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Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:09 pm

6th Realm - Cirque de la Nuit.

Laughter and screams echoed around the circus. Children of different ages and races darted between adult's legs, wearing various masks purchased from stalls or simply pulling their own faces into grotesque mockeries. Tickets and rubbish was trampled into the dirt by the masses feet, or similar appendages anyhow. Crowds ducked as the wyverns flew their passengers through spinning somersaults and twisting twirls. Some of the crowd below were smart enough to cover their heads as falling vomit left a little ghost trail in the air. At least the various biologies meant it was a variety of colour. Grotesque clowns and jesters and harlequins danced through the crowd, spreading both fear, delight and chaos in their wake. Imps and gremlins cackled from the tops of tents and threw popcorn and candies at the passersby, the unlucky ones got hard-candies and mints. Fireworks whistled through the air, even louder shrieks pierced the air as one of the older wyverns was shot out of the sky by one and plummeted out of sight. Customers swept in and out of the mysterious Tee-pees and Caravans promising good fortunes and shiny treasures to those who entered. Balloons floated everywhere, some of them possessed a tiny sprite, flitting around in them, desperately bouncing inside as it tried to escape, it made such a pretty sight. Ghosts and wights and other flying creatures trailed streamers behing, giggling and cackling as they played in the air, minor battles for the sky broke out as they battled with recently-purchased sparklers and other adapted weaponry. Buskers waited aside each entrance to the circus as visitors from all over the plane travelled from their different realms to be here. There were hundreds of tents spread over the land, one in each and every country so visitors from all over could come and see the magnificance of Cirque de la nuit. And or course, the vendors and illusionists and minor trades were waiting right there to dazzle them as they entered, yet still only a minor prelude to what the vast circus had to offer. Hundreds of thousands were in the circus tonight, easily, and with only a little manipulation of temporal space, another few hundred thousand would easily be accommodated as word spread over the next few days.

Anyway, in a place like this, it was hard to define who was odd and who was not. The 6th realm was a much more varied place, different races for each different habitat, and of course there were anomalies that had popped up over the centuries and the ones who had come with the circus. For example, there was the ghastly reaper, patrolling through the air above the bulging hive. His face, a mere skull, watched impassively at the ants passing below him, only a few of the visitors sensed his presence and after muttering their own charms under their breath, they breathed a sigh of relief as he passed over them. There was the mechanical man in odd but formal garbs with weird glowing green circles instead of eyes who ticked and jerked as metal fingers brushed softly against his customers hands, purple sparks jumping from the metal tips to the flesh, or other material, of the victims hand as he deciphered their pasts and predicted their futures for them. Red and yellow figures danced together as they leaped from rooftop to rooftop, trailing colour-changing smoke behind them and causing angry glances to dart upwards as each of the home's owners cursed their passage at the thumps of footsteps on their roof. At each end of the circus, a skeleton in black with empty eyes and a man in armour with yellow fire burning through his visor parolled the area. Faint shapes made out of light illuminated the sky as a shadow flitted through the sky, painting faces and symbols and alien creatures out of nothing but possibilities and imagination. A stern-faced woman near the centre of the circus oversaw the care and treatment of the hundreds of wounded that always showed up on the starting night, and would show up the next night, and the next night, sometimes she felt like a mother putting plasters on a child she knew was going to go and jump right off the monkey bars again. A vibrant and emancipated fire-haired boy walked jerkily through the crowd, as if the signals to his body were being warped slightly during their passage from the brain, silently enjoying the anonymity of it all. Even with blood-stains and vomit, torn clothes and dirty hair, here he was just another kid. He sucked at his drink through the straw, remaining blissfully uncurious of what the hell he was letting into himself.

A small group of oddities was being led through the circus, led by a juggling horned jester and a floating, grinning, purple-haired maniac. Marven and Jasper were leading the newbies through the circus, pointing out the different stalls and members of the circus while also keeping an eye on them to make sure they were intergrating into the circus well. They'd already been given their jobs and a small collection of necessities. Some were newer than others of course, Jasper was the newest of them but had taken to the circus like a Morphibian to the swamps of Ankhbar. Marven had happily taken the clown under his wing and had already made Jasper his pet in his little class of freaks. "There we have the Octoions hatchlings, from the twelfth plane, lovely bunch, fantastic fashionistas, don't ask where they get the materials. Oh, and over there is Andy, makes the most absolutely scrumptious smoothies, don't ask how he makes them either. Ah-ah, and there's Freggy, a wonderful..thing, that makes sure our circus stays nice and clean..." He paused his gushing for a moment and looked at the ground beneath him. "Well, that keeps us from falling into an abyss of waste and...organic waste. Don't ask how he gets rid of it. In fact, new rule, don't ask anyone how they do anything unless you want Mister Xenon and Madamn Hawthorn to end up performing the eventual brain surgery you'll need to function in society again. Wonderful people, the pair of them, I'm sure you'll love them. OH, CANDYFLOSS. CANDYCANDYCANDYCANDYFLOSS." Marvin shrieked happily before he flickered over to the queue and hopped from side to side in the air giddily. After a few awkward moments when it became clear he was serious, Jasper caught the burning torches and turned to the group behind him, the fire disappearing from the clubs in his hands. Umm...I guess you guys can just...go and do your own thing if you want, although I'd be happy to continue the tour in Marven's place, I mean, if you guys want to keep going with it. It's not like it's that important or anything. he said, his voice dropping off shyly towards the end. He looked down at the ground and fidgited a little, giving them timid little smiles every now and again.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:03 pm

Nox gazed at Marvin with disdain. "I'll stay but I can we get a rush on? It's not like we have all..." He frowned "Does this place even have days?" He was in his corporeal form and not exactly at ease. He let some steam off by tripping a nearby child, making the sprog fall into the ice cream he had been holding.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:01 pm

