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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:19 pm

-Boy’s Dorm-

John couldn’t help to make a face and groan painfully at the ‘Big Brother’ word. He waited till Cyrus finished talking, and gave out a long sigh. “Ok, Rus…” He said giving Cyrus already another nickname. “I want to make a few things clear with you. First of all don’t call me ‘Big Brother’ or aid, it makes me look like a social worker, and I don’t want to be look like one. Just stick with room-mate, or roomy. I don’t think you wanted to be treated like some kind of charity case or a baby, just because you don’t happen to see anything. If you need help with anything, just say it, I help you out no problem, but I don’t plan to run after you like a nurse or something. “He said and gave Cyrus’s shoulder a squeeze.

He extended his right hand to him for a shake, touching the back of the blind boy’s hand with his fingers so he knew where the hand was. “Deal?” He asked with a smile. “And one more thing… Don’t explain jokes, ever. They are not funny when they are explained, trust me. And don’t try too hard. Just try to be… you know yourself, and…“ He said and stopped shaking his head. “No lectures, just don’t explain Jokes.” He sighted, before turning to Luis.

“As I said I’m John, Rus’ room mate. Well… nice to meet you.” He said and offered him a hand as well. Stupid program… he will end up as some sort of Boy Scout, if he isn’t careful.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:29 pm

Stairs - Ground Floor

Samantha laughed and set her bags off to the side as she spoke to the boy. "I take it you're talking about my board. I guess I can put on a show, if the lady doesn't mind." She smiled and stood by the stacks of her bags, one foot on her board. "However, if you want to see my mutant power, I'll need quite a bit more metal." she smirked, knowing the metal in her board was enough to play with. She disliked messing with the board she'd made herself after studying the parts of a skateboard but, if there was no other option, she would.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:07 pm

-Out in the Yard- Edger

"We should probably go get you some food first, to get your strength up, we don't want you crashing or falling asleep too early." He uncrossed his legs, rocked forward onto his feet and forced himself up. "I think the kitch-...food...place." He grimaced. "Is around the back. Let's go..." Edger waved a hand left and right. "Round the left. There's a garden or something I think. Something artificial. The boy's dorms are possibly round that way too, not positive."

Then, he slapped himself on the forehead. "Tch. Rude. Completely forgot, what with new school and everything I suppose. Sorry. The name's Edger. From Ireland, and I can understand plants. You don't have to tell me about yourself." He grinned slightly at Jaime, this was an icebreaker more than anything. "Don't even know each other's names yet. Funny how that kind of thing can happen in a conversation." He fixed the positioning of his bag's strap on his shoulder and then beckoned to the left.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:37 pm

-Out in the Yard-

“AH! Yes, food would be great right about now. I can feel my stomach rumbling already haha.” He said with a smile. It looked like Edger was paying much more attention than he was during their briefing. Jaime would have preferred wandering around for a bit before getting anywhere, just to see the surroundings and meet new people. But he was certainly still tired and the mere mention of food sent his stomach subtly roaring for attention. In the end it was probably a much better idea to go wandering about on a full stomach at the very least.

“Round the left then right, near the back past the gardens…” Jaime repeated aloud as if to cement it into the back of his mind.
“Alright, I got it. Let’s get a move on then, I’ll lead the way and if we get lost I’ll buy your lunch.”
Jaime chuckled slightly when Edger finally got around to mentioning his name and in doing so also revealed what his powers were. The young man’s eyebrows lifted up a bit in both surprise and wonder, he wasn’t expecting many people to so comfortably reveal such a thing. It was good to find someone else who wasn’t shy about such things.

“Wow! That sounds like a really useful power, I’m sure that plants have a ton of interesting things to say don’t they?” Jaime said, brimming with complete excitement over Edger’s power.
“I’m originally from America, but I’ve traveled around the world my whole life. Never been to Ireland though, heard it was a beautiful country… As for my gift, well to put it simply I can control heat.” He said without wavering in his excitement, it was obvious that he wanted to hear more about Edger. Jaime was someone who loved to hear stories it was always fascinating to learn where a person comes from and what drives them.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:05 pm

[Intersection to the Dorms]

For a moment Kal couldn’t help but consider that sunglasses may have been a good look for him. At home his eyes had attracted little attention – they’d always been like that. Before the elusive X scrawled into his DNA had written itself into fruition, people had simply thought it was some kind of condition. As Cassandra’s gaze wore on he entertained the thought that she’d ask him about them; he flicked through an imagined set of conversations based on all the enquiries they might raise. What? Why? How? He had answers prepared for all of them.

