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Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:27 pm

Mastermind001 wrote:Also I select Micheal to face off against Keto with some backup (just incase).

Oh boy.

Also Quinny, I noticed in the cast list Michael is put down as "businessman". Would you mind changing that over to hypnotist?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:07 pm

Of course.

MM@I knew that, I was just wondering why you mentioned him since I hadn't seen him apply.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:54 pm

Alright, I've worked on Nox. His species is more specific: he's a shadow that is missing its source.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:18 pm

MQuinny1234 wrote:Of course.

MM@I knew that, I was just wondering why you mentioned him since I hadn't seen him apply.

Because I know he will and we had some discussions on the subject.

Edit: @Innocence Abandoned: Come on, you know its the perfect fit your guy.

Myself, I'm having a hard time deciding who William's enemy should be, its between the sadist and the scientist .

Either one, probably going to have William say that he loved the deadly doom machine that was about killing him and friend and would probably ask for the blue prints to build his own version.

Edit2: Which reminds me, I look forward to when William ponders ways to counter a mind reading enemy as well watching the Time Mage " Stop Time".

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:29 am

Geo@Make the illusions weak to a light shove and add that in his Immaterial form that he's very vulnerable to light.

Cheese@Looks fine.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:32 pm

Alright, downgraded from hard shove to weak shove and added a 'vulnerable to light' quality.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:09 pm

Looks perfect.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:13 am

Oh my gosh It's here! Hope you're still accepting

Name: Gorm

Nickname: Shieldy

Age: 230 years old
Occupation: Bouncer

Plane: 7

Gender/sexuality: Male/Straight

Gorm is a golem from the seventh plane. He stands just above 8 feet(2.5 meters) tall.
His body is made out of armor while his legs and arms are made out of dark wood. His lower legs and his hands are made out of stone. He does'nt wear clothes except for a robe around his waist Because when his father made him he still wanted his son to be a man.

In all Gorm looks like a giant medieval knight in armor. At the center of his chest lies a large glowing crystal which pulses with live housing his soul. Small wisps of energy circle around it at all times.

Being/species: Golem
Golems are soulless construct created only with one goal in mind. they obey there creator without hesitation and cannot think individualy so their tactics are very rugged.
There are many types of golem. depending on what material they are made of so a golem made out of stone is called a Stone golem while one made out of life essence and blood is called a blood golem.
golems arent good or evil. they are the true embodiment of neutrality attacking anything perceived as a threat to their master or their task.

Personality: Gorm is a warmhearted person He can easily befriend anyone not startled by his appearance. He's also quite charismatic to the ladies and wont hesitate to flirt with some pretty specimens. This all changes when Gorm is working. Then he turns into a Ice cold machine and he will show no mercy to Hooligans or people trying to sneak in without paying.

Nothing important other than his robe and a few baubels from his travels.

Gorm unlike other goloems doesnt have a lot of strenght he is still stronger than most men. he does have a high stamina threshhold and painlimit. He can do his designated job for hours until he is told to stop.

History: Gorm started his life as a healty young boy, that was until he got gravely ill. He stayed in bed the entire day as his health deteriorated and none of the doctors could find out what the cause was. Eventualy they judged that he only had a few months to live until he would be taken into the hands of the lord. His father who was a renowned inventor could not accept this fate so he started reading into his old tomes to find a way to save his son. After many nights of reading he found that he could absorb a soul into a special crystal which could power a constructed body. after paying his entire life saving to buy everything he needed from across the land he started construction on the body and finished it just in time. As Gorm shed his last dying breath his father activated the crystal and absorbed his soul into it. he then placed it inside the body and Gorm awoke to a new life.
years passed and Gorm led a happy life with his father Protecting the village and helping wherever possible. It was all simple until the day came that his father lay on his death bed. He plead to Gorm to never abandon the village and to protect it with all his might. Gorm said he would never break that promise no matter what. And with that his father passed away and Gorm was alone He kept his promise standing sentinel in the center of the village and protecting it against any threat posed. but slowly but steadily the village fell into disrepair. With each new generation more people left to see the outside world and finaly all that was left was a lonely statue forced into inactivity by dissuse.
Decades later Gorm's story would have ended there if it werent for a stray firework round flying straight into him. He awoke to see that his former village was nothing more than ruins and he knew that he no longer had to keep his promise. so he headed out to see what had hit him. He found it was the Cirque de la Nuit who had shot fireworks and that one of them had strayed and hit him. And so it was that after a long talk to the head of security Gorm took a job as bouncer in the Cirque keeping unsavoury types out. Here he made a new promise to protect the Cirque until the end of his days.

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNJaFhOb ... re=related
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:33 am

I'm trying to keep you characters joining new so you'll need to change the history a little. Scratch out the venderpods and say you talked to the heads of security instead. A firework hitting you and getting your attention is fine as the Cirque always shoots off fireworks pretty wildly.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:04 pm

[And before anyone asks, I talked to Quinny before posting this CS. Let me know if there's anything else that needs changing Quinny.]


