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Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Wed May 30, 2012 6:02 pm

Evil Genius RP

Ever been interested in the world of espionage? Ever wanted to be like James bond with all the gadgets, glamour and girls? Well this is your chance, in this RP you'll be set in the normal modern day world with cars, crooks and chavs that normal day life has. But all those things in this RP will be stereotyped to the bone e.g. British men will be posh speaking with bowler hats, suits, news paper and a cane, Scottish blokes will be all bag piped, tartan with thick ginger beards and a thick accent to match etc.

You guys will be playing Henchmen, evil servants to and evil genius, when contacted by him you’ve never actually seen his face only his shadowy outline. However you do know of his front operation which is Klaw Ko. This company varies in what it does; it owns casinos, Shopping centres and tinned tuna factories, even a coffee store called Klawbucks. In the RP you will be sent to various countries to complete various mission, to start out rather simple if diabolical e.g. Poison a water supply off a local town. This will soon become more complex e.g. taking out a world leader, when you get to this point you will find resistance in Super agents. These guys are your moral opposites, Agents of justice set out to stop the evils of the world (this being you) and they will have abilities too just like you.

Well Henchmen are classed three ways, Social, Technical and Military. Social Henchmen can Smooth talk or control other people into getting into a building; they are lightly armed with minor weaponry e.g. pistol or specific stereotyped weaponry e.g. Haitian/Cuban Voodoo doll. Science Henchmen are smart, very smart, they can be from any field of science from biology to chemistry, or even medicine if needs be, they are usually altered by their field be they fatal mistake to just sheer skill. And finally the Military Henchmen, these guys can take out a squadron of armed guards in one blow by means of finesse or sheer brute strength, they carry very dangerous weapons e.g. Katana, bazookas, bombs etc. These guys are the muscle of the group but all three will be needed to complete objectives and eventually at the end missions.

So go crazy and come up with the funniest, cheesiest Henchmen you can think of, that’s an order!


Name: (Something relative to their nationality or general theme of character)
Sex: (Easy enough)
Build: (What build are you?’ Sly’ Henchmen tend to be light and agile, Medium Henchmen are the middle men slower than sly but also stronger and better endurance, Brute Henchmen are the daddy of them all big bruisers but are the slowest of the three.)
Class: (Military, Social or Science, this does not in any way affect your build.)
Nationality: (Will affect the Appearance of your character)
Appearance: (Must be stereotypical to either their personality or their nationality.)
Personality: (How demented are you as henchmen? Are you the calm but killer type like Oddjob? Get off from causing pain like Onnatop?)
Abilities: ( You will have two abilities, one will be main and one secondary and these will be of two types passive or active, doesn’t matter if both are active or both passive but they can’t be overpowered even if you are a walking stereotype)
Perks: (You can choose three perks from this list, these don’t do anything for your character it just gives more insight how your character works: Alchemist, Angel of Death, Assasin, Born Leader, Boxer, Brawler, Break out, Child of War, Cyborg, Drug User, Dual Wielder, Elemental, Enlightened, Explosive Expert, Gentleman, Guns For Hire, Hybrid, Immortal, Lucky, Magic, Mechanically Engineered, Melee User, Most Wanted, Psychopath, Rich, Samurai, Science, Seductress, Sniper)
Background: (Doesn’t need to be long but must have slight humour and a reason for them becoming the evil agent they are today.)


Name: Dr Ali Gator A.K.A ‘Doc Croc’
Sex: Male
Build: Brute
Class: Science
Nationality: American, State of Louisiana
Appearance: Ali stands at 7ft and weighs about 250lbs, this makes him very tall indeed and his weight is purely muscle, this is due to the pure alligator genes running through his veins. As with most reptiles Ali shares their scaled skin all over his body giving him almost natural body armour, his hands are more claws and he’s even developed a long scaly tail. His face his more human part from his long snout and razor sharp teeth. His skin colour is a very light green with his under belly (Covered by clothes) is a tan colour. With his clothing he wears a long white science coat, underneath that he wears a light green tank top and he wears a pair of green jeans, he doesn’t wear shoes as his crocodile feet don’t allow human footwear.

Main- Scaled Skin (Passive), Ali having becomes a human crocodile hybrid has gained their skin but modified with his scientific skills to make it mildly tougher this has made him more resistant to normal bullets but armour piercing rounds will affect him.
Secondary- Killer Instinct (Active) Ali can use a drug he created to simulate a crocodiles heightened sense of smell to outline most humans just by the smell of their blood, he can even tell who the person is so he doesn’t mistake a target for one of his fellow human, this ability wears off after 2 hours.

Personality: After years of spending time alone with his fellow reptiles he’s grown cold towards the humanity he was once part of and sees them as alien and unusual. This allows him to follow along with these diabolical plans as long as the Evil Genius funds his Science experiments. He doesn’t even mind killing humans as he just sees them as one less person to interfere with his work.

Background: Born in Louisiana Ali grew up around the Bayou; he got good grades in school and even went to university where he studied Zoology, Biology and Chemistry. He began working at the local science institute testing various chemicals on Alligators and Crocodiles. One day he got trapped in a testing booth with one of the Crocodile test subjects, the pair’s genes were crossed. The ones in the crocodile soon became benign but the ones in Ali began to mutate and evolve. The man retained his intelligence but started developing more reptilian traits such as his skin turning a greener colour and him having more carnivorous cravings. The science bureau shunned Ali for his looks, so Ali decided to shun the world and began to do his experiments in private with only his crocodiles for company. More experiments developed him into what you see today, with his mind now altered as if viewing the human race as a different species to him. He was hired by the Evil genius as a chance for revenge on the people who had shunned him and a way to further fund his experiments.
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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Wed May 30, 2012 7:54 pm


I don't see lists?

