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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:00 pm

Deacon Reinhardt - Behemoth at the Gates

As Deacon began to let go of his blade, the entire building rattled as an almost inhuman roar came from the doors. Within a second, his grip had come back and the blade was at his side ready to be drawn as he faced the door. Behind him, Marcus stood up, directed an apprentice, then told him and Vovin to stand down. The doors opened to reveal a man with the purest of hatreds in his eyes. Vovin then refused Marcus' request and took stance next to him.

"I know why you've come. I ask that you give me only the time to forge you new armor and the blade I had designed with you years ago. After that, you may have your revenge." His words were calm despite the serious tone. Betrayal was never something Marcus had been forgiving about and had no reason to start just because it was himself."Forgive me my faults for forcing you to this. It was not your burden to carry."The forgemaster gave a small bow.

Now Deacon understood the situation. An unintentionally broken promise, and a deeply held feeling of betrayal. Deacon knew this feeling well. "Vovin..." He carefully walked forward to not agitate the situation. "...I know that you wish to protect him; I do as well. But this is not our fight right now. If we tread carefully, we may be able to avoid conflict." He put his hand on the young knight's shoulder, his eyes pointing to Marcus. "For now, trust that he can handle this. We mustn't interfere until the situation demands it."

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:09 pm

Valmyria Winstrider - Lothering Keep.

Val was taken back slightly by Azreal's words, but that was quickly filled with anger. to say that she was furious would have been a bit of a overstatement, but it got pretty close to the emotions boiling inside of the Warden.

How dare he, she thought, not noticing that she was shaking with anger. Who the hell does he think he is? A former - no, a disgraceful excuse of a Ranger, who has NO right to counsel anyone on their life, dare attempt it to me? He doesn't know... Tears began to build in her eyes as the rage ate at her. She had been joking about the list, but now she was seriously reconsidering it. How could he walk in and think he could act like that? Once a prodigy for the Ranger corps, now a disgrace, a reject. A man who allowed himself to be blinded and controlled by vengeance and tossed everything away to end the life of a man to suit his own justice. After all that he had done, he thought he could just walk in and act like nothing had happened? That everything was okay and the two were buddy-buddy?

And he had the gall to address her like that?

"I'll kill you," she whispered, blinking back the tears.

"DO YOU HEAR ME, AZREAL?" she screamed into the darkness. A red flash emanated from her right hand and the wicked looking gaunlet was back. She slammed her fist into the rock wall, chipping and cracking it slightly. "I WILL HAVE YOUR CORPSE AS A ARCHERY TARGET!"

Valmyria walked away to the other side of the wall and took a series of deep, quick breaths. She had to calm down, relax, burring old feelings in the past and focusing on the future. She looked at the gauntlet in the fading sunlight and forced her own will power over it to control it. She was the one in charge, not it. She was the master, not her emotions. Another red flash and the gauntlet vanished.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice cracking as her emotions returned to normal. "There are some things in the world I never want to see again, that was one... Thank you, Ser Strauss and Valas, for what you have done at Redcliffe. I need to go and meditate, but if you wish to talk later, I would enjoy it. Shorel'aran."

She left without another word, and unlike her exact opposite, she left like a normal person would, using the door. Val descended into the depths of the keep, passing servants and guards alike, but paying no heed to their bows. She moved fast and with a purpose, her white robes billowing behind her with her speed. Her path was not clear, she went left to go right, up to go down, crossed a hall several times, all in the hope that she would loose anyone following her to talk more or. Even if they asked the servants, they wouldn't get a clear answer.

Eventually, the Warden-Commander found her place where she could gain tranquility. It was another position on the wall, but on a different side, overlooking the country side and the fading sun. Here, she climbed onto the wall and sat with her legs crossed. She kept her back sraight, arms folded, head bowed, and eyes closed - right into the proper meditative position. Within moments she had slipped into her world made by the meditation. Her senses amplified the world around her, scents drifted by, the sound of the wind on the flag nearby, all of it was part of her and not at the same time. In this state, she reviewed what had happened, what she had done about it, and what she could do to fix it. She drifted in her thoughts, seeking answers and guidance from the Goddesses her people so diligently served.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:51 am

Blood Lord wrote:She left without another word, and unlike her exact opposite, she left like a normal person would, using the door. Val descended into the depths of the keep, passing servants and guards alike, but paying no heed to their bows. She moved fast and with a purpose, her white robes billowing behind her with her speed. Her path was not clear, she went left to go right, up to go down, crossed a hall several times, all in the hope that she would loose anyone following her to talk more or. Even if they asked the servants, they wouldn't get a clear answer.

Eventually, the Warden-Commander found her place where she could gain tranquility. It was another position on the wall, but on a different side, overlooking the country side and the fading sun. Here, she climbed onto the wall and sat with her legs crossed. She kept her back sraight, arms folded, head bowed, and eyes closed - right into the proper meditative position. Within moments she had slipped into her world made by the meditation. Her senses amplified the world around her, scents drifted by, the sound of the wind on the flag nearby, all of it was part of her and not at the same time. In this state, she reviewed what had happened, what she had done about it, and what she could do to fix it. She drifted in her thoughts, seeking answers and guidance from the Goddesses her people so diligently served.

Every step she took was shadowed by the hunter. No matter where she went he would follow and be ready to make his move when the timing was right. When she was alone he would pounce and see firsthand if she was ready to be called an ally and master to the greatest killer the world may yet ever know. Arrogance and pride were Zha'Grens trademark and well earned at that.
He wore his usual armor as he stalked the rooftops without so much as a whistle of the wind on his cloak, dead silence followed him eerily, and both of his cruel weapons rested in their sheaths upon his belt, multiple throwing knives coated in a numbing poison, his various totems hung about him loosely or hid underneath the heavy cloak draped across him. A large oaken bow almost as long as Zha'Gren was tall rested over the cloak, strung and ready for use with a quiver of nearly 30 arrows each almost a foot long with a razor sharp tip.

Zha'Gren climbed the wall with the ease of a seasoned veteran and cleared the top of the wall within minutes before finally climbing atop one of the sentry post roofs a short distance away.
As Valmyria entered her light trance he began the work of preparing. Zha'Gren was aware that her heightened state of awareness made the prey extremely difficult to get the jump on, but he doubted from the start that the first shot would kill her. Deny it as he might the elf was cunning and skilled.
Slowly he drew an arrow to the bow and drew it back as far as possible. Though a longbow was not his favored weapon it was still extremely deadly in his skilled hands.
Zha took a deep quiet breathe and exhaled.
The heavy thrum of the bow was the only sign that something had come against Valmyria Windstrider.