Two characters in one CS, because these guys are practically inseparable. Some of you might recognise them from somewhere...added my own twist to it.
And yes, it is extremely long like quite a lot of my other CS's.

Name - Balthamos & Baruch

Nickname – Balthamos and Baruch have quite a few names, varying in levels of formality.

Bal and Ruchie (pronounced ROOk – ee: a slightly amusing play on words there) – or sometimes just ‘Ruch’ (pronounced: Rook)
‘The Watchers’
‘The bitter one and the sweet one’ or alternatively, on a bad day: ‘the depressed drunk in the corner and the one trying to drag him away from the bar.’

Balthamos was also once given the name of ‘demon’ – but perhaps unjustly. Balthamos refutes all claims to being anything of the sort – and he does have a valid point. Next to the ‘real’ demons, Balthamos’ nickname as a demon seems laughable and absolutely ridiculous.

Age - Very old. Baruch is four thousand years old, more or less, but Balthamos is by far the eldest. Physically they look to be in their twenties, however.

Occupation – Both have been known to do odd-jobs in various places of work, and would be willing to try out anything. Might be roped into performing if coerced, but otherwise unlikely.

However in particular, these two would make excellent:
Security watchmen, or messengers (angels, nuff said)/errand boys/ runners (provided they’re not drunk or otherwise incapacitated on the job, or having a ‘moment’ *COUGH* Balthamos *COUGH*).

If you want to give them something specific, have them be Security watchmen/errand runners.

Plane - 7 (fallen from heaven)

Gender/sexuality - Both Male, Homosexual (although possibly open to other sexual preferences – they’re angels and very curious by nature, so...who knows?)

Appearance -
Both of them look like young, healthy humanoid males in their twenties. As low ranking angels that no longer reside in heaven, they have nothing truly ‘divine’ about them besides both of them looking like very attractive pale-skinned male humans, with a ghostly, luminous quality to them. Their wings are practically invisible; only when there is a light shining behind them are the wings visible – dawn and dusk are the best times to see their wings, with night time being the second best. At these times in the day, their bodies seem to glow with a faint light, which although faint is unmistakably angelic (although they can control this light so that it doesn’t show up at all if they wish to). Since arriving on the seventh plane, they’ve taken to wearing human clothes (albeit a little reluctantly. Since his exile from Heaven, Balthamos would have happily run around the seventh plane in no clothes if Baruch hadn’t talked him into wearing some).

The slender, lighter and more elegant of the two, Balthamos is also the weakest of the pair, with a physical strength that isn’t that strong, even by human standards. His eyes are as dark and as bitter as his personality, and his expression is usually a combination of haughty distain or sarcasm, mixed with a tender, ardent sympathy. His hair and wings are darker and more neatly styled than Baruch’s, and his wings are narrow and smaller, often folded elegantly behind his shoulders. Although he hates clothing, when he’s forced to wear it, he’ll usually go for something simplistic, with muted colours. He’s slowly beginning to warm to idea of perhaps wearing something more elegant and stylish, however.

Ironically, although Balthamos is much older, Baruch probably looks closest to the ‘classic’ angel out of the pair of them. Baruch is much stronger, taller, and has a presence of being much younger than Balthamos, more powerfully built and with massive snowy-white wings – though these wings are still unable to take proper corporeal form, and can only be seen clearly at certain times of the day (dawn and dusk best, night time second-best). His light hair is untidy and curly, his eyes are bright and blue and child-like, and his warm smile couldn’t be mistaken for anything but angelic. His face is generally more cheerful and expressive than Balthamos, and his clothes tend to reflect his friendly, laid back attitude. Certainly Baruch shows less visible signs of corruption than Balthamos does.

Being/species - Fallen Angels.

Originally angels of a very low rank to start off with (literally the lowly dregs of heaven’s perfect society), Balthamos and Baruch have been exiled from Heaven and have since lost any divine power they might once have had. Any power they do have is a result of their divine nature, but not divine in itself. They are sentient beings with a corporeal form, but this corporeal form tends to be weak and easily damaged compared to most angels. Other angels (or demons) could probably take down the likes of Balthamos and Baruch without too much of a problem, since it’s the equivalent of pitting two Jack Russell’s against a Rottweiler – they are pretty much the weakest and lowest in the angel hierarchy of heaven – although they can still put up a decent fight. Balthamos and Baruch have wings, but these wings are not strong enough to take corporeal form and often remain faint and practically invisible, giving them the ability to fly but nothing more. Their skin is naturally cool to the touch and is found to be soothing on humans in the seventh plane, but possesses no actual ability to heal or affect people significantly.