Kabocha - Pumpkin Patch

Kabocha's head popped up from the pumpkin patch with a loud "BOO!" as a group of older children passed. She was having fun, even if she was barely startling them. She slid back into her hiding spot before hearing more footsteps, a family. She peeked out, waiting for the perfect moment, before seeing a baby. "So cute!" she smiled, jumping on the pumpkin. She still scared the family, except the mother. "She's so big, how old is she?" she smiled, now flittering above the baby and her mother. "A year tomorrow." the mother smiled. With a sudden thought, she flew into her pumpkin patch and pulled out a leaf. "So you have something to show her when she's older." she smiled.
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:58 pm

Michael - Tour group

Michael had been hanging near the back of the tour group, doing his best to observe the chaotic goings-on around him, as well as study the other members of his little tour group. After all, you can never know too much about the people you'll be working with he mused, but out loud to his guide he said "Thank you for the offer, but if it's all the same to you I saw something quite interesting back there, and I would like to go take a closer look."

What Michael had seen was improbable to say the least, even considering the wide scope of unusual happenings that the circus encompassed. What had been more startling than any fantastical creature or performance he had seen in his short time here, was a face he was sure he recognized. Carefully retracing the route which the tour had taken through the crowd, Michael approached the spot where he was certain he had seen a friendly face and slowly surveyed the area.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:53 am

{The Checkered Man}

_Circus_ Tour Group_

The strangest of the newcomers was a man, who addressed himself as "The Checkered Man". A strange moniker for sure, but his clothing reflected such a name. He wore a black and red checkered hat with a black band, a crimson red dress jacket with ebony black trimmings, a red shirt that had black buttons with a black vest, and a black pair of dress pants. On his hands were black and red checkered gloves and the shoes that he wore were black and red checkered sneakers with black laces. Now as mysterious as he has been about his identity to his employers and his fellow newcomers, to them he has comes off as quite friendly, a bit chatty, and a flare for theatrics.

" A no question policy, you say. LOVE IT!" The checkered man exclaimed with strong emotions and a fist in the air. "Such great news to hear. Its honestly horrific to actually tell my deep and dark arts to anyone." He went to say with pride in his tone as he walked towards the front of the group. " It kills me when I have to, unless you work with me." The checkered man whispered into someone's ear as he passed by. " And Noxie, my shadowy friend, why be in a hurry?" He questioned Nox as he approached him. " Life is about the journey, not the destination." The checkered man answered as he handed the poor boy who's ice cream left a blood red ruby.

" Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yes, I have a question. " Checkered Man said as he almost forgotten for what he really wanted to ask the tour guilds. Something that had been troubling him for quite awhile. " Who do I ask for a base of operations for myself? Honestly I despise tents and I don't care if I'm in debt for an extremely long time." He asked as living in a tent reached it maximum for the Checkered Man. " Also is there some among you that want to room with me? I wouldn't mind sharing it with someone as long as you're not tricksters, gardeners, and don't mind if it could become a dangerous environment." He asked the group if anyone wanted to.
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:49 am

~ Marea ~

The sights, oh the beautiful, strange and disturbing sights. There were so many of them! The succubus had never seen so many people in one place, so many different species. There was laughter, there was screaming, there was crying. It was all a happy bundle of chaos, and now she was part of it.

She felt giddy as the two circus employees - is tat even the correct term? - led them around the circus. There was a bounce to her step, almost as if she was skipping, which caused some disgruntled complains coming from her impressive balcony. "Oi! Would you stop bouncing, woman? Yer making me sick!" The small, yet powerful, imp held on for dear life as the woman had no intention of stopping. Her tail also swaying back and forth rather energetically.

She had been so preoccupied with her surroundings, rather than the group, that she didn't notice when the group suddenly halted, causing her to bump into the person in front of her. "Oops, sorry." she said with a sing-sang voice that would make you instantly want to forgive her. She hadn't really been paying attention to what their guides had been telling, figuring that it would come natural as time went by.

Her attention was drawn back to the group as a rather energetic man brushed past her, whispering something in her ears that sent a tingle up her spine. His question about housing was one that pressed on her mind as well, she didn't mind the tents, as long as they were big enough. But the one they had given her was barely large enough to contain her rather large posture, not even mentioning her wings. If she were to roll around in that tiny thing, she'd roll the entire thing with her. No, a larger place was an absolute must. And luckily, someone was offering.

With a smile and a bounce she stepped forward while raising a hand "I'm interested." The concept of different genders wanting to life apart completely lost on her, as such a thing simply didn't exist for her own people. Besides, even if he rejected her, she could at least follow him to wherever you could get better housing and work out a deal.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:07 pm

~Balthamos & Baruch - Touring the circus~

Two youthful looking men walked (or should it have been ‘glided’) side by side, taking in and observing everything that went on around them. Out of the bunch gathered there, they looked almost normal – if such a thing existed. At a glance, the two of them could be mistaken for ordinary humans in casual clothes from the seventh plane, with nothing too remarkable about them.

But give the pair a second glance, and you started to see that they weren’t human at all. There was a radiance and grace about them; the way they looked, even the way they moved. Their bodies seemed to glow softly, with a ghostly blue light. And look at them from certain angles, and you could see a strong bluish gleam of something shimmering on their backs. Look closer still, and you could see soft lustrous white and grey feathers, only just about visible in the clash of darkness and bright lights all around.

“What a delightfully charming place,” Balthamos commented quietly to his companion. The expression on his face said something altogether different...although his eyes seemed to linger on the food stalls and sweets being thrown about with far too much interest for someone who was disgusted by the whole affair.

Baruch seemed to be more interested in the overall goings on than Balthamos, who seemed only interested in the food. He stared about him with almost childlike wonder, as if he had never seen such a spectacle before.

However, as well as watching, the two were listening all the while.

