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More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:59 pm

Out in space a time traveler gazes at a red planet destroyed into 3 different chunks, and a small asteroid belt. This is the year 2048, and the planet is earth. Two years prior the military and almost all of the metahuman population went to war with each other. This war resulted in the complete destruction of little less than all life on earth. Only metahumans who could survive the vacuum of space were left to wander forever. This is the future, fortunately this is just one of many possible timelines, the choices of all those in the "present" constantly change this image of earth. Whether this is the true outcome for earth and all its inhabitants remains the choice of those in the present.


In the current year 2040 it is currently June 2nd.
It's bright and early 8 am and New York seems to be carrying on as it always has cabs fill the streets, people flying, swinging and leaping overhead, but as usual you always have that guy who has to ruin a good day T.V.'s and holographic phones everywhere suddenly light up and the image of a woman with a microphone in the middle of a torn apart battle field appears... "In the center of Times Square the military was attempting to transport new villains out into a facility in Brooklyn there names? Cassandr...ZZZZZZZZ...yn...ZZZZZZZZ,...now the current military area, when three Super villains blasted the aircraft out of the sky somehow, now were seeing an all out war between villains and military and unfortunately the military seems to be losing . . . all police have been called to help contain the situation and keep civilians out as best possible . . . unfortunately more villains appear to be arriving on scene. The mech suits and battle tanks are taking heavy damage and despite their resistance to most metahuman abilities constant battering is wearing them down. This is quickly turning into a losing battle for the military and they could use every asset they have right n-" a large ball of fire is seen descending toward the woman before the connection quickly cuts off...

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Times Square is now your battleground.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:18 pm

~Near Time Square~

Tetsuya awoke in an alley against a wall, the entire place busted up and chunlc of the wall on the ground. "Why does this always happen while I am asleep?" He said. His thoughts into this were cut short as he heard the destruction a few blocks away. "Sounds like Time Square." He said as he jumped to a wall then jumped off another wall to get to the top of the buildings. He jumped a building or two to get there when he saw all out war going on. "I gotta help." He said jumping down to the ground and causing a few cracks in the side walk, he ran to a military official, "I'm here to help on anyway I can, call me omega!" He said

Saul, the Sin Thorn
~On top of a building~
"So," he said looking at the destruction. "The battle begins and we have supers swarming already." He pulled his sword out and jumped down the buildings side, using the blade to slow his decent and jumped off. "Now to find some heroes to kill, the Government Dogs, I can kill whenever I want." He said.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:25 pm

"Hey, Johnson. You uh...you need a coffee or..."

"Shut up and go do your superhero thing, Hasegawa."


After a quick change in a rooftop air exchanger, Element began hopping roofs towards times square. He probably caught the least amount of shit from people about his powers, if only because he didn't really cause much damage in the first place, he was registered with the Metahuman Registration Act, and any damage he DID cause, he was able to fix in moments once he had finished whatever he was doing.


In the center of Times Square, FERAL prowled back and forth, like a lion defending her den. Literally, as she looked like a huge, humanized Lion at the moment, her powers sheathing her in a suit of rock and stone that moved with her.

These creatures and their loud, prickling sticks were starting to get on her nerves. More than once she had tossed an entire line of them back, cars and all, but more kept showing up. Her instincts sang to her, this would not do for a proper den, time to move on. Escape, yes! Retreat and silence called to her. But another sang to her as well. DOMINANCE. Who let these upstart cubs think they were proper Alphas?!

Her frustration let itself be known in a rising whining growl of annoyance. Stopping her pacing, she turned to the line of cars, and planted her feet. Someone would need to show these upstarts their place. With a smashing blow, she stuck the ground, and a rock pillar sent one of the police cars flying. The other cars were suddenly tangled and choked with thick leafy vines that caught both car and officers alike. Seeing the runts dealt with, FERAL turned to leave. She gave a full body stretch of the kind that only cats and other lithe animals are usually able to pull of and then leapt for the side of the nearest building, her stone claws digging into the brick and providing excellent purchase.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:33 pm

[David Jackson- Honour "No rest for the wicked but a good nights sleep for the good."]