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 5:32 am

Ah knew there was something, go to Asmo's Art for the time being he has the images of all the perks.

Edit: All sorted.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 7:06 am

We could just post them in all their beautiful glory?

Linky to the list

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 7:32 am

.....But I spent like half an hour linking each one individually D:.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 8:27 am

You could always just quote my message and get the links?

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 9:28 am

*Eyes RP* Right. Haven't done a CS in a while, let's hope it isn't too mary sueish.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 1:07 pm


Name: Kevin Dormouse

Alias: Phantasm

Sex: Male

Build: Sly

Class: Science

Nationality: American

Appearance: Kevin wears a purple colored lab coat that's often open showing a white shirt that has the company logo he's currently working for with black pants and black and white sneakers. He also wears a face mask that is also half purple and black. The purple side, right side, has an eye with a wild teeth grin. The black side, left side, has only just a half closed red eye. His hair color is a dirty blond slicked back with blue eyes.


Kevin is cheerful, friendly, and very much a team player to who ever he is working for. He is a firm believer that the entire world should be under one flag of who ever has the guts and the smarts to do it, since a united world is a much more peaceful world. Now the reason his loyalties vary to whoever is because Kevin has common sense and if whoever he's working for did something really stupid its very likely he will flee from them taking some of his wondrous toys with him. He'll also flee if he suspects the big boss is in the "you have outlived your usefulness" mood too.

The way he works, Kevin gives what you want, but not what you need. He keeps the best stuff for himself and just in case he develops countermeasures to the devices and gears he gives away. Sometimes, Kevin will purposely make flaws into the devices he gives away. Either its an attempt to keep him needed or because he needs to make sure they fail if used on him. Kevin is smart and clever, but doesn't have any real ambition for world domination.


- Super Science <Sandman Cometh>(Passive): A scientific experiment involving cosmic rays gone horribly wrong altered Kevin's genetic makeup, making somewhat a freak of nature. He is now bestowed the ability to freely transform back and forth into living sand. Becoming this living sand, Kevin has complete mental control of his body, allowing to freely move into any space as well as changing into sand to avoid getting hurt or fatal injured. Unfortunately, Kevin isn't able to change his gadgets or clothing into sand with him .

- Super Science <Gadget Galore> (Active): Kevin's real talent and the only reason he's made the most wanted listed on any agency's watch list . For the underground elite, Kevin has developed things that make formal and causal wear bulletproof, artillery suitcases, and cyborg watch dogs just to name a few . The best toys, Kevin's private pet projects he keeps for himself this includes: The Visitor's Mask, which Kevin is always wearing allows the user to travel through reflective surfaces to other reflective surfaces without being detected, The Screamer mk. III, which is a small piece that can be universally attached to any current hand held devices like i pods, i phones, cell phones, and gamer devices and unleash a devastating sonic frequency causing anyone not wearing his special made ear plugs to cover their ears and get on their kneels, and the Frost Menace, which is pretty much a cryogenic weapon and is basically a huge back pack with an ice wand, used to freeze things and mostly for entertainment. So pretty much, Kevin can create any kind of strange device he can think of and it will actually work.

Image Image Image


Kevin Dormouse on October 16 1995, was presumed dead, vaporized by the device that was designed to study the effects of cosmic rays from space on plant life. His lab partner from Visions Labs on the other hand, she was abducted by higher powers for the new found "talents" she received from the accident. 13 years passed, Kevin Dormouse fully reconstructed danced around Washington D.C. as if he was in tomorrow land at Disneyland. Instead of committing vile acts of villainy like most would given the circumstance, Kevin choose to celebrate by doing what he does best and invent as revenge to him was a sucker's game .

Unfortunately, Kevin ultimately caused a national incident due to his innocence celebrating. Said event labelled Kevin as a terrorist and placed him near the top of every watch list there was, simply because his gadget, The Visitor's Mask worked too well. The incident in question, Kevin popped out of a tiny mirror inside the President of the United States of America's car "The Beast" during a parade. Wearing some sort of freaky mask and jumping out of the moving vehicle certainly didn't do any favors for Kevin. Phantasm is what they called him in the papers as many watched Kevin's antic with the beast and his sudden disappearance. An apparition, a creation of the imagination, but in the end it is what it is, a well fitting name for him.

Fast forwarding four years towards the present, a shadowy man from the underworld elite pays Kevin a visit the only way one could from the underworld mysteriously and makes him an offer that he would be crazy to refuse. Which Kevin doesn't.


Art by Asmodai

Theme Song: "In the glass" by Ok go
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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 2:49 pm

Name: Eoin O'Réalta

Sex: Male

Build: Medium - Wiry and tall. Like a thin man built on a 11:10 scale. Keeps himself in good shape due to regular morning and evening exercises, and fighting on weekends. Not agile or flexible but fast and tough. A good boxer.

Class: Science

Nationality: Irish.

Appearance: Dark rust-coloured hair which is more obviously ginger when having light shone on it, looks like rusted copper at times. Height of 6 foot five, a bit thin relatively speaking. A few scars and white burn marks dot his face and the rest of his body, sometimes the tips of his hairs are a little black due to an electrical mishap. At the moment, he has no eyebrows. Dark green eyes, pale skin, that's looks a little less pale due to the white scars but then a little more alse due to, well, he's a little sick.