Moments after the first arrow was in the air, Zha'Gren had reloaded and began rapidly firing off his arrows. His hands were a blur even to himself as arrow after arrow thrummed out to assail the warden commander, almost looking like a solid line of whistling arrows. The arrows that did not strike their target cut deeply into the stone wall, attesting to their destructive force and sharp edge.

Zha'Gren threw down the weapon and shed the empty holster, almost in a frenzy as he dropped down to the main wall with little more than a whisper of rustling cloth. He charged the Warden and drew Dauntless and the heavy war axe. The hunger in his eyes shone through the bone mask as he closed in for the kill.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:29 pm

Valmyria Winstrider - The Price We Pay.

Val always had a feeling that her actions, sooner or later would come back to bite her in the ass. She just didn't think it would be this soon.

She heard the heavy thump of the bow, and was already moving backwards as she heard the arrow slice through the air. Very clever, this assassin. Attack her when she was her in her most exposed state with no armor, and no real weapons. And instead of sneaking up on her, attack from afar. This would let them escape or have their allies move in and finish the job.

But her attackers had failed to take heed to one fact. She was a Ranger.

Val slid backwards off the edge she was sitting on and rolled to her feet. She watched in amazement as a second arrow nailed where she had fallen, and ducked as a third sailed over her head. "Multiple shooters?" she thought as she turned to the direction where the arrows were coming from. But it wasn't a group of Crow Assassins has she had supposed, but a single figure, with a bone mask. Zha'Gren

She had screwed up, she knew it and had made, to her mind, three mistakes. One, she had trusted and entered into an alliance with a creature that she was sworn to destroy, all over a silly sword. Two, she dropped her defenses. And finally, she had forgotten about the Hunter. Val did find it strange though that she couldn't feel the creature like the other darkspawn. She decided it was a mystery best solved for later as she side stepped a few more arrows. Valmyria made a mental note and placed the hunter's name above Azreal's in her list of people to kill.

A red flash emanated from her hand, and once again the Witchblade was activated. She reached forward and caught one of the arrows that had strayed too close for comfort. The warden snapped the arrow up and used it to deflect more arrows coming her way. He was shooting rapidly, almost connecting them. This would decrease accuracy horrendously and the strength behind each shot. A few of the arrows went wide and she didn't even need to move for them. But soon enough the hunter had ran out of arrows and leaped onto the main wall. She could see the hunger in his eyes, he'd been waiting for this.

Val met his eyes with her own. Within them wasn't anger, rage, or madness, but determination.

The Warden-Commander rushed to meet the Darkspawn, its blades already raised to strike. At the last moment, Val dropped and slide along the stone floor underneath her assailant. She reached out during this and caught a hold of the hunters leg, slamming him into the stone and watching him slide from his own momentum. Valmyria leaped to her feet and pulled out her own knife and held it in her other hand in a reversed grip meant for defense. She held her gauntlet up high, talons posed for an attack, and waited for the hunter to get back up.

She promised to kill him, but not before she stripped away everything he had.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:01 pm

Azreal Demian - Some Things Never Change

Blood Lord wrote:"DO YOU HEAR ME, AZREAL?"

Azreal's ears perked up as his former comrade screamed her threat. Once he had gotten considerable distance from the wall, he stopped and sat on the rooftop. He didn't want to shake her tree, but he had a knack for pushing her buttons. Just showing up, he knew that she might have tried to turn him into a pincushion. But he wanted to know if she was okay. No amount of tension between them would change that. But the woman was always devoted to the principles of their kind, thinking that no excuse could justify going against those teachings. Had things not happened the way they did, Azreal might have still been the same way.

Not far from his location, Azreal could see what looked like a fight about to start. He wanted to take down anyone within the Keep that may be serving the Teryn, but just could resist watching what could be a good fight. He moved closer, sticking to the rooftops, before he had a bird's eye view of the standoff. Four men, two men and a big old guy against another big guy. The two big guys looked like shit, but the other two had fresh clothing. He recognized the knight from up on the wall, but nobody else rang any bells. It took a lot of self-control not to burst out laughing when he saw the old guy's slippers.

The standoff looked interesting, but he still had his priorities. He met his Redcliffe contact inside the inn, and told him to gather as much info as he could about anyone there with connections to Teryn Cousland. The information would take some time to gather, so he paid the fee for a room at the inn. Not too shabby a place, and pretty cheap too. He laid on the bed and closed his eyes.

It was about time he got some decent sleep, anyway.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:40 am

Blood Lord wrote:
The Warden-Commander rushed to meet the Darkspawn, its blades already raised to strike. At the last moment, Val dropped and slide along the stone floor underneath her assailant. She reached out during this and caught a hold of the hunters leg, slamming him into the stone and watching him slide from his own momentum. Valmyria leaped to her feet and pulled out her own knife and held it in her other hand in a reversed grip meant for defense. She held her gauntlet up high, talons posed for an attack, and waited for the hunter to get back up.

She promised to kill him, but not before she stripped away everything he had.

The slide had caught him by surprise, of course she was fast but to do something like that took tremendous skill and timing, but it lasted only a fleeting moment. As her hand closed in on his leg, Zha'Gren flexed his leg and leapt forward to break the hold before it could be dangerous. Instead of the ungraceful faceplant he might have suffered, Zha'gren went into a quick roll and came up sliding as he reversed himself to face the commander.

She had those talons again. Zha'Gren clearly eyed the weapon with disgust, all but shaking his head as he stared at the warden commander. To use such a maddening power without experience would be deadly to its wielder, likely it would rob the proud ranger of her purpose. Of the reason she had won Zha'Gren in the first place.
She would have no more honor if the cursed armament consumed her.

A low growl escaped his lips as he rushed back into the waiting stance of the commander, the heavy war axe crashing down against the gauntlet in an attempt to hook it for a brief moment as he gave a powerful thrust of Dauntless to her midsection. Any creature with his strength would cleave through her pitiful defense with ease regardless of an attempt to parry but he came up short as the commander discerned the tactic and disengaged further.
Only an elf could possess the grace that was the Wardens dance. Valmyria had used the armored gauntlet to deflect the blade as she spun to the left side, smashing away the axehead with the gauntlet as she brought her dagger fully around to thrust, stopping mid-slash to leap backwards in a tight somersault backwards as Zha'Gren used his great strength to simply overpower her deflection and bring his weapons back to an offensive position.

The hunter gave a nod at the impressive display of skill required to not only defend but to offer a riposté. Needless to say, he was not put off from testing her further.
The next rush made his last attempt on her life seem... almost pitiful. Like he hadn't even been trying.
The truth of the matter was obvious then.