As the lowest rank of angel, Balthamos and Baruch are little more than a collective bunch of atoms, loosely sewn together with a soul, the will to exist, and the ability to think for themselves. To the uneducated or inexperienced eye, the only thing that separates their kind from entities such as ghosts, particularly as fallen angels, is that “Unlike ghosts, we have class and sophistication. Plus we have better qualifications and better living standards.” – According to Balthamos.

As angels, they have no need for mortal requirements such as eating, drinking or sleeping, but can engage in these activities as well as others if they so desire.

~Some natural abilities to note are:~

Touch of an angel – Their touch cannot heal (being angels of a distinctly low rank and having ‘fallen’), but humans will find their icy touch numbing and soothing, like having an ice pack on an injury.

Near-invisibility – As beings that have a non corporeal form as well as a corporeal form, Balthamos and Baruch are able to render themselves practically invisible, like their wings are. In this state they are very difficult to detect unless they let their presence be known. This ability is most affective during the day, but can be used at night too, provided they keep in the shadows. Their outlines can still be clearly seen under certain types of light (i.e. with a singular light source behind them.)

Flight – Despite having fallen from heaven, both angels are still capable of flight by use of their wings. In flight they are fast, and capable of travelling long distances. Baruch is more skilled in this area than Balthamos, since his wings are more powerful and capable of moving fluidly through the air much faster. Being able to fly skilfully at incredible speeds is the only gift Baruch has, as an angel.

Shape-shifting – Both angels are capable of changing their shape temporarily into another creature. However anything greater or stronger than an average seventh plane wolf tends to take up too much energy to transform into, at least on this divine plane. What the angels are capable of transforming into usually depends on what plane they’re on – heaven making the transformations far far easier and ambitious, and hell making it next-to-impossible to use this ability at all. Just as Baruch is the most gifted with flight, Balthamos is the most gifted at this skill, being able to imitate a myriad of animals and their behaviours expertly and with conviction...Although Balthamos does find shape-shifting tedious and humiliating, and is not entirely enthusiastic about this ability.

Soul-detection – As angels they can see another person’s soul as clear as day. As angels of low rank they can’t do a proper soul search and find out people’s secrets or sins, but they can get hints of how tainted or pure a person’s soul is. The fact that they can detect a person’s soul means that (provided they do have a soul) the angels can sense a person approaching, even if they can’t be seen or heard. So sneaking up on an angel is not an easy feat. (Angels are naturally ‘watchers’, and with good reason. You know you’re in safe hands if you’re being watched over by an angel).

Personality -
Both angels have been affected by their time spent in the seventh plane, and have picked up more than a few bad habits, such as swearing and drinking excessively, although both of them still have something of a vague angelic quality to them. They no longer feel any responsibility or show any loyalty to heaven (or indeed hell), finding them equally repulsive. Perhaps Balthamos and Baruch can be described as the ‘true neutrals’ of the divine planes – which is of course why they tend to hang around the seventh plane so much, and haven’t fallen any further. Less likely to get any hassle here, and the environment is to their liking. Possibly the thing to note most about Balthamos and Baruch is that as low ranking angels, they have no delusions of grandeur, and have very little self-worth. They are lesser angels, and despite that they’ve lost all knowledge of heaven, they’re sure of it (even if Balthamos has admittedly, far too much pride and display of arrogance for his own good). As such, they are more likely to run and hide away from danger Scooby-doo fashion than stand and fight, particularly if the enemy is bigger or stronger than them (Higher angels and demons in particular scare the shit out of them). Terrible cowards, the both of them...however, it’s fair to note that if it wasn’t for their cowardice, they probably wouldn’t have survived this long.

That being said, once they have found something or someone they can respect and be loyal to, both of them would help in any way they can, and fight for them to the best of their ability, even to the death.

Another important thing to note about Balthamos and Baruch is their love and loyalty to each other. Although they don’t always get on and have the tendency to argue like an old married couple, they are fervently in love with each other. Nothing is clearer than how much they care and look out for each other. If anything happened to the other, not only would their partner be able to feel it, but it would probably destroy them with grief. Their souls are bonded together for eternity, and they would never let anything come between them.

In terms of personality, Bal is anything but angelic. Sarcastic, selfish, prideful, and certainly the more cynical one, Balthamos can come across as scathing and unfriendly. Of the two angels, Balthamos is the more passive of the pair, and his cowardice is evident. That being said, if Balthamos sometimes comes across as a bit of a jerk, he is certainly a jerk with a heart of gold, who would sympathise and love all things if only his nature could let him forget their defects. His fall from Heaven has made him bitter, and he holds contempt for humanity who led him to fall – however Baruch’s presence often reminds him of the good in humanity too, and for Baruch’s sake he does at least try to be nice. Although he won’t admit to it, Balthamos is inquisitive and very curious by nature, and finds other life-forms and their culture fascinating. The cleverer of the two, Balthamos also comes across as being well educated, delicate and refined – however he is also impulsive and can be incredibly childish when it comes to handling his emotions. He also has a guilty pleasure in being fond of tasting human foods, in particular anything with sugar.

