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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:48 pm


"But...You don't..." Laurie started, but then Jamie walked away, and she sighed, bringing her hands up to clutch at the sides of her head as she looked out toward the fray, "...understand..."

* * *
[Girl's Dorm, Outside > Toward Fray]

"The guy Julian...err, the green dude...just tackled--the one with the blue hair--is from the Brotherhood, and he's a teleporting-type, so we could be up to our knees in bad guys any second now!" Agony chirped, grinning to Anneka.

* * *
[Between the Basketball Court and Cafeteria]

Julian's impact with him brought Jake to the ground, the air rushing out of him as the green-glowing telekinetic pinned him to the ground. Tanner's interference only just kept Julian from punching Jake in the face, and the blue-haired boy's eyes widened.

"Well, I'm out! Take care with your crazy friends, Des!" Jake shouted, and then a purple rent appeared in the ground beneath him, opening up to a view of verdant green pastures and blue sky with a craggy snow-capped mountain in the distance, the kind of image you see on a tourist guide for Montana. He dropped through, giving a half-hearted salute in the direction of his brother, and Julian and Tanner might have followed, if not for Julian's reflexive flight, and the impact of William's odd oven mitt, which sent him soaring back to the edge of William's area of effect, blinking in confusion.

To the credit of their combat instructors, the other Junior X-Men all dealt with the missiles in their own way. Sofia easily dodged, turning about, and the towels headed at Desmond and Norkio were reduced to ash, one by fire and one by blue-tinted lightning.

"What the?" Surge asked, her black brows furrowed in anger, both at the loss of their target and the interference.

Sofia's attention focused on Kal, and she lowered from her windy flight to stand in front of him, palms down in a reassuring posture. "Listen, it's okay..." She turned briefly to look at Noriko, and said, "Get all the squads on making sure nobody else infiltrated," and then she was turning back to Kal, trying a reassuring smile, although it didn't reach her eyes. "Listen, everything's going to be okay, so no need to be nervous. We're going to make sure you--and all the other students--stay safe, yes? That's our job."

Desmond snorted, flames still curling up into the air from his hands and forearms. "You stupid kids need to keep your nose out of my business."

"Hey, we know that guy!" Surge said, pausing in her walk toward the basketball court to look back at Desmond. "We've fought him and his friends before, so don't go--"

"He's my BROTHER!" the red-haired man shot back to Noriko. "And you twits just sent him running back to Genosha!" The flames died suddenly, and he turned away from the shocked blue-haired girl, starting off for the school with the parting shot of, "There aren't any other infiltrators. He came to warn us."

* * *
[Emma Frost's Office]

"Yeah," Scott said as he opened the door, looking tired despite the red glasses that hid half his face. "Emma's on it. Thanks for the heads up, though, kid. You're, ah..." his brow furrowed in thought, as though he were searching his memory, "...Stark, right?"

* * *
[Jubilee's Office]

Jubilee sat, stunned in the face of Max's rapid-fire tattling. "Ah...okay. Let's go. Max, right?" she said, standing up and setting her clipboard down. "Maybe you can tell me a little slower while we're on the way?"

* * *

[Between the Basketball Court and Cafeteria]

Emma Frost's hips swayed, courtesy of her high heels, as she made her way out toward the fracas, or the remains thereof, and she lifted her hands, clapping slowly and loudly as she approached, a smirk decorating her full lips. "Good job, all of you."

She ignored Desmond's glare as he passed her, turning instead to look at the new students. "Especially our newest recruits..."

"What?! How is that even fair, that they get a pat on the back?!" Noriko asked, bewildered and angry as she looked at the headmistress.

"What you see as interference, Miss Ashida, I see as initiative."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:13 pm

-Emma Frost’s Office-

For a moment Jaime was taken aback by the reaction he was met with. That dreadful sense of urgency and worry that had overwhelmed him just moments ago began to conflict with the current situation. There was most certainly something dangerous going on outside, yet this person didn’t seem to look worried. What made it even more confusing was the fact that he already seemed to know what was going on.
“H-how did… ” it was unclear whether or not Jaime was talking about his name or the fight, but he quickly shook his head knowing that it was a silly thing to ask at a school full of mutants.

“Nevermind… And yes, I’m Jaime Stark. I don’t know who you are, but if you say things are under control then I guess I can relax a bit.” Jaime paused for a moment, he still felt a little uneasy about the whole situation and hoped that it could conclude peacefully at the very least. He didn’t know much about Emma Frost either, aside from her being a teacher at the school, but he could only trust that she would handle things.