Zha'Gren came forward with another swing of the blackened war axe in a wide arc, twisting himself into a tight spin and came around with a blindingly fast slash with Dauntless. he would repeat the process once more before bringing the waraxe down in a vicious overhead swing that could have split an ogre in two, all of this as he continued to surge forward at the retreating commander.
Zha'Gren suddenly jumped backwards and let go of his weapons, out of reach of Valmyria and in the air before him for a brief moment. Hands moving in a blur he drew two throwing daggers and let fly before catching the blades perfectly and taking a ready position to make use of any openings.
He was testing her for something. Every attempt got stronger. Faster. Less brutality and more powerful skill.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:31 pm

Valmyria Winstrider - The Price We Pay 2.

The fight wasn't fatiguing her as much as she thought it would, in fact, she felt a bit more refreshed. She had no doubt that it was a little bit of the gauntlet's influence that was leaked past her willpower that was causing the effect.

Seemed fine to her as the hunter began to increase his pace, favoring speed and skill over brute force. She was able to keep up, thus far with her own natural abilities and talents and hadn't had to crack open the Witchblade's power to compensate yet- probably wouldn't have to.

The fight though, something was off as it seemed like the hunter was specifically targeting the gauntlet- no, knew it as he attempted to hook it. Could he want it, seeking to steal it? That could be very possible as she knew that Zha'Gren collected rare and interesting weapons as trophies. Perhaps he had meant to knock her out and steal it at first, but failed and was now trying to kill her over it. Possible, but she had to find out.

Valmyria attempted to disengage and retreat from her advancing killer, but he wasn't sparing her any room. He must have been ten or so feet away when briefly let go of his weapons. She didn't need to guess what was coming next. As his hands reached for the throwing knifes, she was already moving, falling backwards- raising her knife up, and using her other hand as support for when she hit the ground. the knives though would get her before she'd even touch the ground.

The elf caught one of the throwing knifes with her own blade, sending it spinning off somewhere, but failed to intercept the last one. She felt its sting as it cut into her cheek and embedded itself into the wooden door behind her. Val keep the momentum going in her drop and twisted it to be a one-handed back-flip. She landed blade up and a few more feet between herself and the hunter.

That's about when she remembered that the Hunter enjoyed using sedatives on his weapons. But she flashed a cocky grin anyways as she channeled her own healing magic. The cut on her face began to glow a soft blue and the wound slowly but surely, began to heal itself before the hunter's eyes.

Redcliffe had been quite the experience of death for her and she had sought out a few mages, and healers on topics of healing magics. They had helped her with some of the finer points of self-healing. Normally such a effort required the use of her hands. But wit this new method, she could focus her own magic inwards and heal herself without the need to generate it through her hands. Thus she could heal herself from minor injuries without a problem. Although there was some limitations to this, she knew as it was still new to her and only a few of her own people had mastered this ability. The toxins, for example, she couldn't pull them out or neutralize them in her body unless she used her hands, and more sever wounds would need her hands as well.

But she didn't have the luxury to lower one of her weapons and take the time to heal herself. Val also knew that this game was now becoming a waiting game, it was only a matter of time before whatever toxin that was on that blade began to have an effect on her and she'd be forced to override it and tap further into the Witchblade.

Something was quite off about the hunter though, she wasn't sure what it was. Like he was testing her.

She didn't have too much time to stand around though and decided to take the game onto the offensive side.

The Warden-Commander rushed he darkspawn opponent instead of retreating further back, hoping the movie would catch him off-guard a bit as she pressed the attack. She varied her attack style and rotated between using the knife and her talons. The talons, she thought, worked well since it was such a unorthodox weapon. They were... well, fun to control, easy to use, but she had to get within arm's reach to use it for a killing blow.

However, it seemed as if the hunter was just as capable as weaving and twisting as she was. Sometimes her weapons would find nothing but air, most of the time though it was steel against steel, and she could have sworn she felt flesh at one point. Val had no doubt that he had probably gotten her as well, but the adrenaline was blocking anything at the moment. She was impressed with herself, able to hold off a fully armed darkspawn hunter with a knife and a clawed gauntlet. Val wondered for a moment what the fight would have been like if she had been fully armed and armored.

"What do you think you are doing?" she hissed at him as they exchanged blows.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:41 am


The darkspawn hunter was past admiring Valmyria's skills as she continued to fend off his assault using that cursed gauntlet and her own acrobatic grace, and it took every ounce of Zha'Gren's being not to simply finish her off and be done with it. Some other time, he lamented silently to himself. His blades came in for another vicious cut and a follow-up with a backhand swipe the axe while driving the point of Dauntless at her stomach. As Valmyria Danced to the side of his fatal blow he struck the real attack. The moment he'd brought the axe backwards he'd simply let go, the axe would fall just behind him for later retrieval, and struck Valmyria across the face with his fist.

Even as she stumbled backwards from shock and the stars behind her eyes he was pressing the assault. Both weapons tossed behind him, Zha'Gren grabbed hold of the gauntlet as the warden made a desperate swipe with the claws that drew 4 bright red lines across the hunters midsection. If it hurt Zha'Gren he clearly didn't show it. His own talons drew a bright line across the wardens neck, though with her healing it likely would feel the same way.

Warden commander or not this woman was still just another fighter to crush but her defenses were impecable, despite the surprise of her assailant dropping his weapons to strike bare fisted. It wouldn't work again any time soon but for now it would suffice. Zha'Gren caught Val's dagger thrust at her wrist and the gauntlet nearly the same way but followed through with a devastating kick to the ribs that sent the already wounded warden commander reeling back.
Zha'Gren didn't follow. Instead it turned around and grabbed his weapons, slowly turning to continue his menacing glare. Val could see he was bleeding badly, almost as much as she was but without the benefit of magical aid, yet the Darkspawn killer showed no sign of slowing down or simply retreating. All he did was growl whenever his eyes fell upon the gauntlet.
Val likely noticed now that this wasn't about getting the gauntlet, it was something else.. The creature before her hated the artifact, something about it seemingly offended him. Him! A merciless killer and freak of nature itself.

"Are you wielding that cursed armament now, or are you going to let it take hold of you again. Let it drive you into that murderous haze you were so drunk on. Who wields your sword, Valmyria. You? Or those unelven claws.." Zha'Gren dropped into a crouched fighting stance, ready to pounce or leap away, if necessary.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Upon Crossroads.

Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:56 pm


"Do you think it will be a problem?" asked the Teryn as he walked the halls with his second-in-command.