When she did finally speak up his surprise was visible.

“Well, that’s a relief to know.”

It really was. His tone was humorous, but the part of Kal that had hidden for two years in a shell of himself was striking the air in silent victory.

“Anyway, I don’t see how this could be a bad thing.” He turned towards the entrance. New students – mostly around his age – flittered to and fro like an intermittent electrical current, ionized with the drive to live, to wonder, to be. The sight was an assuring one.

“People go bad out of need.” Need of money. Need of acceptance. Of purpose. “This place is about helping people get what they need, right?”

He placed his hands on his hips and seemed to inwardly nod to himself, as if that was the matter over and done with.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:13 pm

-Out in the Yard- Edger

"Not really. They're plants, but heat huh. That must be handy." He said politely, looking ahead as he walked. He wasn't too used to loads of people, being a farmer's son and all. "This is my first time coming to America, and I'm not really enjoying it." he added bleakly. "Kinda homesick, plus, this place is kinda hot and sunny, which isn't my thing." He squinted at the sun for a moment, and looked ahead as they rounded the corner to face the garden. His face fell. "Oh, using the term garden a bit loosely there." He'd been looking forward to what he'd imagined as this miniature extract of some wild part of the amazon, full of alien and exotic plants. "I should have sensed there'd be nothing like that." He sighed. "You think they have more of a biological garden somewhere?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:48 pm

--[Intersection to the Dorms]--

"It is good that you think that," Cassandra replied without a flicker to her smile. "I very much hope that is true. But not all are here by choice."

She had noticed the sunset red of the boy's eyes, but it was not their colour that interested her, as beautiful as it was. Rather she was looking beyond the gleam of Kal's fiery irises, past a perceived facade to something she believed hidden within. It was an intuition, perhaps, or a creeping paranoia, but the raven-haired waif seemed to see something in Kal that she recognized in herself. He was too practiced at hiding it if 'it' did exist, however, and she soon gave up trying to see what could only be seen through deep conversation.

"Hopefully we will get to know each other during our stay in this, what did you call it? 'Boarding School'?" She offered these words in a soft, even tone. The mystery of what lay behind those crimson eyes had piqued a curiosity she hadn't felt for a while. But the thoroughfare of the halls was finally getting to her, with friends yelling to friends across the hall and the heavy thunder of footfalls eventually bringing a visible twitch to her slightly pointed ears.

"B-but I must get my stuff in order. I am glad to have met you Kal," she gives him a nervous smile before she unfolds her arms and slips away towards the girl's dorm.

--[Girl's Dorm]--

Her thoughts turned to darker times when she heard shouting, whatever the tone of voice. She could barely think and it was all she could do to force her body simply to escape. Her heavy breathing and rattling heartbeat finally slowed as she reached the girl's dormitory, taking the time to adjust her hair which had gotten a little mussed in her haste to find a shelter from the heavy decibels of the main hall. Her thoughts turned to the meeting she had just fled from and she found herself hoping her hasty retreat hadn't offended Kal. He had seemed like someone as confused as she was. Someone that might understand the chaotic turmoil roiling around in her brain like an acid-filled thundercloud.

She located her room, slipped inside and, upon finding her bed, promptly fell face first into it with her arms spread, simply falling limp as if hoping the stress of the day would ooze out of her fingertips. There was still more of this day to go, but for now Cassandra remained quiet and stationary, lost in regrettable thoughts as she waited for the world to progress around her.

"Things can only get better, right?" She asked herself quietly, voiced muffled by her pillow.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:49 pm

-Out in the Yard- > Cafeteria-

“Hmmm… well it is useful sometimes, but I’m sure your power can come in handy too.” Jaime said, doing his best to be modest and make Edger feel at ease about his own powers as well. There was a soft smile on Jaime’s face as Edger told him about how homesick he felt, which was something that Jaime only understood from a certain perspective. He never really had a place that he could call ‘home’ before, always on the move he could never get settled in for too long before getting uprooted once more.

“It does take time to get used to a new place, I doubt that I can even count the number of times I’ve moved. From my experience give it a few weeks and a positive attitude, soon enough you’ll start finding things to like and it’ll grow on you.” Jaime chuckled a bit as Edger commented on the garden that they were walking past. Jaime didn’t know too much about flowers or plants, but even he could tell that there was some work that could be done.

