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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:47 pm

-A wild spirit-

Teelo’s eyes lit up with joy at the mention of his teacher. “You spoke to Teacher!?” He asked, dancing around in place. “Teelo make proud!” He shouted, pointing up at the sky before as he took a deep breath and let out a howl filled with pride. As the echo faded from the forest, Teelo closed his eyes to listen for a response, his ears twitching slightly but no response came. Teelo sighed, hoping to have heard from his Guardian again. The strange woman spoke of her times in the wilds, which gave Teelo a kindred feeling towards the woman.

Upon asking Teelo of his attachment to the wild places, he beat his fist against his chest as a sign of confidence. “Teelo only know the wilds! Make Teelo strong!” He changed in to a hawk, flying up to a large branch and landing, changing back to his true form. “The green places know Teelo and Teelo know them!” With a flourish of his hands swinging out, Teelo fell from the branch, transforming again in to a swarm of insects just inches from the ground then reforming. “Wolf-father show Teelo power in green places! Teelo not be prey to two-legs!” Pride seeped from Teelo as he spoke of his teacher/parent. While he may have shown bravery at the village, there was no force in all of Thedas that could make the Forest Child feel afraid in his forest.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:08 pm


The Arl reflectively jerked backwards when the blade dropped. Luckily, it had only nicked the woman's cheek, and not gone through her face. There was some shouting as he looked up and saw the hunter. His men had unleashed a volley of arrows, but it had disappeared before they had made contact.

"Should we follow it?" asked one of his men.

The Arl looked over at him like he was a idiot. "Are you kidding me? No. We aren't going to follow a darkspawn into dark tunnels that just dropped a sword at me."

His Captain had retrieved the Sword and was examining it. "Its the Warden's balde, but its also a Oathkeeper."

The Arl raised his eye brows in interest. An Oathkeeper was a blade rewarded to the faithful, experienced, and "good-works" Templar. What was a Quel'Elhen elf doing with such a sword? "You are full of mysteries, my dear," he whispered softly to the woman cradled in his arms.

"Arl Hailstorm!" shouted one of his men near a window. "The ogre is down!"

The Arl perked up at once and began issuing orders and handed Val off to his Captain. "Move now. The darkspawn are going to fall back and regroup, we need to get out of here before then."

Immediately people began rushing out of the room and through the doors and out into the small enclosure with the Arl at the head.

"Red Guard!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs as he cut down a genlock. "Engage the stragglers, provide cover." The Red Knights of Redcliffe, fabled for their heavy armor of the same color that they get their name, and revered as the best fighting force of the region, surged forth. They carried large spears and thick shields and decimated the stragglers.

"All remaining men, form a defensive column." A defensive column was situating a front and rear guard between a group that could not fight or was too valuable.

The Arl moved to a section of the wall, and shoved his sword into a small opening. With some effort he twisted the sword, causing the machinery and locks within to turn and grind to life. The wall slide back, revealing a large passageway that descended into the keep. This passage way would take the survivors through the royal crypts, through a series of tunnels, and out into safety far away from the danger.


The Teryn hissed through his teeth has he watched his prized ogre fall to the ground. It was impressive, he'd admit that. He'd even knew that he would loose the ogre, but not this fast nor soon by these mercenaries. He started to question his use of the Darkspawn now. They were valuable as shock troopers, worked significantly well, and people would have a very difficult time linking them with him. But they were such a pain in the ass to find and collect, not to mention controlling them was like wearing a boot full of mud.

Such a blunt instrument they were. No matter, he had more... precises tools at his disposal.

"Never again," he pushed back from the table and walked out of the room. "Damn darkspawn can't do a single thing right."

It wasn't a complete waste though. This little play had bought him some valuable time. Indeed he had his hopes that the mercenaries he hired would have been killed off, but that never mattered to him. It was too late anyways. Still... it might be a good idea to engage his back up plan at the same time. He'd have to see how fast the rest of those components could be moved.

"Umm, my Lord Cousland?" called the elder scribe.

"What is it?" he yelled back as he continued down the hallway.

"You're going the wrong way."

That caused the lord to turn around back to the room. "Excuse me?"

"Apologize my Lord," said the old man as he continued writing letters for the Teryn. "But the mages are down the other hall."

Cousland opened his mouth to say something, anything to the old bastard, but closed it when no words came out. Face turning red for a moment, the Teryn proceeded down the other hallway until he reached a beautifully engraved door. his hand was right on the handle when he heard the scribe call out again.

"It's the other door, my lord."

"How the hell do you know these things?" he shouted back as he moved to another, less decorative door.

"Comes with the job, sir."

The Teryn rolled his eyes at the reply and opened the door. The passage descended down into the estate, eventually leading to a series of stairs. There were sentries here, but they wouldn't be seen by the mortal eyes. They blended into the shadows, even into the very stone that the place was constructed out of. they would only revel themselves to those who did not belong there, and by then, it would be too late for them to do anything.

The stairs ended into a large open room with cells on one side and work stations on the other. A few mages, and people of high learning he called "scientists" moved through out the room carrying on with their various tasks. He did get a good enough look to see what is in the cages, but he was confident with the success of the people in this room. It was a lab, not as fancy as the one at Highever, but it served its purpose to continue the Teryn's experiments and developments as he was here in Denerim. The fruits of such labors were already being seen. All of them dark magics and engineering marvels; raising the dead though plagued grain, mind control, blood magic enhancements, fusion of metal into flesh, and harnessing the power of lightening without magic, were just a few of the dark marvels found down here.

A worker handed him a clipboard, a report of the situation here. It looked good.

"Argith, Knuckledust," he said, not looking up or pausing, but knew that the two would hear him. "You may move to eliminate subject 1107. I believe that elf has given us all that he is going to give. Meet up with me once you've finished."


The Teryn opened a door at the end and stepped through onto a balcony that over looked a large room, and then decended the stairs. Powerful runes of magic were etched into floor, he could feel the power of them drifting up as if they were heat being reflected by the ground during a hot summer day. The twelve or so mages that stood by had kept the spell at a standby mode waiting for the Teryn's command.

Though to call them "mages" anymore would be a bit of an exaggeration. Their "eyes" had been replaced with a orange fire, and their skin was greyed and cracked. Their robes were a combination of majestic purples and oranges with matching paldrons and head pieces. Out of the chest of each one was a single large orange gemstone. These men and women were corrupted by the greed of knowledge and power, all he had to do was extend an invitation to them to come and serve him for all their dreams to come true, and have more power than they could image. He gave it to them, and then slaved them to him. Of course, they had yet to reach perfect like their master, Kel, but that was a different matter.

Of which, was suppose to be here, but the Teryn would investigate the matter later, for now he needed action...

In the center of the circle, he stood.

The titan had been waiting, patiently, it had no other choice. It knew who was the master and it was bound to his will. The fire golem, Cyrus. An unstoppable force of power.

"Cryus, it's time for you to play," said the Teryn almost casually. "You will be sent to the Castle of Redcliffe. Level it. I don't want a wall standing taller than me to be left. Kill everyone within it and the village, every last man, woman, child, darkspawn - any creature that draws breath."

The magic runes glowed brighter under the golem.

The Teryn extended his runeblade, blue power raced up along its blade as it flared to life.
"Purge it with flame."

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:13 am

Cyrus the Pyroclasm
---Maiden Voyage---
All will be dust.

Hovering just off the ground was something out of a bards horror tale, told by the midnight fires or by a childs bedside. It was nearly eight feet tall with glowing red armor plating, arms outstretched as the creature spewed fire from its very body. The fire flooding from it swirled around and around the great main body only to be absorbed again into its right hand, tracing the runes inscriped upon the lesser protected appendage with a fierce white glow while the rest of its arm was completely black and nearly untouched by any of the flames.
All at once the fire cut out and it landed with a great metal thud that ran long and terrible cracks upon the polished stone floors.

Its voice was not so much spoken as it was forced out, every word was the crackle of the very flames it so resembled. "Redcliffe will BUUUURN! How it roared with the fury of a red dragons breath, great plumes of black smoke wafted out of what resembles a mouth that had been burned from solid metal to create a likeness, a likeness shaped as a savage otherworldly grin.
In the foul tongue of the flames it shouted a single word and erupted into a great hellish firestorm, raging endlessly as it crackled with delight. In a poof of brimstone and vile smoke it was gone, leaving the room scorched completely black.



The same hellish firestorm it had left in was now in full effect as it materialized high over the Redcliffe castle right upon the gates, falling like a meteor of bright orange flame. The impact alone leveled the gates and set fire to the drawbridge. Black smoke plumed to the sky and the ground below them rumbled from the force, already the flames were crawling across the very stone that cast an eerie green hue to the hungry fires. Anything the flame touched would be consumed.
From the crater rose the Golem monster known as Cyrus. One of the greatest magical constructs ever to be created.
Cyrus' right hand flared to a dazzling yellow, fire danced the runework inscribed upon its hand being pointed upon a large watchtower close to the kings quarters.
"IMPACT!" He roared! The fireball hit the tower a split second later, turning the entire section it had struck to rubble, the flaming wreckage of wood and stone and steel collapsed down like rain that only spread the hungry flames further, melting the stones in the courtyard beyond the kings quarters in a violent frenzy. More fireballs exploded into the castle from somewhere near the front gates to spread bodies and flaming wreckage like a twister.

