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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:01 pm

Info Office - Outside

"I'm fine." she smiled, brushing off the apparent injury. "I've been hurt worse. I remember one time while I was grinding my board slipped and I ended up landing on the bar. I heard it hurts worse for guys but it still hurt like hell." she laughed, grabbing her board, despite both hands being full. "I'm Samantha. I'd shake your hand but..." she trailed off as she lifted the bags she carried. "May I get through?"
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:17 pm

[Intersection to the Dorms]

Our kind. Kal would have to get used to hearing that. Nobody had really been anyone’s kind in Kent – there certainly hadn’t been any other mutants anywhere close to his usual haunts. None that he knew about, anyway.

Even after he’d realized what he was, the word ‘mutant’ had remained alien and strange. And, still, at this time and place, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat excluded from the whole thing. Nobody had ever tried to lynch him (that word, too, was so far away. Almost the property of another age). Nobody had thrown anything at him, or preached of his abberant nature before the eyes of God. The worst it had gotten, when the trouble finally came, was what one would expect from the local media – cameras outside of windows, people will microphones lurking on both ends of the street, etcetera etcetera.

He found himself wondering, at the far end of his brain, how this person’s experience had differed from his.

“Kal.” He answered. Normally he’d have turned over his full name, but Cassandra had declined to do so, and loathe as he was to admit it, Kal was desperate to fit in. For two years he’d been a triangle-shaped block trying squeeze into a square hole. Now that everyone was a triangle, Kal wasn’t eager to discover, via some small innocuous mistake, that he was more of a sphere.

“That’s, uh, not a nickname.” He added hastily, breaking out in an awkward smile. “It’s just Kal.”

His attention rewound a little and considered what she’d said prior to introducing herself.

“I guess… you’re not from around here, then? That’s cool – I’m pretty much in the same boat. It’s my first time in America…”

Actually, it was his first time anywhere abroad. The flight over had been his first time on a plane. But he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to admit that.

“…or in a boarding school, I guess.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:35 pm

[Front Entrance]

"Uhh, yeah...sure, if you're sure you're okay," Marie said, holding the door open for Samantha, then looking to Max and William with a shrug.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:49 pm

--[Intersection to the Dorms]--

Cassandra found herself craning her neck just keep eye contact with the colossally built Kal, and keep eye contact she did, almost without blinking. It was a searching stare, probing the broad-chested male for any signs of veiled hostility. Certainly it was a visually dressing down that some may find unsettling, or even offensive, but t was thankfully a brief state of affairs.

Unfolding her arms from behind her back, Cassandra pushed herself forth slightly from the wall so she was standing upright and taking on a more relaxed stance. She found Kal's awkwardness disarming, and soon she was offering him a genuine smile, a subtle change in her expression that served to brighten up her features. Trepidation turned to interest. It was not often she met someone of Kal's size who wasn't attempting to drag her off.

"You are correct. I am from Mexico, though I have been an American citizen for many years," she added the last part a little defensively.

"This is a strange new world, though, isn't it? I had never met another of our kind for years, and then boom! It is comforting to know you are not alone, I think," she looks wistful a moment, eyes flickering to the passing students before locking back on Kal's unusual crimson orbs. Her hands rest behind her back once more and she rocks gently on her heels.

"Time will tell if it is a good thing, though. We are all still human. Human nature does not do well with power," Cassandra seems to speak from experience if her slightly hurt tone is anything to go by. She chews on her lower lip for a moment before brightening up up surprisingly quickly though.

"We are to be in the same class, I think. I look forwards to learning with you. You seem friendly."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:50 pm

-[A week earlier ’Home’]-

“… so we thought this would be the best for you.” James Silver said.

John looked at the man sitting in front of him, listened how his shaky voice stopped from time to time. He saw the beads of sweat forming on the forehead from where the once jet-black hair already retreated, and his hands as they kept fidgeting while he talked. A word came to John’s mind when he watched his father ‘pathetic’.

He looked at the papers on the coffee table: Some medical reports and the acceptance letter from a boarding school for ‘special’ children. John reached for the medical report and looked at it again. -X-gene: Positive- Big, bold, red letters.