“I heard about a hedge maze if I’m not mistaken, but other than that I’m not sure. Besides this place is supposed to be our new home, I’m sure that if you asked they would let you make the garden a bit more presentable haha.” Jaime looked back towards the garden for a moment and then back towards the large dome which he assumed must have been their destination. There was also a building on the left where he could see boys heading in and out of, more than likely this was the boy’s dorm.

“If you manage to get a new garden fixed up, be sure to have plenty of fresh produce… I don’t know much about growing it, but I sure know a ton about how to cook it. And let me tell you, nothing tastes quite as good as fresh ingredients.” Jaime said in a bright tone, an obvious segway for his next topic.
“I think that’s the cafeteria right there… I hope it’s not all pre-made, out of the box, microwave ready stuff that so many places have these days… give me a kitchen with a pantry full of fresh stuff any day.” He said as he opened the door to the kitchen, pausing for a moment to hold the door open for Edger.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:44 pm

Garden > cafeteria

"Yes, I sensed that, but a maze of plants loses it's appeal when you can sense it's shape. As for the garden, it looked more like a place to think or just be pretty than grow things. Different type of garden." "Possibly some sort of memorial?" he thought to himself as he glanced at the statues. The only land that wasn't used for growing things in Edger's hometown had been the graveyard beside the church. "If I have to make a case for the garden, I'll use the fresh fruit and veg excuse, and I'll hold you to that offer thanks." Edger replied to Jaime, smiling as he entered the cafeteria. He noticed an amount of heads turning to look outside, and followed their example, turning his head to see also. "Looks like there's already some drama going on." he said absently, then ignoring it and walking to the queue. He'd grab a sandwich and some milk if possible. Maybe chocolate, as a rare treat.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:24 pm

Information office > Boy's Dorms.

"Thank you Jubilee," said Matthias at the end of her lecture. He didn't mind listening to it, being in a new setting demanded that he gathered as much information as possible into order to assess... well, everything. Plus the more he knew about the place, the better. He steeped out of the office, and after adjusting a few things, set out to the boy's dorm area with confidence in his stride. There was this girl? he guessed, showing her board off to some guy at the stairs. He felt something about them, in the back of his mind, like the air of a charge building up. The thought of messing with it as he passed came across his mind, but He paid little attention to it. He was more determined about getting to his room, and figuring out what to do.

A few minutes later, after winding through clusters of students and a few empty halls, he arrived at his door, and opened it with the key. There seemed to be some students down down the way that were already talking and making friends. He slipped inside the room and deposited his things on his bed. He glanced out the window and saw the lush forrest. It was beautiful, this place was nice, and he knew his parents would be happy when they hear about it... probably be happier about it if they knew he made some friends. He guessed the ones in the Dorm would be a good place, then off to exploring the rest of the institute.

Matthias approached John and the other boys. "Umm, hi," he said. "Are you guys first year students?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:35 pm

[Near Info office/front entrance -> Cafeteria]

William watched as Marie temporarily departed from the group, giving a single wave with his free hand. He considered returning the one bag he still had with him to his own room, but decided against it. It would only require him to make an extra trip after lunch if he returned it now. "Well you heard the lady, let's go on ahead." He said as if you prod Max along, continuing on his way. There was most definitely a way to get there through the building, but it was a nice enough day that William opted for the longer way around the building. "One, two three, four, five, six..." He counted allowed after they'd gone a little ways, sticking out a finger out towards a wooded area off to the one side of the building. A number of bushy tailed squirrels were moving around in the trees there, just barely visible in the shadows of the leaves from this distance. He wasn't really trying to show off his keen eyes, but rather it was just a habit to notice the presence and number of certain game animals.

Coming around the building William spied, a glowing purple hole in the air that hadn't been there before. It was strange to see but then again, this was a school for people with super powers. He wasn't crazy enough to go poking at it to see what it was exactly, so he continued on his way. Two guys were arguing near by, but he couldn't make out enough to assume it was anything more than a normal fight. At the cafeteria he headed straight for the kitchen, he wanted to see if the kitchen staff was in and make sure they were on-the-level about a few meal time essentials. It simply would not do to have meals like he remembered from his school days. He didn't find any women with hair nets there though, just a pair of guys standing in the doorway who didn't appear to be cooking much of anything. "I take it you guys aren't the kitchen staff?" He asked, going with his gut feeling on this one.
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:58 pm

