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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:06 am

~Max Cyrano - If you can't stand the heat...~

Max quietly laughed a bit as his crewmate left the bar in a rather quick manner. "Well if you could be trusted with something more complicated, you'd be allowed to use one." he said as he turned back to his drink, which was still empty, but before he could ask for another the bartender spoke up again. He turned back around. "Well it appears you're right. For a large group of people they sure were quiet." he said before hearing the bartender's odd remark. "What was..." he managed to get out before the flames shot through the building. Max quickly jumped off of his stool and back a few feet looking around the bar as the flames had quickly engulfed the entire area.

"Son of a...." he said before keeping his attention back on the barkeep, now holding a black sword. "Wow. This definately was not what I expected when I came in here for a drink." he said before reaching for his knives on his belt, at least they hadn't been taken away yet. "Let me guess, those people in here before help you set this up? Real nice job. Too bad you couldn't get all of us in one place huh?" he said as he took a quick glance to the door. "I was wondering why a town who just got attacked was so friendly, and now I know. So tell me, what do you want?" Max said lowering his hands to just above his knives' handles. He wasn't taking any chances with this man, but he had to find a way out quickly.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:54 am

-Seraph Ohm-

That ever cheerful smile never wavered in the slightest as the humble 'guardsman' turned out to be something much more. Clearly the spear was well used, and the man wielding it was well versed in said usage. How lovely, he wanted to tell me that all of my crewmates are having a good time. He smiled politely at the inquiry. "Oh these? Dreadfully sorry my dear man but... I can't part with them, no matter the offer. Thank you so much for coming all this way to ask about them though!" Seraph tipped his large hat at the guard. "I really should check on some of my crewmates, Places like this have all kinds of dangers if you aren't observant!" Though he hadn't found the shop selling his favored instrument, he was sure he'd find it eventually.

Ignoring the guardsman, clearly threatening him yet even more clearly shrugged off as not a threat, Seraph began to walk away in a nearby alley while mumbling to himself, "Maybe if I cut through the alleyway I can find a music shop." He all but hummed without a care in the world.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:54 pm


“Fu fu fu fuuu…” the man perched on the top of an overturned trashcan began to chuckle softly after the two men intruded. His voice was slightly muffled behind his mask and the fact that his cob pipe was in the way didn’t help make his words any more clear.

“FOOLS! Don’t you even realize it yet? You have already paid the debt ten times over with your own money!! Hahaha… don’t you underestimate the power of a ninja blacksmith accountant… your wallets have already been emptied and so have your bank accounts… I HAVE ALREADY WON” the man’s muffled ranting came in between arrogant chuckles as he confidently proclaimed his victory. He sat calmly upon the trash can, his narrow eyes glancing between the two threatening individuals before he turned his eyes back to Meden.

“Also that’s 100 belli for touching the merchandise without permission. This line of work isn’t easy or cheap.”

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:43 pm


"Bounties." The bartender looked at the knives carefully. "You guys might not be huge but the bounties on your heads will be more than enough. And actually, those people were the original inhabitants of this town. We are allowed a little wiggle room when it comes to catching you pirates." The smoke was beginning to obscure their vision and stung his eyes but the man didn't seem to mind. "My name is Nash. And you 'Cutting Chatterbox' are my meal ticket. Black Break." He swung the sword horizontally. It wasn't anywhere near long enough to reach Max but during the swing, part of the blade seemed to slough off and ash was flung into Max's face, mostly near the eyes.


"Uh...huh. Well, you certainly are an odd one. I kind of regret choosing you as my target. You don't seem as interesting as the others. Long Stinger" He charged Seraph but long before he reached him, a bolt shot out from his staff. It struck one of his swords, then bounced to him. It wasn't debilitating but it really hurt and his hat began to smolder.


"...What?" Drast seemed confused but the larger man didn't hesitate. He put his shoulder down and ran forward, fast for his size. "Empty Racer!" He barreled through the ninja, his trashcan, and the wall behind them. He snorted "Ah well, more collateral damage. Now let's see..." He looked around "What the hell? Where'd that shrimp go?" He looked at the other two "Drast, grab his friend! And be careful! The last guy you fought couldn't be identified! We need that bounty money!" Drast shrugged while the large man walked around, trying to spot the annoying ninja. "Whatever." Drast looked at Meden and flexed his fingers. He lunged forward, his hand reaching for Meden. Meden had the feeling it would be bad idea to let himself be touched.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:02 pm

-Seraph Ohm-

"I wonder if my crewmates are doing f-" A searing pain exploded through his back for a brief instant that forced him to bite his lip as it faded away a moment later. It was very rare when Seraph could feel pain in his nerve-damaged body, years of training had taught him how to barely feel a blow regardless of how strong it was. It finally clicked to Seraph that it wasn't just himself in danger but his everyone on the crew, and that the enemies clearly would not be fighting a fair fight. Already he could see it in his mind, his crew dead on the ground or being tortured at the hands of these... these... He wasn't quite sure.

