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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:49 pm

-Balcony Boss Battle!-

Vovin had no idea what he had gotten into. His mind clouded by the recent revelations made to him, the young Spirit Warrior had dove headlong into a fight that, he now realized, was going to be extremely difficult for him. His opponent was as nimble as she was beautiful, and she deftly blocked and evaded his flurry of attacks. Of course his initial barrage was merely to test the waters with this new foe, but Vovin quickly discovered what was lurking in said waters. Blocking and evading his attacks was all well and good, but the female warrior was also tapping his armor in between his strikes. There was no power behind the blows, she was merely toying with him! Vovin felt a flush of frustration at the notion, but he managed to compose himself as his opponent disengaged with a kick to draw another sword and threaten him.

Vovin stumbled back slightly, his sword pointed towards the ground. He took a moment to get a good look at this powerful woman. She exuded the aura of a leader, one might say a boss of sorts, and it was easy for Vovin to see it. Suddenly his eyes widened under his helm as something clicked in his brain. This woman...she...she was the Warden Commander Valmyria! Vovin felt his heart begin to race. Suddenly his Daddy issues seemed less important. Vovin deactivated his Veil. No point in wasting his energy while they were not fighting. Straightening up his posture, Vovin said "Pardon me madam, where are my manners? You see, I just found out my father isn't my father, and that my mentor is...anyway, my name is Vovin Dranis, of the Draconis Order. Under the orders of Teryn Cousland, I am here to put an end to the threat you, The Grey Warden Commander, present with your control over the Darkspawn. I make the same offer to you. Surrender the device, and I will make sure you live."

His awkward intro aside, Vovin hoped his bluff would hold water. He truly had no clue how he would hold up against Valmyria, even if he used every asset he had. She was incredibly fast and skilled. For the time being, he waited to hear what she had to say in response to him.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:34 am

-Valas Delrune-
"The mind weeps, the body bleeds."

A thumping echoed off the walls of the dark hall, spirits and spectres of the mind gone save for the girl. Thump! went the metal staff of the black mage, the echoing off the wall resounding back to the enraged reaver with a different sound each time.

Thump Isadoooooor.... it whispered in his ear.

Thump Pleaaaase.... it pleaded in his mind.

Thump Strauuuuss.... it whimpered in his heart.

The little girl shuffled forward with unstable legs, shaking and red from the bloody wound leaking across the floor as the apperation closed in on the Reaver holding his axe so proudly.

Thump The girls last scream tore through the room as the vivid recollection of that very axe killing her scared and defensive father with a strike that took him down the middle, a backhand of that vicious blade killing her mother as the woman desperatly tried to stab at the templar with a dull kitchen knife.
The black axe cleaved through the front of the screaming girls throat, spraying the polished metal of the Templars armor with crimson tears.

Isador could only blink.


Suddenly the room was quiet again. The flame had turned completely blue, instead of purple and blue fighting for control of the rooms light. Across the hall stood Valas Delrune, the mage that would never be caught. Though his name had only been whispered about and the cause of death was assumed to be a botched experiment gone horribly wrong, Isador would know him. Had been tasked with watching over him for a short time when the hunts were not available.

Such a long time ago it seemed.

"A quick end?" The shades voice carried around the room to clicker at the flames, "Is that what you would offer me, Strauss. I see no cuts from me on your body... Yet."
A scream erupted from the reavers right side. Valas. it was a scream of conquest, a battle cry, a denial of death itself it seemed. Black and shadowed hands shaped to smoking black claws scraped against the armor to tear deep gouges and deep scars deep into Isadors chest.

Isador could only blink.


All at once he was back where he stood, no wounds and no enemy pressing in. Valas had not moved.
The fires in the hall were purple.

"A quick end?" He laughed, a breathless whisper if anything at all. "There is one person in this room that needs Death, Isador. It is not me... but it is also not you..." The skull mask turned slowly to an illuminating area near the far wall, behind Isador. Out of the corner strode a proud young templar, confident in his abilities and arrogant about his skills. Every movement was flashy or precise to inspire or cause fear, in the heart and soul of those around it. A scowl was the only features seen below the helmet it wore.
It was Isador!

"LOOK AT YOU!" It shouted, so full of anger and resentment, "LOOK AT US. YOU BETRAYED YOUR PEERS, YOUR LEADERS AND FRIENDS. YOURSELF. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MY FUTURE, ISADOR STRAUSS," he spat on the ground, drawing out the black axe he would later be called. "I will cleave you in half, and end 'our' torment forever."
The spectre came on in a forward rush, the axe leading in an overhead chop.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:00 am

Deacon - "The Home Stretch"

"Damn, this is beginning to irritate me..." Deacon had to make several detours, as the battle had collapsed numerous halls and doorways. To top it off, the Teryn's men continued to flood the castle, and had been impeding his progress. As he spoke to himself, he heard footsteps approaching from the corner. This time, however, it was a Redcliffe guard. The man saw Deacon as he rounded the corner.

He took one look at Deacon's armor, and said, "Another Templar?! Die, you traitor!" This was bad, as the guard didn't seem to be in the mood to listen. The guard's leg was wounded, and he seemed to be running off of adrenaline. Deacon decided to act quickly, moving in with a sweep kick to knock the guard down. Using his boot, he kept the guard from attacking with his sword.

"You, sir, are in no condition to fight, let alone kill anyone." Grabbing a spare potion from his belt, he handed it to the guard, who hesitantly took it. "That takes care of that issue. Now get to your commanding officer, and tell them that Knight-Captain Gregor is heading this attack." Deacon began to march off, until the guard asked him a question: "What the hell kind of Templar are you?!" A good question, one that he answered simply with: "Who said I was a Templar?" Deacon continued on, and he could tell... Gregor was close...

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:29 am

---Marcus Hammerstrike---
"Fuck my life..."

Marcus didn't let his thoughts fly back to the night previous. Did not even allow them to exist in that uncertain time of action and offense, with the portal ready and troops pouring into it with abandon it seemed unlikely that he would get a chance to even contemplate the recent troubles with Vovin and even Bill for that very matter. Nothing was going Marcus' way and now he needed a release to all his anger left carefully checked under his ever present growl.

Both hammers were crushing bones within a few seconds of leaving the portal.