The alarm goes off at 7.30. Whack goes David's hand at the holographic clock, passing straight through it but turning it off nonetheless. He sits up with a yawn and stretches his arms out, his sleep has been dreamless and refreshing so he was fresh for the days events and there were always events in new york. He gets out of bed and wanders into the living room of his apartment, dressed in nothing but his boxers. Still half asleep he raids his cupboards for breakfast finally settling on some Trix, one thing David enjoyed about America was the sheer amount of variety of breakfast cereals you could get in America. Sure some were similar to back in 'Jolly ol' England' but there were some here that you'd never get and that's what David enjoyed. His apartment was a mixture of style, half modern by the standards of today with holographic tv but with the old fashioned styling of his cupboards and his big leather sofa. He liked it this way, of course he did as he had designed the apartment himself with help of Templar funding only the best for their poster boy.

He reclined back on the sofa and munched on his Trix, with a flick of his hand the tv sparked into life and flicked over to some saturday morning cartoons. They were showing a repeat of some sort of superhero cartoon that David had seen about a million times but he couldn't be bothered to change it. Leaving the tv on, he places his bowl of cereal and goes to have a shower. While in the shower he hears it go to a sudden news bulletin, quickly rushing out, grabbing a towel and running into the living room he watched the correspondent in Times Square. At that moment his mobile decides to ring, David picks it up. "Are you watching the news david?" It was Tobias, his mentor and leader of the Templar organisation. "Yeah of course I'm watching, if I don't watch I get a telling off from you for not being up to date on current events. Guess I'll put on my costume and get over there?" He knew the question was rhetorical but as always..."Yes of course, don't want to be shown up now do you?" "Of course not sir." With that David puts down the phone and rushes into his bedroom where he speadily puts on his outfit and makes his way over to time square, 1.5 minutes a nice record for the hero but even so he's already been beaten to the punch by some asian looking lad calling himself 'Omega'. Not a bad moniker but David would show him who's Alpha, David joins him at the military official. He may be a hero but when there are actual military involved it's best to follow their command and help out in anyway before being the hero and taking out the trash.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:47 pm

A muscular military Jar-head turns to see two supers asking him what they could do to help. "Well, well, looks like you super finally showed up, s'BOUT GODDAMN TIME!". . . The man paused as a loud boom was heard over head. "Damn it ,I'm losing men here I don't have time for you two. Look we've got more than twenty of New York's worst Super villains in there plus their friends, we were transferring them to a new facility in Brooklyn but somebody knew about it and ambushed us, they-they knew somehow, when we crashed here, more were waiting, we can't fight our way in to save whoever 's left alive in there and we are running low on friends, somehow, we need to stop this riot and recapture those bastards. . .

Go in there, save who ever you can, and stop these assholes."

The man turned back to his men barking out orders

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:01 pm

Tetsuya nodded and jogged off into battle,he jumped and attempted a "Shooting star kick" as he remembers it being called. He managed to blow some of the bad guys away and turned his head to soldiers, "Run if you value your lives, I'll protect you till you escape." Je said.

Saul had just cut througha mech's leg, the thing falling as he went to the cockpit and stabbed into it. He turned his attention to the military officials and the supers who had arrived so far. "Ah, the english wanabe of the captain. I assume the man spouting the orders is the commander, so if I take him out, they will be lost, tactics 101. " he slowly walked forward and sliced through a few soldiers approaching the commandee.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:29 pm

[David Jackson- Honour "Nazis why'd it have to be Nazis?"

David saw the creepy looking villain making his way towards the millitary officer. "Sir, I suggest you take cover, this could get messy. Oh and mind if I borrow this?" He says before taking the officer's gun, he begins to fire upon saul, aiming for his legs as to wound him but not cirtically so he can be taken in to custody. "You picked the wrong hero bud."

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:28 pm

Saul let the bullets hit him, minor wounds heal without any deformities, he has found. He lifted the sword and jumped forward to slash down at the hero, the sword vibrating at a high speed.

Tetsuya ran forward and attacked a few more, the nanomachines keeping him going. He grabbed a wrecked car and threw it at the badguys. He then noticed the cat creature, "If that gets loose no telling what will happen." He said jumping to it. "Big kitty, nice kitty." He said, the little boy in him coming back out.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:39 pm

[David Jackson- Honour "Call that a sword, this is a....car?"