Keeps an insignia over his shoulder and most of his devices.
http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv35 ... /star3.jpg

Personality: Can be quite quiet and solumn on his own, but easily exitable around other people, before quickly turning grumpy and unsociable again. Diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder, swinging between Depressive, apathy and self-loathing, and Hypomanic episodes, exitability and extreme optimism. Can easily kill someone, so long as it's not a face-to-face kill. Slight hair trigger and sensitive about religion. Has a few wild moments as he suffers from Malign Hypercognition Disorder.
Abilities: The passive ability to, when he touches it, to see where something came from, it's part of a whole and sometimes what it's purpose was. Very useful when taking things apart and putting them together. 2nd ability is a mild control over electricity, electric fields, etc. Quite handy for someone who's gone far past A-level physics.

Perks: ImageImage Image

Background: Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1970. Because of this he grew up in a culture of sectarianism, racism and general fear. It didn't help that his mother had been killed one night by one of the numerous gangs, inflicted with fevered patrionism, or simply hatred, depending on your point of view. His father was arrested for taking part in a bombing three years later, so you can imagine what the household opinions were like. Fiercy, brutal and a little justified. He was moved down to Galway to live with his aunt and uncle, in the countryside, reasonably well-off pair with a child of their own, Aoife. Pleasant girl, if a bit willowy. Although, they were just what was needed to allow Eoin's hatred to burn out. Calm, meek people with fair opinions, his uncle was a little bitter over the loss of his sister but didn't hold it against all protestants. Eoin was able to lose focus on his hatred, slipping it into the backburner of his soul, letting it cool to bright cinders and burning coal. Working out at the farms for part time jobs, schoolwork and a passive population in a countryside village was a fantastic change from the squalid, angry and dangerous enviroment of the big city, and Eoin's always had a soft spot for the country since then, but the cities are where things happen.

His intellect blossomed when he entered University in Dublin, but unfortunately, political discussions are always popular amongst some people of that age, who think they know what they're talking about but don't have the experience to know what shouldn't be said in certain contexts. The fire slowly sparked back up, but instead of being used to set his enemies alight, he used it to fuel his studies, diving into his work. He finished his master's degree quickly, becoming one of the university's golden boys, although they were careful with letting him near public speaking situations. The wounds of his soul had merely scabbed over, and they weren't going to heal into mere scars anytime soon. His expulsion from the university came after a brawl at a local pub which resulted in the bar burning down, and numerous broken jaws and other bones, it seems that burning off that anger through physical exercise hadn't been that great of an idea. Thankfully, genius is always given a little leeway, once the blood had been cleaned away, and the blunt object prised from their hands, he got a job at a factory, working with mechanics, engines, the physical application of science. He'd never had much time for purely theoretical work, biology seemed too messy and chemistry was interesting enough, but limited in how much you could control it, relatively speaking. At 28 he'd started his own business, creating engines, new materials and alloys, but the apex of his career was his discovery of the element, specifically, solinium 8. His new career path began with a bang, a nice big one which took out a small street in Belfast. It seems all that had been holding Eoin back was the unlikelyhood of success, but now, robots marched out of his factory, Solinium powered guns bolted to their arms, self-destruct devices implanted in their cores and a brand-spanking AI system he'd replicated off this guy in China. Thankfully, like most blossoming super-villians, he hadn't thought of the fact that, the goverment was used to this kind of thing these days. A few suits were sent in to stop him. His robots simply weren't prepared to deal with laser eyes and magic wands and because of that Eoin's little attempt at ethnically cleansing Ireland was stopped in it's tracks. He didn't even try to take any of the heroes out, simply activated the timer in his building, left his brain-dead clone in his desk and got the hell out of there. He didn't even try to take any funds with him, just sent it all to a few enviromental charities.

In the beginning
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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 3:18 pm

Hmmm... looks interesting. I may join in.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 4:30 pm

Still a WIP

Name: Lord James Hamilton IV
Sex: Male
Build: Sly
Class: Social
Nationality: British

While other dastardly scoundrels would surely appear intimidating with bulging muscles, big weapons or malicious looking scars, Lord Hamilton IV is a gentleman and as such chooses to dress in nothing but the finest quality, he wears a white overcoat, a grey waist coat, white buttoned shirt, a black tie, white trousers, black oxford shoes (polished of course), white gloves and to finish, a white trilby hat with black band.

He keeps on him at all times a simple silver pocket watch, a black polished wooden cane with a silver handle.

With a thin body build, neatly combed black hair, a well groomed goatee and calm brown eyes, Lord Hamilton IV stays true to his appearance.

Personality: Lord Hamilton IV is a outwardly calm character, an air of arrogance almost emanates from him as he walks in a distinct collected with each step purposeful, his mannerisms of a polite gentleman belies the anarchist deep underneath him. Many will brush him aside as a rich snob who has nothing to bring to the field.

Every bit of chaos he unleashes brings a twisted Cheshire of pure ecstasy onto his otherwise impassive face. He revels in the wake of those moments yet his fun will be ruined if someone tries to interfere or if someone chooses to kill his playthings.
A gentleman resorts to lethal force as final solution. A solution where there is no fun to be had.

