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STAR WARS: The Old Republic RP---OOC---IC is up!

Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:49 pm


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...


"The Galaxy is on the brink of war, a war that threatens to tear apart both the Sith and the Republic, neither side ready for a full scale war yet, not after the end of the Great Galactic War. Planets mostly affected by the previous conflict lay in ruins, with both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic struggling to retain their delicate hold on the core worlds. The uneasy truce formed between them following the sacking of Coruscant (The Treaty of Coruscant) is on the verge of collapsing upon itself.

Meanwhile a the Empire and Republic are sending armed forces to Belsavis’s infamous war prison stationed to either free the prisoners, or control them. However, disaster strikes as an unlikely group of people find themselves cut off from outside communication deep within the dark corridors of the Tomb. It is up to the Empire and the Republic to deploy some reinforcements quick before this unlikely group suffer at the hands of each other...or something far worse.

About the RP

What is the Setting?

Sit back, you’re in for some loooong backstory
The RP takes place in the year 3,643 BBY, 200 years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, following the end of the Great Galactic War, perhaps the greatest war that ever took place within the galaxy we know and love in the Star Wars universe. This in turn followed the Jedi Civil War, a conflict that was a result of the Mandalorian Wars, a conflict in which a Jedi known as Revan took upon himself a following of likeminded Jedi and lead them against the Mandalorian armies which threatened the safety and security of the Old Republic. This campaign against the Mandalorian threat eventually lead Revan down the path of darkness, until he found what remains of an ancient and powerful empire, befriending them, and using their dark and deadly machine to create for himself an army to be used in the establishment of a new Sith Empire. However the stakes had turned, when Revan’s ship was infiltrated during a trap set by the Jedi, and was captured by the Jedi Knight Bastila. The council wiped Revan’s mind clean of any memory of being a Sith, his brain reprogrammed to believe that he was an agent loyal to the Republic. Eventually Revan would regain his memories, only to face his former apprentice who had taken on the mantle of Sith Lord in his absence, and free the Republic from the perceived Sith threat, and the long civil war.

However, the true threat still remained in hiding, an Emperor who hides in the shadows, unknown to the Republic. To say the least, the Republic was caught off guard when the Sith Emperor decided to strike them in their weakened state. Meanwhile the Sith had reclaimed Korriban back from the Jedi, and established their own academy there to train adepts in the Force for the Sith Emperor to use as he pleased. The Sith went on to invade many Outer Rim territories, and attempting invasions of certain Mid Rim worlds. However, they were caught off guard at the Battle of Bothawui.

Four years later, the Empire decided to change their tactics, and turn the Mandalorians against the Republic. Using the coliseum games on Genosis, and the fact that many Mandolarians would participate as gladiators for glory, the Empire singled out a single gladiator to be their pawn. Posing themselves as managers, sponsors, and even gladiators themselves imperial agents manipulated the gladiatorial events so that this new pawn would emerge victorious, granting upon himself the old title of “Mandalore”, a title that hadn’t been used for centuries.

After uniting the scattered Mandalorians, the new Mandalore encouraged his followers to make war upon the Republic and confront the greatest challenge of all—fighting the legendary Jedi Knights. Following orders from his Sith superiors, he ordered the Mandalorian fleet to blockade the Hydian Way, the Republic's most critical trade route. With that, the Core Worlds found themselves without raw goods or supplies. After several pleas from the Republic, the Jedi confronted the Mandalorians, and were soundly defeated.

The Mandalorians continued the blockade, denying the Republic raw goods and setting the Republic war effort back. Eventually, the blockade started riots on Coruscant and the Senate began to talk about surrendering to the Sith. The blockade, however, was broken by a combined Republic-Smuggler alliance led by Hylo Visz.

After the Mandalorian blockade was broken, the Sith's tactics in the war became far more aggressive and desperate.
Decades after the war started, the Sith’s Dark Council gave the Republic a surprising offer: the chance to negotiate peace. The Republic could not afford to ignore this opportunity, and the Jedi Council agreed to it, seeing the war as unwinnable. Diplomats on both sides came to Alderaan and began discussing terms of peace. But the Sith had one last trick to play.

An elite Sith army invaded Coruscant. After a team of Sith, led by Darth Malgus, destroyed the defense grid in the Jedi Temple, Darth Angral ordered an invasion and bombardment of the planet. After Coruscant's defenses were defeated, the Sith destroyed the Jedi Temple and held the planet hostage.

With no other choice, the Republic diplomats on Alderaan signed the uneven Treaty of Coruscant.

The treaty forced the Republic to give up many outlying systems to the True Sith Empire.

However, there were forces in the Republic that didn't accept the treaty. There were Republic troops, namely on Dantooine and Balmorra, who refused to withdraw and mutinied to continue the war while another group within the Republic, led by the Jedi Master Dar'Nala, bombed the Senate building to assassinate the Senators who supported the treaty, believing them to be Imperial spies while also planning on ruining the treaty. Dar'Nala also orchestrated a supposed Sith attack on the Envoy in an attempt to neutralize the treaty. However, when Dar'Nala attempted to put the last phase of her plan into action, her madness was revealed to her supporters and they abandoned her, which led to her death. The peace held through after this.

Although his Empire was stronger than ever, the Sith Emperor no longer seemed to desire total conquest. He handed over control of the Empire to the Dark Council, who would oversee the day-to-day affairs of state, and went on to pursue his own mysterious goals as the Sith consolidated their power.
By the end of the war, thousands of Jedi were dead. The Galactic Republic focused its anger on the Jedi, blaming the order for its defeat at the hands of the Sith. Though they were still committed to defending the Republic, the surviving Jedi chose to return to their ancient homeworld of Tython in order to rebuild their strength.
The end of the Great Galactic War set the stage for a Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic in the years that followed. This cold war saw a number of border skirmishes and proxy wars, pushing the two super powers to the brink of another war.

So what’s my part in all this?

The RP begins with all of you, stuck inside a sealed off vault within a large maze of maddened prisoners and chaos. It is up to you to help each other find your way out and reastablish a connection with your superiors…Or you can stay and discover the source of this “mysterious evil”. At the same time a rescue team will be sent to “collect” you, which will most likely be just as unlikely. Hell, one of them might even be your very death. Anything can happen really.

Will I get to do my own storyline?

Of course, if you want to do your own storyline separate of the two groups, PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Be warned, it will probably be harder for you to interact with other players this way.

What about space battles?

You’re kidding? This wouldn’t be Star Wars without the space! However the battles will most likely take place on the deck of ships, as opposed to just blasting enemy ships out of the sky. If you want to blast away at ships like Luke Skywalker, talk to me, and we can work out a system.

What about romance?

Goddammit, yes! Just nothing explicit, okay? We don’t need any porn happening in this RP. Keep it PG. That goes for all of you.

Sam! Someone’s abusing their character’s powers/abilities!

That’s called godmodding and I don’t take too kindly to godmodders. I don’t care if you’re Emperor Palpatine himself, your character can, and maybe will, die. Get over it. There are no cheats, no freebees. If your plans don’t sound plausible, yes even in Star Wars, than don’t do it. It’s that simple. If you do something stupid, you WILL suffer for it. Maybe you’ll just get your hand cut off. Or maybe you lose your legs. Does it matter? No. Should it matter? Hell, to the, no. Besides, I hear cyber enhancements are all the rage these days.

This guy is bothering me! Kick him!

Usually I go off a “three strike” policy. If you break one rule, you get a strike, break it again you get another strike. Three strikes…you get the idea.

I am a nice GM, an evil GM, but a whole lot more lenient than others. I don’t expect people to play nice but I would appreciate it as I hate taking drastic measures.

Also, keep in mind only a certain number of people will be allowed in this game, a maximum of twenty players total The prisoners and the rescue team will be chosen at random, excluding the “personal storyline” folks maybe. I do not wish for a clusterfuck, so put some effort into your CS’s. If you need help or are unsure on Star Wars lore, ask either me, or my Co-GM.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Remember to have fun! And may the force be with you, always!