Baruch is the sweet to Balthamos’ bitter. Patient, calm, easy-going and affectionate, Baruch comes across as far more approachable and friendly, and is certainly far more emotionally mature than Balthamos. The fact that he once was a man means that unlike the aloof Balthamos, who is used to watching in silence, Baruch has better experience interacting with people, and is much more a ‘people person’ than his companion. Baruch is also of a much simpler nature, and can come across as too trusting and naive at times – and forgives far too easily. As the youngest, he looks to Balthamos for knowledge and wisdom, particularly when it comes to anything angelic. (Despite the fact that, as Balthamos keeps telling him, he knows NOTHING of what he supposed he used to know. All he knows is that he was up in heaven for a very long time, but nothing more) Baruch has spent very little time in heaven, so Balthamos would, if circumstances had turned out differently, have been far more experienced where heaven is concerned. Baruch also tends to worry about Balthamos a lot, to the point where it gets on Balthamos’ nerves. Baruch feels it’s his duty to care for Balthamos, and to protect him. But even Balthamos admits that Baruch has always been the courageous one, and whenever Balthamos fails at something important, Baruch is the one to help him fix things.

Items –
Metatron’s Sword – The two angels still have the Archangel sword that was used to kill Baruch (see history). The sword channels the divine (and only the divine) energies of its wielder – making the weapon only as strong and divinely powerful as the one holding it. For example, in the hands of a human or lesser being, it would be just a very good metal sword. In the hands of the likes of Balthamos and Baruch, it would be a luminous-glow-in-the-dark-type heavenly sword with a limited and minimal amount of divine power to drive away ‘un-holy’ (or otherwise merely just unfriendly) beings. Yet in the hands of an Archangel, the sword would be a monstrously powerful weapon of pure divine light, capable of vanquishing some of the most corrupt of creatures when applied correctly.
- Which is why Balthamos and Baruch imagine the Archangel Metatron (formally known as Enoch) might want his sword back. They’re both hoping to hell he doesn’t come looking for it. Perhaps he has a spare...? They hope.

Alcohol – Supposedly ‘Devil’s water’, but Balthamos loves the stuff. Admittedly so does Baruch, but Balthamos more so.

A lighter – in case either of them ever feel the urge to set fire to churches, using the alcohol as fuel. No really. I wouldn’t put it past them. Burning down churches is a hobby of theirs.

Notebook and Pen – Baruch insists it may come in handy. Balthamos doesn’t believe him.

Several bars of Kendal Mint Cake – Believe it or not, this is another human thing that Balthamos loves. Baruch always keeps some handy to bribe Balthamos with.

Skills - (other than the ones already listed under ‘Species’:)

~Balthamos & Baruch~

Telepathy – Only with each other. They can read each other’s mind and ‘feel as one, even though they are two’. They share each other’s joys and pains almost as if they are the same person. This is an unusual natural phenomenon as a direct result of the way Baruch was created (as an angel), meaning their souls are bonded together.

Multi-lingual – They’ve both learnt many many languages during their time on the seventh plane (both from the locals and visitors from other planes), so a language barrier is not usually a problem for them. Balthamos and Baruch both make excellent translators.

Watchers – Excellent observation skills, heightened senses, a keen eye and great as lookouts, scouts, etc. Being angels means that ‘keeping watch’ is a skill they have mastered extremely well.

~Balthamos only~

Mimicry - This is a skill Balthamos is adept at, and goes hand in hand with his shape-shifting ability. Balthamos is able to copy a variety of animal behaviours and make them pretty convincing – provided no one else detects that he’s actually an angel, and unfortunately other animals are quite good at instinctually realising that something is different about the ‘animal’ Balthamos and tend to take an unhealthy interest – so the act is much more convincing if no real animals are present to give the game away.

Acting – Although his pride or cowardice might sometimes get in the way, Balthamos is surprisingly good at putting on a convincing performance when he’s pushed to. In the past he has convinced ignorant humans that he’s actually a powerful vengeful angel with God on his side – and the humans had listened to him and fully believed it, running away as if they’d seen a ghost. There’s no doubt about the fact that Balthamos can act and put on a performance when pressured, and do it well.

~Baruch only~

Flight – Not only as a natural ability, but as a skill, Baruch is very gifted in this area. Baruch would make an ideal messenger or errand boy, simply because of the stamina, strength and speed he has when in flight. He is capable of travelling long distances very quickly, and flies with an accuracy and grace which is exceedingly good for his rank and status as a fallen angel.

History -

~The Angel Balthamos~

Balthamos existed purely to serve. As a lesser angel he received his orders from above, and carried them out to the best of his ability. That was his existence, and for a very long time he didn’t question it. He desired nothing, and asked for nothing, content with the way things were. He had no ambition, no malice, no greed. Such things were foreign and unknown to him.

