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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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One Piece RP OOC

Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:16 pm

One Piece RP

The sea! Cannons! Gold! Pillaging! Sword fights! Coups! The glorious golden age of pirating is here! Another group of hopefuls has entered the Grand Line, seeking fame and fortune! Their ultimate goal lays on the other side of a battlefield full of graves of the weak or unworthy! Can they make it!? Well, can you?

This is a One Piece RP, if you haven't guessed. The captain will be very, very important. He has two roles to play: his goal will often be the main plot point and he will choose which island to go to next. You won't know what the island will be like but you will be able to pick from a choice of three each time with a vague hint. However, the others will be important as well. Their goals will be included as well. And, of course, you can't be a captain without a crew.



Epitaph: (Your nickname... kind of. "Black Leg" Sanji. "Straw Hat" Luffy. Franky the cyborg. You get the idea)

Position: Captain is a special position that you had better be up to snuff to achieve. The captain picks his First Mate who can still have another position.

Appearance: ((This is One Piece. Make it as zany as you want))

Weapon of Choice: ((Make it unusual or at least interesting))

Attack List Theme: (Luffy's attacks are all weapons, Zoro's attacks are puns, and Sanji's attacks are name after parts of animals.)

Personality Defect: ((It doesn't have to constantly bother your character but I'd like to see it come up sometimes. Examples include Usopp's cowardice and Zoro's abhorrent sense of direction.))


Devil Fruit: (At most, only one third of the crew should have a devil fruit)

Basic Bio: (Can be expanded on later)

Goal: (Make it grand)

Heightened Attribute: (Anything your character does particularly well. It could be speed, hearing, balance, etc)


Zelosse- Musician- Seraph "River Runner" Ohm
Mastermind001- Captain- Franz "Masticate Madman" Heisenberg
BG07- Stowaway- Ero "Pervted Ninja" Flynn
MQuinny1234- Shipwright- Meden "Professor Paradox" Archer
Cheesemore- Cook- Max Cyrano
Archrival- Doctor- "Black Treacle" Zeebz

Still WIP:
BradoOfCartha- ???(Navigator?)- Vann "Blue Storm" Inelstrom WIP
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:14 pm

Name: Zeebz
Epitaph: “Black Treacle”
Position: Doctor

Appearance: Zeebz stands at 5’10” with jet black buzz cut hair that also has a white strip down the centre, he also has two ponytails that point backwards near the front part of his hair; he weighs 145lbs giving him a rather light frame for his height which greatly helps his speed. Zeebz is one of the longarm tribe; this means his arms have an extra joint extending their length which means he has greater reach with his spears. He wears a black and silver silk waistcoat with Asian stitching with black and silver striped silk pants and black slippers; he wears a belt on this outfit with various large jars of syrups attached.

Weapon of Choice: Poison tipped spears though proficient in kung fu.

Attack List Theme: Confectionary

Gob-stabber: With one powerful strike he hits the enemy with his spear, this impacts a great force upon the enemy and is likely to send them flying, this can be used in both Human and Hornet-Human form.

Nou-gatling: With a blurry of speed he hits the opponent with a great number of strikes with his poisoned spears, this can be used in both Human and Hornet-human form, though as to be expected when in Hornet-Human form this ability’s deadliness is doubled.

Sher-Buzz: Through buzzing at a certain pitch Zeebz can produce a sonic sound wave that picks up movements, this reverberates back to him seeing those sound waves as purple blips in his eye sight. This is useful in hard to see conditions such as sandstorms or heavy snow. This is a Hornet-human/full Hornet ability.

Bubble-Gloop: All that sugar in his system has given his saliva a very thick gloop like texture, this combined with his powerful Hornet venom has created a very deadly ranged attack. The more syrup, honey, treacle etc. He has eaten that day the stronger the thickness of this gloop is, even to the point where it could stop the mightiest in their tracks.

Personality Defect: Sweets, Zeebz has the most addictive sweet tooth ever but unlike Big Mom he much prefers syrups and glucoses like honey and treacle, he carries vast jars on his belt that he sticks his longs arms into to eat the tasty gloop straight off his hands.

