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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:35 pm

Kassar - Old "friends"

Kassar gripped Kel's hand firmly. He bowed his head slightly, and as they shook hands, he responded, "Hello, I've heard...uh...nothing actually...of you. Nice to meet you." He tensed slightly, feeling awkward. He realized, the Teryn had told a friend about him. A slight swell of pride traveled up to his chest at the thought.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:45 am

-New Friends and Shiny Things-

The hunt for the nug proved a trivial matter for the Forest Child, (Feline Form) Young Teelo feasted on his prize off to the side of the foot traffic as his friends did their own hunting. Teelo had no idea what his meal was called but it tasted good all the same. As he pondered the details of the raw carcass before him, Teelo saw an elf covered in pointy metal approach Zasalim. The two spoke with friendly body language so Teelo simply looked on and ate his catch. He finished his meal (not a whole lot of meat on the hairless rat)and caught up to Zasalim as he walked high among the dwarves. This place was strange to Teelo as he had never been inside a dwarf city before. As he walked through the crowd of dwarves Teelo obliviously didn’t seem to notice the ugly looks and stares he was getting, mostly due to his having nug blood all over his face from his lunch. Cleaning himself up after hunting was not on Teelo’s list of good habits.

As the group slowly made their way toward the Diamond Quarter to see the King, Teelo found a prize of his own on a merchant stand. The light glinting off of an amulet caught the eye of the Forest Child and pulled in his attention like a fish on a hook. The dwarf running the stand was dealing with another customer as Teelo snuck his way over to the shiny amulet. “Shiiiinyyyyy.” Teelo said, half entranced by the trinket. With a quick swipe, Teelo grabbed the amulet, staring in to its glistening brilliance as if hypnotized. About this time the merchant noticed a small person trying to steal one of his wares. “Aye boy! You gonna pay for that!?!?!?!” Before anyone in the party could turn to see what was happening, Teelo growled, showing his teeth at the strange dwarf who was trying to take what was now the property of Teelo. “Shiny is mine, Dwarf!” He exclaimed with pride, pounding his chest and trying to out-show this small man to prove Teelo the better hunter of shiny things. The first sight of many an on-looker would have been that of a small elf boy struggling with a full grown dwarf over a simple trinket, a beautiful one, but increasingly problematic for the group if this problem were to escalate.

With a snarl Teelo bit the dwarf merchant, causing him to pull his injured hand back out of reflex. As soon as the dwarf realeased his grip of the amulet Teelo took off, running in to the crowds of people (Dwarves) and darted down an alley. A few minutes later a crow landed upon the shoulder of Zasalim, looking him in the eye with a beautiful golden amulet dangling upon its foot. The bird let out one word out of its little black beak. “Mine!” The bird cried, pecking slightly at the amulet if only to prove who it belonged to. Teelo decided to ride upon the shoulders of Zasalim until the meeting with the Dwarf King was finished.
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:08 am

Azreal Demian - City Street Chase

Azreal reached the square just in time to see his target leaving it. Duncan frantically organized multiple men to follow him into a windowless building. Windowless, but not sound-proof. From the outside, Azreal listened and could tell that he had them scared. From the sound of it, they weren't sure who had hired him, some suspecting the Arl. While the Arl may wind up owing him for this, Hailstorm was not his biggest incentive for this. He wanted them punished for the pain they had caused, and he wasn't going to wait for some politician to try to settle this in a court. As he continued listened, he heard talk of a crate. He wasn't sure what it was, but from the sound of it they wanted to bring it with them.

He heard Duncan shout to those within the building, then horses stirring up as the doors blasted open to reveal a heavily armored convoy take to the streets. Azreal wasted no time catching up, moving along the rooftops. The convoy was pretty well-guarded, maybe enough for him to not walk away unscathed this time. The men atop the carriage saw him and fired their crossbows. Azreal took his sword, spinning it in front of him to deflect their shots while maintaining his speed. While they reloaded, he leaped down from the roof onto the carriage, knocking one of the men into the streets. The other guard pulled out a short sword and swung violently at him, while two more came up from the front. A bad swing had the guard's head in Azreal's grip, and with a quick twist, his eyes were on the back of his head. The corpse slid off the back, knocking the rear guard off the carriage with it as he tried to climb up.

Two men left up top now, with more inside the carriage and around it. They both tried attack at once, while a spearman attacked from the side. The two on top were simple targets, but the spear caught Azreal off-guard, cutting into his leg. In anger, he grabbed the spear, pulling its wielder off his horse and onto the street. Now armed with the weapon, Azreal swept the men's legs out from under them before knocking them off of the carriage with a pair of kicks. Azreal started to catch his breath, but the second spearman came in from the other side, catching him in his arm and forcing him to drop the spear. Azreal jumped off the carriage to land on the soldier's horse, sending it's rider to the ground. With no one left but the driver and those inside, he took a quick moment to look over his wounds. Not too deep, but they would hinder the use of those limps for a short time. He would have to patch himself up later.

Azreal picked up speed to come up alongside the driver. "Stop this thing now, or I will!"

"I will not give in to you, Assassin!"

Azreal pulled out two throwing daggers and prepared to throw. "Last chance!"

"Burn in hell!"

This is SUCH a bad idea...

Azreal tossed the daggers with masterful precision. Not at the driver, but at the horses in front of him. As armored as they were, their joints were still exposed. A dagger in two horses' legs sent them to the ground, and all hell broke loose. The horses in front of the fallen ones couldn't handle the added weight, and were completely brought down by it, sending their riders flying forward into a wall. The chaos of its horses sent the carriage crashing down onto its side with bits of armored metal flying in various directions. Azreal pulled back to avoid the carnage. As the dust settled, he dismounted and approached the wreckage. Inside, two of the three men besides Duncan were dead, the other too wounded to do anything. In the back, miraculously for him, Duncan was alive, albeit bruised and shaken.

Azreal stared at the man, his weapon drawn. He was more than willing to end it, finish him off. But something compelled him to ask the man a question first. "Why...?" The sudden question seemed to catch the man off-guard. "Why the hell would you do all this for a bastard like Cousland?"


Deacon Reinhardt - Giving and Receiving

A small smile formed on Deacon's face as he watched the behemoth of a man calmly apologize and decline Vovin's request. For them to avoid senseless violence, it made him happy. He had heard stories of "Boulder Bill's" capacity for bloodshed, and he was glad that he did not bring that here. "He is right, Vovin. Acknowledging our mistakes for what they are is a part of life, and it allows us to learn from them and become better people. I too..." His eyes began to look to the past as they met Vovin's. "...Have made mistakes that cannot be forgiven. But now, let us assist Marcus in his task."