He glanced at his mother as she watched him over the rim of her mug. Her hand was shaking as well, and John could smell the rum in the tea… lot of rum. He wondered if she could still walk a straight line. She used the mug to hide her face behind, but her eyes were telling stories. Her red locks were a mess; she really let herself go recently.

“You really have my blood tested for the X-gene?” He turned back to his father, but regretted it right away, he really didn’t want to hear any explaining, and waved him off as soon as he was about to start talking.

It was clear, that these people wanted him out of the house. They had him tested without his knowledge, and already arranged a place for him. …‘these people’, strange choice of words. No ‘mom and dad’, no ‘folks’ or even ‘parents’. The strangest thing about the whole situation, that it didn’t really bother John. He was about to get kicked out from his home, and he didn’t care. He just realized how distant he grew from his parents in the last couple of years. It was obvious that they didn’t love him anymore, but John didn’t feel the need for such a thing anymore. Of course he could make a scene, and he would have a lot of emotional leverage against the two of them, and he really could strike back and hurt them. But why bother? They didn’t want him, he didn’t need them.

“No problem, dad.” He said without a smile, why bother pretending. “Can I count on some financial support, or do I have to get myself a part-time job?” He asked as he gathered the papers from the table.

“One more thing. We heard how well you get along with the younger at school… so we were thinking the schools ‘Big Brother’ program would be to your liking.” James said, and handed John another envelope.

John glared at his father for a few moments, and then he burst out into a loud laughter. The situation couldn’t be any weirder.

-[Today, parking lot and Info center]-

John pulled into parking lot, where a lot space was available. His father promised him a car at one point, so he cashed in on the offer. It wasn’t flashy, a ten year old grey VW Jetta, but was in good shape, cheap to maintain, wasn’t a big gas-guzzler and brought him from point A to point B. John drove three days to get to the school, but did just fine. Proper planning and Google maps could work wonders.

From the trunk he pulled a big backpack, another sports bag and a bokken. The wooden sword or simply a stick made of hardwood wasn’t shaped like the most you can see. It didn’t resemble a katana, but was kind of bending in all the wrong ways. Two bags seemed to be enough to contain the things he really needed. Of course he had some other stuff, but he deemed them unnecessary, and just left to those two, to do them whatever they want. There was really no point in ‘visiting home’ anymore.

When he made his way to the information office, there seemed to be some kind of traffic jam at the entrance, even an accident. John just stopped at the end of the line, and waited for things to get going without a word.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:54 pm

Info Office - Outside

Samantha looked around before leaning in to whisper in Marie's ear, "Why are there so many guys here? It's gonna be hard for me to find a girlfriend as is but these guys will only make it harder." She then looked at John and smiled kindly. "Hi, how are you? I'm Samantha."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:09 pm

-Outside the Information Office-

John tilts his head as the girls with the way too much luggage turns to him. The young man could be considered quite handsome by some girls. He gives her wide, but not an absolutely honest smile.
“Hello there. I’m fine, I’m just wondering why don’t you wait with the socializing after you get settled in, and move on, so others could do as well?” He says and waves toward the door kept open by Marie with a big, theatrical gesture.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:25 pm

[Traffic JAM, Front Entrance and Information Office]

Marie blinked, taken aback at Samantha's invasion of her personal space, not to mention the message that she whispered. She stared at the other girl with a strange look of 'not sure if want' on her face, and then without a word, she ducked past Samantha through the door she was holding open and went inside, taking John's cue to get the hell out of dodge.

She walked straight to the Information Office, trusting in Max to deal with the situation briefly while she gave her name to Jubilee, got her key and papers, and then waved off the lecture, walking right back out with a flat quip of, "I can read the rulebook. I got eyes."

Jubilee stopped mid sentence, a bit of a kicked puppy look on her face, and took a moment to pout before leaning out the doorway to call "Next!"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:32 pm

Info Office - Inside

"I guess that's my cue." she said, smiling. She slid through the door as Marie came out, getting everything she needed. When it came to the lecture, she stopped her. "All I need to know is rules, dress code and where everything is. Is it all in the booklet?" she asked with a defiant smile. "And, if not, It's something I can learn as I go."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:18 pm

Nancy Corture----Staircase, Ground Floor

Nancy glared at the boy who took it upon himself to delay her eventual marriage with food. Her initial impression of him was right at the very least, he carried with him an air that screamed "hey look at me! I'm a major douchecanoe!" It wasn't just his demeanor that had clued her in on this glaring personality flaw. His face had a rather unconvincing grin sprawled across like he was from a poster for a Dreamworks film. It made her wonder whether or not those were real teeth or simply dentures.