“Is there anything that I can do to help? Just running outside with powers blazing… for some reason I didn’t feel like that would have been the right thing to do…” Jaime’s normally bright and cheerful expression was long gone from his face, replaced with something much more serious and thoughtful. He couldn’t help but think that even if he had done what he felt was right, that in the end he really didn’t help the situation.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:04 am

-John Silver, Boy’s Dorm 2nd floor window-

John watched as Jake dropped through the new portal. Well that was anticlimactic. The young man sitting at the window gave out a long sigh. “Show is over boys, Elvis just left the building.” He said while he kept watching the crowd near the court, especially Anneka. The girl was dressed in a way some could call sloppy, but underneath she seemed to be quite well formed. John rubbed his chin and measured her up as he watched her till Miss Frost swayed into the frame. Getting extra credit for mindless heroics? John rolled his eyes. Oh joy, this school will be so much fun…

John finally turned back to the others and looked at the small dirty little fellow ‘talking’ to him. He leaned down to Daniel. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you?” He said out quite loud, like he would be hard of hearing. Then he looked at Cyrus, than back to Daniel and back again, his face turned into the expression of shocked realization.
“Oh my god!” He called out, placing his hand in front of his mouth. “You are right! He IS blind!” He said in a tone like it would be a dramatic discovery, pointing a finger at Cyrus.
Then he leaned back to Daniel again, putting up the face of conspiracy. “But I heard that he is a mutant as well…” He said in a hushed voice, but clearly audible to everyone around. “… and he can smell your thoughts.” He said with a serious nod to Daniel, tapping his nose.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:04 am

-Boys' Dormitory 2nd Floor Window (Past Action)-

Cyrus listened to the others quietly. Whatever was going on outside made him anxious, but he wasn't confident enough in his abilities to do anything about it; what could he do, really? Switch off gravity? Make any projectiles harmless flowers? Turn someone into a newt? That would all be grand if he could figure out how to do those things and regain his sight at the same time without getting horrendous headaches. Thankfully, from what he was hearing, the action seemed to be dying down.

He heard the new addition to their small hallway gathering shuffling out of his room quite clearly, and heard the tiny smacks of lips moving. He felt the air shift in front of his face and felt the presence of the newcomer in front of him. Relating it to past experience, Cyrus knew exactly what was going on. Whoever this guy was, he was doing that "is he blind" thing again. I still have ears, you know, he wanted to say to the newcomer, but he resolved to keep silent. He was here to make friends, after all, not pick fights. He did allow himself to pout disapprovingly for a brief moment, stepping back slightly by instinct. He assumed it was the newcomer's hand in front of his face, but experience taught him it was always better to be safe than sorry.

"Aw, don't be like that, John," Cyrus chimed with a grin. "I'm a perfectly normal non-mutant teenage boy." Waving a hand dismissively, he folded his walking stick with the push of a button and pocketed it with his opposite hand. "I can see just fine. The cataracts in my eyes are clearly just contacts and this walking stick," he pointed at the retractable stick he just pocketed,"is just a tool for beating up bad guys." Cyrus snickered. "Just kidding, I'm blind as a bat. Also I have, as quoted from my sister, 'snazzy reality-bending wizard powers'. My name's Cyrus. What's yours?" He smiled his most polite smile, a dazzling grin full of shiny white teeth. Blindness was not an excuse for poor hygiene after all.
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Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:08 pm

Outside -- Between cafeteria and basketball court

Luis strolled up from the direction of the girls' dorm, jacket hanging over his body and buttoned once over his chest, arms underneath and holding something not entirely visible. "Noriko," he stated without looking to the girl, "you have been here long enough to know one truth quite well: This place always attracts the powerful." He stopped, looking still at Emma Frost. "At best, you should worry for your safety... I doubt too many of the recent arrivals have quite the knack for accuracy. And a girl with so much flash," he finally glanced to Noriko, referencing her power, "could likely be distracting."

He returned his attention to Emma, tilting his head. "The great Emma Frost, it is a pleasure." He bowed forward a bit in respect. "I take it he wasn't followed by any friends seeking to save him from his brash decision?" The objects he had been holding were now gone, having somehow slid up and under the jacket where they couldn't be seen. A soft beep could be heard every few seconds, though, and seemed to be coming from his back. "After all, anyone willing to invade this place alone -- for any reason -- could be considered a bit suicidal..."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:10 pm

[Between the Basketball Court and Cafeteria]

Kal smiled in a half-hearted, almost guilty manner as one of the older students floated down to his level, the wind shifting around her like a great, invisible serpent. The altercation seemed to have been defused well enough – the target, or victim, or whatever, had vanished (into a holiday advertisement, apparently) and everyone had mostly calmed down. He was still a little worried about Green-Energy-Man’s reaction to being socked in the face with a telekinetic(?) glove, but that was just one guy. He could deal with one guy throwing a tantrum.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not gonna explode.” Pausing, he raised a slightly unconvinced brow at his own assertion. “At least, I’m pretty sure I’m not. I was just trying to get you guys to break it up.”