Deacon followed the two men to the forge to assist Marcus with whatever he could. Hold this, hammer that. The tasks were simple, but he didn't mind. To have a purpose again, to be able help others, was reward enough for him. Even so, the men there were kind enough to see to his old sword, restoring it to its prime. Between tasks, he watched Marcus at work. He felt like a man who had never lost his purpose. Someone who could always see the path to take, and when to take it. Him, Vovin, Isador, Valmyria... Deacon smiled at the realization that it was the Maker's will that had brought him to Redcliffe to meet these people. The Warden-Commander... I wonder where she is right now?

Deacon wiped the sweat from his brow as his work came to a close. The sword that Marcus was making was to be a work of art. It would shine as bright as the sun by the time the forgemaster would be done. While they handled that, an apprentice approached Deacon. "Forgemaster Hammerstrike has told me that you desire new armor."

"Yes, my previous armor was damaged at Redcliffe. I was hoping you would have something here to help me." The apprentice nodded, leading him to an area filled with many of the forge's works. Swords, axes, spears. Armor of varying weight types. The room was stocked with almost everything. Deacon looked through the armors, until he saw a set that seemed to suit him. A shoulder, gauntlets and greaves of a dark-toned metal. He couldn't find a chestplate, but he still decided on it. He also found an old mantle, one that suited the armor's shoulder plate. After a short time, he was equipped with his new armor. It was well-suited for him. It would help protect him without sacrificing mobility to any degree.

Deacon returned to the others, waiting patiently for a report from Isador. He hoped that his trip to the stables would prove a fruitful endeavor.
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:35 am

- Orzammar Commons –

Connor gave the other mages a silent nod as a greeting, and followed Zasalim through the crowd as he finished the rest of skewer. After a minute of silent walking, he turned to his fellow elf. „How do define reclaiming that thaig? Do have simply find a way there, and map it properly, or do we have to clean the area from any resident hostiles? If so, do we have to establish a fortified foothold and hold the place? For how long? Till reinforcements arrive or till a self-sufficient community has been established?” He asked as ’reclaiming’ was too vague for him.
As they kept on walking Connor made some mental notes on the dangers they might encounter during their journey. Darkspawns didn’t seem to be a problem; he fought plenty in the last years. Giant spiders and deep stalkers were something he could handle as well. There was one thing that filled him with a tad on unease; the stories about golems. Creatures of animated stone may be still active protecting the ruins against any intruders. While Connor’s blades could pierce the most armor, they might be useless against solid stone. Brining down a sledgehammer on these creatures would be useful, but he did not have one, nor had he any experience wielding one. „What kind of strategy would you recommend against a golem?” He asked Zasalim out of the blue. „I heard that dwarfs make exploding bombs, maybe we should stock up on them.”
The silent walking was interrupted again as Teelo found something shiny. Connor watched the two struggle for the amulet without a word, and an expression on his face what one could call curious. As Teelo darted past him, Connor simply stepped in front of the dwarf about to chase the boy down the street. „This should be enough.” He handed a handful of coins to the perplexed dwarf. The money was about the worth of the amulet, but the merchant seemed to be bent on getting some extra money for his trouble. He kept on complaining to Connor, the one with the money, on the top of his voice, showing of his merely bleeding hand. The large elf with the heavy armor just looked down on the small man, listening to his complains with a deadpan face. „Your stall is being raided.” He said after some time. The merchant ran back to his stall screaming, as the group of duster children ran in all directions with their loot. Connor simply turned and walked with the others, as the whole business was concluded for him.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:32 pm

It took all of Vovin's willpower to maintain eye contact with those who spoke to him. His mind was conflicted, he knew the things that Marcus, Bill, and Deacon were telling him. Mistakes were what allowed people to grow, to learn. He already knew that he should have just kept quiet...but he couldn't. He had no idea why he had shoved the two older men, and even Deacon seemed to share their view. Vovin's fist tightened into a ball. "I...understand. I do. I am sorry for my outburst." he sincerely apologized. Mistakes that could not be forgiven...one of the most important people in his life had suffered because of his foolishness. The mountain of a man before him had experienced pain as well, as well as all those who had accompanied him to Redcliffe. Perhaps if he had just known, had really looked...maybe none of it would have happened. Sure Redcliffe may have burned anyway, but at least those he knew would not have been hurt. Was this his unforgivable mistake? Vovin would quietly follow his father and friends into the forge.

Within the forge, Vovin merely sat, thinking. He wanted to do something, perhaps help with what Marcus was working on. But it was not his place, he had no experience with the forge. Besides, it seemed that the real work had not even begun yet. Marcus had been preparing a bunch of materials, including some strange looking crystals that Vovin had never seen before. He was going to make him a sword, one to rival any of his creations so far. Vovin was humbled to be receiving such a weapon. "I am ready to help in any way that you need me, old man." He replied with a smile.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:15 pm

As they walked Zasalim kept an eye out for anything useful or members of the carta looking to score a loose coin purse. His contemplating on their goal here still on the back burner of his mind. He looked to Connor as he posed some important questions and most he had an answer for, but other details he was iffy on himself. "That's why we're off to see the king my friend. This thaig is sealed but has an entrance in the Frostback mountains. We need the key, which the king may or may not know the whereabouts of. After that, your guess Is good as mine but I'd say we search and secure the premises; Eliminating hostiles along the way. Common protocol in claiming unexplored territory"

When the topic of golems came up he took a moments pause before answering; thinking back on the passage on golems in the ancient tome.
"Hmm, to combat a golem one should take a demolition approach to deal damage. Explosives would be an ideal weapon for the job, so I agree we should find and stock up on them. Worst comes to worst we can blast our way out. Fight fire with fire and stone with stone in this case. Luckily, destruction is my specialty. My blade is called Stone Cleaver and it lives up to the name. The wardens told me of the Shaperate which may contain some of the answers we seek as well."

Teelo's squabble with the merchant went mostly unnoticed by Zasalim until the shop keeper and Teelo started their tug of war over the golden amulet and the shouting match. But just as quickly as it started to escalate further Teelo bit the dwarf and escaped into the crowd. Zasalim saw Connor step in and pay the merchant. He kept moving figuring it futile to chase after the boy, Teelo had their scent and knew which direction the 3 tallest people where heading.

In time he landed upon the shoulder of the ancient armor Zasalim adorned. The crow he masqueraded as was carrying the amulet and stared him in the eye upon setting down. Returning the stare, Zasalim answered his assertion of ownership. "No, it's his" he said looking to Connor.. "In the city taking things is bad. Soldiers take you away. Here you trade for shines and everything else. He traded for you."

- Orzammar Diamond Quarter -

As the foursome of mages progressed into the diamond quarter and ultimately to the royal palace, Zasalim was mostly consumed by his own mental monologue. He had so many questions himself about the task at hand spanning possible battle strategies to the very thaig and caste system of the dwarves that caused this. His train of thought had the habit of being more easily side tracked than he liked and something would catch his eye. He was enamoured at the splendor of the finest dwarven craftsmanship proper coin could provide, but it still failed in comparison tohis beloved Quel'Elhen.