She couldn't deny it, the guy was handsome. He was tall, he had the dark gorgeous hair, even his eyes had a mystery to them. Plus, with that body of his she wouldn't be surprised if nearly every girl in the school was chasing him at some point. Nancy looked the guy who introduced himself as "Hellion" up and down, wondering how many hearts he must've broken. Her train of thought was broken when he mentioned "new talent" and "heroes". Was he serious? A talent scout? At his age? Well it certainly sounded like he was a talent scout.

Truth be told, Nancy always thought of herself as someone more than capable of becoming a heroine. She used to be really into the Magical Girl genre of anime as a pre-teen and teenager. She often visited fabric stores and sewing clubs in order to learn the skills needed to make her own magical girl outfit. Suffice to say, she was never much of a seamstress. Still, the idea never really left her. Her mother often talked about how S. H. E. I. L. D. was really lacking in the woman department, often commenting how silly it was that all the men had the superpowers. She and her father often joked about the subject.

It wasn't easy for her to take Hellion at face value considering. "Call me Nancy", she told him, leaning back on the stair-rail. The act lifted up her bubblegum pink gather skirt to the point where Hellion got a nice view of a good portion of her bare thighs. Reaching inside a leather brown backpack she had swung over her shoulders, the cherry haired chick took out a package full of strawberry pockey, propping one in her mouth before casually offering one to Hellion. She thought she might as well find out his motivations before establishing any antagonistic feelings too early. She couldn't deny it, she was curious. "So, mind telling me exactly what you're scouting out for? Or is this some sort of top secret thing the professors doesn't want any of us new kids to know about?" For all she knew he could be bullshitting her, which was another reason why she wanted to make sure his deal. Nancy wasn't about to be the first person this year to fall for some jerkoff's idea of a prank.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:53 pm

-=Front Drive=-

Exiting the taxi into the bright North Carolina sun was the best feeling that Tanner had ever felt. He had been stuck on a bus for the last two days with nothing to eat but fast food, and nothing to do but write and draw. The latter he had no problem with, the former however... would need to be rectified immediately. As the dark haired boy emerged from the car however, he couldn't help but be overwhelmed.

The school was amazing.

He knew that he was going to a private academy, and he had seen the pictures, but the real thing could never had justice done to it by a simple photograph. People of all shades dotted the grounds. And by all shades, Tanner was pretty sure he just saw a lizardman, complete with tail, and a pixie girl sitting of all places, on the roof. She wasn't the only one either, it seemed like no place was off limits. Tanner gaped at the view. Even the trees were unbelievable, he'd never even seen trees so tall and thick. He stood there frozen for a moment before he heard an impatient voice behind him.

"Hey kid!" the cabbie shouted for the umpteenth time, "You gotta' pay!" He grumbled, holding a hand out the window, "Seventeen twenty-eight."

After paying the frustrated cabdriver, Tanner took a breath and donned a smirk as he trundled through the myriad of mutants on the front lawn and basketball court, long duffel and sling back leaving him slightly hunched as he went. This was his new home, a fresh first chapter of an awesome story. His stomach interrupted his musing with an angry moan. 'Ok first part of the story is definately lunch.' thought tanner.


After what seemed like forever waiting in line with a bunch of other students, the dark skinned boy finally got his map and schedule, and made his way to the boy's dorm, heavy duffel in tow. Fifteen minutes later, Tanner had finally arrived at his destination. The cafeteria was half greenhouse itself, and big planters full of flowers decorated the borders and halfwalls all around. The back wall was a gigantic glass half dome that gave an awesome view of the pool and lake behind the school. Sitting on top of one of the scattered booths, Tanner beamed. Fiddling with the clips on his bag, he took out a big drawing pad, and began to scribble between mouthfuls of greasy cheeseburger.