He was dizzy when the out-of-body experience ended from the warp, instinct alone had gotten his hammers over his head before entering and instinct again played the crucial role in driving them down atop the enemy soldiers' shoulders. Bone and armor alike were crushed with enough impact to make the two hardy fighters black out from the sheer pain.
The fun never stops with just two.
Out went the right hammer to literally smash an oaken shield to splinters from a defenders grasp, the other driving into his sides with enough force to lift and throw the ragdoll nearly 5 feet. A spin on his heels brought a hammer spinning in a backhand swipe that clipped the side of an armored knights sword arm, sending him into an uncontrollable spin far away from the enraged blacksmith. His left hammer brought from below to snap a mans head up with jaw-crushing force. A headbutt put him down with a dent in his steel chest plate.

A steadying breath came into the forgemasters lungs that escaped as a primal roar, like a raging inferno. Down went both hammers from up high, crushing the shoulders of a defender whose blade struck Marcus' chest to no effect at all. Expertly the old man brought the crushing hammers back into positions to block a downward swing from a longsword and a stab with a cruel spear head. Both men took a hard blow for their hesitation when they were effortlessly thrown aside. Both hammers slammed into the spearmans chest, one striking the other to blow the limp body back, a two-hit strike defeated the meager defense of the remaining soldiers shield by sweeping out the forward leg to trip him while the other came down to devestating effect. All but crushing the man into the stones below.

Marcus was far from done. He had not seen Vovin since the start of the fight but it didn't matter at that moment, so filled with blinding anger was the great old fighter.
Both weapons were put away while the massive hammer across his back was drawn from its sheath. A great iron door with sturdy hinges. Blinding fire erupted across Marcus as he slipped beyond the veil, the spirit of the ancient fire elemental all to happy to lend power to his limbs.
One strike threw the door from its hingers to clatter and bang noisily to the other side of the area beyond.
It was there he saw Vovin on the offensive against Valmyria, a young elf woman Marcus had worked for many years ago during his travels. The great flames only rose, scorching nothing but leaving the room brighter and warmer than it had been before. The great flames rose nearly three times as large as Marcus, all but flooding into the room in its anger.

The greathammer came down with a dull thud as Marcus stopped to watch the exchange. Skilled Spirit Warrior with the heart of a dragon king, against one of the most skilled rangers to walk this world. He would not interfere. Both knew that from the way he held his hammer to the floor.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:00 pm

Valmyria Windstrider - Redcliffe Castle, Balcony.

Wait, what?

The Ranger's defenses faltered as she worked on what the black knight just told her. They weren't here for the Arl, but her? What in the name of the Maker did she do to get this? She hadn't even been the Warden Commander for a month and already she had what looked like half of Fereldin after her. The knight mentioned some sort of device, and her controlling darkspawn. Were the two linked then? It would seem so, but who in the world could believe this? The darkspawn were a force of nature, a hurricane of death and devastation that could only be controlled by the Archdemon, and she personally had doubts on who controlled who in that situation. Besides, the Grey Wardens were sworn to protect the world, not just Fereldin against the threat that these creatures posed. Why would the Warden's have a device that could control them, and not end the thr-

Power whispered a voice in the back of her mind as the pieces clicked together. Wardens control darkspawn, they remain in power. Untouchable.

But they didn't have such a thing... but she did have the strange amulet on her wrist now that was given to her by that odd woman. It was clearly present on her wrist, but didn't look down at it. If she did, it would be immediately assumed that this was the thing that Vovin was talking about. She opened her mouth to explain that such a device didn't to the knight, but closed it. She had to find out how far down the rabbits hole this went.

Before she could say anything though, a door sailed across the balcony between the two fighters, and off the edge. Flames bellowed out from the room, but one figure stood in front in a terrible majesty, a hammer lowered against the ground. "Marcus... what are you doing here..." she whispered, not bothering to keep the edge of fear and surprise out of her voice. They had worked together a long time ago, when she was still a Ranger Cadet. He was fast, skilled, and very intelligent. She wasn't completely sure, but she was certain that her armor had been made by him, or at least one of his forges.

Meaning he would know exactly where to hit. If this Teryn convinced Marcus to join up and do this, then she was in a lot more trouble then she thought.

The Warden turned a sword towards Marcus, and still kept one facing the knight, Vovin. Her fight just got tougher. The best plan was to keep as far away from the smith as she could, possibly keep Vovin inbetween the two.

"Vovin," she said carefully in a controlled voice. Her previous plan had gone out the window. Best to disarm this as fast as possible, then find out what in the world was going on. "I don't know what you've been told, but I do not have such a thing. Nor does a thing exist."

Zha she thought You better not fucking walk in on this.

Inside the Castle

The group of Templars walked in quietly as they could with their heavy plate armor, which was surprisingly quite. They escorted a small group of mages, and somewhere ahead or behind them was some Crow Assassins. They knew their target; Airi Oakheart, a Quel'Elhen Battlemage. She had unexpectedly showed up yesterday, complicating things a little, but not enough that it would be a problem. It was critical though that she be taken out.

The informant within the castle had notified them of the location of her quarters. They doubted that she would still be in the guest wing once the attack started, but it was the only place they knew to look for her. The building rocked a little and the lead Templar offered a mix between a muffled curse and a prayer for help. She had to be up and aware by now, but they were getting close. He motioned some of his men to go to the other side of the door of the room she was believed to be in. He took a crossbow from the man behind him and braced him self in front of the door. He slammed his booted foot into the door, knocking it off of its hinges and he brought the crossbow up with the intent to shoot the first thing that moved...

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:03 pm


The chaos of the battlefield was one place that Bill felt completely at ease, things needed to get done and there was no telling what could happen between point a and point b. He could hear the explosions and cries of pain from behind him, the armored knight knew well enough what had happened and cursed under his breath. The man turned his head to see the remaining soldiers that had followed him get decimated by an explosive bolt. A damn archer was lobbing explosive rounds into a crowded battlefield, that wasn’t exactly sound strategy wise but worked well in this case. A few more bolts were enough for Bill to get a bearing on where the archer was positioned, which Bill immediately remembered as being where several of their own archers had been just moments earlier.

A mere second before the next bolt would have struck Bill right in the eye he lifted up the headless corpse into the air, hooking it with his massive club and tossing it up into the path of the bolt. The body hadn’t even hit the ground yet before he dropped his dragon tooth in favor of picking up a spear from a fallen soldier. The stone knight readied the spear and hurtled it into the direction of the archer, rearing back his arm and tossing it forward with full force. Bill might as well have been his own personal arbalest at that point, as the spear broke through a large section of the wall. It was a bit off target, but if there were any archers still in the area that may have been enough to scare them off.