-Perhaps his only real crime, was to love.

Four thousand years ago, Balthamos was assigned a mission to the seventh plane. He, along with many other angels, had the task of watching over an important man by the name of Enoch. It was one of the few times Balthamos had the privilege of visiting the seventh plane, and the experience was strange and new to him. Of course, he could do no more than observe. Interaction with humans was reserved for the higher, important angels. Balthamos had a right to be there merely as a presence, but not to interfere in any way. And so Balthamos, despite what sinful acts he observed whilst on the seventh plane, did nothing. However, what he saw unintentionally affected him. And for the first time in his life, Balthamos asked a question.

“Why must we watch yet not aid?” he asked another angel on the mission. The other angel looked at Balthamos as if he had some sort of disease and refused to give a full answer, saying only: “We watch over conscious beings, and by that means we give them aid, as is the will of our Lord. That is our existence.”

Balthamos could feel the hard soul-searching stare of the other angel and immediately bowed his head, afraid, making himself scarce. He promised himself he would never question anything again, fearful of this very idea of questioning things. Unfortunately for Balthamos, his curiosity would never quite leave him.

And so Balthamos continued his mission, diligently and loyally resisting any temptations his curiosity offered him. He made notes of what he observed on the seventh plane and reported it to his superiors, before continuing his silent vigil over Enoch.

~Love corrupts~

Yet the more time the angel Balthamos spent observing, the more he found his attention not on Enoch, but on his younger brother. A young man by the name of Baruch. Balthamos was not sure how or why, but he felt drawn to Baruch, as if his soul and Baruch’s were calling out to each other. Without even realising it, Balthamos found himself growing attached. Angels were never supposed to grow attached to humans, but Balthamos did. He started to spend less and less time watching over Enoch, and more time spent watching over Baruch.
And that was the moment Balthamos realised something was definitely wrong with him. An imperfection. That was all it usually took – one tiny flaw. Perhaps he had been flawed before – he wasn’t even sure where or when he had begun to become corrupted – but now he knew. He panicked. Everyone knew what happened to angels when they became flawed. And yet despite all his attempts to resist it, Balthamos was curious of Baruch. Inquisitive. He didn’t understand what drew him to Baruch, and he acted on impulse. In secret, he made contact with Baruch, communicating with him. Such an act was forbidden for an angel of such low rank; not only to make contact with a human without permission, but to do it on selfish impulse...

They do say love is blind. And it blinded Balthamos to the reality of what he was doing. Love – yes love, that was what he felt for Baruch. And after observing the seventh plane for so long, he knew what love was – and yet he couldn’t stop himself. Humanity had infected him, and he hated it – he hated it so much and was so afraid that he denied to accept what was happening. Everything had been fine before he had loved Baruch, and now he knew he was doing wrong. He was terrified. If Heaven hadn’t done something about his imperfections yet, surely they would now? His flaws were now obvious. He was expecting to be given the boot at any given second.
And yet, surprisingly there was no news from above that this was going to happen. And humanity continued to corrupt Balthamos. In desperation he lied to himself and to the other angels, requesting that he wished to devote more time to watching over Enoch...when all he was truly after was to spend more time with Baruch. And to Balthamos’ utter shock, heaven granted his request – perhaps unaware, for the moment, of Balthamos’ betrayal. For the first time, Balthamos felt guilt over his actions and thoughts. Ashamed. And more frightened of being found out than ever before – he was a fallen angel in all but name, now. He was just waiting for Heaven to kick him out, by this point. The fact that they hadn’t yet only made him more nervous. He was being selfish, oh so, so selfish, and yet he didn’t have the will power to stop himself. Balthamos soon found himself spiralling further and further down into sin, with every selfish action setting of a chain of events which would lead to further crimes, further corruption. For a human, this type of corruption was normal, but for such a pure being as an angel...it was appalling.

And Baruch. Baruch was only human. His only crimes were that of original sin and naivety. He saw Balthamos as the fount of all knowledge and joy. An angel, a being of wisdom and hope that he could look up to and love. No one else in his life had ever shown him as much love as Balthamos had, not even his brother, Enoch. Balthamos was one of few people to really care about poor Baruch, and he clung onto it. In truth, despite the terrible sin of angel falling for a human, Balthamos and Baruch needed each other.

Yet Balthamos’ feelings became more and more complicated, and his devotion to God more and more doubtful. He loved Baruch, and yet at the same time he knew Heaven would never accept it. Balthamos had been tainted. But why? Why was it so wrong? Should he feel remorse and guilt over his sins, or should he be blaming Baruch for corrupting him? Or did the blame lie not with either of them, but with the heaven that denied them the freedom to love in this way? Balthamos realised what heaven was keeping from him, and he hated it. Should he not have the freedom to love Baruch, the freedom to think and feel for himself, and do what he wanted? ‘Want’...that was a new idea for Balthamos. He had never ‘wanted’ anything before now. Hatred, too, was new to him. Oh, these thoughts terrified him, but surely he wasn’t the first angel to have doubts; to ‘want’ something forbidden? To ‘hate’ not being able to get what he ‘wanted’?