Even the Darkspawn, so fearless in their conviction for murder and chaos, could only watch in amazement as a something bright and red began to float in the sky like a beacon, it was large and humanoid but lacked even the most basic feeling of something natural. All other sounds stopped as the creature spoke over even the roar of the hungry fires.

"YOU HAVE BEEN SENTENCED TO EXTERMINATION, ENEMIES OF MY MASTER," The sky turned black, clouds swirling as the golem waved its right arm around and around leaving an ever growing ball of flame to grow to a tremendous size within moments. "BE INCINERATED FOR YOUR PRIDE" The hungry fires all around the castle began to flow upwards in great streams into Cyrus' body before it was filtered out into the hungry fire overhead. Cyrus brought his right arm down at the castle, the create ball of pure destruction fell as his arm did.
Midway to the ground it exploded into hundred, thousands, of miniature streaming little balls of fire that ripped great holes in the ancient stone castle to scorch stone and incinerate anything it touched as wave after wave rained from the sky at the golems command. As the wave of flames struck and burned for a few moments it was again sucked back into Cyrus' right arm to be thrown again in a greater density at the few buildings that remained. A matter of moments had gone by and already the lower level of the castle of Redcliffe had been reduced to molten slag and blackened stones. It would only take a few more minutes of the golems enraged destruction to reach the Arl and those who had felled the ogre upon the courtyard steps.

In just a few short minutes there would be nothing of the castle left. Not even a 3 foot wall would likely remain.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:57 am

Deacon Reinhardt - It Just Keeps Getting Better...

The ground shook as the Ogre hit the ground. Deacon was nothing short of impressed by the sheer force of the Knight's attack. Within moments, the forces within the Throne Room rushed out to escape. "Well, it's about time..." Deacon moved to the rubble where the girl was hiding and once again brought her up to his shoulder, while the Arl opened the path to the crypt. Everyone still able to walk began rushing in to escape the castle. As Deacon moved to join them, the bracelet on his arm shined furiously, causing him great pain along the length of his arm. It seemed as if the lyrium in his blood was reacting to the bracelet. On one knee due to the pain, a voice echoed in his mind...

"Leave this place... Leave now!!"

At that moment, the air in the courtyard began to swirl around, crackling as magical energy was introduced. Something was coming, and Deacon knew that he'd best leave before it arrived. He shouted to those still entering. "MOVE IT, HURRY! WE HAVE TO LEAVE...NOW!" The barcelet continued to pain his arm as he took the girl into the tunnels, while the magical energy in the courtyard increased. What was on the way may very well be- The ground shook with a force unlike anything he'd ever felt. No time to waste. Using what little time was left of the fading spell, he moved forward as fast as his body would allow. "Everyone move! Don't stop for anything! Get the Arl out of here!" Deacon could feel an intense fire behind him, burning with the fury of countless suns. He had no idea if whatever was out there would follow them into the tunnels, but if it did, then everyone there would die before the screams could leave their bodies.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:56 pm

Vovin's blade was just about to meet that of a Hurlock's when suddenly both combatants froze mid-swing. Their eyes were locked on the figure floating into the sky. The Dragon Knight stood motionless, eyes widening to match the expanding ball of flame in the monster's hand. Where had this thing come from? Why was it here? For Vovin there was no time to answer these questions as suddenly it was raining hellfire. Building and organism alike were scorched to ashes under that deadly downpour, and the effect only seemed to be increasing in power the longer it went.

And Vovin could not look away.

The wave of fire rolling towards him, the carnage that it wrought, horrible and beautiful at the same time, all of it had him locked in place. He knew he should run, but his legs would not obey. He felt his connection to the Fade drop away as he lost concentration. The draconic aura around his body shimmered to nothingness and the young man's black armor reflected the sheen of the oncoming destruction. Was this how he was to die? Paralyzed with awe of a foe leagues above him?

A shout rang through the courtyard....one that Vovin recognized. What was his name...Deacon? The templar's cry penetrated the fog that was constricting Vovin, and he felt his limbs return to his control. Pivoting, Vovin began to sprint towards the tunnels.

Suddenly a sharp pain arched up his leg. Vovin cried out and stumbled, falling to the ground. He rolled to a crouching position and looked behind him. The Hurlock he had been fighting seemed to have broken from the fire's effect as well, and looked hellbent on taking the Dragon Knight into the Abyss with it. Vovin's leg gushed blood, the Darkspawn had somehow managed to strike a weak spot in his armor. He would have to yell at Marcus for that later. The Hurlock roared and charged forward, sword held overhead. Vovin gritted his teeth and brought his blade up to block. Parrying another strike, Vovin struggled to his feet, limping heavily. Pain shot up his leg every time he tried to put weight on it. The knight frantically reached for the Fade, but his panic caused the link to slip from his grasp. The Hurlock could taste victory and charged forward wit ha battle roar.

Suddenly a bolt of fire strayed from the rest of the annihilating rain and came crashing down on top of the Darkspawn. The wretched creature was incinerated instantly, but the blast from the impact sent Vovin flying through the air. Everything seemed to spin and the last thing Vovin saw was the wall near the entrance to the caverns hurtling towards him. Or was he hurtling towards it?

With a loud crunch Vovin hit the wall and fell in a crumpled heap to the ground. This time the Dragon Knight did not rise. This time he lay unmoving as his comrades fled from the ever approaching wall of death.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:36 am

Azreal Demian - Just Another Job

The air felt great up on the rooftops. It was a great place to just relax. Now wasn't the time for that, though. The men he'd been tracking had just shown up in the market, and he needed to stay on them. Azreal jumped from roof to roof, closing the distance between him and his targets. At this point, he was directly above them, and could hear their conversation.

"So, everything set?"

"Yeah, we're good. The shipment's coming in tonight at the docks."

"Perfect. The boss is expecting the shipment to be delivered to him by midnight. Let's not screw up here."

He couldn't ask for better intel from an eavesdrop. "Thanks for the info, boys." He figured that he may as well evaluate the situation at the docks, so he moved across the city until he ran out of rooftops. The lighthouse looked like a promising vantage point, so he moved into position at the top. From here, he could wait for the opportunity to intercept the shipment. Once the night arrived, he would be in his element, and seizing the ship's cargo will be a cakewalk. "This'll be too easy." A slight grin was hidden under his mask. "Hope their boss doesn't mind if I pay 'em a little visit tonight."

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:14 pm

ARL DRAIL HAILSTORM - This wasn't in the forecast...

If it wasn't hell before, it was now.

For centuries the magnificent Castle of Redcliffe had stood as a defender of the lands, even since before the village under it was formed. It's history stretched back into the days of the Alamarri Clans. It had seen the lands around it through hard times, and also great times. No other castle could command the respect and the majesty as it did on the red cliffs above Lake Calenhad. It was his home, his family's home for generations.

And in mere seconds the stone and mortar that had been so painstakingly laid, the legacy of those who stood and ruled from within, both great and small, was being destroyed right before his eyes.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

Heartbroken at the sight, he felt his sword slide out of his fingers and hit the ground with a clang.

Redcliffe had fallen. It had fallen not by the machinations of man, not in glorious battle, or even deception as black as the darkest night. It had fallen in one swift, brutal display of power.

And he couldn't do anything about it.

But someone was there, yelling in his ear. Something about action, about moving. He felt something being pressed into his hand and looked over to see one of his Red Knights shouting words of encouragement to him and giving him his sword back. He nodded in reply, and clasped the knight on the shoulder for snapping him out of it.

The Captain of the Red Guard stood behind him, still carrying the Warden-Commander in his arms, and starring into the sky as well. But he was already barking orders at his men to fall back and cover the retreat. A few of the Red Guards had already entered into the catacombs with the survivors.

"FALL BACK! RETREAT, RETREAT!" yelled the Arl at the top of his voice, making his own way to the tunnels and motioning people to do the same with his sword.



"Oh come on, really?," muttered the Teryn as he looked at the cracks Cryus had left in the stone floor. A single wave of the enchanted rune blade though, caused the cracks to seal themselves up. He knew he wouldn't be disappointed. Cryus would clean the area up. Just according to plan. First his "hired" men would go in there and cause a disruption. Second, the darkspawn would attack and seem like the Wardens triggered the event. Then Cyrus would come in and mop up any remaining forces. It would be terrible of him to leave the darkspawn there running amok. His messengers were alreacy sent out and have delievered their messages right now, spreading the word of the attack.

