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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:01 pm

-= Courtyard =-

Today had returned a semblance of normalcy to the school after the uneasy action of yesterday. At least, as normal as you could get when everyone around you had some sort of awesome, potentially deadly, superhuman ability. Classes droned on in the usual fashion, Math, Science, history, and that one class on mutation with the huge blue furred cat in a tweed suit and a bowtie. Tanner was still amused by that. Even so, Professor Mccoy was very disarming and humorous. But now the sun was coming down and the faculty had asked for a short meeting in front of the school for all the new students. Tannner crowded in with all the other students standing in the courtyard and listened to the announcement.

Emma Frost was once again giving a speech and looking far too sexy to be the head of a prestigious academy. Tanner chewed his lip in thought of her spiel. It was day two at the academy for most of the people here, and they were already offering the possibility of joining the X-Men, as junior members of course. She made it almost sound like an after school sports club, with the exception of combat training. Tanner smiled, scratching his nose. He lived to do, and had already made his decision on whether or not to sign up. He'd seen the videos, the X-Men got into a lot of dangerous situations, but how bad could it really be? 'This is just school after all,' He thought to himself as Scott Summers asked if there were any questions, 'they won't be putting us in life threatening situations, right?'

Jaime wrote:“I have a question… you said that the X-men’s purpose is to keep the peace right? Will our training allow us to do that without using excessive violence like what I saw yesterday?”

Tanner craned his neck to see Jaime ask his question through the crowd. After the fight behind the school, Tanner had made himself scarce, exploring the grounds and returning to his room before curfew. There, he had met Jaime, his roommate. They hadn't chatted much before bed, and Tanner was still figuring him out. Tanner didn't like to fight much either. 'Maybe He's going to join up too.' Thought Tanner, giving a little smirk, his hands in his pockets.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:05 pm

Matthias - Courtyard.

Matthias stood outside with the others, wearing a similar outfit to what he choose to the day before, except with reversed colors. Now his under shirt was white, and his button up was black with white phoenix. He listened with interest at the sudden proposal, his mind running through the various possibilities, scenarios, and facts. The common census that he came up to was to join the X-men. His power wasn't the most remarkable, but he felt confident that it could be honed into a thing of beauty. He was given his powers, he believed from God, to do some sort of Work in this life. He didn't know exactly what that was, but helping people out was what he felt to be the best course right now.

Besides, it sounded fun to be a superhero.

Matthias stepped forward a bit and raised his hand. "So where are the sign up sheets, and when does testing start?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:20 pm


Jaime was not surprised at all by Julian’s hostile reaction to his words, in fact he was waiting for such a response from the X-Man. For a moment Jaime met eyes with the other mutant with an unflinching gaze, but then turned back to Emma as she began to speak. His words weren’t exactly directed towards Julian in particular, there were others involved that he felt could have handled the situation with more tact. It wasn’t Jaime’s intention to step on any toes, but it did serve well in proving a few points to him. Jaime smiled pleasantly at Emma Frost’s response, nodding his head in agreement that not every solution could be solved without some use of force. This was a fact that Jaime reluctantly had to agree with even if he believed that people are reasonable beings.

“You put my mind at ease then, Miss Frost.” He said with a smile upon his face, strictly speaking there would have been no other way to have answered his question but none the less he was happy with it. He then turned back towards Julian, once again looking into the other mutant’s eyes.

“I didn’t mean to offend, but that was how I saw it.” He said in an almost cheerful sort of way, his smile still bright upon his face. It could have been noticed by some, but that was in no way an apology to the other mutant.
“Sign me up.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:49 pm

Steve Wagner - Outside at Assembly

Despite yesterday's fun and fast paced start, it ended rather dull for Steve. Sure he managed to tell Alex what actually happened and explored the grounds a bit, but nothing much after that. The second day hadn't been much better in his mind, it was just like school. Which, up until the chaos that unfolded, would have been just fine for Steve. But his hopes were so high that it was just a giant letdown. The good news was that there was an assembly after school, so that promised to at least provide some entertainment.

Steve followed along with everyone else towards the courtyard and saw a lot of familiar faces standing at the front with Ms. Frost and apparently the other headmaster of the school. He really didn't pay that much attention earlier. Though the man did look familiar to him. Soon after everyone gathered Ms. Frost gave her speech about being able to join up with the upper classmen and become junior X-men members. Steve took his glasses off his face and gave them a quick clean during the speech only to stare at both the groups at separate instances as he put them back on. 'Hmm. Join with either group? It definitely would break up some of the boredom I have. That's for sure.' Steve thought to himself.

