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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:02 pm

The Grey Wardens do ignore recruits racial, social, and national backgrounds. I suppose it would be possible.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:09 pm

Just checking if you had anything in mind for the setting that would have gotten in the way. I'll try to have it up in the next couple days.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:05 pm

That should work, and be pretty interesting too.

Alrighty, time for some GM work.
@ Asmodai: Looking good, just need the history section. Don't worry about making it long.

@ BG07: Passed. Just be careful with his armor.

@ Deena: For a work in progress, it sure looks good and complete. Are you ready to have it passed? I wonder if I should have my Ranger hunt your girl down... Hmm.

@ Scrambles: Welcome to the RPG, Scrambles. I don't believe we've meet, despite our close joining date. Your CS is passed.

I still need Character Sheets from the following individuals. You can make more then one CS if you want, but you know your limits.
top gear tony 666
Ro Wong
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Name: Valmyria Windstrider

Gender: Female

Race: Quel’Elhen (High Elf)

Class: Ranger, Warden-Commander

Age: 27

Affiliation: Grey Wardens.

Elven Heritage: From the heritage of her people, she has increased hearing, and able to see very well in the dark and at great distances.

Ranger Skills: Valmyira has not forgotten her previous life as a Ranger for her people. As a ranger, she underwent intense training to be able to meet the needs and requirements of the Rangers of the Arrow. The training proved to be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It was designed to push the recruits past their breaking points, and place them in peak condition. During all of this, she learned how to track and trap her prey, move without making a sound and without leaving a trace. Survival was also a needed trait to have with the rangers, being required to live in the wilds without provisions. Thus all of the recruits needed a sound knowledge of Herbalism, and the knowledge of living off the land with no provisions.

Combat skills: A ranger was useless unless they knew how to also defend and attack. Rangers were free to learn whatever weapon skill they wanted. Before joining the Rangers, Valmyria already had skill in the bow, and sought to continue her training with it, under the masters of the Rangers. Aside from the bow, she further picked weapons to suit her preference of speed and agility

Archery Mastery: Valmyria has total and complete mastery of the bow. There is very few that could rival her skill with the bow. She has learned all offensive and defensive skills with it.

Swordsmanship: In seeking to find something to match her combat preference, she has chosen to learn the skill of wielding two blades, considering the style to be beautiful, graceful, and of course deadly. Valmyria has total mastery over the art of dual wielding, and can handle two full sized blades. She does have the basic knowledge to fight with a shield and a sword, but prefers the elegance of two blades.

Magic Skills: As a Quel’Elhen Elf, Valmyria has been trained a little bit in some forms of magical uses to help her. She could learn more if someone would teach her.

Shadowmeld: Shadowmeld is a signature ability of the Rangers of the Arrow. It enables the Ranger to fade into the background. This is done by wrapping sources of shadow and light around the Ranger. It requires intense concentration. Valmyria is very proficient at it, so much that she can maintain it while moving. However, should she move too fast, or become distracted, the meld will fail and all can see her.

Healing: The arts of healing by magic are not a foreign concept. By using the magic at her command, a soft blue light emanates from her hand over the wound. This magic targets the body cells of the individual, forcing them to heal faster and even expel the vilest of toxins. The drain of using her magic as a source of healing depends on the wound.
EDIT: LEVEL UP (Redcliffe Complete) Val used her healing abilities enough at the Castle, and by speaking with some other mages, to learn how to channel her magic into herself to cause healing and restoration without the need of generating it through her hands.

Rebound: Since Templar forces are not allowed into Quel’Elhen yet, Rangers have had to offer the foremost in anti-magic weaponry. Though most of their anti-magic strength lies in other mages, and enhancements on their armor, the High Elves have developed one spell their Rangers can use. Known as Rebound, the goal of the spell is to redirect the spell back at the spell caster; effective on all but the most powerful of spells. More advance Rangers have learned how to take Rebound to the next level and steal the spells other mages cast, enabling them to redirect positive spells to their allies, or use it themselves for only that spell. Valmyria has not learned advance Rebound yet.

Appearance: Valmyria is a perfect example of her races. Years of dedicated training has yielded work of beauty and strength. She’s fast, agile, and stronger than most people think. She has a slim, but curved form, and stands at about 6 foot. She has long dirty blond hair, and bright blue eyes that have often been described as ensnaring.

At the current time, she is wearing knee high leather boots, black ranger pants, a dark blue blouse, and a blue traveler’s cloak. Gloves that stretched nearly to her elbows offer protection and some warmth, but still enabled her to use her bow and swords with ease. Due to the potentially hostile travel conditions she is currently in, she decided to incorporate elements of her battle armor over some of her cloths. This armor is made from silverite, and features beautiful engravings. It bears the emblem of the Grey Warden's on the front and a unique emblem that symbolizes her status as a High Elven Warden Commander. The armor has a rune of defense on the inside that magical enforces her armor from physical and magical attacks. The armor plates are the Chest plate, shoulder guards, vanbraces (arm armor) and shin armor. Over everything, she is currently wearing a large, fur-lined cloak for warmth.

She's also wearing her Warden's Oath, an amulet that has a vial of the blood consumed during the Joining.