This sure was going to make him super popular. After a moment of awkward silence, he added:

“I’ve never exploded. Just making that cl”–

That was when the vice-principal swayed onto the scene, wearing a set of clothes that certainly didn’t fall into the smart-casual category. Or anywhere near it. He’d probably have stared, but her toff accent kind of reminded him of his aunt, which put a bit of a dampener on the whole teenage hormones routine.

“Uh, thank you, ma’am.”

As another student addressed Miss Frost, he turned back to air-girl (Aero-Girl? Aerogirl? Aerogirl sounded sort of okay).

“So, were you lot really gonna just gank that guy?”

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:25 pm

-Jubilee's Office-

Max took a deep breath to calm himself before he straightened up, looking far more composed, and, as he and Jubilee made their way towards the cafeteria, said "Some guy came out of a purple portal outside the cafeteria and began a rather heated conversation with another guy. They drew everyone's attention, then some green guy tackled the first one. Everyone was getting nervous, so I came here cuz you are the only staff member I know the location of. I hope everything is alright."


It was not too much longer before the two reached the cafeteria, where things seemed to have...calmed down? All the hype seemed to have died down in the time Max had been gone. It looked like the portal guy was gone, and no one seemed injured. Max was relieved, and he was also in time to hear Emma's recruitment speech. "New recruits>#? Who is being recruited? And for what?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:55 pm

[Between the Basketball Court and the Cafeteria]

William's plan to draw all the attention off the pair of arguing boys failed spectacularly, partly because of the skill with which the mutants who seemed confident in using their powers avoided his provocation leaving only the obvious newbies to get creamed. Yet another large part was the threat made by a strong looking boy who claimed to be able to blow up like a nuke; which seemed ridiculous enough that William figured it was a bluff but wasn't so lost in anger as to calling the boy on it. The final nail in the coffin was the simple fact that one of the original duo was capable of teleporting and promptly retreated from the conflict as any person who'd just been bull rushed by a small army should be expected. The only person who seemed like they might retaliate was the electrically inclined girl but she quickly got pulled into a conversation with Desmond. It seemed to infuriate the now confirmed brother even more and William could only sigh to himself, since he'd expected something like that. "Sorry man." Wlliam called after the guy as he headed toward the school; he probably to angry to care about the casual apology anyways but William felt it neccessary.

It was about that time that a woman with... confidence swayed her way out on to the field, giving an exaggerated round of applause and congratulating everyone as she did so. William immediately had that feeling of dread like when you found out you'd been volunteered to help swap out your neighbor's septic tank, in the middle of summer. She clearly had plans for the new students, which of course included William, as she looked in their direction while speaking with the sparky girl. There was most likely no escaping the situation at this point so William had to interrupt their conversation for a moment. "I'm just going to come out and say it; I have no idea what you're talking about." His tone was the same one you'd expected from someone uttering the phrase, 'give it to be me straight doc' and gave away that he wasn't expecting anything good to be happening as a result of today.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:26 pm


As Alex begins entering the building, he beings to wonder what to eat. "I honestly don't care. I just need something for my stomach so it can shut up." As he enters the Cafeteria, he sees a large amount of people. "What the hell..." he whispers to himself with a dazed look, wondering what has happened here.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:43 pm

Daniel successfully resisted the urge to punch John in the crotch, and settled for coldly ignoring the smarmy prick, after narrowing his eyes and flipping him off anyway, he wasn't a fricking saint. "Dan." He grunted to John. Awkwardly, he choked out. "Sorry...about, the blind thing, and stuff." Rolling his eyes and trying not to make it sound incredibly deadpan, sarcastic or insincere like most of his comments. "Least you got your cool powers apparently. Sounds like that helps." Dan was trying to balance on the line between pretending he actually cared and not encouraging more chitter-chatter-blather. "Anyway, what's happening then?" He motioned out to the window. "Are we already seeing the inevitable clash of meat-heads battle for pseudo-supremacy of the school populace? Or is it just simple chemistry applied to the real world?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:12 am

-John Silver with Dan, Rus and Mat, Boy’s Dorm 2nd floor window-

John gave out a short chuckle as Dan flipped him off and leaned back against the window-frame. “Nice to meet you as well.” He said, clearly being amused by the fact that he managed to annoy Dan to a certain point.