Just after that thought crossed his mind though, he had a flashback of yesterday's chaos. Where everyone's power clearly trumped his in everyway, and he was left holding his head in his hands to make sure he didn't die by the various means all around him. He snapped back to the present when a couple of classmates voiced their concerns and then, just as quickly as their concerns, they gave their support and volunteered to join the groups. He glanced around at his fellow new students, getting a few good looks at everyone. He pondered it again, should he? Steve quickly came to a decision and just simply said. "Nope. Not for me." He pondered leaving just then, but his curiosity was getting the better of him and he wanted to see if how the rest of this would play out.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:37 pm

--Day before--
-Girl's Dorm-

William sighed heavily, the girl seemed to have completely vanished as quickly as she'd appeared for all he knew she might have literally been invisible. He couldn't very well just stick around here, even with the commotion outside he was sure someone was still in the dorm and he didn't need to make himself look any worse on the first day.

--Present Time--

There seemed to be a bit of a learning curve or William had forgotten more from high school than he'd thought. Even though it was the first day of lessons he was very aware of the educational gap between 'public US high school in the middle of nowhere' and 'college' very acutely. He was prepared for it to be a little stressful, but it seemed this was enough to put a damper on his day and make him worry about his future at the academy. Maybe they'd let him stay on as a groundskeeper or something if he couldn't make it as a student, but that was a bad mentality to have right from the start so he pushed it aside.

At the end of the day there was an assembly of sorts, which ended up being a proposition by the headmistress. He was immediately less than enthused by the proposal, though not out right against it, considering how sudden it was. While others seemed more interested than they were hesitant; William noticed Jaime's willingness to join after receiving one 'fluffy' feeling answer. There were others who asked some question and showed interest, but William thought that he at least would show more caution. Needless to say he heard the man's back and forth with Julian and felt that he might be being included in the roasting, though William may have being overly sensitive after his own ineffective judgment yesterday. As a result he was wrestling internally, a turmoil that made his worries earlier in the day seem insignificant, with whether he should just let events progress as they were or if this was a time when he actually needed to take action. While the current him didn't see any possibility that he'd join, his action or inaction could have a dramatic effect on the other students as well.

He couldn't remain silent, even though his words would be like picking a fight he felt he had to take action once more. He removed his hat in a somewhat grand gesture to try to gain the attention of those assembled, bring it to his side while looking the headmistress in the eyes. "I apologize in advance for how long winded this will be but I'll try to be straightforward; how can I trust what you say? How can I truly trust anyone here for that matter? While it's not my specialty, I don't believe that teams can work without even the most basic levels of trust which you've not exactly allowed time for the formation of. Yet you propose that we volunteer for potentially life threatening duties with only your spoken ideals? While that alone may be enough to convince some of the people assembled here, you surely known that not everyone will be reassured so easily.

I don't mean to pass judgment against you all but simply thinking about whether or not I agree with your words will not move me. I doubt that I'm alone in this and so I have a proposition of my own. Show through your actions, that you are what you claim to be and can be trusted. You should win over those who have doubts through your own undeniable deeds. You said that we were free to form our own squads, in that case I urge anyone who has even the tiniest doubts in themselves or in your teams to come together and be the observers of your actions and to determine for themselves if your ideals can be more than words.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:06 am

-John, Boy’s Dorm, yesterday after the fight-

John was starring out of the window while Cyrus was talking to him. It may not been a polite thing to do, but Rus couldn’t see, and John was actually paying attention to the words said to him. He caught the gaze and the wink from Miss Frost, and answered it with an evil, snarly grin. Let’s play then.
“Well, I am completely normal.” He turned back to Cyrus with a chuckle. “I am not pessimistic my friend, I just see how gritty, bloody and violent our world is, and don’t take the sugar coating to it. I like the real taste.” He said and slipped off the window, and reached to Cyrus offering him a leading hand. “Talking about sugar, let’s grab something to eat. I hope these hotheads didn’t burn down the cafeteria.”

-John, the morning after. Very, very early…-

It was still dark when John woke up. He didn’t need much sleep, and therefore was quite an early bird. He got out of bed, and dressed, getting on his training clothes. He left the room quietly, so he won’t wake his Cyrus. He took a couple of laps around the campus, running in the dim light of the dawn. When the sun started to rise, he stopped at a lawn on started his exercise with his bokken. It was something that helped him to get his blood running and his heart pumping, it was like other people used coffee for. He ‘invented’ this on his own, and called it ‘Speed Tai-Chi with a Stick’.

-John at the end of the with all the others Courtyard-

John made it back to the room before Cyrus got out bed. He was sticking with the little fellow the whole day, sitting next to him in class. When they were assembled at the courtyard John looked over the junior squads and made a face. He leaned sideways towards Cyrus and tapped him gently. “Ehh, I told you; bloody uniforms.”
John raised his hand when Mr. Summers asked if there are any questions. He looked at Miss Frost, and gave her a similar grin, like yesterday when they eyes met. He waited patiently till other questions were answered. Finally they got to him. He took a deep breath.