Da Rules

-NO God-modding whatsoever, or saying you took down a PC or NPC down in one hit. Just because this is mainly an interactive RP, doesn't mean NPCs will go down easily. Your character should not be all powerful, flaws are important.

-NO sex scenes. Romances are fine as long as you don't get carried away. I would like to keep this rated PG-13 for obvious reasons. Plus I've seen just how much of a nuisance people going overboard can be.

-NO autohits. Give the player a chance to react. It is only common RP courtesy.

-NO ping-pinging. While the player response rate is generally a free-for-all, I don't want to read the interactions of only two players all on one page, and neither do other people. It can get a bit annoying. So please respond within reason.

-I usually give players a week to idle before chewing them out over it. If you have a valid reason for being idle for over a week, please inform me about it via PM, and I will see what I can do to make sure that your character is not thrown out of the loop. You we then be given as much time as you feel possible until you can post again.

-If a person breaks any of the above rules, or are idle for too long, he/she will be sent a first warning via PM. If a person fails to explain why they are idle/still remain idle without giving a reason for idleness or continue to break the above rules, they will be given a second warning. If a third warning is issued your character will be removed from the game via death.

-Other than that, HAVE FUN. This is fucking Star Wars guys, come on!

The Planets
“The known galaxy is more than 100,000 light-years in diameter and consists of billions of star systems. Among these star systems, current estimates suggest there are more than one million inhabited worlds—many of them still unknown. At the current time, several planetary systems have been singled out for further study. It is on these worlds that analysts believe the future of the galaxy will be decided.”

– Mystical scholars gathered on the harsh and mysterious world of Tython millennia ago to begin the first studies of the Force, but controversy among the scholars’ ranks created a cataclysm which nearly destroyed the planet. A small group of survivors fled to another star system, put their dark past behind them, and founded the Jedi Order.

Thousands of years passed, and the true legacy of Tython was forgotten.
Rediscovering the planet early in the Great War, the modern Jedi began exploring the mysteries of Tython’s history, and learning much about the earliest Force users.

When the Empire sacked Coruscant and destroyed their long-standing Temple, the Jedi Council chose to rebuild the Temple on Tython and train a new generation of Jedi to battle the Sith menace. They soon discovered, however, that Tython’s mystical power carried its own dark legacy, a pervasive taint of unknown origins…

– he earliest Sith lived on the red, dusty planet of Korriban, determined to grow strong despite the inhospitable climate. Their success culminated in a bold civilization, made stronger when dark Force-users arrived and interbred after being driven out of the early Jedi Order. This ancient Sith civilization eventually became a superpower and challenged the Republic during the Great Hyperspace war. Their defeat drove a handful of survivors into deep space where they regrouped and rebuilt, determined to return.
Over time, the new Sith Empire lost its way back to Korriban, until a visit a few centuries ago by two Jedi returning from the Mandalorian wars. Turned to the dark side, the two Jedi, Revan and Malak, attempted to reclaim the Sith’s legacy in the known galaxy, but turned on each other and self-destructed.
The true Sith Empire, governed by a thousand-year-old Dark Emperor, wisely waited, and returned to the known galaxy only when completely prepared to defeat the Jedi and the Republic.
Retaking the holy planet of Korriban as a top priority, the Sith re-established the glorious Sith Academy and began training a new generation of Sith to inherit their dark legacy and seize their birthright as the true rulers of the galaxy.

– In Huttese, the name translates into “Glorious Jewel”, and the planet more commonly called Nal Hutta is considered a paradise to the gluttonous tastes of the Hutts. To anyone else, though, the planet is a living nightmare—a disgusting and dangerous place to visit, and an unthinkable place to live. Current Underworld slang has shortened the name to a simple ‘Hutta’—a place where more civilized people threaten to send their children if they misbehave.
Before the creation of the Republic, Hutta was controlled by the native Evocii, a relatively primitive race who made the mistake of engaging in extensive business deals with the Hutts, ignoring rumors of their legendary greed. Centuries later, the Evocii realized their mistake too late—their entire civilization was mortgaged. When the Hutts’ home-world of Varl later became polluted and uninhabitable, the Hutts collected on the Evocii’s debts, becoming rulers of the planet.
In the thousands of years since, the Hutts have subjugated the Evocii—they live in slavery and squalor while the Hutts’ insatiable pursuit of wealth pollutes the planet. Hutta has become the breeding grounds for the powerful Hutt families who control competing crime cartels that operate across the galaxy. Though petty vendettas keep them in constant conflict with one another, the Hutts have remained neutral in the long-running war between the Republic and the Sith Empire, keeping their world exactly as they like it.
The Hutts are the lords of Hutta’s demented society, and all other races, even official foreign emissaries, are seen as expendable fodder in the Hutts’ bloated, wormlike eyes. Even the most infamous bounty hunters are hesitant to venture on the Hutts’ home-turf, and no sane person would ever come to Hutta willingly without the most crucial need.

Ord Mantell
– The mountainous plains and volcanic islands of Ord Mantell are littered with the ravages of a ruthless civil war. Republic forces are fighting elusive separatists who are conducting guerilla style strikes against both military and civilian targets. Adding questions to an already questionable situation, the planet’s government, though loyal to the Republic, is merely a puppet regime for underworld concerns.
Corellian colonists settled Ord Mantell nine thousand years ago, and the planet became a staging point for Republic military operations in the Outer Rim. Ord Mantell’s strategic value waned over the centuries, however, and after a corrupt admiral sold off the local fleet, the military all but abandoned the planet. Ord Mantell soon became a haven for smugglers, pirates, and bounty hunters, and the local government fell under the sway of the crime syndicates—a dynamic that remains in place to this day.
Though largely uncontested during the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire, things changed after the Treaty of Coruscant. Though many star systems withdrew from the Republic, Ord Mantell’s corrupt governors decided it was better business to stay loyal. Not all of the planet’s populace agreed, however, and a separatist movement began and quickly escalated into an armed conflict.
The marauders began a hit-and-run war to drive the military off the planet and achieve independence. Over the last two years, the separatist attacks have ravaged the landscape and de-stabilized the corrupted government. Despite the difficult situation, Ord Mantell’s defenses are being bolstered. Crime syndicates backing the local government are bringing in potent black-market technologies from Nar Shaddaa, and the Republic is deploying its most elite forces.
The battle for Ord Mantell is just beginning.

– At the center of the galaxy, the gleaming towers of Coruscant symbolize the power and prosperity of Republic civilization—the result of thousands of years of progress and democracy. Coruscant has been capital of the Republic since its founding more than twenty thousand years ago. Home to the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate, Coruscant is the most politically prominent planet in the galaxy.
Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, Coruscant has always been the galaxy’s safest haven for law abiding citizens. All who would come in peace and partnership are welcome, and hundreds of alien species and star systems have come to be represented on Coruscant over time. These varied influences have made Coruscant the ultimate metropolis—a planet where anyone and everyone can find somewhere they belong.
Sitting at the zero point for hyperspace coordinates, Coruscant acts as the hub for all the galaxy’s trade routes. Though the city-world is without natural resources, it has long relied on member systems and allies to supply the raw goods for the population’s growth and prosperity. Though it has faced many difficulties in its long history, Coruscant has ever developed in a positive arc.
Despite the Republic’s initial losses in the Great War, the Jedi successfully repelled the Sith Empire’s attacks on the Core Worlds. Citizens believed they were safe on Coruscant, and for many, that led to an idyllic hope that the Republic would win the war. That hope was shattered when the Sith deceived the Republic’s leaders, sacked Coruscant, and destroyed the Jedi Temple.
Since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Senate has been forced to make difficult decisions on prioritizing the Republic’s resources. Focus has been put on shoring up defenses in the border worlds and rebuilding only the parts of Coruscant critical to governance and trade. Large parts of the city-world still remain in ruins, and many sectors have fallen under gang control.
Ultimately, the state of Coruscant is the state of the Republic—impressive and imperfect at the same time. Like the Republic as well, though, the strength of Coruscant lies not in its structures and systems, but in its people.