He knew exactly what this scene needed.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:16 pm

[Basketball Court]

The ceasefire on the basketball court ended, as the re-haired boy spread his wings and leaped into the air, a rush of wind buffeting his opponents.

"Tch!" the boy who had marked him exclaimed, "Cheater! That's how you wanna play it, Jay? Fine!" The blond boy's shadow suddenly grew short, and then seemed to encompass him, cloaking him in darkness. Before the wind caused by his friend's spectacular takeoff died, he shifted and leaned toward the basket. And then suddenly, he was in motion.

The black haired boy with the headphones stared for a split second, then fumbled with his mp3 player. As he did so, the now-shadowed boy darted to the goal, leaping to intercept the winged player. Even with his astonishing speed, though, Jay apparently had an edge...only, when he slammed the ball into the hoop, it bounced off a shimmering forcefield. He looked up, sweat glittering on his skin as his feet touched concrete again, toward the black haired boy. "Really, Mark?"

"Hey, Dallas is right. You started it!" the headphone-wearing boy said with a half grin.

"Idiots," muttered the tattooed man as he pushed away from the wall surrounding the court, dropping his cigarette and grinding out out under the heel of his heavy black boot before turning to walk back toward the main building.

* * *
[Staircase, Ground Floor]

He was a red-blooded teenage boy. He couldn't help but look. He did manage to refrain from the low whistle that was his instinctive reaction, and to his credit, he did look back up at her face after only a moment.

"Nancy...Ever hear of the X-men?" he asked, still grinning.

* * *
[Information Office]

After getting Samantha's name, she handed the girl her welcome packet and her key, smiling cheerily as she launched into her now well-rehearsed speech, going over the major points in a succinct manner. When she was finished, she offered the girl another smile, her head tilted.

"Anything else I can help you with, Miss Carter?" she asked kindly.

* * *

"I know..." the blue haired girl said, trying to be understanding for her friend...She still didn't really understand why Sofia had even started going out with Julian Keller in the first place. The words trailed off as a new guy came into the cafeteria, and the Japanese girl sat back, watching him with a serious look in her eyes, as if she were trying to determine whether he'd be a giant asshole like a certain telekinetic she knew, or...

The blonde girl caught her looking, and glanced at Tanner, then back to her friend. "Noriko?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah?" Her stare was interrupted as she looked back at the quiet girl, the both of them letting Sofia pick angrily at her food without their input.

"Are you being paranoid?"


Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:32 pm

Info Office - Outside > Girls Dorms - Outside

"No, that sounds like everything." she smiled as she left. Once outside, she slid past the rest of the people waiting to talk to Jubilee, dropped her board and began riding towards the dorms. She saw some cute girls on her way but had to put her stuff in her new room before getting food. "After I eat, I'll try to find a cute girl to talk to." she nodded, stopping by the door.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:01 pm

Steve Wagner - Outside to Cafeteria

It had been a while since the bus stopped off at the school, yet for some odd reason it hadn't left yet. The bus driver wasn't even in his seat anymore, he looked like he was in the back of the bus yelling something. "For the last time, get up kid!" he yelled as he delivered a swift kick to the leg of the last stragler on the bus. Steve woke up with a sudden jerk and his eyes quickly met the now furious bus driver. "Finally. Geeze kid you sleep like a log." he complained. "Oh wow I was out? Sorry about that man." Steve said as he got up from his seat, grabbing a quick look around the bus as he did. "But hey, that was the greatest, most comfortable ride I've ever had in my life. Believe me. Well you have to, I was out cold it was so comfy." He said as he grabbed his duffle bag next to him and quickly moved past the bus driver and got off the bus.

Finally he was there, and man did the place look amazing. Steve's mouth was slightly open as he took in the surroundings very closely. "How the hell did I manage to make it to this nice of a place?" He said as he watched his fellow students go about their business. He approached the building, not really sure what to do next. 'Let's see, mingle, grab the stuff they say I need, or...' his thought was interupted by a large growl from his stomach. "Ah yes, lunch it is." he said to himself as he started to move faster towards the school, passing a couple of guys just laying on the grass enjoying the day. 'Now they've got the right idea today.' he thought as he approached the school, and squeezed by a few students in the entry way.