“We do not need guides. We will humour your little tour if it is required of us, but although we can not speak for the rest of this group, Baruch and I are more than capable of guiding ourselves,” Balthamos responded to Jasper, perhaps more rudely than he had intended.

His companion then interjected to smooth things over, shushing Balthamos with a gentle raise of the hand. “-What we mean to say is, we would be delighted to continue the tour with you, thank you, but only if the others and yourself wish to,” Baruch responded with a friendly angelic smile. “Otherwise we are quite content to discover things for ourselves. Either way, we do not mind. I am sure to continue the tour with you would be a pleasure.”

The two fallen angels kept silent as the Checkered man announced his offer. Neither of them had a need for tents or rooms, or even for sleep – so they both kept quiet and simply observed as the succubus – who was a curious creature to say the least – volunteered herself.

“Well that is certainly going to end well,” Balthamos muttered into his partner’s ear. Baruch shrugged softly, seeming amused but politely saying nothing.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:30 pm


Homa had been too entranced by the inflamed clubs to really pay attention to their tour. The way they flipped through the are was enough to fill her with longing, envy even. It made her wish she had her poi with her, to feel the warmth of fire in the palms of her hands.'

This...circus was everything it had promised to be thus far, that is strange. Homa had passed by at least four other beings who look well attuned to her element amongst other oddities. She knew she should just feel right at home here but somehow she felt as if she was merely a stranger, walking into the forbidden realm of the supernatural without nothing short of an invite. She honestly knew nothing about elves and pixies and demons, or whatever, nothing except what she's seen on TV or read in books. She was never that much of a mythology person to begin with. All she was ever really interested in really was her own cool fire powers and coming terms with said powers. Actual research never really crossed her mind.

Looking around at the other rookies, the Genasi felt another wave of jealousy. There was a pixie, a demon, a creepy kid with no eyes, and she had no deal what was the deal with the other three but she took no chances in believing they were completely normal either. Her eyes could practically burn a hole through there skulls. She was waiting for them to turn around and make some smartass remark...just something that would taunt her into an attack. No matter what she had done to regain faith in the goodness of other people, she just couldn't put her trust in these people. And that's another thing; half of them weren't even people.

Suddenly the flames that had become her first pair of friends inside the circus died, and Homa's soul wept. They were good company, while they lasted. Now she would be forced to make friends.

Homa supposed she should be thankful, one of the extravagant looking men traveling with them offered to take in a roommate. However before she could say anything, some happy-go-lucky bitch opted for that chance. Homa stood seconds away from knocking that smile off her face, but somehow she couldn't find the courage needed for it, which was weird for her. She didn't know why, but there was something about that...bounce.

'No Homa, she's obviously a demon who eats people like you', plus she was obviously fake as hell. Yet, that strange physical attraction she felt in her abdomen was completely clashing with her strict "No Plastic Barbie Dolls" rule.

Instead, she resorted to a cold, icy glare, which was something she didn't do often. She hoped that sent the message; "Stay the fuck away from me".

Unfortunately her eyes would give off an entirely different message: "Please room with me, I am a desperate and lonely little punk". Not that Homa noticed.

Thankfully, a loud rumble originating from her stomach interrupted her thoughts. "Why the hell are we rooming now?" she heard herself groan. "Fuck, don't tell me I'm the only one that's starving here!", a side effect of being the love child of a human and elemental, Homa must face the risk of burning off too many calories. As a result, she has a rather large appetite for a woman of her size. "Is there a place where I can get some free food? Preferably something spicy?"

No thoughts of food could get her eyes off the succubus however. It seems that the mere mention of food got her drooling. She had to wipe her mouth quickly, hoping no one would notice. But it was probably too late for that. No doubt the perky bitch caught whiff of her stares and started plotting some obscene plot to embarrass her in front of her peers. Wasn't that always the plan after all?

And then some soft hearted twerp with a heart of gold would appear and make her care. Honestly that shit annoyed the hell out of her. It's bad enough Homa was beginning to wonder how well the succubus' skin must taste. No amount of brain bleach would rid her of that embarrassment.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:00 am

{Checkered Man}

The checkered man tilted his head side to side when he heard Homa's question, even if it was a groan." Why, because we're still strangers to each other." He answered as he approached her very swiftly, but keeping the personal distance. Especially since it was Homa, he was talking to. " Frankly, I feel we should all get to know one another a lot better since we're going to work with each other. " He went on to say and then moved on to his next point, which he felt very passionate about. " Being in the entertainment business, our common goal is to put on the greatest show ever and we can't do it as strangers or foes. We can't even do it alone so I say why not room, its better than a tent. " The Checkered Man said in a serious tone unlike his usual way of talking. " My apologizes, I shouldn't speak in such a tone. Its too sane for a nut like me, but I really despise sleeping under a tent." He said with a tip of his black and red checkered hat. There was much anger in his voice when he mentioned tents.

And with that said with a spin and a leap, The checkered man now was before Marea since she took his offer. " As long as your sure, Marea. I would love to have you as a roomie. The same goes for Mr. Wiggles, your faithful minion." He answered with a smile, but the mask made sure it was hidden well. " But be fair warned, I'm quite loony." He warned " Or am I stranger than fiction? Hard to tell these days."

" Also guys don't forget the name is Jack Claus, use it you know. " The checkered man said "You don't always have to call me The Checkered Man."
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:27 am

~Balthamos & BaruchDid someone mention free food?~

Balthamos’s ears perked up at the words ‘free food’, his usually cynical expression taking on a more expressive but restrained curiosity. He noted it was the unfriendly-looking one who had spoken, but that didn’t matter to the angel. Friendly or not, she had an interest in food. That was all the motivation Balthamos needed.

