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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:28 am

Hallway to Boys' Dorm

A nickname? Already? Cyrus beamed with delight, his cheeks rosy with cheer. "Rus....I like it!" Rubbing his chin, he nodded to John's advice. "Yes, yes, no explaining jokes. I shall embroider your sagely wisdom into the fabric of my very being."

Footsteps approached from further down the hall; Cyrus noted a door opening and closing. The particular click of the lock and telltale tap of wood on wood was evidence of it being another dorm room door. With a fourth boy's voice added to the conversation, Cyrus's hypothesis was confirmed once more. He offered a dazzling smile to the newcomer. "Yes, like Lu said, first years all around. I'm Cyrus, by the way. Pleasure to meet you!"

Cyrus could snatch bits and pieces of a commotion teetering about outside, but even for his somewhat heightened hearing, it was muffled and unintelligible. Still, he deduced that Lu's sudden escape and warning away from the cafeteria was wise to heed because of the little he did hear. With Lu's confidence noted, Cyrus figured his new friend knew what he was doing and decided not to stop or interfere in...well, whatever he planned to do. He had figured Lu's mutant ability had something to do with that laptop of his, but beyond that, the details were a mystery. "Take care of yourself, Lu!" He turned to face the direction of the others, or at least where he thought the others were; he turned a tad too far and faced the wall instead of his peers mistakenly. "We should probably do as he says. There seems to be a problem outside the building of some sort." He tapped his chin with his gloved index finger, recalling the layout of the school from touring the facility, at least the accessible areas, with his sister and mother beforehand. "Hmm...shall we head for the atrium? The front entrance, that is? There may still be a crowd of new students we can warn to stay away from the dorms and cafeteria area until whatever is happening settles down. I don't have the area memorized perfectly yet, so if one of you wouldn't mind, would you be able to lead me there?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:56 am

-Girl's dorm, First floor-

The young, platinum-blonde haired girl sat at the edge of her new bed. It was firm and well-made; All prepared for her arrival. It felt unnatural. She never made her bed. She'd never lived in a room that didn't belong to her, or at least her parents. She'd gotten a brief rundown of the rules but who knew to what level they'd be enforced. Would their be routine room inspections? Would some stranger be telling her to make the bed? After all, they'd be telling her when to go to sleep. Anneka Schaffer had been all ready to go to college and have a dorm room, roommate included, so this wasn't really all that different.

Her ocean-blue eyes quickly peered out the window, getting a good look at the basketball court. Flying teens with wings and shadows and force-fields. They tried to play a game made for normal people with abnormal powers. How ridiculous.

Okay, maybe it was different.

"This is bullshit!"

"Annie, watch your language..."

"Why, mom? Jessica and I, we were gonna share a dorm room and everything. I'd been looking forward to this!"

"These people can help you..."

"I DON'T NEED HELP. I. AM. FINE. I can control it. I won't ever use it. I don't even want to! No one will ever know!"

"What if you can't, Annie?"


"What if you can't control it? What then? What if someone finds out? God forbid, what if your FATHER finds out?"

"He... Well... Sending me to this school isn't the fucking answer! Everyone knows mutants go to this school! Dad will definitely find out this way!"

"You know him. He's... busy. He'll just think you went to college like we discussed..."

"That's it? You'll just lie? And he'll believe you because he's too busy to be involved with his own fucking daughter's life!? Thanks, mom. This is making me feel a lot better."

"There's no more discussion. I'm doing this because I love you... When you're a parent someday, you'll understand."

"Yeah, fat fucking chance of that..."

Anneka's fingers gently strummed at the unplugged electric guitar in her lap. She knew her mother had the best intentions, but it was still infuriating. She never asked for these powers, and while they might be nice for playing stupid little magic tricks, being normal was preferable. Course, even before the powers Anneka felt a bit abnormal, so what was one more thing? Being a mutant, though. That was scary, especially in this day in age. Certain people were afraid of mutants. They wanted them gone. Maybe even dead. It was a scary thought. The extra danger, the extra responsibility, the extra stress. None of it was worth it. This wasn't worth losing your friends and life for.

Anneka set the guitar beside her and cupped her hands together, focusing momentarily. A small globe of light manifested between her palms and levitated, glowing warm and bright. She was here now, so running away from this ability was pointless. Instead, she'd harness it and make the best of it. Who knew what exactly it was good for, but where better to find that out than here? After a few moments, forming the light ball into different shapes, Anneka's eyes darted toward the window. There was some commotion going on between the basketball court and cafeteria. While the shouting was rather indistinct, it was still loud enough to audible. Conflict on the first day didn't seem surprising, but something about this didn't come off like two teens having a generic squabble. Anneka's hands quickly clasped together, snuffing out the light before making her way over to the window. It was then that she noticed the portal, and for reasons unknown it sent a shiver down her spine. Something was going down, and against better judgement Anneka lifted open her window and jumped outside. Who needed doors anyhow?