"Leave and return to your other tasks," he ordered to the corrupted mages. They filled out of the room, but the Teryn caught one of the mages and pulled her to the side. She looked up at him, emotionless, the orange globes within her eye sockets showed him nothing. It was as if nothing existed within the body at all, but he knew better. She was there, but perfectly obedient to him. Free-will gone for the moment, of course.

"Where is Kel?" he asked her.

"My Lord Kel said he must attend to other matters, and would return shortly," she said without emotion.

The Teryn was amused with this and motioned the girl to continue on her way. She bowed and thanked him before leaving, but he barely registered the actions. He was far more interested in what his adviser was up to then anything else. He knew the old fool wouldn't dare do anything to disrupt his plans, but that didn't mean he couldn't develop his own plans. If it had anything to do with lyrium again...

He shrugged and continued his way out of the complex. He was intent with overlooking the progress of a few of the experiments that deeply interested him and have his Lieutenants regroup with him. That however wouldn't be the case as his loyal and faithful elder scribe came out of no where to greet the Teryn.

"H-how did you get down here?" asked the Teryn in surprise.

"The stairs, my lord. Is there another way?"

"I, that- What is it?" he demanded.

"My Lord, Prince Theordred is here. He requests your presence."

The Teryn gritted his teeth. That of course meant "get over here, I need you now, I'm the prince". He wasn't expecting anyone to just drop by today. He shouldn't even be here today, but that was a different matter entirely, one that he was getting tired of being reminded.

"Is the King dead yet?" asked the Teryn as the two began to walk out of the labs.

"I'm afraid not."


Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - The Fall of Redcliffe

Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:45 pm

"Thank the gods I decided not to wait this out on the roofs." Muttered Johnus. It had been tricky, but thanks to rogue sneakiness, he'd managed to get his way to the main bunch, and as he'd suspected, when things looked rough, a secret escape had been revealed. Typical really, he'd been hedging his bets on whoever designed the castle not being the type of fellow who expected those living in the castle to die to the last man, woman and child to defend it. He rushed on ahead to scope out the tunnels, tunnels were in his blood after all, and he'd be stealthy whilst moving ahead, in case something nasty popped up down here.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - The Fall of Redcliffe

Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:14 pm

Kassar - Teryn Cousland's Estate

Kassar returned to the estate, deciding against stashing away such a fine bottle.
As he returned to the Teryn's study, a surprise he wasn't ready for, Prince Theordred...alone.

"HI! PRINCE...uh...Theo?", Kassar spat out. He panicked after realizing he had yelled at the prince. Damn it, damn it, damn it, WAIT!
Kassar, thankful for keeping the bottle, regained control over his voice as he steps towards the Teryn's glass set.
"Would you like a drink?", Kassar quickly recovers, as he pulled out the expensive bottle.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - The Fall of Redcliffe

Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:19 am


The battle raged around the Black Axe like so many he had fought in before. The Emissaries lay dead, in pieces and the shrieks were strewn beside them. He did not laugh hysterically as his mind was with him again. He saw the armored ogre fall and felt a surge of confidence that with his comrades they could win the day.

And then the sky became fire.

As the creature of flames decreed the deaths of all in the castle, Strauss knew immediately that they had to retreat, as did Deacon it seemed from his shouting. In seconds the courtyard was a hellish firestorm. It was a miracle that Isador was not incinerated like the droves of darkspawn around him as he tried to make his way to the others. Despite their panic and frantic attempts to flee the massive amount of the monsters clogged the courtyard, nearly trapping Strauss in the fires with them. He did his best to cleave them from his path when suddenly he saw a fireball explode near the young, dragon knight Vovin, sending him crashing in to the wall. Isador tried to make his way to the lad to help, even picking up a large darkspawn shield to help bull rush his way through. He sighed with relief as he got close enough to see that Vovin still breathed. He threw down the shield and began running when suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck stood up straight. Isador looked behind him to see another fireball hurtling straight for Vovin and himself. Thinking quickly, the Black Axe grabbed hold of the Vovin’s breast plate, lifting him off the ground and spun him around before hurling him towards the other fighters. Isador tried to reach back for the shield but the fireball struck the ground near him, collapsing the ground and sending the Black Axe in to the dark below.

Darkness took Isador, he drifted in and out of consciousness, hearing the rumbling of the earth around him. Explosions could be faintly heard above but the screams of a woman echoing off the rocks around him brought Isador back to his senses. His entire body hurt, his left arm was completely numb. He lifted his head to see that a large stone had landed on his chest and arm. Luckily his axe was at his right side and within reach. Taking his weapon in hand, Isador used it as a lever to move the debris off him. As he got back on his feet the screaming grew louder, as did the faint sound of steel on steel; someone was fighting nearby. Strauss took a deep breath; it hurt to breath. Broken ribs most likely….and my arm…. He thought as he tried to move his left arm but it stayed limp, his collar bone was broken as well.

“Mother! Their getting closer!” A childs voice cried out. Strauss spat out blood and choked up his grip on his Axe, holding it just below the head and ran towards the voices. His body screamed in pain at him to stop but he knew he couldn’t. Looking around as he ran he noticed that he had fallen in to an underground tunnel underneath the castle, most likely one of the escape routes out. He turned a corner and the light of a torch blinded Isador for a moment, making him shield his eyes as they adjusted. His sight returned just in time to see a Redcliffe soldier have his throat opened by a darkspawn blade. Huddling in the corner with the torch were a woman and a young girl wearing clothing fit for nobility. The Hurlock Alpha turned its attention to them with a sickening grin, raising his sword for another kill. The woman screamed and the girl clung to her for dear life, but before the monster could bring down his blade Isador slammed in to the Hurlock, sending them both to the ground. He looked up to the two of them, specifically to the girl, eyes filled with pain, barely able to breath. “RUN!” He dodged a wild swing from the Hurlock who was trying to get back up but Strauss raised his arm, deflecting the swing with the shaft of his axe, sliding the head down to the Hurlocks sword hand and catching it with the curve of the axehead, with a swift kick and a faint sound of breaking bones the darkspawn dropped its weapon with a shriek of pain.

Isador looked back again to see the two paralyzed with fear. A sudden sharp pain shot through his right shoulder as the Hurlock stabbed through as weak point in Isador’s armor with a wicked looking dagger. He cried out in pain before head butting the darkspawn, sending it back to the ground. He took the dagger from his shoulder and attempted to drive it in to the Alpha’s throat but the monster grabbed Isador’s wrist, stopping him just sort of his target. The two of them struggled for the dagger, both one handed, both badly beaten and bloodied from the fight above. The Darkspawn, in a panic, began trying to strike Isador in the face with its broken hand but Isador didn’t let up. “YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER MACCULLEN! I WILL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID!” He screamed at the Hurlock, seeing only the face of the one man he hated more than anything else in the world. “YOU! WILL! PAY!” With that he spat blood into the Darkspawns eyes, distracting it just long enough to drive the dagger home. He twisted the blade and fell backwards listening to the gurgling gasps of the dying creature. “You….will….pay…” Isador’s breathing was labored, his wounds made it hard to breath. He looked towards the girl and the woman again, his entire body felt like stone but he used his Axe to get back on his feet. “We must…go…it’s not…safe….” It was even more painful to speak now that his adrenaline was wearing off.

The woman stood and took the girls hand, walking over to the Black Axe. “You have my thanks brave Ser, please help my daughter and I reach safety.” The woman spoke with an authoritative tone but she stilled seemed shaken from the ordeal. Isador spat out more blood, trying to stay standing as the walls shook from the explosions of the fire golem above, he seemed to ignore the womans flowery words and focused on the terrified child clinging to her dress. “Let’s go little one….it’s not safe here….dont worry, I’ll keep you safe.” He turned to look down the tunnel, unable to see much farther than the torchlight. “You will need to hold the torch my lady…my arm is broken……and Im not a Ser….” With that he began to lead the two down the dark tunnels away from the castle, using his axe as a walking stick, blood slowly flowing down his armor. The route was longer than he anticipated but they did not run in to any other darkspawn along the way. The pain throughout his body burned away at his dwindling stamina, even Devouring the essence of the Hurlock Alpha was not enough by itself to help. I won’t die here…..MacCullen….I won’t let you live one second longer then I.

His thoughts were muddled from the pain and exhaustion but his burning hatred of his former commanding officer kept him moving forward; that and making sure his new charges found safety from the hell above. When the tunnel finally came to an end and the light of day shone above them once again, Isador looked back at what was once Castle Redcliffe, the firestorm still raged but nearly nothing of the castle itself remained standing. He looked down at the girl again and smiled, blood trickling from his mouth as he saw Jeni standing before him. “Your…safe….Jeni…” As he forced the words out his sight blackened and legs buckled and the Black Axe crumpled to the ground. Before consciousness left him once again, Isador heard voices around him. “My Lady! You are unharmed! What of your husband, the Arl.” The frantic voices faded as Isador passed out, his Axe still in hand.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - The Fall of Redcliffe

Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:04 pm

(Azreal's update will be up soon.)

Deacon Reinhardt - What Are Friends For?