“Thank you, I do have several questions, if it’s alright. First of all is there a statistic how successful graduated students of this school are? I mean people with real jobs, who pay taxes and don’t… you know throw around fireballs for living. How is the reputation of this school on the job market? After all, this is a real school, and not some mutant children boot-camp, isn’t it?
What is the legal status of the X-men? Are they supervised by any government agency or international committee? Are they a paramilitary organization or maybe a private military company? When I look around I see a lot of young faces. Is it not a violation of International Human Right Laws to conscript underage people? What about the property damage and bodily harm what may be caused in process of ‘keeping the peace’? Does the school have an insurance what pays for the damage or are the members accountable for it? I’m just a little concerned you know, as I don’t want to end up in jail or having a lawsuit on my neck by joining up.
Are THOSE uniforms REALLY mandatory for members? And if someone decides NOT to join, would he be excluded from advanced combat training or would it be remain optional for them?
And if it turns out then someone has no powers at all, would he expelled from school?” John kept on talking the worlds coming out like waterfall. He kept on dumping loads of question, not taking any subtle hints to stop till he was finished.
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:08 am

After yesterday's explanation of the attack, Alex felt he needed to be more secure. I mean sure, this is a school of mutants but will it be enough to fend off another attack? He shoved the thought aside, and focused on the headmasters. The one with glasses look serious, while the other... well, she was pretty stunning. Even through the heat he couldn't help but blush at her appearance. Speaking of heat, Alex doesn't feel too hot from the heat even with his black/yellow uniform. He wondered why but suddenly realized why: his abilities. "Hmph," he said "Gotta love bein' a mutant."

As he listens, he notices Steve from yesterday since he is the only person he knows here. He gives him a head-movement that says "Sup!" to him. As he listens again they mention something that interest him which was being a fighter for their race, a future hero: an X-man. He wants to fight for his friends but will it be enough? He stares at his palm, wondering if he has the potential to do it. A small flicker of flame emits from his hand, dancing from his fingertips. As "Mr. Summers" is asking questions, Alex felt the need to ask one. As he raises his hand, he notices he didn't extinguish his small flame. "Shit...!" as he lowers his hand to wipe it off the flame. He raises his hand again. "Uh-sorry about that. There was a mosquito on my hand and... nevermind. So, question: what dangers will we face if I were to join a squads?"
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:32 pm

[ Courtyard ]

Scott Summers was an unbelievably cool guy.

After the incident at lunch, Kal had done some reading. Not everything the X-Men had ever done was a matter of public record, but enough of it was to ensure that he’d have several solid weeks of research ahead of him. Prior to coming to the Jean Grey Institute, Kal had known what mostly everyone knew about them – that they’d saved the world a few times, that they had intermittent brushes with more suspect segments of the American government, and that they were essentially a mutant superteam built to ease mutant-human relations. Now he knew that they were lead by a supreme badass.

Mr. Summers – Cyclops – was someone who balanced tenacity with self-control. He’d been given the power to push people away just by looking at them, and he’d used it only to bring them together. Unbelievably cool.

With his head full of X-this and X-that, it was perhaps understandable that the announcement blew Kal’s mind just a bit. This was it. He’d given a surprisingly little amount of thought to the actual X-Men on the flight to States, but now it all bulged at the forefront of his brain like a buzzing, brilliant electrical storm. This was his adventure. This was it.

Around him the other students each reacted in their own way. A vaguely recognizable voice asked to be signed up, and two faces across from him another boy launched into a tirade of serrated questions. Kal couldn’t help but frown a little – didn’t the kid know his basic superhero history?

Whatever. Wasn’t his business.

“Uh…” His hand crept up over the crowd. “You can sign me up now. If that’s okay, I mean.”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:28 pm


Tom had missed out on the 'fun' yesterday.

That was unforgivable...Having been stuck in line the events had taken place before he could have finished getting the full spiel from Jubilee. Now standing listening to Emma's Speech, Jaime's questions, everyone else mutterings ...He was only half listening to anything else.

He took one thing from Emma's words. This was it...This was truly it...He was going to be a Superhero.

Dreams filled his vision of him kicking the most butt the universe had to offer. Sending bad guys packing back to their dirty holes..and all the loving adoration he could want.

His hand was up so fast that a slight wind was generated from the action. "I'm with the tall guy!" He motioned towards Kal as he held up his own hand "Sign me up yesterday!"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:52 am

[ Courtyard ]

Anneka hung in the back of the crowd, idly playing with a few of the frayed strands on her jean pockets, trying to process what the new students were being told. She had avoided the commotion yesterday because she felt it wasn't really her place to do anything. Now they were straight up being asked to join a potentially dangerous, possibly suicidal superhero squad. It all sounded a bit extreme. She knew about the X-Men but truthfully she never anticipated joining such a group when coming to this school. She figured she might be trained not to kill anyone with her powers accidentally, but by many definitions she was still a child.

