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More Than Human OOC:Open ( The More The Merrier )

Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:51 pm

Sorry I took longer than I thought I would

The year 2030, Metahumans are now no unheard of thing.
Metahumans flying, swinging, or leaping great distances overhead are just a way of life now. Fire? Huge monster rampaging in the city? Super villains wreaking havoc on your neighborhood? Call a local hero. At first it was great; nothing seemed to go wrong whenever you need a hero they were there ready to help. at first everything was fine, however after a some time civilians began to resent the heroes just as much as the villains, while the heroes would try to help saving people and always willing to lend a hand, most of the fights between villains would result in just as much, if not more, destruction buildings with huge chunks ripped apart and smashed, homes burned through it was all getting a bit redundant how much use was a hero to stop a villain when the fight between them would cause just the same amount of chaos, now in 2040 in the city of New York the most densely metahuman populated city in America, things are getting tense between human militia and metahumans and it'll take allot more than a few guys in boots and capes to turn this mess around. . .

On the villain side things aren't much better, living in fear of being turned over to the government after being caught by a superhero and robbed of your abilities is no fun idea for any bad guy. On the villain end the militia hunt's villains consistently and fights between the two erupt constantly all over New York. Fortunately most can travel around unnoticed until they use their powers. In certain slum areas bodies lay all around the streets, these are the areas so dense with gangs and gang wars some of the best superheroes dare not go there. Things in the slums aren't much better either, and when the military does come through it always gets worse and worse , the patrols get longer, and the guns get bigger if someone doesn't take care of these guys, it's going to get REALLY dangerous and REALLY stupid, REALLY fast. . .

Your options are simple, either work toward saving the city or help to destroy it and get rid of the militia.

Destroy New York as a villain?

Or help save it as a hero?

1.No godmodding-no killing enemies or other characters in a single attack, if you get hit GET HIT, don’t dodge every time, after all no super comes out of a fight squeaky clean.

2. Keep it PG-13-this one is simple

3. MIA-if you disappear for 2 weeks with no notice I'll have to incapacitate your character, or just move them out of the way

4. Colored text can be annoying, if you want to use it use one that isn’t extremely bright or irritating

5. To show you’ve read the rules, put an underline on your character’s name

6. Enjoy the RP =)

Character sheet skeleton
Name :( Who are you?)
Age :( How old are you?)Limit 16-25
Gender :( Male or Female?)
Appearance :( what do you look like, personal traits, scars etc. . . .?)
Side :( Hero? or Villain?)
Species :( Among the Meta species there are many different kinds, mutant, alien, vampire . . . you get it)
Powers :( Just put what your character can do here, and describe what they do, make sure to tell me where you got them in your history.)
History :( The back-story for your character, what made them who they are, where the got their powers, and why are you in New York?)

Accepted Characters
Hasegawa Rayven's Hasegawa Makoto & Cassandra Lynx

BOC's Tetsuya Azuma & Saul

Cross Malaki's Alex Dreven & Erika Olwynn

Bolt's Noah Bond

Archrival's David Jackson

BG07's Kelvin

Mastermind's Ink

Iris' "Adam 26"
Pending Characters. . .

Musicmac's Pixel
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:06 pm

Name : David Jackson
Identity: Templar
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Country: England

Appearance: David stands at 5’7” and weighs 125lbs, giving him a light frame yet still able to have some strength behind it. When not in his costume David had black hair that is cut short but styled with wax in a windswept fashion, his face is well cut with a neat jaw line and a flat chin. His facial hair however is not so clean cut in that he likes to keep his stubble at a certain 2 day unshaven status to retain a certain macho-ness. His clothing consists of Black buttoned up shirt, white under shirt and a pair of grey jeans; he also wears grey slip on shoes and a black leather belt with the union jack as the belt buckle.

As for his costume, he wears a more modernised spandex that covers him upto his neckline. The chest is reinforced with bullet proof padding which can resist a 12 gauge shot from a shotgun from a distance of 2 metres away, he wears knee boots over the spandex, elbow length bracers and rounded shoulder pauldrons all reinforced in a similar fashion as to both resist extreme punishment. As a final addition he wears a pair of tinted goggles as to hide his eyes. The colour theme of his outfit is red, silver and white of the Templar; this is applied in that his boots, pauldrons and goggle’s are Silver, his bracers are red and the main torso portion is white with the templar symbol emblazoned on his chest in red with silver outlining.

