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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:28 am


Samantha saw people begin to walk away and took it as her cue to leave as well. She didn't know, or really care, where people were going. She just wanted to get back to her dorm to get some sleep. She walked to her dorm and immediately plopped on her bed. She didn't notice whether or not her roommate was there. Soon, she was asleep, snoring softly.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:58 pm


"On second thought it might be for the best just to go ahead and talk about it later in your office anyways, there's no reason I need an answer immediately." William added on to his previous statement, having given further thought to his request. There really was no reason to pressure Scott for an answer right at this moment, it was probably to both their benefits that he considered it carefully before answering anyways.

As he turned from the X-man to head back towards the school he was greeted by someone new to him, an unkempt, younger looking boy. William took hold of the hand the boy extended giving it a firm shake, while looking the boy in the eye. "William is the name, I'll gladly have your company in my little camp of doubters." He responded cordially, making a little jab at the students who were just going along with the superhero offer. "I don't know about this being more fun, but at the least it'll be safer and hopefully give us the best perspective to see what these guys are really all about."
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:09 am

-John with Anneka, courtyard… then joining with the others and Emma-

John smiled at Anneka, and leaned back a little to look her over from head to toe, then back again. “Well I can tell you, that you look nothing like an idiot.” He said with a bright smile, and glanced over to the group of students.
“You know what?” He turned back to her. “I tag along with you. At least till I ask Miss Frost a question… and maybe longer, but that depends on her answer.” He said and shifted to Anneka’s left side to walk along her towards the others.
“I do agree with the idea, that one should learn to handle once abilities. I am just not convinced that you have to put on a cape if you are different from the average.” He said with a shrug as they walked.
“Ahm… Miss Frost.” John raised his hand when they reached the others. He didn’t make way for him to get to Emma; he rather asked his question through the group of students. “Sorry, if I repeat myself, but are students allowed for advanced combat training and evaluation if they don’t want to… I mean are not sure, if they want to join a squad?” He asked with a less of an edge as he did before. “If yes, am I standing in the right line for the evaluation?”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:03 pm

I can’t wait to start really testing my limits.
The tall boy with the glowing eyes hadn't stuttered, hadn't repeated himself, but for certain, he could hear his own words parroted back at him from somewhere behind. Like a fugitive echo that didn't belong to such a quiet voice, or such an open locale, it called back to Kal. Though identical to the ear, it carried with it a mocking air, like a miserable clown's failed jibe. It was painful to pay it mind at all, but more painful still was the sensation of being stared down, measured from some unseen corner.

There too was the feeling some people got when they were very young, or when they grew older, the sense that they wouldn't want to, shouldn't allow themselves to, look back. An enervating static seemed to fill the air, dancing along exposed skin with a merciless chill. Soon following was its own dolorous companion, the uncertainty of silence. The yawning "lack" that the echo left behind seemed to almost literally snuff out all other sound in the world, insinuating itself deep within his ears. In that silence, the faintest trace of small, soft fingers set down upon his shoulder, only just barely, as if the arm attached had to strain merely to reach that high. And yet from such a weak grasp a terrible numbness emanated fourth. Would he see something he couldn't fathom if he turned his shoulder now? To what loathsome visage did the clammy, piscine grasp belong? Who was looking and who was being watched? Was there anything to see at all?

The others didn't seem aware of the presence, cold to his Orphic dilemma. It repeated itself again, this time in a halting, stretched manner reminiscent of a damaged cassette.

“I c-a n’t w a-i t t o s t-a rt r e-a l l y t es t -i n g my l i m-i-t s.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:05 pm

[ Courtyard, with John ]

Anneka responded to John's long glance with an eyeroll and a laugh. "Oh, you can tell I'm not an idiot just by looking at me, huh? Is that your power?" She joked. Was he trying to be flirty? It seemed likely, but Anneka wasn't too experienced in that field, nor was she interested. She debated on whether or not she should say as much, but on the off chance he was just trying to be friendly it would just make things awkward.

"Well, don't tag along for my sake. I said before I'm still not really committed to anything. I just wanna see what all this entails. If yer that bored, though, I won't stop ya."

She took a moment to contemplate what he said about capes. He was right, but she didn't think that was the point. "Well, nobody has to. But if they want to? It's hard to see an issue with it if it's their choice. I believe the people here when they say they're just trying to do the right thing. I don't think it's superhero enlistment propaganda or anything. The complicated part is at what age is it okay to play superhero? We have some pretty young people here. They gonna need to get their parents to sign a form sayin' 'yes my son and/or daughter can put on a tight suit and fight guys who shoot lasers?'"

As they approached the other students, Anneka was relieved John was the one to try and clarify if they were in the right place to sign up for the squads. Last thing she needed was to end up in the line to be in the drama club or whatever on accident.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:36 pm


The mutant’s smile brightened slightly as Kal took his humor in stride, at the very least he knew how to take a little joke. It was also a relief to hear that he wasn’t the only one feeling oddly anxious in that situation, in fact he even pointed out that it was the whole reason for the glowing eye thing. It never ceased to amaze Jaime how different mutant powers could be from one another, even if he did have a lot of experience with it from his family.

“Haha, well that’s a relief. Now I know I won’t be waking up to a giant crater in the center of the school or anything, at least not from you anyways haha.” Jaime kept up with his lighthearted attitude about the school, he knew that even if the situation wasn’t ideal for mutants it was still better to keep spirits high. He watched quietly as Kal demonstrated how his eyes could change, it wasn’t the first time that Jaime had met a mutant with such a reaction to their power. In a small way Jaime had to wonder why his power didn’t cause such a physical change, but found it interesting nonetheless.