He cleared his throat, “I too would like to know where to get free nourishment and sustenance,” Balthamos announced, automatically moving towards Homa so that he stood alongside her. Whether she appreciated the company or not, the angel didn’t seem to care. He was just interested in the fact that she happened to have a craving for food at that moment too, and so he had silently made up his mind to stick close to her – at least until his craving for food was satisfied.

Balthamos tilted his head towards Homa inquisitively. “Do you get hungry often?” he enquired.

Baruch, meanwhile, appeared slightly concerned that Balthamos had moved away from him and towards Homa. Not that he held any hostility towards Homa – he didn’t, far from it – but he was concerned for Bal’s wellbeing. His companion did have a habit of not doing too well with social interactions...and Homa didn’t strike Baruch as the tolerant sort. Still, maybe he was fretting over nothing. The fact that Balthamos was motivating himself to interact with others of his own accord (well...sort of. Baruch had a strong suspicion the subject of food was the only reason behind it), was something to be encouraged. So Baruch left him be with Homa, putting his trust into Balthamos that he could manage things by himself, without Baruch needing to rescue him.

Baruch, meanwhile decided to travel over to the Checkered Man. “Jack Claus,” the angel acknowledged serenely, but with warmth in his tone, “I shall remember to use that name.”

The curly-haired, bright-eyed man then clasped his hands behind his back, the sound of rustling feathers becoming clear for a brief moment. “My companion Balthamos, and I, have no need for sleep and no desire to intrude where we are not wanted – however, you express a good and valid point. Important interactions take place with people one shares a room with. I would like to ask for your permission not to room with you, but for my companion and I to visit your room whenever we so desire to. ..if it is not unseemly? We do not take up much room, and you will hardly notice we are there if you do not wish to interact with us.”
It was an innocent enough proposition – and as an angel, Baruch often forgot concepts such as personal space or privacy. He saw absolutely nothing wrong with asking – the fact that his was asking for permission indicated that he did at least have some understanding that two angels popping in and out of a person’s room whenever they pleased, might not always be welcomed.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:07 am

-Benedict, Introductions and what?-

The chatting crowds filled the air as Benedict sat on the earth, his hood covering his head while his guiding staff rested against his shoulder. Out of the way and out of mind to most of the those visiting the circus, the man merely sat in contemplation as the world around him moved along.

He recalled the day he arrived at the circus, many claimed it was a few steps short of a miracle that he did considering his circumstances with nothing but the cloths on his back and the metallic staff, at first many assumed he was in fact a vagabond, an unwelcome one at that. What did this shell of a man had to offer? It was only after speaking to the ring master himself that he didn't have to worry about being thrown out by those in charge of security.
His purpose or role within the circus had to entertain, after all he was of no use in the ways of physical labor, he could not hope to aid those in charge of cooking or even help with decorations. Many scoffed at him, the fact he wore a hood and scarf at all times meant that his act, that of a ventriloquist, was likely a sham.

During his first practice those who volunteered to be part of the audience barely could contain their laughter, how could the ring master take such a bad act? To their surprise the man laughed with them, he asked if they could see his lips moving underneath his hood, as the volunteers continued to mock him, the man almost eagerly requested someone to remove both his hoof and scarf.
It didn't take long for the truth to be revealed after that.

The sound of their shock was met by his laughter, made worse by the fact his stitched up mouth never moved nor did it twist into even a hint of a smile. His manner of entertainment was one part amusement and one part shock value, something that the ring master must've seen worth in.
Questions were asked about how he was going to survive, after all he was unable to eat or drink but Benedict almost happily shrugged them off, stating that his curse would sustain him until the time was right.

Still back in the present he had to contend with the fact he was rather unhelpful. When the crews moved about to set the tents up he was forced to sit out of the way, occasionally telling small tales he had heard from the past, at times going so far as to entertain the weary with jokes using his hands as puppets to act out any emotion he was portraying.

"I'll try to remember to associate your voice to that name then Jack." Benedict began as the supposed Checkered man introduced himself, Benedict himself was uninterested in finding a 'bunking partner', feeling that perhaps it would be best that he rested alone. There wasn't much to say for now, it seemed that the others were more interested in other things for now.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:20 pm

~ Marea ~

A large smile shaped on her already friendly face as the man accepted her offer. "Of course I'm sure, why else would I ask?" Or she accepted his offer. Whichever way that went. A groan came out of her imposing bosom, as the imp muttered something about either vacuum cleaners or that this was going to suck. Not that he had any word in this, and he'd sure as hell wouldn't bring down her mood. She had a roomie!

The mentioning of food surprised her a little. She was in no way hungry, ever since she had set foot on the circus ground had she started feeding. The others wouldn't notice, not this soon, that she was actually slowly leeching off of their life force. They'd notice in about 10 years or so, if they stuck around her day after day. Hmm, guess Mr. Checke- no, Jack Claus might feel the effects of that the soonest of them all though.

Interestingly, the one feeding her the most was... the rather scary looking woman. The succubus looked at her for a while, blinking as she tried to figure out why it was her and not some of the men, before her brain pieced it together. Ooooohhhhhh. Being the friendly person she is, she smiled at her and gave her a friendly wave. After all, no need to get off on the wrong foot, right?

She hadn't really looked at their group yet, but as she was looking at the scary lady, she noticed two rather normal looking men behind her. They looked normal, too normal to be working here. Yet, at the same time, there was something off about them. She frowned and stared at them, it annoyed her that she didn't know what it was. She also wondered what the two were. Friends? Brothers... Lovers? Seeing as how they'd all be working together, she'd probably find out soon enough.

Oh this was going to be so much fun!