David saw him shrug off the bullets. 'Damn, the one villain I pick happens to have regeneration.' He dives to the side dodging the downward slash with moderate ease as he lands with a roll next to a police hover vehicle. 'Ok tough guy, regenerate this.' Picking up the car by the boot with both hands he slams it into saul sidways on trying to smash the villain outta the ball park as people in New York would say.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:47 pm

BradaoOfCartha wrote:Saul let the bullets hit him, minor wounds heal without any deformities, he has found. He lifted the sword and jumped forward to slash down at the hero, the sword vibrating at a high speed.

Tetsuya ran forward and attacked a few more, the nanomachines keeping him going. He grabbed a wrecked car and threw it at the badguys. He then noticed the cat creature, "If that gets loose no telling what will happen." He said jumping to it. "Big kitty, nice kitty." He said, the little boy in him coming back out.

(LOL at calling FERAL a kitty. Also, THAT's a nice trick, given that she's currently clawing her way up the side of a building. I'm giving you some advice here, keep in mind the context of your fellow players actions. We're not a bunch of action figures set up for your character. we are doing things too.)


Who was THIS cub coming up to her?! She ignored him, in that special way that usually only cats can pull off, and continued her way up the side of the building, stone claws digging deep gouges out of the masonry facade. Pulling herself over the edge, she dove under a pair of air-exchangers and over one of the low sprouting pipes that buildings all over seem to have been getting lately. She continued to weave her way through the boxy constructs, looking for another way down.


Saul would notice a strange whistling sound at first, that grew louder until it sounded more like a rather large fan at full speed. Element came flying out of nowhere, his feet extended in a flying drop kick, as he drilled through the air like a miniature tornado, flying at the villain feet first.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:09 pm

Alexander had been emerging from the subway when he heard the plane going down, and right away he sprinted for Times Square. As he ran his clothing changed from his average street clothes to a black outfit reminiscent of Neo from the Matrix series. He always liked the look, and now was a good time to start making his name as a hero. He wanted to look good doing it.
As he ran he passed a horde of civilians on the run, and he had to pray things weren't going that badly already.

Erika had managed to slip away in the confusion, having been picked up by the police a week ago for using her powers to pick up an armored car. She wasn't trying to rob it, she just wanted to do it, but these people were so terrified of the act that she was captured by the resident heroes and packed away like a criminal.
"They have the right idea, being afraid of someone with my powers. But I'm not about to go to prison before I get to my real work." She muttered to herself, smiling. She was looking for an alley that would be safe to break the cuffs off and escape through.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:21 pm

The commander stood at attention, a imaged whirred out from the screen it was an older gentleman , not a moment was lost before he was screaming "What the hell am I seeing on the news?! IN TIMES SQUARE FOR GOD SAKES!? " The commander spoke, but lost all of his lion like courage "TH-They a-ambush us da-...general"
This did nothing to calm the generals fury "ONE TASK BOY! ONE!. . .This maddness has gone on long enough, pull out, I'll solve this. . .
The commander's eyes widened "NO! Y-YOU CAN'T DO THAT SOME OF MY MEN ARE IN THERE!? WHAT ABOUT THE HEROES?!. . .
The general paused . . ."You have a half an hour to end this maddness , otherwise I'll cut my losses, including you. . .son. "
The transmission ended and the commander was yelling to everyone "HURRY! YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME! WE ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES TO END THIS!!!"

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:40 pm

((I know I meant to say ran up to the building, but I am still on my phone and could not fix))

Saul managed to glance toward his attacker before the blow landed, which sent him sprawling. He sat up, about 20ft from them. "Well, I'm liking this all ready." He said switching his sword to its gun mose and firing a rapid volley of shots, the equivalent of getting pegged with a tank shell, tho due to the erraticness, iys more of a small vehicle hitting you.

