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War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:23 am


War... War never changes...

The year is 2281, the same year as the events in the Mojave Wasteland and the beacon of light known as New Vegas. Four years after the eastern water purification plant was activated. A vault dweller had, with the modest help of people that barely called the dweller ‘ally,’ had overcome many odds that kept thousands from achieving the same goal.

Yet four years ago, the Vault Dweller did just that. The purification plant was activated, yet little was heard of the dweller after that time. Their fate is unknown. Yet their exploits are revered, as the water that flows in lakes and rivers are once again safe to drink... and with the fresh water at their fingertips, very little seemed to stand in the way of Progress.

Humanity was slowly regenerating in the east, as the capital wasteland was being rebuilt in an image of old world glory. With readily available water, wars over the precious recourse grew fewer and fewer and larger colonies could be sustained with smaller and smaller recourses. Large cities soon sprawled up and a light seemed to peek out through the horizon.

Although the west was in the midst of civil war over who the ruling factions would be, the now clean and relatively safer east seeks to unite what was once the country once more. A gleaming gem in the waste... yet no matter how bright the future seems such a concept of rebuilding the world are large enough to bring pause to even the most optimistic of us.

Yet how would they rebuild a nation without knowing its history? Its combined history... Humanity survived a great war over 200 years ago that scarred the world and irradiated the land and its water. Those who survived did so in the protection of large underground Vaults. Far to the north of the Capital Wasteland is one of those vaults.

Along the coasts of the old world, the area once known as Cape Cod has not been spared the fate the rest of the world has succumbed to and is also irradiated. Yet it took many years, the cleansing waters have finally reached this forgotten land. Yet beneath the ground are people... beings oblivious to the goings on above them. The beings within Vault 122, the last vault ever created.

Vault 122, like many of the other Vaults built was built as a sort of social experiment. To see what stresses humanity as a whole could withstand while still being safe from the radiation above and still being able to one day repopulate and re-civilize the world. The single and most powerful challenge Vault 122 has is the fact that over half of the initial residence were put into pods.

Over 200 years have passed and the beings still remain in the pods. Many of them have malfunctioned, but most remain in-tact. Life continues as normal for the vault denizens, none of them with the jurisdiction or power to open the pods. None, other than the overseers who also have explicit orders from well before their own time to never open them unless in a time of great crisis.

Less than a day ago, a great catastrophe for the vault dwellers has occurred. A strange and terrifying metal being has crushed the hill the Vault was comfortably nestled in and destroyed much of the innards... and killed many of the dwellers.

Only a few remain, less than a hundred and most of the pods were crushed as well. Less than twenty. The overseer has seen to it that every one of the pods be opened and every being within is caught up to what has happened.

YOU are one of the beings within the pods. Your adventures and exploits are at your own discretion. Most of the Vault was laid to waste, and less than a month of fresh water remains. The food was artificial and antibacterial so it almost instantly rotted on contact with the dirty air, so it is up to you and other pod dwellers around you to save the Vault... the people within... and finding out what did this. The denizens around you are shaken, beaten and frightened.

As you look around you, the vault you were put into stasis in is almost no more. Corpses pushed to the side, but not buried or cremated. It is a grim situation you find yourself in, but it only serves to ignite your goal. Find your closest allies and head into the wasteland. Everyone is counting on... you.



As with Fallouts 1, 2, 3, New Vegas and several other Fallout spin-offs you will make full use of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system.

Your basic physical power. It will allow you to carry many things and operate even heavier things. It will also help you Overpower enemies at melee range.

The ability to see, hear, smell and feel. It will allow you to see farther away and even sense the most subtle of vibrations. It will also help you notice small things other people might miss all-together.

How tough you are in general. How well you can withstand being hungry, thirsty or tired to name only a few things. It will also allow you to take very many hits, and in extreme circumstances you can even handle being burned or irradiated.

How well you talk to people, how well people like you and how aesthetically pleasing you look in general. You are a people person this way! It will also help you talk people down from battles if it comes to that and prevent battles before they even start.

How smart you are in general and how well versed in old world history you are. But little else. Having a low intelligence may also cause your speech to be slurred. It will also help your skills when you level up and learn new skills as you progress.

How fast and, well... how ‘agile’ you are. A high agility will determine how quick you move as well as how well your hand-eye co-ordination works. It will also help with quick sleight of hand-like movements such as quick reloads, replacing a golden statue with a bean bag, etc.