Curiously but cautiously she began to get closer to the source of distress. Maybe she'd be able to hear something, anything, to explain just what was happening. It was about now she was regretting not really having spoken to anyone so far. She had yet to even meet her roommate. At least then she wouldn't feel so weird walking up to someone and asking just what the hell was going on. Maybe it wasn't any of Anneka's business, and she realized that, but at the rate things appeared to be escalating, it was difficult to ignore.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:55 am

Max's attempts to calm himself where interrupted by the young man that William had been talking to. He had seemed really chill, but his tone had become so much more serious all of a sudden. The young man had instantly taken the leadership role, overcome his anxiety, and was thinking of others. All Max had thought of was himself and keeping his own mind and body under control. How selfish could he be? All of a sudden he was filled with admiration for this other mutant, and a new determination to aid in his goal to quell this panic. With his eyes now sharp and serious, Max met Jaime's gaze when he asked about his powers. "I...change. There is fire and...y'know its better to just see it for yourself. But not right now, I don't want to cause any MORE panic." He explained with a nervous chuckle. "But i'm down to help, lets roll." He continued, hurrying after Jaime as he went to talk to the blonde woman. Max watched with interest as Jaime began to exude some kind of anti-whatever was in the air, his aura was calming and made him seen trustworthy. Not that Max had any doubt that he was. Max refrained from saying anything, he didn't want to set off the blonde again. Instead he fixed his eyes on the portal and its arguing couple. He knew something was coming, he could feel it. But what was it?

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:11 am


Edger put a hand over his heart as something like panic began to rise and frowned. Nothing looked dangerous, yet, he could just about tell that people were feeling the same way. "Are they standing on grass? No. I can't tell you anything because there aren't any plants near them." He snapped at Jaime. He blinked, and took a deep breath, that clinched it, something was up with him. "Sorry. Grass isn't quite sentient enough to pick up anything in detail anyway, at least not without direct contact between us. All I can tell you is that there's this panicky feeling going around. Which is weird, I don't think anyone's got a lawnmower out." He was only slightly joking there, to break the nervousness. "I'm going out there to get a better look at what's happening." Maybe he'd be able to help, and if he could, he should. He began pushing through to get outside, using a few gentle nudges to get past people without slowing down.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:34 am


Everyone did handle anxiety differently.

The whole cafeteria clattered as students hurried towards the exit. Kal, on the other hand, froze up in the midst of doling himself a generous serving of steamed broccoli, his entire figure going taut. At times like this he felt like an open wound, or an exposed nerve – as though the air itself was grating upon him. A lightness entered his head and seeped through his muscles, preparing him to move as fast as necessary. He almost felt like he was floating an inch or two off the ground.

He wasn’t sure what had caused the commotion – as far as he could tell, what was happening outside was a simple disagreement – but he knew almost instantly that he must have been missing something. A veritable student militia had vaulted into action.

As one of the other students attempted to intervene, Kal slowly set down his tray and bunched his fists at his sides. He’d considered doing exactly what the other boy was doing, but two years of hiding weighed upon him like a sibilant, hissing cloak, fastening him in place. Even now, he was, in a small but powerful way, cautious of outing himself. Even now, he was trapped between who he was and what he was.

A bright, crimson-red glow bled upwards from his eyes, the air around his head sizzling at its touch. He watched and waited, and realized that this was exactly how he’d stood and how he’d felt before he was forced to expose himself back at home.

Hopefully there’d be no reason for history to repeat itself in the here and now.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:28 pm

-Boy's Dorm, Hall [John, Cryus, Matthias]-

John placed his hand on Cyrus’ shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. “I don’t think so Rus. What do you want do? Go around the campus and tell people NOT to go to the cafeteria. Take a wild guess where everyone will be heading?” He said with a smirk. “We don’t know what’s going. Or if anything IS going on. I mean it’s only some foggy thing that Lu said.” He said and headed to a window overlooking the basketball court, gently pulling the blind boy along.

“We came only today, we have NO idea how things are going on here. Let the staff and the senior students handle this. The smartest thing we can do right now, is keep our ass out of trouble.” He said and turned to Matthias. “This is my advice to you as well.” He said and opened the window.