Deacon kept running, as the girl held her grip around him. Slowly but surely a light began to appear in the distance. As he and all others ran for it, Deacon stopped for a moment. His dented Templar chestplate had been digging into him since Gregor kicked it in, and he'd finally had enough. With his free hand, he began removing the straps that held it in place. "So blessed is the Maker's light... that those who would seek forgiveness may have it granted..." He had said it countless times before, but never seemed to truly embrace it before now. All that had happened, everything that caused him to leave and was caused by his leaving, all those who died. He had been carrying it with him, a burden in his heart, and the plate had been a constant reminder of that burden. "Maker, who shines above... I ask forgiveness for my sins." With that, he removed the plate, and with it he felt free of his guilt.

As he and the others reached the end, groups massed at the exit. Many were families relieved that they had all survived. As he caught his breath, he noticed a small group headed their way. He placed his hand on his sword, before seeing that it was a group composed of Redcliffe guards, a mother and child... and Isador! His old friend was incredibly wounded, unconscious and being carried by one of the guards. As Deacon began to run towards them, he noticed a man carrying a large backpack, a merchant. "You, merchant! I need a healing potion!" The man was surprised by the sudden request, as well as hesitant. "If you want money, I'll pay you later, now give me the damn potion!"

The man complied, and Deacon rushed to the group, the girl still on his shoulder. "Halt! Who are you?" The guards were obviously defensive for some reason. "Who I am doesn't matter, I have a potion for that man!" Hearing this, they calmed down and laid Isador down to receive the potion. Deacon lowered himself to let down the child. He popped off the cap, and slowly poured it into Isador's throat. "Come on, you bastard. You're not dying here." His wounds slowly showed signs of healing, but he remained unconscious. "Take care of him. He's an old friend." Deacon then picked up the child and returned to the group. Wherever their destination, it had to be better than where they were.

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Marcus Hammerstrike
Home among the fires

How natural it seemed to the blacksmith in that moment of crisis that he would be surrounded by fire, by the pounding and relentless heat that only true flame could offer, and how expected that the only thing his old bones felt from the relentless flame was a slight discomfort that only came from being exposed to raw flames thousands of times that all but desensitized him from the full effect of the flame monstrosity hurling its affection down upon castle Redcliffe.
Not to say he wasn't aware of the danger.

Marcus was only half-watching the ogre fall to the combined efforts of the group, his other half paying attention to Vovin even as the flames descended and threw both Marcus and Vovin further away from each other. Amidst the chaos and the confusion of the firestorm he'd reached a serenity only capable at the forge, a moment of absolute clarity formed by being surround by familiarity. In this case it was fire. His son was down and out but that meant less than he would have though at the moment given the weight of everything around him, but again not stopping him from being aware of the danger. Down and out was as good as dead.

Marcus Hammerstrike would suffer no loss to his family tree because he felt like taking a nap.

Less a roar, but more than a battlecry, the elderly blacksmith flung himself forward through the throng of Darkspawn trying to either flee or finish fights, the poor creatures all but swatted aside by powerful sweeps of his arms and the ring of his hammers, until finally he was at Vovins side in time to leap atop him and act as a human shield. A tremendous jet of flame roared around them as a fireball exploded a few feet away, scorching Marcus' back through the remaining cloth. The flames licked at him but the stubborn fool refused to give them what they desired most and simply hoisted his fallen son from the ground, carrying him in the strong arms that had forged the young boys life. As it had forged so many other creations.

Only one of those creations ever had a heart beat.
Marcus headed for the tunnels.

A short time later he arrived with the rest of the survivors, including a very injured Isador and a very angry Boulder man (Though looking much less like his namesake than ever before), with others scattered about.
As he lay the young Dragon Knight down upon the ground softly, trying to be as gentle as the old brute could be, there was a sudden thought through his mind. Not a serious thought, not a concerned thought, but a thought none the less.
His back hurt.. Because his shirt had caught fire when he'd entered the tunnels.

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Valas Delrune
Mercy in darkness.

From the depths of the tunnels came the shadow king, bone crown gleaming amidst the fires as the shadows danced about his form. He'd waited in the shadows long enough for the killing to end and the real fight to begin far from here but it was clear what must be done. Only magic could beat magic. Only corrupted magic could truly defeat corrupted magic.
The darkness of the tunnel creeped out with him like mist amidst the growing flames.
Every flame they passed was doused with an eerie hiss.

Cyrus was quick to notice.

Great flames rained down in a concentrated line at the skull-faced mage, each one never hit the mark as it fizzled into nothingness before the shadows ever-flowing from him. The gaze of the shadow king was to the skies as he raised both hands skywards. The shadows leapt forth to surround him and the courtyard infecting the darkspawn menace like a plague, reducing them to living corpses in seconds as it fed upon the dark energy that created them. Cyrus replied with an unearthly roar, a scream of death and pain in the tongues of the very fires of hell itself, as he brought forth his glowing white rune-encrusted arm to loose another volley of fire and pain in the form of a solid stream of molten pain and fury focused upon the insolent mage.

Valas growled low as the shadows leapt from his body to clash with the roaring heat of Cyrus' magical flame jet. The resulting explosion would be seen from many miles as the two unstable energies detonated in a cloud of black and red smoke. Amidst the ashes was Cyrus, while his adversary had all but disappeared amidst the cataclysm. More fire began to rain from the sky to the sound of mocking laughter.
The shadowmancer exited his portal near the survivors in a small puff of shadowy smoke as he fell to his knees a short distance from Isador Strauss. For the first time in years there was little to no shadow magic clinging to Valas' burned and pale body, his mask and bone crown were smudged with ash and his clothing smoked where it had caught fire briefly. No flames burned in the staffs eyes as the pale mage began to cough violently.


Argith and Knuckledust

Torture was often times an act of merciless and misguided hate, often perpetrated for the sake of ones own self pleasure in causing pain to others as a strange way of justifying the pain and misery the inflictor had suffered long ago by whatever it was that haunted their dreams. Other times it was an act of necessity to garner information for a myriad of different things. However way you cut it thought it was still a terrible and unjust act of senseless violence that served no purpose. Argith and Knuckledust did not care what torture was or how it was done. They just did it.

To call Argith and his brother Knuckledust 'human' would be a very poor statement, as humans are generally very understood and soft creatures with warm blood and beating hearts. The brothers had no heartbeat, their blood long since dried to dust, and their bodies hardened to stone. Yet there they stood staring down upon the pathetic and whimpering prisoner, screaming his lungs out for them to spare his life despite how neither had moved since the master had departed. Great statues they were as the red and blue glowing eyes of the pair just stared at the pitiful captive. Neither spoke, they didn't have to, but instead communicated psionicly between each other and only each other due to the strange bond both had for one another since birth.
They also had fangs instead of teeth but that was just another one of the gifts of childhood.

Argith reached forward suddenly with great speed, grabbing and crushing the victims shoulder in an iron-tight grip as he swung him at his brother who likewise took a bone crunching grip upon the opposite shoulder and together they pulled away from the other until the tug-of-war ended with a larger clump of the body hanging from Argiths arm. The two dropped their bloodied victim to the floor with barely a thought of the occurance and simply walked out.

"You win." Came the telepathic response to Argith. The iron behemoths neither smiled nor laughed as they returned to the Teryns side.

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Azreal Demian - They Call It "Chess"


With so much time to spare, Azreal went digging through the top floor of the lighthouse, and found a set of strategy pieces in a drawer. Likely a game the Humans came up with. A set of instructions allowed him to easily grasp the rules of this game. It felt like a simulated battle between kingdoms, proven by the names of the pieces in the set. It was all in a portable case, so he helped himself to it. On top of the lighthouse, time slowly passed, and shadow began to form. Azreal took this opportunity to create an opponent for himself. Back and forth, they played, until one came out on top. Who would have thought that a copy could be better than the original?

"Better luck next time, pal."

"Yeah, yeah..."

The copy dissipated and returned to the shadows. "Next time", he says. Next time, he could create a copy missing half its brain, if he wanted. Hell, he would, but there'd be no challenge in it then. He spent some time going over potential strategies, keeping his eye on the docks. His target had yet to arrive, so he was still free to pass some time. Another copy appeared, and sat down to play.

"You ready?"


Great, he overdid it. The damn thing was drooling, too.

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Arl Hailstorm - Away from the Redcliffe Castle.

The Arl was one of the last few to emerge out of the tunnels; the others being a few of his Red-Guard, the Guard Captain still carrying the unconscious Warden-Commander, and the Warden Arvashok. The exit had been a small clearing about a mile away from the castle. He quickly moved to Marcus' side and patted the flames off the man's back. clearly, he had been more concerned for those under his care than himself - a good man.

He took a moment to look at the people around him, but didn't get much in as he was suddenly and viciously hugged by the Lady of Redcliffe and his daughter.