Side: Hero

Species: Super Soldier

Powers: David has increased speed and strength, this is at a level where he can lift more than Arnie could when he was Mister Universe at his best and run faster than Usain Bolt without trying, but apart from this he’s still human, he still gets out of breath and exhausted but it takes an extreme feat to cause this such as lifting/throwing a bus or crossing a state within minutes, his intellect is average though his main field is in Architecture and property development.

History: Born in Cheshire, England he was raised in an American Boarding school in Massachusetts. Here he was outcast for his rather average intelligence but his parents were rich socialites with many connections in both England and America. At the age of 13 he was introduced to his soon to be mentor Tobias Watkins, the pair met at a fundraiser that his dad was holding for renovation of some old English buildings in America that were built by the first British settlers. Tobias saw potential in the lad when David showed interest in one particular building that happened to be an ancient Knights Templar headquarters that was secretly established when the illuminati first began in America as the two were in common rivalry.

Tobias soon began to privately tutor the boy at his request, David was pushed more physically than mentally and his training was rigorous, at 16 he was at the peak of physical fitness but Tobias was unsatisfied. Tobias decides to initiate David into the Templar’s who were still very much an active group though their activity in America was very much undercover as the Illuminati has pretty much entire control of the country. Tobias put David into the Templar program, which was a prototype project in which David was put through various chemical testing until after months of suffering and side affects David was finally ready to be used as a Templar poster boy and weapon for good. They felt if David did well in America the Illuminati would soon fear the Templar as the rival’s they once were.
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:52 pm

Arch, You're accepted

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:19 pm

Hrm...Hero...Villain...or both...

choices choices....

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:03 am

Real Name: Jerry Magnus

Alter Ego: Ink

Age : 25

Gender: Male

Appearance :

Jerry as the Ink has a hat that is a gunmetal gray fedora with a navy blue band. The coat he has on is the same color as his hat and is a trench coat much the detective from film noir. A navy blue ascot is wound neatly around his neck not too loose or tight. Under the trench coat, the Ink wears a three piece, navy blue suit and the pant has black vertical stripes with a gunmetal gray dress shirt. Strangely his face seems to be concealed by a black liquid as is his entire body under his clothing.

Side: Neither as of yet

Species: Metahuman

Archetype: Inquisitive Detective


<Hyper Mental Faculties >- Instead of the usual outrageous powers that some muta-humans have that can create all sorts of destruction, James unique metahuman gift involves around his brain. Not psychic powers, but enhanced mental functions. From memory to motor skills and imagination to thought, Jame is definitely unusual. Grasping difficult concepts like for example Cause and Effect and to solving a complex problem or two using memory and perception. Using said collected knowledge to create items of his wildness imagination.


<Ink Suit>

The ink suit developed by Jame Magnus is techno organic master piece. A fusion of organic polymers meshed with microscopic robots that bond immediately with the host user externally and internally. The suit doesn't bestow any impressive feats of strength, agility, or speed like any other power suit, but is highly adaptable, extremely durable, very impenetrable, and completely controlled by the host/user. In other words, the suit was originally designed to be the ultimate form of protection by encasing the host in smart liquid that would hardened to shield user from firearms, melee weapons, and explosives until it was taken to eleven by expanding its biomass to form razor sharp whip arms to cut metallic objects, body spikes, and sensory tentacles. However, as much as the suit can protect James from bodily harm and used to cut things apart, it can't shield him from poisonous/ noxious gases, toxic waste, radiation, germ war fare, or mental attacks. Even a flash grenade can still disorient him.


By high school James developed a huge appetite for knowledge and higher learning. He graduated early for high school and immediately went to a private university thanks to scholarships and other programs. He had a fascination with robotics, genetics, and string theory, but he also wanted to be involved in other subjects as well. As the super human phenomena exploded in full force, James immediately started to have an interest in military and civil technological applications.

His first project involved something that both officers of the law and soldiers can use a protective article of clothing. Something better than Kevlar and Dragon armor all together. Thus the ink suit came into begin, however it originally started as a smart suit mesh with a smart fluid filled Kevlar, but evolved into something much more.

