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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Alternate Universe Naruto: The 11: OOC

Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:23 pm

Name: Akisame Shiraha

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Villiage: Haganakure originally, now Amegakure

Rank: about to graduate AS, fresh Genin (Gm decide)

Personality: Very shy, but in battle but will change personality, depending on the main sword he is using. He is actually a closet poet, and when he opens up to a person, will talk to them normally, and even recite some poems.

He loves his 7 swords as if they are his own family. (They pretty much are) He also has a split personality, depending on which sword he holds, or is closest too him, without them, he shuts off the entire outside world.

Appearence: He has long spiky red hair, stands at 4'11, has green eyes, and is very pale. He wears Brown Gloves, a Red and White v-neck shirt, under a small pale yellow men's kimono. He wears a pair of black sandals, and cloth leggings. He also has a large yellow belt around him on his shoulder.

Stats: Talented vs. Experienced: Talented

Talented: Your character will only start with 25 stat points, however the potency of your characters natural ability/ bloodline limit will be more so than the experienced. Examples of the natural abilities/blood line limits afforded to the talented include: Mangekyo sharingan, greatly enhanced intelligence, greatly enhanced perception, so on.

0-no skill, 1-3 poor, 4-6 average, 7-10 exceptional, 11-> mastery

(Putting a zero means your character is incapable of performing that skill. For example, putting zero points in chakra control means your character cannot mold chakra. You must put at least 1 point in health /chakra)

Health/Chakra: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Taijutsu: 3

Ninjutsu: 3

Genjutsu: 1

Tools/Weapons: 8

Natural Ability: (Enhanced Knowledge) Thanks to his...unfortunate circumstances, he has been given access to more knowledge than he normally would (be allowed(?)). He (has) also (been) given much more talent with blades, (but) is burdened with the knowledge and has terrible headaches when thinking too much. ((Entire sentence edit)So much that he will pass out from them). Each of the swords he carries contains a whole person's thoughts and feelings, allowing him access to all of them(Them? Meaning; personalities, skills, knowledge, abilities?).

Jutsu/Skills: Issui Ittou (Water Blade): Using his chakra to control water, he can create a blade of water, which he can launch at high speeds, (able to deflect most projectiles (Needs an explanation for this bit, If it functions like a blade, and has a physical presence, it should be able to deflect most things and this bit is unecessary.) ), and has the power of a large kunai.

(Tokkan massugu (I'll admit I don't know much about the japanese language, but this phrasing seems incorrect. "Massugu Tokkan" seems like it makes more sense.) ) (Straight lightning attack): By charging his sword with chakra, he can use it to shoot lightning, or stab the ground to send the current through the ground, ( (Complete Section edit) it loses strength at longer ranges).

Background: Akisame originally lived in Haganegakure, with his caring mother, Hyomu, his protective father, Tenka, his outgoing older sister, Kasumi, his two rowdy brothers, Hirashin and Raiden, his (goofy) female cousin, Hisame, and his secretive uncle Rakurai. He was a happy boy, learning to use swords and become a talented ninja. Until one day when he was 7, his family was attacked, he was the only one left alive, each of his family member's swords laid on the ground. He sat in the corner looking at the (ANBU) that had left them near death with hatred in his eyes. So he grabbed his Iron Umbrella and attacked, but the mysterious (ANBU) stopped him, "You have quite the talent, perhaps you could be a legendary swordsman one day." The man said. Akisame couldn't stop crying. "Bring them back, please!" He yelled. The Anbu said, "Okay, but (there) are some curses added to this." (This makes little sense, being more vague and saying it comes with a price would fit genre better) and through a forbidden Jutsu, he sealed them inside of their swords. The ANBU left Akisame alone then as Akisame sat and began to cry himself to sleep, thinking the man had left no trace of them left. It began to rain on his house afterwards. When he woke up he grabbed his mother's sword and hugged it. He then heard his mother's voice, "Don't cry, we're here for you." He heard her say. "(Take up) the others, keep us safe, and you will never be alone." she said. He did as he was told, and found each of the swords spoke to him, but only one at a time. He then tried to leave, looking for the (ANBU) that had done this, everywhere he went, a rain cloud would follow within 3 days, and if he stayed still it would grow until it covered an entire village. Eventually, he was banished, due to the damage he made with the rain, and now lives in Amegakure, so it doesn't seem any different than normal.

(I hope this is okay with you, I can change anything needed.)

I went ahead and looked

Re: Alternate Universe Naruto: The 11: OOC

Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:49 pm

Hiatus: til I further the story of the same name.
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