– Few places in the galaxy have seen the peace promised by the Treaty of Coruscant so thoroughly cast aside as the world of Balmorra. Fiercely independent, this long time ally of the Republic has led the galaxy in advanced droid and weapons manufacturing. Now Balmorra’s workers live and suffer under a full Imperial occupation force.
Soon after Balmorra was colonized, in the infancy of the Republic, it became a haven for some of the most prolific manufacturers of fearsome weaponry and battle droids in the known galaxy. These terrible military assets, combined with the planet’s strategic location close to the Core Worlds, kept Balmorra in a constant state of war. Setting its sights on the weapons of war manufactured on the planet, the Sith Empire resolved to take Balmorra, and in answer the Galactic Republic sent soldiers to aid the Balmorrans in their fight to preserve their independence.
As the war tore on and continued to spread, the strained Republic could no longer afford to spend its forces on Balmorra. Wave after wave of Republic troops were pulled off of the world for redeployment elsewhere in the galaxy, until finally, in accordance with the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic was forced to officially end its support of Balmorra. A small, underground Republic force was left on the planet to aid their Resistance, but the Balmorrans knew the truth of it; they had been abandoned. Even so, the Empire was still unable to take full control of Balmorra.
Now, years after the treaty, a regrouped and rebuilt Republic is testing the limits of their fragile peace with the Empire, sending back the reinforcements they had pulled off the planet years before. Although the Balmorrans are accepting of Republic help, they do little to hide their resentment at having been abandoned years before. Meanwhile, the Sith Empire is escalating their presence on the planet, determined to claim Balmorra’s weapons, and put an end to this conflict once and for all.

– Since the Republic’s inception, Alderaan’s nobility has been at the political forefront, taking a stand in the Senate for peace, freedom and unity. While Coruscant has always been considered the heart of the Republic, to some extent, Alderaan has been its soul. In the aftermath of the Treaty of Coruscant, however, Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and soon became embroiled in one of the bloodiest civil wars in the galaxy’s history. The future of this once-proud planet is heavily in doubt.
Renowned for its captivating beauty, Alderaan’s verdant forests and snow-capped mountain ranges have always been a vision of utopia. Matching the landscape’s serenity, Alderaan’s political process has historically been smooth, though the crown has often been handed back and forth between several entrenched noble houses. At the height of the Great War, though, everything changed—Alderaan’s timeless tranquility was shattered. Seeking to sap the Republic’s morale, the Sith Empire invaded the planet with all its might, quickly overwhelming local defense forces and taking the royal family hostage. The reaction was equally swift and savage—Republic and Jedi forces tapped into previously unknown reserves of valor and rushed to Alderaan’s rescue. The Republic’s heroes obliterated the invaders and handed the Sith Empire a humiliating defeat.
The Imperial invasion was not forgotten, though. For the first time in history, Alderaan’s leaders became a voice for aggressive military action in the Senate. When the Treaty of Coruscant was signed a few years later, Alderaan’s crown prince marched out of the Senate in protest. Alderaan seceded from the Republic and became an independent system. The crown prince’s decision was met with mixed reaction at home; though many were supportive, others were outraged. Despite the controversy, order was kept until an assassin’s blaster took the prince’s life, and the queen died heirless just days later. Alderaan’s parliament soon became deadlocked on which of the noble houses should inherit the throne. When one of the houses sought to settle the matter through a show of force, civil war broke out on all fronts.
Adding fuel to the fire, one of Alderaan’s forgotten houses has now returned with Imperial backing to claim its rightful place, and the Republic has begun funneling support to the honorable House Organa. Though neither superpower has troops on the ground, Alderaan could become the tinderbox that sparks a return to a galaxy-spanning war. Still, no matter how violent and chaotic the political climate may become, the legacy of the planet’s rich history and its sheer environmental beauty make Alderaan a breathtaking place to behold. The question lies in whose hands this treasure will eventually end up…

– Far in the Outer Rim, the sands of Tatooine bake beneath the glare of two bright suns. Small pockets of barely civilized communities dot the desolate landscape, surrounded by the endless expanse of barren dunes and rocky canyons that have silently slain so many of those who ventured out into the desert. Among the small shantytowns and settlements that persist, travelers may find shelter from the brutal climate, but trust is as rare as water on this lawless world. Visitors and locals alike must constantly watch their backs in Tatooine’s townships.
For centuries, Tatooine was of little interest to the rest of the galaxy – until the Czerka Corporation showed up five hundred years ago, seeking to exploit the natural resources they believed were beneath Tatooine’s surface. Czerka’s efforts to mine Tatooine ended in failure, but the planet’s hostile environment proved to be the perfect place for Czerka’s Secret Weapons division. Able to operate with no restrictions, Czerka brought alien technologies and experiments too horrible or dangerous to be allowed on any other system in the galaxy. While the full scope of how far Czerka went with their research remains unknown, it’s clear that suddenly, and without warning, Czerka completely pulled out of Tatooine, leaving their Secret Weapons complex to be swallowed by the sands.
The former Czerka outpost of Anchorhead has now become a lawless haven for smugglers, pirates and anyone else who wants to drop off the radar. Though Anchorhead often serves as a pit stop for Republic starships in the Outer Rim, the Republic has no official presence. Unbeknownst to the Republic however, the Imperial military has established a presence on Tatooine, to explore the old Czerka labs. The Empire has garrisoned a small force in the town of Mos Ila where industrious Jawa had restored a spaceport hoping to encourage trade, only to see their hard work taken over by Imperial troops who drove the Jawa back into the desert. This puts the Imperials only a short distance from the main community at Anchorhead.
Between the two, a terrible secret sleeps in the sand.

Dromund Kaas
– On the remote jungle world of Dromund Kaas, the Sith have spent a thousand years building their mighty war machine to prepare for an assault on the Galaxy.
Colonized in ancient times by the Sith Empire, the hyperspace coordinates of Dromund Kaas were lost to time, allowing the isolated planet to fade into distant memory. Following a crushing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the handful of surviving Sith desperately sought to escape annihilation at the hands of their Jedi foes. The desperate Sith, leaving their collective destiny to chance, chose to forgo all known hyperspace routes and attempt a series of dangerously random hyperspace jumps and blind scouting missions. For 20 years the Sith armada drifted aimlessly in the forgotten regions of space before finally rediscovering the Dromund system.
The Sith’s first century back on Dromund Kaas was dedicated to reestablishing the glory of Imperial society. In the depths of the jungle, the magnificent capital city of Kaas City was established and a citadel built – a standing testament to the power of the Emperor. Ceaselessly, the Empire worked to raise both army and fleet in preparation for their inevitable return to the greater galaxy. Power hungry, the Emperor spent great energy discovering and perfecting esoteric rites of darkness – rituals that wrecked the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, transforming the ionosphere into a swirling electric storm.
Now, more than one thousand years later, the Empire has returned to the galaxy – bringing full-scale war with it. The Sith have forced a great number of systems into submission in the war, however Dromund Kaas remains home to both the Emperor and his Dark Council. Even though the planet is bristling with the energy of the dark side, it is the Imperial military that has the largest visible presence on Dromund Kaas. It is here that the Empire’s power brokering games are played and alliances are forged and broken. For up-and-coming Moffs and Imperial intelligence operatives, success – and survival – hangs on the ability to master these games of intrigue.
It is from here, on Dromund Kaas, that the dark hand of the Empire reaches ever outward.

– Taris is a post-apocalyptic swamp, abandoned but not forgotten by the greater galaxy for three centuries. Until recently, only overgrown ruins bore testimony to the thriving civilization that once dominated the surface – a civilization annihilated by the Sith Lord Darth Malak while seeking to eliminate the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan.
As a symbol of hope and redemption in the face of Sith atrocities, the Republic has begun an unlikely effort to re-colonize Taris, establishing a spaceport, military base and the beginning of settlements amid the ruins. The remnants of the once great city-world have proven to be far more treacherous than anyone expected, though, and many believe the effort to reclaim Taris is doomed to end in disaster. One thing is certain – cleaning up what the Sith destroyed isn’t nearly as perilous as facing what they didn’t.
Deep in the dark swampy ruins lies the legacy of a centuries old plague, once confined to Taris’ demolished Undercity. Bands of horrific rakghouls – abominations created by Sith alchemy – ravage the planet’s surface. Each vicious attack carries the chance of transforming the victim into a diseased monstrosity. There are scattered reports that some of these rakghouls are evolving bizarre, freakish powers.
Determined to overcome the challenges, Republic and Jedi leaders are moving forward with the efforts at colonization. Rebuilding what the Sith destroyed 300 years ago would be a monumental symbolic victory, showing the galaxy that the Sith are not to be feared. But the Empire has no intention of allowing such a significant achievement.