While not directly contributing to much and having no real way to implement it into game-play, the GM- me: Will determine how ‘lucky’ your character is based on this. 5 will be normal luck, 10 will be godly luck and 1 will be doomed pretty much. But it’s your choice.



Character Name: (First name required, second name isn’t required but you can put it if you wish.)


Age: (Before the Pod.)

Bio: (Before the war, before the pod, then right after being awakened should be covered.)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: (Note you have a free 5 to put anywhere.)

Strength: 5/10 (-/+)
Perception: 5/10 (-/+)
Endurance: 5/10 (-/+)
Charisma: 5/10 (-/+)
Intelligence: 5/10 (-/+)
Agility: 5/10 (-/+)
Luck: 5/10 (-/+)

Note: These can be reduced to 1 or increased to 10 as you will. The total amount of points spread out to all cannot exceed or be less than 40. The 'Gifted' Trait gives 1 point to every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. increasing the viable number to 47 but revokes your ability to reduce them below 2.

(Remember: You have 5 additional points to put anyway. You can increase these and decrease these to your heart’s desire, but they cannot go below 1 or above 10... And there are 5 points of slack to work with.)

Skills: (Each skill starts at 5, and their governing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. will increase them by 2.)

Strength Governs – Melee Weapons.
Perception Governs – Energy Weapons/Explosives/Lockpick.
Endurance Governs – Survival/Unarmed.
Charisma Governs – Barter/Speech.
Intelligence Governs – Medicine/Repair/Science.
Agility Governs – Guns/Sneak.
Luck Governs – Everything at 1/4th efficiency. (+0.5 to all skills per. You may want it to be an even number.)

You also have 3 ‘tag’ skills which increase the 3 chosen skills by 15. Put them on anything, but mention or show which ones you put them on. Example of template and Tags below.

Barter: 5
Energy Weapons: 5
Explosives: 5
Guns: 5
Lockpick: 5
Medicine: 5
Melee Weapons: 5
Repair: 5
Science: 5
Sneak: 5
Speech: 20T
Survival: 20T
Unarmed: 20T

Formula: All stats start at 5. Their corresponding S.P.E.C.I.A.L. increases it by 2 per point. Luck increases it by 0.5 per point. Certain traits come into effect for certain skills as well. Some may increase it by 5, others may reduce it by 5. Tagging it increases it by 15. It can never go above 100.

(You gain 5 skill points to distribute as you wish when you level up and 1 additional point per Intelligence.)

Traits: (You are needed to take 2 traits from the creation of your character. These traits are the underlying personality to your character. They give bonuses AND penalties.)

Claustrophobia: Being in cramped and confined spaces bother you greatly. All S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s are decreased by 1 when indoors, but INCREASED by 1 when outdoors. Affects the character’s judgment when inside a house or hole, (Or Vault) but makes them sane and calm when outside.

Built to Destroy: Increases the chance to outright mutilate someone, or perhaps destroy some piece of priceless technology. Increases damage to other enemies, but also reduces the effectiveness of equipped armor and makes them break easier. Also affects the character’s judgment when something fragile is nearby.

Early Bird: Your character loves to wake early- and retire early. Between 12 AM and 12 PM (Midnight to Morning to Noon.) your character gains +1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s but between 12 PM and 12 AM (Noon to Night to Midnight) your character loses -1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s. Also affects the character’s judgment after the early hours of the day, but accents them during.

Fast Shot: Increases firing speed, but reduces accuracy. Affects Guns, Energy Weapons and certain Explosives. Also affects the character’s judgment when waiting and doing nothing. All around makes the character more impatient.

Four Eyes: Your character’s eyes are naturally bad, but with some sort of Glasses: Your character is even better off than before! -1 to perception if you are not wearing any kind of glasses, and +1 to perception if you are wearing any kind of glasses. Also affects the character’s judgment if their glasses are knocked off or broken during combat. (HELP I CAN’T FIND MY GLASSES!)

Good Natured: All Combat Skills (Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Explosives and Sneak) are reduced by 5, but all Non-Combat Skills (Repair, Barter, Lockpick, Science, Speech, Medicine and Survival.) are increased by 5. Affects your character’s judgment to make them more of a pacifist, all around avoiding combat.