Traits: Zzzzz! What did you expect from a member of the Vespidae family? Zeebz prouncez almost all of hiz ‘s’z as Zzzzzz, he also haz the rare tendency to fall into a zlump of slownezz this iz when his sugar rush haz run out but give him some honey or syrup and he’ll be back up and buzzing again. He’s also easily distracted almost to the point of ADD, flitting about here and there interested in all that he surveys. However when working in the kitchen his mind focus to surgeon level skill, dicing and slicing better than most swordsmen.

Devil Fruit: The Buzz-Buzz fruit Hornet model, Zeebz ate this zoan type fruit allowing him to become a hornet man. Like all zoans Zeebz has three forms; human, human-hornet and full hornet. When in half human form Zeebz grows an extra pair of human arms but because he’s longarm tribe these arms have the extra joints still, however all the arms are covered in the furry chitin that most insects of his family are covered in. His face becomes more insect like as well; with eyes becoming domed and filled black, his mouth forming mandibles and his abdomen extending with a stinger on the end. In full hornet form he becomes a full ‘Bald faced Hornet’.

Basic Bio: Born on Kenzan Island located in the first of the Grand Line, Zeebz was brought up as a Doctor. Well that was his father’s idea, what he actually wanted was to be working in a confectionary store creating chocolate, fudge, and all that good sticky stuff. Though his previous line of work came in handy, his quick reflexes in medicine helped get the best flavour out of his sweets, knowing how to blend ingredients much like a doctor blends chemicals.

How he got into pirate work was a long story, well not long but long enough for his short attention span to get distracted. Marines one day came into his sweet store and demanded to feed the entire platoon for free, Zeebz would not stand for this so he promptly busted out a can of whoop-ass and sent the marines there packing. Obviously they sent more which caused him to go on the run, he soon ran into the pirates he would call his nakama, and the rest as they say his history.

Goal: To sample the greatest sweet treats in all of the New World.

Heightened Attribute: Speed
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:52 pm

Name: Seraph Ohm

Epitaph: Seraph the River Runner

Position: Fighter/Musician

Appearance: Seraph

Weapon of Choice:

Seraph uses 4 blades for different purposes.

Tidal wave - Heavy serrated blade.
River - Curved shortsword
Hurricane - Curved Scimitar
Ocean floor - Curved dagger

Each blade has it's own purpose in Seraphs style, though he rarely uses them at all.

Attack List Theme: Seraph uses a unique fighting style which he calls "The sea".
This style uses quick thrusts as it's primary offensive style, but it's true strength comes from the easy and endless flowing movements of the user. Shifting and turning as if pushed along on the currents of the ocean.
Full out assault against Seraph is known to be disastrous, due to the styles very core teachings. Disarming and redirecting strength or speed to overpower or confuse your enemies in the ever flowing dance coined by the seas around him.

Tidebringer - Strong counter-attack for a downward swing of a weapon.
Ocean Fury - Multiple-strike counter-attack using 'River'.
Shipwreck - counter-attack forward lunge, optional to use 'Tidal Wave'.
Perfect Storm - Aggressive spinning slashes performed with 'Hurricane'.
Depth Charge - Disarm technique using 'Ocean floor'.
Sea Floor - An explosive forward-motion punch aimed at a vital nerve.
Wake - Battle stance used to deflect projectiles.
Tide - Defensive stance used to repel multiple attackers.
Whirlpool - Defensive stance used create false openings.

Personality Defect: Exceptionally care free. (Can't take serious moments as they truly are)

Traits: Strong willed and sharp eyed, misleading lack of tension in his stances. Despite his carefree nature and unwavering smile, Seraph becomes a monster whenever he fails to defend a crewmate under his care.

Devil Fruit: N/a.

Basic Bio: Born and raised in a simple village at the centre of a large island, Seraph was fond of his duties to his family and the village. He'd been trained to fight as a marine by his father whod been a former marine but had abandoned them to marry a pirate woman he would later marry, together they escaped the watchful eyes of the government and became farmers. Steel still ran in their veins and time was not friendly to them.