Mister Unlucky (passive): Lord Hamilton IV seems to be lady luck's favorite guy, perhaps she enjoys his brand of chaos or just likes his looks but what ever the case maybe his luck at times can truly influence the strangest of situations.

Chaos magic (Active): Despite all his sophistication Lord Hamilton IV is a man of chaos and in his wake it chaos shall surely follow. By physically touching an object he can unleash his magic and ensure his fun will continue. Be it turning a concrete floor back to it's liquid form for a couple hours to turning ice into steam, the effects vary and are out of his hand. He once out of curiosity altered a can of coca-cola into pepsi while at a store and watched as an innocent bystander bought said can. Apparently the store was sued shortly afterwards.... and the man subsequently robbed of his money.... who could've done it?


Background: (Doesn’t need to be long but must have slight humour and a reason for them becoming the evil agent they are today.)
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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 4:59 pm

Name: Marie-Antoinette Léon
Moniker: “Madame Mirage”
Nationality: French, Île-de-France
Class: Social
Affiliation: Céleste, Bello, Femme, La Veuve Noire


Age: 39
Gender: Female
Height: 1.8 meter (5 foot 9 inches)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Build: Light
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue


“A sight to be seen.” – Vogue

“Truly the spokesperson of future France!” – L’Officiel

“Fashion queen of the world.” – Time

Marie is the present day archetype of the Femme Fatale, possessing an almost otherworldly beauty, ensnaring her lovers in bonds of irresistible desires and more often than not, lead them to an untimely demise. Whether her beauty, charm or sexual allure, Marie is always in the center of the spotlights.

She wears only the finest clothing, made from the most expensive threads and crafted by the most skillful artisans. All of her designs she wears are from her own fashion line “Femme”, as her statement always has been “What you see is what you can buy.” The dress that made her famous, and the one that turned into an icon on itself, is her red, silken, strapless dress. It’s tight hugging and leaves a lot of skin exposed, yet retains its classy look.

Addendum 1-A: Personality:
Marie is a pleasant woman to be around, she always has good stories to tell and is a serious improvement to anybody’s social status if you’re seen with her. Her soirees are the stuff of legends, everybody who’s a somebody simply has to attend these, from movie actors to politicians, Marie has seen and spoken to them all.

Yet despite all of it, all the glitter and glamour, Marie always wants more. Specifically the things she can’t have, or so they say. Marie is always out to prove them wrong. She becomes obsessed with whatever it is she set her eyes on, and will do everything in her power to achieve her goal. This is what makes her such a successful business woman.

Even when it comes to violence, Marie tends to go all out. Expect it to be big and grandiose. Has her own personal team of bodyguards, girls handpicked from La Veuve Noir, trained in the arts of hand to hand combat, explosives and heavy weapons. While she doesn't take them along on missions, she does surround herself with them off-mission.

Addendum 1-B: Bio:
By the time Marie was 24, she was a well-established multi-millionaire with everything she ever wanted. From the glitz and glamour, to her posh fashion line or her beauty products dominating the markets worldwide, she was set for life. Yet she always sought out more.

Marie was the sole daughter to fashion icon Francois Léon. Early on, father and daughter only had one another, after Marie’s mom, a young American model from New York, had died in a car accident when Marie was only ten years old. His work being his life, Francois took initiative to teach Marie everything he knew, including how to design, how to create, and how to run a business. If he ever had a high profile meeting, Marie was there with him. She was inhaling all the fashion shows and absorbing every corner of the design room. Marie lived, breathed and ate fashion, and she loved it.

Marie also turned out to be an excellent chemist, quickly picking up the trade and showing off skills far beyond that of someone her age. Her father encouraged it, as it gave the girl a good insight on how makeup was developed. But Marie was far more interested in substances that affected the human body, from mood changers to poisons.

Francois passed away when Marie was 22. With the renowned artist gone, Marie was the only one who could step up to the plate, as otherwise, Francois’ greedy siblings would take the business away from her. In the following years, Marie fought hard for everything her father worked towards and finally won the assets. With his death, Marie inherited 124 million dollars, and her father’s siblings took a little under 2 million. She felt no need to ever speak to them again, cutting off all connections and instead focused on her own future, a fashion line called “Céleste.” She finally stepped out of the hole she had hid in for so long and created her first makeup line, called “Bello,” a digital lipstick that could change colors with every outfit, rendering normal lipstick worthless. The brand became a hot commodity and sold huge numbers around the world, turning Marie from a protégée into an icon, by raking in $3.2 million in sales in the first month.

After her successful makeup line, Marie created “Femme,” a fashion outlet for young females who longed for a sophisticated and classy look. But what really set Marie apart from the competition was her creation of the extravagant burlesque club, La Veuve Noire. With this extraordinary club, one was given a show most would die for, where beautiful woman would mesmerize you not only with their incredible dance segments, but their captivating beauty as well.

For now Marie continues to run the club, and visitors still pour in by the boatload, despite the eerie rumors of SABRE agents going missing after visiting. She is France’s most luxuriant and iconic females in the industry and is determined to stay that way until the day she dies.

Addendum 2-A: Equipment:

Addendum 2-B: Abilities:
Primary – Femme Fatale (passive): Marie is an impossible to miss presence, the mere sight of her making the knees of men weak. And if her appearance isn’t enough, her perfume, laced with pheromones, will seal the deal. Marie can make men dance to her whims, make them do things they’d normally never do. It is also an exceptionally effective skill at gathering information.