The only thing was, Balthamos was a coward. He’d never spoken out in his life, and for all his sins, he didn’t have the courage to start now. He was just one, pathetic angel of low rank, barely a tiny blip on God’s radar...the most he could do was to hide his sins from heaven in the naive hope that no one ever noticed.


But of course, they noticed. It didn’t take long at all before Balthamos and Baruch were found out. Poor, naive Baruch. Selfish, foolish Balthamos. He should have resisted temptation and left Baruch while they still both had the chance. But Balthamos ruined everything by giving in. He fell in love with Baruch and Baruch with him; angel and man...and for that they would both pay the price.

Enoch by this point had grown older, and well aware of God’s attention on him, and of the angels that visited him. He was a pious man who had dedicated his life to God’s will, and while his younger brother was engaged in sinful acts with the angel Balthamos behind his back, Enoch was on the path to sainthood.
It was Enoch who first discovered the extent of what Balthamos and Baruch had done. He was upset to say the least, for he knew that for his brother Baruch, there would be no salvation. His brother – his own brother who he loved dearly, would not be saved. Standing before them both, Enoch declared Balthamos not as an angel, but as a ‘demon’ that had seduced his brother and lead him to damnation – and Balthamos, filled with absolute horror and mortified at what he had done, fled like the coward he was. Abandoning Baruch in fear of his own existence.

Enoch was so ashamed by his brother, that he cast Baruch out – although Enoch loved his brother, what Baruch had done was unforgivable. And so Baruch was forced to leave his brother in shame. After this revelation, it wasn’t long before the other Angels watching over Enoch heard word of what had happened. Fearful that Enoch might also be lead to corruption like his brother, Enoch was saved. For all his holy deeds, Enoch became an Archangel of a high order, by the name of Metatron.

As for Baruch...Enoch knew that their bloodline would now be tainted with sin. Dedicated as he was to God, that sin had to be purged. He knew what must be done...it was God’s will that it must be done.

~The fate of Baruch~

Balthamos knew. He just knew in his being that something terrible had happened to Baruch. Having watched over him and loved him for what felt so long but may have only been days, Balthamos didn’t question this feeling. He anxiously raced as fast as he dared to find Baruch – and the sight that he was met with made Balthamos cry out.

Baruch was lying in a pool of his own blood. A sword dug deep inside his chest. He was barely holding on to life, slipping in and out of consciousness.
“Baruch!” Balthamos knelt at Baruch’s side, appearing every inch the angelic apparition to the dying Baruch. And as Balthamos realised that he had come too late, there was yet another strange human emotion that the angel felt for the first time.

For all his love for Baruch, Baruch was just a man. And like any man, he was destined for death.
But this had been murder...! No. No not murder. If Balthamos had any mortal blood in him it would have surely run cold at that moment, as he noticed the sword. He stared at it in horror.

It was unmistakably the heavenly sword of an Archangel. This had not been murder. It had been divine justice. Punishment for Balthamos and Baruch’s crimes. Baruch was dying, all because of his sin against God.

Balthamos cried and cradled Baruch in his arms, desperately begging Baruch to stay with him. No angel should have felt the cold sting of mortality, but in that instant Balthamos understood. He understood humanity’s suffering, not as an impassive observer, but as a being who was now experiencing it all first hand. Life, Love, Lies, Lust, and now Loss. Balthamos knew them all so well, thanks to the taint of Humanity he had experienced. He didn’t know whether to despise and loathe it with all his being or to feel utter heartfelt sympathy for it. All he knew was that his love was dying, and he could do nothing. Helpless. And yet another thing he felt. Vengeful. Balthamos did not know where the bitterness and heated anger came from, but for a frightening moment he wanted to call up at the sky and summon down the angel that had dared to kill Baruch – he wanted to kill –

...But then a choked whimper from Baruch knocked Balthamos to his senses. “...Will I see you again...in death?” Baruch whispered hopefully.

And Balthamos almost felt something lodge in his throat then. Because he knew that wherever Baruch’s soul went, he would not be able to follow. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t bear to tell Baruch this. All he could do was weep – and then cling ever more desperately as he saw Baruch’s soul begin to leave his body, drifting away...


In a last desperate act, Balthamos abandoned his human lover’s body and flung himself at the faint shape of Baruch’s ghost – latching onto it and folding his wings around it to protect it, enveloping it with his angelic presence. He couldn’t let Baruch go. He just couldn’t. With every fibre of his being, Balthamos willed Baruch’s soul not to leave his own. He would sacrifice everything he knew, just to have Baruch with him. And somehow, his love and the angelic power he was radiating must have reached Baruch’s soul, because the ghost looked up at him with eyes full of hope and joy. It was at that moment Balthamos dared to dream something that no angel of his rank would have dared. Something so insane, so defiant of God’s will, that it could just work. Balthamos knew he was damned already anyway. He had absolutely nothing to lose. This would only well and truly seal his fate.