Once he made it into the building he finally threw his bag over his shoulder and got a good luck at where everyone was going. Since majority of them were headed to one room he figured that was the cafeteria, only to find out it was the office where they got all of their information. Lunch would have to wait for a bit as he listened to the teacher's ramblings for a while. Every once in a while he nodded to seem like he was paying attention but he tuned out after she handed him a map of the school and the key to his room.

After a quick detour to his room to drop off his stuff, he headed straight towards the cafeteria. Luckily it wasn't that full of people yet, so he was able to grab some lunch fairly quickly. A nice slice of pizza and some other stuff when he caught a glimpse of a pick up game of basketball out back. Clearly they were having a fun time, using their powers to spice up the game a bit. "Definately going to be a fun time here" he said to himself as he looked for a table to sit at. Steve certainly didn't want to sit alone on the first day so he'd have to find someone, and find someone he did. A fellow student sitting alone, looking like he was about to draw something. He made his way over to the table and pulled out a chair across from him. "Mind if I join you man?" he asked Tanner as friendly as could be.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:32 pm

(It ends! I can post! Note to self, try to keep up XD)

Max turned in near unison with Marie as William approached. Seemed this guy knew more about what was going on than he did! Max was quick to turn his attention back to Marie though, as she addressed him. He grinned at her remark, openly glad that the points actually did count. As to Ms Jubilee's office- "Sounds like a plan, lets roll." He exclaimed, becoming more comfortable with his companions despite the newcomer. As they walked, Marie answered his question. The young man arched his eyebrows at her response. "LeBeau, huh? Cool name for what looked like a pretty cool guy. I won't pry into your personal life, we just met," A chuckle. "but who or what are the X-Men?" He asked, the name nabbing his curiosity. Before the question could be answered though, a girl with a lot of luggage crashed right in front of them! What happened next left Max in a state of utter confusion. The girl hastily apologized, got up, asked to go through, Marie let her, the girl whispered something that had an odd effect on Marie, some guy told the girl off, then Marie left, then the girl left, and one very confused Maxfield merely stood, mouth seeming to be attempting to formulate words, hand raised halfway to help or hold...something, he didn't even know anymore. (That is one MASSIVE run on sentence XD) "Ok..I will just, uh, wait...here...I guess..." The thoroughly confused mutant stammered. He loitered around the entrance to Ms Jubilee's office, expecting a fair wait, the information session had not been all that quick for him, surely it would take a little time for- oh nope Marie was back. Max brightened up, smiled and exclaimed "Well that was quick." Moving on to his next point, Max tried to keep how nervous he was out of his voice. "So, um, seeing as you are the only person I have actually really interacted with her so far,assuming you are not sick of me yet would you like to finish our conversation? I mean if you are bored with me feel free to go, I will be fine haha." He self-mocked, despite his sincerity in the matter. He did not want to annoy her, and he would be fine if she did in fact leave. "We don't have to stay here either, I can walk and talk." He offered.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:10 pm

[Front Entrance]

There certainly was a flurry of activity, though that was to be expected on this day. William couldn't even get a word in edgewise with all that was happening, but that was fine with him as he enjoyed just quietly watching people from time to time. The skatergirl's wipe out was unexpected, though she recovered quickly and was clearly fine so William need not lend a hand. One by one the gathered students had gone through their entrance ritual and with the speed they did so, he figured Jubilee had finally had her morning coffee... unlike when he was here first thing in the morning. "I was planning to get some lunch, feel free to tag along with me if you want the extra company." William suggested to Max and Marie.

He looked back over his shoulder to John, "Sorry about the road block we'll be out of your way in a second." before heading on his way.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:36 am

-Information Office-

John gave William a quick grin and took a step forward in the line. Finally he got into the office and walked up to the desk. “Good Morning. The name is John Silver. I already read the rules and regulations posted on the website and I guess the details are in here…” He pointed at the handouts and maps placed on the desk. “…I also received the letter about the extra program, and read it through multiple times. So is there any information you need to tell me, that is NOT written down here or on the website?” John immediately launched a wall of text at Jubilee before she could start her speech, stunning her routine.