"I thought I'd never see you again, dear," she whispered at him. He silently nodded and returned the embrace to the two. Tears were streaming down his face as he thanked the Maker that his most precious of treasures were still alive. He also looked out at the once proud castle of Redcliffe. It was a shadow of its former glory, skeletal remains existed as the flames and smoke consumed it. The wooden support structures in some places finally gave out, and he watched as the south most tower collapsed and fell into the lake below.

How can something have that much power? What hope does anyone have against such a thing? Thoughts similar to these raced through his mind.

His daughter's next words brought him into a darker reality.

"What do we do now?"

He just shook his head.


Valmyria Windstrider - Also away from the Castle.

The thing she noticed the most when she had "awakened" was that she couldn't move her arms, but that they had been bound with large cuffs. The next was that she became aware that she wasn't on the ground, but being carried by someone. What was left of her cloak had been wrapped around her, and the hood pulled up. She guessed it looked more like a body than a person.

To be entirely honest, she had been awake for most of the attack on Redcliffe from that golem and had seen, well, heard most of the people run by as she was cradled by the Guard-Captain. Even as they moved through the tunnels, she was awake.

The truth was that she just didn't want to be move. It was comfortable here. Plus any movement brought pain. Val wished herself dead. Every inch of her body was in pain. Breathing came with some difficulty, her limbs ached, and she could feel some bleeding still occurring somewhere. It was a tolerable pain all over, yes, but to have it spread all over in such a manner was utter torment.

But the worst part had to be seeing the Arl in tears with his family as he watched a rich legacy crumble into nothing. Also seeing everyone around her, most of the people from the chapel now sat in dire need of attention or were simply unconscious. Others, soldiers, servants, everyone who could make it out looked worn and tired... depressed.

And these ones, the people of Redcliffe were desperately looking towards their Arl for any kind of direction or guidance. He needed to move.

"Arl, we-," Val clenched her teeth as the Captain nearly dropped her in surprise.

"I'm sorry, my Lady," he apologized. "I didn't think you'd be up so fast. Would you like down?"

"Umm, if its alright with you, I'd rather just sit here. I'm not as awake as it seems."

The Guard just shrugged and continued to hold the Warden-Commander as she addressed the Arl.

"Arl. Listen to me," she said as her voice faded out for a moment. The Arl looked over to her, a mix of fear, anger, and pity in his eyes. "There is a lot of questions to be asked, but do you know how so many darkspawn would have gotten into the castle?"

"I was hoping you could tell me," he replied. "I was told that you were in possession of some sort of artifact that could control the darkspawn. Meaning that you, Commander are the one responsible for all of this!" he yelled gesturing at the still burning ruins. "Because of you, all of this had happened!"

"Me?" Val pushed herself down and out of the Captain's arms. she winced as she put pressure on her leg and gingerly hobbled forward. "You think this. All of this happened because of me. Because somehow, instead of using a supposed magical artifact to control the darkspawn and kill them from the face of the world, I attack your castle. Is this what you are saying, Arl?"

"You know damn well what I'm saying, Warden. It's because of you and your kind th-"

"Ohh, so now we are playing the "its always the elves" fault card. Racist."

"No," the Arl's face was clearly red at this point as he also approached closer to the wounded elf, and jabbed her with his finger. "You listen to me. This all of this is because of you. You and your Warden's came here. If I so much as find out, even a hint that you were aware of this, I'l-"

"Don't try and threaten me, Hailstorm," she snapped back, voice filled with ice. She pushed the Arl's hand back with her arms. "Noting you could say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me. I cannot control the darkspawn, it's impossible to do so. So instead of throwing around worthless threats, start asking really questions. Like how did the darkspawn get into the castle in the first place?"

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Deacon Reinhardt - Just Another Misunderstanding, Huh?

Tensions continued to grow among the survivors as the Arl and Warden-Commander argued over her supposed involvement in Redcliffe's destruction. The Arl was angry, desperate for a reason for this madness. The mention of an "artifact" caught Deacon's ear. Gregor mentioned such an item, but could it be true? Did such an item exist, and did the Warden-Commander possess it? ...No, not only did Valmyria deny it, but from Deacon's perspective she would not use such an item. She did not seem to be one to risk the lives of all who dwelled within Redcliffe by employing such a device in the castle's defense. Not only this, but based on what Gregor told him, the Darkspawn appearance was part of the Teryn's plan.

"Donh be mean ta huhr..." The child's remark broke his focus. She was watching the argument as well, and he could feel her tears on his shoulder. Valmyria then repeated her question of how the Darkspawn entered the castle. "I believe I may be able to help with that." Deacon, appearing to those around him as a soldier of tattered armor and clothing, continued his statement. "Deacon Reinhardt, your lordship. The Teryn's attack was led by Knight-Captain Gregor of the Templar Order. From what he told me as I fought him, the Darkspawn horde was part of their plan." The Knight-Captain had chosen his path, and Deacon would not let him avoid the consequences. "The man likely escaped before the horde arrived. Find him, and you may yet find the answers you want."

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Blood Lord wrote:
"You know damn well what I'm saying, Warden. It's because of you and your kind th-"

"Ohh, so now we are playing the "its always the elves" fault card. Racist."

"No," the Arl's face was clearly red at this point as he also approached closer to the wounded elf, and jabbed her with his finger. "You listen to me. This all of this is because of you. You and your Warden's came here. If I so much as find out, even a hint that you were aware of this, I'l-"

"Don't try and threaten me, Hailstorm," she snapped back, voice filled with ice. She pushed the Arl's hand back with her arms. "Nothing you could say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me. I cannot control the darkspawn, it's impossible to do so. So instead of throwing around worthless threats, start asking really questions. Like how did the darkspawn get into the castle in the first place?"

Valmyria was a tough one and so was the Arl, any would have to admit it based on the acts done this day but only one individual could rightly be blamed for an atrocity such as this, and finding his name wasn't the hardest thing to do. The fools rushing into the castle had openly stated as much when battle was first joined. No, the hard part was discovering and resting the worries of just who had orchestrated such a large and truly impressive showing of control over the Darkspawn to get them into the pit and keep them quiet for even a day. It had been no easy task.

The betrayers had been very busy.
Zha'Gren had been observant.

Back in the castle before this whole catastrophe had gone down in the blaze of inglory it had come to rest upon, the hunter had been in the main chambers with the Arl, Lady Valmyria, a dozen guards or more, General Warfield of the Redcliffe army, and all of the Arls lessers of any notable worth. No matter how small that may be.
Something had nagged at him, some feeling of trying to be restrained, a magical impulse sent from somewhere in that very garden. It had not warded off Zha'Gren as it would his kin would have. Amidst the tunnels on the frantic escape of the defenders of the keep he had stumbled upon those very advisors and again that strange calling to simply.. not attack. To avoid them and go elsewhere, leaving them untouched. Zha'Gren wasn't that easy to control, however.

"We have lost everything! Everything! This is your fault, Relind! Relvance and I should have never trusted your judgement in betraying the Arl to such a foul deal." Shouted a very flustered Carl Worthington, huffing and puffing as they stood in an abandoned tunnel. Unaware of the guest.
"How could I have known? He told us the Darkspawn would destroy the castle, but not this much! That fiery monster was his betrayal to us!" Relind shot back before pointing his finger at General Warfield, who stood pale faced and staring into the dark tunnels ahead. "It was your job to contain those creatures and keep them in line! What of the portals?! Could we have not escaped through them?" He seethed with his face a bright red in the low torchlight. General Warfield slumped to the ground in a heap a moment later to the shocked gasps of the three.
A small crossbow bolt had taken the man in the chest.
The creature standing before them now, overtop the general, was the darkspawn hunter Zha'Gren. They could see him very clearly for what he was and immediatly began to smirk imperiously.

Bann Relvance stepped forward and brought out a small amulet with a crystal vial embedded in the middle, waving it before him like a shield. "Begone, Darkspawn! I repel you with this amulet of tainted blood. Leave us be!" The poor man called out, his smirk turning to a look of terror as a golden sword slashed out of its scabbard upon the creatures hip like lightning, severing the amulets chain to deposit the talisman into the creatures hand. The others were scrambling for an exit as Zha'Gren charged in with a look of hatred so pure it could stop a mans heart.
As he stopped all 3 of theirs.


Blood Lord wrote:
"You know damn well what I'm saying, Warden. It's because of you and your kind th-"

"Ohh, so now we are playing the "its always the elves" fault card. Racist."

"No," the Arl's face was clearly red at this point as he also approached closer to the wounded elf, and jabbed her with his finger. "You listen to me. This all of this is because of you. You and your Warden's came here. If I so much as find out, even a hint that you were aware of this, I'l-"

"Don't try and threaten me, Hailstorm," she snapped back, voice filled with ice. She pushed the Arl's hand back with her arms. "Nothing you could say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me. I cannot control the darkspawn, it's impossible to do so. So instead of throwing around worthless threats, start asking really questions. Like how did the darkspawn get into the castle in the first place?"