John leaned at the on the windows edge so he can hear and see as well.
“Well it appears some purple thing hanging in the air, and two guys seem to have an argument.” He commented to Cyrus, who he kept close grabbing his shoulder, not letting wander him off. “Hmmm, a girl just jumped out of the 3rd floor window… and another with wings off the roof. You may want to switch your eyes on Rus, because this may be interesting… and try to swamp in smell if you can.” He said with a grin.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:23 pm

Boys' Dorm Hallway

Cyrus sighed as John so eagerly stated the obvious while allowing himself to be led away; he had a feeling he wasn't being taken where he wanted to be taken, but resisting would just be another way for Cyrus to trip over his own feet again. As a show of trust, he allowed himself to be pulled near the window. "That's what I meant, John." He wasn't particularly surprised at being underestimated, really, but it did get a bit irritating sometimes. "The atrium is on the opposite side of the building, away from the cafeteria, and while I agree that warning other students about the situation could result in opposite effect, letting the faculty know what's happening would be beneficial in resolving it. Besides that, I do have ears. I could hear the argument from the hall though it's a bit muffled, and Lu also seemed to know more about the situation than we do. You could tell by his voice and the way he fiddled with his laptop earlier. On top of that, if you're really intent on keeping us out of trouble, we should probably move away from the windows at least, not closer to them. I know you mean well, but try to quell your curiosity for the sake of not getting the both of us hit by vagrant fireballs or whatnot." He tilted his head and held his chin. It was easy to tell they were closer to the windows; the commotion below was more audible, and the fresh grass-scented breeze that tickled at his slumbering allergies were all the proof he needed. "Also, my abilities don't work as easily as you may think they do. If they did, I wouldn't still be blind, after all. I can explain more in detail later, but it's best if we leave now while we're able."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:36 pm

Stairs - Ground Floor > Girls' Dorms

Samantha shrugged and gathered her belongings, guessing the boy would have to wait to see what he wanted to see. "Thanks." she smiled at Nancy, walking towards her. "I'm Samantha. And you?" She wanted to get to know people and make friends, see what everyone was like and, hopefully, find a cute girl to go on a couple dates with. She glanced around, seeing a few other cute girls, before asking where her dorm room was, giving her the dorm number.

It was then she noticed the big, purple circle in the sky. "What the..." she began, only to trail off, leaving her wide-eyed and pretty much speechless. Regaining her composure, she looked at the girl next to her and asked, "Do you know what that is? Is that thing normal? I mean, none of us are normal but with a power like that I could..." She let her words trail off as she got lost in thought.
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:16 pm

Cheesemore wrote:"Want to go get a better look?" he asked before taking a bite of his pizza and then remembering a crutial detail. "Oh sorry, manners. Thanks for letting me sit man. Name's Steve, what's yours?" he asked holding out his hand that didn't contain his food.


"Tanner," Said the artist, giving a quick handshake, while looking pointedly out at the argument. He chewed on his lip, his thick eyebrows forming into concerned slants. Those two were going to fight. Tanner didn't know how he knew, but he was sure of it, and people were probably going to get hurt because of it. "Yeah, I think we should get out there, maybe we can calm them down."

Tanner stuffed the half finished sketch into his sling bag and all but pulled Steve to his feet. "I hope you're good in a fight or have a power or whatever," Said tanner as he started jogging toward the yard, "Cause' I think we might have to pull them apart." A flash of blue and crackling electricity shot out the door ahead of him and made him jump, it looked like two of those girls from the table he had been drawing earlier had the same idea as Steve and he had.

As Tanner was exiting the building, he produced a fan of what looked like blank white business cards from the bag strapped to his chest, and looked to be concentrating on sorting through them. Looking like he found the one he wanted, and as soon as he reached earshot to the two feuding boys, lamely shouted "Hey!".

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:15 pm


William slowly and carefully looked to Jaime when he asked for information on their powers. While he wasn't really sure he liked where this was going, it pleased him that there was someone take charge of the situation who could at least keep their composure. He could take care of himself well enough, but he didn't really have the ability to make other people work together. Taking a calmer tone than he'd had with the blond girl, he hesitantly responded. "If I even so much as bump into something with my power active, it won't stop moving regardless of what or who is it's way. Even I can't directly stop it at present, so think very carefully before you ask me to use it. Once you've pulled the trigger, that's it." He knew well his own limitations, even if he hated them, and wanted to make them absolutely crystal clear to Jaime.

His eyes followed the boy as he tried to get information from the blond haired girl he, William that is, had just got done criticizing. Jaime was definitely handling that particular situation better, never the less while he was calming her down other people were doing their own thing. In particular William noticed Edger and another door making for the door to the yard. "Hey, hey, hey!" He called after the other boys. "We don't know what's going on yet, if you go out there it'll just add to the confusion!" He really wanted to run after them, but still suffering under the abnormal mental state he couldn't bring himself to move through the crowd of students.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:48 pm

Steve Wagner - Cafeteria to Outside with Tanner

Steve smiled and took a bite as Tanner introduced himself. It was a bit odd that he was holding onto his hand for so long after a handshake, but then he realized why when he suddenly was on his feet, nearly dropping his food in the process. "Close one. And impressive, pulling me to my feet." he said but then noticed Tanner had started long before he finished, even mentioning how they were going to stop them and Steve better be a good fighter or have a power. Steve quickly followed after Tanner but hesitated when a fellow student called out after them, saying they'll only make things worse.