(Plot that I forgot to mention - Max has already been to his room. Woops.)
-Info Office to Cafeteria-

Max's awkward stammering was interrupted by Marie's friendly hair ruffle. He smiled and laughed at the gesture. "Thanks Marie, but you are probably gonna have to hit me at some point. I will be ready for it though!" Another laugh before Marie addressed William. "Oi i'm no kid!" Max exclaimed with mock indignation as Marie left for her room. Now that things had slowed down a bit, max realized that he was actually quite hungry. Turning to meet William's suggestion, Max smiled and said "Sounds good dude, lead on!" The two walked in not-quite comfortable but not quite awkward silence for a bit. Max was not familiar with their surroundings yet, but even he recognized that they were taking a longer route. Which was fine by him. His companion was also silent, seeming to be enjoying the scenery. Suddenly he spoke, just counting...something? "Uh...whatcha counting...Oh the squirrels. You have good eyes dude." Max said when his partner's actions registered. They continued to walk and when they entered the cafeteria, Max simply followed William, glancing around at the scattered students. He noticed the glowing purple portal, with its two arguing students having their face off in front of it. Well there is my first look at other mutant activity. he thought to himself, not even remotely thinking that something sinister could have been afoot.
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:11 pm


“Hmmm, you might be right about that. Though still, I think a garden with fresh produce is always a good thing to have on hand.” Jaime said, musing to himself a bit. He found it interesting how Edger described the hedge maze, being able to understand plants must have been quite the amazing thing even if it’s owner may have not agreed upon it. A slight smirk crossed Jaime’s lips as an old saying crossed his mind ‘the grass is always greener’… in this case that would have been much too ironic to say out loud. Jaime’s eyes drifted around the cafeteria for a moment, taking note of everyone and everything that was going on. Mostly he was just seeing what kind of set up there was and strictly speaking he was going to have a word or two with whoever ran it. Freshly cooked meals would have been a superb addition, at least in his opinion anyways.

His eyes drifted outside of the cafeteria for a moment and even before Edger mentioned something about it, Jaime already knew that something was up. He couldn’t read lips, but the body language of their conversation spoke volumes more. The smile on his face faded slightly and it looked as if he was curious as to what was going on, especially since there was a large purple thing floating in the air.

“I’d say something along the lines of ‘You don’t see that every day’ but… at this place that could just be an everyday thing, right?” Jaime said as he gave an unsure shrug towards Edger. There didn’t seem to be any kind of violent conflict going on, so Jaime didn’t have any impulse to jump into an argument between two people he didn’t even know. Still he felt compelled to at least keep an eye on what was happening. It was then that another student approached them, mentioning something about the kitchen staff.

“AH, wrong! You’re looking at the soon-to-be head chef, and the soon-to-be head gardener pending several approval processes that I’m not aware of. Though, since it’s my first day I might just be getting a little ahead of myself haha. I’m Jaime, nice to meet you. That’s Edger over there. And that is a purple floating … er thing… just outside the cafeteria.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:59 pm


Hana wrote: The words trailed off as a new guy came into the cafeteria, and the Japanese girl sat back, watching him with a serious look in her eyes, as if she were trying to determine whether he'd be a giant asshole like a certain telekinetic she knew, or...

Every few moments, Tanner would look up from his sketchpad for reference. He was getting the area down pretty well too, even some of the other mutants sitting around the booths. 'Better effect if everyone's included.' he thought absently. On one of his little spy hops, he noticed that the blue haired asian girl who was sitting with two other equally cute girls was eyeballing him quite intensely. It wasn't a happy stare, either. Tanner instinctively donned his biggest shit-eating grin, and winked at her.

The wink hadn't failed him yet, it typically got at least a quiet smile from most, if not a giggling snort. He tried his best to maintain eye contact until she broke it, then returned to his pad, making a few adjustments. Hopefully she wasn't upset that he seemed to be drawing she and her friends, in any case he had a ways to go.

Having just finished another part of the scenery, and reaching for another bite of his burger, tanner raised his head in response to a nearby question.

"Mind if I join you man?" Asked a messy haired kid in sunglasses.

Tanner grinned and let out a little laugh when he noticed the eyeware,

"Hah! Sure dude," he said, waving a hand at the booth's seats, tanner had sat up on the table to get a better view.