With that the stone knight picked up his dragon tooth and hefted the massive weapon over his shoulder. The tower falling down was unexpected and now there was the silver order to deal with. A small smile crossed the man’s lips underneath his helmet as he charged forwards at the silver order, shield raised and club ready to smash.


“A group of assassins? All for me? Now that is very flattering.” A woman’s voice came from inside the room, calmly observing the situation from a comfortable seat on top of her bed. As the soldiers piled into the room it would have already been too late for the men, hex marks and traps had been placed at each of the entrances to her room. The misdirection hex was one of Airi’s favorites and the girl let out an amused little whistle as the crossbowman missed his mark by nearly five feet. She titled her head a bit as the men entered the room, pointing her staff at them as they closed in on her.

“Now then, let’s play a game… whoever talks and spills the most information first gets to live the shortest.” She said with a smile, springing up from her seat as she looked around the room. She hadn’t been sitting by idly this whole time, as soon as she caught word of the attack she had began to plan an escape route and a means to support the Arl’s forces in the meantime. However she realized that there was a bit of foul play within the Arl’s ranks, such an attack meant that there were plenty of traitors amongst them. The soldiers arriving specifically at her room was proof enough of this, so her plan changed a bit from what it was before. Airi’s magic was particularly good at making people feel pain, she doubted that it would be very long before one of these soldiers told her all about the traitors and informants hiding amongst the Arl’s men.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:01 pm

Deacon - A "Heartfelt" Reunion

Deacon finally reached the courtyard, beheading three men, who were foolish enough to charge him in a straight line, with a single slash. He saw that the battle continued to demolish the once-proud castle. On his left, one of the Teryn's mages was preparing a spell, one that one likely fire or explosion-based. He charged the man, unwilling to show mercy to anyone bearing the Teryn's banner. As he cut his chest open, the spell fired, heading upwards as he fell. The ball of magic shot up, heading for a balcony. "Maker, I pray no one is up there..."

He looked around quickly; even in this chaos, a Knight-Captain's armor would be easily noticed. And there he stood, his old friend, cutting down those beneath him both in skill and in rank. He decided to get his attention the same way he always did. Grabbing a small rock, he threw it at Gregor with considerable force. Like always, it would land at his feet then, given the way it was thrown, bounce upwards towards his face. Gregor would always take the hit, cutting his cheek. Deacon was eager to see if history would repeat itself.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:02 am


Clearly the big man wasn't very smart. Something was peppering his units with bolts like pincushions and the only thing it did was throw a damned body where Zha had been standing earlier. How pointless. Still, no use dwelling on it. This thing was going to be dead soon after all.
Up on a balcony he waited, overlooking the courtyard from a good 20 feet in a joining tower. Good view. Bills back was turned, and his last few soldiers were two small lankeys and one real big fella in solid armor. Nothing on the neck though apparently. That little twitch at the back of Zha's neck saved his life then, not bothering to look for the cause of his sudden twitch, instead he hit the floor and grabbed the railing with a grip strong enough to crush coal to diamonds. An explosion took the balcony clear off the wall and into the courtyard in a disorientating spin and plummet. Only luck stopped the hunter from being squashed as the broken heap crashed a short distance from bill.

Groggily Zha'Gren stood up from the dust and shook his head, trying to force his brain to work properly. The impact turned one of the spearman around and even threw his weight behind a spear thrust at the cloaked figure standing on the broken balcony remains. It barely missed its target as Zha stumbled back with bad footing, slashing out with his dagger, dropping that on the floor as the world spun again. This time the big warrior shouted something and laughed at the sight. Not even half his size, length or width wise, stood Zha in a tattered dusty cloak stumbling like a drunk.
"Well isn't that cute. The drunk whats to play," Arrogantly the big man leaned down to eye level with the shaking figure, even as Zha's left arm rose up to steady himself on the big mans shoulders. "I'll sober you up, dumba-" It was over in an instant. A heavy righthanded punch stuck the helmet with enough force to spin it on the mans head, only to be caught by Zhas deft fingers locking into the eye slits as it went to the back. A firm grip and a sharp twist snapped the mans neck cleanly to bring his head completely around.
now the helmet with hair spilling out the eye slits was facing the right way... but the actual face was not.

The last spearman had fallen but the silver order had fallen back from Bills onslaught. Now it was just the boulder man and the little man in the cloak. Zha'Gren unsheathed his scimitar as the world stopped spinning.

Marcus Hammerstrike
"right to the point!"

There wasn't a lot of things that could make Marcus stop fighting. It was his nature to fight, the reason he made what he did. To fight. To kill. To protect. Now wasn't a time to fight. Instead he just waved at Valmyria like it was completely natural he show up in this fashion under these circumstances. The pipe was already out and being stuffed with the fine tobacco he was so fond of, from the iron-bound and locked pouch at his hip. The finest elven tobacco, he believed, on the planet. A few puffs had it lit and glowing, the smoke already filling his hood with the thick stuff.

"Yes, hello Val. Pleasure to see you," Marcus motioned to Vovin and from Vovin back to Valmyria. "Val I've told you about Vovin. Though I may not have told you all of it.. Either way. He's chosen to side with the Teryn to bring honor to his order." Marcus took a long breathe of his pipe, the flames fading away to a tempered flickering across his strong form, and exhaled a big puff of the gray smoke. "Do me a favor and show him how a noblewoman, and a fiery tempered one, fights. It'd be good for him to learn what makes a person. Hell, might even make the boy learn to think a little more on things like this."

His gaze turned to Vovin and his voice took on a stern tone. "Fight her, Vovin. Fight and learn if she is truly evil as the Teryn says. Only one way to know for sure."

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:57 am

-Dammit Dad!-

It seemed Vovin's remark about the mission he was assigned had struck a cord with the elven warrior that stood before him. He watched with mild curiosity as she came to grips with what he had said. As she was about to speak however, there was a fiery explosion across the balcony. Vovin didn't even flinch, in fact he let out a sigh. "Of course you showed up." He muttered to himself. The first time in his life that he didn't really want to see Marcus and he couldn't shake the old man. The spirit warrior did not even glance his mentor's way, instead keeping his eyes on his opponent. However, shock caused him to turn his head when Marcus and the elf greeted each other like old friends (at least Marcus did, Val just looked...intimidated?). "You two know each other? You never mentioned this woman to me." Vovin stated flatly. Then Valmyria began to deny the existence of the item he had been sent to retrieve from her. Before she had even finished, Vovin was shaking his head. He let her conclude her denial before he replied. "Despite the doubt cast by this man." he said, pointing at Marcus. "You know I cannot simply take your word for it. And if he isn't going to stop me." He readied his sword. "Then we fight."

