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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:38 pm

I think straight man when I see it.

Cool new avatar by the way.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:57 pm

Mastermind001 wrote:@ Quin: Updated my guy, Quin, by adding an Extra's section and giving him an Ipod.

@ Dee Arris: I hope, I get to work with your gal. She sounds interesting.

I have to say it.


There, I'm done.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:06 pm

@Quinny thanks I try. Think that makes 3 Homestuck-related avatars floating around this section of the forum now

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:35 pm

hOnK hOnK.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:20 pm

Name - Marea

Nickname - Siren

Age - 27

Occupation - Singer and late night performer

Plane - 6th

Gender/sexuality - Female / Bisexual, though she prefers men (compatibility and all that)

Appearance -


Marea looks like your average succubus, but with a few differences. She stands at an impressive 6'7" and having a curvy body that's pleasant on the eyes, filling out at least a D bust (which is considered below average per Succubi standards). Her skin has a tanned hue, closely resembling that of sand. Just like every other succubus she has a pair of leathery wings, with a massive wingspan of at least 19-20 feet, which allows her to fly for prolonged amounts of time. Horns grow from her forehead, which curve backwards along the side of her head, again curving back around her ears. She has soft pink hair, which reaches along her entire back, giving her a naturally innocent appearance. She keeps it made up at the back of her head, with two bangs hanging at the sides of her face, going underneath her horns. Her eyes are soft red, accentuating her hair and skin well. They're slightly bigger than normal succubi have and her nose is somewhat smaller, further enhancing her innocent appearance. Her ears deserve special mentioning, they consist out of three "stalks" with a fleece running between them (much like you would expect to find on amphibious creatures). These larger ears give her exceptional hearing. Interestingly, her heels have a spike underneath them, giving her natural high heels, forcing her to walk with a sexy gait, whether she wants to or not. Last, but not least, is her tail. It reaches to around her ankle and ends in the trademark spade. The tail is thin, having the same color as her skin, and can be moved very dexterous, although it has little actual strength and cant lift anything heavier than say a cup with a drink in it. It is too soft and weak to be used as a weapon.

She dresses in clothing commonly worn by succubi, which is to say, quite revealing. She has a green piece of cloth wrapped around her impressive bust. Underneath that runs a second piece of cloth, which is colored beige with a softer green lining along the sides. This cloth is lengthier on the right side, where it reaches to her hip, whereas the left side stops just below her breasts. Both pieces of cloth are kept together by a golden embroiled hoop by her left ribs. She shows off ample amounts of cleavage.

Her stomach is kept bare, aside from a golden stud pierced through her belly button.

She wears a dress in a similar manner as her top piece. A green piece of cloth wraps around her waist, with a second, lighter colored green, piece underneath that. The second piece of cloth reaches to her ankles. Just like the chest piece, this piece also runs diagonal in length, with the right side completely covering her leg and her left side leaving her leg completely bare. Both pieces are kept together with a round, golden buckle, with a chain of tiny red beads running from the left side of the buckle to the right side.

A few golden rings grace the tip of her tail, just above the spade.

She doesn't actually wear shoes. Succubi skin has a natural elasticity to it, making it difficult to puncture it. It's susceptible to slashing though. She does have three golden hoops around her left ankle.

Being/species - Everybody has heard of the succubi, the she-devils that seek you out during the night to seduce you and steal your soul. Their legend exists for as long as recorded history. But those records don't really tell the entire story.

Once, a long, long time ago, they used to be a fair and noble race, consisting of succubi and incubi (the male variant). Their appearance was almost angelic, having radiant golden hair, piercing blue eyes and white feathered wings. They were seen as heralds of life. They would descend upon the outlaying towns, seeking out a perfect mate. They would take a part of their lifeforce, the energy succubi and incubi need to sustain themselves, but in return bless the town with an infant. These children inherited the same angelic traits of the succubi or incubi, having the golden hair and piercing blue eyes, but lacking the wings. They were by all accounts still the race the succubi or incubi lay with, but better in every way. They were often destined for great things, leaders, kings, emperors. All reigned with a true heart.