Slowly Seraph turned around, the part of his hat that had begun to smolder was literally chopped away with a lightning fast flick of his wrist, leaving only a small slit behind. Through it you could see Seraphs lone eye. The smile on his face had never faltered, yet now you could see it was very different. Forced, rigid, uninviting. But it was the eye that told you everything you needed to know. Something inside the River Runner had snapped from the visions in his head, leaving only the impulse to destroy the enemy before him and find his crew. All he saw in that lone eye, sunken and dark, was the promise of death.

"Beg for your life," Seraph hissed, drawing out the long serrated blade from its sheathe across his back, "It won't help you anymore." Quick as the very lightning that had struck him, Seraph was in a head long charge, his serrated blade 'Tidal wave' was point first like a scorpions tail ready to strike.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:54 pm

Meden looked at Ero with outrage. His left hand moved to his side, but after a hesitant moment, moved on into his pocket. He ungraciously flicked a coin at the table, hitting it at an angle causing it to bounce back up to the blacksmith. Being a ninja, he'd easily catch it. After that, he causally stepped away from the table as the larger man steam-rolled into it. "Good momentum there." He said quietly, as he looked away, trying to see where the ninja had gone too before looking down at Drast as the dusty fellow rushed at him. Meden's hands flashed to his sides, crossing over each-other and his stomach as they slipped under his coat and pulled out two pistols. Thumbs brushed the safety switch, and a click revealed a green 1 on the sides of the guns. As Meden swiftly stepped backwards, his eidetic memory let him step around the rubbish and obstacles of the alley safely without the need to look away from his enemy. The guns flashed quickly, three times each. Two at the man, one each to the side of him, and one above and another straight at him again. Meden had decided not to bother being nice and safe about this. No rubber caps or anything. Small slugs of lead.
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Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:12 pm

~Max Cyrano - Open Sesame~

Max was a little surprised by the man's answer. The barkeep, Nash as he called himself, knew he was, who their crew were. These weren't just random thugs, they were bounty hunters, or fellow pirates at least. How they were found out so quickly was still a great mystery, but there was more pressing matters at the moment. Max's eyes were stinging badly as the fire spread, but he didn't take his gaze off the man, until Nash shouted his attack. Before the man could blink Max drew his knives, East in his right hand, West in his left, both ingraved with the words on the side of the blades. But he didn't charge the man, instead Max was off and running towards the exit.

"While I'd love to start a fight in a burning building, I'd much prefer some fresh air." The ash that was flung at him managed to hit the back of his head while running. It distracted him for a moment, before he could reach for it with a free hand and feel it. "Ash? Really glad I didn't face him head on then, that could have been bad if it got in my eyes like this smoke." he said. Max continued to run towards the door and hopefully let out a swift kick to open it, or at least let some air into the building. "Come on, open wide!" he shouted.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:03 pm


The ninja-blacksmith stared at Meden for a few moments until he saw the coin come out of the man’s pocket. There was a slight gleam in the bizarre man’s eyes as he saw the coin flip into the air, suddenly vanishing from sight as it approached the ninja. With a nod towards Meden it seemed as if the coin had found its way to the man, however it seemed as if the coin had simply disappeared from sight. A similar thing happened moments later as the larger man charged forwards at the ninja, an attempt to surely launch a pre-emptive strike against the ninja-blacksmith. However a moment before the man barreled through the thin ninja, he uttered the words.

“Ninja Style: Up In Smoke” and as such a cloud of smoke suddenly burst into the air just as the large man’s body was about to strike the ninja. For a brief moment before the smoke cleared it would have seemed as if the large man had hit his target, however whatever he had run into with his attack didn’t quite feel human, it was far too light. Once the smoke had started to settle, it was clear that he had only hit some kind of dummy, nothing more than some hay along with the eye patch and pipe that had previously been inside of the ninja-blacksmith’s mouth.

“Excuse me sir, but that will be 10,000 beli for destroying public property like that… Oh, I’m so sorry… Silly me I haven’t introduced myself yet… I’m the Ninja-Sheriff of this town, pleased to meet you.”
The ninja was standing behind the large man, a cowboy hat on top of his head and a rather shoddy looking piece of tin that was folded into a star was stuck upon his chest.

Re: One Piece RP *Quasi-Real*

Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:43 pm

"Crap, the law." With that, Meden dropped a smoke-bomb of his own. He had about 6 seconds to pull out another clunkier device, about the size of a small book, push the dial on the side five clicks, drop it and run. 2 seconds after the smoke cleared, Meden had cleared the corner of the alley with his fingers in his ears, and a second later, sonic device, not enough to burst eardrums, but stinging, disorientation, and if their teeth were clenched, the requirement of a good dentist. He pulled out a tub from another pocket, stuck two fingers into the thick, gooey substance and dumped most of the contents on the wall, leaving it to stick there. As he ran, smoke started to appear above it as the sunlight kicked off the reaction. The resulting explosion was more loud than anything, considering the SHC of brick was only 0.8 in this temperature, nothing should catch alight..."But, that wall was wood, wasn't it. Like the most little towns, and from the looks of the buildings you're running by, this one too."

"Shit." Better pick up the rest of the crew. Even if the fire was contained, blowing up a building would be frowned upon.
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