Personality: Many see Valmyria as a quite, distant, and shy and are confused by this; often mistaking her actions as secretive, standoffish. Indeed much of that could be true, as Valmyria is use to the life of a Ranger, where solitude in the wilds was common place. However, once you get to know her though, Valmyria is passionate, compassionate, brave, wise and occasionally rash. Her friends’ call her Val. Large groups make her uneasy. The hostility many people have shown to her race and the Dalish, not to mention the various comments and admiring other have done on her more femine aspects, have made her highly suspicious (and often hostile) of outsiders from other races, and only rarely volunteers advice or assistance to them. She often develops a deep respect and camaraderie with anyone who fights side-by-side with her on the battlefield, and appreciates the assistance of strangers even if she doesn’t display or communicate that appreciation very well.

Val isn’t a natural born leader... or much of a people person. The largest group she had ever lead was a team of six Rangers through the Brecilian Forrest; a mission that claimed the lives of all of those under her commander. Many people doubt Valmyria’s ability to lead the Grey Wardens as peace keepers of the realm.

She finds music to be soothing, and has taken up singing as one of her past times when she isn’t doing anything. It isn’t very surprising either to find her with a book too, either on horseback, or in Vigil’s keep.

Starting equipment:
(on her person)

WITCHBLADE - A curious artifact given to her before the battle of Redcliffe, Val has decided to keep this bracelet for the time being. It is removable, and during the battle, it turned into a large taloned gauntlet. the trigger was a mix between the need for it and the desire for violence. Val has learned through experience how to control some of the effects of the blade, but not full mastery. She keeps it as a final weapon. When activated, the Witchblade increases her speed and strength.
LEVEL 1: Talons - The fist level of the witchblade is the extension of the finger tips into razor sharp talons that allows her to grip to nearly any surface, and pierce all but the heaviest of armor plating.

Elven Longbow: Made by her people, the bows are made from iron bark, giving them incredible strength, and durability. Val’s bow has a rune enchantment of fire on it. When activated, the arrows are instantly lit when shot from the bow. Comes with 150 arrows made by Valmyria.

Oathkeeper: This blade, while shorter than other blades, is usually found in the hands of the Chantry’s best templars. It’s unknown how such a blessed blade landed into the Ranger’s hands.

Eleven Dagger: This dagger is a given to the Rangers, prior to their final test. With only this dagger, the recruits are expected to live on their own for three weeks while being hunted. Should they be found or fail to rely on themselves, they fail Ranger Training. Sylvanas has kept her knife as a reminder of her life as a ranger, and the sacrifices that were made.
Dagger image: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/ ... phreaq.jpg

Money: 10 Gold pieces, 45 Silver, 20 bronze.

(on the saddle of her horse, Clippers)
The Sword of the Warden: Rumor and legend tells us that this is the same blade that was wielded by the Grey Warden during the events of the fifth Blight. This blade has been passed down from one Warden-Commander of Fereldin, to the next. It’s become a symbol of the office.
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_40-gVbStg1I/T ... w2full.jpg

5 days worth of Provisions: Dried meats, biscuits, and dried fruits.
30 gold pieces
The rest of her armor: Its silverite. The helm looks like this: http://www.aceros-de-hispania.com/image ... helmet.jpg

History: Valymira Windstrider’s past is a mysterious one. No one is too sure from where she comes from, not even herself. She claims that her earliest memory is a parade she attended when she was a young girl in Quel’Elhen. There, she met the man who became her adopted father, Calhen Windstrider. The man come to her to easy the young girl’s crying, and quickly took her to his home. It is supposed that the young elf’s parents were murdered during the parade, and the child was sparred. Calhen was a retired Ranger, who picked up his father’s merchant business and grew it into a remarkable power. His merchant trains were responsible for a few of the critical supply lines into the High Elven homeland. As such, Valmyria often went with her father, traveling over all of Fereldin, and into Orlais. It wasn’t the most stable of settings to raise a little girl, and he tried his best to raise Val. Years later, Calhen was killed in an attack on one of the caravans, leaving Val and the carvans to his brother, Dreven. Dreven had little love for the girl, and saw her more as a tool than anything else.

Val jumped at the first opportunity to get out of the situation. She joined the High Eleven military and trained as an archer for many years until her performance was observed by the Rangers of the Arrow. Enrolled into the program at the young age of 20, she was the youngest person to ever attempt the Ranger Trials. She passed her grueling tests with amazing colors, and would serve the Rangers for six years, embarking on several missions across Fereldin. One particular mission had her investigating a potential hideout of blood mages in the Brecilian Forest with a group of Templars. The plan was for her Ranger team to move in quietly, and position themselves to take out the blood mages should things go south. As soon as the blood mages were gathered, a signal would be given, whereas the Templars would rush the blood mages and destroy them. The Knight Captain though, launched the attack before the signal was given; believing he knew what he was doing. The battle was terrible, only Valmyria and a few Templars survived, while many of the blood mages escaped. Bound by an oath, Valmyira had no choice but to send word to her superiors, and pursue the renegade mages.