Silence reigned between the two as the large, black robed figure considered the situation for a moment. this was the same imposing figure that Azreal had encountered those few night's ago. "No," it replied, the voice having a strange hollow, musical ring to it. "But it has annoyed me. The idiot tried to burn the lyrium."

"Understandable," he replied with a nod. Lyrium was a rather, explosive element when used correctly. He doubted that a simple torch would have done enough to set them off such as fireworks, but if the fire went to the heavier grade lyrium in the bottom of the ship, well, there wouldn't be a Denerim shipyard . "What of the crystal?"

"It was recovered, and those who had it were killed- after interrogation, of course."

"Did you find anything interesting?"

The figure shook its head, which caused most of the robes to shake as well. "Nothing we already knew."

"Pity. Did you divide the shipment?"

"Yes. Half to the Templars, and the rest of it is going to build the Obelisk. What of your own endeavors?"

The Teryn let out a sigh. "Unfortunately, not as well. Seemed like that little Redcliffe plan has back fired on me, and I was forced to move plan b ahead of scheduled."

"Which prince did you go for?"

"Theodred Therin."

"Ohh, I've always liked him. Nice boy. He'll make a excellent puppet-King."

"Indeed," replied the Teryn. "I'm leaving for a few days to go check on Amaranthine. I don't like the thought of them sitting there."

"What are your plans for up there? Might I recommend some shipments of plagued grain?" suggested the towering mage.

The Teryn chuckled a bit at the thought of using his friend's favored tool. The mage was too amused with the grain, but it was interesting enough. "I'll consider it, Kel. For now, I want to see where they stand. If they are a liability, then we'll destroy them. If they can be used, then they will."

"Can I come?"

"Ehh, why not."

Gates of Orzammar

Morrigan nodded. "You'll have your chance, Zasalim. The artifact you seek is a stone key; a gem that was in laid with lyrium and magic. It's designed to open the gates of the surface thaig that Thorin is looking for. King Aeducan... might be hesitant to tell you where the key is located at, if he knows it at all. For a long time, the surface dwarves have been held in a tight grip as a life line and a punishment."

The Witch turned from them and started walking towards the gate. "I will accompany you on this for as long as I am allowed to."

She approached the gate guards, who moved to block their way into the city until their captain motioned them to stand down. "State you business."

"Ugh, what was the bloody password," she muttered. "Something about halls, and kings, and rocks... oh forget this." The witch waved her hand and the guard blinked a few times.

"Yes, you may enter," he said and stepped aside.

"Thank you kind sir," she said. "Teelo! Come now, we don't have all day and its chilly up here."

"And one more thing Zasalim," said Morrigan as she stepped off to the side. "You are the leader of this party. Go on."

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Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:23 pm

- Gates of Orzammar -

"So there Was more to be revealed" he thought as Morrigan shed more light on the path he walked. He absorbed every morsel of information regarding the quest he currently embarked upon. Everything from the key, the king, and the surface dwarves lot in the scheme of things.

He was happy to have such a beautiful and powerful being along no matter the duration. Teelo's antics didn't escape his eye either. He chuckled when the wild child returned after a successful meat hunt. He'd have to talk to Tello about money and stealing, especially in the carta's territory, but for now he just wanted to get into Orzammar.

When they approached the entrance to the city, the guard acted as he anticipated, but the witch had her methods of persuasion. With the wave of her hand the guards relaxed and stepped aside. After addressing Teelo she appointed him the leader of the group. "Of course, dont mind if I do." He smirked and proceeded through the entrance and into the Hall of Paragons

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Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:51 pm

-Into the Deeps-

Teelo’s ears twitched at the sounds of his name, taking his attention from his prize. He looked down at the ground where Zasalim and Morrigan stood. “Teelo coming!” he said as he shoved the rest of the food in his mouth and jumped from the tree, changing in to a crow and flying over to his companions and changing back. “Teewo ftill hungry!” He said, his mouth stuffed with roasted meat. With one big gulp he swallowed and licked his lips and fingers. He looked in to the entrance to the Dwarven city, hearing the echoes from the hall and smiled. As the trio continued in to the great hall Teelo began shouting and hollering, entertaining himself with the echoes he created with his voice.

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Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:46 pm

Valmyria Winstrider - Bewilderment

This is what he is so concerned about? Really? she thought as she maintained her posture of defense. She had the hunter on the run, did she not? The Ranger could see the wounds and the blood, and knew she had taken some hits as well. But already, her healing magic was at work, a soft blue glow emanating from the damage points as she diverted more of her attention and focus to healing. Val did reason that she could keep pushing the hunter, potentially kill him, but she might die as well in the process.

Val glared at the hunter. He wants proof? Fine.

"My will is my own." Val held the gauntlet up for the hunter to see. The Warden rotated her hand around and in a red flash, the gauntlet vanished, leaving behind her hand, her middle finger raised, and the curious silver bracelet. Valmyria dropped her hand and straightened up.

"But if you don't believe me," she continued, tossing her knife aside and extending her arms out. "Then do it. Kill me. I'm already dead."

The Warden-Commander waited to see if the darkspawn would make a move. She wasn't stupid though, despite what it looked like. If the hunter strikes, she would be ready for him. And if death was to be her fate, then she would make damn sure to drag Zha'Gren with her to hell.

Gates of Orzammar

"It's been a long time," was the only words that the Witch said as they entered into the Hall of Paragons. The dwarves were master craftsmen, taking great pride in their skills, almost too much for her tastes. It was one thing to be proud of the work that you do, and another entirely to boast about it at every moment you had. She smiled on the inside as Teelo acted so childishly. However, the child was going to have to be silenced if they were going to make any progress.

"Teelo, quite. We are in a place of reverence for these people," she said. "You can shout all you like later."

Dwarves were also a peculiar people to her. Not as irritable and thick skulled as the Chantry, but not as eased as the elves. The dwarves belonged in the own category of madness with this obsession over the "Stone", social status, and this fear of pissing off their dead. It's not like the dead could rise a- No, wait, they can she countered her own thought train, a slight shiver worked its way up her back and the thought of walking dead.

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Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:54 pm

Shortly after the events at Redcliffe

Kassar - Denerim

Kassar left the Teryn and Prince to their business. As he walked down the hall, he replayed the tensest 5 minutes of his life. Walked in on a Prince, served him wine. Drank the best god damn wine in his life, with a Teryn and Prince. The conversation between the two, which nearly made him spill the wine. Nearly. Can't spill that deliciousness.

New conflicts appear and old ones get worse. Probably best to be prepared. Kassar went to see the Guard Captain at the barracks. He walked in on the group of men, seeming to do their own duty.
"Sir, I'm the Teryn's new messenger boy. I've come to ask you a favor, please train me. I wish to be of more use to you all in any way I can."