Secondary – Madame Mirage (active): Using her unique Bello lipstick, she can change not only the color of her lipstick, but her entire appearance. Hair color, eye color, skin color, even her outfit can change. Using this has made it sure that she has not been arrested yet, as none of the agencies know who Madame Mirage truly is. This skill cannot change her genetic makeup, so her physique will remain untouched. The changes are purely cosmetic.

Addendum 3: Perks:

Image Image Image

Addendum 4: Extra's:



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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 5:19 pm

You've outdone yaself this time Asmo, accepted if finished.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 5:51 pm

Name: Viktor Marov

Sex: Male

Build: Medium Henchman

Class: Military

Nationality: Russian

Appearance: Viktor stands at a lean 6 foot 5 with brown hair and a thick beard, his eye's are the darkest blue to walk the planet and he take's great pride in the mesmerizing swirl they carry in them. Hypnotic in their own way.

His body is tanned and rough from years under the sun and training below the sea, the various scars dance across his body yet fail to hide the glory of his perfect muscular prowess. This man is so manly his chesthair has been shaved to the likeness of an anchor, the top of it sticks out of his shirt, hinting at way is below. The symbol on his hat is a human skill with a set of shark jaws biting into it, and the back of his fishermans coat is a large red star.

Strapped across his back is a light yet impossibly sturdy anchor with a long chain attached to it. Viktor wields 'Sandy' with ease and comfort despite it's obvious weight and unruly handling.

"I call it 'sandy' because one good THUMP from this will lay you out on the beach for a good long time!" -Viktor, upon reflection of his unusual choice of name.

- Captain's hat.
- Black fishermans raincoat with fur lining the neck.
- Waders and plastic boots.
- Silk military-grade gloves. Emblazoned with the red star an the backs.

Personality: Though he is often a stern and hard fellow, that isn't to say he cannot be 'nice'. Though it is usually in terms of murder or general villainy.
Years as a fishing captain on a large fleet along with his violent fall to the depths of the sea have left him with a violent temper and a whole new threshold for pain. Yet despite his angry tendencies and drunken ways, he is a sailor at heart. Proud and strong of heart, capable of carrying tremendous weight on his shoulders.

His greatest flaw is likely the inherent need to make distasteful puns and sing in the midst of combat. Often unhelpful, yet it brings him joy.

Robotic hand; Viktor lost his arm when he was lost at sea, a wild shark caught him when he fell off the rails and during the brief struggle it caught his right hand and bit it off along with most of his wrist.
A new prosthetic arm was created a short time later by his rescuers, his new hand was cold, metallic, and loaded with gadgets. Each finger has it's own specific function.
Index - A small needle, usually a powerful tranquilizer or lethal poison. A small co2 tank at the base of the hand fires the projectile.
Middle - Twisted to the right and pulled, the finger releases and reveals 10 feet of razor-wire.
Ring finger - A large blade extends to roughly a foot long, Razor sharp coated with a numbing poison.
Pinky - A powerful laser is located in the pinky.
Thumb - Short and simple; Extremely powerful bomb. Used as a last line of attack or a quick kill.

Fake leg; Nothing fancy, a simple fake leg that goes to his knee. Hollowed out and keeps his secret weapon in a fight. The "Russian thought enhancer". The secret is the massive amount of vodka in the bottle.

Perks: ImageImageImage

Background: Viktor was, to all accounts before his mysterious drop from existence, a fisherman. Simple and respected within a small fleet of boats, talented at traversing the rougher seas and meaner than any storm could ever exist.
His temper was never directed at his loyal and hard working crew but at the very sea itself, how he hated the cruel bitch with his heart. He disliked the constant rocking and the violent shift of the seas whim, it cost him time and friends to get the best catch. It wasn't long after he became captain of his own little fleet that his leg slipped in fish guts and set him overboard during one of the worst storms of his career.

No stranger to the depths, Viktor tried to swim up to his ship but a current pulled him further down to the black. It was there he lost his hand. A great white, chipped teeth and numerous marks from everything imaginable had found a meal and taken the first bite. A vicious battle involving the proud Russian seafarer and the beast of the great blue took place away from human eyes, yet it was the man who won out. Despite the lack of air and the crippling sting of his missing hand it was Viktor who found purchase in the beasts flesh that allowed his knife to strike the fiends eye and snap off in the brain. No doubt his crew had found the shark washed up with their captains knife embedded in the titan's eye.

All was not lost as he sank to the merciless depths, with the cold water and the loss of blood the man managed to fall into a state of near death where breathe was unneeded to keep him intact. He awoke at some point in a bright cave filled with chanting people, they spoke a language he didn't understand and seemed distant. Yet from just a glance he knew these men were strong, far stronger than any shark he'd fight.
They had already seen the wound on his arm and knew he'd either killed the Shark or managed to injure it, else he'd never have escaped the grasp of grunfah the white, it's tooth was found lodged in his chest bearing the temples mark. The Shark had been born into the Underground temple and it's teeth, and flesh, marked with their signature. Every so often the beast would return to have it's newer teeth engraved as well.

They taught him. Nurtured him. Armed him. They did not know right or wrong, only life and death as a cycle. Close to 5 years went by and Viktor found himself on the surface world. Yet it was cold. Unfeeling. Lost in it's own self destruction and greed. Viktor's once great love of life had shriveled on the spot to leave a bitter taste in his mouth. It wasn't long before his new found skills were turned to less... diplomatic... Ventures.