(Battle music cuz why not? -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4KlY7J9YBs)
With that Vovin dashed at the ranger, readying an overhand swing. He knew it would be easy for her to block or dodge this attack, but the point was to leave himself open. The young man knew that he was going to have to go all out if he hoped to stand a chance, so he would use everything. As he completed the overhead attack, Vovin paused for the briefest of moments to bait a counter from Val before unleashing a Dragon Surge (Fade Burst) that carried into full power Dragon Veil (Beyond the Veil, think Dragon Aspect from Skyrim + wings), with the intent of knocking Val off her feet. With this form, there was a good chance he could keep up with Val's speed. It would mean he could not fully take advantage of the weight of his sword, but the spiritual energy coursing along his blade (Dragon Fire/Soul Brand) meant that all his blows would carry a burning punch that would shear through Val's armor if she was not careful. To top it all off, Vovin really went all out. Following the explosion, whether Val was knocked back or not, Vovin would resume his barrage of strikes, but each swing released a Flame Slash to accentuate the attack. This made blocking a risky move for his target. Vovin was a maelstrom of offensive power, a mighty dragon on the offensive. The spirit that aided him roared with battle fervor as he assaulted Valmyria, and he too occasionally let out a shout as he attacked. He needed to end this quickly, as the form was taking an immense toll on his energy.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:36 pm

-Main Hall-

Isador stared at his double, trying to calm his breath, the assaults on his mind were beyond anything he had ever encountered but he maintained his will. One moment he was butchering a family, the next he was being impaled and now his younger self was staring daggers at him, weapon drawn. He watched as his double attacked with a downward strike and simply moved out of the way at the last moment, bringing his own axe around in a counter arc at the false one’s side. He made sure to make the attack obvious, allowing his foe to dodge. “You certainly have that fire inside you that burned in me in the beginning.” He said as the Back Axe’s traded strikes, blocking and countering and dodging as if one were looking in a mirror. “A fire fueled by your faith, utter devotion to the church.”

In the midst of the duel, the simplicity of battle calmed Strauss’s thoughts, focusing on each strike, counter, parry and step. He watched his opponent’s movements not with the wild look of a madman, but with a cold, passionless demeanor looking at his own face, filled with anger and justice. “A CHURCH OF LIERS AND FOOLS” He shouted, parrying another attack, countering with a swift strike to the head with the handle of his axe. “YOU WILL NOT BREAK ME MAGE!” With that Isador activated his Righteous Terror, the blade of his Axe glowing a dark red, blood red. Every attack that landed with this ability would drain any foe, be it of stamina or mana and the Black Axe brought this terrible power to his opponent with a powerful sweeping strike to the ribs.

-Redcliffe Village-

The fight was vicious; there was no other way to describe it. The raiders forces continued to press on the entrance to the village, walking over their own dead towards the fire and the stone and claw and stinger. Teelo returned to his Bereskarn form after seeing that the swarm was less effective and returned to the meat-holders side, swatting a raider to the ground and crushing his throat with a mighty paw. The healing spell reinvigorated him with a second wind but Teelo knew he couldn’t keep this up. Still he fought on, taking down three raiders for every one that managed to injure him in his massive form. He let out another defiant roar, he would not die here, he was a creature of the forest and that was where he would meet his end, not in the town of the two-legs for they would never understand his connection to the wilds.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:31 pm

-Village Gates –

The mages were synchronized in a way unbeknownst to most, let alone themselves. The vicious swarm was useful in many ways, as it debilitated some of the raiders’ forces and it forced Zasalim to focus more on his melee efforts. This allowed the arcane warrior to replenish his mana pool. As the bodies continued to fall, Zasalim strategically placed them around the gate with telekinesis while simultaneously dispatching foes. Despite their lack of communication, the shapeshifter resumed the form of the mighty Bereskarn just in time for Zasalim to enact his plan. He shifted his strategy from melee back to casting by deactivating his combat magic and flaming weapons sustained abilities.

His blade’s magical flame soon extinguished and his physical countenance returned to normal as his portions of mana, which kept the abilities active, returned to him. He then cast telekinetic weapons on his shapeshifting battle partner. The mage would notice a magical field enveloping his paws allowing him to crush opponents with greater ease and launch groups with the swipe of his feral claws. He then moved behind the creature and cast edge of the abyss at the opening in the gates themselves, creating a powerful singularity to pull the dead bodies to a central location and fill in that gap. Looking to his left he then launched a fireball and to his right a telekinetic burst was unleashed. Both attacks exploded violently, launching raiders with terrible force into their own forces and giving them some breathing room.

Immediately Zasalim began chanting as he initiated the inferno spell. The air around them began to tingle as dry heat filled the air. Three small fire balls began to dance above his head as he weaved the mana necessary for the powerful primal spell. A fire ignited in his eyes as the spell’s preparation was completed. He allowed a small, sinister laugh to escape his lips as the intense primal magic surged through his entire being. It was an utterly exhilarating rush to experience. “Now Burn!” he yelled as flames burst forth in a vast area before the gate. He knew the possibility of getting out unscathed wouldn’t be fully possible, but this gave them an opportunity to escape the battle and flee for the dwarven capital of Orzammar.

Zasalim began to sprint out of harm’s way, cutting down any one standing between him and the safety of the surrounding woodland. He wasn’t sure how far they might be followed or how vast the raiders’ forces were, but he was determined to escape the mayhem feasting on Redcliffe. At the very least he could be satisfied that the gates were barricaded by the corpses of their would be marauders and protected for now by a great flame evidenced by a towering pillar of fire created by the intense updraft the flames created. This could be seen even from the castle.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:51 am

Valas Delrune
Fury and pain.

Each strike from the two met empty air or the others weapon in an eternal stalemate, as it always would considering the two were equal in every way. One fought with sheer rage and cold determination while the other fought with complete dedication and unconquerable faith in his actions. Only the angry one shouted out aimlessly at the little man standing not so far away watching the spectacle behind his iron mask.
"You believed those lies once. So much that you killed innocent women. Children. Brothers who had saved your own life, simply because you were told to kill them." The axes came together for another dizzying series of clangs and clattering, the templar Isador wore an angry scowl with eyes full of contempt for what he'd become. Valas continued to talk as the combatants stepped away to get a better measure. "What was it like to listen without ears. To see without your own eyes. I suspect blood tastes different when its justified." His smirk was almost audible in the dim. "I'm not here to break you, Strauss."