Present Day

Kassar ached from the training. Although it helped his endurance, he hasn't learned anything new from his superiors. Now he waits for the Teryn to return. He sat outside, with some of the other guards. He has the pleasure of carrying the extra cargo that couldn't fit on the wagon.

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Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:04 am

Valas Delrune

The only sign that Valas had agreed to Isadors request was the slightest of nods, made harder to see because of the smoke lingering around him ever constantly. Words echoed in the redeemed mans head, silent and powerful words that felt.. wrong, somehow. I know how to avoid prying eyes but you must trust me when I tell you that none will believe. My prophecy has fallen on deaf ears for to many years. The shadowmancer slowly drifted into smoke on the winds, even his staff fell apart piece by piece and turned to dust.

His words echoed once more in the Templars head. I will watch over you for now, but I must rest. Be wary.

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Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:09 am


Zha'Gren stared at Valmyria with the usual bloodlust in his eyes, aware of the healing she was ever constantly using. She would never understand her reliance on that cursed blade until backed into a corner. Zha'Gren wasn't about to give up, with his prey so close and yet so far from where this fight needed to go. But how to get there.. The pain in his stomach flared angrily for a moment and brought a slight wince. He was likely to bleed out and die if this drew on for much longer but there wasn't a choice. Zha'Gren downed a healing potion he'd brought with him in one quick gulp and threw the glass vial to the ground then drew out a throwing knife. The blade punctured his stomach with a grunt of pain.

The healing potion was working quickly and the numbing poison would remove the pain temporarily atleast. It was time for the hunter to prove his title. Both blades were tossed behind him and well away from the commander, and out came the spear. The weapon was tricky to use, since it required both though and quick twists of the wrist to have it extend, shrink, and have the blades extend, but in the Darkspawns hand it came alive. With a flick of his wrist and a mental command the spear extended to its full reach and the 3 pronged blades extended to become a + on each end, two blades outwards and one forward like a spear. "Where will you put yourself when you have been backed into a corner.." He growled angrily under its breathe and came forward in a rush.

throughout the fight, The darkspawn hunter had proven to be fast and deadly with a keen mind for combat to match it, but this was something far worse. The spear flashed out in lightning fast arcs as the hunter deftly spun it in tight circles even as he twisted and spun to bring the blade around in powerful swipes and thrusts, but the worst part was when he whispered something in his gutteral tongue. The word itself had no translatable meaning but the effect was almost immediate as Valmyrias healing stopped entirely.
It wouldn't last long. But it didn't have to be.
She would show her strength quickly enough.

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Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:44 am


With the fading of the shadows Isador found himself alone upon the wall. He was relieved that Valas had agreed to aid him, but he could already feel the burdens of his task weighing down upon him. This weight, however, felt nothing like a suit of armor holding one down; it felt like a mountain, those weights of duty and purpose. It was a feeling that Strauss had not lived with since his flight from the tower…it was a welcomed feeling to the Black Axe. He made his way back down off the wall, rotating his mended shoulder, trying to work the stiffness out of his joints. I feel 10 years older, blast it.

Isador left the keep, having no further business inside until the Arl’s meeting was called and began to walk through the town of Lothering. Amongst the smallfolk going about their daily lives, the unarmored Isador looked like one of the crowd, only his stoic posture and somber face would pick him out of the ordinary. As he walked past a bakers shop another sensation ran through Strauss like a herd of halla; he was starving. Strauss asked around and was able to find the local tavern, a modest building with the sweet smells of the cooks at work. Checking his coinpurse, still full from his last mercenary job, Isador entered the tavern, gave the owner a respectful nod and found a table near the fireplace, ablaze with warmth against the morning chill. A tavern girl approached with a smile and a slight curtsy, making Strauss for one of the soldiers of the Arl. “Bring me a pint, whatever you’re cooking back there and a pipe with some tobacco if you have it.” Isador instructed before the girl could open her mouth. “At once, ser.” She said with a nod and went about her work.

As she returned with his pint, Isador removed his ring of poison resistance, thanked the lass and took a long swig from the tankard. Might as well be piss water, at least it’s cheap. He thought as he wiped his mouth before sitting back in his chair looking in to the fire. A few minutes escaped him before he noticed the owner of the tavern approached his table with a small wooden box. “Excuse me ser, but I have the tobacco you asked for.” He said, opening the box for Isador to look inside. There was a pouch filled with tobacco and two wooden pipes, one inlaid with silver. Isador took the more common of the two pipes, took a pinch from the bag, stuffed it in the pipe and gestured with it to the empty seat across from him. “Would you join me for a smoke?” He asked, his tone genuine, though his expression remained stern. The portly man agreed with a smile, preparing his own pipe and lighting it with a match before offering one to Strauss. “Your right kind to spend your time with a tavern keeper ser, would expect you to be off in the Keep with the rest of the soldiers, not that I don’t mind your company or your business.” The tavern keeper said, puffing on his pipe vigorously.

“I am not one of the Arls men….just an old Templar.” Strauss replied, exhaling smoke from his nose.

“Oh a Templar! My sisters oldest just joined the order, good lad, he’ll go far you mark my words, he will.”

“I wish him the best, the order is….different….then when I first joined.” Isador replied, sifting the tobacco as the barmaid returned with his food, pork sausage with gravy, porridge and wild berries. With his free hand Strauss took up his fork and began to dig in.

“That’s the truth about most things I suppose.” The tavern keeper said, puffing on his pipe and scratching his scraggily beard. “Fereldan sure seems out of sorts if you ask me, first I hear the circle tower goes all quiet, then the elves start makin’ a fuss over in their woods, and now redcliffe has been attacked! Darks days I say, dark days.”

In truth Isador enjoyed the rotund man’s company, he knew of the trials that awaited him but for now….he was just having a pleasant conversation with a simple man with simple troubles smoking some surprisingly good tobacco. He alternated between taking bites of his food and puffs from his pipe as he talked with the tavern keeper about local troubles, what the man’s nephew could expect in his training, and the impressive quality of his tobacco.

Strauss finished his meal and ale as they talked and continued to fill the air with acrid smoke. “The meal was wonderful, as was your company, Roland, but I must be about a few things today.” He said, tapping out the pipe against his boot and returning it to the box.

“Of course Ser! I wouldn’t dream of keeping you from the Makers work, must be tough, coming in to town with those other Templars just before all these refugees, it must have been the Maker that sent you lot.” Roland said as he waved the barmaid over to retrieve the dirty dishes while packing up his own pipe in the wooden box. “Thank you kindly for your patronage, Maker bless you ser.” The portly tavern keeper said as Isador place a gold sovereign in the man’s palm. It was far more than he had to pay but money had never been something that the Black Axe worried over.