So Jame's reason for heading to New York City, the center point of heroes and villains to is to fully test the ink suit's capabilities.
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:21 am


Character Sheet

Name: Adam Ryker
Alter Ego: Pixel
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Appearance: Searching for known image file(s) and description(s)...

Side: All known activities and information available point to possible affiliations with both heroes, villains, and average humans alike. Pixel is noted as 'independently dependent', hiring himself as a mercenary to whoever he deems fit enough to pay the price he offers. However, he has displayed on many occasions a particular dislike for overkill and brute, untamed madness or violence.

Species: Enhanced Human, arguably Meta


Cubic Disaster

History: Database currently offline...

Warning: Unauthorized user access detected.
Blocking unknown user access...
Block fail, shutting down all systems for saf

User logged in.
User: Delete all files...
Deleting... Deletion complete.

Uploading file(s)... Uploaded


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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:20 am

Oh yes, one more thing I'm adding to the Original post,

You can make one Villain and one Hero(For people) who skimmed/will skim the first post

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:14 am

Working on it now.

Name : Tetsuya Azuma

Alias: Omega

Age : 17

Gender : Male

Appearance : Despite being a Cyborg, Tetsuya looks quite normal, a 17 year old boy with brown spiky hair, pale skin without any abrasions, and emerald green eyes. He is slim and tall standing at 6'3. He usually wears khaki cargo pants, a black T-shirt, and a white unbuttoned dress shirt with a red omega symbol on the back.

Side : Hero

Species : Cyborg

Powers : Super Strength, easily able to crush a car like a soda can however, a semi or a bus are a bit more difficult. Improved Jumping able to leap 3 stories. Improved Durability, nanomachines work under his synthetic skin to keep his body working properly. They shut down when Tetsuya is in a sleep mode.
History : Tetsuya had been born and raised in New York, and had always loved super hero shows and games. His father was a brilliant robotics engineer and had asked Tetsuya if he could be a superhero, what powers would he like. Tetsuya told his father, the powers of a robot hero because they can't die. He was 5 then. On his 6th birthday, a battle broke out among a hero and villain that caused a large chunk of brick wall to fall on him. He told his father before dying, "I don't want to die. Super heroes aren't supposed to let people die."
His father, wracked with grief, took the boy's body and slowly recreated it, including making all memories into a backup disk. The boy was completed on what would have been his 17th birthday. The boy Tetsuya woke up, in a 17 year old version of his own body. But something went wrong and caused him to go berserk, destroying the lab that he was in. Finally he stabbed his father through the chest with his arm, before the fury had dissipated. He didn't know what he had done, nor did he have memories of his fury, he only found destruction. He vowed to protect all that he could and would as long as his new body holds up. He soon learned his limits, as well as his knowledge and personality having been given an upgrade. Now he fights for justice, but sometimes, after he awakens from sleep, he finds more destroyed scenery around him.
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:16 pm

BOC: I'm gonna have to say no to super speed,to hit a fast target is hard,but to hit a fast, and durable target hard enough to damage them is almost impossible.

Second is he compatible with other technology? if so how compatible?

Be sure to put some form of limit on your powers like arch did,
what powers him? what CAN'T he lift?

however, I do like the Frakenstein archtype and will enjoy seeing how his reaction to situations over time

Finally please space out the sections so it is easier to read.

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:45 pm

So wait, we're limited to one on each side?
What about characters who pull heel-face turns?

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:58 pm

That's the way it is now because I don't want too many heroes or too many villians, most people here won't do more than two characters anyway,considering anything like switching sides would take story development you'd have to talk to me about that later,because we may wind up with more on one side than the other for now just post a hero or villian and at the time you or anyone else wanna do it PM me

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:00 pm

Guess I'll pull my Supers game duo out. Element and Feral

Name: Hasegawa Makoto (Element)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Officer Form: Police Uniform, Standing about 5'6" Has black hair, and icy blue eyes that seem to glow sometimes, as though a trick of the light, which is what it's usually put down to.

Hero form: Loose black pants, almost like Martial arts Gi bottoms but made out of a Jeans like material, with a charcoal gray t-shirt, and a dark brown trenchcoat over that. His eyes actually do glow with an icy blue energy now.