Then again, so were some of these people who were in charge of their own squads.

Anneka's eyes scanned the groups as they were introduced. First was Julian. She instantly remembered what her new roommate, Noriko, told her last night.

"So, there's Julian. He's kind of hot, but he's a total dick."

His 'hotness' didn't really register with Anneka at all, so he was just a dick as far as she was concerned. Of course, she didn't know him personally so it was too early to base her entire impression on that quick summary, but the smug grin he gave during his introduction seemed to indicate that it might be an apt description.

Next was Sofia.

"Sofia's the leader of my team...she was dating Julian, but they broke up. I don't even know why. And now she's all moody and crap..."

Her body language seemed to snub Julian instantly, making Anneka feel that Noriko's little who's who crash course was now two for two. Anneka couldn't really care less about relationship drama, however. The only part about it that worried her was whether or not it would affect their ability to work together. They were leaders of groups of powerful mutants, it would be a shame if their teen egos and angst got in the way of that. Not that Anneka really had room to talk.

Noriko stood next to Sofia, and that was where Anneka's gaze rested for most of the speech. She was beginning to take quite a liking to the electrically-charged Japanese girl. She seemed strong, intelligent and actually appeared to have it together, despite having been around here for a little while already. On top of all that, she was really pretty, too. Anneka considered waving her down once or twice, but it didn't seem like the right time. People were already bombarding Ms. Frost and Mr. Summers with questions or volunteering to be a superpowered crime-fighter or whatever. Anneka barely had a chance to acclimate to the school day. Joining some superhero squad on day one or two seemed a bit hasty. Her gut told her to do it. She wanted to get stronger. She wanted to learn to use her abilities, but it was a dangerous decision to make hastily. It gave her an idea for her own question.

"If we join, and... I dunno, feel like it isn't for us, we can stop, right? Would it count against us, somehow?" She asked, glancing between Emma and Scott as she raised her hand, while her other scratched the back of her neck somewhat nervously. "I just don't wanna waste any time. If I'm gonna do this I may as well start now, ya know? I just wanna know the option is open to quit if we feel it starts to become too much...

N-Not that I'm a quitter or anything..."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:05 am


Samantha stood with most of the other students, listening to the two in front of the group. She wasn't really paying attention because of the early wake-up and was starting to doze off, still standing. Eventually, she fell asleep, still standing, and began snoring softly.

In her dream, Samantha was walking down the street with a couple of cute girls. She was a normal girl, had a normal life, and had nothing to worry about worse than breaking a nail or finding a girlfriend. It was seemingly completely normal. She hoped everything had been a dream and she was normal.

Much to her dismay, she awoke again, still standing in the group, and sighed. She yawned and stretched before staring off into space, trying to think of ways to talk to some of the other girls in her classes. She'd hoped to have at least 1 date planned by the end of the day.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:18 pm

Emma smiled as people began to volunteer, even as Scott's imperceptible frown grew less imperceptible.

Jaime's attempt at smoothing things over with Julian flopped...at least with Julian. The green eyed boy continued to frown, reluctantly shifting his attention away from the one that had insulted him, toward those with more objections that questions.

Emma turned to regard William with a smile. "If our assurances aren't enough for you, feel free to withhold your volunteer application, Mister Walker. Once again, I must state that your duties will not be life threatening. At this time, there are no assignments for junior-level squads, especially those just forming. The Hellions and the New Mutants have proven themselves many times over as capable of handling themselves in dangerous situations, but I assure you they completed many hours of simulation before any actual assignments were even contemplated, dangerous or otherwise. You are free to withhold, or even never join. We are asking for volunteers, not conscripting. I want that to be clear." Her tone was far from insulted or insulting. She was as pleasant as ever.

Then she turned to John, and her smile tightened, only ever so slightly. "I will not infringe upon the privacy of our graduates who wish to lead 'normal' lives by providing you with statistics. If you are so concerned with such, then you will be apprised of the current political atmosphere, which threatens not only homo sapiens superior at this school, but across the entire nation. We are most certainly not affiliated with any government, nor do we consider ourselves a paramilitary or military organization. We are merely citizens with great power, and the responsibility that comes with that power. As far as violations of human rights...I think it more a violation to let untrained wildcards loose in the world than to train volunteers who will willingly and competently face very real threats our race faces."