“No, it’s worse.” He replied to Daniel with a more serious tone. “What we see here is a display of pointless heroics.” He said shaking his head. “Look here! I can fart lightning from my ass…” He started in a mocking childish tone. “…so I get involved in things that doesn’t concern me, because I have superpowers, and I can solve everything.” He kept acting, his head in a certain silly manner.

“Bloody idealists.” He said in a more bitter tone. “And it seems the school is encouraging that idiocy.” He said glaring down at Emma Frost walking around bellow. “I have the feeling that this school is going to be a very interesting, but rather painful experience.” He said, as his gaze shifted from Miss Frost to Anneka. “But there is always a silver lining.” He muttered to himself.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:46 pm

[Near the Basketball Court]

When the wave of excitement cleared, the pugilists separated to their different spheres by a gulf of spacetime, dozens of observers and would-be interlopers converged on the basketball courts with the unstoppable clumsiness of a tidalwave, or so it felt at least. The noise of the courtyard chaos drowned out any other sound, conversation or otherwise. Towards the edge of the campus grounds, shortly outside of the basketball court, was a pool, at the time more or less unoccupied. Hot as it was, it was a dreadful hassle to brave summer's hot breath all the way to the poolside and even more of a hassle to trudge all the way back for most students, when congregating in the nearest air-conditioned facility didn't necessitate a change of clothes.

There had been, however, one person leaving the pool. A tiny girl, slight enough to easily go unnoticed, in her light dress and a scarf more akin to a flowing, perpetual stream of liquid cinnabar than cloth, traced tiny wet footprints across the blacktop heading towards the crowd. Barefoot, her toes carried moisture from where she had been dipping her feet in the water. Her pallor seemed to spite the overhead sun and her lack of perspiration scorned summer. Looking every bit the part of a lost underclassman, the girl clutched in her hands a tightened, oddly-shaped towel. An angry red welt began to mar her cheek with a rosy tinge, and her strangely colored eyes shimmered with moisture. Her tiny fingers clutched desperately at the towel and wrung it, though no water was released, as her slim shoulders trembled miserably. Where the towel had come from none could say, presumably from William, though not even he could recall hurling a towel in that direction. Or had he? Where had she been standing? The thinness of her character, shrinking away from sight and mind, was so distinct as to render her nonexistent until the moment the projectile slapped her full-on across the face.

With a balled up hand, she batted at her eyes and fled the scene, tiny tracks of poolwater following her up the steps to the girls' dormitory. She ran with unnatural speed, the distance between each footprint becoming wider with every stride. In her wake, the high summer's blaze was punctured, only for a moment, by a breeze cool enough to make one remember January.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu May 09, 2013 7:53 pm

Steve Wagner - Between Cafeteria and B-ball Courts to Cafeteria

Steve remained on the ground as the situation escalated, and then died off just as suddenly as it started. All and all, he felt disappointed. "It had such promise and just died off like that? Lame." he said out loud, not particularly to anybody, but quickly got up and dusted himself off though. Steve watched as Miss Frost appeared seemingly out of no where, and just after everything was over. She seemed to be...congratulating them? That was odd, she even went so far as to say they had 'initiative'. Hearing her say that word made the hair on the back of Steve's neck stand up, and he had no idea why.

Steve looked around at everyone else, and they seemed preoccupied with the teacher approaching, but he had no interest in this matter. 'Didn't do much anyway, except get in the way. Better just go finish my lunch.' he thought as he turned back towards the cafeteria and headed back in. He made a quick stop though at one the fellow students, the one who claimed he was about to explode about a minute earlier, then just admitted it was a lie. Steve patted Kal on the shoulder, "Nice one man. You got me good with that. Had me stuck to the ground waiting to go bang." he said as he continued on his way to the cafeteria. "You seem like a fun guy." he said as he finally made his way back through the doors.