Side: Hero

Species: Innately Magical

Powers: Control over the elements, Avatar (Bender) style. Meaning, he channels his abilities through martial arts. He can't use his abilities if he is unable to move. I have a listing of specific abilities that I have come up with for him over time, but this is the general description and the list is kinda long at this point.

History: Growing up, he always wanted to be a martial artist. He grew up on all kinds of fighting animes, and was always looking for a martial art that he could practice. Unfortunately, soon after starting at any Dojo, mysterious happenings would begin to occur and he would soon be asked to leave. Finally, he brought himself to the point of, if he couldn't learn from any dojo, he would teach himself. Soon after beginning he discovered the "strange happenings" were his powers over the environment manifesting as he immersed himself in the focus the martial arts required. He had always wanted to be a martial artist to help people, so it seemed a logical step forward, (once he had mastered his power to keep it under control...) to join the police force. After several escapes by criminals, he decided his powers would help him better than being an officer, so he registered himself under the police force as a "Hero" and put on a mask when confronting the tougher criminals.

I'll have Feral up in a minute.

Name: Cassandra Lynx (Feral)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue-green/Hazel Eyes./ Hair has Naturally turned an earthy Green-brown. Her hair has grown out long, but because of her circumstances, It has yet to be cut since her "Transformation", and flares out as a long, untamed yet still perfectly maintained mane, almost like a lion. She has what would be considered a "Cute" face, When it is not twisted into a cruel grin or expression of anger. Her eyes, which can go from a Human-looking wide and innocent to narrowed and slitted, like a jungle-cats eyes. Her eyes are very expressive and due to her feral nature, she has no hidden depths to her personality. All her feelings, including her vast, unfathomable rage are there on display. Clothes are a making of humanity and not of nature, so generally she goes about naked, though a bit of her feminine modesty comes through and she usually is concealed with armor made from the earth around her. For a given person on the street, this usually translates to her looking like she is wearing a "VERY" form-fitting bodysuit. In rare moments of attempting to quell her rage and the outbreak of her powers, this "Gaea Armor" may appear to be more normal clothes for a girl her age, if a bit of a wild one, But in either case, she always has some form of animalistic "extras" added to her outfits, such as, If she were feeling in a feline mood, her "civilian" form would appear much like a young cat-girl, complete with ears, tail, long sharply pointed fingernails (claws in Full on FERAL mode) and fangs.

(to ease this, I last described this as "If she is in a feline mood, Cassandra looks like a cat-girl cos-player, FERAL looks like an anthropomorphized Jungle cat")

Side: Villain(?, It's complicated, History.)

Species: Mutant

Archetype: Force of Nature (Think the Juggernaut, but in a slender, wild-eyed female body, and with a Nature/Animal powers bent.)

Enhanced Speed and Agility (when she isn't encasing herself in a Stone battlesuit.)

A Female Tarzan analogue, raised by wolves doesn't come CLOSE to approaching this little girls messed up head. Rather fragile once you get past her Gaea Armor.

History: Cassandra was the child of a pair of mutant researchers, who with their talents had come to find amazing new discoveries about nature and it's ways of benefiting mankind.
Cassandra was born to them and showed from an early age the ability to manipulate nature in most of its forms. (Note: Nature, not elements. it's different trust me. explained in Powers.) She grew up relatively happy in their research facility in a remote jungle, where the scientific enclave her parents belonged to was housed. Unfortunately, their work drew the attentions of several radical groups, including several Corporations who did not like their new solutions that would help the environment, but would be much less cost-efficient. Thus, one fateful day, their strike teams invaded and began to slaughter the populace of the enclave, killing anyone they could find. Their goal was to wipe the center from the map, and they succeeded, somewhat...

In the mayhem of the battle, a young Cassandra found her parents, dead from the weapons the invaders used. At the very least, the two had died in each others arms, but finding them dead, Cassandra found something in herself she did not understand. When she unleashed this new power, her rage boiled out of control and her powers blasted out from her young body, her entire being burning from the sudden, animalistic desire to bring vengeance down upon those who had killed her pack.

On that day, it could be said that Cassandra died, and "Feral" was born. The entire complex was wiped from the map. Surveyors, responding to the sudden, momentary distress signal, found only a large patch of the forest where the research enclave had been hidden, freshly disturbed earth the only sign marking it, and new trees beginning to sprout already.