"Who knew my greatest life's work would come at the orders of some café twit with a frother and a letter from his boss. The Clawssant's aren't bad either." - Viktor, upon hiring to Claw-corp.

(Work in progress)
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Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Thu May 31, 2012 11:55 pm

Name: Alfred "The Brick" Camdol

Sex: Male

Build: Brute

Class: Military

Nationality: British

Appearance: Heavily muscular, he wears a simple set of military fatigues, in the Genius' orange and yellow. With ordinary black combat boots and a shirt that strains at his pectorals. On one eye he wears a monocle at all times. No one knows how he keeps it there, and he has never been seen without it. (I'm going for Street Fighter's Dudley, but with a monocle and no mustache.)

Personality: While at first, one would think he is a simpleton, given his great physical assets, he does have a somewhat refined mind. Hard to tell, him being mute though. He does have a love for battle, and fighting in general, and has accidentally broken up a few illegal fighting rings by the simple expedient of entering them, and beating everyone in the building within an inch of their lives.

Strong Arm (Passive): Camdol, through extensive muscular training (and quite a few scientific experiments mind you...) is at the physical peak of human strength. With this amazing strength he can achieve feats of physical prowess that few unaided human beings could.

Unstoppable (Passive): Part of his unique physiology, Camdol can take massive amounts of punishment and keep going. Allowing him to use his great strength to his advantage, smashing through gates, doors, even semi-solid and a few completely solid walls. The very picture of an Implacable Man.

Perks: Image ImageImage

Background: Born to an upper class family, Alfred's parents were exceedingly concerned when he was born, for no sound came from his young throat. Even after the doctors induced his breathing, the child remained silent as a mouse. As he grew up however, it became obvious that, although mute, he was growing to be an exceptionally well-endowed physical specimen. Large, and with a natural musculature that most athletes would kill for, his father's training regimen sculpted his frame into an intimidating powerhouse. He tried sports, but found most of them wanting, first cricket, and the American baseball were discarded as too tame, then soccer, which ended when he stepped down and snapped another players leg as they tried for a steal. American football was deemed not aggressive enough, and then Rugby, but after the unfortunate accident with another player that involved a fist fight, two chickens, a lady's girdle and a hairpin, that ended as well.

Seeking an outlet for his son's aggressively competitive nature, He tried him in boxing, which the lad seemed to take to like a fish to water, and he remained in the sport throughout his school years, where after he went out for the military. In the military he found a new outlet for his violent aggression, not only learning the ways of war, but also in the brutal rigors of hand to hand, where one does whatever he can to win.

That is not to say that he was always a raging combative animal, in fact outside of fighting/competition, his life was relatively normal, or as normal as one gets when one is a hulking brute, built like a brick house (Leading to his nickname...) and mute on top of things. However, on the whole, he retained his composure outside of combat, and lacking a voice, found it easier to remain quiet when spoken of in whispers in school. He seemingly enjoys the simpler things in life, when not on a mission or fighting, enjoying afternoon tea and music of all kinds, but especially classical music.

His current hulking stature is the result of the Evil Genius's experiments in the enhancement of the human physicality. He currently has a personal tailor that handles his uniforms for him, seeing as most standard issue uniforms are woefully inadequate for his massive frame.

Due to his massive strength enabling him to handle the recoil, he carries a pair of specially designed .50 caliber, Long barrel, Desert Eagles as sidearms.

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Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:58 pm

Name: Aidan 'Dead Man's Hand' Arasmith
Sex: Male
Build: Sly
Class: Military
Nationality: American
Appearance: Aidan looks like an everyman at the moment. His black hair is combed but not neat, his clothing is nice if not spectacular, and his glasses are mid-priced. He doesn't give off the feeling of being anyone important and likes it that way. He prefers to surprise people. However, sometimes he'll get bored of this look and show of in a big way. He spikes his hair, wears a leather vest and spiked gloves, and wears shades. He thinks he is awesome and anyone saying otherwise gets to fight with an immortal. He doesn't take gruff from anyone in this 'mode' even his employers. He knows that, unless something extraordinary happens, he'll be back in action soon afterwards no matter what happens. He tends to carry a 'dead man's hand, in a pocket. The cards are almost always from different decks.

Personality: Aidan is, to a normal person, suicidal. He takes huge risks for tiny gains, angers all the wrong people, and doesn't look both ways before crossing a highway. Of course, he's simply taking advantage of his ability but loves to see the looks on people's faces when they think he is dead. Plus, it is always fun to scare a coroner. He is always looking for a new experience. Sometimes he plays up being an honest citizen. When that gets boring, he goes and robs a liquor store for a few bucks and laughs when the police show up. He also loves games of chances.

Interestingly, Aidan rarely kills. He may break a few bones or leave someone in agony but he doesn't get his hands dirty, though he has no qualms about letting someone else finish off someone for him.

Regenerator (Passive): So far, nothing has managed to stop Aidan from simply getting back up. He's been decapitated, blown to pieces, burned both by fire and acid, and electrocuted. The decapitation took him a few days to grow himself a new body and boy was Aidan boooooored.

Limit Breaker (Passive): By taking advantage of his primary ability, Aidan has no fear of using his body to the limit. He bought drugs that allow the user to use his body beyond normal capacity. Unfortunately, it also causes the user to dissolve into a puddle after a while. That's nothing to Aidan, however. He is stronger, faster, and tireless.