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:17 pm

Nox frowned the whole way through the man's speech. "Look, Check, it isn't that I don't like you in particular, I don't like most people, but... gragh, one second. This is just too weird." Nox appeared to sink into his shadow which, for some reason, failed to move. Then the shadow opened its mouth. "That is better. Alright, Check, I don't like most people and you seem a little too glib for my liking. But I guess you've gotten on to a point that needs to be settled." Nox glided along the ground until he found a wall he could crawl up. He looked at the ground from the higher vantage point and said "Alright, my name is Nox. Most of you breathe. Therefore we have a bit of a gap. I don't like light and I don't like people touching my dad's stuff. That's about it. I don't care who my roommate is as long as they turn off the lights when they leave the room."
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:00 pm

~Remy McCallister - Roommates ~

The tour was largely disinteresting to Remy. The short bald man stood toward the back of the group and sat through the operation in hopes of being let go to explore on his own. Remy was adorned in his usual peculiar fashion, his normal suit betrayed a devious interior, as all parts of the clothes were laced with poisonous barbs which stuck inward toward his skin. His shoes, in addition, were lined with spikes, and though he walked without a scratch, they were not the most comfortable clothes he owned. He only began to tune in when he heard the harlequin begin to speak of finding a roommate.

"Hey there, good sir, Remington McCallister, call me Remy." The man held out his hand to shake, quickly removing a thumbtack that was pointing in toward his own hand. "You say you'll be wantin' a room where you can test dangerous stuff, eh? You also say you'll need help payin for it, uh?" The Leprechaun grinned, "Jack, my friend, I think you may be lucky tonight in finding the ideal business partner." Remy looked up toward the man, hoping he'd be interested.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:14 pm

~Sigmund Falk - Having some fun~

The circus was alive and well today, a great way to take in the sights of the daily grind for the newbies of the circus. At least it would be, if they were paying attention to the tour they were given. Sigmund's focus however, was nowhere near there. There were so many creatures and species and beings all over the place that his, I mean her, eyes darted back and forth to each guest. Sigmund had taken his "Mel" form for the tour, if for no other reason than he felt like it. He kept switching back and forth to each person, trying his hardest to burn their images into his brain for the future.

However, when the tour group stopped he mentioned to overhear that they were free to do whatever at that point. Sigmund felt it was time to have some fun, but what to do? The other people on the tour decided to finally start conversing with each other. The oddly dressed man announced he planned on getting something a little better than a tent and needed a roommate, but specifically not with tricksters. 'Everyone's biased against the pranksters. Oh well, what's everyone else up to?' he thought watching his fellow circus folk interact with each other. What was he? Chopped liver?

However, his thought was quickly derailed by the mention of food by the rather.....annoyed co-worker. Sigmund thought about it for a second and realized that he was pretty hungry too, just a bit distracted from all that was happening around him at the time. He quickly ran up behind Homa and finally noticed one of the two better looking guys had also joined her company. 'Weird, they don't seem like they'd interact with each other.' He thought as he approached the two. "I could go for food too. Don't leave me out." Sigmund replied to the two behind them. If they ignored him he'd have to take a direct approach.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit: A brand new night.

Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:05 pm

Michael - Behind the tour group

A short time after he started walking away, Michael noticed some sort of commotion in the group he had just left. Well they seem to be making close fairly quickly; I'll have to make sure not to fall off the buddy bandwagon. He allowed himself a small grin at the thought. He had never been one to have trouble making connections; he always seemed to know exactly what to say to find himself on somebody's good side without "sucking up" or otherwise being sleazy.

But that was not the business at hand. Scanning the booths, Michael spotted the face of Nikkos, his former favorite man in his employment, behind a strange food booth. A year ago, the charismatic Grecian had been the driver for Michael's limousine while he was on a business trip in the Mediterranean area. Sensing a kindred spirit, he had made a generous employment offer to the Grecian, and for almost a year Nikkos served as a splendid all-around employee. Along with the driving, Michael had trusted him with tasks he refused to let many of his lesser servants in on, including many delicate situations and even some PR issues that almost became ugly. But of course, Michael still orchestrated his own finances. After all, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Nikkos had also been the one to inform Michael about the circus. Pieces started to click together in his head as he approached his former servant. "Nikkos, fancy seeing you here. I take it there's quite a story of how you came to this place? Surely you haven't been running the show all along?" Michael queried, raising an eyebrow to show his first question was rhetorical and his second in jest.

"Sir, you flatter me." Nikkos shrugged and flashed a quick grin. "This is my true occupation; I just thought I would spend a vacation in the seventh plane, and return to the circus the next time it passed through. It only seemed fair to offer you the same choice." Nikkos handed Michael a tiny crescent-shaped fruit, gesturing for Michael to try it. The flavor was tangy like a passion fruit's, but with an underlying flavor akin to that of mulberries.

"Well, that was certainly thoughtful of you. However, nobody here seems quite as mundane as you and I do, do they? Almost makes me feel a bit outside my comfort zone." With that they both laughed. It was a long-running joke between them; Michael was never outside of his comfort zone.

"I don't know, sir... You might find that both you and I are stranger than we appear." Before Michael could question him further, a man some distance behind Nikkos yelled his name and gestured. Nikkos grinned again and ruefully said "Sorry sir, back to work for me. Enjoy the circus!" As Nikkos moved away from behind the booth, Michael noticed for the first time that the lower half of his body had not two human legs, but eight spider legs, along with an arachnid's abdomen to support them.

Michael's eyebrows shot up a fraction, as he finished off the last of the fruit. "Truth is stranger than fiction, after all." he murmured as he turned and made his way back over to the tour group, noticing that for some reason it still hadn't continued onward after all this time.

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Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:44 am

{Checkered Man}

"I'm glad you asked, because my answer is no." The checkered man said as responded to Baruch request without much thought. " Personally, I prefer to work and hang out with you and your comrade in settings similar to this rather than in my secluded room if you don't mind." He added being polite about the matter. In the darkest corners of his mind, he felt it was unsettling, but reasoned they were beings of a different plane and probably didn't understand concepts of privacy and the like. " Beyond that, I have abnormal powers that I'm still trying to get a hang on." The Checkered Man mentioned.