“No?” He says after a few seconds. “In that case I’ll just take my keys and the other stuff and shall not waste any more of your time. I am sure, you are awfully busy today.” He said with a wide, but probably not so honest smile. He grabbed the keys and the package, gave her a nod “Thank you and goodbye.” and was out of the office.

-Boy’s Dorm-

John passed the talking Cyrus and Luis without a word, shifting his bags so he doesn’t bump into them. He finally got to the right room and stepped inside. It seemed his room-mate already settled already in; or rather the room was set for him. John walked to the free bed and dropped his bags on the floor and sat down on the bed with a sigh.

Big Brother program… Ehh… the whole deal was clearly a little ‘F.ck you!’ from those two. At least it was kind of funny and creative way making his life difficult. He didn’t think his father had that touch; on the other hand it was probably his mother’s idea. His father seemed uneasy around him, but she…she could barely be in the same room with John lately. In hindsight it was kind of an interesting thing to see how a loving mother with that catholic all-so-perfect lifestyle became an alcoholic wreck. But that didn’t really matter by now.

Besides, just because those two felt being jerks, didn’t mean that a little blind guy should suffer for it. According to the letter this Cyrus was kind of nice kid, there was really no reason not to get along with him. At least there was no reason yet. He pushed himself off the bed and stretched a bit. It was probably Cyrus down the hall talking, the white cane and the lack of height was kind of tell-tale sign. Unless the school had several short, blind kinds, but that was not very likely.

After leaving the room John went down the hall where Cyrus and Luis were still talking. He walked up to Cyrus, and tapped the blind kid on the shoulder. “Sorry to interrupt…” He said and gave Luis a smile and a nod before turning to Cyrus. “You are Cyrus, don’t you? I’m John, your…” Ok, there is no way in hell he is going to say THAT. ”…new roommate.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:43 am

-Out in the Yard-

"Already out of energy?" Edger asked, a slight incredulous tone creeping in. He shook Jaime's hand firmly and sat down, crossing his knees, leaning back and putting his hands on the ground behind him, digging his fingers into the earth. He sighed as he grounded himself. "Yes, I'm new too." His voice had a more serene and friendly tone now, more emotion than the stoniness beforehand. Just got off the bus, stuck beside some wee slip of a guy with what my mother would call, "a very negative aura" So, contrast-wise, you seem quite friendly too." Edger watched the milling students for a while. "Do you know anything about where we're staying? Dorms and such?" He thought he'd figured out where the boys dorms were anyway.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:48 am

Front entrance >Info office.

Matthias stood outside and looked at the towering mansion. It was impressive, very impressive. So regal and formal, yet everyone around him was running around in very casual clothes. He opened up his tablet and found the information he was looking for. It would be for the best, he thought, if he would find the information office first, get whatever he needed to get, settle in and then meet people. He was hesitant though, he had never been surrounded with so many people of his kind before, and didn't know what to expect. Part of him yearned to belong with them, yet the other part of him wanted to hide, and remain in the distance.

He sighted and picked up his duffel bag. Guess he would find the appropriate course of action once things were established. He walked through the front entrance and to the information office. He was a beautiful school, very well built. He found himself interested in the beginnings of the school. He would have to find someone to tell him about it. Surely some of the older professors her would know.

Matthias arrived at the information office, and knocked softly on the door frame. "Umm, excuse me. I'm new here and was wondering if I could get the information packet I was suppose to get?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:09 am

-Out in the Yard-

“Well… both metaphorically and literally haha, long flights can do that to some people. Have you ever had a layover before? They make you wait and wait and wait with nothing to do but stay at the airport until your flight… Met some interesting people there, surprisingly enough it was a lot of fun… ah hah.” For a moment Jaime seemed like he could have gotten on a roll with the way he was speaking, but it was almost like a light switch going off in the back of his head when he noticed he was getting a bit ahead of himself. Sure he wanted to tell this new guy all about that one traveling band from Wisconsin, or those European diplomats… but he knew that sometimes talking someone’s ear off after just meeting them could leave a bad impression. The smile on Jaime’s face widened slightly at the compliment, he didn’t particularly like being compared to another person but a compliment was still refreshing none the less.