They were the lovers of the good. Courtesans of the pure nobility. Mistresses of royalty. Civilizations flourished thanks to their guiding.

But all that changed when the succubi and incubi somehow got their hands on magic. Black, ancient magic. No one knew where they got it from, they were extremely susceptible for magic and unable to cast it themselves, lest it blew up in their faces. Some say the devil himself graced them with this knowledge, but such is mere speculation. This dark magic allowed the succubi and incubi to open up a hellish portal to the outer realms. Nothing could pass through it from this side, but the denizens on the other side could pass through it unhindered.

And these denizens were more than pleased to enter the portal. These impish creatures bore the marks of hell, and they were more than happy to oblige with any commands given by their summoners, if sometimes not in the way you'd expect. They were rude, crude, mischievous and quite brutal. The succubi and incubi had suddenly gained the muscle their race never had.

But that wasn't all, these creatures provided an infinite supply of energy for the succubi and incubi. They were small, but contained enough lifeforce to sate the hunger of the two races. And the best part was that they couldn't die. Once killed in a realm outside their own, they'd simply be banished back to whence they came and could be summoned again. The succubi and incubi suddenly no longer needed the other races to feed.

And that was the point where it all started to go downhill. They should've known better, they could've known better, but they didn't. The ability to cast these portals were first taught by the elders, but soon it became a racial trait, something they were born with. But the constant consumption of infernal lifeforce was starting to take its toll on the once pure race. The golden hair vanished, replaced by odd colored hair, ranging from red to green. Their once blue, shining eyes, now muddled and red. Their once angelic wings, stripped off their feathers and replaced by leather. The lifeforce was corrupting them.

As generations went by, becoming more corrupt with hell's influence, familiars were taken. These imps were the same as any other hellish creature, with the exception that they were seen as the leaders. Imp lords, they liked to be called. They had the ability to act as slavemasters, keeping larger numbers of imps in check by absorbing mass and growing bigger. The succubi and incubi started collecting them, taking them on as their personal pets.

The angelic creatures once seen as the Heralds of Life, became the Heralds of Death. Not all succubi or incubi got their fill from the imps, craving larger portions of lifeforce.They would swoop down on towns, picking any random, unlucky, person and drain all the lifeforce they had, leaving nothing but a empty shell in their wake. They whispered dark secrets to kings and rulers, turned the nobility on the people.

Some civilizations caught on, turning hostile towards the succubi and incubi. There were even hunting parties that actively sought out these so called temptresses, wielding powerful magic to counter them. The imps did not provide the succubi and incubi with the necessary protection they needed from these new adversaries. So they turned to another race known for its lustful traits, the Gem Dragons. They provided easy slaves, unable to overcome the seductive force of the succubi and incubi. Large number of Gem Dragons now serve as personal toys and bodyguards, protecting their masters from any outside dangers.

Little knowledge remains of their once so proud stature, even their history corrupted by the infernal energies. And that is where we stand today, with succubi and incubi representing the sin of lust.

Physically, the succubi and incubi are a lot like humans, with a few key differences (other than the obvious exterior differences). Succubi and incubi possess two hearts, which allow them to regulate their body temperature much better than humans, which is why they can wear so little without suffering from hypothermia when high in the sky. It also makes a succubus or incubus always warm to touch. It also lengthens their lifespan to that of about twice that of your average human.

They are surprisingly resilient towards poisons and can easily take on doses that would kill a average human. This has also allowed them to eat just about anything, without the fear of food poisoning. However, as a turning point, this also means that if they ever receive medical care that relies on drugs, they'd need much higher doses.

Their bodies are extremely susceptible to magic, to the point that a low level flame spell could potentially incinerate them to ashes. Conversely, this also applies to any buffs or healing spells, which can cause interesting and unpredictable effects.

Skin and bones are much more flexible, comparable to that of rodents, who can collapse their own body to 1/3 of their full form. Meaning that they can take a beating without fear of breaking bones, although it left them physically weaker in return. Their skin also doesn't grow any body hair, other than on their head (only incubi are capable of growing beards and the like).