"Not just our race..." Scott butted in, his frown quite deep. "Listen, kid. There are some people with power who use it to hurt others. We stand against that. Nobody's twisting your arm. Hell, I'd prefer it if none of you ever saw the inside of anything except a classroom. You're kids, all of you. You should have a childhood, and not have to worry about politics or terrorists, or how safe you are in your own bed. But that's not the way the world works right now, no matter how much we want it to. You're in danger. You're in danger here. You're in danger back home. You're in danger walking down the street. People have been murdered for just sympathizing with what we are. That needs to stop...but it won't stop without someone taking a stand. Nobody's forcing any of you kids to be the ones that make that stand...but if you want to be part of that, we're going to make damn sure that you're not walking off into a riot half-cocked with no idea what your powers are going to do. We're not the Brotherhood."

"Mister Silver, if you have any more questions or are not satisfied with the answers you have received today, you may address them to me privately at any time. Moving on."

Scott still didn't look pleased as he turned to address Alex's question, sighing heavily, as though there was something quite heavy weighing upon him. "I can't answer that. Nobody knows what dangers you might face. Hopefully nothing. But we'll put you through a battery of training simulations, and attempt to give you as much safe training regarding all known and some imagined threats."

Noriko caught Anneka's gaze, and gave her a reassuring grin and a little nod.

"Of course, Miss Schaffer. Your choices are your own, and we don't require any contracts. If at any time you feel that becoming an X-man is not for you, then you need only say so, and you can return to being a regular student. No one will look down upon anyone for such a choice.

"Once again, you needn't make your decisions now, or even soon. The invitation is a standing one, both for evaluation testing and for joining the junior squads. You are all dismissed now, save those who have decided already to join. Those of you that have volunteered, please follow me," Emma said, motioned with a hand for the brave souls to attend her.

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Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:13 am

-John at the end of the with all the others Courtyard-

John listened to Mr. Summer’s speech with a wooden expression on his face. Only when Miss Frost talked to him again, he smiled at the woman, and gave out a little nod. “Thank you, I’ll certainly will.” He said quietly.

For the rest of the gathering John watched Scott. There was something about him, which rubbed John the wrong way. He seemed so familiar for some reason, but John just couldn’t put the finger on it. Maybe it was his eyes, which he couldn’t see… but no, there was something else.

Finally it ended, and the eager ones started to move with Miss Frost, while the rest of the students started to linger around.
“That was such a nice speech from Mr. Summers. It almost brought tears into my eyes.” John said to Rus, while rubbing his eyes. It was kind of nice having the little fellow around, like some sort of sidekick. “Did you notice how he evaded answering most of the questions, by tossing out this heart-wrenching propaganda? There was only the flag in the background that was missing.” He turned to his room-mate. The realization suddenly hit him. Flags, propaganda, uniforms, the man was a one of those grownup boy scouts. John couldn’t stand those little buggers. Anyway, one mystery solved.

John looked around in the thinning crowd and spotted the girl he saw yesterday jumping from her window. She was kind of a looker from up close as well. “I think it’s time to mingle around a bit.” He placed his hand on the small boy’s shoulder and tapped him. “I’ll be over there, in case you need me champ.” He said and gave Rus’ shoulder a slight push towards the direction he intended to leave. “Hear you around.” He said and tapped the shoulder once again as he left Cyrus behind. He slowly walked up to Anneka, who was looking somewhere else as he approached. He side-stepped to get into her view, when he was close enough. “Hello, there. I’m John. Nice to meet you.” He said to her with a smile.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:09 am


The boy wasn't surprised by Julian’s reaction, after all Jaime had just made a jab at the other mutant’s pride. A person with that kind of ego and temper… it honestly worried Jaime that he was the leader of their group. There wasn't anything that he could do about it at the moment, so he decided not to push any more buttons for the time being. Instead Jaime turned his attention to the students that had been asking questions about joining the X-men. A few had some good questions, others simply wanted to jump in head first, and then several seemed a bit untrusting of the idea as a whole. Jaime’s usual smile spread across his face, he couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as some of the students asked some questions that didn’t really make much sense. Were they that oblivious to what was going on in the world? Why did they even come here in the first place?

Jaime had come to the school so that he could use his powers to help others, to make a difference. He couldn't agree more with what Mr. Summers had said, in fact more and more he was starting to like the older mutant because of how similar their morals were. His smile widened ever so slightly, he had to restrain himself from clapping and saying ‘bravo’ to the older mutant’s speech, but a wide smile and a slight nod in agreement was enough. When Ms. Frost motioned for those who wished to join to step forward Jaime didn’t hesitate. However after he took a few steps he stopped and turned to look at William for a moment, one of the people who had some serious doubts about whether or not they wanted to join.

“You ran out head first into a group of mutants, that probably could have blown you to bits, in order to save a complete stranger… I admire that kind of bravery and I think that’s exactly the kind of person who’d belong on a team like this.” Jaime said with a bright smile on his face, even if he didn’t exactly agree with the way things ended up he certainly approved of the intentions behind the action.
Jaime continued to walk until he reached Mr. Summers, he hoped that maybe the man’s speech would have tipped more people over onto deciding to join up with the X-men, but even still the man’s points were very good.