Heavy Handed: Increases Unarmed by 5 simply for taking this trait. You can no longer perform any ‘tricks’ with your unarmed combat, such as low blows or lucky hits, but your all around effectiveness with your fists are heavily accented as well. You feel less pain in your knuckles and your hand-eye coordination (At least when punching) is off the scale. Affects your character’s judgment, making them more direct and willing to solve problems with their fists.

Hoarder: Your character loves things. All things. Even useless things. You can carry an amount of shit equal to twice your strength instead of just your strength in general. Downside? You can’t DROP anything. You can only swap things out, and if you were to sell something, you would need to buy something else to replace it. You can only ever ‘drop’ something if you can’t even move anymore. Affects your character’s judgment in passing up even slightly useful things. Good luck leaving stuff behind.

Hot Blooded: Everything is serious for this character and not a boring serious. A HOT serious. During combat or events this character takes and deals additional damage with all things and when at low health- goes into a battle furor almost DOUBLING all combat effectiveness; however your character will be in a rage and cannot make any rational decision. (Intelligence and Perception reduced to 1.) Affects your character’s judgment by making everything serious. Cannot take a joke for anything and takes insults to heart.

Loose Cannon: You love to throw things. You love to throw them a lot. Your character can use junk and the environment itself as a weapon and throwing weapons are improved in both speed and power. You can even throw guns at people... just make sure to do it when ‘out’ of ammo. Downside is your character will tire out fast. Affects your character’s judgment when it comes to rational decisions, usually being a ‘loose cannon.’

Trigger Discipline: Polar opposite of Fast Shot and cannot be taken with Fast Shot either. You aim twice- shoot once. Your accuracy is greatly increased but your firing speed is greatly reduced. Even when in danger, you are trained to aim before you shoot, putting you in danger in close quarters. Affects you character’s judgment when it comes to quick decision making. Will likely come to the best decision when enough time is given however.

Skilled: All skills are increased by 5. AWESOME! Downside? You can’t gain perks as you trek through the wasteland. No ‘camel’ perks for drinking a lot of water and no ‘radical’ perks for being irradiated. You can gain perks as you level up as normal, but ONLY during level ups and the initial 2 traits. Affects your character’s judgment when it comes to... well, novices. Your character will likely be very pretentious when it comes to people who ‘they are better than.’ Will also likely get angry fast if someone is ‘better than them.’

Gifted: The opposite of Skilled and cannot be taken with Skilled. All S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s are increased by 1. AT ALL TIMES. Downside? All skills are reduced by 5 and when you level up, you gain 3 less skill points to work with. Ouch. Affects your character’s judgment to seem almost charmingly naive. Never having to work for anything and never focusing on many skills has left the character annoyingly optimistic. Nothing seems to bother this character- even if it should.

Personality Alterations by Traits:

Patient: Trigger Discipline - Good Natured
Impatient: Fast Shot - Built to Destroy
Bland: Skilled - Four Eyes
Strange: Gifted - Claustrophobia
Joker: Loose Cannon - Hoarder
Serious: Hot Blooded - Heavy Handed


Copy+Pastable Template Below. (DO COPY AND PASTE THIS.)

Character Name:





Energy Weapons:
Melee Weapons:

Trait 1:
Trait 2:

(Please note minor changes to the sign up, such as age. As stated above the age is relevant to 'before' being put into the pod. You may choose to leave this blank if you wish.)
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Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:38 am


From the start, you will be in the ruins of Vault 122. There is no food and little water. There are some resources and tools, but mostly weaponry and first aid kits.

I, the GM will tell you what is around your characters at all times. Whenever you make an action such as:

*Look around.*

I will give you details of your surroundings. I will reply to almost any of these, unless you are being sarcastic. Like-

*Kill self.*

You don't want to tempt me with such an option. I maintain full power to kill off characters I deem within reasonable terms to be killed. This includes player controlled characters. You would be surprised how hard it is to survive falling into a pit of lava or getting shot in the face. Try to prevent those things from happening.

Other actions other than looking around will be accepted. Such as *Talk to ___*, *Open ___*, *Take ___* etc. You can have your own wordings for it and almost any action will be accepted. If you want to lick a radioactive gecko- go ahead. Just remember I can kill you for doing it.

As you and/or your allies talk to NPCs I will be taking their roles and responding for them as the NPCs. I am usually on the site anywhere from 5Am to 2PM on good days, so I should be able to respond to any post and keep things moving briskly.

As for goals, there are only a few from the start. I will post the most obvious of them.

1: Find food. A few hundred people in this vault will starve to death within a few days to a week or two. While this will not necessarily end your journey, it is still recommended you stop this from happening.