When they finally approached the palace Zasalim stopped to take it all in and check out the royal guard. The dwarves spared no expense with their royalty it seemed, the regality and elegance of the decor was truly exquisite from what he could see from the outside.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:08 am

A Dwarf's request - QUEST ACTIVATED: Teelo, Zasalim, and Connor
Orzammar - Diamond Quarter

Morrigan made no comment as they walked through the streets, even with the little incidents, she kept doing what she had been doing for centuries.


She was a Guardian now, standing in a similitude of the Grey Warden's silent vigil. But, where as they stand tall in the supposed shadows, herself, her mother, and others stand waiting in the darkness. They are the eternal night of the world. Not the night that would see the light extinguished and life destroyed, but the night that gives clarity, focus, and vibrancy to the light. They stood in the way to protect them, but to also warn them and guide them along.

Never in her life, aside from putting up with her mother, would she find a bigger pain.

So she did as she felt she should and acted only when necessary. Aside from that, she would watch, wait, protect, and offer counsel when sought for advise. She didn't know how Flemeth managed it for so long.

The Diamond Quarter was nothing special to her. She had seen it at least a dozen times since her first journey with the Warden all those years ago. It's lost its impressive flare to her.

Perhaps that's why she noticed the half a dozen or so guards approaching them from the other side before any of the others.

Morrigan silently detached herself from the group and made her way over to intercept the guards. They were trouble, she could tell that from their heavy weapons and armor. Clearly marked as Dwarven Reavers and Beserkers. She noted the faint glow of runes coming from them, and carefully reached out with her magic to touch it. The slightest pressure confirmed what she was suspecting. Enchantments. The runes would protect the dwarves by simply redirecting the spell, eliminating any magical weakness they might of had before.

The weapons, the dwarves obvious status, all lined up to one thing.

They were expected.

"Atrast vala, Master Dwarf," she said as she blocked their path.

"Out of the way, Surfacer," snapped the foremost guard, his bushy orange beard covering most of his face. "You have no business here."

"Strange, I was about to say the same thing to you," she replied. "Let's make this quick then, tell me, who sent you? Who alerted you to our presence?"

"I don't answer to- Wait, YOUR MO-"

He never finished as her staff shoot out and cracked against his head, sending the dwarf flying. He crashed into a stall of fine weapons and armor, a few blades bounced of uselessly off of him, but already a small pool of blood was forming on the ground.

The others leaped at the Guardian, weapons raised...

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:23 am

-Find the Trail-

The young Daniels was a clever lad it seemed. Isador found himself impressed at how quickly the Templar recruit put the pieces together, if not the entire puzzle. However he still seemed ignorant to his identity so Isador decided to continue with the guise. “Those men…..at the very least allowed the tragedy at Redcliffe to occur.” He said, keeping his face emotionless. You had to keep a cool head while pursuing ones quarry, else mistakes are made and you can find you’re the one being pursued. Isador could be called a hunter of sorts, his years of tracking down runaway mages made him extremely efficient at bounty hunting. “Thank you for the information lads, it seem I will need to investigate elsewhere.” Isador had grown curious at how clever Daniels was but he had his target and he wasn’t about to let go. As he turned towards the door Isador let out “Do not fret about these men, I will find them, I always find my target.” Picking up his reknowned weapon, the Black Axe left the stable and out of the sight of the stable boys.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:06 pm

- Orzammar Diamond Quarter -

During his observations, Zasalim looked over to see Morrigan confront a group of powerful looking warriors. Though he was too far to overhear everything clearly, his astute hearing picked up on their tone, pitch, and voice inflexions. What he did hear clearly was the crack from her staff bouncing off of the first dwarves skull. While he truly didn't wish to fight right outside the palace, it appeared they'd have no choice. He wasn't going to leave her to the wolves, be her a guardian, witch of the wilds or what have you.

As the other dwarves in the war party leaped at Morrigan brandishing their weapons. Zasalim unleashed a Hammer of the Creator to suspend them in mid air before driving them into the stone with authority. He followed this up by jumping high into the air and launching an explosive Fire Ball at the ground between them to damage, disperse, and disorient the warriors. He made a soft landing and activated Rock Armor and Arcane Shield as he rushed to Morrigan's aid. He would use combat magic if necessary, but he would make them earn such a battle. For now he planned to kite them at mid range and let Connor do what he did best.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:22 am

High Corruption - QUEST ACTIVATED: Azreal
Target 4 - Duncan Esquire - TARGET FLEEING; Town Mayor

Duncan laughed at Azreal, coughing up a bit of blood on his stolen Redcliffe Diplomat uniform.

"For the same reason you are doing this," he replied as he pulled himself up into a sitting position. He surveyed the wreck quickly. It was a mess and he didn't know where to start. Everything was over, what men he did have were either dead, or ran off.

No, they'll be dead before the day is over. He'll make sure of that.

"You might think other wise," he continued before Azreal had a chance to ask. He gripped the edges of the ruined carriage and pulled himself up as he kept talking. "Why did I do it? To protect those I love, and give them a better chance in life. A life I could never hope to have. You. You would do this because you want justice for a crime you barely understand, vengeance for a people you never knew. You assume a mantle of responsibility that was never yours to take nor offered to you because you failed your last one, Azreal."

A flash of grimace passed over his face as he steadied himself. The carriage crash took more out of him than either had thought. "But deep down, we are exactly same. We both did what we did because we believed it to be the right thing. We both committed heinous acts that have left people fatherless, widowed, and mourning the loss of their loved ones, but we did so in the promise that it would lead to a better future. We both believe that the end will justify the means. We both work in the dark to serve the light."

He reached down with a shaky hand and pulled out a knife. As soon as the blade cleared the sheath, the rune in it activated, igniting the blade in a orange flame.

"Let me ask you a question, Azreal. Have you ever wondered what happens when you burn lyrium?"

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:03 am

- Orzammar Diamond Quarter –

Connor stopped and turned his head as his female companion approached a group of armored dwarfs. They looked like trouble, a lot of runes gear worth a lot of coin. He watched without a word, but put on his helmet, and turned on his heel. He watched the woman as well, when he saw her staff raising Connor’s fingers started their dance. The whole world started to move like the air was thick as honey. He watched the dwarf flying through the air in slow motion, and looked over to Zasalim.

The other elf started to cast, that was his cue. Stepping partially over into the fade came as easily as change a way of thinking. The rest was already a routine. One step and his skin became hard as rock, small pebbles were flying from his body as he took the second step. Then came a protective bubble around his body. He reached for his weapons as he was just next to Morrigan. The quickest of the dwarfs almost reached the woman, he was still staggering from Zasalim’s spells, but determined to strike. Dwarven helmets were always a hard nut to crack, but they had a serious flaw; they robbed the wearer of the peripheral vision. Connor particularly blindsided the guy; a small crack between the helmet and the shoulders was all he needed. After stabbing the one in the neck, Connor stepped in front of Morrigan, giving her a gentle push with his hips, to make her move back. A few slashes to parry the imminent strikes, before he stopped.