She tracked them down to the city of Denerim. There, she began hunting them down, killing them and those they allied with, with help from the Templars. After a series of bloody months, she had at last wilted down the blood mages to the last one. However, she wasn’t able to take him out from a distance, and a long chase throughout the market district, the alienage, and eventually ended in a climactic battle at the City’s gates. The chase had gotten the attention of the entire city, and Valmyira was placed under arrest for the events and endangering the public. The Warden-Commander, Taylon Lothar, had become interested in the young elf. He was impressed with her skill and determination. Rumor has it that he was enchanted by her looks as well, something many suspect Val of doing on purpose to escape prison. The result was the same though; Taylon invoked the Right of Conscripted on Valmyira, freeing her from prison.

Valmyria successfully joined the Grey Wardens as the first High Elf to do so, even though there was some resentment for being torn away from her people. She had never wanted to be a Grey Warden, but encouraged from Queen Arlina Winterfest to represent the race. The Ranger didn’t fit in very well with the Wardens. Many found her to be cold, and secretive. Taylon took her on many journeys and missions with him. Some supposed that this was to break the Ranger into the role of a Warden, others spoke rumors that the Warden-Commander had fallen in love with the newest member of the order, and a few spoke darker of the events; claiming that Taylon himself was bewitched. Taylon began to feel his Calling a year after Valmyria joined the Order. In a move that shocked the Order, he named Valmyira his successor, the next Warden-Commander of Fereldin.

She went with the Warden and a few others to the Halls of Orzammar, to feast with the Dwarven Lords before they die. She was there to kill the Wardens should they succumb to their taint earily, or be captured by the darkspawn. They feasted for a day or two with the Dwarves, before traveling with a complement of the Legion of the Dead, deep into the Deep Roads. Taylon felt as if the darkspawn were close to finding another Old God, and start another Blight. His plan was to find the archdemon, and kill it before the darkspawn had their chance. The party engaged their enemy, and the battle was a blood bath. Valmyira stayed back and provided firing support for them. She had to shoot a fellow Warden with her last arrow, who had succumbed to his taint and started fighting everyone around him. She retreated back to Orzammar before being overwhelmed, but was ambushed before she could get to the safety zones. She was badly wounded, and barely made it back to the safety zone of Orzammar. She spent a few days in Orzammar, resting and recovering from her wounds before setting out with the mantle of Warden-Commander.

Starting point: Traveling from Orzammar.
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:50 pm

Name: Zha'Gren

Gender: Male

Race: Rogue Darkspawn

Class: Hunter

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Zha's loyalties are to himself, refusing to change his way of life to adhere to someone else's beliefs or thoughts. He exists for one purpose; To slay.

Tracker - Adept at following prey over wide expanses.
Bladework - Skilled at making, repairing, and using weaponry.
Bloodwork - Tribal markings and totems give Zha'Gren protection from magical threat.
Accurate - Precision and timing are what makes a good hunter a better one. Zha believes he is the best.
Silence (Grim Trophy)- No sounds are made from Zha'Gren until he dispells the effect, rendering all of his movements noiseless in very limited range. (Can only use this on himself)

Appearance: Zha'Gren
(Blades excluded)

Zha'Gren is, as his appearance tells you, not ordinary. A unique Darkspawn creature that broke free of his commands and gained his own unique traits. The armor he wears is to cover up the major weaknesses of his body but keep his mobility up.

Starting equipment:
- Throwing kives x5
- collapsible Trident. (A gift from his teacher)
- Scimitar. Crafted himself.
- Weighted net
- Weighted bola. (Left arm bracer)
along with 10 additional bolts.
- Retractable wrist blade (right arm bracer)
- Specialty kit (attached to belt)
- Curved Dagger x2 (Used for skinning or killing)
Contains: Medical supplies, healing ointment, Poison antidote serum, 3 bottles of various poisons.

Personality: Misunderstood would be the term he would likely use, but considering his less than satisfactory language skills and his better than average kill record, not most people live long enough to judge him.

Ruthless killing and extermination of most creatures that dwell to close are what gives the 'killer' his reputation. Known throughout the world as "Spirit of the hunt", Zha'Gren has earned a trophy case overflowing with peoples and creatures skulls that were said to be unconquerable or just mere legends, this mindset is what makes him so solitary and yet so prideful. Overconfidence has been known to claim him more than once, it is his greatest flaw.

Despite it's low ability to communicate in common tongue's, it understands most languages spoken, having used his skills all across the globe in exchange for armor and weapons to better help his hunt. Yet despite it all; the killing, the grotesque totems, the savagery in battle, it is a creature of morals.

Never harm the innocent.
Do not attack the unarmed or defenseless.
Respect a worthy opponent.

History: Not much is known of this hunter except for the stories told to children of a 'Strange creature covered in skulls and trophies. It lives in the harshest of lands no creature of intelligence would ever choose, yet it shows more ferocity than a charging Rhino herd, and is said to ambush a prowling jungle panth before it ever knew there was danger.'.

The truth is not so far from the stories.

Trained in all kinds of areas by it's mentor, Zha'Gren was never one to shy from a fight. Was attentive and intelligent, cunning and fierce, but calm and alert. Excelling early where even his mentor had trouble. Quickly rose to claim the title of 'Master hunter' before he and his mentor decided who was the greater.
Zha'Gren never broke a sweat.

One slash and a painless death, the respect for his mentor completed.