2: Find a reliable source of Water as well. It will run out within a month and people will start dying a few days after.

3: Find out what destroyed Vault 122 and why.

4: Explore the surrounding area for clues, witnesses or food.

That's about it. The rest is up to you guys.

The wastes await!
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Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:41 am

Will probably have CS up tomorrow as I'm not gonna have acess to my laptop or CS document till then and I'm currently working off my phone.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:41 pm

CS is in the works, Just trying to get the maths correct :p

Scientist if anyone else wants to know :)

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:07 pm

Interested? Yes I am. Time constrained? I am that too. Will be posting CS hopefully soon.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:39 pm

I'll have a CS up eventually.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:41 pm

Character Name: Franky “The Cheatah” Spritz(ani)

Gender: Male
Age: 26 (At time of the Vault pod)

Bio: Born in Boston to an Italian American family, Franky was brought up in a close knit environment. Franky was the youngest of the family, he had 7 older brothers and one older sister, he lived with his Father, Aunt and Uncle as his mum passed away a few months after his birth from suicide via post natal depression. Despite this he lived a happy childhood with his numerous cousins and siblings, Baseball became his favourite pastime and he developed quite a knack for it. Enough so that he eventually tried out for the Boston Red Sox when of age, he soon earned the nickname “The Cheatah” for his impressive speed.

He also had developed Mafia connections and had even worked for them due to his Italian American heritage, with them he was known as Frankie Spritzani compared to his baseball name of Franky Spritz as to almost distance himself from his criminal activities. It was also these connections that led him to getting a spot in Vault 122 before the bombs fell, what with him being a poster boy for the Boston Red Sox the Mafia bosses of the time thought it best to put him in the vault as to keep the mafia legacy if something should happen.

Strength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

Barter: 21
Energy Weapons: 17
Explosives: 17
Guns: 36 TG
Lockpick: 17
Medicine: 17
Melee Weapons: 34 TG
Repair: 17
Science: 17
Sneak: 21
Speech: 36 TG
Survival: 17
Unarmed: 23

Trait 1: Fast Shot
Trait 2: Heavy Handed

Current Inventory
1: Pre-War Red Sox Jersey (W)
1: Baseball Bat (Custom)
1: Standard issue Vault-122 Jumpsuit (W)
1: Vault-122 Membership Card
1: Vault 122 Canteen
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Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:05 am


Key Item Found!: Arvel's Journal
Read item? YES

Character Name: Arvel Louis Straham

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Pages upon pages turn as you read the dirtied journal. Its leather skin used to be red but is now no more than some dirty brownish shade of color. The paper is is dry and worn, as if it would crumble into dust any second. Yet, somehow its ink shows up as black as night, commanding your attention as you roam through its words. It is as if they are the blood of this empty vessel of a journal, and the blood in here is clearly still abundant. Although some of the stories and accounts have faded along with its dates, one particular entry seems to be most worthy of note. 'Twenty years...', the first two words seem to scream and whisper itself at the same time into your mind, pulling, swallowing you like an enormous tidal wave into another world to retell you its stories.


The chug-chugging of the train is comforting, like the song of an elderly mother. It is rough and loud, yet warm and soothing if given its worth of time. You sit by one of its windows, taking a long gander at the fields outside. Smiling, yet inside a small smidgen of anger tugs at your emotions. It is an irritation you have been bearing since the start of this journey.

"Something is bothering you," you slide back into the cushioned seat to face the man opposite, his name is Mordecai. "I don't like it. You're usually much more controlled than this. It draws too much suspicion to us," the newspaper in his hands remain unmoving, yet its clear that he is staring at you past them somehow and observing his companion. From head to toe, his attire speaks of wealth and smart business sense. You know better than anyone that it's certainly true, though his business lies in a much ...more questionable and dangerous field.

"...Never mind, I guess I could bear with your obvious note of mental discordance for a while longer until we reach our destination. That way, my frustrations probably won't disturb the fat man over by the bar counter. I don't blame you for not drinking there and leaving me to myself, the thing they call wine is nothing by swill."


"That was Wicky. We will be meeting with Mr. Atlas by the docks around midnight, which I'm sure leaves you enough time to drink more than a few sips of embalming fluid to render you tipsy enough to forget whatever it is that's got your mind so clouded. Job will be the same as usual, we make our entrance, shoot a few people, hopefully not get ourselves punctured with bullet-holes, get out, and we take the first train that heads back to Louisiana. Do I make myself understood? Good, now let's venture out and go procure ourselves some fine weaponry from the local shop, shall we?"