Succubi have the intriguing ability to lactate at any given moment. This milk has special properties, that speeds up cell growth by nearly 2000%. This is why the children birthed by the succubi grow to full maturity in little to 3 years. It also serves as a healing potion, capable of closing even the most grievous of wounds. Special note: this milk is extremely addicting, both physically and mentally. Once drunk, it leaves the drinker at the peak of their physique and induce a euphoric effect. Going cold turkey can be very hazardous, as the body and mind now feel like they are dependent on it, meaning that it will display severe withdrawal symptoms (which can include heart attack). Some succubi use this to enslave victims, making them do their bidding.

Personality - This is where Marea differs the most from other succubi. A regular succubi has little to no regard for life, seeing it as nothing more than their sustenance. Marea however has learned to cherish it, knowing just how precious such a thing is. This has set her square against her succubi sisters and she has garnered a certain amount of hatred because of this.

She has some body issues, stemming from the teasing her brothers and sisters (it should be noted, that by brothers and sisters, her entire race is meant) always gave her. They always told her she was no true succubus, that she'd never get the same looks any of her sisters would get. So when people give her appearance the looks she so craves, she perks right up. It also means she doesn't mind people staring.

Her tail is a good indication of body language, and will curl around her leg if she feels out of place / is embarrassed (even a succubus can be embarrassed) / put into place. When she's cheerful or otherwise overly happy, it will move more energetically (it wont wag like a dogs tail though).

She's not as cold as her brothers and sisters and has quite the hearty personality. Enjoys the company of others greatly. However she does not understand the taboo surrounding sexuality. Isn't it the way all species reproduce? Isn't that how you were made? It's a perfectly natural and enjoyable thing, so why dance around it and pretend its something dirty?

Cannot stand to be alone. Succubi are by nature beings that need to be around others. While she will always have Mr. Wiggles around, she also depends on the presence of others.

In a lot of ways, she represents the old succubi, from before the corruption.

Items - Succubi and by that extension Marea, are not really into material possessions. Everything the girl owns could easily fit in a small suitcase. Most of it other sets of clothing.

Skills - Siren's Voice; Another defining trait that sets her apart from her sisters. Not having the ability to entice her victims with just her body, she developed a soothing voice that can hypnotize anyone who hears it. It only works on those already interested in her (men, lesbians). Can be broken by those with an extremely powerful will (though it requires an exceptionally strong with to break it). It brings the "victims" in an almost dreamlike state, where they are easily manipulated.

Flight; this one should be obvious. Her wings allow her to traverse the sky quicker than she would on land (especially since the natural high heels don't make it easy for her to run). The wings are powerful enough to have her carry one more person, but can also be used to do some serious damage if smacked by them.

Limber; her more flexible bones, as well as the added balance support by her tail, allow her to perform contortion-like moves thought impossible for someone her stature. This makes her an excellent dancer.

Netherportal; a rather dubious name, for a racial talent. It allows her to open a portal, specifically created for her (meaning, it will always open up in the same place on the other side). It allows her to summon forth an army of small, impish creatures to do her bidding. They're crude, rude and quite malevolent, enjoying tearing their intended target to as many shreds as they can (if used for offensive/defensive purposes). But they'll most likely be used for the hauling of heavy equipment.

Keen smelling; much like that of a predator, succubi and incubi have exceptional smell. Although they can pick up more than just smells, the main reason for their higher developed smell is to pick up pheromones, to make it easier to pink out potential mates (or to really find out what a person thinks of them).

Pheromone release; this is a somewhat outdated skill, as most modern day species have moved on past the use of pheromones to signal fertility. However Succubi and incubi still possess the ability to release powerful pheromones into the air, to help "sooth" their victims. It has a distinct smell to it, much like that of a perfume. The smell is unique to every succubus/incubus. Marea's pheromones have a surprisingly sweet smell to them, like strawberries.

mini CS wrote:Name - Mr. Wiggles

Age - N/A

Gender / sexuality - Male / Women

Appearance - Mr. Wiggles has a very goblin-like appearance. Standing at a mere 8 inches tall, he isn't much to look at. He has a rather large head, with a long protruding chin and nose and small beady yellowish eyes. The body itself is very scrawny, making you wonder how its possibly holding up that head. His skin color is charcoal black, just like every other creature from his realm.