“Thanks, I appreciate that. You seem like a good guy yourself, firm handshake, good posture, and good eye contact… Not too many people can manage that these days, it’s a lost art I think.” Jaime was happy that the first person he met was friendly enough, to him that could only mean that his stay here was going to be a pleasant one at the very least. Jaime slowly pulled himself up off of the ground and stretched out his arms, feeling the energy coming back to him in the form of a second wind.

“The dorms? Nope, not a clue at all haha. All I know is that I have a roommate, and that the dorms aren’t co-ed.” Jaime brushed off the loose grass from his shorts and shirt, then glanced around at the massive mansion wondering which way the boy’s dorms would most likely be in.
“Let’s go find out, I still haven’t seen much of the mansion yet so wandering around for a bit might do some good.”
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:09 am

Hallway to Boys' Dorm

Luis looked over his shoulder a bit, seeing that there was already some students ahead standing at the intersection of the halls to each dorm. He blinked and returned attention to Cyrus. "Ah, yes. I like to carry mine around. Never know when I'd need it." He listened as Cyrus explained about having a computer of his own. Then came the offer for tutelage. Luis arched an eyebrow at the prospect, indeed curious. "I would happily learn. I always seeks new routes of expanding my knowledge," he tiled his head a bit, "and as you say, it may serve us some purpose."

Luis looked aside and slid himself over to let the new student walk by. He looked over Cyrus' head, watching which room the other boy entered. "Ah... I see your roommate has arrived. Would you like to meet?" He blinked and looked up again as he saw the boy come out to walk over. "Well, I hope your answer is yes." He looked over to John as he came upon the boys just as Luis finished talking.

Luis then turned to place his jacket upon the stand he was, well, standing on earlier. He then opened his laptop once more while moving to face the two boys, quickly running his camera's programs to scan over both the boys as they began to talk. An opportunity to observe a new subject and a prior subject interacting... I'm sure I could learn something from their internal reactions alone.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:43 pm

Hallway to Boys' Dorm

"I would carry my laptop around, too, but I'm afraid I'd most certainly drop it somewhere," the blind boy sighed in dismay; he was fully aware of how clumsy he could be. Even with his senses swapped he still managed to trip over his own feet. It was part of the reason his mother and sister were so hesitant to leave him here, after all.

He heard a door open and shut, turning his ear to the noise instinctively; from the direction it came from, he inferred it was his own room. His aide, perhaps? He did feel like there was a crowd at the school office earlier, and Cecelia has commented there was a long line there. His new dorm mate's tardiness was completely understandable given these facts. "Ah, so he did come from my--er, our room, then." Hearing the footsteps of someone approaching him, Cyrus didn't seem startled by the tapping of his shoulder, keeping his composure and turning to face his new roommate with a blindingly cheerful smile as he listened to John's introduction. "Hm? Yes, I'm Cyrus Hawkins, the sightless wonder!" Cyrus had a number of self-made nicknames for himself it seemed. "You're the 'Big Brother' I was told would be aiding me, then? It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I hope I don't end up being too much of a nuisance for you while we're here. Oh, and don't feel like you need to be solely responsible for me, either. Once I have the layout of the school memorized, I can manage little things on my own. I may need some help getting to classes and such, if you wouldn't mind. In exchange, you can borrow some of my CDs. Blokes do that when they're friends, right?" He tilted his head with a playful grin. "I'd lend you DVDs, but I'm afraid I can't see the point. Aha, get it? I'm blind so--" Cyrus coughed awkwardly. "Ahem. Sorry, I'm not terribly used to socializing, to be perfectly honest. I hope we'll end up good friends, nevertheless." He smiled at Luis as well. "You, too, Luis. We should, as they say, 'chillax' together!"

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Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:07 pm

[Near Information Office]

Marie blinked, and couldn't help but chuckle at Max's awkwardness again. She reached out and ruffled his hair, a light tone in her voice as she said, "Hey, shut up about all that, okay? I'm not tired of you, and if you keep on like that, I might have to hit you." She shook her head, half smile still in place, and looked to William. "I'm going to go find my room and put my stuff up. You take this kid and go get some food or something. I'll find you guys in a few minutes. Kay?" She glanced back to Max, giving him a reassuring look, and then started off from the pair without waiting for their answer.