A short time later amidst the Arl and Valmyria, locked in arguement over whos fault what was, a certain man stumbled into view. He wore cut up leather armor, bandaged wounds below and bloodied clothing showing more than a few fights participated in, and limped upon his worn out leather boots. Upon his head was a metal full-helm he had likely taken for protection, his other gear was the remaining pieces of a Redcliffe scouts uniform. A heavy cloak was set upon his shoulders, along with a very frightened General Warfield thrashing on his shoulder, arms and legs bound up in thick rope.
In the mans other hand was 3 severed heads of the Arls former Bann's and 2 amulets dangling loosely.

Despite that, he walked forwards without stopping even as the guards tried to bar his path, but unsure of just what to do in the face of such.. monstrous power. To carry a fully armored man was no easy thing. With a shrug, Zha'Gren dropped the struggling general to the ground where he lay whimpering and pleading to his Arl. The severed heads fell just infront of his face, eliciting a scream and more sobs.

Zha'Gren tossed an amulet at Valmyria, the magic would reveal itself to the wearer immediatly, and the other was thrown to the Arl who was trying to draw his sword at the foul scout. The moment it touched his hand, the Arl stood staring as it all came to him. The call of the amulet was repeling the scout. A human! But why! It made no sense, and anger came quickly to him as again the sword started to be unsheathed. Until the scout took off his helm.
A darkspawn! A Darkspawn, infront of his very eyes!
Blade out he rushed the creature in a reckless charge, maddened by grief and pain, and was stopped with ease as Zha'Grens hand grabbed just below the arls wrist and shoved him back hard to the ground.
It's voice was broken, watery almost, as it spoke to him. "Your kind betrayed you."

It was Val's turn to explain.

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The Orzammar Trail - Zasalim and Teelo

The woman once again smiled. Teelo was so full of energy and youth, so free of the cares of the world and the responsibility it brought. But she knew that such a thing could not stay and exist if he wished to progress as his teacher had insisted.

He was youthful, but untrained and wildly native. He reminded her a lot of herself when she was younger.

She agreed with him, to a point. The Wilds would make any man or woman strong, independent, and powerful. In those woods and mountains, you'd be pressed to survive and forced to be the strongest. Every skill you had would be tried and tested, improvements made and new ones developed. But it also weakened you. Independence leads to distrust of others. Strength leads to hunger. Morals slip and fade, the wild has no need of kindness, compassion.

But in the mortal world, you are handicapped. you are unfamiliar with customs and traditions, language proves difficult, and trading is difficult to grasp when you've been taught to take for yourself. She knew that this "two-leg" world Teelo saw would prove just as challenging and dangerous as the Wilds themselves.

In truth, Teelo's world - the Wilds, and the world he sees as the "two-legs" world needed each other. The Wilds brought simplicity to life, but the real world brought a richness to it.

She pondered for a moment, considering what she could tell Teelo and get away with.

"Yes. I know your Teacher, young one," she said as they continued on. "He is a good teacher, a good guardian for the forest realm. He has great expectations and hope for you on this journey."

She paused for a moment, considering what exactly to say next. "Teelo, be wary of this new world you are stepping into. Learn as much of it as you can and free yourself. The Wilds have their power, but this world has its own that can shape everything."

TERYN COUSLAND - Lol, wut King?

He tried not to think about it too much. The Prince was... not unexpected, but early. He was more surprised that Theordred came instead of his brother Eomer. He had a pretty good guess about what the Prince was here for. It... well, frankly it did annoy him.

The Teryn reached the door and pushed it open, expecting just the Prince, but found his runner, Kassar offering a bottle of wine. His eyebrow arched in amusement. Had it been anyone else, he would have been deeply suspicious of the person being a spy or trying to get gain some how. But this was Kassar, more like caught in a awkward moment and improvised.

Good move.

"Prince Theordred!" he boomed, bowing slightly as he walked in. "I see you've met my newest servant, Kassar."

"Ahh, Teryn Cousland," replied the Prince. His voice radiated confidence as the young man smiled warmly. His dress was not the least bit simple, but rich and elegant, every feature screaming his social status. The only thing missing was really a crown, but such things were easy to loose and rarely left the throne room itself. "You are just the man I was looking for."

The Teryn smiled. Of course he was. He walked around his desk and motioned the Prince to have a seat while he himself looked out the window and over the city of Denerim. The Prince took a hold of the motion and seated himself. "Kassar," said the Teryn. "There are some glasses over there on the shelf, grab three for us." The Prince smiled awkwardly. It was odd that a man of such a status would invite a servant to the table, but Teryn Vern Cousland was unusual.

"Anyways, Vern, how is your family doing?" asked the Prince, engaging in some small talk.

"Doing well, although I am planning on leaving Denerim today to see them in Highever. How is your father doing?"

"Not very well, I'm afraid," he said with a exaggerated sigh. "That is actually the reason why I wanted to talk with you. See, I'm in need of some support, some action. You are the most powerful man in Fereldin right now, well liked, respected, wealthy, and I believe we can help each other out..."

The Teryn placed a hand on the hilt of his runeblade, his other hand rested on his belt. The Prince was trying, he'd give him props for that. But the execution was terrible. It was time to show him exactly who he was dealing with and put him in his place.

"You want me to lend support to you in becoming the King," the Teryn relayed it more as a statement of fact rather than a question. He got a small chuckle out of the Prince.

"I see we are on the same page," assumed the Prince. "You can help me gain the throne."

"No... we aren't"

"B-beg your pardon, Vern?"

The Teryn sighed and turned around to face the Prince. "How long have you been playing this game? A few weeks with the lesser nobles? My boy, in politics you destroy or compromise your enemy and in making alliances you side with those that believe what you do, or make a deal. Bottom line, what are you offering me? What would I get out of you becoming the next King?"

The Prince eyed the Teryn, he could see the mistrust in his eyes. The boy still held on to his "cards" and did not yet realize that he was making a deal with the devil. "I can give you riches, women, horses, land, even troops if you help me," he replied.

"I already have those, dear Prince," said the Teryn. "Material items, worthless. I want something longer lasting, more... open and worth my time. think about it, what would I gain from you being King instead of... I dunno, me."

Valmyria Windstrider - Outside of Redcliffe

The Warden caught the amulet with ease, despite the cuffs she was in. She almost wish she hadn't.

There was something about this amulet. It was as if it was forcing her to stay away, not with actual physical pain, or mental pain, but it was like it was pushing her way from it. It was completely disturbing, like some sort of thing had hijacked her senses and warning her to stay away.

But she could see what it was, and was amazed by it. The amulet was almost like the Warden's Oath amulets that the Wardens wore once they had survived the Joining. but it was the extra circular piece to it that caught her interest. Her magic rune interpretation was a bit rusty, but she could tell that it worked as a amplifier to some sort of replant spell under the vial of blood. This would cause the spell to target the blood, or more specifically, those with similar blood. Which would explain why it was affecting her has well. Valmyria tossed the amulet away from her as if it was some sort of unclean thing. The action did not go unnoticed by the Arl though as he looked at her with suspicion as he stood up.

"What was that?" he asked mockingly. "You don't control darkspawn? Just what is going on here?"

Valmyria silently cursed Zha. "Except for that one. Main Horde, no. Him, sort of. Zha'Ghren, Arl Drail Hailstorm of Redcliffe. Drail, Zha'Ghren Rogue Hunter."

The Arl stood up and eyed the creature and walked away from it and towards the elf. "This amulet, what is it and why is it affect you as well?" Valmyria took a unintentional step backwards from the Arl and stopped herself as he got closer.

Val glared at him. She didn't want to talk about this, it was the most guarded secret the Wardens had. But she had to break this one secret."Wardens are unique," she began. "In order to have the abilities that we have, we drink a mixture of darkspawn blood, and lyrium... if you survive the process you become a Grey Warden - forever connected to the darkspawn and tainted by their blood. That amulet repels darkspawn by targeting their blood, similar blood runs through my veins. "

"So, you're a darkspawn, but look normal."

"I'm not a darkspawn," she said, suddenly embarrassed for some reason. "But I am tainted and connected to their hive mind, meaning I can sense them. Eventually I will experience death or..."

"Or what?"

"Succumb to the taint and become like them." she mumbled underneath her hood.

"What do you do at that point?"

"Wardens undergo a final ritual, called the Calling. It's when the taint almost consumes us. We go forth to the Deep Roads and fight the darkspawn until we fall in combat," the Warden-Commander looked away and found something particularly interesting near her feet to focus on instead. She didn't want to go on further with that. A good eye would catch that there was some uncomfortableness with the topic, but it wasn't exactly the nature, but her failure.

"Hmpf. You seem really close on that one. Not a darksapwn? You certainty fought like a archdemon in the thrown room. What the hell was that?" said the Arl. "What the hell is this," pointing to the general and the decapitated heads. "And who the hell are they?" he finished by pointing at all of the people in the grove.

