversible. And it's not just earth that's falling apart. Plus, there's a character that can accelerate the end (there's another idea for a relation "gotta do something about her, like, real snappy, yo"), so you're practically racing against time looking for an unknown solution. Not to mention that this is the unending cycle of the multiverses you're tinkering with. Which, I think, is perfectly fine, just putting it out there :). If you're fine with that too, you're accepTED.

@Asmo: Ah, right, makes sense. History IS subjective though and I'd be unsurprising if there were some delusional people in the mass too, though ;)

Permanent change is fine, nay, delicious! Fucking up reality irreversibly, right?

And you didn't answer the part about: Is there more to it than changing the environment? Are the people in the memory brought back too? It shouldn't overlap with Hana's power, but perhaps there could be some ghostly forms, enacting old events, or no people at all, but things still happen like they did (cars driving around without anyone in them, f.rex)?

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:33 am

Oooh, I like that idea! Maybe these 'ghosts' are simply what the person can remember of them, meaning that they cant do anything beyond what the memory of them contained. Stay in the "scene" long enough and they'll eventually loop whatever they were doing.

Re: (Re)Destroy/(Re)Build OOC - Sign ups open!

Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:53 pm

Vegedus wrote:Wiccan elements... Should have figured... Except you don't use the one of the only one of them that makes them stand out from the greek ones, making them completely interchangeable. Also, you didn't my answer my question. Can your character control all of these sub-element? As long as you're only bending, not creating the elements I don't think that's too much, especially given that a lot of the pure elements will be useless in the setting. And also, I don't actually want you to answer my questions. I want you to tidy up your CS and make the answers apparent there. I don't care about your explanations and justifications.

And the gryphon is still lame and counter to the games theme.

Would you rather I make her a mass murderer who can control anyone with a single word? I'm trying to edit but I'm short on time nowadays.
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