The blade of Isadors axe burned an angry red as he slashed at the spectre of his Templar self. This was where it got interesting. Illusion of this type was made to inflict agony and bring despair at futility, to warp the mind in pain of both defeat and physical harm. The angry red axe passed right through the Templar in a line of insubstantial black smoke, flickering for the briefest of seconds where the blade passed by. You couldn't see Valas wince. The Templar regained his 'solid' form and gave the black axe a rude awakening to the fight.
His plated, and very substantial, fist cracked against the reavers head with enough force to stumble him. Followed quickly by a stomach punch from his opposite hand, the axe harmlessly avoiding the reaver. The Templar stepped back and crossed his arms dissapointedly. Valas spoke up again from the distance. "A memory can't be hurt but you sure can be. What are you really fighting, Strauss. It? Or yourself. Why do you tremble from your past and fear your future so much to kill aimlessly and without mercy for the ones you hurt..." His voice faded as the templar image faded to become the shadowed form of Valas Delrune, the iron mask shining in the darkness like a beacon. "I thought you'd stopped killing for someone else's pleasure."

The flames turned half blue and half purple, forcing the shadows back to refill the room with its eerie glow. Valas still stood where he was previously and the Templar was gone. For now. The skull staff shined above the mages head. In this time he was capable of being injured through physical attacks or magic, but it was not likely to be easy. "I didn't come here to stop the invasion. I didn't come here to align myself with this 'warden'. I didn't come here to fight for the good of a corrupt court. I came for the thing living deep inside you that cannot escape its self imposed prison."

Valas smirked behind the mask. "I came for you. For the strength you have inside, to make up for the sins you were forced to commit, and to make you fight against an enemy of all the innocent threatened by his black march."

(I got a few hits, though they're easily shrugged off, but I respect your wish to draw Valas' blood. try not to get him to bloody.)

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:13 am

{Can Daddy Save You Now?}

Arvashok strolled forward, his keen eyes gleaming the possibilities. Honor and glory could be easily had with many of the expert fighters that had invaded. His large hand moved back, releasing his large blade from its sheathe. War had come, and it was his place to properly accommodate it. Soldiers began rushing forth into the castle's halls and swinging many -- of what these fools could think were -- swords and spears in his path. What little didn't just bounce from heavy armor, his equally heavy companion swung out and knocked aside. One wide swing and the bothersome pests flew from his presence, weapons and armor -- all too little effort to stand to his might -- flew in equal amounts of shards and scraps to sprawl around their masters upon the stone floor.

His attention was barely even with them as he gazed out windows at every chance, spying one more possible opponent being taken on by another ally. He sighed with a snort, walking over the moaning bodies of the wounded. He held no desire to slaughter children nor fools who couldn't even tell when they held poor weaponry. A spearman foolishly rushed forward as a fresh wave of 'men' came to try their luck. All they could possibly have was luck as they showed no true skill. And they were certainly lucky that the behemoth warrior deemed them unworthy of what little extra energy he would need to actually kill them. His left hand arose, pushing the extended spear aside and grabbing the man by the helm. He swung him up and waved him around, fanning his flailing legs upon his comrades and knocking them back.

He continued his uneventful stroll as he dragged the screaming man along. The soldier was the closest thing to a weapon he was actually willing to dirty upon these wretches. But he quickly released his grip when turning a corner and spotting Valmyria. Glory and honor be damned. Duty called his name and beckoned his presence now.

Vovin's swinging sword suddenly shot straight down and far too off to the side to ever hit Val. A blade -- nearly larger than Vovin himself -- now pressed the sword against the stone. A glance up its length would bring Vovin to Arvashok, standing close to Val's side, his heavy now even lower than usual. This gave a small hint to his eyes, though, as a soft shine passed through the thick shadows under his brow. His heavy armor had meant little against his sudden urge to rush forward and aid his Commander. His grunt and slow breath hinted his clear desire to split the young Vovin in half without delay.

But his experience told him that he needed to watch the next action. He knew the other large warrior nearby would likely choose to step in. This matter would require Arvashok's full attention, it would seem.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:52 pm

Marcus Hammerstrike
Do not interfere.

The bulkhead of Marcus' great warhammer struck out hard against the new opponent interfering, clearling choosing to side with Valmyria, but now Vovin needed help. Val was going to be tough enough. As expected of the big man with the axe-sword, his heavy blow was blocked but enough force was behind the strike to send the Qunari skidding backwards a few feet. Around Marcus' light, but surprisingly strong, armor was a distinct glow of blue fire. As he stalked past Val and Vovin he spoke aloud. "Do not interfere."
Whoever it was for was not clear.

Qunari like this wouldn't stop just because something was in the way, regardless of how powerful it might seem. He was just hoping perhaps the fires would temper the big mans distrust of magic and make him more cautious. The great two-handed warhammer was held across his chest, with the hammer head out evenly at the midsection in a defensive posture. Its crafting was admirable, both powerful and beautiful to look upon, made by a masters hand for war and death without the over-indulged addition to detail. Its plain hammer head was sturdy and practical.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:28 pm

{Riding the Wave}

Arvashok turned and glared directly at his new opponent. One that had the strength to move him. He almost let a smile slip before his mind reset itself to face the situation. He wouldn't waste time with talk as they both knew what was coming. He wouldn't waste time trying to reason; This was war and they were both warriors. War was their blood. This would not end by their commands, and they would not spare the other when things were settled. A strange sense of communion considering their very recent first sight of one another.

Arvashok ground his teeth and stomped his right foot out, firmly planting himself for balance. A loud snort and the crack of stone under his foot gave Marcus full wisdom to just how the sight of magic was causing this Qunari to react. He held no fear, but no desire to blindly rush into something he didn't know. But his disgust with it was all too clear. He lifted his bladed axe to ready for whatever the somewhat smaller human might throw forth.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:49 pm


The knights of the silver order were tough and well trained, devoutly following their orders into combat without a second of hesitation. Bill usually killed these types first, smashing them to pieces right in front of their allies. Not only did Bill crush those skilled soldier’s bodies but he also managed to crush the spirit of their cause in the meantime. Most warriors, no matter how skilled, usually showed some hesitation to face Bill in combat after seeing such a display.