"Woah, hey, do you see that? He suddenly said, jesturing at the massive glass wall at the back of the cafeteria. There was a big purple ring hanging in midair there, and right beside it, were two boys in a heated argument. Tanner craned his neck and pursed his lips, squinting at the pair.

"What do you think is going on over there?" He mused to his new companion.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:54 am

[Intersection to the Dorms]

“Oh, sure. See you around.”

Kal watched as Cassandra made her swift exit towards the girls’ dormitories, a slight perplexity playing at his brow. In those last few moments there she’d had a vaguely harangued, bedraggled air to her – as though something invisible and malicious had suddenly caught up at her heels. One side of him worried that he’d said something unbearably awkward, but another, more logical element reminded Kal that people needed time to recharge occasionally. Everything out here was eclectic and bizarre; there was no quiet, only the constant warbling static of things hurrying to fall into place. Like him, the school was desperately, anxiously searching…

A mild pang in his stomach reminded Kal that he, too, needed to top up his batteries. He’d only picked at his food on the flight. The state of nervousness was a strange thing – it could be exhausting, yet it seemed to actively dissuade the desire to eat, to be well. It was stranger that, even now, he remained full of such small fragilities.


The cafeteria wasn’t far. It greeted him with the familiar patchwork smell of school dinners. The tables bustled with students – some chattering, some eating, some involved fully in their own worlds, and all part of a collective rumble. The smell seemed to mingle somehow with their clamour. Heads bobbed up and down like bubbles boiling to the surface in an immense soup. Sizzles of laughter flared up occasionally. Innocuously disagreeing fashion statements of all kinds peppered the jumble in odd dispersals, like mixed spices vying for precedence. There was one girl with ridiculously bright blue hair.

Grinning a little to himself, he lined up for eats, but almost immediately found his attention perked by what was occurring outside.

To be honest, his eyes had first been drawn to the basketball court. He hadn’t played a real game in years – his parents had been afraid that he’d hurt someone, or that in some way, small or great, he’d expose himself. They had probably been right but the whole situation galled him nonetheless.

In front of the court, however, there was a floating glimmer of purple light, and beside it two students were making all the faces and motions that implied harsh words.

He half-watched the heated exchange as he shuttled along his tray. It was nothing all that bad – people needed to shout at each other occasionally. It wasn’t his place to get involved unless things turned particularly ugly.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:16 am

Boys Dorm

Luis stepped further aside as another boy came walking by to head toward the rooms. He placed himself near a window, keeping the hall as clear as he could. "Pleasure to meet you, John. I'm Luis Neam." He leaned forward, shaking John's hand while glancing to his computer to scan the other new arrival. "I'll also be helping Cyrus with anything he might be unable to accomplish. So we'll likely see each other often." He offered no smile, but his tone was quick to adjust and sound genuinely comforting.

Then a fourth arrived to join their merry band of loiterers. There must be a rule we're breaking... I'll have to stir us away... He glanced outside to see if anything could attract everyone away before turning to Matthias. "This is the first year for all of us here, as well." He said, nodding to Cyrus and John for reference. "I am Luis, as you might have overheard." He quickly looked to his laptop, switching around to his outside cameras. There was something that caught his attention, but the angle from the dorm hallway offered little clarity.

He found the camera directly overlooking the court from the entrance to the cafeteria, then had the device pan up and look toward the large, purple mass. It was high enough to look over and see the two arguing just in front of the portal. Luis squinted his already slender eyes, immediately scanning the opening. I don't recall, but... Odd to see it staying open if he just came from the campus. Would he not close... He froze as he discovered where the portal's twin was resonating from. Though he couldn't get an exact location using just his computer, a broad region was enough to warn him of what was likely the source.

"So soon...?" Luis spun and closed his computer, switching it with his jacket to quickly slide it onto his form. He ignored buttoning as he grabbed the computer again. "Apologies, but I think I located something important to address... Try to stay away from the basketball court and cafeteria." He quickly warned the other three before walking off in a brisk pace. He reached into one of his pockets and took out his cell phone, glancing over it for a moment.

Not much... I'll need more, to be safe. He passed the students at the intersection of the dorms, turning to step between some to grab a camera he had suspended there. He hurried and walked off toward the cafeteria immediately after.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:22 am

Steve Wagner - Cafeteria

Steve cracked a smile when he wasn't turned away by his fellow classmate and quickly sat down. But just when he was about to take a big bite his table mate seemed quite concerned with what was going on outside. Steve turned to face the glass and saw the purple oval just sitting there outside with two guys arguing around it. "Wow, that's kind of cool." he said turning back to his companion.