"I can't explain that," she said, snapping back up to look at the Arl. "I know has much as you do about all of this. It seems as if you've been betrayed by your nobles and generals. Deacon said something about a Templar, a Knight-Captain who could have details on this. But still these darkspawn would have to be collected and armed. You would need someone skilled in fighting darkspawn, who knows the Deep Roads, and darkspawn habits."

The Arl turned and walked away from the elf. tired of the endless conversation with the damned woman. He'd love to hit someone right now to vent his frustration. but he found his target, nearly forgotten and approached the general. He grabbed the man by the front of his armor and hauled him to his feet, only to slam him into a nearby tree. "General, if I were you, I'd start explaining," ordered the Arl, steel back in his voice.

"We had no idea it would be like this," he started to whine. "My Lord, please believe me, I only wanted what was best for you an-"

"STOP WITH YOUR EXCUSES, AND EXPLAIN THIS," he yelled and slammed the man he once respected so much, into the tree for a second time. "I trusted you with my men, my forces. You were a guest in my home, a friend in my family. Years of commitment and honor and this is how you choose to repay? Now talk, what do you know?"

"We were promised great things," replied the General. "New positions of power in the new world. We could finally make a difference in this world instead of w-waiting on you to decide what would be the b-best. we would be the new masters."

"Who told you these lies and twisted your mind? The Teryn?"

"N-not directly, a different man- b-but, we believed he was his messenger. We were to guard and keep the darkspawn a secret. but by the time the signal was given, we didn;t have enough men to h-hold them back, and they broke loose."

"Why the darkspawn?" asked the Arl.

"To cover us up."

The Arl remained quite for a moment and let go of the other man. "General Warfeild, you are hereby relieved of your command and your duties. You will be placed under arrest and held by the Red Guard until we can reach a situation where you can be tried for your actions here today."

The Arl turned next to Val. "I am sorry about my actions and accusations this day. There is a lot going on. you'll have to forgive me though if I choose to have you remain in those cuffs for a while, just until we are sure we don't have a repeat of the throne room."

The Warden simply nodded. She would rather be free of them, but understood why not.

"Captain?" asked the Arl as the Red-Knight stepped forward. "Gather those that we have here. The wounded are to be carried or on horseback. Send riders out to the surrounding villages - forify the larger ones and evacuate the smaller ones too them. Gather what you can of the army and have it meet us in Lothering."

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Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:35 am

Deacon Reinhardt - Newfound Purpose

Deacon watched without a word as Zha'Gren appeared and revealed the Redcliffe conspirators involved in the attack. The Arl took his anger to the only one still in one piece, his General. Not surprisingly, the man did not get to keep his position. As the Arl relayed his orders, their destination was clear. Lothering; he had been there before as a Templar, under orders to retrieve two child mages who's abilities had just manifested. Whether or not those there remembered him, he would have to see. Nonetheless, Deacon made a decision, for both himself and the survivors of this ordeal.

"Your lordship...," He approached the Arl, lowering the child and kneeling in respect of authority. "I wish to offer you my services from this day forth. I have lacked purpose for so long, but now I wish only to ensure the prevention of such an atrocity being repeated." He looked up to face the Arl, then turned turned his head to the child. "In return, my only request is that you do what you can for this child when we have reached our destination. I apologize for making such a request at this time, but I do not wish to see her alone again. I found her amidst the chaos, and have been unable to locate her parents, or anyone else who knows her." Deacon looked the Arl in the eye, his sincerity clear. "Your lordship, I am yours to command. Use me as you see fit."

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Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:15 pm

- The Orzammar Trail -

Zasalim stood there stunned for a bit as the exchange between these denizens of the Wilds progressed. This person had a wide array of knowledge, almost clairvoyant in how she knew of there concerns even noting his traits on a more personal level. As he processed the words spoken to him and listened to her conversation with Teelo, some things clicked as a web of seemingly unrelated knowledge was pieced together. He remembered stories from his youth about a certain Witch that roamed the Wild forests and marshes to the south. Even the ancient lore amongst the ruins had made reference to her shape shifting and immortality.

"Asha'bellanar" he uttered softly. He didn't know the full magnitude of the clout that name carried but this was no servant of man or the chantry. He wanted to pick her brain if she was truly the subject of myth and legend, but more so she had intimate details on the conflict plaguing the elven population beyond the city gates. She spoke of dark secrets and a legacy built on a foundation of blood; he wanted to know more.

"What secrets do you speak of...? He asked as he pondered on her statement. He wasn't sure if he should believe this woman or not, but he would get to the root of the conflict encompassing his people and give his dying breath to put and end to it. He would be more cautious in his movements and alliances hence forth. If things were no longer what they appeared he would need his wits about him to see the big picture for all that it truly was.

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Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:37 am

There was nothing but a haze. A dense fog had descended upon the young knight's mind, and no matter how hard he fought he could not brush it aside. He reached for the Fade, for the dragon's spirit, but it was like grasping around in the dark. But there was a warmth, an encroaching heat that Vovin knew was not the kind that he should embrace. Yet he could not move, could not see. But suddenly he felt himself moving, not of his own accord. A familiar strength supported him, was carrying him. The situation was all too familiar and Vovin was taken back, back many years...

Sparring. An older boy, but Vovin was winning. He rarely lost these engagements, or even came close to defeat. The flash of steel, oh yes they practiced with real weapons. Vovin had always thought it risky, but he could not deny the effects. Real combat sparked no fear in him, it was all just more practice. Marcus, arms crossed, standing not far away. Watching. Judging. Mentally critiquing Vovin's form, forming a list that he would read back to his pupil later. Next to him, Vovin's father. Grinning. Proud of his boy. That pride fueled Vovin. He fought harder, the older boy began to give ground, a look of frustration burning on his face. Impudent whelp! So what if he was the leader's son? The older boy poured it on, but Vovin's style would not falter. A flick of the wrist and the older boy was knocked on his back, weapon dropped. Vovin bows, turns away. The older boy smolders, looks at his weapon, then at Vovin. The rage wont let up. He rises, weapon in hand. There are shouts. One of rage from behind Vovin. One of alarm from his father. One of fear from Marcus. Fear for what? Why was he afraid? Pain. Fire across his back. They only wore thin training garments. So much pain. The future dragon knight cannot cope, he collapses.


The boy looks up, sees a beard, a face obscured by a hood. He is being carried. Vovin can only just barely see his mentor's eyes. A grim determination permeates those orbs. But Vovin can see deeper. He sees the terror behind that zeal.

Vovin found himself looking at those eyes once more, years later, as Marcus carried him to safety. This time the pain was not exclusive to his back. His whole body ached, and when Marcus gently placed him it would be the wince of pain that alerted him to Vovin's consciousness. The Dragon Knight hurt all over, but even now he could feel the lingering, fading effects of Laenolin's magic working. He would recover in due time. He looked at Marcus, giving the old man an appreciative nod. The verbal thanks would come later, for now the young man needed some rest. The pain in is leg was not crippling, he would walk soon enough. Albeit perhaps with a limp. He tried to listen to the conversation between the Arl and Valmyria. She was another that he needed to talk to. Apologize to.

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Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:31 pm

The Orzammar Trail - Zasalim and Teelo

"Asha'bellanar..." she said just as soft. "My, my. It has been quite sometime since I heard that name."

The Witch reached up and pulled her hood down, revealing a thin face, short black hair, and golden eyes. "Like my hag of a mother, I too go by many names, but you may simply call me Morrigan."

*Morrigan was the daughter of Flemeth, a powerful shape shifter but something else entirely as well. She was one of the few that aided the Warden during the Fifth Blight. Nearly two and a half years after the Blight, Morrigan and all accounts of her simply vanish - or are just assumed to be her mother instead.

Morrigan allowed silence to fill the void for a few moments before continuing. She was hesitating, she knew it, the elf probably knew it as well but she didn't care. As a Guardian, she was only able to read so much of Fate, and only able to communicate a fraction of it at a time, least she interferes and alters the destiny of the known world too much. She was only allowed to give as much as she thought she could, to inspire and guide those needed to do the rest... perhaps even this was too much.

She knew it all though. Them, this, the elves, even the "teryn" couldn't hide his actions and plans in the darkest of pits without her finding out about it.

Is it fate, or chance. I can never never decide. echoed the words of Flemeth. She was better at this than her.

"Zasalim," she said softly. "Understand that I can only reveal so much. I speak of the secret your people are so protective of - the transformation of some of the Brecilain Forest and the alteration of the elves themselves. For the rest, I am 'forbidden' to say, but know that you will find yourself in the heart of the conflict, those you despise will uphold one side, those you respect another. You will have to choose that hour which you will uphold, your choice will affect generations to come."

The trail sloped down, opening up into a clearing. In the distance, dark clouds could be seen, but also something glowing in the midst. She sighed at the vista and stopped to look at it. He had used him, just as was foretold. Her tool might have helped the Warden-Commander out, or damned her to death, only time will tell. Will the others follow? Not follow her, but will they tread the same path or will they choose to walk a different road.