- He could save Baruch.

~The Angel Baruch~

In one swift movement, Balthamos held the ghost of Baruch tightly in his arms and took to the sky. He had shared some of his own soul and angelic power with Baruch in order to keep him from drifting away – giving him just enough strength to carry Baruch to heaven. If they could reach close enough to the divine plane of heaven, the energy Balthamos had given Baruch would be given the extra boost it needed to finish the process...and make Baruch’s soul divine, like Balthamos’ own. Baruch would become angelic like him. Balthamos was weakened by the energy he had leant to Baruch, but the angel struggled on, determined to carry on until exhaustion took him or until they had reached the gates of heaven.

“Baruch” Balthamos finally whispered, not in the tongue of men, but in the language of angels.
And Baruch opened his eyes upon heaven in wonder, and smiled.

~The Fall from Heaven~

Yet any fleeting moments of pure joy and relief Balthamos and Baruch shared, was soon to disappear. Balthamos may have saved Baruch’s soul from death, but judgement still awaited them both.

This was the second time Balthamos had directly disobeyed the will of God. Not only had Balthamos allowed himself to become corrupted by human sin, but he had created an angel – an angel that by rights should never have existed. And as for Baruch – despite having committed no sin as an angel and being an innocent party in this sorry affair – his soul was tainted with human sin like Balthamos. He could never be accepted into their ranks as a holy angel – Baruch was considered an abomination to angelic kind, by the very nature of his creation. The very idea of an angel being created out of the sinful and selfish love of another angel was appalling.

- And so Balthamos and Baruch were banished from the kingdom of heaven in disgrace. The Archangel called Metatron, that had once been Enoch, Baruch’s brother in another life and another time, oversaw their departure from heaven himself, casting them both out like the wretched flawed things they were. One might have thought it was a wonder he hadn’t destroyed them both then and there....particularly as he had been the Archangel whose sword had pierced Baruch. But clearly the orders weren’t to smite them, merely to cast them out so long as they didn’t resist.

And Balthamos and Baruch would fear the Archangel that had been Enoch thereafter. As they would with the rest of heaven – but particularly he who had thrown them out, who had sealed their fate.

As they fell, it was Baruch’s turn to save Balthamos, who was so much weaker and not as pure in soul as him. Baruch wrapped Balthamos in the safety of his great snow-white wings, just as Balthamos had done for him. They clung onto each other, hoping against hope that they wouldn’t fall too far. For both of them feared hell as much as they now feared heaven.

~The Seventh Plane~

Perhaps heaven showed some mercy after all. Because Balthamos and Baruch ended up falling to the same earth they had last departed from. The neutral grounds of the seventh plane. Balthamos quickly became angered and bitter as a result of their fall from grace, but Baruch soothed him, easing the worst of his resentment...although Balthamos would never be quite the same after his fall, and would remain somewhat bitter and cynical. In many ways, Balthamos saw Baruch as his redemption. Who knows? Perhaps if Baruch hadn’t been there, Balthamos would have fallen much further. As it was, Baruch stopped him from straying too far into corruption. It seemed that all that love Balthamos had poured into Baruch’s creation as an angel had been worth it – Baruch now had enough emotional strength and kindness for the both of them, despite their descent from heaven. The seventh plane and its humanity could corrupt them all it wanted – Balthamos and Baruch would fall no further. They vowed to look after each other and protect one another from harm – and they kept their promise to each other. Whatever they faced, they faced together. Their souls were entwined as one, and would never part.

- So when Balthamos discovered alcohol for the first time and drank enough to make himself collapse in a pathetic drunken stupor, it was Baruch who carried him patiently away from the tavern, tending to him carefully until he had sobered up. When Baruch was naive enough to fall for pick-pockets, it was Balthamos that caught on what was happening first, and pulled off a theatrical ‘angel with eyes aflame’ performance that scared the thieves into repenting for their sins immediately, giving back all the stolen belongings...including ones they had stolen previously off other people, much to the angels’ amusement. Whatever the Seventh plane had to throw at the pair of fallen angels, Balthamos and Baruch tackled it together.

As the centuries went by, Balthamos and Baruch became more accustomed and adapted to their non-divine surroundings, embracing the culture a bit more and trying to fit in. They never once drew too much attention to the fact they were angels, fearful of what would happen if they did – so they kept quietly in the background, disguising themselves as ordinary humans and minding their own business for the most part. Baruch suggested they should try and get jobs, to which Balthamos scoffed that it was a ridiculous idea, and he wouldn’t let his dignity sink that low just yet. However, they still ended up getting jobs in the end; usually whatever odd jobs they could find – although increasingly, work in security became a nice easy job for them both to do.