Steve was about to head straight back to his table, but something stopped him. He turned and saw a fellow student just staring out into the field he just came from, and all he heard from him was "What the hell...." Steve was quick to move to him, and even quicker with a smack on his back. "Great show out there, huh?" he said to Alex. "And I know what you're thinking, but trust me...the good seats weren't all the great. Lots of threats, lots of powers flying about, it just wasn't as fun as it looks." he said with a smile and a quick laugh. Even if he didn't play along, Steve could have some fun messing with him for a while.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu May 09, 2013 9:49 pm


"Yeah..." Alex said, as he stared at this mysterious, yet buoyant teen. "He looks cool. Should probably interact with the guy." Thought Alex. "So," He said "What happened here exactly? I just came in from the dorms. Don't exactly know what happened, just came here for some food really. Am craving some chicken sandwich. And... did you say "powers"?"

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Sun May 12, 2013 8:37 pm

[Outside the Cafeteria]

Stumbled to the ground as Jake disappeared through another portal. Regaining his feet he looked around for Julian for a moment. "What the Hell man!?" He growled in Julian's direction, throwing his arms out wide. Tanner scowled as an argument erupted between between blue haired girl and the red haired boy with the fire. Tanner gritted his teeth and began to move in their direction, but the argument didn't last long. Just as Desmond walked away, someone else was walking toward them. Tanner gulped, and the hexagons that comprised his bubble shield began to disconnect from each other and fade away as he stopped concentrating on them. He stared as the stunning woman in white strode out of the cafeteria.

It was Emma Frost. The Headmistress.

Rejoining the rest of the crowd Tanner muttered in a low whisper to anyone who was listening "Ohcrap." he said in one word, "That's Emma Frost. I'm dead." Getting into a fight whether you started it or not was probably not the best move, thought Tanner. He hadn't even been at the academy for a whole day. But as the beautiful co-head of the school approached she began to clap, and instead of reproaching them, handed out commendations instead. Tanner squinted in confusion as she approached, letting out a low, "What." Noriko let out an angry exclaimation, and Tanner folded his arms over his chest, frustrated. 'I was just trying to help, what's her deal?' he thought.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Wed May 15, 2013 7:03 pm

[Near Basketball Court]

William's eyes wandered around the assembled group for a bit, it was probably just that he wasn't a people person but he really did not recognize the headmistress and didn't pay her much mind after his initial comment. His eyes finally spotted an young looking, unfamiliar girl; who for a moment William wasn't sure was actually there since he didn't recall seeing her until right at that instant. Additionally she was wearing a scarf, which while the heat didn't really bother William he wasn't sure anyone was weird enough to feel cold out here. Studying the enigma for a few moments more his mind slowly started to connect the object she grasped tightly in her hand with the only real color her skin seemed to have. "I, uh..." he started only to see her bolt off towards the girl's dorm, a frigid and unnatural wind nearly ripping the hat from his head. He could already feel the looks he was going to get for making a little girl cry before people even had time to give them. "Okay so indiscriminate firing wasn't the best choice, I'll admit that. I'm going now." He said to the group in general, in an effort to keep from looking like an asshole.

He gave chase after the girl, though not nearly at the pace she had made. It seemed like this little incident was a reminder that he shouldn't do things he wasn't used to. He'd figured that today he'd at least try to get along with the people he'd be living with; instead he'd lost his temper and screwed that all up. He hesitated a moment about following her into the dorm but at this point it was damned if you do, damned if you don't. "Phuggit." He murmured to himself, choosing to follow the damp footprints whilst looking for the girl. Of course he wasn't dumb enough to start whipping open doors in his search, but he was dumb enough to say the following phrase. "Hey little girl, I didn't mean it! Come back!"

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Sat May 18, 2013 11:50 am

Steve Wagner - Cafeteria

Steve turned to his fellow classmate at first with a bit of a surprised look. 'Did he really just ask that question?' he thought before shrugging his feeling off and decided to roll with it anyway. "Yes powers my fellow classmate. The rumors are true. We're all the same and yet so different..." he said. The way Steve described it, he almost sounded like a professor giving a lecture, but it was quickly stopped when he started laughing. "Sorry, I can't do that anymore. But yes, apparently this is a school for mutants and the like. We're all not alone anymore." he said with a smile.

Then Steve took a long look outside as if reminiscing a great moment of his life before continuing. "As for what happened out there." he said before snapping his attention back to Alex. "It was a day, much like today. Everything was perfectly normal in suburbia, then BOOM!" Steve clapped his hands for dramatic effect. "Out of nowhere HE appeared. A mysterious man with an unknown agenda, completely ripped open the sky and descended among the academy. he then grabbed Alex by his outside shoulder and directed his attention towards the group of people outside.