– Republic knowledge of Belsavis predates the Great Hyperspace War, but for centuries, the planet warranted little attention. With the exception of some unusual volcanic activity, the planet was deemed, in all ways, unremarkable. Belsavis was added to the star charts then summarily dismissed as nothing more than another curiosity of the Outer Rim.
Fifty years ago, while investigating the planet’s tropical rifts that seemed to defy the ice shelves in completely unnatural ways, Republic scientists stumbled upon an ancient prison constructed by the Rakatan Empire. Behind the force fields and ultra hard metals were the most terrifying prisoners in the galaxy. Republic efforts to explore and secure the dilapidated network of vaults were impeded by ferocious alien species, and nearly unstoppable droids.
Realizing it was only a matter of time before the vaults and stasis chambers containing the worst of these prisoners failed, the Republic committed a force to maintain the complex, and establish a new Republic prison on Belsavis’ unused surface. In secret Strategic Information Service meetings it was decided that this new prison, dubbed “the Tomb”, was only to be used in cases where execution was impractical or impossible.
Once the Great War erupted, the Tomb’s population rapidly increased. Mandalorians, Sith Lords, and creations of Sith alchemy were sent to Belsavis for containment. As rumors of the Tomb’s existence spread, Imperial Intelligence began searching for the legendary super prison. Despite Republic efforts to keep its location a secret, the Empire learned of the operation on Belsavis and sent strike teams to liberate all the imprisoned Sith.
In the short time since the Imperials arrived, the prison grounds have been transformed into a labyrinth of battle and chaos. The Empire has discovered that extracting its loyal subjects from among their violent fellow inmates will not be easy, and even though the Republic is rushing to restore order, the threat of the mysterious evil breaking loose from its ancient prison is becoming all too real.

– Voss is a planet of more questions than answers. Discovered by accident shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, its rocky plateaus, unspoiled peaks and verdant forests were at first thought to be inhabited only by Gormak, a tech-savvy but pre-space flight species of extremely hostile natives. When the second, much less populous species on Voss made itself known, however, the galaxy was thrown into turmoil and the war almost restarted.
Primarily isolated on one tall peak and outnumbered by millions of their enemies, the non-Gormak natives use the same name for themselves as for their world: Voss. Locked in a losing war with an implacable enemy that sees them as a violation of the natural order, the hard-pressed Voss have survived centuries of Gormak assaults through the disciplined training of their Commandos, the placement and fortifications of their mountain city and the infallible guidance of the Voss Mystics.
The Voss Mystics are Force users of incredible power. Both the Sith and Jedi agree on this one point. The Voss do not. Voss know nothing of the Force and are uninterested in outsider opinions. Mystics have visions that are never wrong. The Voss follow these visions and survive. When the Sith Empire schemed to conquer Voss, the Republic sought to defend the planet--but the Mystics foresaw both plots and in the end a fleet disappeared, an Empire was humbled and two mighty powers came to Voss peacefully to win favor.

– One of the most remote and lifeless planets in the known galaxy, Hoth was of no real interest to the Republic until it became the site of a devastating military defeat. At the height of the Great War, Republic and Imperial fleets clashed in the Hoth system in a decisive battle which saw the destruction of some of the most advanced and powerful starships in the galaxy.
In the aftermath of the battle, the icy planet of Hoth became a massive starship graveyard, littered with the wreckage of hundreds of warships from both sides, including several prototype ships the Republic had deployed in the hope of turning the tide of the war. As the war raged on, though, neither the Republic nor the Empire had the time and resources to mount a recovery operation.
Upon learning of the wealth of technology abandoned on Hoth, an ambitious pirate confederation started their own salvage operation. They brought an army of droids and mercenaries and began looting all useful remnants from the wreckage in an effort to piece together their own battle cruisers and create a pirate armada.
In the wake of the Treaty of Coruscant, however, both Republic and Empire have returned to reclaim what’s left of their war machines, and Hoth has become a point of considerable contention. Despite the peace and the planet’s remote location, skirmishes have broken out often, and now both superpowers have become entrenched—committed to fighting for Hoth until the cold, bitter end.

Nar Shaddaa
– One of the most vibrant and dangerous places in the galaxy, Nar Shaddaa is a sprawling cityscape where nothing comes without a price. Dominated by a black market that caters to every indulgence, the moon has become the ultimate symbol of corruption. The upper levels present an endless parade of glittering neon towers and floating pleasure palaces; no greater concentration of wealth exists across the galaxy. Behind these flashy facades, crime bosses and secret political emissaries make backroom deals that decide the fates of worlds, and as much as both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire might like to change it, the Hutt Cartel calls the shots.
For all the opulence above, however, an equal level of brutality lies below. The bowels of Nar Shaddaa hide some of the galaxy’s darkest secrets. In the pursuit of advanced technologies, unscrupulous enterprises conduct hazardous experiments on unwilling test subjects and crime lords employ slaves as fodder on industrial assembly lines. Fugitives hide from the law after committing heinous crimes, and prisoners who’ve vanished from all over the galaxy are held in anonymous and inescapable private prisons. Criminal enterprises beyond Hutt control compete for power, as well – foremost among them the Exchange syndicate, the Hutt Cartel's only genuine rival. While the upper levels of Nar Shaddaa may be one of the most desirable places to visit in the galaxy, the moon’s lower levels are a place which anyone in their right mind would avoid at all costs.
In the distant past, before becoming the Hutts’ showcase, Nar Shaddaa was used as a refugee camp for Evocii driven from Hutta itself. Then again, after the Jedi Civil War 300 years ago, Nar Shaddaa was swarmed with refugees who were used by the criminal Exchange to lure and capture any remaining Jedi. More recently, when the Great War began, it brought ruin to many star systems, but to Nar Shaddaa, it brought only more profit. While other systems were offering allegiance to the Empire or to the Republic, the Hutts controlling Nar Shaddaa realized they could keep their autonomy – and their increased profits – by dealing with both sides. This delicate balancing act has increased the risk of doing business, but it hasn’t deterred competition. The Exchange and the Hutt Cartel have engaged in a winner-takes-all crime war that spans the galaxy but centers on the tiny moon of Nar Shaddaa.

– A founding member of the Galactic Republic, Corellia is one of the most vibrant business centers in the galaxy, and of the highest strategic importance. Besides being the hub for galactic corporate enterprise and maintaining a vocal presence in the Senate, Corellia is also the birthplace of many Republic economic, political, and military leaders. While Coruscant is a symbol of Republic power and tradition, Corellia is a testament to the Republic’s resourcefulness and respect for personal and economic freedom.
Corellia’s capital, Coronet City, is a model of efficient industry blended with environmental aesthetics. Determined to maintain their world’s beauty and individuality, Corellians protected large swaths of parkland in the city’s heart. Underneath this sophisticated façade though, an atmosphere of corruption lies just beneath the surface. Corporate influence has always driven Corellian political policy, and most Corellians accept this as fair bargain for the freedoms and economic prosperity it affords.
Despite their appreciation for a lax legal system, Corellians are known to be staunchly loyal to the Republic. This is why recent rumors of Imperial influence in the local government went largely ignored until now. Nothing has been confirmed by reliable sources, but official lines of communication between Corellia and the Republic have recently been suddenly and mysteriously shut down.
Holo-video and images from Corellia show widespread destruction in Coronet city, and though an act of terrorism has not been ruled out, some fear the situation may be more serious. However dire circumstances are, though, the rugged and resilient spirit of the Corellian people is sure to have survived, and rest-assured, the Republic will stop at nothing to protect this planet that is so critical to the Republic’s infrastructure and its culture.

