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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:25 pm

❀Yuuki Whitefang - On Deck❀

Yuuki stood on deck, watching as the Lunar Station grew ever closer. Things had seemed off ever since they had set sail, so she was staring out at the port, trying to puzzle out exactly what was wrong. She kept seeing things around the ship, but found nothing when she went to look for them, and everything smelled off after that strange rain from before. It had rained the whole way along, and still the scent lingered. It was making her nervous, and her body visibly tensed with her discomfort. So she stood out in the gross weather, trying to make some sense of what she was feeling, while wishing it was something solid she could just make go away.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:51 pm

-Morgan: Rain, Rain, Go Away-

Morgan had been extra grumpy lately, the rain appeared to have dampened his spirits. He spent most of the trip since they put out to sea huddled in his jacket, glaring out from under the brim of his hat as he doggedly made his rounds. He plodded his way up the short set of stairs to the poop deck, settling himself into the chair that was built into the deck behind the wheel. The foppish navigator didn't seem to be about, given the weather Morgan was thoroughly unsurprised. He hunched his shoulders.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:35 am

=Back on Deck=

“There’s nothing quite as miserable as being caught in the rain out at sea…” Leo said aloud, not particularly to anyone. He had gone back below deck to change out his soaken clothes for something a bit more suitible in the rainy weather. Aside from now having a fresh, new, and dry set of clothing, he now wore a leather parka of sorts overtop of his entire outfit. He had left his hat below deck to spare it any more weather damage and now simply had a hood tied tightly over his head. The man walked back up onto the rainy deck and looked around with a sly looking grin upon his face. It surprised him to see so many people still hanging around the upper levels of the ship in this kind of weather. He paid it no mind though, if the others wanted to get a little bit damp then that was their own decision.

Leo walked forward a few steps and glanced to his side without warning. Something, he wasn’t sure exactly what, but something had definitely caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. The man grumbled something under his breath, his words were along the lines of “This ship must be haunted…” A fine mystery always piqued Leo’s interests, but in this dour weather he simply wasn’t in the mood. Leo walked over to the helm, his eyes falling on Morgan as he sat behind the wheel.
“I suggest we plot a new course first mate, anywhere that water isn’t constantly falling from the skies and onto our poor little heads.”

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:52 pm

-Aki Lightingfall-

“Ugh…then we might want to hold off pirating until we find a suitable person”
she replied. “My weapons are in tip top condition because I take care of them. I can fix these weapons but without special equipment I can only do so much until my own wear out. They were meant to fix a few weapons at a time not whole batches.”

She moved around the armory poking each sword inside the racks. She drew one out and said, “I could try and cut you right now but all I can give you is a very bad bruise and a broken bone. It won’t even cut skin. That’s how bad it is.”

“You think we get a proper blacksmith at the next port?” she inquired at Regah.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:48 pm


"If we could just buy one at a shop I'd guarantee it, but given the way these things go we'd better just keep our appendages crossed. Worst comes to worst we've got plenty of rope onboard, I'll teach you all how to throw a lasso." Regah responded, they could always kidnap a blacksmith but a previous crew he'd been on tried that and the whole ship was burned down in protest before it ever left port.

"Try to separate out the weapons that look usable, even if only barely so, they'll be the highest priority for getting repaired. I'm sure you'd rather have a few good swords than a lot of mediocre ones no?"

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:59 pm

-Morgan: At the Helm-

"Aye, yer probably right," Morgan agreed, rising from the chair "See if you can find us a drier one, so long as it don't take us too far off course to Lunar Station.". He clapped Leo on the shoulder as he walked past him, off to make his rounds again. He did a quick visual check of the riggings and ties before heading below deck. On his way he passed by Yuuki, standing stock still. He slowed an looked at the Ookami more closely. She seemed supremely focused on something. Morgan walked up beside her. "Something the matter, sailor? Ye seem fixed on something." he queried, taking a drink from his flask and feeling a momentary warmness flood through him.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:36 pm

Akaine Omorrow: On da boat

Akaine walked up on deck and looked around, gathered the gist of the conversation and looked up into the sky. She seemed impervious to the bad weather, and gave Morgan a nod of approval. She looked serenely out at the Lunar Station in the distance and gave a small smile. "You'll all be glad to know we'll be able to get there a little sooner than expected." She paused a moment before chuckling, "I gave my friends a special treat to help us along, so we should be able to arrive in a day or so." She gave a nod to the crew in general and looked up into the masts, her eyes lingering on a few spots where the air seemed a little 'thicker'. There was the reason why they'd be arriving sooner than planned, for the good fortune of them all. She personally didn't mind the weather, but it did dampen a fresh crew's spirits to be rained on for most of their first sail together. She knew in the same way that Galdalf knew of Smeagol following his troupe that her own crew was being followed. Getting away from the island didn't free them of what plagued the island, it just brought fewer with them. It would only be a matter of time till something happened that would force those creatures into the light. Very few would notice that her mood was more meditative than serene at this point, her mind on darker thoughts than their follower.