"But he would not be victorious on this day, for there were the few that defied him. They gathered their forces and fought off the intruder, but they were no match, that's when I stepped in. With a fury of blows, I quickly...." Steve let go of Alex's shoulder and broke out into fits of laughter, managing to continue to talk only after finishing laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I can't keep going on." he said, finally pulling himself together and giving Alex another slap on the back. "In all seriousness though, if you really want to know what happened, grab some food and meet me at the table I'm sitting at, I'll tell you the real story. I promise." he said with a smile before proceeding back to the table where he was at earlier, sitting down in front of his now cold food. 'Meh, cold pizza's still good.' he thought as he took another bite and waited for his new friend to join him at the table.

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Thu May 23, 2013 10:23 am

[Boys' Dorm 2nd Floor Window]

Cyrus chuckled amiably. "No harm done. I get it all the time. Anyway, my powers would be phenomenally more useful if I could, say, aim." Sarcasm regarding his lack of sight was one of the benefits of blindness, Cyrus found. He turned his head towards the gentle zephyr breezing through the open window. While he couldn't see Daniel's impolite gesture towards John, he did hear the subtle cold inflections in Daniel's tone of voice; it was best to stay out of this one, especially since John seemed more amused by it than anything. Cyrus silently hoped that their future disagreements were as civil as this one, but he had his doubts.

Cyrus was even more concerned with his new dormmates' viewpoint on the initiative of their fellow students. Was there something wrong with being an idealist? Cyrus always saw himself as an optimistic sort. It was a self-motivating state of mind to keep him from dwelling on his disabilities, really. It wasn't like he didn't understand nihilistic opinions, but he didn't let negative thoughts bring him down. His sister and mother always found that to be one of Cyrus's charm points. "I don't see a problem with it," he commented with a casual shrug. "What's wrong with being idealistic? I would love a chance to show off my abilities by helping if I could. Besides, it's a chance to develop these abilities further, right? Though I admit it's a bit of a dangerous test."

Re: X-Men: Earth 341 - A Bright New Future

Fri May 24, 2013 4:33 am

-John Silver with Dan, Rus and Mat, Boy’s Dorm 2nd floor window-

John glared at Rus, but a smile crept upon his face. His room-mate didn’t seem to see his point. Well John never backed down from a verbal challenge; he quite enjoyed of clashing ideas, and smacking others over the head with arguments.
“Well… let me answer both of your questions one at the time.” He started with a sigh. ”Being idealistic is simple a lack of thinking. Idealists think along ideals, they believe in ideals, but every ideal is a rough simplification, black and white thinking. But the real problems are hidden in the details.” John starts to talk, pulling up a knee as he sits on the window frame. “Let me put out an example: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, such nice, great ideals. Well the French revolution was based on them… and how well it turned out, didn’t it? Ideals give the illusion of difficult problems have simple answers. Well they don’t. When someone is devoted to an idea, he will loose sight of everything else. Do you know who else real idealists are? The terrorists are. They strap TNT to their chest, and blow themselves up, because they firmly believe in their ideals. They say, in and ideal world… but that does not exist. You cannot make everybody happy, you cannot save everyone. To give something to someone, you have to take it from someone else. If you give liberty, you will loose security. Being an idealist means to look only at the things you give through your actions, and to turn a blind eye on the damage you inevitably do.” He gives a speech, and then turns towards the window.

“To the second part, what was awfully wrong with this whole scene?” He talks while watching the people bellow. “What happened? Two brothers were arguing, not fighting, there were no punches. Then came that green lightning, and tackled one of them. He did not ask or look what was actually happening; he went straight for the guy. And it seems even, he wasn’t even a freshman. Then of course everyone got trigger-happy and started to show off the little tricks they have, because they believed- quite wrongly I might add- that they could solve anything. You don’t get involved in a fight at the first day in school. That's simply stupid. And the headmistress was encouraging this kind of behavior. Act first, think later, and jump into situations you don’t know anything about.” He said, shaking his head. “Another interesting thing was the display of powers, lightning, fire, wind, flying debris, force fields... I wonder how do you HELP people by setting things on fire without a match.” He said and looked back at Rus and the others around. “Mastering your abilities sounds very nicely, but in the end I’m pretty sure we are going to trained to be weapons and soldiers.” He said and made a face. “I just hope they don’t make us wear some bloody uniforms.”

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Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:01 pm

- Emma Frost's Office -

The man with the red glasses smiled tiredly to Jaime, nodding and opening the door wider as he regarded the kid with a little more interest than before. "And they say wisdom doesn't come young. You did the right thing, kid, looking for help...Remember that in the future, okay? No matter what the rest of your classmates try to tell you."