The marines came and arrested his mother for crimes against the government, and his father for disloyalty. Though neither were executed they were told to never leave the islands village. Seraph had enjoyed life there, but the sudden shock of never being allowed to leave was too much. Cages were not his friends, and he needed to be free. Free to do as he pleased!

Seraph ran and hid in the mountainous regions to the north of his home, nearly a week of travel by foot, and stumbled upon a lone swordsman. Despite the irregularity of it all, the swordsman took him in and heard his story. Like Seraph, he too wished to be free. Together they trained until finally it was time for Seraph to experience his own journey. With pride he handed the 4 blades he carried to the young man and sent him on his way.
many years have passed and his name has gained some weight to it, but still Seraph holds true to his calm demeanor and his need to be free. But it was so much more than that he realized. He wanted to be free and he wanted to defend the people who wanted the same thing.

Goal: To create the perfect defensive martial arts style.

Heightened Attribute: Defense.
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:00 pm

I see, the doctor spot is filled, that's a shame. Still, could I use Mister Stitch& Sow, but for a different position, Geo?

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:06 pm

As much as I love Stitch&Sow I think new characters would be sweet.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:40 pm

Name: Franz Heisenberg

Epitaph: Professor Hades, Masticate Madman

Position: Captain


Heisenberg is a cyborg, he has metallic limbs and other parts that are mechanical. Shades of silver and cobalt blue for such augments. His hands are bulky and block like, the plates on the arms are curved and overlapping, and shoulders are ovals, which use to have a symbol on them. The legs are square with protective plates on the sides of the hips, knee cap, and ankles, with metallic feet and toes.

Without the helmet, a brodie helmet with a fade away symbol, Heisenberg has messy curly gunmetal colored hair. His eyes are a shade of a bright amber. The clothing that he wears is a white lab coat without sleeves, a blue shirt, and a dark pair of blue shorts.

Weapon of Choice: His body.

Attack List Theme:

Franz Heisenberg's attack theme would be an onomatopoeia, a sound word.

Personality Defect:

The defect is more a side effect of the fruit. Hunger, and not just a regular hunger. Franz's hunger is a never ending craving of food. The problem, which is why Franz doesn't like to travel is because he found that he can consume anything, metals, wood, and all sorts of things to attempt to satisfy his appetite and it doesn't stay satisfy for long. Its not that he becomes a danger to people, but more to their items or the very vessel that he is sailing on, because eventually he will run out of things to consume.


Franz is an educated gentlemen with a high IQ. He carefully observes problems or what he deems as problems, makes a hypothesis and then attempts to prove a theory with the resources around him. His intellect is also matched by his creative side as his solutions are often quite strange or unusual. Even his approach to problems can be a little unorthodox, but this because he's quite playful.

He hardly lets his anger get the best of him. Ugly emotions like that are usually contained and only let out at the right time. However, when it can't be contained or controlled, its an explosion. Acts of cruelty, violence, and pirates, tend to be quite a sore subject with Franz and the more he witnesses such things the more he gets closer to his breaking point.

The one thing that is usually on his mind and is surprising not a sore subject is the fact that he has memory lost. He's knows his name, various subjects, but nothing than more than that.

Devil Fruit: Munch Munch Fruit

Basic Bio:

In his mind words echo about his past. Shadows that say things calling him a professor and a genius, and saying its a real shame to do what they have to do. He woke up one day on a deserted isle in the middle of nowhere with no idea how he got there or why. The only thing he had was a terrible hunger.

It took three hours to discover that he was a devil fruit user, one week to get a basic understanding of said devil fruit, and three months to built a way off the isle. Consuming various minerals and plant life and converting them into thing he could use, he crafted himself a ship. The night time stars and their constellations helped him figure out which sea he was on. The biggest problem was navigating and his hunger.

Franz took his chances and sailed off into the unknown. Fate was kind enough to let Franz find a populated isle, but as soon as he walked around the first city, he found that he had a bounty on his head for such and such amount and preferred him dead. With not much of a choice, Franz decided it would be best to gather capable (anyone really) people and find a suitable ( or any kind of) ship to recover those lost memories of his.