Bill now stood in a rather large and oddly empty section of the battlefield, his usually gray armor now covered in a thick red coat of ‘paint’. There were corpses all around the stone knight, a typical scene on the battlefield but this was somewhat different. This was a slaughter, men in full suits of armor torn apart and strewn across the ground in a semi circle around the stone knight. He barely remembered doing any of it, it was all mostly a blur of red and screams. The man inhaled deeply, the smell of fresh blood filling his lungs as he took a brief moment to survey his surroundings. He knew that most men had fled from his onslaught, there rarely existed a soul who would dare face him after seeing the kinds of things that he could do to a person.

His head turned to where a heap of debris came crashing down from the castle, along with a strange looking warrior who proceeded to kill one of the Teyrn’s men. He was just a little man in a cloak, but Bill knew not to take him lightly after seeing the way that he killed the soldier. But to Bill, this was just another corpse that needed to be put into its proper place… on the ground and in pieces. The stone knight raised his shield in front of his body and his club dragged along the ground behind him. He moved slowly at first, but began to pick up pace as the ground became a little more clear of body parts and fluids. His massive club still was held firmly behind his body as he moved to ram the cloaked man with his massive shield.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:30 pm

Marcus Hammerstrike

The stance, the steady breathing, the crack of stone underneath his foot.. Power. Confidence and power. How usual for a Qunari, but still it was a bit needless. Something nagged at the back of Marcus suddenly about the whole situation. This man had no need to bolster his power the way Marcus was, not yet atleast. If this fight was going to set an example for Vovin about making his choices, now was the time to prove it.

Marcus brought his hammer down to his feet and placed both hands on the ball at the bottom, now at Marcus' chest. The blue flames receeded slowly until all that was left was the steady red glow of his tobacco pipe and the smoke billowing out lightly. Now was a fight of honor, not war.
In a rush of raw power he lifted the great warhammer off the floor and over his head, slamming it down hard against the Qunari, as it plummeted down he brought in the handle and twisted his body to send the momentum in a controlled spin, extending his grip and planting both feet firmly on the ground as he did to follow up with a devestating side-ways slash.


Fierce training and an immense dedication to his skills was the only thing stopping Zha'Gren from rushing at the boulder thing with relentless aggression, dodging the heavy club and staying out of the general sight that heavy helm offered. That wouldn't work on this one and something inside told the hunter not to bother. Instead he kept steady and looked over the armor this thing wore. It was chipped, scratched, burnt and had more than a few crossbow bolts in it so so either this thing couldn't be stopped or.. A large gash in the mans shield, likely from repeated strikes against that one spot over the course of the fight, and it had chipped off entirely to reveal the blemished and scratched steel below.
So that's the secret to the trick. It's a tough clay, like some of those damned puddle jumpers in the forest but not nearly as complete. This guy had coated himself well, and thoroughly, while those damned things just layed in it for a while. It could turn a blade or stop an arrow, but only so long as the clay substance held. After that it was up to the armor below. A real challenge.

Zha stood perfectly still as the big man rushed in, shield leading, to Zha'Gren. Closer and closer until at the last moment Zha snatched a vial from his secure pouch, praying it wasn't damaged in the fall, and tossed it at the big mans shield as Zha leapt over rubble and corpses to avoid any deadly swings of either the shield or that strange club.
The vial was an acidic poison extracted from the very spider that lived below this castle. A spider Zha had personally killed.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:03 am

Valmyria Windstrider - Redcliffe Castle, Ladies First.

Val grinned at the sudden interference of the Qunari. It'd keep Marcus busy at the least, but more importantly, it probably saved Val's life. She wasn't going to admit it to anyone and still having a hard time admitting it to herself, but the Dragon Knight, Vovin had caught her terribly off-guard. He moved faster than before, no doubt by the enhancements of magic. His initial assault had pushed Val to the ground, and he was on top of her again before she could recover completely, but luckily for her that was when Arvashok decided to show up.

Good thing it was him, and not Zha. The Darkspawn Hunter would have disprove everything she had just stated.

Val turned her lazy grin to Vovin. " You know its common courtesy to allow the woman to go first." Val then did the unexpected, she sheathed her swords and ran away from the Dragon Knight. In her running she easily pulled out her bow and snatched out three arrows from her quiver. A light tap against the bow activated the fire rune that would ignite her arrows. With great speed she approached the wall, and leaped onto it, running several feet up the side before flipping off of it. In midair she released the three arrows towards Vovin with stunning accuracy. Once she landed on the ground, she dropped her bow and pulled out her blades once again.

The Warden-Commander rushed forward with all of the aggression and anger a woman like her could muster, which was quite a bit to say the least. Once she reached Vovin, she immediately lunged left, but rolled right instead and slammed a foot into the man's side. The armor should take most of the blow, but still surprise the Dragon Knight. She spun around behind him with her blades at the ready. It would have been easy to end him there and now, a single running leap would have gotten her into position, then it was just a matter of sliding her blade in between the gaps of the armor at the base of the neck.

But she held back.

This fight was indeed "honor" based, and she didn't really care much for honor when it came to fighting. All is fair, they use to say. But this... kid, was being deceived and she wouldn't kill him for that.

But so many others had. "Henchmen" not knowing their master's plan only his money bag, had fallen by the dozens to her. What made Vovin so much different from them?

Knight-Captain Gregor - A "Heartfelt" Reunion

The Knight-Capatin was far too busy to see the rock coming from Decon. As the rock was traveling he turned to deflect the blow of a man who had sneaked up behind him. The blow from the Redcliffe Knight brought the Captain to his knees as he had caught the Knight's heavy two handed sword with his own. The block had been horrible, catching the blade at the wrong angle and with part of his should plate. However, he was suddenly relieved when a rock arched up from the ground and nailed the Knight in between the eyes. Gregor pushed the man back and nailed him in the face with armored gauntlet.

Only one man would throw a rock like that, and it was a good thing he had been warned about him as well or else Gregor would have been standing in a stupor of disbelief.

The Knight Captain turned and saw his "old" friend. Deacon.

"Deacon!" said the Knight-Captain with his arms out wide and the blood stained sword in his right hand. He greeted the former Templar as if he was a old friend he hadn't seen for a long time. Another enemy solider attempted to take advantage of this by rushing the Captain, but he brought the blade down in a smooth arc into the mans neck and chest. Wedging the blade back and forth, he poped it out with a wet, sickening pop before continuing to address Deacon.