With his Mentor gone, nobody will ever Zha'Gren's origins.

Starting point: TBA

(The Songs aren’t a requirement, just a fun little thing you can do if you want.)
Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qGgNvlHdXw
Battle theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk6RF0UPGEo
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:03 pm

Races other than human allowed in the Templars? Just curious, still working on a character. Not sure if it's just we never see any and it's rare, or only humans are allowed to join.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:41 pm

Mind if I join in? I will get to work on a CS soon if so.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:12 am

NeoWarrior7 wrote:Races other than human allowed in the Templars? Just curious, still working on a character. Not sure if it's just we never see any and it's rare, or only humans are allowed to join.

I think the reason why you see human Templars so much is because the Chantry is predominately human. I wouldn't mind a different race being human. I don't see why other races couldn't be in the Templar order, nor have I found anything to suggest other wise.

Draken30000 wrote:Mind if I join in? I will get to work on a CS soon if so.

Yup, come on in.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:38 am

Only issues I know of for non-humans being Templars is racism and prejudice. Except dwarves. Pretty sure those little guys might be a welcome addition for facing mages.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:51 pm

A dwarven Templar would be really good.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:46 pm

It makes me chuckle a bit, thinking of a stubby templar in full armor amidst a unit of human templars. I'm sure it'd be a real surprise for some unlucky apostate. Anyway, thought I'd post the progress thus far. Hope the little liberties I took with the history won't be a problem.


Name: Arvashok

Gender: Male

Race: Qunari

Class: Champion

Age: 28

Affiliation: Grey Wardens, The Qun/Arishok/Antaam

Skills/magic/abilities: Anaan esaam Qun-- Arvashok’s devotion to his beliefs gives him a source of strict willpower that surpasses reasoning. Where most would tear themselves apart to continue fighting at their best, Arvashok battles on through sheer determination. Indirect spells have less effect upon his focused will.

Two for One-- The Qunari excel at all things they practice thoroughly. Despite wielding a weapon made and best used with two hands, Arvashok can swing his weapon with swift accuracy in just one hand, with an obvious loss to raw strength two hands would offer.

Superiority-- True champions are capable of incredible feats. With but a simple war cry, a champion can knock back multiple opponents at once with an exertion of inner force while bolstering all nearby allies with rejuvenated vigor. Being a towering Qunari, Arvashok’s extra intimidation draws greater ire and fear from the more ‘squishy’ opponents.

Sweeping Death-- Arvashok takes his weapon in both hands and turns rapidly multiple times, creating a large wave of force that extends beyond the reach of his blade by several feet. The raw rush of the attack then leaves Arvashok pumped and strengthened to his peak, seemingly regaining energy with each strike he makes after the sweep, becoming a walking mountain of destruction.

Appearance: Standing at six feet and seven inches, without his horns, Arvashok is a visibly dominating individual. As with all Qunari, his body is quite muscular by nature and only further toned by his role as a warrior in the Qunari military. His skin is a bright shade of metallic grey, covered in various areas on his torso by white paint underneath red designs that emblazon the emblems of the House of Tides on his back and the Grey Warden griffon upon his abdomen -- representing the two forces that he came from and moves toward, respectively. As is norm among the his kind, Arvashok has a pair of horns on both sides of his skull, the smallest ones being below the largest, serving to bind back the streams of his snow white hair. But this then differs somewhat as his larger left horn is nearly cut down to the base while the lower is half its natural size, while his larger right horn is one foot in length and the lower being seven inches. His eyes are the one thing that most differs him from his race. While most have vibrant colors of purples and reds with most shades between those, Arvashok was born with azure eyes with hints of dark violet around his pupils.

Starting equipment: Astaarit Meraad “Rising Tide” --Qunari battleaxe that largely resembles a sword with its hilt, grip, and extending blade. The blade forks at the middle and lined with jagged edges on the inside of both tips.--

Warden Plate Armor --Thick chest plate and pauldrons, left pauldrons is largest for added protection for the warrior’s guard-arm.--

Warden Studded Leather Gauntlets --Insulated padding with steel studs in the center of each pad. The left gauntlet has a small plate of armor over the forearm for guarding.--

Warden Plate Boots --Thick boots layered in heavy plates that smoothly mesh from the sabaton to the greaves, stopping with half-circle poleyns over the knees.--

Personality: A calm and quiet man, as to be expected of any Qunari. Though he follows the orders and lifestyle of the Grey Wardens, it is very likely that he does so because he was simply ordered by the Arishok to become a Warden. Devoted and dutiful, his hard adherence toward the Qun is the greatest method of loyalty the Wardens would ever desire. Arvashok is very stern and direct, harsh but fair to all, and most certainly a temple of faith. He rarely shows little else of himself outside of these strict mannerisms, and being a Warden requires little of him beyond strict loyalty toward the defeat of darkspawn. There was one point where a passing child had dared to stop the horned figure in heavy armor to directly ask him, “Do you like flowers?” Arvashok looked at the girl and without pause answered, “Yes.” It could be that he is very open, but no one is really curious enough to have ever asked him more personal questions.