Goal: To regain his lost memories.

Heightened Attribute: Stength
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:47 pm

After all, this is a reboot.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:18 pm

You know... I've been wondering when reserving spots became a normal thing? It used to be, people put their sheet up... maybe a WIP every once in a while, but there never really used to be any reservations...

Anyways, I have an idea for a character... I'll try to have it up by the end of the week...

Vampire/Ghost/Werewolf/Priest/Warrior/Zombie etc etc etc Ninja Pirate

*cough* Excuse me

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:21 pm

You forgot fishman...

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:03 pm

Zelosse wrote:
Weapon of Choice: Seraph uses a unique fighting style which he calls "The sea".
This style uses quick thrusts as it's primary offensive style, but it's true strength comes from the easy and endless flowing movements of the user. Shifting and turning as if pushed along on the currents of the ocean.
Full out assault against Seraph is known to be disastrous, due to the styles very core teachings. Disarming and redirecting strength or speed to overpower or confuse your enemies in the ever flowing dance coined by the seas around him.

Okay, but what is his weapon?

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:25 pm

Archrival wrote:You forgot fishman...

Ah, excuse me... also he is half fisherman

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:32 pm

Fisherman....the sworn enemy of the fishmen.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:48 pm

He's half and half, also everything else

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:34 pm

http://www.nuklearpower.com/2004/07/03/ ... companion/

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:20 pm

I miss that comic.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:04 am

WIP (Maybe)
Name: Vann Inelstrom

Epitaph: Blue Storm

Position: Captain is a special position that you had better be up to snuff to achieve. The captain picks his First Mate who can still have another position.

Appearance: Image

Weapon of Choice: Broad Cutlass and saber

Attack List Theme: Related to Weather

Personality Defect: Gullibility


Devil Fruit: None

Basic Bio: Vann grew up in a strict family that wanted him to become a great scholar, and he stuck to this wish. He invented quite a few things, but never got them out to the public, such as his Zoom Lense. However as his life progressed he found that many scholars were not respected, and pirates seemed to be most respected. So he began having a falling out with his schooling, and began learning the ways of Swashbuckling. He then left home with many things he picked up, found, and invited wanting to join a pirate crew, and allow them to use his stuff. He planned on being a lookout, thanks to his Zoom Lense.

Goal: To become a renowned inventor and extremely respected.

Heightened Attribute: Speed
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:07 am

Geomancer wrote:
Okay, but what is his weapon?

Work in progress. Trying to work in his blade but nothing was coming to me.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:27 am

Geo, can we make two characters if we so choose?

I have this idea for a cook with rot powers.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:45 pm

@BoC: Mobile treasure chest? So... it has wheels? And while having something like that is okay, you should still limit the types of weapons you have to one specific theme. In fact, many of those weapons could be used singly. And remember, the revolver is a new weapon in One Piece. The most common rifle is a flintlock.

@Zel: I'd really rather not and we already have a cook.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:11 pm

I still need a bio for him... but just as a note to Geo, I designed this character to be completely absurd for the sake of comedy, so I am hoping that everyone enjoys him ;D

Name: Ero Flynn

Epitaph: “Ero-Nin” or more commonly “The Perverted Ninja”

Position: Stowaway

Appearance: Ero has the overall appearance of exactly what you would expect from a ninja, with only a few oddities about it. He wears a hooded, one piece, full body leotard that is a charcoal gray color, leaving only an opening for his eyes to be seen. Even with that part of his face open, his eyes are like thin slits and look as if they are closed at all times. The leotard itself is skin tight, showing off his very thin, almost frail looking body quite clearly. He stands at about 6’ tall and has hardly any muscle or fat to speak of, having a very wiry look to his physique. He wears an orange sash around his waist like some kind of makeshift girdle, and also has an orange scarf wrapped around his neck that trails behind him at all times a good two or three feet. Besides the orange cloth, Ero also wears orange leather boots and gloves. These leather articles of clothing stand out from the rest of his attire like sore thumbs, being much too large for such a skinny person and just generally not looking like something a ninja would ever wear. The gloves reach up halfway onto his forearm and have massively oversized cuffs, looking almost as if he could fit a whole other arm or two into it. The boots are much the same story as the gloves, reaching halfway up his shin and being far too large.