"I saw some guys playing b-ball out there getting my food and using their powers. They looked like they were arguing about it too. They might just still be going at it." he said to his new companion. "Must be getting intense if they're doing stuff like that now." he said turning back to Tanner. "Want to go get a better look?" he asked before taking a bite of his pizza and then remembering a crutial detail. "Oh sorry, manners. Thanks for letting me sit man. Name's Steve, what's yours?" he asked holding out his hand that didn't contain his food.

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:42 am

[Main Entrance -> Info desk Line]

Thomas's arrival heralded a slight breeze by the gate. He gave with a heavy sigh and put his hands on his knees "Me? being late..inconceivable...A failure of action to fall asleep so late. Well, it was nice." he made a face then "Blech! Pea soup consistency air? This is what I get for going to a school in a different climate region" With that he moved to shoulder his backpack on his blue tee-shirt that depicted The Man of Steel with the words "Come at me Bro" and trotted up to the lingering line of people.

"Awh maaaann..." He sighed as he saw quite a few interesting people filtering about already. Obviously they weren't stuck in this line. he knew in his heart that Hell itself was going to be a line at this speed...Two steps forward as another kid went into the office (ARGH)! The pain was writ on his face as he wiped back his now damp brow, brushing back some of the loose white hair. He immediately switched to people watching...Everyone seemed to be trying to looking outside at something...

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:47 pm

Nancy Corture----Staircase, Ground Floor

_Strange Happenings_

"Nancy...Ever hear of the X-men?"

What kind of question was that? Of course she heard of the X Men. They were often on the news, every time some reporter wanted to do a story on the growing terrorist group known as the "Brotherhood of Mutants", they would always mention the X men in passing. It appeared that most people had conflicting views on the team of superpowered heroes. On one hand people admired them for challenging the terrorist actions of the Brotherhood. On the other hand, and this was possibly due to what was happening in San Francisco, people feared them just as much as they feared Magneto, perhaps even more so. She herself had always dreamed of meeting Charles Xavier before his unfortunate death. She knew that many nations had admired him and his ideals, with good reason to. The sad thing was, she didn't hear about it until she read a post about it on some forum on the internet.

"Yeah I heard of them" she told Hellion, raising an eyebrow. The guy was being pretty mysterious right now, was he saying that he personally knew the X men? Even further; was he saying that he was actually a member? That grin of his was off-putting to say the least. She couldn't decide whether or not she could trust him just yet, but if he was implying what she thought he was implying... "What are you hinting at?" she asked cautiously, deciding to test the waters.

Just after she said that, something strange appeared in the sky. Nancy only just caught it, since she was still at an angle where it could be easily missed. It was still strange enough to hold her attention, as it wasn't every day you say a purple hole in the sky. It appeared to be too coincidental for her, and only served to inform her that there was some strange things afoot. She didn't think this was the sort of school where kids would purposely exploit their powers (or even be allowed to), so something must be up. "Did you see-" she started to say, but she was interrupted by a new arrival that was coming up the stairs.

She found it strange that a student could forget things so easily. Judging from where the girl was coming from, Nancy deduced that she must've been to the Information Office. Nancy herself had no trouble finding the Girl's Dorm from there, so what was this girl's malfunction. 'She must be one of those ditzy types' she thought, looking the girl over, although she didn't look that way. Before Hellion could try anything with her, Nancy spoke up. "I'll show you. I actually just came from there." She looked back at Hellion, "You're going to tell me more about this scouting thing of yours later, just so you know." Nancy just wanted to get the newcomer out of there as quickly as possible, more than aware of what a guy like this would want to do with her. A ditzy girl like her had no business being caught up with a guy like him.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:19 pm

[Staircase, Ground Floor]

Julian glanced to Nancy, then looked out the window to see what she'd been on about...and his grin melted away immediately.

Without looking at the girls, he nodded and said absently, "Yeah, later...."

His hand moved to his pocket, and he dug out a metal disk, embossed with an X on it. A green glow suffused him, and he lifted his other hand toward the window, which was also encompassed with a green light as it opened.

"I think we have a visitor," he said in the general direction of the communicator he'd pulled from his pocket, and then Nancy and Samantha's hair was ruffled as Hellion flew off out the window like a glowing green bullet toward where Lit and Jake stood.