As Isador stepped outside something Roland had said replayed in his mind. Other Templars that arrived before the refugees? Isador had seen the surviving Templars from redcliffe, most were in critical condition and had to be hauled on the wagons. Then something Deacon had said rang in his head like thunder. The Teryn's attack was led by Knight-Captain Gregor of the Templar Order. From what he told me as I fought him, the Darkspawn horde was part of their plan. The two pieces of information clicked together, Gregor….he had thought him a good man….but if he knew of what was going to happen…..

Isador began walking towards the Chantry, slowly at first, but as he drew closer he quicked his step; his anger rose just as steadily. He knew….he knew the whole time.

As the Chantry came in to view Isador’s quick pase turned in to a full-on run, dodging past civilians Isador crashed into the heavy doors of the Chantry, swinging them open and breaking the somber silence within the Chantry with a bellowing cry. “GREGOOOOOOOR!” Isador shouted at the top of his lungs as he entered the Chantry, all pomp and circumstance had been erased from his mind by anger and justice. His shouting turned heads from the villagers who had come to pray, though none stayed long enough to see the end of the Black Axe’s rampage. The Revered Mother from Redcliffe approached Strauss as he looked around for his target. Without a word the woman approached the raging warrior, his wicked weapon in her hands, outstretched towards Strauss. “Bring justice to the guilty.” She spoke softly within his ear as she handed Isador his weapon, the retreated to the Revered Mothers quarters.

Strauss looked down at his axe for a long, solitary moment before continuing his search. “YOU WOULD HIDE FROM WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?!?!?!" There was no way that he had not heard the cry of the Black Axe. Justice had come for those responsible for Redcliffe; and those responsible would know true what penance truly was.

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Deacon Reinhardt - Finish What You Start

Deacon calmly waited for the situation to diffuse. While waiting, he noticed a guard in a rush to grab reinforcements. "There's a man with an axe causing a scene at the Chantry! We need to move!"

"The Chantry? What is he thinking?"

"No idea, he keeps screaming for a man named 'Gregor'. Come on!" Deacon felt a fire in his heart ignite when he heard the Knight-Captain's name.

"He's here...?!" He tightly clenched the blade in his hand, narrowing his eyes and gritting his teeth. He began to rush off before turning around to address the others. "I have to deal with the situation, I leave this to you!" With that, he rushed towards the Chantry. Though he did not have his armor, his weapons were still equipped. If Gregor was indeed here, he would find him.

As Deacon approached the Chantry, he could see Isador. He should have guessed when he heard that the man had an axe. Getting closer, he saw several guards approaching his ally. "Stand down, all of you!" He moved to Isador's side to address the guards. "I will handle this situation."

"Who are you, and why should we trust you?"

"I am Deacon Reinhardt, and I am one of the Arl's men. We seek a man guilty of a crime, let that be enough. I will ensure that there is no collateral damage." The guards weren't very willing, but they left the area. "Now, Isador... Explain to me what is happening." His eyes met those of the Black Axe, and did not waver. "If Gregor is here, then we must apprehend him, not kill him. He will receive his due punishment, but what he knows may be important. Understood?"

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Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:59 am


Isador tried to hear what Deacon was telling him but his rage made it too hard to comprehend the logic behind his words. Every time he thought of Gregor being brought in for his crimes, he only saw the man walking away free, just as MacCullen had done years ago; how the rest of those he had slain that night would have done without his intervention. His mind played out the paranoid delusions of the crimes Gregor would commit because of the failing justice system of men. While Strauss had regained his faith in the Maker; his faith in Man was still lost. To Isador, only his axe could bring justice to the wicked. “I will make him talk, make him cry out what he has done….BUT I WILL NOT SEE HIM WALK FREE! NEVER AGAIN!” Isador roared, taking his axe to the pews of the Chantry.

As the Black Axe hacked away at whatever nonliving thing he could see, he caught sight of a scared child hiding in the corner of the chantry, near the alter. The look of horror on the boy’s face froze Isador in place, overburdened by introspection. You’re a madman Strauss, must you spread your plague to others? He thought as he lowered his weapon and looked back to Deacon. “I will drag Gregor to the Arl…..but he will not be in one piece when he arrives if I deem him guilty.” There was no doubt in the voice of the Black Axe. If Gregor was in Lothering, Isador would tear down every building to find him and bring his dark deeds before the light.

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Valmyria Windstrider http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c_amb6zfhs

So, we're going to end it like this.

All it took was a single flash of red, and Val was moving straight for Zha. He wants to see what happens when I'm in a corner? Fine. Valmyria let loose a short battle cry as she engaged with the darkspawn.

She felt her healing magic close off to her, but it didn't matter. She put her focus into this battle, and willed as much of the Witchblade up to bear as she could handle. The gauntlet's strange black metal wrapped itself up her elbow and ended. Anymore, and she'd loose it. She could already feel some sort of distortion, like she wasn't really in her body, but was at the same time.

The Warden blocked, parried, attacked, and moved in line with the dark hunter. He was fast, but she was just as fast if not faster. He was skilled, deadly, fierce, and so was she. Sparks flared as their weapons made contact with each other. Blood from both sides sprayed into the air as the two continued their fight.

Valmyria diverted as much of her focus as she dared from the fight and empowered another skill. Shadowmeld. A shadowmeld is the influencing and warping of light around you to literally make you disappear from sight. For centuries, a perfected art of the Ranger is the ability to blend into the environment. Generations of human and dalish rangers had used the environment to be hidden, but the Quel'Elhen Rangers took that art and skill to a whole new level - magic. Most Rangers were only able to do it while standing still, or moving carefully. Valmyria on the other hand, could function normally and still keep the illusion up. But in a battle, it had some interesting effects, able to throw out the illusion to warp her body, and therefore enemies perception of her.

She had one last trick to play though.

The Warden Commander slide under the hunter again, but instead of going for the legs, she came up the side of him and barely had enough time to duck as one of the blades passed over her. Val felt the low wall being pressed up against the back of her leg, she was running out of room. Val slid around the edge and through herself to the other side of the wall, behind the hunter. She lashed out with her talons and caught one of the cords keeping his totems on, causing them to crash to the floor.

But the Warden wasn't done. Val pushed off from the other side of the wall with her foot and flipped over the hunter and his blades to the other side. She laded in a crouch, but leaped to the side again, and then rolled up from the ground.

Valmyria was in his defenses.