Connor stood between the group of dwarfs and the other mages. A tall, heavily armored, slightly transparent elf with two mean looking blades, and barbs all over his body. He would give them a chance to turn and run. As a final warning his blades erupted in orange flames with a roar. You will not pass! Fire was not the most effective way against heavily armored targets, but it was intimidating as Connor’s plan was to hold them. The others will pick them off one by one; he had no doubt of that. He was THE LINE they shall not cross. Anyone taking one more step would supper his furry.

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Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:44 am

-Cousland Elite-

A real was a fine warrior, a skilled duelist, and more than a little long-winded when confronted with questions or a minor speculation. It served well when you had time to learn but not when a massive crash had drawn attention to itself. The attention of a few patrols was nothing. The attention of these two however was deadly.
After word of a killer murdering freely in the streets had spread, and later the word of a killer hunting supposed Cousland supporters, had reached his ears it hadn't been a very long period of time before the duo was checking up on quiet friends. Making sure a few of them stayed quiet too. From the look on Duncan's face it was clear he had begun to spill the beans. Couldn't have that happening could they? Of course not.
The master would be a little annoyed at that.
Definetly couldn't have that.

Many things can happen in the few beats of a mans heart. Many things could stop a mans heart beat for a few moments too. These were a few of them.
As Duncan unsheathed his knife there was a shrill whistle from the rooftops behind Azreal, at the same time the strong horse that had carried him screamed and thrashed as an intricate and deeply enchanted spear skewered the war horse in the neck, causing it to rear up and clip the young elf infront of it as it fell limp to the ground. A figure in black leather dropped silently behind the wreckage and smashed its fist hard into Duncan's temple leaving him senseless and limp on the ground.
The figure was tall, muscled but very thin, head to toe in black cloth and leather with two blades resting easily behind him. Throwing knives held between his delicate fingers ready to be thrown. The elf stared hard at Azreal with a set of sharp grey eyes.
There was a brief shimmer of something black moving from him before his hand seemed to blur forward impossibly fast, launching the throwing daggers and I sheathing the long ice blue curved sword from its scabbard.

The sound of armed men approaching could be heard in the distance.

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Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:49 pm


The concept of trade was new to Teelo, he had never traded anything before. If he found something he liked, he just took it and that was how it had always been in the wilds. Teelo looked at his new shiny, pondering this new thing called Trade. He did not have long to ponder, however, before catching the scent of the dwarven party approaching. Teelo took flight as the well-armed thugs spoke to Morrigan and landed on a rocky outcropping above the strangers. Their body language and scent of danger warned Teelo of what was to come before Morrigan sent one of the foes flying. He watched for a moment as Zasalim and Connor reacted and took up formation to fight the other pack. Pointy Elf sure is slow. He thought, watching the heavily armored warrior take his stance, ready to cut down the first dwarf foolish enough to attack. Teelo shook his head, pulling his thoughts out of the clouds. No time to think, time to fight!

The Forest Child returned to his half-elf self before taking in a deep breath and jumping out towards the dwarven party. “Now it Teelo's turn!” He shouted, his face lit up with an enormous smile. Not the grin of a sadist about to go to work on his victim, but the carefree smile of a child running to go play with his friends. The green places taught a different kind of fun. Just before colliding with one of the guards Teelo transformed in to an enormous spider, landing on the poor brute and sending him to the ground pinned by several of Teelo’s spidery legs. With a quick expectoration, Teelo shot out webbing, coating the dwarves in web. With the rest of the dwarves temporarily immobilized, Teelo thrust his pedipalp in the neck of the unlucky dwarf he had landed on. As the dwarf gurgled and chocked on his own blood Teelo changed back for the rest to see, pounding his chest and growling; his teeth bared. “Teelo strongest! Beat any dwarf!”

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:40 am

A Templar in Hiding - QUEST ACTIVATED: Isador
Chantry Stables

Daniels wasn't finished though. His teachers had called him "noble hearted" but he was also "too curious about things" always asking questions, disrupting classes, investigating matters.

He quietly waved the two boys back to work, and darted to the door the moment Isador left. Carefully, the boy looked around the corner and eyed the Black Axe walking away from the stables. He really wasn't that hard to miss.

He wanted to help, somehow. If some Templars had betrayed the order and had something to do with that cowardly attack against Redcliffe... well... He didn't quite know, but he felt like he should be a part of this some how, it was his duty, well soon to be his duty. People had to be protected and helped, that's the first thing he kept in mind no matter what he did. If he wasn't protecting and helping someone, then he wasn't doing his job right.

The boy sneaked after the Black Axe, careful not too get too close, or loose sight of the man. He racked his head for any information he had learned from other Templars when he was being a dish boy, cleaning weapons, or doing any other of the punishments/chores that needed to be done. Any information at all could lead to hiding spots, or specific templars doing things. But the only thing that was coming to his mind was the brothel on the other end of town...

Think. what do we know, what would I do if.. I was The idea hit him like a ton of bricks. Of course! It was so simple now. When you were hunting, you couldn't think like a hunter all the time, you had to think like the prey. So if he was one of these Templars, what would he be feeling and where would he go. what would it have been like.

I would arrive battered and bruised - getting out of battle and ridding hard for days to escape detection... I would seek to replace my equipment and repair my armor. Make a good story. He frowned as he hid behind a barrel. They would have already done that. So what would they be thinking. Their mission clearly failed, but they made it out alive... I wouldn't be celebrating as that, exactly. It's like a defeat or a draw. So rule out any brothels or parties... I would have been. Depressed or angry. Maybe even upset at my Captain. But where would I go... I'd get drunk.

He grinned to himself, confident that he had figured out the problem.

"Ser... Kinght! err, Axe Man, wait!" yelled Daniels as he leaped from his hiding spot and ran up to Isador, cutting him off.

"I have an idea, Ser, about your Templars," he quickly explained before Isador could say anything. "I was thinking to myself that if I was them, and I did what they did, what would I be doing right now. Ser, they lost their fight, maybe even considered it a draw, they wouldn't be celebrating, they would be depressed. And people like that, when they are depressed go to a bar!"

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Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:13 am


The explosion and slight shockwave interrupted the quite and "normality" of the situation was settling for the darkspawn in the ruins of Redcliffe. As the dust settled, the darkspawn drew their weapons and edged closer to the figure in the middle. The dust settled just enough for them to make out the person and they stopped, but instead of bowing as they did to the last trespasser, they just ran.

Fear was a new emotion the darkspawn were feeling today.

He wasn't wearing his normal Teryn clothing, not in this form. Here he was wearing his armor, a personal favorite and creation of his. Adorned with skulls, a larger left shoulder plate, dragon-like scale chain mail, fur around the boots, and a rich grey cape. His prized run blade was securely attached to his side. He rested his had on the hilt and surveyed the devastation around him.