History: Codex Entry: Arvashok

Born within Par Vollen, raised by the Tamassrans, educated in all matters of the Qun, and assigned to the antaam at twelve. As with most Qunari, Arvashok had a steady childhood of studies and training. The early years under the Arishok furthered the process of training, changing all imekari from malleable tools of any aspect into living embodiments of strength. Here, Imekari became Karasaad and was led to Seheron for issue against the Tevinter Imperium. Where the island was once wild and chaotic with influence from Tevinter and Par Vollen both, the Qun steadily converted enough of the slaves and lesser citizenry of the Imperium to subdue the lands under Qunari control. Karasaad resided here to fight back the odd attempts to regain territory by the Imperium. The struggles were never great, but they showed who of the karasaad were meant to become Karashok. Karasaad was one such skillful Qunari.

It was not long before Karashok was sent forth as part of the beresaad to meet the Imperium upon their own lands. True battle and war showed the true talents of Karashok as mage after mage fell beneath his might. It wasn’t until one known as magister used his own blood in combat to the karashok, ensnaring his weaker brethren in the sharp grasp of pain and death while Karashok rushed forward. The magister’s spells were of little use so close as to add greater might would endanger his own life. The magister showed himself to still be a great combatant as expert use of his bladed staff gave Karashok plenty of reason to use caution. Searing flames and freezing winds wailed from each blow of the staff, testing Karashok’s resilience to harsh conditions and breaking away what armor he still wore. It took a risky tactic to finally fell the mage as Karashok surprised the caster with a sudden rush into an attack. The enchanted blade of the staff cut deep into Karashok’s left horns, but went wide past his hair and scalp. Karashok’s blow was not so kind as the mage’s throat was easily slid between the twin edges of the hefty weapon. A quick turn of his elbow and the magister’s entire neck was evenly sliced open around the spine, leaving his skull to flop between his shoulders while the body fell. Karashok gave one last heavy breath and gaze upon the corpse in memory of the hard battle the magister had offered before the Qunari turned to join his living brethren in further conflict.

For felling the leading magister of the enemy mages, Karashok became Karasten. But glory was not to be celebrated as Karasten sought out Sten, requesting the chance to further honor the Qun seconds after his promotion. The reply was an understandable decline made in Karasten’s favor to allow proper recovery for the fresh wounds of cuts and burns. Some days passed before Sten would return and take Karasten before Arishok at his palace, where Arishok sought answers of Karasten. Most were simple and concerned matters of the Qun. But Arishok asked one thing of Karasten that was very memorable and would cause a great change. He asked, “Asit tal-eb Arvashok?” The word was foreign, but held meaning. Karasten answered by proclaiming a desire to honor the Qun in this manner and follow Arishok’s will. Satisfied, Arishok dismissed Karasten with one final order before the Qunari left.

As ordered, Karasten waited within Seheron for several days, standing and sleeping just outside the walls of the great city. Karasten awoke and immediately began to walk away from Seheron with a warm breeze at his back, as if the city were bidding a goodbye amidst the smell of the sea. Upon reaching Alam, Karasten once again met with Arishok when the latter was returning from his duty overseas. Arishok spoke quickly and directly before leaving Karasten to his journey, simply saying, “They know.”

The voyage to the Anderfels was calm and quick, leaving Karasten with little question that the Qun truly desired this duty of him. Upon reaching land he set off upon the roads, journeying past Weisshaupt’s great walls in the distance while heading toward the southwestern territory of the Imperial Highway. It amazed the Qunari at how little the Imperium actually guarded such an important trade route along their own borders if one single karasten could wander through without incident. He made his way through Nevarra, entering Cumberland to acquire passage through to Jader. It was here that Karasten sought to finally end his months of walking and fulfill his final orders. The coastal city, just along the borders of Orlais and Ferelden, was one of the few local Warden operational bases. Within a week, a human in white armor approached the Qunari who had made himself a humble abode near the docks. He asked Karasten, “Is it to be?” The Qunari’s dark eyes rose as the figure slowly stood up before the warden, looking down into the human’s eyes. “Asit tal-eb,” and the warden nodded, gesturing Karasten to come along. He paused only a moment, staring a second or two at Karasten’s bare feet before they both began toward a small house near the docks.

Word had arrived from Weisshaupt some weeks before the Qunari had, telling of how the Arishok had come forth for the first time. And with yet another first, he had made a single request of the fabled warriors to allow a soldier to attempt the Joining. They were told to send a message to the Orlesian Wardens foretelling the arrival of a single Qunari who would be staying near the docks of an eastern costal town. This request and odd foretelling piqued the wardens’ curiosity and it was told, from Montsimmard to Jader, that a Qunari would one day arrive. The fact that he had walked the entirety of nearly three nations with only the bare necessities for armor and clothing only added to the peculiar nature of the lone warrior.

As requested, Karasten was permitted to the Joining. He did not fall over and faint, but instead seated himself into a meditative stance and closed his eyes. For nearly three hours the massive figure was nothing but a barely breathing stump on the floor. Upon finally opening his eyes, he arose amongst the gathered wardens, and spoke the first words he had yet to speak -- and still one of the largest amount of words he has ever spoken at one time. “Shanedan, Grey Wardens,” he then released the clasp of his chest plate, letting his tattered cloak fall loose from under the armor, revealing his emblazoned torso bearing war paint in the heraldry of the Grey Warden griffon. “I am Arvashok.” For some minutes he was watched and examined. The red paint on his abdomen was the least faded of the war paint, and was only still fresh due to a dried layer of blood that had been used to freshen the image. When asked about his title -- many gathered had already known or been told of the Qunari method of using titles in place of names -- Arvashok stated it was a word recently defined. That he was the first Arvashok, the first ‘warrior of grey’ within the Qunari.