Weapon of Choice: His oversized gloves and boots contain various types of exploding throwing stars and kunai knives.
-Thunder: These explode with a bright spark of electricity. Capable of stunning enemies briefly with electrical shock or blinding them with the bright flash that accompanies the small blast.

-Flame: Simply ignites much the same like a thermite grenade would, not a lot of bang… but a lot of heat capable of melting metal and starting fires.

-Boom: Most of the other explosives don’t have much power in their blasts, this is Ero’s high explosive type.

-Goo: Explodes in a white, sticky, and glue like substance… his foes hate this one.

-Smoke: This is Ero’s most commonly used type, it releases a quick blast of smoke for escape purposes. It is also said that the smoke is slightly toxic once inhaled. Acute inhalation results in slowed vision and mild hallucinations, coupled with Ero’s natural agility this often leads foes to quick confusion about the success of their own attacks. Chronic exposure to the substance can lead to severe delusional behavior.

Attack List Theme: “Type of delusional skill: type of attack”

“Ninja Skill-wa: FLAMING KICK” (all of his ‘ninja’ attacks are never what type of attack that he says they will be… FLAMING KICK is actually him throwing a few flame stars at an opponent)

“Vampire-jutsu: TOOTH BLADE STRIKE” –Ero takes to Ninja stars inbetween his gloved hands and strikes for an opponent’s neck.

“Ghost style: VANISH IN SMOKE” –Ero uses a smoke star to disappear from sight.
In essence all of his attacks involve him throwing ninja stars at blinding speed, slashing at opponents with kunai, or punches and kicks.

Personality Defect: Severe delusions… Ero really believes that he is a ninja/pirate/ghost/vampire etc etc and the list constantly grows day by day. He also brags about such things quite often.

Traits: Not social in the least, Ero shows very inappropriate behavior while keeping a very serious demeanor about it. To him it is not out of the ordinary to hang from ceilings, grope women, and disguise himself at all times. It is very rare that Ero will ever introduce himself to anyone, or even talk to them directly as Ero-nin. Most of the time Ero will disguise himself or take on some kind of environmental camouflage to avoid direct contact with people. All of his disguises are usually cheaply made masks and stolen clothing from the person he’s pretending to be, both of which fail miserably at concealing his true identity as a ninja. Despite his inability to disguise himself as other people (his deep and serious voice is always present as well) he is actually somewhat creative when it comes to hiding in various environments.

Devil Fruit: Many suspect that he must have taken some kind of fruit to be this crazy and this skilled… however he is really a ninja… probably

Basic Bio: "Chronic exposure to the substance can lead to severe delusional behavior."
Only one thing is certain about Ero's past, and its that his delusional behavior stems from his constant usage and inhalation of his own smoke bombs. Some people think that he never really was a ninja, just some person who happened to get exposed to the smoke and his skill comes from some kind of devil fruit. Other people say that he really was a ninja at some point and just went insane. It is very hard to get a straight or reliable answer out of Ero, so any information from him can be taken with a grain of salt.

Goal: To be the world’s best Ninja/Pirate/Doctor/Cook/Vampire/Priest/Fisherman/Fishman etc etc that ever lived!

Heightened Attribute: Agility, Ero can move so quickly over short spans that he can leave brief afterimages of himself. Also his agility allows him to move his hands and feet so quickly that he can actually remove his hand from a glove, draw out stars, throw them, and then return his hand into his gloves without a person even knowing about it. It should be noted that Ero lacks power in almost all other departments, agility is the only exceptional skill about him.
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:09 pm

Name: Meden Archer

Epitaph: Professor Paradox

Position: Primary repairman/ secondary shooter.