Image ImageImage

Background: Aidan is unlucky. He was born unlucky and tried to live his life as fate shot spitballs at the back of his head. He was smart but no matter what he did, it tended to end in failure. Relationships died early. Accidents led to firings. He finally got a job as a human guinea pig. Part of him hoped that he would simply die from all the things he was taking by that point in his life. He was doing all kinds of drugs, drinking heavily, and living in sin. Then, something happened. All the unluck he had built up during his life finally paid off when everything he was putting into his body mixed together and caused a radical change in his physiology. One side effect was that normal drugs didn't do anything for him anymore. His body rejected any changes too quickly. So he sober and cleaned up. He became a body guard/human shield. And, you know, bad guys pay better. So here he is. He came by his monkier when he was dealt the famous hand right before a hit man shot him square between the eyes. This was when his powers weren't as well known and the assassin was later found with the cards in his dismembered hands.
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Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:23 pm



Think you're the good guys? Then welcome to my world, you sss-tupid bastards.

Name: Yamaguchi 'Yama-Yama' Harukichi
Sex: Male
Build: Medium. Although quite slim and very fit for his age, mid-30s and still young!, Yama-Yama's nickname, directly translated into the Double Peaks or the Two Mountains, still stands for his invincibility and his undefeated history in combat.
Class: Military, although a talker as smooth as when in combat, Yama-Yama is paid to be a soldier. Not to stare at the ladies and improve his social network for real estate deals in his country's sinking island.
Nationality: Japanese, a Tokyoite.

Appearance: Yama-Yama, being Japanese like all Japanese, has the usual features that are seen from their most influential works around the world: anime. Standing at a shocking height of 5'8, uncommon for his people to see someone so tall among them, Yama-Yama has medium-length hair with a gigantic fringe and is naturally static even in the harshest of winds, along with small, beady, dark-drown eyes which are rarely seen between the narrow slits on his face, a small nose as sharp as his chin which is always covered in his faint greyish-black stubble, and thin lips common to his country. Always adhering to traditional Yakuza dress, Yama-Yama's clothes are always in black and white, including the iconic hat and sunglasses, along with black umbrellas and cheap cigarettes. Inside his 'inventory' is an usually high amount of knives, guns, ramen, pocky and various other objects of interest.

Personality: Always calm and always ready to adapt, Yama-Yama is the sort of man you pay and expect to keep his cool when gouging a man's eyes out with a bottle cap. Known to be a cynical optimist, Yama-Yama actually feels happy when he hears bad news, confident that the world is already too stupid to realize how nutty its become and how close it is from going to hell. He is also an avid fan of tea, rice wine, sashimi and sushi, manga, video games, and has a natural talent for mathematics. Unknown to everyone, even his peers and colleagues, he is obsessed with manga of all sorts, and has a knack for arcade games despite his skills with words and sharp stuff. Despite his eccentricities however, he is still a cold-blooded killer. Having spent more than half his life in the business from fresh recruit to a full-fledged soldier who only serves his Yakuza superiors, he has become impervious to remorse and guilt.

He dislikes it when people comment on his lack of control when pronouncing the letter 's' in a word, a weakness all Japanese people share.

Breaking the 4th Wall (Passive) : Life's a game. Like all Japanese people, Yama-Yama has managed to tap into the sacred art of understanding and manipulating the life-game mechanics since day 1 after birth. Not only can he ignore a few laws of nature on a moderated basis, such as eating fried noodles to replenish health, opening up his 'menu' for tasks mid-game, or stepping into 'checkpoints' to save a previous instance of his life which gives him the opportunity to re-spawn his dead self after a set amount of time, it is also what lets him see the level and stats of enemies if he were to be observant enough. WARNING: Cheats not usable. Overuse may crash game and risk deletion of original save file.

Yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, FIGHTING! OSU! (Active): Also known as the 'Yama-Yama Special' or 'Yama-Yama Family Finale', this ultimate move can only be used in times of dramatic importance if the storyline deems it usable and necessary. If activated, a large number of black-suited Yakuza members will appear out of nowhere, whether running out of the crowds or crashing in through windows, to aid Yama-Yama in his fight. Samurai swords, cleavers, shurikens, baseball bats and dragon tattoos are included.

Image Image Image

Background: Since his birth, Yama-Yama has always been destined to be what he is today, a perfect killer with a talent in unorthodox torture and unconventional murdering. One could probably blame all his cold-blooded instinct and psychotic methods on his childhood. The father commited Sepukku from losing his job and the mother was brutally murdered when she refused to remarry under the grandfather's orders. The grandfather took him in after that.

It is said that when he was only 10, he broke a bully's two hands for saying he was a dishonor to his family. The bully was later seen literally crawling his way back home. When Yama-Yama's grandfather heard of the news, he was overjoyed. Why you ask? Well, it turns out that Yama-Yama's grandfather, the same one who killed the mother, was a member of the Yakuza. Seeing potential in the boy, Yama-Yama was put through grueling recruitment and put to trial for membership to 'bring honor to the family'. When he finally mastered the art of smoking cheap cigarettes in hostess clubs and walking menacingly in the rain with no umbrella at the age of 15, the samurai sword above his head granted him full recognition of a hired man.

Now nearly 35, Yama-Yama has put aside his Yakuza business for something more ambitious, worldwide assassinations. It's pretty fun actually, international targets tend to squirm more when they have an Asian speaking gibberish in front of their faces before being mauled to death by a pair of chopsticks. Recently, Yama-Yama has come under a contract deal with a mysterious villain. 'Being borrowed' from the Yakuza, he is now happily killing in honor of his new superiors.