The look on his face was serious...too serious for a man in his prime, and even though Jaime couldn't see his eyes, he could feel the man's gaze on him; it was a weighty thing.

- Cafeteria -

Jubilee went with Max, alarmed at first, but quickly calming as they approached the area. She nodded absently, and then grinned to Max. "You, of course. To the school. And more, if you're interested."

- Between the Basketball Court and the Cafeteria -

Noriko gave Luis a sour, incredulous look and started back toward the cafeteria, grumbling under her breath.

Emma chuckled softly as she arched a brow at Luis, inclining her head as if to share a conspiratorial whisper, although she only said simply, "The institute is in no danger. I assure you. And while some might be daunted by the level of sheer power we house inside our walls, there are those that have been known to be...abysmally stupid, concerning such things. But thankfully no one chose to be so idiotic today."

At that, she inclined her head in a slow nod to Kal, still smiling, and then turned to look up at the boy's dorm, her lips curving into a far more dangerous expression of amusement as her gaze settled on the window where the boys were discussing idealism. She waited for just a moment...just long enough enough for one of them to catch her looking, and winked.

Then she turned and strode with her signature sashay back toward her office.

* * *

After the excitement at lunchtime, the rest of the day stretched on, lazy and hot. The heat lingered late into the evening, inviting dozing and early rest.

The next day dawned, once again mercilessly hot...only this time, the students of the institute didn't have the luxury of doing what they wanted when they wanted. Instead, they were cooped up in air-conditioned classrooms, being taught boring subjects like math and literature...And less boring subjects like Ethics, Theory of Mutation, and specialized classes in honing the powers their X-gene gave them.

By the end of the school day, when most were ready to call it and have some private time, the new students were directed to the entrance courtyard, where Emma and Scott stood waiting for them. A few of the other students they'd seen before...those that had been quick to hop into the fray the previous day, filtered in with their new schoolmates, but moved to stand near the headmaster and headmistress instead of with their peers. Each of them wore a customized uniform based in black, with either yellow or green accent colors.

"Thank you for giving us more of your precious time. I assure you that this won't take long..." Emma started, folding her arms under her bosom--with its on-display cleavage, and resting her weight on her left leg. "As many of you know, this school is associated with X-men. Our mission is to meet mutant threats and keep the peace, despite what the media may have told you. Many of our teachers are members of an X-man squad...and a handful of your fellow students are, as well," she said, motioning toward the vaguely uniform-clad mutants beside her and her partner.

Julian, standing with his group, tilted his chin up with a cocky grin, letting his gaze roam over the crowd as Emma introduced the green-accented group. "The Hellions squad is headed by Julian Keller...codename, Hellion." She smirked softly, and then motioned to the other side, which had a much stronger feminine presence. Sophia stood at the head of this group, turned ever so slightly so that she faced away from Julian, giving him the cold shoulder. "And the New Mutants squad is led by Sofia Mantega, or Wind Dancer."

Scott frowned softly as his velvet-voiced other half went on, her cool gaze searching the crowd of new students, both high school and college level. "You may choose to form and join new squads..after being tested, of course, or you may choose to forgoe both testing and membership in the junior squads. As a mutant, we are taught to use our powers for the good of all...But we do not force that choice on any of you. I will not lie to you. There is some level of danger involved. We have had friends fall...even die..." Here, she looked up at the statue that stood at the center of the courtyard, but Scott looked away, his shoulders tightening. She glanced to him, pursing her lips for just a moment before she turned back to the students.

"I will not belittle their sacrifices by ensuring your safety. I will instead assure you that you will receive the highest quality training any installation in the world can offer, and you will learn teamwork and negotiation in addition to combat skills. The X-men are not a group of terrorists. We are a group of mutants working defend our world, and to make it a better place.

"We do not need your decisions now. You have unlimited time to decide for yourself whether you would like to become an X-man. When and if you decide that that path is right for you, you may see any teacher, or come to myself or Mr. Summers to arrange for your testing."

"Does anyone have any questions?" Scott finally asked.

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Jaime was more than a little impressed with the facilities the institute provided. It was more than what he had expected, but in many ways that was much better. He was more accustomed to the home schooling that his parents had provided him his whole life, however this too was an interesting experience. Jaime loved trying new things and this was certainly something he could see himself enjoying. Despite his excitement for his new surroundings, the events of the previous day still weighed heavily upon him. It was a bit unnerving to know that the situation got out of hand so quickly, he had much higher hopes for his peers being able to show restraint. However what bothered him the most were the things that Scott had said to him. Those were words from a man who had been through a lot and Jaime had to wonder just what kind of past these people had been through.

