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Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:06 am

-Morgan: Meeting up-

Morgan was wondering if she was a mute, which could cause a bit of trouble for crew cohesion. "Here for try outs, I see. I figure we'll wait a bit longer to see if anyone else shows. That way I don't have to make more trips" he remarked, nodding "You can call me Thomas, I'm First Mate on the Pine Marten, and you would be?" Morgan extended a hand to the shiro-ookami. He gave his first name, which he was not widely known by, this way they wouldn't rat on him if they did realize who he was, and he'd be less likely to scare away potential crew. Better to wait until they were committed. Morgan still wasn't sure if the shiro-ookami could actually talk, so he was interested to see how this would play out.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:59 pm


Dol had been sitting, wringing out his sleeves and checking the seal on his bag as other members or potential recruits of the pirates' ship started gathering for the morning. Miss Akaine was speaking with a rather grouchy sounding individual, who, judging by his easy tone with the captain, Dol assumed to be the first mate. Then again it could be anybody, as it was impossible to tell whether this was acceptable behavior for anybody else aboard the ship as well, what with the casual air that surrounded the crew of the Pine Marten. There were other members moving about on the deck, but Dol could only see and not hear, since he hadn't taken the liberty to wipe off his goggles yet. As such, he could only guess to their identities. Where he came from, seeing was not nearly as important as the Overland dwellers made it out to be.

Dol noted with some satisfaction that the entirety of his bag's insides had stayed nice and watertight. He hefted it now, and sat expectantly on the edge of the wharf while waiting for the rest of the members to appear.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:23 am

❀Yuuki Whitefang - To the Docks❀

Yuuki spent the night in the restaurant, drying herself by the fire and answering the man's questions as best she could. After that she ordered something to eat, quietly watching out the window. She remained that way until she heard the restaurant door open as the man who had spoken to her earlier. As soon as the words captain, crew and ship, Yuuki was up from the table and halfway across the room. "I want to go."

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Tue May 01, 2012 4:39 am

-Regah: On Deck-

"Hey, hey you survived." Regah said to the frog man trying to sounding mildly impressed. It was good news, since they were already a skeleton crew they didn't need to lose anyone. His eyes however followed the First mate, as Morgan approached the stranger down below. It looked like it was finally about that time and they might actually be so lucky as to gain a whole 33% more crew. "Oh how I hope they make the cut." He thought aloud.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun May 06, 2012 2:22 am

-Aki Lightingfall: Meeting up-

The man continued to talk and seemed to confirmed what she was looking for. The meeting place was indeed here. The man named Thomas now held out a hand, a strange custom in the outlands but not unknown to her. She reached out for the hand and clasped it firmly. “Aki…of the Lightingfall clan.” She replied. Her tail swished to the side gently.

Do everyone talk as much as you do?” she inquired.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Wed May 16, 2012 2:04 pm

Akaine Omorrow:

She chuckled at his scowl, seeing that he was playing into her game. "Supposedly he might." I haven't asked yet. I'd like to have a talk with all of our prospectives before hiring them." She looked out at the ne guy coming back from his enthusiastic dip in the sea and didn't notice Morgan's glance. She hoped that the crewmates that she had sent out yesterday with those fliers were safe and would make it back to the ship alright.

Marfan was cleaning as per usual and it reminded her of juut how lucky she was to have such a dedicated housekeep. They really were hard to find in this business. Regah's question reminded her of the large number of missing crew, and a small frown appeared on her pale face as she bit her lower lip before answering. "None as of yet-" and as soon as she had said that, Jacques collapsed on deck, making an entertaining scene. "Are you alright?" She swiftly walked over and knelt down beside their froggy chef. Morgan pulled him up and told him to ask her about if she'd eaten. Perking up a little, she piped in"Not yet, I haven't. I can wait," she said, despite the fact that it was getting to be later on in the day than she'd have liked to wait to eat, but she wasn't helpless. She could make food for herself, she had just been busy.

She had noticed Morgan walk away and had shrugged it off. He was doing his 'Morgan' thing. She did take a look out at the docks to see if there could be any other crew members arriving.

Timeskip: A little late.

Everyone is on the ship deck, a little later than planned, but there nonetheless. Akaine just gave a speech about the 'pirating' life, and how there are certain rules that must be kept. The typical, 'no fighting, don't kill your fellow crew members because they are your family, obey the first mate and captain even if you disagree with what they're saying...etc'. Akaine looks at the group, who are seated on barrels at one side of the deck. "So, any questions?" She saw some people in the small group of applicants that looked like they had a rough night, and others that looked like they got a little more beauty sleep. Jacques had made a superb luncheon that she was drooling to get to.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Wed May 30, 2012 8:48 pm


"Pleased ta, meet ye."
he replied, with a smile. His eyte apprehensively watched the tail as it swished to the side. He quickly looked away from it and fell in beside Aki. "No, some talk much less, almost as little a you. Some talk more. I think more words are more friendly is all." He began walking towards the ship. "I think the captain will be interested to meet you."

- Time Skip -

Morgan has snuck away while Akaine was talking and appeared back on deck munching on something that smelled delicious. He finished it as he crossed the deck and leaned against the gunwales, opposite the new crewmembers. Morgan tugged his hat down a bit against the sun, which was now in his face. He pulled out his flask and took a drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, before tucking the flask away again.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Thu May 31, 2012 7:14 am

Deck of the Pine Marten

Dol frowned a little as the captain finished the initiation speech, as it were. He mentally reviewed the topics they had gone over in his head, and realized that he still had no idea what goods and trades pirates participated in.