* * *

Noriko flushed when the boy smiled at her, and looked away quickly, pursing her lips and picking at her food without actually eating any of it. In fact, she paid such good attention to her food that she didn't notice the goings on outside until a voice issued from her pocket, in stereo with the same voice from the pockets of her two lunchmates.

"I think we have a visitor."

Sofia's face darkened even more as she heard Julian's voice, but Noriko looked up and then blinked as she saw the portal, and Lit arguing with the blue-haired boy.

The blonde girl turned to see what her friend was looking at, and her eyes widened. Suddenly, everyone in the cafeteria began to feel uneasy and anxious.

"Wallflower, put a cap on it," Sofia said as she planted her hands on the table and turned to see what it was that had made the blonde's power start to tweak. Her frown darkened.

"Surge, with me. Wallflower, keep the newbies inside. We don't want anyone getting hurt..." And with that, Sofia was running for the door to the yard.

Electricity crackled around her as Noriko stood and slammed a hand over the table, vaulting over it and landing to run with speed after her team leader.

The blonde frowned and stood as well, looking out over the new students that had begun to congregate in the room. "Ah...um...everyone...please...stay calm!" she called out, although it was a feeble attempt, especially with her empathic power working at odds with her, filling the room with pheromones that jacked up everyone's anxiety.

* * *
[Between Cafeteria and Basketball Courts]

"Okay. Great. You warned me. Now don't make me knock you the fuck out to keep you here," he said, stepping back from his brother and raising his empty hands. "I don't want to hurt you, Jake, but I will if I have to."

"Des..." the younger brother said, standing his ground, "don't do it..."

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:27 pm

[Outside Girl's Dorm]

A window opened on the third floor of the girl's dorm, and a petite girl wearing short-shorts and a camisole leaped out, her short-cropped blonde hair flying straight up as she descended. The wind ruffled her shirt, showing off tanned belly, and then she slammed into the ground, going to a crouch as she landed on her bare feet, cracking the concrete.

* * *

[Mansion Roof]

"Aw, damn," the winged girl said, and then dived off the edge she was perched on, flitting toward the glass walls of the cafeteria.

* * *
[Basketball Court]

The halfhearted argument among the trio of boys ended abruptly as Julian's voice issued over the communicator. The three boys looked among themselves, giving each other nods...and then Jay lifted his head and pointed toward the mansion. "Is that...?"

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:28 pm


While waiting around for food, Max had begun to become more engaged in what was happening outside. The more he looked, the more the portal put him off. He squinted at the two arguing boys and his heart beat quickened. The air around them had taken an ominous turn, he could tell even from here. The young mutant was on the verge of going out to see if he could calm the two down when a blonde woman started telling them to remain calm. Keep calm! That meant something was up! That fact culled any sense of ease he had remaining, and something seemed to be jacking up his anxiety. His eyes widened at the implications that had. He had avoided involuntary activation of his mutation for at least three months now, and he was determined to keep it that way. Closing his eyes, Max focused on trying to calm down, although the crowd only became more restless around him. Breath in, breath out, you are in control Max, you are in control.You choose when it activates. You choose.

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:56 pm


"It's day one and you've already got that much of your stay here planned out huh?" William responded, in a good natured tone. "I'm William, if you ever get that cleared with the school I'd happily catch us some fish sometimes." At the mention of the purple thing outside he could only shrug a little. "I kinda figured that was normal around here. It seemed like the one guy was delivering some bad news though so I was trying really hard not to eavesdrop so I don't know what about. It probably doesn't have anything to do with us." Oh how wrong William was, the sudden feeling of anxiety could not have come at more 'perfect' time. His whole body felt tense and his expression changed with it, becoming gravely serious. He turned to see the sudden commotion as two girls darted from the room with no attempt to hide their urgency which only served to set loose his imagination as to what was going on. Right now what he was most afraid of was accidentally activating his power in response to the unusual sense of anxiety he felt, he made every effort not to move nor move anything around him knowing that even simply bumping a table could lead to him severely injuring someone.

A blond girl that remained after the other two had left started trying to take control of the group, though she herself was clearly a nervous mess. "Why don't you calm down first and then get back to us? We were all doing just fine before your friends decided to try to start a panic. Would you like to scream 'FIRE!!' while you're at it? Maybe set off some smoke bombs?" William's tone was clearly agitated, he made no effort to hide it since keeping himself from moving was taxing enough.

