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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:53 pm

Name : Eli Devine

Age : 17

Gender : MaleMan

Appearance : Eli has medium length, shaggy blonde hair that falls over his pale face that always seems to have a smile plastered on it. Standing at a height of six feet six inches Eli stands above most of the people he meets. The infinite blue jewels in his skull are adorned with what seem to be constant bags under them, probably from the late nights of meditation. Eli's body resembles that of someone who engages in daily work out sessions, a strong body ties into a strong mind ya know! Eli never seems to wear normal clothes, Eli's clothing resembles that of a monk though he always has the top half open. In his Bezerker Form Eli becomes a being of pure rage. Four monsterous arms sprout from his back and his eyes glow white with power. It's quite the sight to see, when in this form anger seems to radiate from Eli's very being.


Bezerker Form

Side : Considered to be a Villain though he truthfully is unaffiliated

Species : Spiritually Enhanced/Cursed Human

Powers : Rage empowerment, Eli becomes stronger the angrier he is. With his rage empowerment comes super strength, super human endurance, crushing presence, and his Bezerker Form.

Super Stregnth: Eli becomes strong enough that he could easily lift a semi truck and then some, becomes stronger as he gets angrier.

Super Human Endurance: When enraged Eli can easily withstand blows that would break regular humans and even at times metahumans (Bezerker Form usually)

Crushing Presence: Eli's presence when enraged is so powerful it's a physical embodiment of it's own crushing the will of the weak around him and making those of a stronger will uneasy.

Bezerker Form: This power Eli cannot control, it happens very rarely. When Eli is in an extreme state of emotional distress (near death, mind shattered, great emotional trauma, etc) the spirit within him erupts with a burst of power that turns Eli into the true definition of a monster. All of his abilities are enhanced to their limits though only for a short time.

Weaknesses: Eli's main weakness is that he has no control over his curse, whenever he becomes angry it just happens so he has no way of controlling it meaning that not only is he a danger to himself but others. If Eli can be knocked out before he becomes enraged it'll be as though nothing were about to happen. When not enraged Eli is like any normal human teenager so bullets, cars, poison, etcetc will hurt him though that's a fast way to bring out his demon. In his Bezerker form Eli's rage is so caustic it hurts his body meaning if he stays in it for any longer then fifteen minutes he can risk serious injury or even death. A coma is also another likely outcome. When Eli comes down from his outbursts he is usually extremely exhausted and hungry, and left open. Eli's outbursts also last for varying degrees of time meaning there's always the danger he'll come down when a car is flying at him. Magical abilites seem to be an effective way to hurt Eli in his rage form, while he does have meta endurance the usual human weakness apply to him on a lower scale. He can be poisoned, zapped, burned, etc.