" Yes, and I with your voice, Sir." He said to Benedict, who was just as secretive as he was just with much more experience, he thought. The checkered man then approached the wall that Nox had climbed and leaned against it. " Well Noxie, you, me, and Siggy are birds of a feather. So its not surprising why you don't like my glib and why I can't room with people somewhat similar to me. " He replied " Love to work with you guys on a few projects though."

The Checkered Man shook Remy's offered hand with his black and red checkered glove. " Then welcomed aboard Remy. " He said, fully accepting his offer. " Now with you that gives me four people, Mr. Wiggles, Homa, yourself, and Marea. " The checkered man mentioned as he counted. He included Homa, because something in her body language was screaming something. The look in eyes and beyond that she continues to stare at Marea so he figured something was going on.

Certainly Marea was hot with her supple skin that could probably rival silk in smoothness, a voice that could control masses with a sweet lullaby, and a bounce with that rack of her could make anyone weak in the knees. However, the Checkered Man thought there might be more to it. " Speaking of Marea. Excuse me for a moment, Remy. " He said excusing himself from Remy's company as he rushed over to Marea. " Say Marea, since you been joining me on my little off circus grounds adventures and know exactly what my abnormal powers are." The checkered man said, leading to his question to her. " I like to know, how lethal are you to me? Do you drain life force by presence or other ways?" He asked of her as he genuinely curious about the subject and books and television shows have different ways of how a succubus works. He hoped she drain life force, but darker areas of his mind wouldn't have mind if he was wrong.

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Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:25 pm

Kabocha - Pumpkin Pie

After the mother took the leaf from Kabocha, she grabbed one of her smaller pumpkins and flew to her favorite vendor. "I got the pumpkin if you got the pie." she giggled, setting it down before taking a seat on it.
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Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:40 pm

~Sri Yantra Kundalini – Tour group~

They’re all so excitable, thought the creature at the heart of the group who had, thus far, been content to just watch the flood of emotions unfurl to every side around her. Friendships were being forged or reunited, and further out, the cocktail of fright and frolicking lit up her face like a match. It was all so colourful, and sparkling, and oh, oh, oh, it was so indulgent and magical when she compared it to the tranquil repose of her family’s palatial home, and so fiery and uncertain against the village she had, for a while, retreated to, where the people survived on necessity.

Her human mask dropped, not in a cinematic fade or flash of light, but merely a shift in her presence. One minute, nobody noticed she propelled herself along the ground on a thick, luxurious tail, the next they were stepping over it. The woman, whoever she might have been, was suddenly a slender nāgī whose every movement, each little swish of her hips or curve of her long arms was with the flexible, mesmeric choreography of an Oriental dance. Gemstone-like groups of scales glistened in slick clusters on her skin, which was a milky sort of white tinted by mint green akin to exotic medicinal tea. A wide and thin mouth lined with sticky, sweet-smelling light split open her face from ear to non-existent ear. With a gentle intake of breath, she inhaled the sinful fumes of the circus grounds, the candy floss, popcorn, toffee apples and fizzy pop, causing her civilian but none the less provocative ensemble, to groan with a leathery stretch to hold her bounty in. She might not have been as aggressively proportioned as the giggly succubus who was smearing herself all over the funny man in the top hat, but she liked to think Mother Nature had been generous to her all the same.

She wondered: did she want food, did she want to explore her new environment, or did she want to get to the task of picking a roommate, like so many of the rest occupied themselves with doing? Truth be told, she had roughed it for some time in the past, and did not require a bed per se, just somewhere comfortable to park herself. Her very own coils, when stacked properly beneath her were comfort enough, both for herself and for whatever individual was adventurous enough to let a thirteen-foot serpent get her mitts on them, and on them they would definitely get. Sri Yantra wiped her lips against the back of her hand at the thought. A good substantial meal was definitely the place to get started, since they had all been through rather a long old day already. The gaggle of newcomers started to break apart, and Sri Yantra reacted by slithering towards whichever source of living heat was nearest. Nothing like finding your ankles bound in the cool, crushing coils of the Serpent in the Garden’s promiscuous little sister to spark off a working relationship.

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Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:49 am

~ Marea ~

"Lethal?" She questioned, her face taking on an overly dramatic thinking pose, with a small wrinkle on her forehead as she frowned and a finger placed against her chin. "Weeellll... it's not that bad. I mean, I'm doing it right now, and you're not noticing anything, right?" She finally said, returning to her normal happy-go-lucky demeanor. "It would take around 10 years of this before you feel fatigued, another 20 before you're... well..." She trailed off a bit and looked away, it was a part of the more dangerous side of the Succubus race that she preferred not to talk about. "But that wont happen, I'm sure of it!" She cheered. Of course there were far more dangerous methods that allowed her to do the same, all of them requiring touch, she could probably kill the man within a minute if she had to. She had never really thought about how it worked, it was like breathing to her. And just like breathing, it was something she could stop if she became aware of it. "It's by presence... mostly, it also works through touch and then it works a lot faster, but as long as people are around me, I can basically feed myself."

"Hah, she's the least of yer worries, Sparkles." came a sneer from her chest, as Mr. Wiggles decided it was time to take his leave. "I hope ye can sleep with one eye open." he chuckled as he disappeared into the crowds of the circus. He'd been spending a lot of time with the other imps lately, asserting his dominance. Most were willing to just bow down to him, but some refused. Those conflicts often ended in conflict, with the fights spilling onto the pathways between the tents. Crowds would cheer as the infernal creatures duked it out, often proving Mr. Wiggles to be the victor.

"Now then, shall we see if we can get us some better housing, roomie?" She said that last part in a particularly friendly way, as if they've been roommates for years now.