----- Excerpt from the journal of Renaldo Vinsair, Orlesian Grey Warden

Starting point: Traveling past Orzammar to bolster the Ferelden ranks.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GCdhhLV3Es

Battle theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPar2KARcOk
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:26 pm

Its looking good. Just need the starting equipment.

Zelosse, glad to have you here. Your rouge darkspawn is approved, although remember, Grey Warden's will be able to sense your presence, no matter what.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:51 pm

I'll keep that in mind, and I might just use that to my advantage from time to time.

Nothing like making the group follow a threat into an even bigger one they might have failed to notice.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:30 am

Blood Lord wrote:@ Deena: For a work in progress, it sure looks good and complete. Are you ready to have it passed? I wonder if I should have my Ranger hunt your girl down... Hmm.

I'm actually waiting on Berry's sheet to complete it. I fleshed it out some and added/elaborated on Laila's abilities, and added an image reference, though the reference is also temporary since it's not done yet.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:51 am

Sounds good.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:47 pm

Finished the skills, equipment, class, starting location, and music. Think that's everything.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:30 pm

And its approved.

Just a slight note, I forgot a few things in my CS, like the Warden emblem, and the word armor after battle.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:19 pm

Edit: Completed!

Name: Amir

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Class: Mage (Blood Mage)

Age: 22

Affiliation: Former Ferelden Circle Mage, now Apostate

Skills/magic/abilities: Amir’s magical abilities tend to lean towards the more destructive schools of magic, and he tend to augment his rather average mana pool by employing blood magic to boost it at the cost of his own health. His abilities within the Fade itself are limited due to his own wariness of the realm. As a blood mage he’s something of an attractive target for demons to try and tempt so he does his best to keep his interactions with the realm to a minimum unless Laila is involved to help keep him grounded. His current specialty beyond blood magic leans towards primal fire and lightning spells as well as some basic skill with entropy spells to put debuffs on enemies.

Blood Mage – His understanding of blood magic is still developing as he goes, learning on the go for the most part. Currently his largest use of blood magic comes from using his own blood to boost his mana pool. He’s wary of using it on others due to the corruption it could cause in him. However, under pressure he will use it against hostile enemies. So far he has not tried touching upon the mind control aspects of blood magic, and doesn’t plan to. Blood Magic in Origins Blood Magic in DA2

Fire Spells – Amir can cast a flame blast, enchant weapons with fire and summon a fireball to attack enemies so long as his allies are out of range for the blast Fire spells

Lightning – He’s able to use blasts of lightning from either his staff or his hands depending. Basic knowledge in this area. Lightning Spells

Entropy Spells – He uses the entropy school to weaken opponents, generally casting debuff spells that either paralyze or weaken the opponents resistence to certain spells and damages. He also has a good hand for hexes. Entropy spells

Appearance: Amir is an elf who has clearly gone through a lot despite his age. His messy black hair is tinged with premature grey around his temples and bangs. He has a thin face that is made severe by a combination of sharp cheekbones and a prominent scar that runs from the middle of his cheek. His nose is also slightly crooked from being broken once and not set properly. His default expression swings towards irritation or exasperation for the most part, looks that are aided by near constantly furrowed eyebrows and a rather mulish set to his jaw. He gives the impression of not liking anyone or anything and that’s pretty much accurate for the most part. Occasionally he is capable of kinder expressions, but Laila is usually the only recipient.

Physically, Amir seems to have been constructed from baling twine and spare elbows that the Maker had lying around at the time. He’s tall for his race at 5’9 and is incredibly lanky, though he tends to slouch in an effort to make himself less noticeable. He’s also rather thin for his size, which contributes to the impression that he might be a particularly surly animated scarecrow. He tends to wear robes with longer sleeves to cover the scars on his arms, and he also has a scar across his abdomen that is mostly faded.

Visual Reference:
Drawn by Deena

Starting equipment:
- Ember – A staff made to enhance fire spells, crafted out of wood. It’s very sparsely decorated and can pass as a walking stick in common situations.

- Mages Robes – a set of robes embellished with fur pauldrons . They include a pair of fur lined gloves and boots that match the set. They have a decent resistance to fire.

- Dark brown cloak with gold embroidery embellishment that gives a bonus to health and mana regeneration.