"I must say I was rather disappointed with that whole sordid affair. They could have just ran, you know? A whole gin storage going up in flames usually suffices as good, fair warning for something like that," you frown at Mordecai's grammar, the man loved his fancy words too much sometimes. What made the whole thing more irritating was that you were caked in blood, and almost just had your eyebrows singed. You were also wearing your favorite sweater. Not the best of days.


"Just got the news guys, looks like the bombs are falling. BOMBS ARE FALLING GUYS. BOMBS. WE'RE LEAVING. ...I'll go grab the pancakes," Wick was a madman, but for once, Mordecai and you seemed to agree with his opinion. Heading east right now would be the best of decisions. As Mordecai begins to pack his things, and Wick, or what you assumed was from the noise being made in the room next door, you hesitate for obvious reasons. Mordecai takes notice before you can mask your emotions. "...You can go back to Louisana if you want, Arvel. To Mary and Caroline, I won't blame you and you can tell them I send my best of wishes. Hell, I'll even do my best to make sure you get back there, but I can't guarantee anything beyond that. You heard Wick, the bombs are going to fall sooner or later. And when it does, ports will be the first to go. That, or you can follow us and try to outrun this like we always manage to. It's your choice," you frown even more as you glance at the news on the television. The image of a mushroom cloud is almost ironic, a lifetime of blood had been spilled in order to get you so far in life, and here it was being undone by something so similar, yet on a much, much larger scale.


A harsh decision was made that night, and after months of traveling, it stays with the man. It haunts him with every step he takes, but he continues nonetheless. He eventually separates with his friends, with promises of reuniting. But he knows that these moments may well be their last days with each other, and as he is put to sleep in the one Vault that takes him into its care, he puts no hope into ever waking up again.

Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 7
Luck: 6

Barter: 25 (5B+5+12S+3L)
Energy Weapons: 25 (5B+5S+12S+3L)
Explosives: 25 (5B+5+12S+3L)
Guns: 42 (5B+5+14S+3L+15T) [T]
Lockpick: 25 (5B+5+12S+3L)
Medicine: 21 (5B+5+8S+3L)
Melee Weapons: 21 (5B+5+8S+3L)
Repair: 21 (5B+5+8S+3L)
Science: 21 (5B+5+8S+3L)
Sneak: 27 (5B+5+14S+3L)
Speech: 40 (5B+5+12S+3L+15T) [T]
Survival: 40 (5B+5+12S+3L+15T) [T]
Unarmed: 25 (5B+5+12S+3L)

Trait 1: Trigger Discipline
Trait 2: Skilled

- Arvel's Journal
- Arvel's Knife : 1
- Lucky Card, Six of Clubs : 1
- Arvel's Snazzy Newsboy Cap, white and black : 1
- Very light green shirt : 1
- Vest, light green and black : 1
- Arvel's Necklace : 1
- Black pinstripe pants : 1
- Combat boots : 1
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Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:01 am

Character Name: Doctor Elizabeth Zuber, MSc D.Sc. Ph.D (or Dr Lizz to her friends)

Gender: Female

Age: 24

[Accessing Vault-Network, Search term ““Doctor Elizabeth Zuber”]
[Downloading files from Vault 024… making composite report with new data…]
[Open – Report file “Doctor Elizabeth Zuber, MSc D.Sc. Ph.D”]
[New comments added– “Report constructed from transferred documents from Vault 024 and from evaluations made from the short time before the subjects internment in the vault pods, integration of previous records successful”

[…..Opening Record “Background.Xdat”]
Subject born 5/14/2053, Recorded as having a high intelligence even from a young age some believe this to be a sub-effect of her mother’s Mentats addiction before and during her gestation.
[Sub-file comments – “Research on going into the effects of Mentats on developing children, Results promising”]
Zuber excelled in her home schooling, her father being a prolific actor and fashion model meant that only the best schools were her destination. Naturally gifted, she went into higher education at the age of just 15 and left her university of choice at the age of 19 as a doctor of applied science, Robotics and Physics.
Zuber worked with The institute for 3 years, some of her projects included [Removed] these innovations making her one of the most useful scientists to the institute.
[Sub-file comments – “Unknown editing to the entry, suggest an upgrade to vault system security”]
Her place in vault 122 was by accident, Records show that Dr Zuber was on holiday and travelling through when the bombs fell. She used her Vault card to access this vault and was interned here.