She moved forward and grabbed a hold of the spear, twisting it and the arm holding it aside. Then brought the witchblade up in a tight fist and slammed it as hard as she could into the bone mask. Not just once, but twice. After the final hit, Valmyria brought her foot around and slammed it into the creatures midsection, kicking the create back and away from her.

Val breathed heavily for a moment as she wasn't in danger and collapsed to one knee. She felt... weakened. Val reached to her side and pulled her hand back. Her hand was coated in red blood. Confusion racked her mind for a moment as she processed why she wasn't healing, but then remembered the hunter had disabled it. In the frenzy, he must have gotten her.

"Come on, you worthless cur," she slurred as she clutched her side with the gauntlet. She could tell there was some voice distortion from the intensity of the blade, but not as much as Redcliffe. "Come on, I want you to do it, I want you to do it. Come on, kill me. KILL ME!"

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High Corruption - QUEST ACTIVATED: Azreal

The single knock and the letter being slide under the door was the only sign of the messenger's passing. He hadn't been told what it contained or who was the receiver. He wasn't paid to know those things, and he didn't care. All he cared about was that now he had money for food tonight.

The letter was single piece of parchment, not very detailed either. It simple read

Antiono de Alrigt - Marketplace; tradesman - older man, potential leader, supplier, or traffic controller for enemy forces. Wears family crest on cape.

Alistar Vernden - Anthony Estate; Guard Captain - middle aged, coordinates loyal guardsmen and mercenaries.

Mark Anthony - Anthony Estate, or City Hall; Bann - potential leader. Involvement unknown.

Duncan Esquire - City Square; Town Mayor - Respected public individual. Involvement, unknown. Past history of being a Smuggler

Warning: Targets difficult to reach. No payout. Effect of Assassinations, unknown. Use cation.

The information broker had been strict on this one. Last minute information deals usually went this way.

A Templar in Hiding - QUEST ACTIVATED: Deacon and Isador

Isador's little rant hadn't gone over very well with the Templars and guards at the Chantry. They had their weapons drawn and moved closer to the Isador and Deacon. A lead Templar, his armor bearing the rank of a lieutenant, motioned out with one hand for the group to drop his weapons, but before he could say anything, another voice interrupted the peace of the Chantry.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" The newcomer walked across the stone floor, his boots clicked with authority. Unlike the other Templars gathered, his armor had a lot more care and craft placed into it. The armor still reflected the design of the Templars, but this was the Knight-Commander armor. The man was older, his hair peppered with more gray than brown, and his beard ws neatly trimmed. He was also flanked by two Knight-Captains.

"I am Knight-Commander Vauss, what ar- Isador?" the old man stopped in his tracks and looked at the Black Axe. "Isador, what are you doing here? What is the meaning of this?"

"Commander Vauss, is everything alright?" It was the Revered Mother of Lothering who walked out of her office. She was also a older lady, but had retained much of her youthful beauty. She was also protected by a pair of Knight-Captains.

"Yes, Mother Leland. I have the situation under control, you need not to worry now."The Commander folded his arms, waiting for her to leave, but she didn't move at all.

"What seems to be the problem then?"

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Deacon Reinhardt - Misunderstandings

"I apologize for the commotion, Knight-Commander, but I'm afraid that this is deathly urgent..." Deacon's arm let go of his sword as he raised his hands, showing that he meant no harm. "We seek a traitorous Knight-Captain named Gregor who helped orchestrate the destruction of Redcliffe castle and the deaths of many of its inhabitants." He calmly turned to face the Revered Mother, staying calm and maintaining a non-hostile posture. "Revered Mother, has a Knight-Captain or any other Templar Knights come to the Chantry in the last day? If so, we must speak with them."

His eyes spoke to them with the utmost sincerity. "Please, Your grace. The Arl and his people deserve answers..."

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Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:16 pm

{Redcliffe} -- Hail to the King

The ruined walls of the castle still smoldered and smoked. Darkspawn wandered seemingly aimlessly over the debris and rubble. Some fetched the limbs of the fallen to feed upon the charred flesh. Some seemed curious enough about various damaged armors to try shoving pieces into their own attires. A pair of ogres were stomping through the stones, amusing themselves with the sounds of the crunching bodies beneath.

A slender man strolled forth through the genlocks eating at each of the makeshift entrances of the ruined courtyard. They would pause as he drew close, staring up at the man. Something akin to awe and fear struck their eyes and they froze as if hoping they weren’t seen. He walked near the small group of hurlocks brawling with one another near a fire, causing them to stumble over themselves to crawl toward the flames. Some emissaries began to run ahead of the man, grabbing and clearing rubble from what they knew he wanted. The ogres stopped their playing when they drew near the man, slowly kneeling before him to simply watch him move.

His left arm lifted as he stopped before the emissaries, the creatures suddenly freezing at the sight of his movement. A blue light shined underneath them before the stones themselves burst out, flinging the simple beasts into the air. A mass of blood and stones and armor rose up into the air before the man. As his hand stopped lifting so to did the mass of blue energy suspending the man’s goal. He swept his arm aside as his waist turned, the blue energy swinging around him to plant the objects into the clear space behind him. The stones and rubble fell away and the corpse within began falling apart. The body was barely recognizable now, but the armor was clearly that of a Grey Warden. He was burnt in numerous places while two large portions of his form had been cut apart by powerful blades.

The blonde man smiled a bit as his emerald eyes stared at the carcass. The thick blood began to shift and move, rising up from the fallen warden, floating into the air. Slowly, every last drop of the man’s blood gathered into a large orb in the air, hovering in place for the tall mage staring at it. He brought his left hand up to his mouth, pinching his bottom lip between the claws of his gauntlet. The small cut began to bleed for a brief second before the blood swam its way back into its master’s body. The floating orb of red shifted to form the man it had once been as a single stream started to wave through the air and flow into the man’s small wound. His eyes became glazed over as a wide grin spread across his lips, his body slowly shivering.

Memories and power ran through his mind in equal measure, showing him what the warden had known and even the events that only his corpse had witnessed after that dragon knight and Qunari had done him in. The teryn’s men and allies, the wardens and their own allies. The switching of sides as some of the teryn’s own sided with the young commander and her ilk. The battles around the courtyard and the lives that had escaped after the armored ogre was dispatched. A soft moan left the mage’s lips as he began to hover off the ground. Visions flooded his mind of this dead man’s life and loves. Memories of his betrayal and his reasons. Memories of the events of the nation.