“We may all be kids… but because of the way things are right now I don’t think any of us have much of a chance for a ‘normal’ childhood. Hopefully we can do something to change that.” He said with a smile.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:29 am

[ Courtyard ]

Anneka couldn't help but feel a bit of a flutter in her chest when Noriko smiled at her. It definitely was reassuring and the following insistence that 'quitting' wouldn't be looked down upon after the fact further alleviated her worries. As of now she was very strongly leaning toward joining these X-Men, or X-People if one wanted to be non-gendered. Being politically correct was never Anneka's strong suit anyway so what did it really matter? Right now, all she really cared about was proving herself. It was hard to say if she was looking to impress all the other students or just one in particular, but her competitive nature was surely going to get the best of her sooner or later. Sooner would at least satiate her need to do something other than go to class and strum around on the guitar.

Eventually she'd have to talk to the other students around here in a manner other than a passing hello. For now she fidgeted a bit, wondering if she should follow Emma and get the superhero squad wheels in motion right now or at least sleep on it for a night... She looked to Noriko once again almost as if looking for some other indicator.

That was when a fellow blonde-haired, blue-eyed student stepped into her line of sight with a confident smile. He introduced himself and it didn't take long to recognize him. This was the guy with the shopping list of weird questions. The manner in which he asked them made him sound fairly egotistical, as if he just wanted to prove how smart he was for asking them at all, but Anneka reminded herself to give people a chance seeing that she hoped they'd do the same for her if she had said something really dumb as her 'introduction'.

"Oh uh, hey. Anneka." She responded, giving a friendly smile in return. It was slightly forced if only because she had been kind of caught off-guard. "Nice to meet you too, John."

"Yer the guy who wanted to play 20 questions." She smirked, now a bit more genuine. "Kinda sounds like maybe you don't fully trust these people yet. Guess I can't blame ya. Did you get the answers you hoped for? Or... maybe you just went on like that cause you like the sound of your own voice?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:30 am

-John with Anneka, courtyard-

John gave Anneka a chuckle. He turned his eyes upward, and rocked a bit back and forth on his heels. “Yeaahhh… you got me there. I do like hear myself talking, and be right about the stuff I say.” He said with a grin, and stopped the rocking. “Most of my questions meant only to make a point that people are not so easily blinded with all that super-hero nonsense.” He said and looked at the students who went already to join. “Well, at least not everybody.” He said, resting his eyes on Jaime as he was talking to Mr. Summers.
“Anyway…” John shook his head and turned back to Anneka. “You are right, and don’t thrust these people further I could throw them. And yes… the questions I was curious about in the first place were not answered at all.” He said and gave out a little sigh and shrug. “I guess I will have to bother Miss Frost in her office.” He said with a wide smile, and let his gaze sweep over the girl in front of him.
“Saay… do you have something planned for this afternoon, or would you like to hang out, and talk, maybe eat something?” He asked with a friendly smile on his face, tilting his slightly. “Or do you rather avoid egocentric people like me?” He said with slight grin.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - The First Choice

Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:42 pm


Max listened carefully to as many questions and respective answers as he could. He knew that he wanted to sign up, but he had no idea which group to join. Both seemed to have their merits, he just couldn't decide. Instead he merely spoke up, stating "Alright, i'm in, where do I sign up? I don't know which group to go with though..." With that, Max continued to listen to the myriad of questions his classmates had to offer. When the signal was given, he followed Emma, unsure of what was to come. (Sorry for short post, just trying to get posts in DX)
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Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:03 pm


After listening to the responses of the Heads of the Academy, William simply still wasn't feeling it. There was a small contradiction in their words from William's perspective; with Miss Frost insisting that there would be 'no life threatening duties' in her response to his concerns all while Mr. Summers suggested that no where was safe moments later in response to another student. He wasn't sure it was deception necessarily, the two people could have just been that different in their perspectives, but like before he couldn't just out right trust what they were saying. On a bright side Emma didn't deny his suggestion about observing their actions before actually committing to a decision but he'd have to ask later regarding the specific limitations of that; no else one had shown any interest in the idea yet anyways so there was no rush on that issue either.

After things had wrapped up some of the others started to follow after the headmistress; among them were the guys from yesterday. He hoped that nothing would happen, but made no motion to stop them; it was their decision to make. It was then that he noticed Jaime turned around and approached, offering a few words of encouragement. That might have been enough if William was only doubting himself, but his concerns would not be abated so easily unfortunately. He put his hat back on after the boy walked towards the headmaster, following behind him shortly overhearing his comment to the X-man. He smiled faintly at the noble idea as he approached and grabbed Jaime's shoulder in a reassuring manner. "With enough guys like you, it's not even a matter of if but of when."