[…..Opening Record “Personnel_Report.Xdat”]
Subject is highly intelligent, almost to the point of operating on a completely different level to the people around her. Highly competitive in scientific exploits and incredibly willing to throw herself in the deep end. However subject shows a lack of common sense and can almost be described a “dizzy”.
Subjects body is that of a well-developed 22 year old, 5`5” tall, Eye colour “blue”, Hair colour “blonde”, Physically weaker than more specimens but shows signs of body types found agreeable to the male gender.
[Sub-File comments “Agreeable to the male gender? Jesus this girls a babe! I’m saving the cam feeds to my personal files… if I could I’d [REMOVED – user “jerryB” , Editing rights removed …]”]

[Clothing Inventory –
1 X Vault-Tec Jump suit (Blue), Vault 122 – Comments, “Bust Adjusted by subject”
1 X Vault-Tec Science coat (White), Vault 122
4 X Vault issue Camisole (Assorted Colours) – Comments, “Smaller size given, subject has adjusted the Bust to fit”
2 X Cargo Shorts (1 X Black, 1 X Green) – Comments, “Damn fine… “[user “haroldF, Editing rights removed…]
6 X Vault issue underwear set (Assorted Colours), 23E [ALL COMMENTS DELETED. Editing rights to all users removed, Please contact an administrator for access.]

[Personal inventory –
Books (assorted)
Clothing (previously inventoried)
Personal affects (Purse, photos, keys, hair brush)
1 X Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, comments – “Item has been affixed to a chain, is worn by the subject as she believes it is ‘Lucky’”]

[Final comments -
"Jesus guys, The amount of fixing i've had to do to this poor woman profile is ridiculous... I'm showing that her picture files have been downloaded by almost all, no cut that.. ALL the male users. I've revoked user access to this profile on a need to know basis. All downloads have been traced and the vault master informed.

Have a nice day, Admin098." - End record]

Strength: 2
Perception: 4
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 10
Agility: 3
Luck: 8

Barter: 39 – 5 + 20(Cha) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits)
Energy Weapons: 17 – 5 + 8 (Per) + 4 (Luck)
Explosives: 17 – 5 + 8 (Per) + 4 (Luck)
Guns: 15 – 5 + 6 (Ag) + 4 (Luck)
Lock pick: 27 – 5 + 8 (Per) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits)
Medicine: 39 – 5 + 20 (Int) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits)
Melee Weapons: 13 – 5 + 4 (Str) + 4 (Luck)
Repair: 54 – 5 + 20 (Int) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits) + 15 (tag)
Science: 54 – 5 + 20 (Int) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits) + 15 (tag)

Sneak: 15 – 5 + 6 (Ag) + 4 (Luck)
Speech: 54 – 5 + 20 (Cha) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits) + 15 (tag)
Survival: 25 – 5 + 6 (End) + 4 (Luck) + 10 (traits)
Unarmed: 15 – 5 + 6 (End) + 4 (Luck)

Trait 1: Good Natured
Trait 2: Skilled

Current Inventory
1: Vault-Tec Science Coat (W)
1: Vault-Issue Camisole (Custom) (W)
1: Cargo Shorts (W)
1: S.S.Bottlecap on a Chain (W)
1: Makeshift Bagpack (Formally - Standard issue Vault-122 Jumpsuit(s)) (W)
1: Vault-122 Membership Card(s)
1: Vault 122 Canteen(s)
1: 9mm Pistol(s)
3: 9mm Ammunition
3: Radaway
1: Geiger counter
2: Scrap Metal(s)
1: Microfusion Battery
1: Makeshift Lamp (Powered) - 1: Microfusion Battery (Low Voltage)
1: Unidentified Ring
1: Pip-Boy
1: Fuse(s)
1: Multi-Tool
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Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:22 am

Well well, I can visualize your character now... very well, as a matter of fact.

With such low strength, endurance and no natural weapon skill as well as being so... aesthetically pleasing to put it into refined terms you better hope you are never caught alone away from your probably more 'combat savvy' partners. Some raiders just might find you the 'loot of the day.' However, being naturally smart and with such high luck I'm sure your character will do a fine job either finding a way out of combat situations or simply 'getting lucky.'

Gonna be a fun character to work with, that's true.