– For centuries, a treasure trove of resources lay untapped in the most unexpected of places--a small, frigid world at the edge of the galaxy—Ilum.
The first to discover Ilum’s potential were the Jedi. The planet’s wealth of subterranean Adegan crystals proved to be perfectly attuned for use in Lightsabers, and Jedi began undertaking pilgrimages to Ilum to forge their legendary weapons. Dangerous and far from civilization, many Jedi lost their lives to Ilum’s bizarre beasts and brutal climate.
Over the years, the Order established small enclaves and discreet Temples to provide shelter for Jedi who made the long journey. Ilum became a rite of passage for powerful Jedi constructing new Lightsabers and a safe harbor for respected Jedi Masters seeking a quiet place for intense meditation.
Recently, however, the peace on Ilum was shattered. Inexplicably, the Sith Empire learned of the planet’s location and attacked with a mighty force of shock troops and Sith, slaughtering the small group of Jedi on the planet and leaving their sanctuaries in ruins. Though the Order was devastated to lose control of this sacred space, Republic resources have been spread too thin to mount a counter-attack.
Recent intelligence, however, has suggested that the Sith’s interest in Ilum extends far beyond simply harvesting Lightsaber crystals. Watching the Empire devote so many resources to operations on this remote world, Republic leaders and members of the Jedi Council have begun to question whether they might have surrendered a resource of far greater value than anyone ever imagined…

– Environmental poisons have made Quesh one of the most dangerous and valuable planets in the galaxy, and the grounds for a savage battle between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Though the chemicals on Quesh are lethal to most life forms, they can also be used to create some of the most potent adrenals in the galaxy… and untold wealth for whoever controls the ingredients.
Initially discovered by the Republic during the Great War, Quesh was abandoned after scientists detected the poisonous content of its atmosphere. It wasn’t until years later that a young chemist rummaging through old data recognized the potential for the chemical compounds on Quesh—they are incredibly close to venenit shadaaga (Hutt Venom), a primary ingredient in high-grade adrenals for healing, reflexes, and concentration.
If the Republic could find a way to process the delicate chemicals, it would provide a major source of new income at a critical time in the war effort. Ultimately though, Republic engineers were unable to master the techniques to synthesize the adrenals. They were forced to seek help from some unlikely allies– the Hutts. Three families from the Hutt Cartel were quietly convinced to step around their neutrality treaty with the Empire in return for a cut of adrenal profits that not even a Hutt could refuse. The Cartel, so long as they received their share, looked the other way.
Within a decade, the Republic was fully invested in Quesh. Despite efforts to keep Quesh a guarded secret, miner and worker gossip slowly crept out. It wasn’t long before the Empire heard about this vast source of chemical wealth - and the treaty-breaking Hutts. The Cartel was forced to declare the Republic-aligned Hutts traitors, and assist the Empire as it launched a full-scale attack on Quesh, seeking to destroy Republic efforts and claim the resource for its own.
Now, the Republic struggles to defend its investment from the Empire and their unhappy Hutt Cartel allies.

Availiable Aliens
Due to the fact that there are some species not yet discovered by the Republic and historic complications only certain species will be availiable as playable characters. However, if you know of a species that you believe should be included in the list, inform me and I will review it. If I think it belongs in the Old Republic, it will be included. Otherwise, please use the species listed below only please.
Dashade (I'll only allow a few due to Force immunity :3)
Kel Dor
Mon Calamari
Pureblood Sith (Only one please)


The SWTOR Wiki and Wookiepedia are both good sites to use as sources. You may also want to use the SWTOR main website.
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The CS


Name: (Self Explainatory)
Age: (Consider whether or not your species may age slowly, or quickly. Keep in mind that Jedi Knights are often knighted when they are young adults. The youngest age I'll allow is a sixteen year old teenager.)
Gender: (Male? Female? Does your species even have a gender?)
Species: (See species restrictions. Droids can also be considered ;3)
Appearance: (Consider your species' distinguished features in your descriptions, as well as your build, height, facial features, etc. Also, each creed and class have different clothing specifically designed for their needs, remember this when describing your character's clothes ;D And if your species has any specific clothing taboos, include them please. You WILL be judged :P)
Creed: (Jedi, Gray Jedi, Dark Jedi, Sith, Imperial Agent, Republic Trooper, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, other? Explain what you are if you are other. Heck, you can be an Independent for all I care. If you are a criminal, some information in your history regarding the Hutt Boss you serve under, if you do serve one, would be appreciated. Mainly because Hutts are quite known for waging little "wars" against one another.)
Affiliation: (Republic, Empire, or Neutral)
Personality: (Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, quirk, etc. What makes you, you?)
Motivation: (Your goal in life, whether it be money, fame, power, or simply peace in the Galaxy. Why do you do what you do?)
History: (How was your life before the Treaty of Coruscant. Where were you when Coruscant was invaded? How well did you recieve the news? Did you even care? How much does the treaty effect you? And what about the Great War? How much did that effect you? Were you still a padawan? Or maybe you are a war veteran...waiting for your medal of honor. The more details you put in here, the more I can work with. Every detail is important)
Theme: (Does not need to be included, but just for fun :3)

Jedi, Gray Jedi, Dark Jedi and Sith special descriptions

Rank: (For the Jedi, you will all start out as Jedi Knights automatically, unless you want to be a padawan, then you're gonna have to work that out with someone else. Jedi Knights CAN train padawans. Only those who show exceptional skills in the RP whether through an impressive feat worthy of merit or making smart decisions and giving aid in the progression of the story. The Jedi Council may begin to recognize your character and even promote them as a result. The title of master is prestigious, and hardly obtained. In fact only a few for each generation obtain the title of master. As for the Sith they often start out as a Sith Adept or Sith Acolyte, depending on where you're trained, before they become a full-fledged Sith. Similar to the requirements for promotion to a Jedi Master, in order to become a Sith Lord you must first gain the recognition of the Dark Council. Consider the teachings of the Sith, and how they seem to treasure conflict above all else.

You may omit this part if you are either a Dark Jedi or a Grey Jedi, since those two don't necessarily have ranks.)
(Jedi Specific-Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel, or Jedi Guardian-You may also mention your specific role in the Order too if you wish)
(Sith Specific-Sith Warrior, or Sith Inquisitor)
(Again, neither Dark Jedi nor Grey Jedi have these sort of things :/)
-Btw, if you want to handicap your character and place them in the Jedi Service Corps, I won't complain 8D-
Color of Lightsaber: (Red, yellow, green, blue, purple(rare), or other(very rare.))
Type of lightsaber: (One handed, Two-handed, or two ended (Darth Maul style))
Combat style: (Found here. You may combine two different styles if you do so desire.)
Force powers: (Found here. Please refrain from using anything that might be too advanced, and consider your class's preferences)

Bounty Hunter special descriptions.

Special weapon: (Your main, specialized weapon. It can be anything, just don't overdo it.)
Equipment: (Jet packs, nightvision googles, flamethrower, grenades, etc. Everything a bounty hunter needs to kill their prey. And as all bounty hunters know, the best way to victory is a well laid trap. All I ask is that, again, you don't over do it.)
Job Specialty: (What do you specialize in? Assassinations, espionage, etc. Your clients will hire you based off of your specializations. So whatever sort of adventure you want to embark on, may depend on this. Especially when it comes to the Sith.)
Ship: (Optional. It is not unheard of for bounty hunters to spend thousands of credits on their own starship.)

Smuggler special descriptions.

Equipment: (Smugglers are more light on equipment than bounty hunters, but having some grenades on you may be the difference between life and death. Include your blasters in here, though you may only have up to two blasters.)
Abilities: (Are you quick with a gun? An expert pilot? The best slicer around? Why would anyone be interested in a scoundrel like you?)
Ship: (A must. No smuggler is complete without a ship. A smuggler without a ship is like a jedi without a lightsaber. It just doesn't work.)