For some reason, Steve felt anxious about that statement, and he was starting to feel anxious about the whole situation. He couldn't figure out why. But without missing a step he turned around, continued to run backwards, and responded directly behind him, since he had no idea who yelled at them in the first place. "No worries. We're just going to get a better look outside. At least, that's what I'm doing." he said. It didn't take long to catch up to Tanner just after he shouted at the two of them. "Dude, you could have done that so much better. And we probably shouldn't get between them yet. But I got your back either way." he said backing up a little from the two guys about to fight and putting himself slightly behind Tanner. He couldn't shake that anxiety that he still had though. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

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Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:56 pm


William's scolding seemed to erode the blonde's already fragile confidence, and a depressive weight joined the anxiety that exuded from her.

Jamie saved the day, though, and she looked up at him with watery blue eyes and forced a nervous smile, the stifling feeling of anxiety and sadness lessening somewhat. "I...I'm Laurie. Erm. Wallflower. Just...I need to keep you all in here...That...that guy, he's bad news," she said, gesturing toward the pair out in the yard. "Dangerous kind of bad news..."

She turned, and saw Edger, Tanner, and Steve making their way out, and took a few quick steps after them, calling out, "Hey, wait! It's dangerous!"

* * *
[Basketball Court]

"Yeah, I think it is...But where're the others?" Dallas asked, looking confused.

* * *
[Between the Basketball Court and Cafeteria]

Desmond didn't have to raise his hand to his brother. Julian handled that quite well, streaking like a green bullet to barrel into the blue-haired boy. Jake gave a cry of surprise, and the purple-backed portal in the air disappeared.

Desmond's eyes widened, and flame blossomed over his hands and arms as he snarled, "LET HIM GO!" at the green-glowing telekinetic.

Sofia was approaching, no longer running, but flying in the air as wind swirled about her, glaring at either Julian or his quarry. Surge ran after, blue electricity crackling around her hands.

* * *
[Girl's Dorm, Outside]

The barefoot girl with the blonde bob glanced to her side, noting the taller blonde's exit a few windows down, and gave her a bright grin as she cocked her head toward the field. "Guess you're helping out. Great to have you! I'm Agony. C'mon, or we'll miss all the fun!" she called over the distance, motioning with her hand for Anneka to follow, and started off toward the escalating confrontation.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:50 pm

-Cafeteria Chaos-

Jaime’s eyes narrowed and there was a slight flash of anger across his face at Edger’s initial response to his request. The effects of Wallflower’s powers were making him anxious, however the effect seemed to lessen somewhat after he tried to calm the girl down. It finally clicked in his mind why he felt such a sense of urgency, anxiousness, and sadness all at once. The young man looked towards Edger as he ran off, a slight smile on his face.

“Keep your distance and try to keep others from jumping into it… there’s no telling what any of them are capable of, so be careful.” Jaime said as Edger made his way for the outside. However he wasn’t the only one who joined in, two other boy’s in the cafeteria decided that they wanted to rush outside as well.
“Don’t do it!! There’ll only be more trouble if a gang of people jump into it!” Jaime shouted towards the other two much like William had done. The young man turned to the other two mutants who had listened to his initial commands, still able to smile despite the obvious desperation that showed on his face.

“Alright… well we don’t exactly want a brawl star…” Before Jaime could finish his sentence, things finally turned to violence outside the cafeteria as someone jumped into the argument with their power blazing. The young man ground his teeth slightly, shook his head and completely changed course of thought.
“Ok, err you (Max), do you happen know where any teacher might be? If not that’s fine, but I think that getting the teachers involved needs to happen NOW.” Jaime then turned to William, his expression still serious as he spoke.
“Hmm… William your power, how does it work with water? Or the air? Is something like that possible and do you think it’d be non lethal?” Finally Jaime turned back towards the girl who called herself Wallflower and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the cute girl having to deal with all these hot headed students by herself. His expression softened up as much as his anxiety would let him, but he managed to put on a warm smile to help make her feel at ease.