Tetsuya watched the animal, Feral, go away, and he jumped up to the roof to try and catch her, jumping to keep up. "Wait, I just don't want anyone else getting hurt." He said to it trying to keep up.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:51 pm

[David Jackson- Honour "Well that's one way to catch a taxi"]

David used the car as a shield, letting the car absorb the shock and also allowing the bullets to penetrate the thick metal shell. Quite a few managed to come all the way through to the the other side, luckily only a few came fairly close to actually hitting David though none managed to actually hit him. David decides to launch the car at Saul while the guy has his hands too full to catch it, though while he's busy with the car David would be running towards him ready with a punch straight to the chest which should send him flying if the car doesn't first.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:04 pm

Saul looked at the man holding the car up thinking, "perhaps he is similar to me." He then stopped firing and unsheathed his sword and sliced the taxi in half in one motion. Saul saw the punch coming and was unable to catch the punch in time, sending him flying. He landed in another car and he slowly lifted up. "Well, I see I need to step up my game." He said. He heard the time limit and turned back, "I can play with you for 7 minutes, 7 minutes onpy." He said.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:07 pm

Crank stared through a pair of binoculars on a distant building at the wreckage that was now Time Square. His apartment was only about a ten minute walk away from the disaster zone, so needless to say he was well aware of what was going on. The real question was whether or not it would do any good for him to get involved. "Bloody morons blowing up everything around them. What's the point? Not like any of them are making any money off this deal. Crooks these days are a joke," he commented to himself, folding up the binoculars in the process. Eventually he made his way (slowly) down a nearby fire escape. He was already in full uniform, which earned him a few questionable glances as he walked casually down the street. He could already see some of the military personnel starting to pull out. That couldn't be good.

"They're either cowards or they know something the rest of these idiots don't...." Crank could plainly see the figures of Tetsuya and Feral darting up and across buildings. "Yeah, think I'm gonna stay away from that...." His eyes then settled on David and Saul. Seemed like they were enjoying each other's company well enough without him. A low groan escaped the young super hero as he turned to leave. "Figures. I knew there wouldn't be anything for me to do here. Might as well head home before whatever these military buffoons are freaking out about shows up."

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:26 pm

Alex was being swept away from the fighting by the crowd, and only managed to dodge into an alleyway after a few minutes of being shoved around. There was no way he was going to be able to get close now, so he decided to just ride things out in the alley. It was then that a rather tall girl came running over, handcuffed and distressed.
"Oh thank goodness! Someone who can help! During all of the confusion one of the villains managed to slip their cuffs off and then stuck them on me! Please you have to help, I don't want to get involved in all that fighting and I don't want to go to jail!" The woman practically threw herself on him, pressing Alex's face into her chest. He quickly scrambled free and looked at her carefully.
"How did they get the cuffs off?" He asked finally. She really did look distressed, so maybe she wasn't a villain. He naturally believed in the good in people.
"He stretched his fingers to push the button and put in a code of some sort. It was red, blue, green, blue I think." She pointed to the buttons on the outside parts of the cuffs, placed just inconvenient enough for any criminal attempting to take them off.

(Making a bit of a leap here with the technology of the hand cuffs. Tell me if their not that advanced...)

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:30 pm


Ducking the last of the pipes, she took a moment to scent the air around her. A low growl started up as she realized that cub was still following her. Someone is getting annoying. She whirls and lets off a ferocious roar at her pursuer.

No one can tame THIS wild animal.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:50 am

"Whoa," Tetsuya said, "that's a nice growl you got there, but I think you're just angry at the noise." He said approaching slowly, "I don't want anyone else hurt, I can guide you back to the foresr, or whever you come from. Just, please follow me." He had a hand out , a little child finding a hissing cat, and wanting to help it.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:11 am

[David Jackson- Honour "Playtime is over...in 7 minutes"]

David looked at the man in disbelief, he though it was a game? Christ this guy was either a psycho or really was stupid. David grabbed another gun from the corpse of a soldier who seemed to have been choked to death by plants or whatever you call thick metal thorned vines. He then opens fire on Saul, this time aiming for more vital locations such as throat, heart and head. Of course these were harder targets but the years of practice under Templar instruction helped greatly, of course it wasn't his specialist skill as that happened to be melee and various forms of unarmed combat but that guy had a sword so he was too deadly to truly initiate close range stuff with him unless David wielded something too such as a car or lampost but it seemed that sword could cut through stuff like butter.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:06 am

Saul saw the man had taken aim for his vitals, the bullets hitting him, bit narrowly missing, when the next bullet hit him, he dropped, faking his own demise, sword still in hand. He looked up to the sky, blank faced, his thoughts went through his head, "this is ridiculous. He just keeps trying even though it is useless, but he is a hero so I doubt very much he will cheat."