Lunar Station:
A per usual the Lunar Station was aflutter with the buzzing whirring of technology and those with laden wallets looking to lighten their load. The latest rage was a musket powered by steam, and other steam-powered items. It was so big, that this time period would later be referred to as the "Steam Age" in history textbooks. In the less affluent areas, some less than reputable shops had the windows to their shops blackened and instead of showing their wares, had small signs that would be later brought inside. It was in one of these shops that a strange 'item' was being purchased at this exact moment. The smart thing for it's purchaser would be to take it away and open it in private...but curiosity is a tempting mistress, and can only be held back for so long.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:47 pm

-Mystery Chest-

“Surly you jest!?” The butler said with surprise. “You can’t just give away the centerpiece of your collection for nothing.” He shook his head. “Still sir, if you insist…” The butler trailed off. He casually stepped around the box examining it once more with a critical eye. “Yes, I do believe we’ll take it.”

Inside the man was only just containing outright glee. “Free. Free! The fool knows what he’s got is dangerous, and he’s just giving it away. Carlon you rat bastard sometimes you’re just too good. Too bad he doesn’t know the man he’s giving it too is equally as dangerous.”

The butler put a finger to his lips and knelt down, setting his bad of groceries to the side for a moment. “Hmm?” He hummed something having caught his eye. With his index finger the man traced the outline of a square on the side of the box. He could only barely feel it, but there it was, a near imperceptible crease in the wood. Three small knocks confirmed it.

Was it something perhaps the merchant missed? A crease like that would easily be mistaken for water damage. Then again it was the swollen wood that made it stand out in the first place. It was both a pleasant and unpleasant discovery. Either way, it didn’t matter. Unless it was some sort of explosive, which was unlikely, there would be plenty of time to make plans after the box was opened.

“Oh sir. I do believe I’ve found something.” The butler said beckoning the merchant over. “There seems to be a…” A swift knock loosened a section of the box’s side panel. “… panel here.” He smiled at the man, pleasantly surprised by his discovery. Behind the panel was a small cubby with several gears and a button. “And a button! Let’s press it shall we.” He did so unceremoniously. “Open sesame!” He said standing up with a bit of a chuckle. “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:31 pm

{Zakurus Dreadful}

--Mystery Chest-

Zakurus was so very happy. Someone finally opened his chest, and not only that, but did it with the secret panel no less that he designed for the chest. Maximus the Supreme, welcome back to the world my creation...He thought as the gears inside the chest were turning rapidly. The sides and the lid of the chest expanded and then collapsed revealing the object concealed inside. A machine, a robot with a humanoid shape looked like a nut cracker soldier.

It wore a black brodie helmet that was held by a black strap. Its eyes were ruby red emeralds with a nose that is a short cylinder, and a dastardly looking swirl mustache. It's entire appearance really looked like the robot was wearing a military uniform, blocky, but not balky. Its shoulders had epaulettes on, the chest, the turn keys were all arranged like buttons on a jacket in a straight line closer to its left side with a huge X on the chest and back. The complete upper torso was red, the bottom torso a dark blue. The hands have five digits and a silver chrome finish with the feet a gun metal black and have a shape similar to soldier boots. It had a height of 6ft and 6 inches and it was kneeling where the box had opened.

On its back nearby the neck had three wind up keys gold in color and in shine. Each one had a label which read: Thought, Animate, and Speech and a manual below the wind up keys. It read as the following: Mister Mechanical, To operate The Army of Aetherius, you must wind up Thought first, Animate second, and Speech third, in that order for him to run properly and to keep running you must constantly keep him wound up.

" Well I did say. The box and its contents were free sadly." Zakurus said with a big smile on his face. For a business man he didn't sound sad by that fact. " Thank you for opening the box, and enjoy your product." He added as he tried with his might to hold back his grin. With that said, he headed to the back room.
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