"Not bad, not bad. I like it," he said to no one in particular. He raised his hands and made a frame with his fingers. "Ahh, yes. Kitchen right over there... A sitting room over here. This could work, except-" He whipped the blade from his side and pointed it out a troll that had not hidden itself well enough. The troll lifted into the air, its arms spread apart, and it roared in a mix of frustration and surprise. "-no one is suppose to be alive."

Lighting lanced out from the blade and shot straight through the troll. The corpse collapsed onto the ground, and the remaining darkspawn carefully looked out from their hiding places. Curiosity quickly turned into shock as the corpse stirred and slowly began to get up. The only sound was a gurgling as it lurched forward and crushed the closest hurlock.

The Teryn snapped his fingers and a goblet appeared in his hand. He sipped on its contents as the undead ogre continued to attack its brethern. Any damage it was taking wasn't having much of an effect. But he soon got bored and started moving through the wreckage.

"Ohh, Gabriel Faus! Knock, knock." Using his magic again, the remains of the heavy double doors before him were blown off their hinges, and he walked into what was left of the his half-brother's throne room. Nothing really stood anymore, a few columns, a little bit of the melted wall, smoldering remains of furniture, bones, and some unidentifiable piles.

Teryn - "Old Friends"

The Teryn shrugged the remark away as he climbed into the carriage. "Guess that means you two have a lot to talk about. Kassar, Kel here is one of my most trusted advisers and has been helping me promote and manage various programs for the last few years."

The carriage suddenly got underway, taking the three and their armed escort towards Vigil's Keep in Amaranthine. It took only a few minutes for the carriage to pass through the gates of Denerim and make its way North. The Teryn had propped himself up and was busy reading a report, leaving the other two free to talk.

"So Kassar," began Kel. "Tell me, how did you end up in the service of the Teryn?"

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Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:59 pm


Once again Isador found himself surprised at the young Templar recruit. I must be losing my touch….a few years ago I would have already been busting down the door of whatever hovel my quarry was hiding in. Isador ran the idea through his head and found it a sound one. “You impress me yet again Daniels. While I may be the last person to tell you of your duties at the stables, you clearly wish to see these men brought to justice.” Lothering had become quite a large town since its reconstruction and more than a few taverns dotted the streets. “If I cannot persuade you to return to your work, then I have a task for you.” Was it right for Isador to take the young recruit from his duties? He still wasn’t sure but the look in the lads eyes said enough; Daniels had too much conviction to let this slide after hearing the truth. “Checking every tavern will require some legwork, if you wish to help than I ask that you inspect half of them to cut down on wasted time. If you see any of the Templars do not engage them or make your motives known. When you find one, go back outside and watch the door to make sure they don’t leave without your knowing.” Isador only waited for a nod of understanding from Daniels before moving on to the closest tavern to begin his search anew.

After checking two taverns with no luck, Isador entered a more rundown establishment. Unlike the business Roland ran, this tavern seemed to be run by a much lazier tavern keeper. The floors were dirty, the place dimly lit and the patrons looked less than friendly. Nearly as soon as he stepped foot in to the hall, Strauss’ attention locked on to a man emblazoned with the Templar symbol. The man seemed a few tankards in as he was rather clumsily trying to flirt with the barmaid who seemed to wish she was anywhere else at the moment. As the man turn to order another round from the woman Isador took notice of his face……it was one of the Templars he saw in the hall of the Teryn before Redcliffe. Clenching his fist to try and stay calm, Isador walked over to the drunken Templar who didn’t seem to notice. (Not wearing heavy armor made such an act so much easier) As the man took a drink from his mug Isador kicked his stool out from under him, sending the man sprawling to the ground, spilling his beer all over himself. “Hey! Who’s the dead man wh-“ The Templar’s threat was cut short by Isador’s boot on his neck.
“Templar Johns…….Im very surprised to see you alive after Redcliffe.” His tone held a slight note of sarcasm but his face was as serious as the grave.

“Ack! St-St-Strauss! You…*gasp*….You lived!?” The tavern keeper came from the kitchens to see what the commotion was but one look at Isador stopped him dead in his tracks. The barmaid ran out the back, nearly instinctually at the first sign of a fight. The other patrons took a cue from the barmaid and made themselves scarce

“Indeed I did, and I hear your commanding officer escaped as well.” Isador lifted his foot a little off the man’s throat so that he could speak; no use trying to interrogate a mute. “It’s time for honesty Johns; you’re going to lose a few less body parts that way.” He said, slowly lowering his Axe to his captive’s right wrist, simply letting the weapons weight dig in to the flesh. “I….I….I don’t know where Gregor is, I swear!” Johns said, lying through his teeth. Learning to read a person was essential if one wished to be a halfway decent retrieval specialist in the Order, mages lied constantly to Templars, if only out of self-preservation. “Wrong answer….I hope this isn’t your sword hand.” Isador raised his axe about a foot and brought it down, this time with force, hacking off Johns’ hand. The Templar screamed in pain, writhing on the ground. Isador pressed his foot harder on his neck to stop him from struggling. “Care to try again?” Isador asked

“By the Maker you’re a madman!” Johns shrieked

“AND YOU LET HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE DIE!” Isador exclaimed at the top of his lungs, removing his foot from his throat long enough to kick him straight in the mouth, then replacing it on his throat. Johns gasped for breath, trying to speak while spitting out teeth. Isador lifted his foot again. “What was that?”

“Grey…..*Gasp* Grey Fox…..Gregor has been *Cough* drinking at the Grey Fox….Please….please *cough* don’t kill me.” Johns began to sob, clenching his bleeding stump.

Isador lifted his foot off of Johns’ throat and walked over to the fireplace. “I won’t kill you….not yet….” He said, taking the fire poker and thrusting the end into the flames. “You’re going to look at the survivors of what you let happen. Look them straight in the eyes and beg their forgiveness.” He waited a few moments as the poker heated up. “And you will receive none. The Arl will most likely wish to make the decision himself…..then you are going to die.” He took the poker from the fire and examined it, deciding it would do. With that Isador walked back over to Johns who was still on the ground clutching his wound. “You can’t outrun your sins Johns.” He said, pressing the poker against the man’s stump to cauterize the wound. Johns cried out in agony as the smell of burning flesh filled the room. Isador looked over to the tavern keeper who was frozen in place. “Call the guard; tell them one of Gregor’s men is here.” He commanded and the scared little man nodded, ran outside and began shouting for the guard. Isador then picked up the amputated hand and placed it in Johns’ coin pouch before taking that as well and made his way towards the back door, turning slightly to look back at Johns. “If I find out you ran again….I’m taking your feet next time.” With that, Strauss opened the door and left, heading straight for the Grey Fox.