Before she could hear his response, she was distracted by something else. Or rather, someone else. She squealed with a high pitched voice. Something cool and leather had wrapped around her ankles with a alarming speed. Her first instinct was to jump back, which was of course impossible now that she was rooted, causing her to wobble a bit in place. Luckily her tail kept her balance in check as she realized that it was just the naga-lady she had seen around the place, she didn't know much about them and had only seen drawn pictures of them in books. The real thing was quite different. The woman was a beautiful sight, elegant and almost hypnotizing in the way she moved but still possessing a predatory gleam. Like a master crafted sword, if you were into such things. It made her inner succubus stir from its slumber. A rival? A new pet?

"Oh.. Euhm... H-hello there." She said a bit worrisome, not quite sure if this was some form of attack or greeting. It didn't hurt, so it was probably the latter. She wiggled a bit, trying to find a bit more space to maneuver in.
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Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:01 pm

Nox rolled his invisble eyes. "Yeah, yeah, Check, I think we've got some things in common. I'll be interested in seeing what you are up to and if you don't keep me in the loop..." He grinned, a cartoonish expression on the shadow that formed a smiley face of darker shadow "...I'll just have to find out myself, maybe break a few things. You get me, Check?"

Nox, of course, wasn't even on the snake-woman's radar, seeing as he was neither warm nor living. In fact, he wasn't even tangible. However, he was susceptible to surprise and he jumped 'back', appearing smaller as the nagi rushed in. He recovered quickly and said "Oi, what are you up to? Haven't you ever heard of personal space?" He didn't like to be caught unawares; he preferred to do the sneaking and hated showing a sign of weakness that the woman had startled out of him.

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Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:43 pm

Gorm Had been silent for the entire duration of the tour. He walked near the group while watching the lovely scenery bounce about. Oh and how lovely it was. he had seen many women up close and personal in his life but this one took the cake. He simply must get to know her better. Excuse me? But would you be interested in one more room mate. The tent they gave me is quite on the small size and I dont think my massive frame will fit. Gorm Asked looking down on the group. That is if you Dont mind. He tried looking at the checkered Man or Jack as He had called himself, But he kept being pulled back to the succubus. It was at times like these that he was happy to have a large robe on specialy made for... Akward moments like these.

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Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:03 am

~Sri Yantra Kundalini~

As Sri Yantra moved towards her target, picked out by her own instincts instead of any kind of conscious decision, she completely failed to notice the amorphous shadow that was now admonishing her for moving through its space. She gave it, or rather, she gave the general direction of its voice a slightly confused expression. She guessed she had sort of sensed something in that spot, but she was not so experienced with entities of barely corporeal persuasion. She gave Nox a vaguely sheepish look for nearly knocking him, her, or it, over. It really had not been her intent, but what was it saying about personal boundaries? Nothing she grasped immediately, as she was about to prove, as it was then that her internal radar homed in on the closest, hottest little source nearby. Certainly there were quite a few within her vicinity, but the closer it was the more she was liable to notice it, and the one she was making a beeline for was barely inches from her by now!

Sri Yantra raised herself up so she loomed a head above the eyes of the surprised succubus, for a moment taking a slim iota of pleasure from the dominance. Marea’s attempt to break free caused her to lose her balance, and though her tail clearly kept her from tumbling awkwardly to the ground, her captor could not help but put her scaly paws on her creamy waist as if to steady her. She drank up the girl’s awe readily, letting the end of her tongue slither out of her wide knife-cut of a maw, the muscle oozed with luminescent saliva. Many a victim had been caught in this very spot before, and given the pleasure of seeing a nāgī in full view for just those few seconds before they were introduced to a slimy, slow fate. Marea, and indeed those around them, would of course not have to pay the gruesome price for it…well, unless they wanted to. A circus filled with the un-holiest and most utterly depraved denizens of the darkness was sure to have its eccentrics, but she did not venture as to consider them now. The succubus herself radiated with her own pheromonal power, leaving temptress and enchantress both at an alluring stalemate. Sri Yantra hazarded a guess that the air around them must have been noticeably perfumed right around that time.

She giggled in her throat, a husky, hissing noise which leaked from her as naturally as breath. She opened up her lips to say something, to introduce herself, that being a fine way to follow up their little chemical power-playing such as it was, when she was interrupted by the decidedly sudden and surprising arrival of Gorm, who as far as she could puzzle out was a magnificent construct of minerals and vegetable matter, and looked strong enough to tie her in knots, which was not an altogether unpleasant thought if put in the necessary context. Her immediate reaction, though, was to position her upper body behind Marea, put her hands on the succubus’ shoulders and wrap her up all the way to her waist in a tight, green sheath of muscles and scales. To the outside, it looked like she was trying to be possessive, or hiding. Sri Yantra was hardly fussed by how it looked to other people, because she knew that she was just not ready to let go of the big, pink thingy that was made of warm and went squish if you squeezed it hard enough. She pushed her chest into Marea’s back, not taking her eyes off of the infatuated golem, and whispered in her ear:

“You’re good at bringing in the crowd, lady. I bet jussst about everyone here wantsss to bunk with you now. Little tease. Not to worry, though, Sri Yantra’sss not that greedy.”

She giggled again, and her tongue flicked Marea’s ear and left a few droplets of chilling, glowing goo there.

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Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:57 pm

Jasper clicked his tongue against his teeth for a moment an looked at his watch. He wished Marvin hadn't left him to this, he wished he hadn't stopped in time for them to start clamouring and leaving, if he'd just kept up the tour he would have kept better control of things but...He raised his hands and snapped his fingers. Fireworks and shrieks erupted violently from his hands, banging and exploding in the air. Right. he said, shyness slipping away as he forced himself to become authoritative, he knew it wouldn't stick as he was younger than most of them and didn't know them that well, but he only needed their attention for a little while, so they'd stop...well, socialising was putting it lightly. As he didn't stare at Sri, he said In response to your questions, in order, we do have days also, but that's been put on hold. You may have noticed that the stars have not been moving since you got here, except for when they do suddenly shift and completely change positioning. That's because of Professor Xenon. Apparently he didn't stop time or anything, but when he tried explaining it, I just stopped listening. Something to do with dimension shuffling, I dunno. He said some words that had syllables like that. Jasper shrugged with the exasperation of one who'd been on the receiving end of one of the Professor's hour-long, singular and mandatory lectures.