History : Eli's tale is a long and sad one full of tragedy, ups and downs, life changing events, everything that has made him the man he is today. So let's begin.
It was under the light of a second blue moon, a rarity in this small world of our's. A woman of unearthly beauty was giving birth to the child of her late husband, a world renown adventurer and enterpenure who died at the hands of a metahuman who wasn't too fond of his exploits. Interesting fact, the soon to be mother was also quite adventureous so it could be said this is all her fault. Back to the story, the woman had been traveling India when she had felt her birth pains, the baby was coming. Luckily she was near a monastery where it was said the monks were quite welcoming of outsiders, though she knew nothing lf their study. The monastery happily welcomed the soon to be mother and tended to her with the utmost care. Wether it be fate or pure chance the woman died giving birth to the baby boy, under that second blue moon. The monks saw this as an omen, good or bad they did not know but their elder would be able to discern some of this mystery. Unknown to them a spirit of pure rage embodied the child, it's name was Asura a demon in Hindu mythology that sought power, and vengeance for the binding of his race subsequently called Asuras. The demon of rage saw potential in the child, his pure heart would lead Asura to the power he craved, to bring the world into complete and utter chaos.
The grandmaster of the monks looked upon the new born child that had been gifted to the monastery, there was such a thing in their ancient texts of this event. Exactly what the texts said had been obscured with age but what the Grandmaster saw was a child without mother would come to their monastery and become possessed with a great spirit of rage, even though he saw this the grandmaster thought he could curb the child for the better.The child was to be raised at the monastery, to be a warrior of the righteousness, a man that would stand up for others when they could not! Unfortunately on that night a spirit of great anger had embodied the child and would not reveal itself for years to come. Eli was raised to be a noble and righteous man of peace, the monks had allowed him to name himself due to their lack of English. Day in and day out Eli trained with the monks at the monastery, his body, mind, and spirit would reach the peak of human ability as the years went by. The boy showed great promise but the grandmaster looked upon him with disdain, there was an evil in the boy but not his own.
It was just another day for Eli, though this day was special. It was his fourteenth birthday! Not even that pleasantry got you out of much at the monastery, Eli still had to wake up before dawn have a quick breakfast of rice noddles and bread and then tend to the gardens. After that it was physical and mental training till three in the afternoon, lastly a meditation session until dinner was served at nine. During that meditation session the grandmaster walked to Eli, his face was grim. Eli looked upon the ancient man, his face the sun itself as always as he watched the elder approach It broke his heart to speak with Eli about this matter.
Eli stood and embraced the elder in a hug, tears streaming down his face. Today was the day they were going to exercise the spirit from Eli, it was a painful, invasive, and long process. That night Eli skipped dinner to further his meditation but something was wrong. A feeling boiled on the inside Elk, something that just felt... Evil. It shook the boy terribly. Eli fell sick that night but even so the exorcism had to commence. The elder looked upon Eli with such pity, he thought of the boy as his own. Eli found himself standing on a featureless, white expanse. Nothing was in the snow white sky or the completely flat reflective white ground. It was his inner sanctum, his soul. Eli had to find and combat this evil that sullied his being. The exorcism had started and the only one able to stop or was Eli. The boy traveled the plane for what seemed like ages, nothing was in sight. After what seemed like a millennium Eli finally found something, the thing he dreaded. That vile spirit had been waiting ever so long to finally make his move and now was the time. "Welcome... Brother." Those words were soaked in the purest of evil as they escaped the spirits nonexistent mouth. Eli looked upon the being with the most seething of hate before he sat, as did the spirit. "Brother..." Eli had to meditate on this, as did the spirit. Truthfully it was a struggle of power to see who would come out the dominate spirit.
Eli lost. The spirit completely crushed the will of the young boy, all of the training he had was for naught against a beast of such power. The story from here is tragic. "Asura! Asura!" The monks of the monastery screamed in the purest of terror, their beloved Eli was on a killing rampage! No one was safe from his wrath, the elder was the first to die. Torn limb from limb and adorned across the wall were their great statue of Buddah used to lay, now shattered and desecrated. Eli completely destroyed the monastery in just and hour, there were no survivors. "Good work... Brother." The spirit within Eli spoke with such dominance, such arrogance over his victory in controlling the young boy. "Asura. You are Asura." The spirit, now named Asura laughed. Their journey was long, Eli traveled for three years before he found out about his origins as the son of two adventurers who died under such strange circumstances. Over those years Eli became a man of much renown, a holy man that traveled the land helping however he could. Though some of his fame came from his infamy as "The embodiment of Asura." Some feared him, others revered him. Eli could not stand it anymore so he made a pilgrimage to The Unite States of America. Ever since then Eli has settled down in the penthouse his parents used to own, it had been kept by close cousins ever since the disappearance of the woman who was heavy with child, the last trace of the adventurer . When a boy that resembled the spitting image of the young adventurer showed up at their borrowed door a new life began. Eli now lives in New York with his older cousins Jackie (21) and Dez (23) women who though born two years apart look exactly alike, the penthouse had been passed down on the family and it had fallen on them when they were no more then teenagers,
Now Eli has settled in New York, learning the strange almost hedonistic ways of America and indulging in his true self. An energetic and intelligent boy bordering on arrogance. Asura as the spirit has been named craves the battlefield and in this place of heroes and villains he has found his heaven.
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Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:15 pm

^Thus we have a hulk in the makings hmmm >:3D

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:17 pm

Eli's Bezerker form is sorta hulkish but he remains the same when enraged. I thought he was more like Azura. Anything I need to change with his powers? I'll get to the rest tonight.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:20 pm

it's not required but most people put weaknesses, limits etc in their powers

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:26 pm

I did, right below where it says Bezerker Form and above History.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:28 pm

oh yeah sorry my PS3 skipped it(its all buggy)

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:29 pm

Is ok.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:34 pm

so, as far as his side, is he destructive and thought of as a villain(Hulk) or destructively cruel (Rulk)

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:39 pm

Hulk, I'll explain it in the history. I'll start workin on it at 10, lazy XD

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:37 pm

Hope it's ok. I wanna add more but I feel like it's way too long. Need to fix some stuff in it @-@

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:56 pm

The spirit of anger,

Question 1 Why did the demon take over HIM? in all the children recently born why him

Question 2 Who is the spirit? demon? family member? i don't know

3 I'm glad you left him with some mystery around him but I don't know why it chose him who/where it came from or what it's real goal is

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:54 pm

Yea, I knew I needed to add that. I'll get right too it. The problem with me is I start to think I'm writing way too much and then I look back like three times and I'm like. "Crap, I know there's something I'm missing..." I'll get right to it.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:09 pm

u is axsseptid

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:13 pm

Thankies, shall be posting in the morning.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:58 pm

Name: Brandon Swaine
Identity: Silent Night AKA The Nocturne One
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Appearance: Brandon stands at 5'10, weighing 150 lbs. His hair is a pale blonde, nearly white looking and is kept cut short. His face is lean and angular, giving him a look of seriousness even when he smiles. While not in his costume Brandon wears unassuming clothing. Mostly jeans, ratty old sneakers and a T shirt with some snarky pop culture reference or another along with a pair of thick sunglasses that block out 90 percent of the suns light. He has a large burn scar on his back in the shape of the waning crescent moon, though Brandon never takes off his shirt around others in order to hide it.