It took only a few minutes for Isador to find the right building and to his surprise Daniels was waiting outside, watching the entrance. Walking over to the lad, Isador called to him quietly and walked down the alley so that they were not overheard. “Ser! I think I found him!” There are a few Templars in there, I think there all from that lot you’re looking for.” Daniels reported.

“Good Work, have any left?” Isador asked as he looked around the corner to the entrance.

“One Ser, but the one you described is still in there I’m sure of it! I saw him drinking with an elf woman.” Daniels looked like his was going to burst with anticipation.

“Excellent, you have done well lad. Now I need you to cover the back exit in case they attempt to flee.” Isador explained as he took his weapon in hand. He had cleaned off Johns’ blood.

Daniels looked like he wished to do more but the expression on Isador’s face said that this was not up for negotiation. The Templar recruit ran around to the back as Isador made his way back to the front of the Grey Fox. He stood in front of the door clenching his weapon so hard his knuckles were white. I’ve found you Gregor… Swiftly Isador kicked the door with all his strength, swinging it open, catching the attention of everyone in the room. The Black Axe took a few steps inside and looked around the room at everyone one by one. He saw Valmyria at one of the tables having a drink with-to Isador’s surprise-the very man he was looking for. The room had gone silent from the commotion, all eyes on the Black Axe whose stare now focused solely on the Knight-Captain, all but ignoring Val and the rest. “Found you, looks like Johns was telling the truth.” He said as he reached in to the coin pouch and grabbed the severed hand, tossing it at Gregors feet.

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{Redcliffe} ~Awake and Alive~

The room was still in shambles with nothing showing any attempts to repair or organize the damaged structures. The only evidence of any use lied near the throne. While the seat itself had been swept of dirt and soot, the more prominent image came from the floor. A trio of etched letter lied upon the stone floor, carved crudely into the stone itself.


A sharp sound began to cry from a wall behind the remains of the throne. The wall that had stood beyond was gone, crumbled by the castle's destruction. A small corner was left of the former border, hiding the sound's source. The sudden focus upon the segment of wall showed that the word -- left unfinished by the throne's floor -- was etched into nearly every inch of space on the standing walls. Dozens -- hundreds of times it was copied over the stones. Clear signs of an obsession by the writer.


The sound grew sharper with each verse of the name that was read. The walls themselves were almost crying out in pain by the name's presence. A haunting sensation of sadness and longing emanated from the air. The writer was wanting this person, but why was unclear. The jagged pitch of sound stopped a moment as a small figure began to walk out from behind the wall. A young girl, barely into her teens. Smiling and giggling silently as she turned her head. Her long hair a dark abyss of pitch black with thin streaks of scarlet red moving down the hair's length. The girl began to speak, her lips silently forming the word “Daddy” before she was interrupted. A hand reached out, waving through the spectral visage to cause the illusion to fade away.

A tall man strolled out from behind the broken wall, offering a cordial smile to the Teryn. “Excuse the mess. The help is rather...incompetent.” He mused, holding his staff against the ground at an angle as if he were leaning against the long pole. “The fine points of sweeping and dusting are lost on them. But they serve well as crude labor…” Gabriel smirked wide and arched an eyebrow at the Teryn. “Though, you already know that.” He stated with a short chuckle under his breath.

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Valmyria Windstrider and Knight-Captain Gregor - And then, things went to hell... again.

There were many things the Knight-Captain could have done in this situation. Hold the Warden-Commander hostage, go down swinging his sword, start a bar fight, turn his blade on himself... No, there was still cards to play in this game. Strauss looked like he could murder someone at any point - nothing out of the ordinary there, but Val. That made him laugh. The elf had done nothing, still sitting and eating.

So he did the last thing either of them expected. He laughed.

"Isador Strauss! What a pleasant surprise to see you in this neck of the woods" said the Knight-Captain. He looked down at the severed hand. "That's just lovely. Johns always did like to lend a hand."

He broke out in a fit of laughter at his own pun. Several of the Templars at the bar though, just shook their heads sadly.

"Oh come on, it was good!" said the Captain as he waved them off. "Whatever. Isador, I was just getting to know the Warden-Commander a little better. Sit down, please, have a drink, relax, let's tell a story or two... unless you brought that self-righteous, pain in the ass, Deacon with you. Then I'd have to kill him."

The Warden-Commander looked up at the Black Axe and then down over to Gregor. Something didn't feel right about the situation. It could just be the way Gregor was acting, far too calm and happy over this. So she decided to press it before Isador did something drastic, like shoving an axe through him.

"You're taking this pretty well," she said as she bit into a piece of bread. "Most normal people would be panicing or angry."

"I have no reason for any of those, Valmyria," he said as he took a sip of his own drink. "I knew it was only a matter of time before getting caught. Even with the Bann and his lackey's helping us, I knew our chance of escape was too thin with the Arl and his army here. Even if we did make it, where would we go? We were suppose to die in Redcliffe, along with everyone else. My turn." He turned to face Isador before continuing. "How did you find me?"

TERYN - Redcliffe.

The sound of a rune blade scraping against metal filled the silent air as the Teryn returned his sword to its scabbard. He left his had resting on the hilt as he smiled at the man. "Yes, I guess you could say that, old friend. But I do n't recommend them for much more than that."

The Teryn walked slowly around the room as if he was at some shop and was browsing the merchandise. "I wish I knew you were in town sooner, love what you did with the place. I would have brought you a housewarming present. Some fine wine, maybe a fruit basket..."

He paused as he examined some melted stone before turning around and facing Gabriel. "Though I am rather... surprise to see you after so long, and Fereldin of all places as well. Tell me, did you get lost on your way to the Tevinter Imperium?"

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Azreal Demian - Students and Masters

Azreal felt the horse hit his back as it died. Immediately afterward he looked to see Duncan fall over dead, his dagger hitting the floor without igniting anything. Two men, incredibly organized with a good plan. Distraction followed by elimination of your target, then mopping up... which meant him. Great. But Azreal had seen this before. No... He had done this before. Behind Duncan's limp corpse he could see an elf in black. Tall, slender, yet well-built. He stared back at the eyes of his opponent, eyes that were familiar to him, as they should be.

This man taught him how to be an assassin.

Many would fail to see the daggers as they were thrown, with a lesser many failing to hear them. Azreal was able to do both, but he didn't have time to dodge, instead taking an alternate method of defense. In a blindingly quick motion, he stomped the debris beneath him, sending up a loose piece of metal. It reached his face as the daggers did, deflecting one completely, and sending the other off target to graze his upper cheek. A swift backstep gave him time to block his opponent's sword. What followed was a series of strikes back and forth, swung and blocked far too quickly for most to see. Azreal knew he couldn't keep it up forever. Just matching his opponent's speed with his wounds was tough enough. A final swing put some distance between the two of them.

Azreal could hear troops heading in his direction, likely drawn there by the crash. If this took too much longer, he would have more trouble than he cared to deal with. As he caught his breath, he looked to the black-clad elf and said only one thing.