He turned his attention to Mr. Summers then, "I just want to make doubly clear that while I can't trust you on faith alone, I have no intention of sitting by idly. I won't ask that any of you pay me special attention, but I do intend to be fully prepared should a day come that I know I can or can't trust you. Knowing where I stand, I do need you to advise me of the freedoms and limitations regarding combat training, facility access, and eventual field observation for myself and anyone else who might join me. We could also talk about this in detail later in your office if you'd prefer."

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Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:50 pm

Steve Wagner - Staying back at the Assembly

Steve wasn't surprised at how many of his classmates wanted to be a part of the X-men. I mean it was a once in a lifetime chance, join a team of superheroes, visiting far away places to fight tyranny in the most evil forms...or that was how he pictured it in his head. Despite this, Steve held firm in his grasp. It just wasn't for him, not yet anyway. Thankfully, there was at least one other person who spoke up and didn't want any part of it either. Steve managed to catch a glimpse of him, it was the one who charged everyone yesterday and knocked him onto the ground with only a towel. 'I like this guy.' he thought as William finished his concerns, Steve let out a few claps and a big smile crossed his face. 'Now that sounds like a more fun idea. Less likely to die as well.' he thought as he listened to the rest of the assembly and his classmates.

Once it was over, Steve waited till the ranks filed out to try and find William again. He had moved quickly, making his way towards the stage to converse with Mr. Summers one more time it appeared. Steve made his way over towards William and let out a quick "Hey" as he approached him. "Sorry to interrupt, but I like your idea man. And based on what happened yesterday, I'm with you." he said as he held out his hand to William for a shake. "That is, if you'll let me. Sounds like a lot of fun. A lot more than the alternative, that's for sure." he said with a big smile.

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Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:52 pm

[ Courtyard ]

Kal stood in still, expectant silence as around him the student body began to thin towards the exits. The way they filtered away was in his mind like the dispersing of accretion from orbit, leaving him uncomfortably exposed, surrounded by nothing but open space. Part of him wanted to leap out of his skin, like an electrical charge begging for release, but down in the pit of his stomach it mingled with the cloying detritus of everything behind him. He had become so used to hiding – and so very, very good at it – that something in him could only be repulsed by the idea of striding forward. Even among these people, it was there, clumped over his shoulders.

He drew a sharp breath and tried to think about other things.

He’d expected something more. Some kind of application form, or a test, or something. Which made him wonder just how it was that the students were lumped into teams. Random selection? Did they get to choose? Did Greywarts School of Mutation and Superheroics have a sorting hat? He’d have hoped that the choice was somehow, in at least some small way, entrusted to him, but truth be told Kal had no idea how he’d make such a decision. He didn’t really know any of these kids yet.

Though he had noticed, during their very brief encounter, that Aerogirl (apparently her superhero name was Wind Dancer?) was pretty hot. Probably out of his bumbling farmboy league.

It occurred to Kal, as he stepped forward behind the others, that now would be just about the right time to voice his questions. But the unwilling comfort of anonymity roiled over him, and he instead busied himself with staring intently at random fixtures (i.e. trying took look particularly unphased and not at all lost or alone). Perhaps he would come off as mysterious or even stoic. Yeah.

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Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:59 pm


The young man felt a hand upon his shoulder and turned to see who had approached him with a pleasant smile. He had figured that William would be the type of person who enjoyed helping others, people wouldn’t normally stick their neck into a dangerous situation for another person if they didn’t. He gave the other mutant a nod, knowing that he still seemed to have some reservations about joining the x-men. Jaime hoped that at least his words would help push him into the right direction, however William’s decision to join would come in time from the looks of things. For some people it was only natural to question other people’s motives and morals, however in this situation Jaime felt that the X-men would have been a perfect fit for himself personally.

Out of the corner of his eye he couldn’t help but notice a glance from John, one of the other mutants that seemed a bit hesitant about joining up with the team. The smile on his face widened slightly, now there was a person he would need to figure out a bit better if he ever planned on getting him to join the team. His eyes continued to wander even further into the crowd of mutants, now focusing more on the ones who had decided to become a part of the team. He recognized a few of them from the cafeteria, one of whom he had spoken to briefly before going their separate ways during the incident. Jaime walked over to Kal casually, his smile still wide upon his face as he approached the other mutant.

“Hello again, I heard about what you did yesterday… gotta say I like how you tried to handle things, nice idea you had there. Well anyways it looks like we’ll be working together from now on. My name is Jaime Stark, nice to meet you.” He said with a friendly tone, offering out his hand for a handshake.