Republic Troopers/Imperial agents special descriptions

Rank(Trooper Specific): (Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, or Major; Your advancement in rank depends solely on your abilities as a soldier)
Rank(Imperial Agent Specific):
Cipher---- Specializes in Espionage and infiltration, Cipher agents are masters of disguise and certified to employ their own team of independent operatives.
Fixer---- Specializes in the development and repair of essential equipment. They are also known for their heavy experimentation on new gear.
Watcher---- Specializes in surveillance. They are literally always watching and know how to pull apart even the most precise disguises. They are also excellent slicers.
Keeper---- Head of the agency, and the one who handles all the missions. This man is the overseer of every agent's career, ultimately having the final say. There is always only one Keeper. However a Keeper most always answer to the Sith and the will of the Dark Council.
(Note, every agent has a number after their rank; ie. Cipher Nine and Fixer 88)
Undercover Name[s](Imperial Agent specific): (Because for goodness sake, you’re an agent for the Empire working for Imperial Intelligence. It’s not rocket science. You may have more than one. And if you have different stories for each name, feel free to add them in. THIS IS SOLELY OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY.)
Gear modifications/Gear: (Keep in mind Imperial gear is often top of the line when compared to the Republic, for obvious reasons. Doesn't mean your character won't be closely watched.)
Equipment: (Pretty much everything else.)

-Characters of other professions and creeds may have their own ship, but all I ask is that you share it with another person. Just to be fair.-

-If you have any questions related to the CSs, or any specific item/power/etc., tell me, and I will do my best to answer them-

The Cast

~Archrival----Eward Clipse
~BG07----Lahn Varsis
~Bishomonten----Len Dorel
~Fummo----Snaffles Burrowroot
~Iris----Valorian La Kross
~Nemises_Void----Doruuk Nak Ta'al
~Villian----Kikrosk Pokol Grisshet
~Dee Arris----Gaelae Ubun Tracen
~Ro Wong----Manir’aetc’erunoudu “Iraetce”


~Stufflikehearts----Alema Kilvaari


~Hasegawa Rayven----Kachku

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The Story So Far



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Now you can post.


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Reserved for Snaffles when I find him :)

Glad to see this finally ready to be played, Lovie~

Name: Snaffles Burrowroot
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Species: Drall

Appearance: Snaffles stands about 1 meter in height and has a rather portly build due to the fact that he is covered in thick dark red-grey fur. His eyes are pitch black and bellow them protrudes his hamster-like nose. His face is rather puffy with long white whiskers that protrude from his fuzzy cheeks. His ears are short, pointy and always straight. Though he might look like a pet, his race is known for their intellect. The expression on his face either shows that he is meditative or serious.
Snaffles wears the standard brown Jedi hooded robe, but keeps it open (because his thick fur make him too hot to be fully garbed). It is decorated with green to show that that he is a consular and believes in keeping the peace. Under the robe he is shirtless except for a strap that holds his spare lightsaber. He also wears brown trousers to cover his legs, even though his race prefers to wonder around in just their fur. He has a belt that carries his main lightsaber and an assortment of handmade beaded charms that are precious to him and derive from the Drall's love to craft.

Creed: Jedi
Rank: Jedi Knight
Class: (Consular) Jedi Healer
Color of Lightsabers: Green
Type of lightsaber: x2 small green Two-handed lightsabers (Same size as Yoda's)

Affiliation: Republic

Personality: Snaffles can be regarded as a pacifist for the most part. The fact that he is a Drall makes perfect sense that he would rather seek knowledge and wisdom than wield a lightsaber. He has a rather Phlegmatic temperament, meaning that he is often relaxed and quiet, but is kind and accepting. He, like many Jedi, prefers stability over uncertainty and change. He is also calm, rational, curious and observant. These are qualities that define his demeanour as a being that frowns upon confrontation and prefers passive methods in times of crisis.

Motivation: Snaffles is motivated by his unchangeable code as a Jedi Consular to ensure that the peace is kept wherever he is needed. He has taken a more passive and wise approach to dealing with confrontation and prefers to use his great knowledge of the force to subdue his foes. The safety of the Republic and it's citizens come first.

Snaffles, even as a youth remained as passive as he is today, pursuing knowledge and enlightenment rather than a militaristic path in Drall society. It became known to the Jedi order that Snaffles was indeed destined to become one of them and so he left planet Drall to begin his Jedi training as a Padawan. He trained under Master Syo Bakarn, a Consular and Member of the Jedi council.

He learnt and specialized in the healing powers of the force and decided to dedicate his training in mastering defensive aspects of the force as well.

It was during the war that he gained a great deal of first hand medical experience as well as witnessing the outcome of the galactic war against the Sith Empire. He watched as Coruscant was devoured by the dark side and the beacon of hope and light in the Galaxy, the Jedi Temple, was seized.

During the Treaty of Coruscant Snaffles retreated with the remaining Jedi to Tython in order to help rebuild the order. It was there that he was given the rank of Jedi Knight for his services as a healer and defender of the Republic during the war. It was true that Snaffles had helped save many a Jedi and solider from the icy clutches of death, but thousands still lost their lives for the cause. The Galactic Republic shunned and condemned the Jedi order for its defeat. Snaffles felt disheartened. Darkness was engulfing what little light remained in the galaxy, but he still believed there was hope and as long as the force was with him, he would do his part for galactic peace.

The Jedi order's retaliation was inevitable and so he began his quest for peace by hunting down the Sith. He was teamed up with the fabled White Wind, Eward Clipse, a Jedi Knight whose speed and skill with a lightsaber was to be feared. They both relied on each other skills. Snaffles's knowledge of the force and Eward's ability with a lightsaber proved to be more than a challenge for the encroaching, corrupted arm of the Sith Empire. They decided to stick together in their fight to relieve the galaxy of Empire's evil grasp.

Theme: (Does not need to be included, but just for fun :3)

Combat style: Snaffles tries to maintain a more peaceful than aggressive approach to combat. Even Though, as a Consular, he is more at one with force he has mastered the Soresu form. It is the most dedicated form of pure defense out of the 7. The Soresu allows Snaffles to defend himself against the most advanced blaster technology in the galaxy. It's emphasis is on tight, efficient movements that expose very minimal target areas which makes it the most defensive and passive of the seven forms.

Snaffles has also mastered the Makashi form which is the ultimate refinement of lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. He trained tirelessly to Master and develop unique offensive and defensive tactics. A one on one lightsaber battle is something that a Consular like Snaffles hopes will never happen, but he is more than prepared. Though he favers the defensive tactics in lightsaber duels, his retaliation is something is not something to be taken lightly. Although his offensive tactics may not be as finaly tuned as his defense, he still can whip out a rather nasty flurry of saber strikes.

Force Healing (Specialized): Snaffles, as a Consular, is a more focused user of the force. As an experienced Force Healer he has the ability, through meditation, to use this power to diagnose and treat the ailments of himself and his patients. He has the ability to regenerate, cure/fix severe injuries to flesh and bone as well as internal injuries to organs. Jedi Healers also have the ability to purify the body of poisons and in most cases decease.

Force Deflection: Is a Force power that Snaffles has perfected to use instead of his lightsaber. By harnesing the force he can create a wall using the Force to deflect blaster bolts, and Energy as if he actually deflected them back with his hands. Although most Jedi rely on their lightsabers to deflect projectiles, Snaffles prefers to use the force. Drawing his lightsaber is a final resort.

Telekinesis: Snaffles, being the peaceful and meditative Drall that he is, has perfected the mental ability to channel the force within him to lift objects according to his concentration and move them, hovering or hurtling the items in any direction. He has focused on Force Pull, Force Throw and Force Push.
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Can I be a droid?


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This is going to be tricky to set up.


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Yes Geomancer, yes you can.