"Been a long time... Shadow."

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{Redcliffe} ~Whisper of the Beast~

Gabriel slowly shook his head a bit, grinning. "I could just as easily ask what you're doing here is this old kennel of a kingdom." He stepped forward and placed his staff upon the broken throne, crossing his arms to watch the Teryn. "I'm sure the answers to both questions are rather similar..."

The mage turned a bit, looking slowly over the ruined room. "But I'll provide another answer you may seek: As always, I only care for your endeavors if they happen to deter my own." He licked his pale lips and softly chuckled. "All I need in this land is a secure location and some clout. Afterwards I'll focus on branching out into other nations..." His haunting eyes began to shimmer with a wild hunger. "Then I can best aid my old Empire." The words were spoken with clear sincerity. But that in itself was likely the most troubling part of the encounter.

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-Marcus Hammerstrike-

Marcus gave a wordless nod to his son and began the process. Magic in a forge was not uncommon but it was rare in the way that Marcus had rigged this special forge of his, the only in existence to his knowledge that was powered by trapped fire elementals within the flame and coal itself. It had taken a very long time and a lot of expensive deals to get not just the materials but the manpower to create the very ordinary looking forge before him, but to the trained eye it teemed with magic awaiting the word of activation that would turn his small room into its purest beauty. Marcus gently placed his hands upon the anvil and closed his eyes, the effect of his touch already causing the black steel anvil to begin growing red veins all along its surface branching out from his hands. The veins turned white and cracked in short order to clatter upon the hard stone floor revealing what lay beneath the cheap mold.
The anvil was of a pure black that almost seemed to suck the light from anything around it save the golden runes that were carved into either side of the great steel. Upon the very top was the grandest rune of all. Already it was fiercely aglow in crimson light. Slowly he took his hands from the anvil and pointed his open palm at the great forge nestled in the corner. "Flare to life.." Whispering a final activation word Vovin couldn't hear, the cold coals came to life in a small explosion of flame and heat that took the breathe from him but a few seconds later the air returned to a cooler state while the flames in the corner danced eagerly in anticipation.

"You're up. Grab the unfinished blade and put it in the fire until it's red and white then douse it in the water. When it's done I want you to take up my hammer, lay the blade upon the anvil, and show me what you're made of." The burly blacksmith crossed his arms and took a step back.

-Cousland Elite-

Shadow stood impassively as the dust settled between himself and his former student. How many years, he silently lamented, had it been since a student had shown such promise and yet such disloyalty. Shadow of all people respected skill but respected more the loyalty of a mans heart for those he served. To betray the Teryn now would be no different than cutting his own throat with Frostfang. Shadow gave a slight nod at the recognition from Azreal but didn't bother to answer. Never would any words escape his mouth again, for after his failure as a teacher and the dissapointment it had caused his master, the elf swordsman had cut off his own tongue and regained favor with Cousland for the display of loyalty and fanatacism. A small price to pay to keep ones head upon your shoulders after displeasure showed its face upon the young master.
A slight scuff of light shoes on stone wafted from behind Azreal as Sedrick grabbed his spear and lunged with a precise and deadly thrust of his trusted spear at Azreals heart. Shadow was the quicker.

The ring of steel echoed out briefly as Shadow deflected the spear with a vicious swipe of Frostfang, the speartip coated in thick ice from the single collision. "What a-" Sedrick had barely begun when Shadow struck him again in the chest with the flat of his open palm, driving the wind from his lungs and forcing the young assassin back on his heels gasping for air before he was dropped to the ground. One moment Shadow had been in a thrusting stance with his palm with his leading knee forward and Frostfang held behind him, the next he seemed to just appear from smoke above Sedrick delivering a powerful spinning kick to the side of his head. With a grunt, Sedrick toppled down and did not stir.
The Elfs feet touched the ground soundlessly as he slid out his other sword from it's sheath, aglow in its own sinister purple glow shimmering faintly around the blade. Frostfang and Heartsbane. Frost could destroy a body and leave almost no evidence. No blood, no mess. Heartsbane destroyed the very soul of whomever it kills.
Shadow did not advance upon the no doubt confused young apprentice, instead he simply motioned for him to leave. Though he did not speak the message was all to clear.
You get one chance to leave. Or you die here.

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Valas Delrune

Deacon stared down at his armor with a look and feeling of awe at the weightlessness of the armor and the shine on the polished steel, aware of every inch it covered but confident it would do little to hinder him in a fight while still offering excellent protection. All those thoughts and countless more stirred in the young warriors mind as the flames of the forge changed ever so slowly. It happened first in the far end forge just out of view. The shadows had become something darker still, a void where nothing could exist but the emptiness of time and space, total oblivion made a crushing reality, and yet it lay there in the only darkened area like a festering wound left unnoticed. The fires nearest it faded out and finally guttered out entirely to the confusion of the scrambling apprentices, between Deacon and his armor, Boulder Bill and his tremendously heavy armor and magic ring, and certainly Marcus' sudden visit, the apprentices could not afford for such a problem to be happening.
But try as they might the fire would not return. They would not notice the shadowed mage with the tarnished gold crown and iron skull mask standing in the midst of the room even if he were totally aflame and screaming for the gods to end his pain. Deacon would not notice the fires burned a lazy purple and everyone in the room had vanished. The quiet set in slowly as his eyes rose to meet the mismatched colors of the staff.
"We do not have long, Deacon Reinhardt. I've wasted enough time trying to find you but now you must hurry. Isador has found his prey and may claim the prize in short order." The metal staff lightly tapped the ground but it sounded as if the entire forge would fall upon itself from the groan that accompanied such a miniscule motion. Shadows had begun to creep up Deacons leg like snakes, ever twisting upward to coat him entirely. "Forgive me if you feel nauseous after but I've no time for delicacy."

With a snap of his fingers the two of them turned to black smoke ignored by all in the active forge room.

The way Valas traveled was not fancy. He walked like everyone else but only at night when he could blend in. His only other way of travel was by skating upon the shadows with a spell he'd learned long ago before the corruption of his magic had transformed him. It was a portal, but a small one that could only bring the user and another passenger, to a fixed destination within a very brief amount of time. It had been changed over the years to suit his new source of energy but it made the trip far more hazardous for the ones not used to him. As the spell ended the two stood in the alley behind the grey fox pub. "Be careful. The shadows are a poison that can rot away your strength momentarily, so do not try anything hasty. Be patient.. I will be watching.." The shadowmancers words danced on the wind as he turned to smoke and shadows once more.

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Azreal Demian - What, No Hugs?

Azreal watched as his former mentor put down his own ally as the man made an attempt on his life. He felt anger, as well as confusion thinking about it. But more importantly, he was reminded of just how much stronger Shadow was compared to him. It proved to him that the master assassin had held back just moments ago as they clashed. Why...? Do you actually care about me? Is this a show of respect? Why are you doing this, Shadow?