- His bed roll

- A satchel to hold his traveling supplies and bedroll

- A silver knife that he uses for blood magic rituals

- A hunting knife with a bone handle, used for skinning animals they catch

- A carving knife

- A whetstone for knife sharpening

- A scroll on blood magic and various notebooks filled with notes on his experiments, kept encoded

- Some food (meat, cheese, bread and other easily preserved items)

- A small bottle of cheap whiskey

- Ointment and a decent amount of bandages for treating small cuts and wounds

Personality: In general, Amir is short tempered, foul mouthed and incredibly tetchy around everyone. He doesn’t play well with others, and has come to expect the worst from people around him as a defense mechanism. He remembers enough about life in the alienage to know that humans will rarely ever see him as an equal, and paired with his interactions with Templars he has the jaded worldview of someone from a doubly marginalized population. For the most part when Amir is around people who aren’t Laila he’s constantly on the defensive. He has trouble opening up, but when he does he still acts rather prickly and gruff. He doesn’t do affection and having people in his personal space tends to make him incredibly uncomfortable. He’ll endure it when he has to, but he’ll also make it clear that he doesn’t enjoy it and wants it to end as soon as possible. Amir is definitely a high-strung individual who tends to assume the worst case scenario before it even happens, which leaves him rather surprised when things sometimes go right. He does have a kinder side to him, smothered underneath his prickly armor which is generally reserved for Laila alone. He’s incredibly protective of her and will put her well-being before his own when they’re in dangerous situations to make sure that she’s okay.

History: Amir grew up in the Denerim alienage as an orphan. His father was an alienage elf while his mother was a Dalish who ended up leaving her tribe for love. Unfortunately his father died in an accident at the warehouse he worked and his mother died a year later when she fell ill and couldn’t afford to buy medicine and keep her son fed. Amir was placed in the Alienage’s orphanage where he ended up becoming close with the other orphaned elf children, and was brought up within the elven community by the caretaker in charge of the orphanage. It wasn’t an ideal childhood, but there were certainly worse ones to be had for an elf living in Denerim. Except like most stories for young mages, Amir’s awakening to his power didn’t go well. His power manifested through a fire that burnt the orphanage down when he was 8 years old, and when the Templars came, Amir was sent to the Circle with them. He was very unhappy about this and was very vocal about it, a trait that would keep on throughout his career in the circle. Being an elf, and a mouthy one at that, didn’t earn him much popularity with their Templar overseers. Within his first week at the circle a Templar had ‘accidentally’ broken his nose and things didn’t improve much from there.

Not long after that, a young elven girl named Laila from the same Alienage was brought into the Circle, and Amir ended up becoming something a guardian for her. He ended becoming more attached to her than expected and ended up making it his duty to watch out for her. However there were some problems as he progressed with his studies. Part of it stemmed from his attitude towards the Templars and how he behaved towards them that earned him more punishments than other apprentices. The other issue was that Amir wasn’t as powerful as some of the other mages in the circle, and he tended to struggle with more defensive spells and rituals compared to others. He didn’t make many close friends with the other apprentice mages, who tended to avoid him due to his tendency to get into trouble with the Templars. Despite his efforts to become stronger he didn’t have much success.

Things changed though, when Amir found a scroll hidden away in one of the lesser used storage pantries. This scroll was a record of the essentials of blood magic and how to use it, written by an enterprising mage and hidden until Amir discovered it. It talked about blood magic as a tool that could be used for either good or evil purposes and he was intrigued by this idea after years of being told that it was nothing but a savage weapon of uncontrolled maleficar. In secret he began to experiment with the forbidden magic, figuring out some of the ways to use it without hurting anyone (except himself). However, while he was experimenting life continued on. Laila became the youngest mage to be allowed to go through her harrowing and Amir was getting well past the standard age where he would be taking his own with no indication of when or if he would be allowed to undergo the ritual. Eventually his fear that the Templars either had either suspected his use of blood magic or decided that he wasn’t strong enough to defend himself in the fade led Amir to plan an escape from the Circle. He ended up trusting Laila with the secret of his blood magic and his fears of being executed or made tranquil and thankfully she was willing to help him.

With Laila’s help he broke their phylacteries so that the Templars wouldn’t be able to track them down. With that taken care of, the two elves managed to escape the Circle and have been on the road ever since as apostates.

Starting point: Between Orzammar and Haven with Laila

Theme song:
Battle theme:
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:10 pm

Being that Isador was a templar, might he have known Amir and Laila from his time watching the mages?

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:04 pm

It's possible.:D Also, I'm gonna send you a PM about Laila's background a little, since it might influence his judgement of them a little.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:11 am

So BL, any estimation when the IC may be up?

I assume you're looking to fill a certain amount of player spots before you get anything definitive up.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:18 pm

Name: Johnus Johnson.

Gender: Male

Race: Dwarf

Class: Thief, sneak, dabbler in alchemy.


Affiliation: Whoever is paying him, so long as they follow the contract, or he simply has a good enough reason to break it.

Skills/magic/abilities: Pick locks. Great climber. Fast runner. Agile little bugger for a dwarf. Some medical skills. Better at alchemy and chemistry. Pickpocket and thievery. Ranged weaponry. Stealth. Talented at picking up languages.

Uses smoke bombs and other clouds of poisons and things in battle. Dips his daggers in poison in battle.

Appearance:Four foot six. Dark grey hair. Same with his clothes. Dark grey's much better than black in the dark. Deep sunken grey eyes. A face more used to scowling than laughing. His beard is short, but unkempt, scraggily darkness. His skin is covered behind dirt and black tincture, in an effort to hide his face more behind a cover of filth. Yellow teeth but all still there. Casteless tattoo round his eye.