“Don’t worry Laurie… err Wallflower, I’ll do everything that I can to help out… You saw that one run out there right? Well he’s a good guy, he’ll make sure that no one else puts themselves in danger ok?” He said, trying his best to reassure the blonde girl. But something caught him out of the corner of his eye, he noticed another person in the cafeteria watching the fight. This person though looked like he was about ready to jump through the glass and right into the fray. It could have just been the anxiety making Jaime paranoid, however he knew he couldn’t let anymore jump outside like that. Jaime walked closer to Kal, approaching at an angle so his entire approach could be seen by the other mutant.

“Hey there friend… I don’t know you yet, but I think there’s been enough violence for one day… solving things with our powers, just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do... right?” he said in the calmest voice he could manage as he walked closer to the other mutant, stopping just a few feet away with his hands up in the ‘I mean no harm’ pose.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:45 am

-Boy's Dorm, Hall [John, Cyrus, Matthias]-

John shrugged and let Cyrus go. “I think we are pretty safe here, but you can move away from the window if you want to, I’ll tell you, what’s going on.” He said and sat down on the window’s edge watching the turmoil outside, like some sort of show. “I wouldn’t worry about telling the teachers either, I’m pretty sure they already know what’s going on, or will sooner than we manage to find any of them.”

John pulled up one leg and placed his hands on it to be comfortable.
“Alright… now another girl jumped out of the window… and she doesn’t look half-bad… and now a green guy got one of the two brawlers… and two other chicks are coming… one is flying… the other spits lightning… and there goes that purple thing… and Ohohoho… one of them just got his hands on fire…” John kept commenting the events outside, clearly enjoying the show. “Hey Rus… you may be right with the fireballs after all.” He looked over to his blind room-mate with a grin and chuckle.

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Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:48 am

-Girl's dorm, Outside-

As Anneka made her exit from her window her attention was quickly turned to yet another girl exiting from another window, this one on the third floor, and landing with a loud thud though seemingly coming out of it unharmed; She wasn't even wearing shoes! Anneka knew she shouldn't be surprised but she'd never interacted with other mutants before, so seeing all this craziness outside of Youtube videos was still enough to be legitimately shocking.

"Shit, thought I'd be the only blonde girl jumping out of a window today but I guess anything can happen here..." She mused out loud. The other girl quickly turned to Anneka, giving a smile that didn't quite seem to fit the situation from Anneka's perspective. A real fight seemed to be going down and this girl appeared quite unconcerned. Anneka had to consider that maybe she was misreading the true scope of events occurring, but then again maybe this girl was just strange.

It seemed this other blonde had already established Anneka would be involved, essentially volunteering her to help out without really asking. Her cheerful tone and demeanor were hard to turn down, even if things did appear to be getting out of hand, what with more mutants running into the fray surrounded by fire, wind and electricity. Agony she said her name was. Anneka could only raise an eyebrow. Ah yes, that's right. The codenames. You'd nearly forgotten. Talk about a name that appeared to be quite the oxymoron. The girl was downright chipper, so it made one wonder just what her ability was.

"O-okay!" Anneka called out, running after Agony. "I'm Anneka! Or... Annie is fine too, I guess. I don't have a cool name yet! But wait, what am I even helping with!?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:38 pm

-Cafeteria Chaos-

He reached the two at the same time as some kid with a drawing. He'd ignored all the background noise as well as some shouts to turn back, if something went down, he wanted to be able to help instead of just watch. Then he blinked and saw one of the kids get tackled by a green blur, and then saw and concentrated heavily on the fire popping up from the other boys hands and the anxiety racked up about 12 notches. "Nope." Edger hissed between gritted teeth as he stepped back quickly. He looked around and edged towards the dude drawing and some guy with sunglasses. "Um..." Edger cracked his knuckles nervously, still eyeing Desmond. "You guys got any ideas? Cause I've got nothing."

-Boy's Dorm-

A short and grubby looking kid came out of a room, wearing dark sweatpants and a plain black T-shirt. He rubbed a hand through his hair, grumbling as he squinted at John, Cyrus and Matthias. His hair remained sticking up, it looked rather greasy as he shuffled over to them, black socks slipping slightly on the ground as he did so. Ignoring them all, he looked out the window to see what was happening, and grunted dismissively. Then, as if just noticing them, looked around. First Matthias, dismissed him. Then John, he spent a bit longer looking up at him, glaring, and then, apparently having finished his judgement, gave him double barrels of the evil eyes. Some people had all the luck with physical looks. Then, he turned to Cyrus, and looked surprised, mainly because, hey, someone his height. After a few seconds, he looked out the window, then up at John suspiciously, then he waved a hand slowly in front of Cyrus. After that, he looked back up at John and mouthed the words silently "He blind?" whilst jerking a thumb at Cyrus and waving his other hand in front of his own eyes. To make it clear.