But perhaps that was the problem. The jobs were all too easy for them.

In truth, Baruch was looking for something to keep Balthamos and himself occupied. As the centuries went by, the novelty of exploring the seventh plane and its wonders had begun to wear off, and Balthamos was spending more and more time complaining and moping...and drinking excessively. It was alright for Baruch; he had once lived on the seventh plane as a man, he could adapt quite easily, even as the times changed – but Balthamos wasn’t used to it. He felt weak and useless...and being free to do whatever the hell he wanted, had actually left Balthamos uncertain of what to do with himself. He seemed to have lost all purpose except to care for Baruch – that was the only thing he was certain of anymore. And Baruch could see that. He wanted to give his companion something more to strive for – he had hoped some kind of job – a challenging, or at least an interesting job - would at least have given Balthamos and himself some sort of focus...

So when Baruch heard about Cirque de la Nuit, he attempted to coax Balthamos into signing up for it with him.

- And by something short of a miracle, Balthamos finally conceded. Possibly just to shut Baruch up.

“It’s just going to be like all the other jobs,” Balthamos muttered.

Theme - “A Thousand Deaths” – Globus

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:23 pm

Perfect Doc. Pleasant to read over again.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:41 pm

That CS is loooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

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Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:49 pm

Agreed. Good quality though.

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Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:56 pm

So what is the ring leader like, Quin?

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:01 pm

A little red demon guy in a suit with a top hat.

Also wildly insane. You won't be meeting him much. He has bitches to take care of the circus circus business for him whilst he takes care circus serious business.

Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:15 pm

Now that was a pleasant read.

Which reminds me, what is religion like in this world? Is earth aware of the different planes, or is this kept from them? Because with the undeniable existence of heaven and hell, therefor the undeniable existence of both god and the devil, I can imagine religion having evolved quite differently.

Are all the planes even aware of each other?

Also, I think I've asked this before, but didn't see an answer, where are our characters staying?

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So the ones really encharge, what are they really like?

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I don't fully understand the question. Expand.

Asmo@Each character get's a basic tent, which is literally, a basic tent, for one person. If you want to sleep without it, fine. If you want a bigger tent, build it or get someone to make it for you. Maybe you get to sleep alongside other workers, there are some tents that have a few clowns in them, a few for the gardeners and care takers. You can either share, or live on your own in a crappy tent or one of your own design. It's up to you guys if you want to live with someone but traditionally speaking, people with similar jobs or locations or something live together. Sometimes another worker will build a home for you but considering you guys are new, if you wanted to buy their business, you'll be in debt. Plus some of them have different prices and different styles or methods. Some grow houses out of trees so the entire house is really just one thing, all the walls and roof are the same plant. Some made up of solidified magic, some other material, who knows. Some people don't even sleep or own anything.

Also, 7th plane, I'm sure I've mentioned this, is exactly the same as ours, except magic and magical races just happen to be real. Apart from that, every normal person in that world knows the same things as the normal in our world. Obviously, there are a few government thingies, but they don't matter.

The other planes, knowledge of other worlds is more aware but for most people. it simply doesn't matter. They're never going there. In the higher realms, movies and things are made of horrific creatures coming from the lower planes, but that's it really. Sometimes rich kids from higher planes go visit lower ones but since jumping planes is generally a huge hassle, it isn't a big deal except for some groups and classes of random scientists desperate to study the nature of the universe.

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Omg Doc Balthamos and Homa are gonna get along fine. <3
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Tents? Man, this circus sucks... But I'm sure Marea could entice some workers into building her something better

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So we don't get paid and we get tents.... wow... Glad you didn't talk me out of the gem ability. Then again, its not like William planed to be somewhere else so being in debt wouldn't be a problem either.


Fair enough. Who takes care of the circus circus business, the managers, promoters, and etc? And what are they like? Do they care or careless? What is their particular method of handing business?

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Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:36 pm

There are heads of security and people who organise the circus itself. Then there are the tool men, the people who supply food, advertisers, medics, explorers, etc. Those are the main branches really, but there are staff meetings and stuff.

Anyway, it's all very...like class systems. The clowns don't like the acrobats. The tool-men and manufacturers don't like security, etc, etc. As for handling business...people just show up to the circus, flyers just show up where the circus is going to appear and then one night, there it isl

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MQuinny1234 wrote:Perfect Doc. Pleasant to read over again.

Asmodai wrote:Now that was a pleasant read.

Yay. I am happy now.
sam4books wrote:Omg Doc Balthamos and Homa are gonna get along fine. <3
In my tired state I can't quite decide whether this is sarcasm or serious but whichever it is bring it on <3

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That's just awesome, however she reminds me more of something aqua than with demons, still awesome though. Now you're going to get everyone and their grandma to ask for pictures including me.
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