"Redcliffe has fallen to a terrible evil," she said, gesturing out towards the orange glow. "We stand upon the precipice of change. People fear the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment... and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

DENERIM DOCKS - (You don't need to regard the events here in your Redcliffe post, it occurs during the transition period of your posts).

Night was settling on the capital city. It was still the twilight hours of the day, but already there was movement near the location that Azreal had situated himself in. Below, dark robed individuals moved crates around getting ready for the shipment. Guards stood by, some hidden in the shadow, others in the open. Their armor and clothes the same dark color as the worker's robes, but no insignia was present on any of them. A few of the heavier ones looked like some sort of twisted version of the Templar armor.

The figure of interest though, the Overseer, "stood" off to the side, out of the way, but in full view of the operation.

It stood tall, taller than any man should, shrouded in a massive cloak of black. It had the appearance of a hunchback, with something inside rising a few feet above the entrance of its hood. The arms hung at the side, no fingers visible. But the most disturbing thing about it was that there was no visible feet, but instead floated a near foot off the ground. None of the people there though seemed troubled by its presence.

Next to it stood two more cloaked and hooded individuals, human though.

It "looked" towards the operation, floating gently in the cool night air.

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Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:33 am

Azreal Demian - Tonight's a Good Night

Night grew ever closer, and the men at the dock were getting ready for the ship to arrive. Azreal took this opportunity to close the distance. Leaping off of the lighthouse, he glided down to the ground before leaping up to the rooftops overlooking the docks. There were some fun-looking targets down there. Plenty of lightweights, a few tough ones. As many as there were, he wasn't worried. "Looks like it's gonna be a fun night, alright." As night began to fall, he slipped into the shadows... and waited.

-Night Has Come, Enter the Assassin-

The ship had arrived. As the cargo was unloaded, the soldiers' guard began to raise. But by then Azreal was already going to work. He dashed between shadows, bringing one of his Fangs to their throats one by one. The poor bastards dropped like flies, while the others were trying to figure out what was happening. The heavier ones were simple, all in one group. With a leap through the air, he tossed four daggers out at them, each one making its way into the opening in their visor.

Now that he had revealed himself, there was no need to return to the shadows. The five who were left grabbed their swords and charged him. Undisciplined, sluggish; their strikes were pathetic and slow. Azreal unsheathed his sword, and cut down all five of them in a quick series of slashes. "Man... I was expecting more fun out of these guys." A quick dash had him on the ship. "Now... What's so special about this ship?"

Unbelievable, he never expected it. Lyrium. Every crate on the ship was filled with lyrium. His job was to investigate and report back with a sample of the cargo, so he took a couple of crystals and stuck them in a pouch on his belt. Now, he couldn't let this cargo loose. But without explosive vials, what could he use? He grabbed a torch on the ship and brought it to one of the crates. "I wonder... What happens... when you burn lyrium?"

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Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:39 pm


The torch in Azreal's hand suddenly flickered and went out. The same with all of the other torches and lanterns on the ship, each one sounding like a dying man's last breath. The temperature began to noticeably drop. A unusual chill for this time of year began to sweep in.

"Your curiosity will be the death of you," came a voice. It was rich, almost toned like a mentor's voice, but had a odd ring or an echo to it. He stood on the deck of the ship, the massive cloaked figure extended his arms out and a faint green glow escaped from within. Before him, all of the men that Azreal had killed began to get up and walked towards Azreal. As was in life and now in death, they were bound to their Master's will. They didn't stumble though, or move slower. The difference was the lack of light in their eyes. Another wave of the hand caused ice armor to form around them. It would function similarly with armor, but the increased ice and chill it was causing would force their attackers to move slower. Plus blades had a tendency to "slip" when impacting ice.

"Your interference is at an end, boy."

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Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:05 pm

Valmyria Windstrider - On the road again...

The Warden rolled her eyes at Deacon's request. What an odd sense of time some of these people had. This however was the Arl's issue, not hers. She heard the Arl agree to the terms and establish something, but her mind was elsewhere again. It seemed as if they had a destination already set out and in mind. She'd travel with them for a while until her wounds healed up, then she would make for Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep.

If the assault was indeed by the person responsible, then her Warden's and the people of Amaranthine were in great danger. Amaranthine was between the Teryn's own lands of Highever, and the capital city of Denerim. Either thousands were enslaved or dead up there... or it was a trap.

She tried walking away, but a fresh surge of pain shot up her leg, causing her to let out a soft hiss. She checked her leg and adjusted the makeshift bandages. Nearly immediately the Red-Guard Captain was at her side.

"Would you require assistance, my lady?" he asked her.

"For a while Captain, if that wouldn't bee too much of a problem," she replied and put her fingers to her lips and let out a high pitched whistle. She stood still for a moment or two, ears twitching from side to side, listening for a response over the dim noise of the survivors moving around. Hopefully, the damned burden of a beast was still alive...

A neigh in the distance caught her attention.

The rest of the journey had been uneventful, luckily. The ragtag band of survivors and the people from the village of Redcliffe couldn't handle another surprise. Her horse, Clippers, had been found a few miles away grazing peacefully, waiting for her master to show up. The Warden-Commander rode the horse a bit, but rotated with a few others as her leg got stronger to walk on. The journey was rough and slow going, taking a few days to get to the city of Lothering.

During the Fifth blight, it had been completely leveled by the darkspawn. While this did cause great amount of destruction and death, it also provided a time for mistakes to be made right. One of the first things they constructed, was a fortress to protect the town from future attacks. The Keep, the name long forgotten and refereed to only as, the Keep, was situated on a hill that was to over look the city below and the hills beyond. The Keep had six stone walls and towers with two utterances. In interior of the keep held a barracks, training ground, stable, armory, a blacksmith, and the main keep was located in the back. It had become the focal point of the town, as it slowly wrapped itself around the towering structure.

Since its destruction, it had begun to enjoy a very "colorful" history. It was the last southern stop for the Mage's 'Underground Railroad' a system used to get mages away from the chantry and into the forests beyond where they either sought the elves, barbarians, or made their own way in the world. It also served as a trading hub between the world of Fereldin and the elves in the Brecilian Forest.

So the city was still in its "new" phase of clean streets, no poor section made yet, no run down buildings, and very few "poor" people as wealth and goods continued to make its way in. That did not mean though that corruption was not present...

The Arl's forces moved into the city with no resistance. Lothering was part of the Arling of Redcliffe, but its Ban did betray the Arl. hopefully, it would only have been the Bann who was this foolish. Troops moved to occupy and settle into the Keep, while the others established a camp a quarter mile outside of the town for refugees and the gathering Redcliffe Army.

Valmyria found herself on the Keep's Eastern Wall, overlooking the vast forests and mountain ranges that she had grown up in. The cool evening breeze played with her fresh robes. It was a period of reflection for the newly healed Warden-Commander. She spent this time well as she stood and considered the thing on her wrist, now deemed it as "the Witchblade". She was clad differently this time, her battle attire was retired. She was instead wearing a white robe and cloak, tied with a blood red sash. Her knife, returned to her after the battle, was carefully concealed beneath the folds. It was a Quel'Elhen purity robe. After times of bloodshed, if the warrior thought they were compromised in their honor, they would wash themselves and dress in these ceremonial robes and meditate. The white of the robes represented purity, while the red sash represented their own blood and that which was spilled. Many didn't take it very seriously, but she did.

She pulled her hood over her head and thought back on... Well, her journey int the Deep Roads, and her failure there. Next she thought of the events at Redcliffe, the monster she turned into and the missing Warden, Devan. She thought of the events here and now, what to do, who to see next. She supposed that she would eventually have to speak to the people who went after her and decide if she was in on the Arl's little coalition to get back at his brother.

She closed her eyes, arms folded beneath the robes. Her ears moved slightly as she tuned herself in with her surroundings, extending her senses everywhere, and feeling her world...

TERYN COUSLAND - Lol, wut King? 2

"You?" asked the prince, a sort of air of disbelief came out with the question. "You can't, only those with royal blo-"

"You really think blood has anything to do with the throne?" retorted the Teryn, enjoying the terror in the Prince's face. "You just said it yourself, Theordred. I am the most powerful man in the country at the moment. I could easily take your throne, if I wanted to with this mess that the country is in. The people are looking for a strong leader to guide them through these tough times, who else better than Teryn Vern Cousland to do so?"

He chuckled and sat down in his chair. "Relax, Prince. I have no intention on becoming King. Seriously, it seems rather boring to me. You want my help, then I want your help as well."

A look of relief passed over the young man's face, but there was still some carefulness that hadn't been present before. The man before him could very well be King, easily, but wasn't... Why not then?

That would have been a good question to ask, but he instead pushed forward on making a deal. He wanted the position of King too badly to see just what he was doing.

And it would cost him his soul.

"What would you have me do, Teryn Cousland."

A grin formed on the Teryn's face. " Kassar, you are dismissed for now. Let the good prince and I work on a agreement."
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