He wears no vambraces, dark, nearly black gloves, fingerless, and other coverings, the bottom layer is like this, except more dark. This is covered over with an inverness cape, fastened loosely round his neck, providing a good cover over his inner clothings. His boots have rough soles, designed to give good grip. A thin and sharp crescent of metal hides just behind the tips of them. Once he kicks, the front of the shoe is naturally forced back until the metal crescent is reached, letting the edge cut at what he's kicking.

He wears this too, normally with the hood and mask down, unless he's working obviously. He also fashioned a set of mirrored goggles for himself which he leaves kept above his eyes until battle.

Starting equipment:

Two combat knifes
Two survival knives
Two tactical knives
Six throwing knives, with holes at the bottom of the hilts.
Two blunt knuckledusters.
Two spiked knuckledusters.
Four rings, two on each hand, two hollow, the other two simply valuable.
An ordinary looking necklace - Makes him unnoticable. Doesn't make him invisible, just makes it harder to notice him, or pay attention to anything concerning him, peoples' focus simply slides off him, even when they've already noticed him. The necklace itself has the effect multipled numerous times. Pictures of him tend to get smudged, his name mis-spelt or mispronounced, his appearance blurs in memory over time and even his existence forgotten, though this takes longer obviously.
Sewing kit.
Pouches of chemicals, herbs, powders and poisons.
2 pouches, one of jewels made to look flawed by the addition of chemicals, but can be washed off easily enough, with the right chemical, another simply full of silver.
Keeps large vials at his sides for easier access for his daggers.

Personality:On the surface, he's sour and jaded, with a healthy dose of bitterness. Fond of putting other people down, sarcasm and pessimism. Quick to lash out at others, dislikes retaliation but not enough to show it. Doesn't form friendships easily, and if he does, he generally initiated it. Everyone else he merely tolerates. Really, he's a bit nicer than can be seen, his personality is more of a result of his life than original mind-set. Can accept stupidity, but not deliberate stupidity, like those people that fight for pleasure, or gamble away money on impossible odds. If you're simply too stupid to know better, he's fine with you. Self-centred and cold-hearted, can easily screw over people he doesn't know. If he actually likes a person, he finds it a bit harder. Studious, and prefers to stay under the radar, if he has to be seen though, he's prepared to blow his way right out of sight. Doesn't trust authority, or the greater powers. Dislikes gods especially, he's not fond of those that claim to speak for them either.

History: His father was a blacksmith, his mother a member of a respected merchant family. Neither of them were particularily amazing. His father did good, but not incredible work, his eye to detail was good, but the overall work suffered overall. It looked impressive but didn't hold up to the swing of an axe or stab of a sword as others did, meaning he worked more of a niche fixing up old family armour or ceremonial armour than anything. His mother had a keen eye for the numbers and tongue for businesss and enough contacts so that they were able to mutually benefit each other professionally.

They quickly began to try and have children, but the curse of the dwindling dwarf population seemed to be making things difficult. On another note, Johnus's mother had also attracted the attention of a young noble herself. She hadn't realised, but it seemed her casual mannerisms, whilst simply trying to promote her husbands business, had been seen rather differently than what she'd intended. Over time the noble continued to take armour and other items requiring refurbishment to Johnus's father, the noble kept trying to deepen relationships with Johnus's mother. She saw him as a good customer, and a friend eventually, but...well, one night, after an incident involving a steadily escalating obsession and a few cups of ale, he forced himself on her. The next day, Johnus's father walked to the noble's house, asked to see him, and the moment he was in reach, beat the noble with his hammer repeatedly. By the time the guards reached him, the noble was long gone. Johnus's father followed quickly after.

Supposed father anyway, Johnus was born soon after, his traits more similar to his mother's family than the nobles or the blacksmiths. The nobles family had some considerable clout, and wanted nothing to do with this child, so, before Johnus was even born, they slandered the blacksmith and the merchants' family, and by the end of it, Johnus was born casteless.

His mother died when he was five. Her family looked out for him a bit, but they were never exactly close. When he asked for help getting to the surface, he was sent off swiftly. He much prefers life up above than down below and frankly, has absolutely no intention of ever returning. He picked up thieving quickly enough, much easier than the poor schmucks amongst the casteless frankly. By the time he was thirty, he was working amongst the more civilised sets of the criminal underworlds, picking up new skills and honing old ones that had done nothing but stagnate in the slums.

Starting point: TBA

(The Songs aren’t a requirement, just a fun little thing you can do if you want.)
Theme song: I hate everyone
Battle theme: sburban jungle
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Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:59 pm

Was gonna do an assassin, seeing too many similar archetypes, switching to warrior, gotta re-write CS....

Edit - Sorry about that guys XD

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:57 pm

Zelosse wrote:So BL, any estimation when the IC may be up?

I assume you're looking to fill a certain amount of player spots before you get anything definitive up.

Possibly by this weekend. I might post it sooner, but not let anyone post in it for a couple of days, to try and give those that still don't have their CS done to be finished.

Re: Dragon Age: Divided Kingdom (OOC - Sign Ups Open)

Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:18 pm

Yeah I have been a bit busy and most likely wont have my CS up until the weekend. Sorry.
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