However, with such a low agility and below average perception you may want to look out for bear traps or land mines. Could fuck your day up something fierce. None-the-less I'm sure such a naturally efficient scientist would find much use in a group of 4 or more.

Her personality quirks from her traits seem to go as follows:

Good Natured provides her with a naturally warm disposition, but Skilled may have her come across rather stale. Skilled naturally makes people more snoody and pretentious, but Good Natured makes people nicer and kinder- more mild. She will likely never insult, at least the way others do. With such a naturally high Intelligence and Charisma she will likely disregard insults all together. If her Intelligence was much higher than her Charisma she would end up talking like a robot- but she is even in both.

I can see her being something like the 'Group's Mother' or something along those lines. Everyone will turn to her for answers and her naturally high skills- and protect her when she is in trouble because she isn't prone to fighting. She will be kind, but may tend to rub people the wrong way at times with her unpreventable snoody side, but she means well.

However, all the good intentions in the world wont save her if she's caught alone in a fight- she better learn on the spot fast and pray to her lucky stars or kiss her well endowed ass good bye... no offense.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:32 am

Thats why shes going to find a big strong man to go around with ;)

...or a robot if she get her hands on one lol
Last edited by Timer on Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:35 am, edited 2 times in total.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:35 am

Like, maybe a man who's good with his fists and maybe a crack shot... maybe associated with the mafia of the old world? I wonder if she will ever find such a man.

Would be a damn shame if she settled down with a robot... so many men of flesh and bone would be lucky to have such a woman. Not to mention a robot's rough exterior might accidentally snap her 3-Endurance ass in half.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:40 am

you gonna do arch's character as well :P ?

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:41 am

@Bird:....I highly doubt it.

@Timer: Yes I would like a similar run down as well.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:43 am

Robot's for self defense only i think ;) I don't think robophilia is on the list of acceptable topics for her :p

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:56 am

Timer wrote:you gonna do arch's character as well :P ?

Archrival wrote:@Timer: Yes I would like a similar run down as well.
Was I really that good with my rundown? Maybe I should do this for a living. Alrighty, here it is.

I had a little trouble finding visualizing the character. Unlike Timer who made 75% of the Bio based on her aesthetic looks. Downside to his bio were obviously grammatical, but those can be fixed or ignored. The most interesting thing I found out about your character however is his Mafia Connections, or what would have been if the bombs never fell.

With above average Strength and really good Charisma and Agility he seems like a capable man that needs little help from others, but his natural Charisma makes it so when he does need help; his silver tongue makes it second nature. It's very likely that along his travels in the wastes he could essentially revive the Ways of the Mafia. A syndicate based on respect and brotherhood that does what needs to be done no matter who gets in the way.

His mixture of melee weapons, fist fighting and low range fast shooting firearms he will likely NEVER be caught off guard. Being able to use so many combat styles, weapons and being naturally Agile and strong he will likely be able to use anything around him, weapon or environment to his advantage.

His traits, Fast Shot and Heavy handed seem to go as follows:

Fast Shot naturally makes the character less prone to waiting around and doing nothing. He is a man who wants to get stuff done, and if it isn't done fast enough he is more than capable of doing it himself- with or without help. Heavy handed makes him a natural scrapper- while this doesn't necessarily make him seem like a bad person, he naturally solves problems head on and may cause people; even his friends to fear him.

Mixed with the Impatient nature of Fast Shot, the Heavy Handed trait will likely cause him to jump into fights if things aren't done quickly. People who have earned his respect will likely have done so by doing good and fast jobs- exactly the kind of people needed to revive his vision of The Mafia, should he wish to do so of course.

His un-fearing and impatient nature along with his old connections to the mafia will likely make him a Leader. A group of 4 or more could be led by him. With little tolerance for sloppy or slow work the group will likely work fast and efficiently- assuming of course he finds a way to take leadership. If he wants to of course.

I don't foresee him sitting well with authority or if someone else is the group leader he will likely constant butt heads with said leader.

That's about all I got. Am I in the 'ball park' per-say?

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:01 am

i do enjoy a good run down lol

edit: Highlighted my tagged skill's for clarity.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:10 am

Timer wrote:edit: Highlighted my tagged skill's for clarity.