Thus Cassandra survived as the force of nature known as 'Feral'. She was adopted several times by various packs of animals, as she lived animalistically, growing up in the forests where the center had been. But that soon came to an end as a great foresting company came through and began harvesting.

Her home in danger again, she descended upon them like a natural disaster. Machines were left in ruins, Bodies were horribly mutilated, half eaten by animals after she had ripped them still screaming limb from bloody limb. then she turned to the trail they had left and followed it back to civilization. If these creatures with their creations of smoke and steel were going to threaten her home, she would ensure that they could never do so again. regardless of if they were only trying to survive themelves. The strong lived, and the weak were prey. and Feral was strong.

(As for her being in New York, maybe she was locked up in a prison for supers and escaped?)

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:02 pm

Okay, will do.

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:17 pm

@BOC:space out history from powers

@Hasegawa: I like benders. . . =)

1st & 2nd character ACCEPTED
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:17 pm

2nd character is up

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:25 pm

I enjoyed reading that. . .I have Ideas. . .ideas indeed

Czech my post above yours

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:34 pm

This is surprisingly similar to an old RP I was in on another board.....Would like to get back into that character actually. There's no rule against the heroes being cynical bastards is there?

Character Sheet:

I kept a few fields from the previous character sheet I made for this character on another forum. Just some thing I thought would be useful/relevant to the character. Additionally I've noticed that some of his equipment might be outdated so I'll be relying on you, Orange, to clue me in on any technological updates that should be made.

Name: Noah Bond

Codename: Crank

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Noah stands at approximately 6' 1" and weighs in the range of 200 lbs. His body is well toned and athletic though somewhat unimposing. Noah has dull green eyes and brownish black hair which hangs just past his ears. He has three tattoos scattered across his body. The first is a Tribal Sleeve running the full length of his right arm. The second is a cross-hair overlapping his left index finger and thumb. The final tattoo is that of an eagle adorning his left pectoral. When not out saving the day, Noah typically dresses in a Joe Rocket Biker Jacket, gray tee shirt, blue jeans, and a single pair of black tennis shoes. Even when not on duty Noah keeps his berettas concealed inside his overcoat. Additionally Noah usually has his helmet clipped to his shoulder.

Costume: Noah's costume is rather simplistic. In actuality he simply purchased a kevlar suit as well as a replica SWAT mask to hide his identity. Noah did take the liberty of decorating the uniform with various red trimmings, however he has kept it more or less the same, removing only the identifying "POLICE" and "SWAT" tags in order to avoid an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

Weaponry: Noah's primary weapons are a pair of Beretta 93R's. The 93R has a 20-round box magazine and is capable of semi-automatic and three round burst firing modes. The effective range of the weapon is approximately 50 m.

Side: Hero

Species: Human

Powers: Controlled Adrenaline

The source of Noah's powers is adrenaline. Through this skill he is able to increase his speed, strength, and perception to almost three times that of a normal individual. On a full charge, Noah is able to lift up to 500 lbs with relative ease and can reach speeds of 35mph on foot. In addition to these physical skills, Noah is able to view the world in a kind of "bullet time" state, granting him the ability to perceive and make decisions at higher speeds than normal. It is this skill in particular which attributes the most to his fighting ability as he typically uses it for lining up shots and taking down multiple enemies in one fluid chain. This power does not come without a price though. As anyone who's ever experienced a severe adrenaline rush will tell you, the toll it takes on the body is extreme. Noah is not exempt from this. At present, Noah can only fully maintain this state for 30 seconds before it becomes necessary for him to slow down and catch his breath. Noah is able to increase the effective rate by toning down the amount of adrenaline he produces or by using the ability in shorter time spans.

Other skills: Crack shot, practices his own version of the gun kata, and is also a practitioner of parkour.

Personality: Noah is by nature, extremely cynical. At his core he truly believes that nothing he does will ever really make a difference and that he's more or less just going with the flow of things. This cynicism often makes him come off as brash and rude around others. This jaded personality masks a deeper need to protect and in fact to be protected, though one would have a hard time getting him to admit it.