Putting his thoughts aside Jaime listened intently as both the teachers addressed the students. Emma Frost was a stunning sight to see, if Jaime were a lesser man he might have stood ogling her for the length of her speech. However the young man showed restraint, he wasn’t the type of person to let himself be easily distracted by a pretty face. However he couldn’t help but notice some of the subtle hints that the teacher’s and older student’s body language were giving off. A few things became clear in those few moments, why there was no restraint shown the other day and why Scott had such a weight to his words. Jaime knew that someone had died and that they were probably very close. A slight frown crossed Jaime’s lips, however the warning from Frost wasn’t going to do much to deter Jaime from making his decision.

“I have a question… you said that the X-men’s purpose is to keep the peace right? Will our training allow us to do that without using excessive violence like what I saw yesterday?” He said in a neutral tone, looking into Frost’s eyes as he asked.

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- Courtyard -

"Excessive?!" Julian started, his sharp gaze pinning Jaime with a dark expression, but Emma merely touched her pet's shoulder, her smile not wavering.

"The ideal would be to resolve every conflict without any violence at all, I agree. However, that is not always possible. There are some, especially those associated with the Brotherhood, that readily and repeatedly offer violence. Regrettably, this means that there will be times that combat is required. You will receive both training that should assist you in such physical endeavors, as well as tutelage in assessing risk and nonviolent crisis intervention. You will be given all the tools that you need to make...wise decisions, and only once you have proven that you have the aptitude and ability to do so will you graduate from the junior squads into the core X-men teams."

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Max's school day was uneventful for the most part. He did have a class on the theories behind mutation, which was the most interesting one he had all day, the rest were standard. What he was really looking forward to was after school. He had heard word that the X-men of the school were going to address them today, and he was not mistaken. Max ambled in with the crowd of other students who had been called, and listened carefully to what Ms Frost had to say. He also took a moment to look over the costumes that the junior X-men were wearing. The colors made the outfits look pretty cool, and Max wondered if he would look any good in one. Then Jaime voiced his question, which Max realized was a good question to ask, and one he sympathized with. While he would not pull his punches to defend his friends and innocent people, he would rather not have to fight at all. Fighting set off all kinds of emotions within the young student, and he had learned that his emotions could often effect his power., when it was set off. Then Max had a question of his own. He didn't mind being evaluated, in fact he wanted to know where these people would place him. Raising his hand after Jaime's question was answered, Max asked "If we decide to go with one of the junior groups, can we be tested anyway?"

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- Courtyard -

"A decision to join the junior squads mandates testing, so that your individual training plans may be determined, and so that your strengths and weaknesses may be identified for proper placement into squad groups. Should you decide not to join, you may still request individual assessment training, although you will not be given any combat training beyond basic self defense," Emma said, dipping her head in a slow nod to Max.

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[Boys' Dorm 2nd Floor Window]

What was with that tone? Cyrus couldn't tell if John was angry or simply irritated, but there was certainly a sigh in there. He pouted, furrowing his brows in a worried manner as he struggled to follow John's tangent onto terrorism and such. Cyrus found himself wondering just what in particular could have triggered such an obtuse detour to their topic of conversation. Had he said something to offend his new friend already? That was certainly a quick friendship. He hoped things weren't irreconcilable between them, especially since they were roommates.

"John, if you keep up this sort of pessimistic attitude, you'll start getting wrinkles early. Mother always says so." While the statement could easily be interpreted as an insult from anyone else, Cyrus seemed to be full of good intent and legitimate concern. He curled his lips into a cheerful grin. "Besides, you're confusing idealists with extremists. Anything done to its extreme is rarely a good thing. I think it's good enough to put in an effort to reach your goals. I mean, if you don't even try, you just sit around doing nothing, right? That's an extreme in itself." He leaned back against a wall; the feeling of a wall behind him gave him a sense of comfort. "It's not as if I don't see your point, though. Being quick to start a fight is something that's frowned upon in normal society. But we're not normal. The faculty treating us as normal would be ignoring both the benefits and detriments of our abilities. I don't think we're any better or worse than someone without special powers, really. Just like the blind need to learn how to use their other senses to get around, a person with special powers needs to learn how to control them. Anyway, I'm sure the faculty will explain themselves in due time, and if they don't we can just...ask maybe?" Cyrus shrugged, nonplussed by the issue. "Oh, and the thing about setting things on fire...well, someone has to start the bonfires and light fireworks and such, right?"

The boy of course could not notice the wink at all, for reasons that need not be mentioned.
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