"My friend, it has been a long time hasn't it?" he said casually as if they were at the bar over some drinks. "I heard from a mutual associate of ours that you had a matter of business to discuss."


It would appear that the plan Zasalim had sought to undertake had worked. He and the shape shifter managed to escape into the surrounding woodlands where it appeared to be safe.


"Okay," said the lead Templar. "Let's think about this for a minute. A single elf witch against the combined might of Crows, who are highly trained and Templars, who are trained in the arts of anti magic fighting. Hmm... How about this instead. You stay here in this room and we won't kill you."

The templars around him prepared as they could. Templar Runes glowed softly on the top of their armored hands. Some of them bore the symbol of a cracked shield of Holy Smite, others with a hand and a star in the middle of Cleanse area.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:26 pm

-Main Hall-
Isador wiped the sweat from his brow as he listened to the mage talk. The masked man had come for him? No this was some trick, this man wanted his life, nothing else made sense! He had to die, that was all Isador could think of at that moment, killing this man, seeing his blood on the floor. He began to laugh, softly at first but quickly gained volume until his was cackling madly. “You want my strength….here you go!” He yelled as he threw his wicked Axe at the man, catching him in the shoulder and taking him to the ground. With that Isador ran over to the downed mage, removing his axe and placing his knee upon the wound. "LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE MY STRENGTH!” With that he began punching the skull mask over and over and over again, slowly denting it until it was completely caved in. Each fist made a terrible sound of metal on metal but with a wet squishing noise that could only have been the remains of the mage underneath the mask. Even after his enemy stopped fighting back Strauss continued to hit him again and again, blood beginning to pool on the ground, laughing all the while. After tiring himself out, Strauss finally removed the ruined mask only to find his younger self underneath, flesh rotten and his face nearly unrecognizable. This festering corpse then grabbed ahold of Isador by the wrist, its dead eyes looking back at him and it began to laugh….just as he had been moments ago.

With the laughter echoing in his mind Isador snapped back to reality, still standing opposite of the masked mage, sweating even more than before. That was no spell…..Strauss’ mind was even playing tricks on him now. He tried to calm himself without visibly showing how shaken he felt but he already looked worn, as if the years of death and madness had begun to catch up with him. His eagerness to kill the mage was waning, the sound of his own laughter, that maddening cackle actually made his stomach roil. He thoughtlessly charged the maged, raising his axe for a somewhat obvious downwards strike but at the last second jabbed the pommel in to the man’s stomach, taking the breath from his lungs and causing him to lurch forward. Isador quickly grabbed Valas by the neck and lifted him off the ground. “I….am really starting to get angry with you mage……” His tone was once again cold, as were his eyes staring straight in to the blackness where Valas’ eyes should be. His grip was strong but not tight enough to choke him to death.

-Woodlands near Redcliffe-
Finally finding himself out of danger and back within his forest, Teelo returned to his true form and sat down beside the trunk of an old oak tree. “Teelo is tired……” He said with a yawn, stretching out his limbs. Despite the meat-holders healing spell Teelo was still covered in cuts and bruises but he hardly seemed to notice them. He looked to the elf he had fought with and down to his bag. “Teelo fought the two-legs with the elf….can Teelo have the meat now?” He said pointing to Zasalim’s bag and began to lick a particularly deep gash on his forearm in an attempt to clean it.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:41 am

Valas Delrune

Air taken from his lungs in a strong burst, it was all the mage could do to cough and smile as he was lifted like a child off the ground. Such had been the plan to arrive at this situation one way or another but pain was pain and no matter how often you felt it, it never really got easier to handle. Having dead nerves seemed to help a little bit but not much.
Valas caught his breathe as a soft trickle of blood seeped out from below the iron skull mask, clearly visible and dribbling onto the Reavers hand. The black shadows on Valas' clothes crept forward softly to follow the blood, sucking it in like a sponge and taking an even deeper black color than before. Now it was Valas' turn to laugh, and laugh he did. A soft chuckle really but it dragged on as the shadows eminating from his very body whisped out casually around the two. "You aren't even close to angry, Strauss." His voice was firm and not the least bit accusing of anything. "You're afraid. It is not rage that moves your blade anymore, it is fear. Fear has driven you to madness over the memories you've lost all these years. Fear that I'm right and you've known it all along." The flesh on Isadors hand below the gauntlet was starting to turn black, while his whole arm was nearly grey as the shadow essence began to poison him. This close, holding Valas, the corrupted magic did its work in corrupting the nearest living thing as it always did.
Isadors hand lost its strength quickly, releasing Valas who upon touching the ground took a few steps backwards. Feeling returned to Isador quickly as the Shadow essence had not been capable of getting in touch with direct skin for long.

"Stop letting your fears of the past ruin both your mind and your judgement. You abandoned the order because what they did was wrong, and here you are following the same kind of evil you didn't want to serve so long ago." A wave of the iron staff unleashed a hellish blast of blue and purple fire that stole the torches light from the walls, leaving only darkness and the faint red glow of Isadors blade. Valas' voice came from the same direction. "Fight the darkness in your mind, Isador Strauss, and remember who you are. Remember why you fought for the mages so long despite your better judgement. Remember why you cast off your Templar power to become the husk of a man you are now. Be more than a Templar, and more than a Reaver."

"Be Isador again." Some choice words entered Isadors mind in a silent wind, words Valas had not spoken but clearly sounded in his voice. Be a man of proper honor.

A single torch flared to life, illuminating only a very limited area around Isador. What he did next would likely decide just who he fought for. A corrupted Teryn he knew was evil, or a warden commander nobody had ever met.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:40 am

Deacon Reinhardt - Old Friend, or New Foe?

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!" He returned Gregor's attitude with his own usual mood. His attitude was somewhat genuine, as he truly was glad to see him. Deacon stared at his former comrade, who's armor had been soaked in many a man's blood. He wanted to believe that the man in front of him was still his friend, and that he wouldn't have to fight him...

But he wasn't holding his breath.

As he stared, one of the Teryn's soldiers charged Deacon from behind, only to receive a blow from his elbow, shattering his nose, and knocking him out. He then brought his focus back to Gregor, maintaining his rather casual demeanor. "Five years... Quite some time. I'm glad that you got my message. I was worried that I hadn't scare him enough to make it a priority." While he talked, Gregor merely stood there, listening while keeping a smile that reminded the former Templar of the man that once believed in honor and proper justice. He couldn't help but wonder what had changed.