Azreal was left with little time to ponder, as Shadow motioned for him to leave. He was well aware of what the outcome would be if he refused the offer. There are still things I have to do, so I can't die just yet... Azreal gave a silent nod to his old tutor before he turned around, making his way up to the rooftops to escape.

He slowly made his way back to the inn that he had been staying at previously, picking up medical supplies from a local merchant on the way. The funds given the first time allowed him to stay in his previous room. In the lobby, he had a message sent to Kronis, his contact, to obtain the current whereabouts of the Warden-Commander. He would have his talk with her later.

For now, he entered his room and laid out the medicine. Not as simple as a typical potion, but in ways, more effective. He took off his outer clothing and applied the treatment to his arm and leg, wounds sustained when he took out the carriage that Duncan had been riding in. Afterwards, he wrapped the wounds in bandages and redressed himself. The bandages would show through the cuts in his clothing, but they were still subtle enough to where most would not notice or care. As much as he wanted to talk to Val now, he would have to wait until he knew where she was. At the very least, it would give him some time to recover.

Deacon Reinhardt - Takes Some Getting Used To

When Valas addressed Deacon, the primary reason he remained calm was because he recognized the man as an ally from Redcliffe. Even if he had drawn his sword, he wouldn't have been able to do anything as the Shadowmage sent them both across the city in mere moments. On the other side, Deacon took a few moments to recover from the ordeal, taking Valas' advice on the matter. During his recovery, he felt his bracelet shine underneath his gauntlet, seemingly reacting to the dark energy that had lingered. He felt nothing in that time, but it still made him uneasy.

Recovered, he got up and made his way to the back door of the building that Valas brought him to. As he approached the door, he saw a young man equipped with Templar's recruit gear. Deacon wasn't about to attack such a young man, but he still needed to gauge the boy.

"Excuse me, may I come through here?"

"I'm afraid not, Ser. I have been tasked with guarding this entrance." The boy was nothing if not honest. But with present circumstances, Deacon continued his query.

"Was the one who gave you this task a Templar Knight-Captain?"

"No, Ser." Now he was curious. If not Gregor, then who- and then in hit him.

"By any chance, did the one who gave you your task wield a large black axe?"

The boy was a tad surprised, responding once again with honesty. "Y-yes, Ser. How do you know that?"

"He's an old friend of mine. We were both Templars once upon a time. Now, may I go through?"

"Yes, Ser! He is looking for someone inside. Maybe you can help him." The boy opened the door, and Deacon made his way inside. No sooner than he entered the pub did he heard Gregor's voice, laughing and commenting on his company. Deacon wasn't sure what to think of the given situation. Gregor was there, sitting with Valmyria and addressing Isador. He worked his way through the crowd quietly, not wanting to cause unwanted commotion, before watching the standoff. He suddenly felt his stomach go berserk, likely caused by Valas' magic. Before Isador could respond to Gregor's question, Deacon puked on the floor. Every single pair of eyes in the pub were now on him. Hell of a shitty entrance.

On the upside, his stomach felt better.

"Ugh... Sorry about that." With no point in trying to hide, he walked to Isador's side, putting his hand on the Black Axe's shoulder. "Isador... we're gonna have to talk sometime about the... 'unique' company you keep..." He turned around to face the Knight-Captain, with a slight smile on his face. "Hello, Gregor. Almost didn't recognize you without all the blood. You want a drink, or would you prefer to kill me?"

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Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:47 pm

Vovin watched as his father turned away to face the ordinary looking forge. A weapon unlike anything his mentor had ever made? Vovin could hardly contain his excitement and curiosity. But...how would such an average forge create such a blade? Vovin peered past Marcus to look at the anvil. Suddenly it dawned on him as he inspected the metal; this was no mere forge. His suspicions were confirmed when his father's touch made the the anvil light up with streaks of flaming red, which gradually progressed to white. HIs eyes widened as the true beauty of the construct was revealed. Then Marcus pointed his hand and the remainder of the forge lit up, the flames stealing the very breath from Vovin for a moment. Then all was relatively calm again. When Marcus began instructing him, however, Vovin was startled.

"Wait, you want me to do it? I-I'm not sure I can..." Vovin paused as he wrestled with his doubts. He was not stranger to a forge, Marcus had made sure of that in his son's youth, but he had never had much skill went it came to the trade. He had created some ok blades, but his true talent had lain in combat. Vovin looked his father in the eye, about to continue his objection, but he stopped. He saw something in his father's eyes. The old man believed in him. Without another word Vovin nodded, taking up the unfinished blade and holding it to the fire. The heat of the forge washed over him and something seemed to click in his head. It had been awhile since he had done any smithing, yet he felt more comfortable with it than ever before. The metal began to glow brighter and brighter, escalating from red to white. Vovin pulled the blade from the fire and doused it as Marcus had instructed, then he lay it upon the anvil.

Vovin gripped the handle of the sturdy hammer that belonged to his father. He paused a moment, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. Then he exhaled, raised the hammer, and brought it down, causing a metallic ring to echo out. It felt...natural. Different from when Marcus had first trained him to work metal. Again and again the hammer fell against the unfinished sword. Vovin seemed to lose himself in the work, all his senses that were not imperative to his task dulled. The Dragon Knight did not notice the orange wispy light that had begun to creep along his limbs. He was unconsciously slipping Beyond the Veil as he pounded the metal, and the energy of the dragon spirit worked its way past his fingers to flow along the shaping blade. This continued for a time, but suddenly Vovin stopped, hammer raised. He slowly lowered the instrument of creation and the orange aura around him faded away. He looked at Marcus. "I...don't know where to go from here."

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TERYN - Redcliffe.

"Finally!" proclaimed the Teryn as he turned to look at Gabriel. "There is at least something we can agree on; I care not for your plans as long as they do not interfere with my own. However..."

The Teryn paused as he crossed the empty room and stood in its middle. "I am at full power, and you are not. Perhaps... I can be of aid instead of an enemy. I do not believe that our goals will conflict with each other, at least not for sometime. Are you going to use this land as your place of operations?"

Valmyria Windstrider and Knight-Captain Gregor

"Bloody hell, speak of the devil and he shall appear," said the Knight-Captain as Deacon so interestedly made his appearance.

"I have a drink, my dear boy," answered Gregor as he raised up mug, tapping his against the Warden-Commander's own. "Though I would fancy the idea of killing you. Sadly, I think it would be inappropriate under these circumstances."

"Most likely," commented the elf.

"Not to mention it would be terrible manners of breaking out into a fight in this fine establishment."

"Very much so."

"Still, I don't think this will end well."

"Ahh, without a doubt."

"Very well. Could you pour a man another drink? I think I'd like to be drunk for this next part." Gregor turned his attention back to the two former Templars as Valmyria poured a little of the Quel'Elhen alcohol into his mug. "Anyways, clearly Johns told you I'm here. So what can I help you two gentlemen with?"
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