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Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:25 pm

-Tense Cafeteria-

Max gave a slight start and a brief "Ah!" escaped his mouth as he saw one of the arguing males get tackled by some glowing green guy. Then there was some dude with flames, a chick with wind blowing all around her...was that electricity? He had been interested in the powers of others, but this was a bit too extreme. "What the hell, why did they just tackle that guy? He didn't seem to be doing any harm!" Max grumbled aloud. The young mutant then noticed that the anxiety in the air had diminished somewhat, and he was no longer in danger of an uncontrolled incident. For the time being anyway. Had his new leader been responsible? There was no time to think, as said leader was asking him a question. "Um, ah, Miss Jubilee's office is kinda nearby, I could go get her?" He offered. Jubilee had been the only adult he had seen at the school, aside from Marie's escort. Despite his offer, Max really didn't want to leave. If something happened and he could have helped, he would feel incredibly guilty, so for the time being he waited to see if Jaime would order him to go.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:38 pm

Cheesemore wrote:"Dude, you could have done that so much better. And we probably shouldn't get between them yet. But I got your back either way." he said backing up a little from the two guys about to fight and putting himself slightly behind Tanner.

Tanner looked slightly embarrassed at Steves chiding, "Yeah..." He thunk aloud as Steve moved around his flank. All of Tanner's anxious energy provided by Wallflower's pheromones had left him, and he was slightly confused. A crowd of students was spilling out onto the lawn from the basketball court and the cafeteria. edgar, noriko, Sofia, and half a dozen others were already approaching the pair of arguing boys. A strong gust of wind blew from where Sofia was flying to intercept the two, and the pop of electricity was issuing out of Noriko in waves.

Jaime approached the pair, his stance placating, and his voice calm. Just as he did however, like a bolt out of the blue, Julian took one of the boys to the ground with a flying tackle. A collective "Ooooh" of sympathy pain made it's way around the circle. "Damn..." Said Tanner, flinching at the hit.

"What the hell, why did they just tackle that guy? He didn't seem to be doing any harm!" Grumbled a tall kid in a dragon t-shirt in the crowd. Another tall kid with a missing tooth added with uncertainty, "You guys got any ideas? Cause I've got nothing."

"Aah," Said Tanner quickly bringing up the little white card in his hand and reading the words on its front. "Yeah." The card seemed to blow into dust with the breeze and a transparent blue bubble of hexigons rippled into being an inch around Tanner's skin. He looked at Steve and edgar with the missing tooth. "Help me get the green kid off the other one," Tanners voice seemed to be coming from far away, and was really quiet. The forcefield seemed to be muffling it. In any case, he didn't seem to notice, and continued while gesturing to the others wildly with his hands. "Just separate them before someone else gets hurt."

Dashing toward to the tangled jumble of Julian and the other boy without waiting for the others, Tanner tried to pull the two apart, All the while trying to warn them to break it up. He wasn't very strong however, and didn't seem to have much of an effect.
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Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:12 pm


"Mmmmmnyaaa..." William started in a manner that directly reflected his uncertainty at the question. He saw where Jaime was going with this line of inquiry, but testing his powers on other people hadn't been something William wanted to do in the past. It didn't help that his power would have been much easier to understand and explain with a degree in physics, which he didn't have. "I can't really control the direction of water, when under my influence it tends to just spread out without being in something like a water balloon. A hose might work if we had one long enough to get me in range of them, which is about 30 feet max, or squirt gun. Air is simply no good. Something soft might work, if I throw it softly it should just push them around and knock them down but nothing too fragile or it'll just break when it hits them."

Glancing outside as Jaime began to talk to Kal, William managed to see the glowing green guy tackle one of the people outside (Jake). Strangely the first guy (Desmond) who'd just been arguing with the now the victim of a sucker tackle seemed enraged by the action which confirmed William's earlier thoughts as to the personal nature of the argument. That being the case, this outside interference by practically everyone was both unwelcome and unnecessary. The realization granted a bizarre calmness, at least part in thanks to the lessening of the negative aura that had been in the room, over William as he decided to intervene. "I see, this place must make people stupid." He said aloud to himself though everyone in the cafeteria probably heard him, his tone was quizzical on the surface but his words showed his genuine irritation. No longer paralyzed with the fear of what might happen he quickly dropped his bag and moved into the kitchen area, gathering up all the dishtowels he could find as well as an oven mitt and a bottle of dish soap taking them with him to the backyard.