Deacon's attitude then changed quite quickly to that of a warrior, of a soldier. "Now, as for my question..." He clenched his blade, pointing it at the Knight-Captain. He wouldn't attack, at least not yet. "What in the bloody Hell are you doing here?! What, in the Maker's name, convinced you that attacking the Arl of Redcliffe was justified?!" If he could find out his motives, or more specifically, the Teryn's, then maybe he could find a way to end this without a fight. But, if it came down to it, Deacon would fight to kill the only friend he's ever truly known.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:42 am

(Used the DA wikia for the elven speech)

-Woodlands near Redcliffe-

The dynamic duo finally found themselves in the relative comfort of nature's warm embrace. Zasalim took the time to catch his breath while Teelo returned to his true form and sat beside the trunk of the old oak. He hadn't had much time to look over the young shapeshifter prior to their battle with the raiders, but now that they had a moment's peace he took a closer look at the boy. He looked pretty banged up, but given their circumstances it could have been worse and most children his age would be of little to no help at all. Probably clinging to their mothers or crying from the psychological and physical tolls of warfare. This child was different though; he merely made known his fatigue and hunger.

“Teelo huh, this elf is called Zasalim” he said placing an opened palm on his chest. He had noticed the child had some elven features as well as those of the shemlen and decided to see if they shared a common tongue besides that of the humans, which neither were particularly great at. “Ma nuvenin Da’len ” (As you wish little child) he uttered before reaching into his satchel. He rummaged through it for a moment before retrieving a pair of small flasks containing a lesser health poultice and the nug jerky.

He first tossed a flask to Teelo, then said “Drink.” He then took his own poultice to his lips to aid in his recovery. He was far from invulnerable or invincible in combat and took some damage from the Raiders and his own inferno before they cleared its’ area of effect. He then took the nug jerky and cut it in half with his hunting knife. He gave a half to Teelo and began munching on the other himself. “So young one, where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked out of sheer curiosity.
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Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:02 am

-Holding Back-

The Dragon Knight would stare back into those deep eyes with his piercing gaze, not faltering at this new opponent. He was deep in the thrill of combat, and nothing frightened him, not even this monstrously large Qunari. But he was not stupid, he knew that this new foe combine with his current one would prove too much for him. Luckily for Vovin, he didn't have to deal with the Qunari. Marcus' intervention and solid words of warning rung true with Vovin, he gave his mentor a nod before returning his attention to the now grinning Valmyria.

Vovin found himself smiling under his helm. He enjoyed the fact that she could still find humor in the midst of battle, and her comment only made him more excited for what she would do next. The Dragon Knight found himself once more marveling at his opponent's speed as she loosed her arrows. His spectral wings flared and Vovin swung his sword three times, reversing his grip for the last slash almost purely for style. Each swing sent out a familiar orange slice, knocking the arrows from the air before they reached him, the last coming dangerously close to contact. Suddenly his foe was upon him again, but Vovin was still going all out. He moved with her feint, but the kick caught him by surprise. It didn't hurt in the slightest, but he was stumbled for a brief moment. In said moment, Val had gotten behind him. Knowing full well the danger of her position, Vovin prepared to let loose another Surge. However there was a pause, a hesitation from Valmyria. To anyone lacking the heightened reflexes that the two combatants had, it would seem to be nothing. To Vovin however, it was a gaping hole, an obviously wasted opportunity. She held back...why?

Vovin turned to face Val. He didn't bother to deactivate his cloak, the battle rage of the dragon flowed through him. Despite the ever increasing tax on his strength, Vovin raised his sword...and slammed it into the balcony. Shards of stone flew away from the small crater this action created. "Why do you hesitate!" he practically snapped. "Am I not worthy of your full strength? Would you insult me that way? What. Is. Wrong?" He pointed his sword at Val and the spiritual wings flared again. Vovin wasn't normally like this, but the dragon spirit was having an influence on him. It demanded combat, all out and ferocious.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom IC - Battle of Redcliffe

Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:14 pm

{Born to Rise}

Arvashok pulled his left leg toward the right, closing the space in his stance and moving far enough aside to avoid the initial downward strike. When Marcus began pulling in for the next attack, Arvashok lunged forward. They were close enough that he easily got within one foot of Marcus before the side-swipe had gained real momentum. He linked his left arm into Marcus' own and began to pull the human forward and down, toward the floor. Arvashok then lifted his right hand, using the pulling motion to arc his body forward and down as well. The forked blade of the axe began plummeting down toward the back of Marcus' neck while the Qunari was forcing him off balance.

While stabbing down, his left hand then moved further closer to Marcus, grabbing hold of the left of his smaller hammers. The warrior quickly attempted to steal the weapon in the midst of his attack. This will be over quicker if I limit his options. This human has strength... He could be a problem. He then began thinking to his next actions and what Marcus would likely counter with, thinking of how best to further improve his advantages.

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Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:26 am

Marcus Hammerstrike
'Old but gold'

Monstrous farukking- He thought frantically as the strong Qunari stepped into the blow and gave a fierce tug on Marcus' leading hand, forcing him forward and bringing that blade axe up and ready for a quick and clean kill. Marcus knew he could dodge the blade being readied as his neck but something else caught his attention. The slightest nudge at his left hammer on the belt. The forge hammer!

A throaty growl escaped his lips as Marcus stomped forward with his leading foot and pressed against it with all his fury, the nerve of this filthy freak touching his dirty hands on Marcus' greatest possession, It didn't take much to piss off the old blacksmith but that was one of the worst things to do. The iron ball at the end of his two-handed warhammer crunched into the plated side of Arvashoks plated shirt, putting a deep dent and lurching the man back while similarly pushing off from the stumbled using both his back leg and his arms pushing away from the resisting Qunari.
The axe sword scraped noisely against the back plate of Marcus' well made and sturdy armor, instead taking a bit of a scrape along the chainmail (thankfully not cutting through the fine mesh) before making a good gouge downwards to slice off the cloth around his lower back to completely reveal the polished steel below.

Distance established between the two again it was time for the old man to rethink his strategy. Raw power wouldn't work, not without slipping beyond to veil and embracing the spirit of that ancient elemental. Instead he set the great hammer across his chest ready for the inevitable assault as the Qun tested the defense of the old man smoking his pipe, despite the combat.
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