Appearance: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcjwk ... o1_500.jpg
Likes to wear suits, made by himself normally. The clothes themselves are quite tough, to give himself some protection considering the people he tangles with. He could take a bullet but it would probably still penetrate. Likes black and electric green, like his eyes. The buttons on his suit are electric green, as well as his laces, tie, socks, scarf and underwear. Streaks his hair too. Tips his gloves too, if enough force is used, the tips will slip through creating a nasty slash. The inside of his jacket is full of pockets. Some full of copper wire, others full of tools, nuts and bolts, a few vials, three notepads, 7 pens, three extra vials of ink, etc, trick bullets, make-up, etc. Less important or useful items are kept in the jacket's back pockets, requiring him to take it off to get at them.

The jacket's tailcoats reach to below his knees. Green lines the edges of the entire item. This symbol is emblazoned on his right side, the bottoms of his shoes. His socks and underwear too. Keeps a collapse top hat and trick cane around his person too.

Weapon of Choice: Two pistols, seven rounds each, each barrel is 30 cm long, each pistol is perfectly balanced. He creates his own bullets too for special uasage. Three settings to his gun. Extended gadgets to the chamber which can be taken on or off for different effects. The first setting is ordinary penetration, the second causes the bullets to bounce and is less lethal and the third tends to be other. Could be things like it curves the bullet, or to allow to ignore the wind, or to coat the bullet in something, etc.

Attack List Theme: Just throws in mathematical terminology or something. Names aren't his strong suit.

Personality Defect: Stupid mistakes. He tends to miss Stupid mistakes. He tends to miss out little things or screw up in little ways that lead to big consequences. Like misreading his notes and thinking he'd written a 3 instead of a 2, or forgetting to convert feet to metres.

Traits: Mildly confused with people. He can handle himself in average situations, but a little lost otherwise, like during funerals, or birthdays, so on, so on. Likes to know how things work, even if they aren't his area, easily curious. Like those kids who never stop asking questions that take at least five minutes to answer. Dislikes rash people who live on their emotions, mainly because he can't understand them that well. Enjoys games, cookery, puzzles and drawing.

Devil Fruit: None.

Basic Bio: Born to a pair of teachers, he spent most of his childhood going to psychiatrists, speech therapists and private schools. Once he hit fourteen he had a minor spat with another maths student, and after they'd extracted the two compasses and the ruler, they sent off to an asylum. His parents, burnt out, had given up a lot of hope of Meden ever becoming even merely functional in normal society. Meden however, did well in the nuthouse, if only because he wanted the hell out. If he'd been having trouble with ordinary people, he was completely lost in a building full of people each uniquely different and frankly, completely impossible for him to comprehend. They let him out four years later, only slightly more learned in dealing with people, but much better at keeping his own problems under-wraps. He spent a month resting and with his parents, then the next four years at a university. Either bugging the professors with questions, or reading in the library. It wasn't uncommon to find him passed out on a desk in the morning, and then see him wake up with a panicked jolt five minutes before his first lecture which was about ten minutes away at average running speed. He took up track in the second year.

At the end of that, once he'd gotten his hands on a doctorate, he left. Scarpered. Hit the road Jack. Didn't even leave a note. His room in the dorms caught fire the next day, a device had been set off with a timer to wait until the minimum number of people were in the building. All the records of his work were gone. Any hypotheses he'd submitted, homeworks, essays, charred in their cases. He'd gone off to do some field work and he didn't want anyone getting their hands on anything close to his work. Covering his tracks and all. He boarded a random boat and sailed off. Drifting from boat to boat.

Goal: To prove to the world that he's the smartest guy ever. No matter what.

Heightened Attribute: Intellect.

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQej8AOjEHc
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Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:50 pm

I'm hesitant to accept a gag character out of a fear that he'll be too one dimensional.

And guys, Heightened Attribute is ONE attribute, not several.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:13 pm

Geo I have a bit of experience with RPing don't you think? I like keeping things interesting, I wouldn't have made the character if I thought he'd be boring or too predictable.

When have I ever let you down buddy? *sparkle smile* :D

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:21 pm

Alright, we'll see where things go.

Re: One Piece RP *Rebooted*

Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:39 pm

I won't let you down!

Also I added in his bio, tell me if I need to expand on it a bit more now... I kind of want to leave things a mystery for the time being.
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