The mage opened his eyes after some minutes had passed, landing back onto the ground. The blood in the air stopped flowing as the last drops ran into the man’s lip. He smiled wide, now knowing the details of the kingdom’s political standing. He even understood it better than the warden had during his life. The lands will be split and the heavens will cry… The fires of the underworld will rise as these demon spawn encroach upon the capital. And now, he began walking forward as his left hand lifted, brushing through his hair, I have a land to make my own. A new kingdom to rule. And an army straight from this world’s nightmares. He began to chuckle behind his white teeth as he walked calmly to the nearest exit, the nearby darkspawn all shaking and bowing from fear of the tainted mage. Closer now… The more taint I absorb, the closer I will get to true power…

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Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:13 pm

Azreal Demian - Break Time is Over

The bed was comfortable, to say the least. Then again, a bed to sleep in was a luxury in his line of work. Rooftops were where he usually got his rest, waiting for the moment to engage contracts. Though he wanted to sleep, he couldn't help but think of what had happened to him in such a short time. First, a contract goes pear-shaped, then Redcliffe goes boom and the only person that mattered to him there gave a painful reminder that she would like nothing less than to kill him. And that vision... "...The end of days, huh?" The thought made him scoff. "Tsk, fuck that... I ain't lettin' some old fart get away with somethin' like this."

A single knock at the door grabbed his attention as an envelope was slid underneath. Already? Damn, Kronis... you work fast. Off the bed and over to the door, he opened the envelope containing the information he requested. Four targets, not unexpected. What was unexpected was how connected they were in this place. As he read the letter, he almost skimmed over the bottom...

No payout.

Figures, he asked for this info, there's no client this time. Been a while since I did this kind of thing pro bono. May just be a nice change of pace... He grabbed his gear and left the inn, putting a generous tip on the desk. He headed for the alley next to the inn to approach the rooftops unnoticed. From there he made he way to the Central marketplace, where his first target was likely to be located. On the south side he saw a building providing shade, and shadow, from the sun. From there, he delved into the Shadow Veil.

It was a variation of the Ranger technique Shadowmeld that he had perfected in his time away from his brethren. Traditionally, a Ranger would cloak themselves in the shadows to disorient or fool their opponent. But this was different. Inside his Veil, he was a shadow, unseen and unheard, incapable of being attacked by traditional weaponry. The main drawback was that he could not attack his opponent either. Inside the Veil, his only option was to wait.

And so he did, silently, awaiting the approach of his first target.

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Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:40 pm

-Shadow of a Paragon-

Isador had calmed down before the Knight-Commander appeared. He remembered Vauss, though he hadn’t been made Knight –Commander during his time in the order. He looked around at the other Templars surrounding him, he recognized a few faces, some were too young to have been in the order the same time he was. Some of the men seemed on edge despite their numbers, Isador was aware why; after all he had single-handedly slain four fully armed Knight-Commanders alone the night of his exile. “I apologize for my outburst Vauss, Revered Mother….but I have not taken lyrium in nearly a decade.” He said sincerely, turning his axe upside down, the axe head to the ground with his hands resting on the pommel. “Deacon speaks the truth, Knight-Captain Gregor has allowed the deaths of countless innocence…and he will be judged for his sins.” His posture was commanding, his mere presence, devoid of his unstable rage, showed that Isador Strauss was still (if a bit tired and worn from the past years) the man many had come to revere. He waited silently for the Revered Mothers response, hoping to the Maker that he would give one of his servants the wisdom to see the truth.

-A mountain unexplored-

Teelo had barely taken ten steps in to the Hall of Paragons and he was already having a great time. He did, however, stop shouting at Morrigans request with a loud “Awwww!” He pondered for a moment before looking back to ask. “Whats reverence?” His tone curious though it was obvious the long word was not part of the Forest Childs regular vocabulary. He continued looking around the enormous hall and the stone statues occupying it with awe. Teelo had seen old ruins with statues and other curious things but they were always crumbling, moss covered and worn. This place was filled with life and Teelo could feel it all around, in each breath he took. At that moment he caught sight of a Nug running around the corner of the hall. Teelo’s mouth began to water as he changed in to a cat and began to stalk the tasty looking critter.

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Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:50 pm

High Corruption - QUEST ACTIVATED: Azreal
Target 1: Antiono de Alrigt

"No. I don't think that would be wise," replied the man as he flipped his little cape back, and continued walking in the street. He spoke in low tones with a hooded man next to him. Judging by the height and stature of the hooded figure, it was a Dalish woman. "The Teryn is too cunning and well placed for us to slip out like that."

"But how then can we preserve our own safety?" she responded, looking behind her. "The others, in Redcliffe, I heard a darkspawn got them."

"Impossible. They had the amulets I provided to them, and I know they work."

"But now that the Arl and his men are here... Antiono, we should gather the others, take what we can and flee. It is only a matter of time until the catch us."

"Listen to me. They won't catch us or anyone unless we screw up, like you are doing right now," he waved the conversation off with his hand. "But enough of this, we must talk about more pressing matters and issues. the next shipment is ready for deployment. We will arrange the terms and conditions the same as before, agreed?"

*Azreal has the option to assassinate the target now, or risk the chance of detection and listen to more of the conversation. Should he be detected, the other targets will be notified and might leave the city, escaping, or be prepared to fight.

A Templar in Hiding - QUEST ACTIVATED: Deacon and Isador

"Deacon, Isador. These are some serious accusations to be making," replied the Revered Mother, her tone carefully neutral.

"And demands," muttered Vauss. "Although having Templars going rogue and butchering mass amounts of people in the name of "justice", doesn't seem that uncommon these days."

"Commander, what assistance can we provide these gentlemen on their quest?" asked the Chantry leader, ignoring the man's remark.

"... With all due respect, Revered Mother, you can't be serious about this," he replied, folding his arms in defiance. "If this involves one of my brothers, we should notify the Seekers instead. Not let these two "heroes" to do it instead."

The older woman smiled at the Commander. It was warm, grandmotherly even. "Commander, I believe we can spare these men the information they need. It will take to long to get the Seekers. Help them bring justice to those who are suffering."

The Commander snorted and looked back at Deacon and Isador.

"We have nothing about a Knight-Captain Gregor, to be honest," he said grudgingly. "Ever since Redcliffe fell, we've absorbed their remaining numbers into our ranks, and we're still sorting out the mess since the refugees have taxed us to full capacity. If you are looking for a specific Templar though, you might want to try one of the stable boys who were there when the Templar's arrived. If your man came here, he would have gone through our stables first."

The Revered Mother glanced over at the Commander with a questioning look. "Do you think we could tell our patrols to keep an eye out for the man as well?"

"Yes, it shall be done at once, your Holiness," said Vauss with a bow. "Is there anything else we can help you with, Isador and Deacon?"
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