Personality - He's very much like all the other imps, being rude to everybody and not giving a damn. The only person he genuinely cares for is Marea, not that he would ever admit that. Not fearing death, he can be extremely brazen and cares little for his well being. That said, he doesn't particularly enjoy "dying".

He's somewhat of a pervert and enjoys leering at other women and doesn't make it a secret. There's a reason to why he's called Mr. Wiggles, and that's because his favorite hideout is being tucked safely between Marea's ample breasts. Which she doean't really mind.

Believes himself to be a natural born leader and will try as best as he can to attain that position, to the point of trying to boast with the achievements of others.

Cares very little for his fellow imps, which is what makes him such a good imp lord. He'll gladly send them all to their "deaths" if he can get a chuckle out of it. Unlike Marea, he cares little for life.

Items - N/A

Skills - Imp lords are special types of imps, who can absorb the mass of other nearby imps to boast their own prowess. This is how they keep the rabble in check (sheer brutality). This is also why imp lords are a much more dangerous foe that regular imps, especially when they're not alone. Isolated they're nothing more than a regular imp.
The absorbing of mass does come at a price, when he exceeds a certain threshold, his already not so high intelligence will dwindle, to the point of being nothing more than a mindless beast that moves on instinct. At that point, they'll even proof to be a problem for their masters.
Can grow up to 3 feet tall, without the risk of mind loss, exceeding that will induce intelligence drops to the point of 5 feet where he'll turn mindless.

History - He grew up in a hellish realm, used his abilities to beat his way to the top and was promptly chosen as a familiar by a 4 year old (that's already mature, remember) Marea. Ever since he's been at her side and between her breasts. He wouldn't want it any other way.

History - Marea has very little history worth mentioning, being picked on from a young age, she never really left her home much. She'd spend most of her days with Mr. Wiggles, who was the only reason she didn't go completely mad from isolation.

Together they discovered her Voice, which they promptly showed to the village heads. But they had little interest in such tricks, just a glimpse of their body did the same trick. To the village heads she was still a failure of a succubus, unable to entice a victim with just her body.

Years went by, the abuse her brothers and sisters have her never faltering. Given that she spend most of her days inside, she had a lot of free time to do other things. The archives had long ago been abandoned, no succubi or incubi caring about their heritage, only thinking about their next meal. But here Marea learned of her heritage, how they used to be. In a way, she hoped that it would one day return to that, even though she knew such a day would probably never come.

When she first heard about the circus it sounded like her ticket out of this place, surely any place was better than here? So she packed what little she had and left, the village caring very little.

Theme - "Make My Day" - Waldeck NOTE: I will be using Waldeck as my "playlist" for her songs.

!! Important Note !! - I can't force anybody to do this, but given her appearance and the fact that she's a succubus, I must ask if everybody who has listed female/women under sexual preference to feel attracted to her. I don't care what kind of attraction, perhaps just a case of can't-take-my-eyes-off-her or a full blown crush, but something. Just a request.
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:58 pm

D-cup? ;) Not bad.

So long as you understand that "imps" are basically Hell's version of animals. In no way are they related to "Demons" except that they're their slaves really.

You know the way that heaven sometimes has those floaty eyeball things in fiction? That's basically what imps are, small fry that constantly torment and prepare the souls of the damned whilst their "Demon" masters take care of their own personal business.

Demons...well, if you've ever seen any apparent demons in fiction that are snarky, rude, vicious, entirely without empathy, murderous, ravenous and generally assholes, they are nothing like the Demons in this RP. It's be like comparing stamping on a dandelion to Genocide, except still completely under-exaggerated.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:04 pm

MQ I'm thinking of possibly joining. Can I be a Fortune Teller possibly?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:04 pm

Capitalizing Demons and emphasizing how powerful they are reminds me of Piers Anthony's Demons as opposed to his demons. In his series demons vary from your run-of-the-mill mischief makers to dangerous foes that only the most powerful heroes could match, while Demons are reality-bending god beings that could erase the world with a flick of a thought. Are there lesser demons in this world as well, less powerful than the ones that come straight out of Lucifer's imaginings?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:07 pm

Yeah, I deliberately didn't say they came from hell, so they wouldn't be confused with demons. But they're from a realm very near hell I suppose.