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Name: Shevra
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Species: Zabrak
Appearance: Shevra looks like your average Zabrak, standing just below the average height at 5'6" and having a tanned, sand colored complexion. Like its customary for Zabrak, she has several vestigial horns running along her skull. There are a few small ones running from her forehead along the length of her head, flanked by larger ones at the sides. These horns have a small orange tint to them at the tip. She has black hair, that she has braided into dreadlocks. These dreadlocks are held together at the back of her head with a small, dark red band. The resulting dreadlock ponytail reaches to around her shoulders. When wearing her combat helmet, she removes the band, letting the hair coil around her neck instead.
Her eyes are orange, just as her horns, and she has darkened eye sockets, giving her an even more menacing look. Like all Zabrak who have passed their Rites of Passage, she has facial tattoos. Hers stand for her tribe, as well as her achievements during said Rites of Passage, where she emerged as an overall victor.
She has a slim, muscular build, perfected after long arduous years of hard training. She doesn't have much of a chest, a side effect of preferring muscles over looks. Though in Zabrak culture, being tough is often considered a more appealing trait (along with the shape and size of ones horns).
When out of combat gear, she still tends to dress as if a fight could start ant minute. Preferring to wear cloths that don't restrict her movement. You'll most likely find her wearing a simple dark red tanktop, brownish jeans and a belt with several utility bags hanging on them. She never goes anywhere without her trusty blades, which she always wears along her back in a horizontal fashion. Prefers dark colored clothing if given a choice.


Personality: Hot tempered, with a mouth that often speaks before thinking. Like most Zabrak, she's very self reliant, preferring to work alone rather than in a team. But she wont say no to help, if its helpful in the task ahead, and if it doesn't cut too much into her profit. Will do just about everything for money, believing that everything and everybody has their price. Do note, that her services don't come cheap.
She thrives on adrenaline, loving to start a fight wherever she goes. Though she's no brainless thug, those don't get very far in the Bounty Hunter business. Possesses great personal insight, giving her the survival instincts so very needed in this branch. If a task is to big for her alone, she will back off.
Likes to play loud Irididonian music whenever traveling. Its a type of music that's a great testament to the Zabrak people, loud, fast and having a good beat.
Despite having a lot of self confidence in her own skills, she's doesn't have a superiority complex. She is also able to recognize someone else as a superior, although that moment rarely presents itself.
Once she has accepted a job, she will see it through till the bitter end. Some say this makes her a lot like an animal, unable to take their eyes of their intended prey.
Enjoys the feel of killing, especially up close and personal. That feeling of knowing you took someone's life, to see the light in their eyes flicker and dim, the idea that you just severed an entire bloodline. There's nothing in the galaxy quite like it.
She has a strong dislike, or hate rather, towards Force users. Most notably the Jedi. Usage of the Force will forever be out of her reach, as she's not Force sensitive. Which goes against Zabrak nature, where they believe everything can be attained. The reason for disliking the Jedi in particular, is their passive view on the galaxy, it stands in almost direct contrast to Zabrak culture.

Creed: Bounty Hunter
Affiliation: Neutral
Motivation: Money, fame, being overall feared. A bounty hunter is most successful, when just the mentioning of their name is enough to cause a room to go silent.
Special weapon: Dusk & Dawn; twin vibro-daggers, both coated with a cortosis weave, making the alloy overall weaker, but allowing it to deflect lightsaber hits. Both are worn across the back, in a horizontal setup allowing her to quickly draw them while simultaneously lashing out with a fell sweep. Like all Zabrak born on Iridonia, she was taught the ways of hand to hand combat from a very young age and excels at it.
Equipment: Shevra wears Mandalorian armor of a primarily gray coloration, over a black flight suit. Her full-faced helmet differed from tradition in that it does not feature a T-shaped visor. Shevra makes use of a jetpack possessing two individual thrusters that allows her periods of sustained flight, and owns at least two blasters, one heavy blaster pistol that fires red bolts of plasma, capable of melthing through the thickest armor, and one that fires blue bolts in rapid succession, making it an excellent room sweeper, that she was known to wield with deadly accuracy.
In addition to boots and a utility belt, Shevra also benefits from her armor's gauntlets, the left of which is equipped with a hologram projector. Both gauntlets house miniature flamethrowers capable of producing powerful streams of fire, with enough fuel to last for at least 3 minutes of continuous use.

Additional equipment:

    HW-5 Blaster Carbine; A compact version of a regular blaster rifle, the carbine is easier to handle and has a higher rate of fire, while sacrificing accuracy and firepower. Shevra doesn't tend to be seen with this weapon, as she prefers hand to hand combat. Its still added to her arsenal, in case ranged strikes are absolutely needed.

    Mandalorian Ripper; A very expensive and very powerful slugthrower. This gun is highly versatile and upgradeable. As a slugthrower, this weapon ignores personal shields, giving Shevra a advantage when combating enemies relying heavily on energy shields. Despite being a slugthrower, the Mandalorian Ripper is classified as a disruptor weapon, making it illegal for civilian use.

    Stun cloak; An unusual weapon system, designed to stun unwary targets. This cloak is comprised out of special fibers, that adhere to someone's skin on touch. Shevra can then release a electrical charge, designed to incapacitate the target. Has three uses, before needing a recharge of three minutes.

    Electro-bolas; An experimental weapon system of her own creation. Acting like the RGL8 Electronet grenade, this device was created to capture and subdue a target. The construct consists out of three weighted balls, all stringed together in the a center point. The bolas are then thrown at the target, where they will wrap around the body, constricting them. If the target still resists, Shevra can remotely release a non-lethal electrical charge, subduing the target. Its one of her iconic weapons.

    High frequency comms; A state of the art comm system, build into the helmet, which can be controlled with the hologram projector located on her left arm.

    Wrist mounted flechette launcher; A specialized weapon, using canisters that fired hundreds of razor sharp flechettes--durasteel darts in a large cone. Extremely effective against unarmored targets and Jedi, but less effective against armored targets and completely useless against droid.

    Infrared Motion Sensor array; An upgrade in the helmet. It iss an early-warning system using infrared motion trackers to give an audio warning. It has a range of 30 meters and it is activated should a mass of over 10 kilograms is found traveling in the radio faster than 1 meter per second, which is understood as an attack. While the sound is played inside the helmet, an attacker might be able to pick up the sound, if their hearing is good enough.

An assortment of grenades and mines:

    Adhesive grenade; A thrown grenade, that upon detonation, releases a extremely sticky coating, capable of stopping just about everybody in their tracks. Has a 6m diameter from point of detonation.

    Concussion grenade; A thrown or placed explosive. Comes in two variations; physical or sonic. Physical concussion grenades release a powerful kinetic blast, capable of killing most organic lifeforms as well as severely damage or destroy droids or equipment. The Sonic concussion grenade releases a sonic blast, stunning most caught in it. Both having a 4m radius.

    Fragmentation grenade; works much like the Physical concussion grenade, only that instead of a kinetic blast, it releases metal shrapnel. Has a 4m blast radius. Cheaper than the concussion grenade.

    Cluster bomb; A thrown or placed device, that upon detonation, releases multiple smaller explosives. There either detonate on impact, or when touched. AKA Caltrops, mini-mines

    Gas grenade; thrown canister, containing various types of gasses, ranging from neurotoxins to aneastetics. Shevra customized these grenades to contain a mixture of courenth with traces of ves. Any charged energy beam—including blaster bolts and lasers—touching the cloud is automatically dispersed. The cloud lasts for four minutes, or less if wind conditions are unfavorable. Shevra uses this to close the gap towards distant shooters. Has a 20m diameter in the most favorable condition.

    Cold grenade; thrown canister, containing freezing gasses that would solidify when they come in contact with oxygen. Used as a means to subdue a target instead of killing it.

    Fire grenade; thrown canister, containing highly flammable gasses that ignite when released. Used to seriously injure targets. Useless against most armored targets.

    Sonic detonator; Thrown or placed explosive device. As the name suggests, they use intense waves of sound to incapacitate the target. Typically producing a sudden burst or 'squeal' of very high frequency sound, they are used to incapacitate organic enemies by causing piercing, intense pain in hearing organs. They an render most species helpless by inflicting deafness temporarily or even permanently on an unlucky target. "Sonic screamers aren't too bad, either. Just don't use 'em on a Bith. Makes their head explode like a melon. And don't do it to a Sullustan, either. Makes their ears bleed, and they gibber twice as fast." -Mira, bounty hunter.