Background: Noah's story began in Meridian, Idaho. His father was a desk jockey and his mother a waitress at the local diner. Whenever he wasn't absolutely swimming in paperwork, Noah's father would take him hunting from time to time, or, if it was too cold out, to the rifle range. These semi-weekly trips started when Noah was 7 and ended shortly after he turned 12 when his parents divorced. He lived with his mother in Fargo, North Dakota for awhile before finally moving out when he was 18. His father had remained in Idaho, and had rarely visited the boy. Thus, Noah headed west, finally settling down in Seattle. If he wasn't already on the fast spiral downhill, then this was where it all started. It didn't take long for the lonely Noah to be adopted into one of the local gangs. It was on the streets of Seattle where Noah rediscovered his forgotten skills with firearms. Though he never actually killed anyone, Noah had a hand in several store robberies, muggings, and the like during his brief life of crime.

When Noah was 20, he finally left the gang, using what money he had left from the most recent job to purchase a pair of beretta 93R's, a motorcycle, and the first month's rent on an apartment in Manhatten. Life as a common thug had made him cold towards others, making it difficult for him to hold down a job for long. Noah worked in and out of various retail stores before finally landing a permanent position in a warehouse for a popular shopping website. Noah has remained in this position to the day.

Noah's rather dull life took a turn for the strange after only a few months of being employed at the warehouse. News of people with superpowers spread like wild fire through the city. As the rumors spread, more and more metahumans seemed spring up around Noah. It was then that Noah's own body began to show signs of change. Noah first noticed it at work during one of their usual mad rushes. Noah found time practically slowing down for him, while others made comments of his unusual increases in strength. It wasn't long before Noah found himself in a Doctor's office trying to explain what was happening to him. It was obvious he had gained some kind of ability like so many others before him, but just what was it. It was there that Noah learned that his body had undergone a quite drastic physical change. The adrenaline that Noah usually produced had become much more potent. In addition, Noah soon discovered that he could consciously control the production of the substance.

It was an unusual feeling having a power of one's own. Noah felt more alive than he ever had. No longer were his days filled only with the hum drum back and forth between work and home. In his spare time Noah practiced parkour and, in an attempt to make it more interesting, did so whilst carrying his guns. Before long, Noah had developed a unique fighting style based on various moves he had learned through parkour mixed with gunplay. Despite all this, life as a vigilante failed to hold any interest for him, and he'd spent enough time as a crook to know that wasn't a life worth going back to. So what then? What was he to do with this new lease on life? Eventually Noah came to the conclusion that even if what he did wouldn't make a difference, there simply wasn't anything else in his life worth doing. Thus, Noah made himself a costume and got to work.

Job(s): Works in an online warehouse.

Relationships: Noah has no active relationship with either of his parents and as an only child, no siblings with which to confide in. Rather, Noah has created something of a pseudo family with his friends at work. In addition he has a pet beta fish named scooter. Sadly his work life has made it difficult for him to retain a girlfriend and he is thus currently single.

Notes: Owns a motorcycle.
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Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:34 pm

yeah, sorry, I'm on my phone and it won't scroll past my powers. I can fix when web is back on my comp. including what powers him.

Re: More Than Human OOC: Signups Open

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:39 pm

Bolts wrote:This is surprisingly similar to an old RP I was in on another board.....Would like to get back into that character actually. There's no rule against the heroes being cynical bastards is there?

sure, the more intrigue the better

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:51 pm

I'm gonna work on a Villain now!

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:10 pm

quick question, on your villain pic up there, is that a BIOMETAL DEADPOOL?! (far right)

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:21 pm

I have no idea, none at all

Okey dokey, the IC should be up 12 o'clock monday if all goes well

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:37 pm


I believe that would be Deadshot from the DC universe. How dark are we allowed to go roughly Orange? I know it's stated to be PG-13 and all but I just want some confirmation on what you consider to be PG-13.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:48 pm

as long as you aren't gorey, or describing sex(you can imply this if you want(you can bring it up in conversation but only to a certain degree)) you're gucci.

Re: More Than Human OOC:Open (IN NEED OF VILLAINS)

Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:53 pm

Well, I am kinda writing down a villain that uses his blood as weapons to kill his targets. The only gore I was thinking of referring to is to be in his history, however it's to be implied. Terror tactics through the use of meat hooks.
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