As Silent Night, Brandon wears black bandanna over his face with a pair of large goggles. A black shirt with a black duster that has the sleeves torn off and a pair of black, fingerless leather gloves embossed with the symbol of the Nocturne One: A pair of menacing red eyes over a waning moon. His pants are also black, with a belt that also has the symbol of the Nocturne One and tucked in his pair of Ninja Tabi boots.

Side: Hero...for now.

Species: Supernatural entity


Nights Embrace: Infused with the powers of the Nocturne One, Brandon moves incredibly fast in darkness, his reflexes and all his senses are heightened to the point that he can hear a persons frightened heart beat, smell the scent of a persons emtions, fear the best, and see clearly in total darkness. His strength is heightened to a point but could only be said to make him barely stronger then a special forces soldier.

One with the Night: On nights of the new moon, or in an area with little to no light, Brandon seems to blend with the shadows. Bullets, knives, even fists seem to just move through him as if he were mist. While in this state the shadows seem to heal grievous wounds though only enough to hold off death, and even this dark healing brings great pain. To try to compensate for his lack of ability during the day, Brandon has learned the art of knife fighting and throwing, which at night makes him even deadlier.

History Brandon moved to New York from his hometown in rural Florida when he was 18 to attend NYU to study ancient civilizations and religions. Brandon had always been fascinated by the ancient world and his beliefs and took to his studies with a keen focus. To further his studies he began to search any book store in the city he came across for books on the forgotten and the strange...one day bringing Brandon to a back alley story and an old tome which told of the ancient night hunter, the lurker in the shadows...The Nocturne One.

The tome stated that the Nocturne One was the embodiment of the night, a being that brought with it fear to those it hunted, and great power to any who would bend the knee. After purchasing the book and writing what he believed his best essay yet on the subject...Brandon was given an F, for his teacher had never heard anything about the Nocturne One and believed Brandon to have made it all up. When he brought the book to the teacher to prove he was right the teacher looked at the pages and found them...blank. After that Brandon read the tome cover to cover after discovering no one could see the writing on the pages but him and found a page speaking of a ritual to beseech the Nocturne One for his power in exchange for a blood price.

Wishing to gain these powers to prove his findings true, Brandon performed the dark ritual, offering his blood in return for the power of the night....but nothing happened. Enraged, he threw the book away and gave it no second thought....until a week later when he learned the news that a violent hurricane that seemed to come out of nowhere tore through central Florida, completely destroying the small town that Brandon grew up in...his entire family was killed in the storm.

That night, midst his grief, Brandon heard a whisper in the dark. The price is paid, oh seeker of the night. My power is yourssssss. With that the darkness seemed to engulf Brandon, filling him with a power that nearly tore his mind apart. As the darkness consumed his a terrible burning pain seared his back before he lost consciousness. When he awoke, the night was as clear as day and the sunlight seemed to nearly blind him, even just a sliver coming through a window. Looking in the mirror he saw that his back seemed to have been branded with the symbol of the waning crescent moon.

With his new powers, Brandon began to stalk the night, hunting those he wishes to show the fear and pain they bring to others. Though sometimes his powers seem to drive him to do more, and some mornings come with a new pile of corpses. To this day Brandon is not sure if he controls the powers of the night....or if he is but a puppet to whatever games the Nocturne One plays.
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Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:26 pm

I'll accept him, but if I don't see posts in the IC by Sunday I'll have to close this

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:11 pm

Hate my first post ._. so uninspiried!

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:12 pm

Hate my first post ._. so uninspiried!

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:24 pm

I liked that post, the conversation felt a bit like an overused plot device, in your next post I'd love to see Asura act more real, rather than acting like Ogichi Ikasoruk

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:18 pm

Were you referring to Crimson being accepted or me in the post after mine?

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:26 pm

You i already exceptid him

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:58 pm

Still sort of working out Asura. I was thinking since he's an ancient spirit he would be ignorant and violent to this new world so yeeeaaaaa, still working him out.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:03 pm

Waiting to use omega beam in a little bit. Omega vs Asura would be fun, if Tetusya didn't have his safe guard.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:11 am

My money is on Asura X3

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:46 pm

Got a little more on my twins.
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