Whatever Tanner had started to plan was about to go out the window. He donned the oven mitt on his right hand as he ran towards the scuffle as fast as he could, winding back as if for a punch, as he got near enough for his power's range to reach the 'green dumbass wonder' he thrust his fist forward slipping the glove off and firing an 'unstoppable sucker punch' straight for the most aggressive individual in the yard who could lose a few teeth as far as William was concerned. Everyone else, including the gawkers/would be helpers but excluding Jake, Desmond, got a balled up towel sent their way, it wouldn't really hurt them but they'd probably get knocked off their feet if they didn't see it in time to dodge. William realized he was essentially picking a fight with about a dozen people by this point but this shit was getting out of hand, he'd figured he could at least draw all of the attention on himself so as to yell everyone down at the same time. He still had a bottle of dish soap, a good squeeze of which would stop any immediate retaliation. "Do you all want to play super hero that fucking badly, that you have to jump into other people's private lives?!" He yelled to the assembled group with an intensity that would have made Wallflower faint had he used it earlier. "I can't even stomach watching you acting like a bunch of fools anymore."

If Max hadn't gone for a teacher yet, now was most definitely the time to do it. Yup... right now.

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Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:12 pm

[Cafeteria to The Shit]

Kal had hoped that the situation would peter out into nothing more than a flicker-flash of adolescent aggression. Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.

When Jaime addressed him he’d been glad to see that someone was thinking straight, but that didn’t last long – the situation exploded as two of the students rushed out into the fray, no doubt about to agitate what looked, admittedly, like a horribly one-sided beatdown into a full-blown melee. He couldn’t blame them for the sudden recklessness, exactly; he was sure their intentions were alright enough, and he’d been on the very edge of doing something himself. But they were going about it all wrong.

Resting a hand on the other boy’s shoulder, he gently nudged him towards the opposite exit.

“The teacher was a good idea. You should really get to that.”

Kal, on the other hand, had something to try in the meantime. He marched outside – marched, not ran or bolted. He wasn’t going to give anyone an excuse to start throwing fireballs or tablecloths or green whatever at him.

“Stand down,” he said, with a finality to his tone, his pyre-red eyes looking straight at the dude with the towels and the fancy glove trick.

All of you need to stand down. You’re making me nervous, and when I get too nervous, I explode. Like a little nuke.”

Of course, that wasn’t even the slightest bit true. But it looked like it was, didn’t it? His anxiousness had stirred two long, curling plumes of smoke from the palms of his hands. The red of his eyes overflowed intermittently from their sockets, curling in the air as arcs of fiery-bright light. The atomic bomb had kept the Russians and the Americans out of fisticuffs for just over four decades. How would the threat of an atomic man do against a gaggle of hyperactive teenagers?

“Seriously, guys. Stop. Now.”

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Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:03 pm


Things were quickly escalating and falling apart as Jaime watched the scene unfold in front of him from the window of the cafeteria. His nerves were starting to get the best of him, and although Jaime had walked over to try to calm Kal down it seemed as if Kal had suddenly switched roles as he put his hand on his shoulder. Jaime took a deep breath; stopping violence with violence was never a good idea. In fact in this situation each and every person involved had some kind of power that could potentially cause some major harm. People with that kind of capability should handle themselves more appropriately, a person with a gun didn’t need to solve all of their problems by using it and a mutant with powers didn’t need to blast their way through everything either. It was disappointing to see really, so many people with talented gifts using it in such a poor way.

For a moment it made Jaime reconsider the point of even coming to the institute but he shook those thoughts away for more pressing issues at hand. Everyone who had been in the cafeteria save for Laurie and Max had already left, running headlong into the argument while only serving to transform it into an outright brawl. William wasn’t doing a smart thing either by going out and attempting to stop everyone in their tracks through using force, on a group of normal humans that would have done more than enough to stop them, but that wasn’t the current situation.

“Using your powers to solve everything through force or intimidation… it is no wonder the normal people hate us so much.” Jaime said to himself out loud, possibly even loud enough for both Max and Laurie to hear him.

“I could use your help in finding a teacher… If we split up there’s a better chance of finding one… you go to where you think Jubilee’s office is.” He said to Max, quickly moving towards the back exit of the cafeteria. Before he left the cafeteria in a hurry he took the time to look back at Laurie, a look of disappointment upon his face.
“I’m sorry that I couldn’t handle this better… it’s my fault for letting all those people run out there like that.” He said plainly, doing his best to make the girl not feel bad about how the situation quickly got out of hand. Jaime quickly ran through the exit and down the hallway, hoping to find someone as soon as possible.

-Emma Frost’s Office-

Luckily for Jaime, there was an office not too far from where he began. Or at the very least it had the look of an office, something that came as a relief for the young man as he came rounding the corner of the hallway. He was much calmer now, however the sense of urgency was still very much present. He ran quickly to the door of Emma Frost’s office, knocking loudly and shouting into the office through the unopened door.
“Hello!? There’s a lot of trouble going on behind the cafeteria right now, I think we could use someone’s help out there ASAP!”