As for rooming...You could talk to Kevin, Marvin or Zeon about having a home constructing as they command most of the labour forces of the Cirque. Jasper pointed upwards to the left, and then the right at the goblins and minions cackling on top of the tents and caravans and homes. Professor Xenon is good at getting you a home fast, but his homes tend to be more...experimental than practical, plus he's expensive. He's good for outfitting a home with specialised equipment though, so any of you mad scientists or technicians should go see him once you have a home. He tends to be good at security too but not very reliable on not telling people how to get past them. It's so people have to keep going back to him for updates. You could talk to Kevin or Zeon about hiring bodyguards for your home, they're pretty reliable as they both offer insurances. Kevin promises to capture the thieves and reimburse any lost property, while Zeon promises to kill the thieves and reimburse any lost property. Marvin knows more magical defence, runes and things, so he's good too. There are other specialists too but the list goes on and on and on and on and- Jasper jerked out of it, slapped himself and continued.

Sorry about that. If you want, I'll lead you to a foodcourt and then go get Marvin, then you can ask him to put in orders and he'll take care of it all, just make you tell him if you need any... he raised his hands. "special" requirements, or add-ons to your home. We all have a few...things. he grimaced, and clenched his fists. that we need. You can trust him to keep it private though, no matter what it is. Don't be afraid to ask for any off-the-wall things either, we're pretty good at supplying weird things. He grinned and started walking backwards, navigating through the crowd easily as he went so. Because of the extreme range of visitors and denziens of the circus, it's hard to find foods that will work for everyone. Considering the fact that the food we're serving currently is only limited to the cuisine or planes 5-7, you may find it difficult to simply walk out and buy food, and if you won't know, you will when we change the menu to planes 4-6, or 3-5. The universe is full of creatures that are vastly different to you, and it's our job to serve them, remember that. Secondary point, be careful around new people as you don't know what effect they could be having on you, for example, there is a race in the tenth plane that constantly emits beta radiation but look just like humans. There's a minor healing spell that is spread over the entire circus, in an effort to stop background danger like that, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to shake a lava golem's hand.

The shrieks of the circus began to die down, slightly, and the weird stands and attractions died out as the entered a feeding zone. Dozens of different circular restaurants were set up, hundreds of vendors moving between them, like mosquitoes around cows. We serve almost any kind of food here. Solid, liquid, gas, plasma, energy, for example. He snapped a finger and pointed at a vendor, a red beam of harmless light pinpointing him out. He is currently selling blood, packets of life-force, bone, time, souls and other various nasty things. Jasper then snapped his other hand and pointed a blue beam at another vendor. While he is selling ice-cream, ice-lollies, melted ice, frozen ice, flaming ice and other various cold things, such as ice. He snapped his hands together and multi-coloured beams shot out from all his fingers at the group for a moment. Marvin will be here shortly, you don't have to worry about money right now as the cost will be taken out of your next payment instead of having to owe a debt to these money-grabbers. He grinned at them. Eat up.

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Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:00 am

{Checkered Man}

_The world's a stage_

The checkered man nodded as he listened to Marea and his eyes believe it or not was eye level the whole time. He's kind, he's foolish, he's straight to the point, and he talks way too much, but like any magician, he is a performer, an actor. An actor wearing a mask no less and treating everyone else like they are his audience. With Marea from what he could tell she is quite pure, innocent to be exact especially for something that is pretty much a predator. A damn shame, he would think, but then somewhere in his mind he would also think it all could very well be a game, she's playing.

He smiled under that checkered mask of his and said " I'm glad to hear you'll make sure that doesn't happen and thank you, for answering my question." His eyes now went to Marea's rack, but because he was attempting to mental undress her, but because her minion Mr. Wiggles drew his attention and so did Nox. If his eyes rolled, then they would have spun, because of their threats. However, threats like that really do mean all the world to him. The way they way said it and acted, it all points to one thing and that is they don't think very much of him, exactly as he wants it. It would be too troublesome if they didn't.

A Golem and a snake woman shortly made a commotion. The golem was also asking to room with, but his attention was else where and it wasn't hard to figure where it was and frankly even the checkered man couldn't turn away from the scene the snake woman, Sri Yantra had caused. There was no way to describe it, but only one way to say it " Predator on Predator action, it doesn't get any hotter than that, but a pity, I have to ruin it." He had approached the two. " You have no idea, what kind of stunt I would've pull to gain your attention, but this works just as well."

" I've heard some about you and have a general idea of what you're capable of. So I'm going to say it, I have to have you. I need you, Sri Yantra " The checkered man being completely serious with her. He then realized he didn't say it the way he wanted to as he pinched his nose. " Just to be clear, I need an assistant for my acts, will you join me?" He asked her, feeling a little embarrassed, about how he acted in such an unprofessional way.

Jasper who had been quite quiet for some time finally raised a stir especially with that firework display of his. You had to be deaf or dead not to have your attention on Jasper, the checkered man thought. All the information was very help and very informative, but yet something about Jasper was off. He spoke with authoritative, he certainly did and acted as such, but he felt like he was one of them. A newbie like him, like her, like everyone around him. " Thank you, Jasper. After we have lunch or whatever, I'll put that knowledge to good use." He said " Especially with that Professor. I don't want to get rusty with escaping from dangerous and deadly traps. I do make a living off that after all."
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