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:36 pm

-Near Graymalkin Lane-

"That'll be $19.63." "Here's a 20. Keep the change"
As Alex exits the taxi cab, he heads to the trunk to pull out all his stuff: a near-burnt suitcase with all his possessions. That was all he had... well, all he could salvage. As he closes the trunk, he knocks on the trunk twice, letting the cab driver know he can leave. As Alex waves to the leaving taxi, he faces the long road known as Graymalkin Lane, and begins walking. "This must be it..." says Alex, as he reads the letter he was given. Does he look dirty? He tried his best to be as clean as possible when he sneaked into a motel room to take a quick shower. He didn't like it, but it was the only way he can get clean. He did take a long trip from Brooklyn to North Carolina, so he wanted to give a good expression of himself. As he reaches the gate, he finally sees it: the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. "Such amazing structure..." says Alex, as he passes the gate and enters the courtyard. He sees people around, most of them looking pretty friendly. He doesn't want to interact with anyone right now. All he wants is to go inside, get his dorm room, and relax. I mean, who doesn't want to relax after traveling for 8 days on the road to make it here?


As he enters the building, he wonders where to go. "Says here... to go... toooo... Jubilee's office... and where is that exactly?" as he asks himself with a confused look. He tries the first door he sees, and there seems to be a woman inside. "Hi, um... you wouldn't happen to be Jubilee?" The woman, startled, looks at Alex and says "Oh! Why yes, that's me! Are you new?" "Yeah, I am. The name's Alex. Alex De La Rosa." "Welcome to the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning Alex. Here is your dorm room key, the school map, and your schedule. Hope you like it here! "Yeah, I hope." With a smile, Alex leaves Jubilee's office. As Alex follows the map to his dorm room, he wonders what'll await him here. All he knows is that he hopes to have a good experience, a much better experience than back home. Just the thought about home gave him shivers. He just shakes his head and says "Keep it together Alex, what's the past is the past... the past." As he reaches his dorm room, he opens it with his key and opens the door. "Hmm, pretty normal. Better than nothin', I guess. So: we have a bed, a closet, and a bathroom. If its got 4 walls, I'll call it home." As he closes the door behind him he drops his suitcase with a thud, and lays on his bed. "Wonder what's next..." says Alex, as he drowses in his new life.

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Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:35 am


The response from William was somewhat refreshing to hear, he had only just met him and he was already offering to catch some fish for his cause, within no time Jaime was sure he could whip that kitchen back into shape. With a garden and fresh fish Jaime had no doubts that he’d be able to introduce the students of the institute to some fine meals far better than what they were so used to. It was turning into such a promising first day for the bright and cheerful young man.

“Haha yeah, I think some fresh fish would be in order as well… this place is going to be our home, so we might as well make it our o..” Jaime stopped mid sentence as he felt a sudden flash of anxiety fall over himself. His eyes immediately darted around the room as if from instinct and judging from how a few of the other students were reacting there was definitely something going on. He didn’t exactly know what but it seemed as if that purple thing that was floating in the air wasn’t exactly an every day thing like he had thought before. Everyone handled anxiety differently, some panicked and lost their cool while others clammed up and watched what was happening. Jaime however was a bit different, he knew that there was a problem, knew possibly where it was coming from and immediately wanted to help fix it.

“You and you… I know this is sudden, but your powers and how you can use them. Be quick and brief, I need to know what we can do to help out…” Jaime said in a stern and almost commanding sort of tone towards both Max and William as he pointed towards the two other boys. The young and dark haired man didn’t stop there, he walked forward to where Edger was for a moment.
“Edger, can you tell me what the plants are saying about the situation out there? How serious is it right now?”He said briefly, his eyes glued upon the purple portal as he continued to walk further into the cafeteria. Jaime walked towards the blonde girl who was left behind after all the commotion, a subtle and calm smile upon his face as he turned to look at her. There was a warm presence around the young man, a calming and almost reassuring warmth that seemed to radiate from his very touch as he reached out and put his hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry but I’m new here… I don’t know what’s going on but it looks like you do.” Jaime said with a soft smile on his face, the warmth from his hand only lingered for a moment before he took it off the girl’s shoulder to point outside of the cafeteria.
“Now calmly, please tell me what is happening and how I, how WE can help get through whatever is going on… everything will be ok, so please tell me.” The young man's eyes were intense and focused, but Jaime spoke in the calmest possible tone that he could manage. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was definitely something making him feel as if trouble was lurking just around the corner.
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