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Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:30 am

Now I just need to work on the background info.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:28 am

Aaaaaaand DONE, can't help but feel like something's missing though. :I

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Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:35 am

And updated my CS again so tell what I need to fix Arch.

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Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:25 pm

changed her personality a bit, to fit the RP a bit more.

Re: Evil Genius RP (OOC: Signups Open, GET YOUR EVIL ON!)

Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:22 pm

Basically stuff we discussed, acceptence still valid.

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Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:46 pm

CS completed and editted/updated

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Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:16 am

Name: Sergey „Tikhiy” Romanov (Tikhiy=Quiet)

Nickname: The Quiet Russian

Sex: male

Build: Sly

Class: Military

Nationality: Russian

Sergey has piercing blue eyes, and black hair. He actually doesn’t have any, as he keeps his head shaved bald, but the stubbles on face are black. His face is very scraggy, long and edgy. He looks like someone who recently escaped from some prison camp, where he was starving for quite some time. His body on the other hand isn't a collection of bones. He is what you would call wiry. He looks dry, stringy lacking of fat. On the left side of his face reaching from brow to the tip of his jaw there is a long scar, from mortar shrapnel.
Sergey as being a military man usually wears army boots, camo pants and army jacket. Under the jacket the typical Russian blue-white striped T-shirt can be seen.
His clothes are quiet dull, his tattoos on the other hand are quiet remarkable. He uses it as a kind of a journal or trophy stand. A few of his special tattoos:
*On his right arm there is a thorny creeping vine. The thorns represent the people he killed in close combat. (Twenty eight so far)
*On left upper arm, there are simple bars counting the people he shot so far, the count reaches currently 132.
*His whole back is occupied by a picture of the church in his home town. There are constantly things added to the picture representing his accomplishments, for example symbolizing battlefields where he fought. For example the battle where he got his scar is represented by a girl, holding an open umbrella, and bouquet of red roses. The roses represent the injury, the umbrella the fact, that he was protecting his team when it happened.
*On his right shoulder blade above the picture of the church, is a bat flying in front of the moon, representing him being a member of the GRU Spetsnaz.
*On his left chest is an orthodox icon of the Archangel Michael, patron of soldiers.
*On his right chest is the red star with the hammer and sickle inside it.

Sergey is calm, quiet and determined. He doesn’t speak much, you usually get a simple “Da” or “Njet” from him as a response. He is what you call a cold-blooded killer. He does not enjoy killing people; it’s simply a job for him. Breaking someone’s neck is just an all-day routine for him, like buying a bottle of milk. He is very patient. He can lay still for days on a roof, just to pop a slug in someone’s head when the time is right.

Spetsnaz Sniper (passive): Sergey underwent the Spetsnaz training of GRU, meaning that he can take more punishment, than any normal person. He is skilled in camouflage, survival, sabotage, you name it. He can kill you with bare hands, a pen, a fork or his melee weapon of choice the shovel. He isn’t very strong, but fast, agile, knows where to hit to break, where to cut to get an artery. He has a steady hand, and is a great shot with anything that flings tiny pieces of metal with high velocity. But where he really shines is the sniping rifle. There was a confirmed case where he killed three people with the same bullet.

Constant Awareness (passive): You can’t sneak up on Sergey, he has eyes on the back of his head, and probably at other places as well. He doesn’t sleep; he is just resting his eyes. Even in the biggest turmoil, when bullets are flying, grenades exploding, he does know where and how many opponents he has, and what they actually do. He can fire blind shots from cover with deadly precision, or shoot someone through a closed door or thin walls.

Image ImageImage

Sergey was born during the mid seventies in a small town near Moscow. His parents were simple people, his father worked in a foundry; his mother was a ground-school teacher. Sergey was always a quiet, not very social child. He was quiet average in his studies; he was looking forward to an average, normal life as a child. With the fall of the Soviet Union the future became a blur for many people, jobs were not safe and secure like they used to. The safest choice for Sergey seemed to be joining the army.
He became quite successful as a soldier; the horrors of the first Chechen War left him unfazed. It turned out, that he quite a knack for killing people, and not getting killed in the process. After the war he returned home as a young, but highly decorated veteran.
That was the point when he was offered the chance to join the Spetsnaz force of the GRU. After completing his training, he participated in the second Chechen War among the ranks of the special forces.
His most notable achievement was when he gave sniper cover to the rest of his unit, allowing them to retreat when they were facing unmanageable odds. He made 32 kills that day. He kept his position after a mortal shell hit the building where he was holed up. A shrapnel of the second mortal shell gave him that scare on the face, and a second one lodged itself into his skull, and cracked it. Being seriously wounded he took down two more men, before abandoning his position, just before the third shell completely destroyed the structure. In the end he was able to get out of there with the others.
After the medical treatment and physical recovery, there was another psychological evaluation. Sergey was calm as always, when they were talking his near-death experience. The shrink based on the lack of stress symptoms gave have quite a harsh review. Sergey’s extreme personality was always treated as a risk. Together with the bad review, he was found unfit for duty, and was discharged.
A few days later he was approached by Klaw with an offer. (The shrink was on the organizations payroll.) Sergey didn’t feel to getting retired yet, and it was good money, so he took the offer.
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Hmm, I'm surprised Mac didn't use the Samurai perk... seemed to fit his character
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