I caught it already, but just to be sure such a highlight would be good. When I did your rundown I needed to know what skills were tagged and I noticed Science and Speech were tagged so I focused on those. (You would be surprised how hard it is to formulate a personality built around repair.)
Timer wrote:Robot's for self defense only i think ;) I don't think robophilia is on the list of acceptable topics for her :p
It was a fun sidequest in New Vegas finding and reprogramming 'F.I.S.T.O.' the whore-bot. Such a thing is not unknown to my brain... so I naturally jumped to it. Nearly facepalmed when I realized she merely wanted a body-guard.

My brain is fucked. That's why I'm doing a fallout RP.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:12 am

Very good, I'm impressed with your thought process on characters. That will definately help if you do other RPs as you seem to have a good idea what should and should not work with the setting you've devised. Of course this is also reliant on your players, if they have little or poor understanding of what your world/creation is like then the Characters are likely not to be as good either.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:14 am

I'd ignore the Repair for her personality.
It's just an offshoot of her Scientific background, and working at the institute.

So we just need some more people then...

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:21 am

I do have questions such as weaponry and armour, in terms of what things you may have uniquely made for this setting that we may come across and what the clothing style may be e.g NV is very much western/gambling while 1-3 is more your typical grungy post apocalyptia.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:24 am

Archrival wrote:Very good, I'm impressed with your thought process on characters.
I'm honored, really.
Archrival wrote:Of course this is also reliant on your players, if they have little or poor understanding of what your world/creation is like then the Characters are likely not to be as good either.
I made sure people here knew the Fallout universe well before I started this. I even picked your brain a little before I started the thread in the first place- eventually leading to you saying yo have played Fallouts 1, 3 and New Vegas so I'm not worried about you. For all I know you know more about fallout than I do.

I hope the other players are well versed as well. Even only having played either 3 or New Vegas would be fine, assuming they beat it of course. I have high hopes for this and have the story... the lay-out... the land- all laid out. Most within my head- the map drawn on a piece of paper always within arm's reach. You guys will never get lost so long as I have my trusty map!
Timer wrote:I'd ignore the Repair for her personality.
That's good because I did.
Timer wrote:So we just need some more people then...
As I may or may have not slipped already, I'm expecting 4, but 3 would also be acceptable. But assuming everyone in this thread will be constant we may have 5 or more.

If anything we could use some more diversity- I'm anxious to see what kind of interesting characters people think up. It's fun to do these rundowns.

I do have questions such as weaponry and armour, in terms of what things you may have uniquely made for this setting that we may come across and what the clothing style may be e.g NV is very much western/gambling while 1-3 is more your typical grungy post apocalyptia.
East coast cape cod post apocalyptic. Not far from the Capital Wasteland so it will likely be exactly the same as Fallout 3's attire. With a much less inhabited environment however, people will likely have made their own clothing from the land. Being so east- and now having access to fresh water some plants have started to grow. It's not lush by any means, but it's something.

4 years of strained growth may have caused some kind of stability amongst fresh water rivers and maybe even some reeds could have grown over the years. Found clothing will be common but woven reed clothing or other things like that may also be present.

As for weapons, such a low population area like Cape Cod would likely not have very many old weapons' caches so melee weapons may be present in larger than usual numbers. Energy weapons from the vault and several Brotherhood of Steel outposts will also be present- but not native. Likely imported from the west or south.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:30 am

Glad you've given that thought but I truly meant what you've added given that you have some creative licence with this area, adding gangs, companies hell even new creatures due to some new Fallout inspired background you have freshly created.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:37 am

Archrival wrote:Glad you've given that thought but I truly meant what you've added given that you have some creative licence with this area, adding gangs, companies hell even new creatures due to some new Fallout inspired background you have freshly created.

Trust me, later on you will see the true extent of my Creative license. I'm trying to stick to the roots, Nuka Cola, Robco... the works. No sunset Saspirilla here though, that there's a western beverage.

I have a couple ideas for unique areas, and yes several unique factions. Got about 2 concrete ones in mind and another 2 vague ideas. As for creatures- NO MORE FUCKING CAZADORS.

One reason is they only exist out west within a 100 mile of Big MT and the other reason is they suck so much ass. A single pack of Cazadors could wipe this RP and every character in it off the face of the planet. Fuck those things, seriously.

Got a couple ideas for mutant plants, but you guys will cross that bridge when you come it it.

Re: War Never Changes - OOC

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:39 am

Birdofterror wrote: No sunset Saspirilla here though, that there's a western beverage.

Lizz will be very upset, it was one of her favorite drinks as a child :P

This calls for a road trip ;)
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