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Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:59 pm

[ Courtyard ]

Kal was so focused on being all reticent and stuff that Jaime very nearly blindsided him. For a moment he looked as though he’d been caught out somehow, staring down the other mutant with an expression that relayed a resounding “Wait, you’re talking to me?” from every inch of his face.

Chiding himself inwardly, he untangled his brain and took the other boy’s hand.

“Hey, Jaime. I’m Kal.” Somewhere in the vector of Jaime’s approach had been a compliment, and he had to rewind a little to get it through his head. When he did, he could only grin sheepishly. “Thanks. Though, to be honest, it was all I could really think up at the time… I’m not sure how much good I really did.”

Still, it was nice, getting involved - for better or for worse. And it was nice having someone actually say something good about it, too.

“I thought I might be seeing you here. You kept your head better than I did back at the cafeteria.”

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Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:26 pm


Jaime didn’t seem to have a problem with maintaining good eye contact with the taller mutant, what’s more his handshake was firm but not painful, and his posture was completely relaxed. If anything Kal could have taken from this brief exchange that Jaime was very comfortable with himself and seemed confident in everything that he did. His smile widened at Kal’s modesty, he didn’t know the full details about what had happened yesterday, but Jaime knew that he admired the intentions of the few who decided to at least try to step in and help out.

“Well Kal, you didn’t make things any worse… that has to count for something right? I’d mark that in the win column any day haha.” Jaime said with a laugh. If anything he knew that things could have gotten way worse in that kind of situation, so he was happy with the way things turned out. When Kal returned with a compliment of his own Jaime took it in stride, his smile not wavering in the slightest.

“Thanks, did it really seem that way? I haven’t been as anxious as that in a long time, I meditate daily and know a few tricks that help control stress… but I feel like something else had to do with it.” Jaime said, his eyes wandering over towards a few of the more ‘veteran’ x-men. In particular his eyes found Wallflower for a moment, however he returned his attention back to Kal rather quickly.

“In the end nobody got hurt and we got a taste of things right off the bat… I can’t wait until we get some proper training in, I’m sure we’ll be able to do a lot better than just ‘not make things worse’ next time…” Jaime paused for a moment and his smile widened a slight bit.

“By the way… you weren’t really gonna explode back there were you?”

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Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:07 pm

[ Courtyard ]

This guy was really, really bright. Not in the academic sense – Kal had no clue how any of the other kids were doing in the classroom – but in the general scope of life. He barely knew the guy, but Kal could tell almost immediately that this was one those people; the kind that seem to just shine somehow through their own skin. A deep, dark part of Kal couldn’t help but be envious of that kind of confidence, but letting that show for even a second was unacceptable.

He let a humoured grimace slip out at the mention of his ruse. Kal had mostly been hoping that that wouldn’t have left the lunch hall, but apparently his hopes were in vain.

“Nah, I don’t really explode.” I don’t think so, anyway. “Still, I was pretty much just as anxious as you were. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have been doing the eye thing.”

At this he tapped a fingertip upon his temple, the dusky red of his irises’ seeming to react by bleeding out over the rest of his eyes. It was more restrained than before, no errant streaks of crimson fire flecking the air about his head, but the glow still burned palpably at the edges of his sclera. As quickly as it had appeared, it collapsed back inward, dimming away into the centre of his eyes again.

“It is… certainly going to be cool. This X-Men thing.” That didn’t even remotely cover the ecstatic frenzy of anticipation that burned in Kal’s chest. He wasn’t sure he could even put that into words. A faint, ethereal sort of smile lifted around the corners of his mouth. “I can’t wait to start really testing my limits.”

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Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:46 pm

[ Courtyard, with John ]

"Maybe that 'superhero nonsense' is just people wanting to make the best of what they were given, ya know?" Anneka shrugged, glancing over to the growing number of students beginning to trail Emma. "A lot of us had to hide our abilities and act normal before we got here, and that's if we were lucky. If you were someone who couldn't control it or had a physical manifestation of your power? Well, you probably know...

So, while I'm sure there are a lotta people who just wanna show off, I think some people want to change a curse into a gift. Maybe you think it's dangerous or illegal and it probably is... but I'd like to take Ms. Frost and Mr. Summers' words for now. At least let some people have some hope that they can prove mutants are a positive force in this world...

Geez, listen to me sounding all dramatic and shit..." Anneka chuckled, running a hand through her short, blonde hair. Her gaze returned to John with a bit of a smirk while she pondered his invitation.

"Plans? Well, not specifically, but to be perfectly honest I was considering taggin' along with the Super Squad, despite yer warnings. Mostly out of curiosity. They did say no commitment, after all. Sorry if that makes me seem like an idiot or somethin'. If it doesn't take too long though, yeah, I wouldn't mind hangin' out. I've been told I have a bit of an ego myself, so would be kinda hypocritical of me to shut ya out for that reason alone."
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