    Ion grenade; thrown device. Upon impact, releases a ion blast, disabling droids and enemy equipment. Has a 3m diameter.

    V-1 thermal detonator; a highly unstable, powerful grenade, capable of disintegrating any lifeform caught in its blast radius. Shevra always has one hanging from her belt, in plain view, as a means to intimidate. Customized with a fail-deadly trigger, meaning it explodes when the trigger is released.

Note: Shevra's utility belt only has room for five grenades. She always carries with her a gas grenade filled with her own concoction and the V-1 thermal detonator, which leaves three spots for other grenades, depending on the assignment. Planning is key.

Job Specialty: Capture or assassination of targets.
Ship: Sponsored by Zordo the Hutt, she was granted a D5-Mantis Patrol Craft as personal spaceship. The D5 was meant to meet the demands of much larger ships such as Interdictor-class cruisers. It also could safely use ammunition meant for larger ships. Its engineers also made extensive use of vertical space and small bulkheads to provide large, open areas and improve the ease of maintenance.

History: (How was your life before the Treaty of Coruscant. Where were you when Coruscant was invaded? How well did you recieve the news? Did you even care? How much does the treaty effect you? And what about the Great War? How much did that effect you? Were you still a padawan? Or maybe you are a war veteran...waiting for your medal of honor. The more details you put in here, the more I can work with. Every detail is important)

Theme: Hunted Down
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Alright, I would probably either get rid of the flame throwers or the rocket missiles, one of those two are far too much firepower to be put on gauntlets especially. The Mandalorian armor is okay, but since most Mandalorians are humans I expect some backstory. Jetpack is good. I have no qualms with the blasters so long they don't become too much of a problem.
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Do I want to join? Something inside me is cheering me on to do it.


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Will join.


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Name: Alema Kilvaari

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Alema has always believed that the way you present yourself on the outside, is the way you present yourself on the inside. She is petite and stands at 5'5. She has grey eyes, and fair skinned, which goes nicely with her straight, raven, hair which lays three inches below her shoulders. And is tied up into a simple ponytail when she goes out for missions.

Creed: Jedi
Rank: Jedi Knight
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Color of Lightsaber: Yellow
Type of Lightsaber: One handed
Force powers: Force stealth, Force cloak, protection bubble.

Personality: Alema is a prankster and loves to have fun. She is mostly a free spirited girl, but has a bit of a manipulative streak, which does come in handy in stick situations. Though it does conflict with her wanting to be accepted by her friends and family, as she rarely shows her true personality. If she needs to, she breaks rules and regulations to achieve her goals, which have gotten her into trouble in the past. Though she does take her responsibilities as a jedi knight seriously, she does question the Jedi's motives at times, and doesn't follow them blindly as if it were a cult, as some do. Rarely looks for fights, but does love to be stealthy and sneak into security areas to hack into computers.

Motivation: Alema wishes for peace between everyone, but feels as though it could never happen, which makes her fight harder to achieve some sense of stability between everyone. And she also wishes to be and feel accepted by her peers, which conflicts with her manipulative nature. Also, inner peace.

History: Born on Alderaan to a wealthy family, Alema was the fourth of five children. Most of her life she felt as if she were in the shadows of her siblings, so she would act out a lot to try to gain attention. She would be able to convince her siblings to do things that would obviously get them in trouble. Breaking a lamp or messing with wires in the driods, for instance. Even though she was a bit of a handful, she was discovered to be very gifted with the Force. She had no regrets in leaving her family to train to be a Jedi. WIP

Theme: What Of Me
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Thinking of throwing my hand in. Totally want to be a trooper. Gonna pewpew all up in here.


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So who're the co-GM's? You mention them in the rules, but don't list any names.


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I've been meaning to ask Arch if he'd be interested.


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Name: Eward Clipse A.K.A The White Wind, The White Knight, Blind Snow
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Miraluka

Appearance: Eward stands at 5ft 10inch and weighs around 150lbs giving him a light but still rather muscular form which helps his fighting; his hair is dark black which goes down to about his neck in length, his features are nicely defined and his skin is a light colour which looks even lighter with his dark hair. Eward is Miraluka so his main feature focus is that he is completely blind and relies on the force to see the world around him, to hide this fact or at least cover it slightly he wears a band around his head over his eyes which is white with gold trim all the way round.
His outfit is a white and gold hooded Jedi robe loosely over the top of Jedi armour which consists of a white chest plate with thigh and leg plating over Gold cloth underlay, his chest plate bears the symbol of the republic etched into it in gold, he also wears two wrist plates, his left is normal while the right has built in holocomm, tracking device, radar and radio frequency.

Creed: Jedi
Class: Jedi Peacekeeper
Colour of Lightsaber: Silver X 2
Type of lightsaber: Eward wields two normal length lightsabers in a normal state and not in a douche Starkiller way.
Combat style: Eward has mastered the Ataru form which means that if you see him draw his blades then run because he will become a blur of white fury. If you however think ‘oh maybe I can shoot him down’ think again because his second mastery is of the Shien form meaning that your blaster shot will literally come back to bite you in the ass, yes he’s blind but that won’t stop him whupping you.

Force powers: Eward’s training has focussed him in the inner bodily abilities meaning that he’s mastered the control abilities of the force, while Consular’s or Guardian’s might have more visible abilities in the force such as Force Healing or Force Deflection or more mental abilities such as Force Meditation and Force Precognition, Eward has full control over his body. He can increase his speed to near blur like appearance for a short time, stop his breathing for extended periods of time if in poisonous gas or in the vacuum of space for nearly up to half an hour, force jump and spin were the first he mastered and the most common he uses in combination with his Ataru form.

Even though his main abilities are in his bodily abilities Eward does have some exterior masteries of the force especially in telekinesis, he has used telekinesis a lot during his training as he showed prominent use in it during his youngling stage this matured quicker than most allowing him to spend a lot of training on it. Though he has a lot of skill in the ability he rarely uses it out of combat but in combat his skill is obvious, his lightsabers fly faster and further when thrown than others plus he can wield one telekinetically as if it was alive in its own right though the latter drains him if done for too long but it helps when bound or captured.

Personality: Eward is your typical knight in shining armour, courteous to the ladies and iron fisted with the villain but generally nice to those who need his help, though when it does come to scum and villainy he can go a bit overboard and beat them without mercy or when in conversation can be snappy and think everything they say is a lie but generally he does follow a Jedi sense of decency.
Outside of his work however he loves reading, this is the only time you could see his ability in telekinesis for more conventional means as he tends to sit in a meditative state while three books hover around him in orbital manner as he ingests their writings.

Motivation: Eward wishes nothing more than to rid the galaxy of evil and the unjust, the Sith being the epitome of such an evil making Eward want to wipe them off the face of the planet. He also wishes to start up his own academy one day teaching more traditional codes of honour and nobility as well as ways in the force.

History: Eward was a padawan during the sacking of Coruscant, studying under his Master Giffis Fane learning the ways of the force that would make him the powerful Knight he is now. He never expected Darg Malgus to arrive so violently and destructively, he battled alongside his master facing many Sith but he and his master knew that the odds were not stacked in their favour so the retreated with most of the other remaining Jedi to Tython. There he continued and passed his training becoming a full Jedi Knight, becoming a knight he was tasked with bringing in rogue Jedi and uncovering any potential Sith amongst the Republic numbers.

During one such mission in which he tracked down a Sith Sorcerer who had been experimenting in droid mind technology on Nar Shadaa he was teamed up with a Drall Consular named Snaffles, the pair worked well in that the Drall’s ability in the force rivalled the Sorcerer’s while Eward’s lightsaber ability was useful in that the Sith had a personal droid guard that would’ve overpowered the Consular if had done it on his own. The pair found that they should work together from there onwards and continue their journey on their personal ship.
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I plan on creating a duel wielding gray jedi... hopefully not too many others are planning on making duel wielders, I'd just feel so un-original that way D=


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