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Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:50 pm

-Cafeteria Chaos-

Seemed like the consensus was clear to Max; go get a teacher! Max gave Jaime a nod and anyone else who had told him to go get a teacher he gave a confirming "Alright!" to. As he turned to dash off, Max noticed the migration of people to the outside. One kid seemed to be using his powers to knock people right the hell over with...towels? Cool power, but what else could he do? Then there was the guy with the awesome eyes. Max couldn't hear what he had said, but it must have been intimidating, because everyone backed away from him. He hoped he wouldn't explode or something. The young mutant was unsure of the use of violence; sometimes it could solve things, but most of the time another solution was preferable. In this case, with so many mutants around, Max went with the latter, they should not fight, it would only lead to more trouble. He had a job to do. Max took off at a sprint out of the cafeteria, despite his reluctance to leave. In fact, it was because of his reluctance that he made all the more effort to move. Truth was, he was excited by this turn of events. He certainly didn't want anyone to get hurt, but drama and tension had always been so...entertaining for him. He knew that this was wrong in some way, so the young man pushed the thought from his mind as he dashed through the corridors towards Jubilee's office. He saw the door as he rounded a corner, and almost took the thing off its hinges as he barged in.

-Jubilee's Office-

Stumbling a little, Max stopped to catch his balance, looked at Jubilee, took a breath and "MissJubileeyouneedtocomequicksomethingishappeningoutsidethecafeteriathereissomekidandapurpleportalandanotherkidwasarguingwithhimandthensomegreenguytackledthefirstkidandnoweveryoneisgatheredoutsideandsomeguylaunchedtowelsatabunchofpeopleandIwastoldtogofindanadultandyouneedtocomerightNOW!" Max all but yelled rapid fire at the poor woman, the fact that he was so wound up causing him to talk like a machine gun.

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Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:34 pm

Steve Wagner - Between Cafeteria and B-ball Courts

The situation seemed to be getting a lot worse before it got better in Steve's mind. Everything happened so fast that he could barely take it all in. He seemed awestruck by the fight escalating around him, starting with somebody tackling one of the two original fighters, and only seeming to piss the other one off even more. "And that's why I said we should wait." he mumbled to himself, but what's done was done. Steve quickly snapped back to reality as a fellow student had joined up with their little group and asked for a plan. Steve quickly looked at him and gave him the best response he could at the time, "Uh...he might." he said pointing at Tanner, who almost on queue activated his power. "Yep, he does." he said before turning his attention back on Tanner.

However, his message didn't really get through. With all the commotion going on around them, Tanner's really soft voice didn't exactly get the point across to Steve. "What'd you sa..." his question was interrupted by a flying towel to his face causing him to flip and land face first into the ground. "...Ouch..." he managed to spit out before looking back up to see another student on his way into the fray as well, throwing towels at everyone nearby. "Well he likes to fight, doesn't he?" he said to Edger before being interupted yet again by a fellow classmate from the cafeteria. Only this one claimed that he can explode, and was about to. "I think the universe is trying to tell us something here." he said once again to Edger before covering his head with both of his hands and turning his attention back to the main fight. "Sit back and enjoy the show." he finished before yelling back to Tanner. "Sorry man, you're on your own. I'm a bit...preoccupied at the moment." he said just laying on the ground, clutching his head, hoping to be left out of the now way-out-of-his-league fight.

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Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:12 am

-Alex's Dorm Room-

"Show the world what you're made of, Alex."
"Mom!" Alex screamed, as he woke up suddenly. Gasping for air, Alex looked around him to see where he was. "Oh..." Alex said, "I'm home... well technically, my new home." He contemplated about his dream, recollecting what his mother told him. His mom was so sweet, "Best mom ever" he would always say. Just the thought of her... Alex wiped away a tear and tried his best to keep her image in his head. But his father's image, however, died with the fire. As Alex stood up from his bed, he tried to lighten himself up by wondering what to do next. He wasn't going to stay in his dorm room forever; he need someone to talk to, at least. Out of nowhere, he heard his stomach growl at him. "I know, I know." He told his stomach, trying to calm it down. "I gotta get somethin' to eat. For fuck's sake when's the last time I ate?" He looked at the school map for a food court to get a meal. "Huh, the cafeteria. Guess that's where I'm going." Alex got his sweater, wearing it unzipped like he always has, and headed out.

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Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:46 pm

Matthias - Boy's Dorm.

Matthias nodded in reply to the names given to him, and gave his in returned. He listen to the report John gave and leaned against the wall. "I agree with you John," he replied at last. "I don't think it would be a good idea to get mixed up in this. We don't understand the details or the intents of the individuals. If this was an attack against the school, well things might be different. However, we are dealing with super powered individuals, it wouldn't hurt to at least be ready in case we are dragged into it."
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