“I agree on that one, I’m sure there are plenty of people around here that feel the same way. It’s amazing how different people’s gifts can be and with a little bit of training I’m sure that most will be even more amazing… As for myself I’m looking more forward to……..” Jaime stopped mid sentence, his eyes widened slightly as a slight sense of nervousness overwhelmed him. Strangely enough he couldn’t help but think back to the previous day when something similar happened, however this time seemed far different. There didn’t seem to be anything amiss in particular as he glanced around at the other mutants, but no matter what Jaime tried he just couldn’t shake off this bad feeling. It was then that Jaime noticed something behind Kal, something that Jaime wished he hadn’t.

“I… I think something… is wrong… again” his voice was shivering and suddenly the air around him began to gain a slight chill to it. Slowly that chill began to grow more and more about Jaime, to the point where frost even began to show upon his flesh.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:34 pm

Steve Wagner - Talking with William

Steve returned the shake with equal strength to William and smiled at the little jab directed at the rest of the students, before finally introducing himself. "Steve's the name. And I don't blame you based on how they pitched their idea." he said watching the other students start up other conversations and appear to head off the direction to join the X-men squads. "Though it looks like we'll be the dynamic duo only for a while." he said with just a small hint of disappointment. It was replaced when it looked like Steve remembered something important.

"Oh yeah, dude. Weren't you the guy who charged everyone yesterday and threw towels everywhere? That was awesome man." he said with a huge laugh. "Knocked me on my ass. Blindsided. Just great, you got to teach me how to do that sometime. But, later. What should we do first? Watch them from a far, or plan our next move." he asked. Steve figured if anyone should make the decisions it should be the one who originally had doubts about the groups in the first place.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:04 pm

[ Courtyard ]

Something was wrong again, posited Jaime. Yes, something was certainly wrong.

One minute he’d been listening to the other boy, quietly formulating something to keep the conversation going, and then it was upon him – a languid, chthonic feeling, like fear but almost too pure for it. Chthonic. That word had always seemed strange to him. He’d missed the H, or put it somewhere wrong, a year or two ago when spelling it on a blackboard. Nobody corrected him but he was sure they knew. Their eyes nestled over his shoulders, watching, waiting for him to repeat his mistake.

“Kal,” his teacher had said, quietly, “you’re not just anyone.”

No, not quite. That’s not how it went.

“Kal,” his father had said, sternly, “you’re not just anyone.”

Even that was wrong.

Their scrutiny bored into him as he watched, silently, the soft glimmer of barest frost sketching itself over Jaime. They all had secrets here, secrets that could burn them out – freeze them over.

He felt his mother’s hand upon his shoulder. But she was all the way in Kent by now, home, asleep. And her hands were not cold. If he turned around he would be there, far away, home again, and she would know all of his failings and his weaknesses. She would look at him with eyes full of silent, disappointed revulsion. He had one job. One job, and he couldn’t even do that right.

She wouldn’t, though. She wouldn’t. Plane tickets were expensive. He was far away from England and Kent. The touch upon his shoulder was too light, like a memory, like something etched from mist.

Still, there were bloody figures in his mind when he turned around and saw–

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:31 am


The sensation that followed his turning head felt something akin to the abnormal weightlessness of falling in one's dreams. The miasma of unpleasant emotion seemed to fade, all tingling sensation in the nerves retreating into nothingness, in any individual who might have felt it. It left them in a way natural fear did not. The nervous intensity remained, but the body didn't respond the way a human being in the throes of dreadful anticipation did. It could not generate more cold sweat, the hands abruptly ceased their shaking, all in all, a status of equilibrium was maintained. And yet the memory of the shadow that passed over them still crouched horridly in the corner of their mind.

Behind Kal, almost uncomfortably close, was a miniscule girl. She had appeared the other day, dipping her bare feet in the pool water during that hot day, with a pale white complexion and coal black hair, extremes so stark as to ensure she'd go to bed that night with faded follicles and angry red skin. No flush emerged on her cheeks, and with such a slight build and nondescript presence, it was entirely conceivable that she'd simply strolled behind the mountainous Kal and went obscured from view for the majority of folks. Still, the girl drifted with a kind of peculiar weightlessness. Her hair did not seem to flex and tremble properly with the wind, and her shadow was thin, both literally and in the "easily overlooked" sense. She wore a white sundress that flitted loosely about her equally colorless shoulders. Indeed, the intruder was almost monochrome, save for dark, ruddy eyes that affixed him with a dispassionate half-stare.

She was an unusual customer, but the girl hardly had anything about her to inspire terror. At best she was one of the younger institute students lost on campus grounds. She stood in Kal's shadow, as if to retreat from the sun and shield herself from those in front of him. Her tiny figure almost seemed to shrink by a proportionate amount when any degree of attention drifted to her.

"It's hot."

Somewhere a voice came, though her lips moved, so presumably she spoke. It wasn't the sort of voice one heard normally. True she was close, but the type of closeness her voice implied was much, much nearer to Kal's ear, nearly a quarter again taller than she was. It came from nowhere in particular and yet insinuated in his, and others, ear canals like a comfortable parasite. Perhaps her voice just carried, even if it was merely a whisper.
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