They're based heavily on the darklings from The Darkness. Small, but coming in great numbers to overwhelm possible adversaries. Kinda like how ants and bees operate. I'm also looking forward to writing their dialogue (they're not very smart, but posses the ability to speak).

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:19 pm

Sure Kyuu, we may have to work out the powers but god knows, I'm letting a bunch of other people try out powers that traditionally would be frowned upon.

Asmo@You said they bore the mark of Hell so...anyway.

IA@Sort of. The Demons I mentioned at the the start in the whole things history, are demon lords who are that powerful. There are other Demons, creatures Lucifer made, his own version of God's angels made by copying and twisting his memories of his former fellow angels into existence, these would be the most powerful things that can enter the mortal realms. The Demon Lords and Lucifer can't without simply smashing everything to pieces and there are certain nasty fail-safes which stop them, through sheer difficulty and deterrents. By the way, the Demon Lords are basically the equivalent or ArchAngels.

The "ordinary" Demons are pretty powerful themselves, still enough for one to turn every plane each into a giant scorch mark but...mortal planes are sort of like...It's kinda like being in super dense water for them. You know the way you're so much slower and weaker and stuff? That happens to them to the point that they're around some of the native's level. Plus, once in a mortal realm, that's it for a Demon, no going back to their previous status.

No Demon or Angel benefits from entering the mortal planes really, it's typically a form of banishment for angels or escape for Demons. I won't go into it much further, it won't really matter in this but if you come across a proper Demon, you just run, to heaven, by killing yourself.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:21 pm

I'll PM you about it when I'm closer to an actual CS. Plus I have a few questions.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:23 pm

Well, I imagine the realms closest to hell being tainted... so the creatures there would probably bear some sort of hellish trait or mark.

But my character is fine?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:34 pm

The 2nd plane is pretty fricking nasty, the circus just doesn't visit there sometimes.

The imps could be from 2nd dimension. There aren't many races there compared to it's relative size, but the ones that show up are horrible little buggers that only survive by hiding from the numerous Beings that pass by and not invoking their ire.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:48 pm

Hmmm, could I be a combo Clown/Bard? I plan on breaking out Splendor Man.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:52 pm

I've got two clowns already really but it's up to you.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:58 pm

Hmmmm, well I guess I could stick to the Bard/Musician part. You ok with me being a slender man?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:00 pm

We'll see what happens when you write it up.

Also, I'm kind of annoyed that no-one has chosen to be born with magic.

By which I mean, someone born with the random gift of magic in them instead of picking some obscure race or Being.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:01 pm

MQuinny1234 wrote:We'll see what happens when you write it up.

Also, I'm kind of annoyed that no-one has chosen to be born with magic.

By which I mean, someone born with the random gift of magic in them instead of picking some obscure race or Being.

I was thinking of having Splendor born with some innate necromancy, undead backup band and some such.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:09 pm

Who wants to be a boring human, when you have so many more interesting options before you?

Villain wrote:Hmmmm, well I guess I could stick to the Bard/Musician part.

Need a singer? :D

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:14 pm

Asmodai wrote:Who wants to be a boring human, when you have so many more interesting options before you?

Villain wrote:Hmmmm, well I guess I could stick to the Bard/Musician part.

Need a singer? :D


Now we just need a drummer and we can go on a road trip.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:16 pm

Like I mentioned, we'll hammer it out when the CS is put up.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:20 am

Asmodai wrote:Succubi and incubi possess two hearts

couldn't resist

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:33 am

Shush you, that's supposed to be a secret... woops

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:02 pm

You know now that I had some time to think, the goblins remind me of "Overlord" and its sequel. Loved those games.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:22 pm

Oh yes, good find. They're pretty similar to those
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