* * *
[Information Office]

Jubilee looked up at the door, and pasted on another bright smile, even if part of her was dejected that the last three people had ducked out so quickly...Had she started to smell, or something?

"Hi! Welcome to the Jean Grey Institute of Higher Learning! If you'll just give me your name, we'll get you all set up!"

Once Matthias had given the relevant information, he got everything he needed to make his home here at the school, and Jubiliee launched into her lecture without giving him a chance to tell her he didn't need to hear it.

* * *
[Emma's Office]

"Are you sure about this?" Scott asked, frowning softly as he looked down at the gorgeous blonde that stood in the circle of his arms.

"Scott...I understand your point of view. They are children, yes, but...The world would be a dangerous place even if we didn't teach them to fight. By giving them a chance to fight alongside us, we equip them to better survive," she explained, reaching up to cup his cheek, her thumb brushing lightly over his lips at the corner of his mouth. He was such an idealist. It was cute. He would see her way, though. He always did.

"Do we really need to put so many of them in uniform, though?" he asked, his brows furrowing over his red-lensed glasses.

"We won't enlist anyone who doesn't want to become one of us, dear. But if we denied those who do...Wait--" she said, turning to look at the wall with a soft frown.

* * *
[Between Cafeteria and Basketball Courts, fully visible from the Cafeteria]

A dark purple oval opened in the air in front of the tattooed man as he walked toward the building, and from it stepped a boy of roughly 17, his hair dyed blue. Aside from that, he looked like any other teenage boy, wearing cargo pants and red T-shirt screen-printed with the words 'Keep Calm and Carry On.' At his side, held by a cross-body strap, was a messenger bag covered with multitudinous patches, not even an inch of the original cloth or webbing visible.

The redhead stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening, and then he grabbed the younger man by the shoulders. "Jake!"

"Des, I know it's been a long time, but don't freak out!" the boy named Jake said, reaching up to gently take hold of the tattooed wrists. "I just came to warn you--"

"Fuck that, Jake! If you think I'm letting you go back there, you're out of your fucking mind!" the redhed growled. "I joined the X-Men so I could get you the fuck out..."

Jake sighed, frowning up at angry man. "Desmond...If you'd gotten me out, there'd be no one to come warn you about Magneto's plan."

"I don't give a shit about Magneto's plan, Jake! I care about my baby brother!"

"I'm not a child anymore, Des!" Jake yelled at him, his hands tightening over his brother's wrists as he tugged the tattooed hands away from him. "I can make my own choices! And I chose for myself to be part of the Brotherhood, just like you chose to become an X-Man!"

Desmond looked as though he'd been slapped, and shook his head, his lips parted wordlessly for a moment before he said quietly, "Jake, you don't know what you're doing."

"Yes, I do Desmond. I'm keeping the people I love safe. Well, as safe as I can. That's why I'm here. Magneto's planning to storm the school. I came to warn you...so you and the X-men could be ready for it."

* * *
[Emma's Office]

"...Interesting. It seems we have a friend in the Brotherhood."

"What? The Brotherhood is here?" Scott asked, confusion creasing his brow.

"Lit's younger brother. He came to warn us. How adorable," Emma said, chuckling softly as she looked back up at her lover, making a point to stress the youth of the X-Man's sibling to quietly remind Scott that the Brotherhood recruited young, too.

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Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:14 pm

Staircase - Ground Floor

Samantha stopped by a pair of kids, a rather cute girl and a boy. "Excuse me, can either of you help a new student?" she asked, slowly rolling on her board towards the pair. "I can't remember where the girls' dorms are." She seemed sincere enough though any telepath would know she was planning on using this moment to hopefully flirt with the cute girl. "My name is Samantha Carter."

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Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:19 pm

[Staircase, Ground Floor]

Julian looked at the heavily-laden girl, his grin not wavering as he said easily, "I'll tell you if you show me what you can do." If she didn't know where the dorms were, either she'd skipped out early on Jubilee's lecture, or she had a horrible memory, so being a little less than forthcoming wasn't outright mean, especially since he was giving her the benefit of the doubt about her memory. She looked like the type to rebel and leave the too-perky Jubilee's presence before finding out where she was supposed to go, what with that mohawk.
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