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:59 am

[David Jackson- Honour "Time to bite the bullet....with a car"]

David saw Saul go down after the second shot but didn't trust the fact that he'd hit him with a car before and he'd managed to resist that when it would've smashed a normal person to smithereens so he knew that this was him merely playing possum. 'Can't really well leave him there but I know if I get close he'll jump up and try to take me out'; he thought to himself. David looked around for anything that could be use, there was a lampost nearby so with a heave and grunt David yanked it out the ground. The lampost's circuits fizzled and crackled as he ripped the pole from it's base wiring, the hero the decides to wallop the collapsed Saul in the torso and head at a decent distance, hopefully causing enough impact to fully damage the villain.

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:02 pm

Saul jumped up at the sound of the lampost being ripped, "I think thats enough for you." He said slicing the lampost as it came at him, he then went for a trip kick, should it work he would then point the sword at his opponrnts chest, saying, "Are we through here?"

Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:07 pm

Roughly seven minutes had passed after the conversation between the two military officers. Many of the heroes had, or were still arriving on scene, villains were fleeing because more military was arriving and more reinforcements were on the way. The general had sweat on his face, and at seeing more help arriving. There was a flash of light in the center of the park, and the commander's face turned from one of relief to one of pure terror. The flash of light turned into a large hologram of the general, he was sitting at a desk, silent and grim looking. The commander tried to beg him "Don't do this, I STILL HAVE TIME, WE HAVE THE UPPER HAND NOW, JUST LET US END IT!!”The general chuckled a bit at this statement "Then you and I have the goal for once . . . I AM going to end it, the difference being I'm going to end it for good. . ." The general's image turned toward the civilians. "In the beginning our city was a beautiful place, but these so called "Heroes" have grown callous and indifferent, no matter the amount of lives loss the only one left standing is them, lives destroyed, and ruined, people killed and families destroyed and torn apart by these people . . . I’ve grown tired of you metas ruining our lives and now I'm putting an end to it. . ."

As the general's image faded, a large tremor struck the ground that could be felt for at least 3 blocks in every direction. The ground burst open sending, debris everywhere and causing a 20ft wide hole. At first there were no signs that anything had been in the hole at all, then with little warning a sphere of red light burst out from the ground, giving of so much heat it bended light around it. Wires and pipes from underground wrapped around the sphere, soon sewage and metal had accumulated into a 12 story double headed snake-like beast. This lunatic general would be dealt with by the military, but the heroes would have to deal with this 'thing'. The villains were taking advantage of this upper hand now to get the hell out of there and scurry in all directions, after all even if some of them would get caught, they couldn't focus on them with that huge snake thing tearing up the place.

Some heroes have chosen to stay behind and help destroy the disgusting creatures while others are determined to take down as many escapees as they can before they’ve all dispersed.
Some of the heroes and military have dispersed out, looking for the escapees and villains trying to escape, primarily prisoners still in their jumpers are targets, anyone seen fleeing is presumed a villain and approached cautiously, if the person should continue to try to run from the hero or military they are to be apprehended with non-lethal force. Normally things wouldn’t be so dangerous, civilians have no reason to run from military, but risking the escape of some of the worst criminals would be a much worse outcome. The military's M.A.D.(Met human Apprehension Division)'s suits come equipped with criminal data logs, and a small portion of non lethal stun guns (strengthened for metahumans). When convicted Meta humans are within a range of twenty feet a holomap appears on the soldier's wristwatch locating the Meta with a red dot, if the metahuman disappears the map will show their last known location and direction. In New York city many areas have become slums that were once beautiful, within these slums there are specific places villains have to hide, none more than Grand Central Terminal, any villain worth two bits knows that Grand Central was the only good hideout when the heat was on like this, and considering all the recent escapees only one place would be safe from the military at right now.
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Re: More Than Human IC: Mortal Folley

Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:57 pm

Tetsuya was confused when he rearrived in the area of the battle, "huh? I thought..." he looked around, many people were terrified all around him. "How did this happen?" He said then the tremor started, the large beast busting through the ground. "Crikey, that's a big snake." He said as he looked at the creature, "They're trying to kill us?" He said confused. He then got angry, he ran toward the snake and punched as hard as he could, doing little too the beast. "Why? We all were once like them, right?" He yelled punching aggain, cutting up his arm as he punched.

Saul looked at the creature, "It seems our best interests would be to fight this thing together." He said "Are you in, or are we all going to die?" He asked David.
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