As the question came to him, Dol almost started raising his hand, but thought better of it at the last second. Instead he just called out from his place in the general assembly without preamble. "Miss Akaine, the rules seem judicious-" in fact the rules seemed redundant, honestly what sort of merchants worried about mutiny and crew members killing eachother "but I was still wondering: what exactly are the goods that a 'pirate' trades in?"

As he said it Dol felt like it would be an absurdly easy question for most of the crew gathered to answer, but his people hadn't used ships in over a thousand years. Additionally, Dol was burningly curious after having had even a cursory glance at the inside and outside of the vessel. The ship was far too streamlined to hold as much cargo as the regular merchant galleons docked alongside it would, and when he had passed by the hold on the way to his guest quarters Dol had noticed that there wasn't current;y any cargo aboard the ship.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:01 am

-Aki Lightingfall-

“I am sure the captain will” Aki replied. Probably this person is not so bad after all. She quickly followed him to the ship hoping to meet the captain quickly and leave from this port town.

-Time Skip-

Aki listened to the captain talk while sitting on the barrel. As usual she stayed quiet but let her tail do the talking, swinging left and right when interesting parts came up. It was not your usual day when you join a pirate crew of a flying ship with a need of crew. She already noticed that one person had disappeared namely that Thomas person.
Her stomach gave a small tug of hunger.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:26 pm

-On deck-

Regah had stayed on deck for the captain's speech, having finished with his other tasks earlier. Grasped in his tentacles was a notepad and pen, constantly moving during the speech such that one might have thought he was taking notes on the speech. Of course there was no need for him to do that having already been part of the crew, instead he was taking notes on the new crew members, recording their features and body movements in minute detail. He was doing very well in controlling himself though, having at several occasions stopped himself from pulling out a measuring tape and actually taking body measurements of the newcomers.

"Well it's not petunias." He said offhandedly in response to Dol'lor's question, not really meaning it to be an answer but it just came out.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:04 pm

Akaine Omorrow: Deck

Akaine looked at Morgan upon his entrance and her eyes narrowed on the flask as though she wanted to ask for a swig, but thought better of it. Upon Don's question, she almost laughed, but instead she graced him with a smile and decided to answer," Well, Mr. Dol, pirates don't exactly trade in 'goods', and we're not the navy by any means. It makes sense that our rules will differ, as our requirements for crew are quite different. I'd say that our 'trade' is capturing other vessels, taking their valuables, and any willing crewmembers, and be on our way. Therefore, our goods will be whatever we come across, which can either be a hit or miss." She paused for a moment before continuing. "We then trade the loot for currency, deposit it in banks after dividing it amongst the crew members, and when we're persued, usually by the navy of some sort, we tactfully either take the ship or make our escape." She chuckled a bit. "We've had our scrapes before, but I'm quite confident that we'll get a good run out of this ship." She had noticed a few members in the crew that interested her. One of them had a tail. She kept having her attentions dragged away temporarily by the swinging tail, like a fox that was watching the tail of a mouse in the tundra. She looked at Dol as if asking if his questions had been thoroughly answered. "Any more?"

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:15 am

❀Yuuki Whitefang - On Deck❀

Yuuki listened quietly as the captain spoke, comparing the speech to the life she had lived on the last vessel she had been on. More or less, it was pretty much the same, so she didn't really have any questions. It was interesting though, to hear the questions of one of the others, asking what goods pirates traded in. Yuuki had to work hard to suppress a giggle, her tail waving good-naturedly from behind her. She couldn't really remember it, but she supposed she had been that innocent to the nature of piracy once too. Although, the explanation from the captain did bring a question to the forefront of her mind. "What do we consider "goods" aboard this ship, Cap'n?" She took a step forward out of the small crowd of new crew, to be more easily identified, not that she didn't stand out quite a bit with the fluffy tail and large, constantly moving ears on top of her head.

About as far back as she could remember, she had been on a pirate ship that had been okay with taking on human cargo. The details were a bit fuzzy to her now, but she remembered a lot of blood, the smell of smoke, and drifting for a week in a dinghy before she found a port and a new ship to sign onto. She wouldn't be caught dead on another ship like that.

Waiting for an answer, Yuuki scuffed the toe of one of her boots on the deck, she was starting to get bored after standing around for so long. She wanted to do something, anything that would get her moving again. But she would wait for the moment, because the captain's answer would determine if she was actually going to leave Cyrill or not.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:12 am


Pistons rose up and down, gears turn clockwise and counterclockwise, and charcoals burned in the furnace as all sorts of machinery awakened in a little shop. From the rooftop of that same shop, little cannons positioned them upward fired scattering confetti every where. The front of the shop had rotating metallic letters above the main window. They arranged into two words that read : Grand Opening.

" No matter what anyone says this was totally an appropriated use of the finest technology we have." said the man in a maroon suit, adjusting the collar of his purple dress shirt. " And if that doesn't attract customers , well I suppose I should use some more zanier tactics tomorrow." He said to himself as the shop that was causing a ruckus in the city was his. Inside that shop, inside display cases, on shelves, and tables were strange and unique items, some very exotic and others mundane, but with a twist. Before the items were plaques that named the particular object, mentioned where it came from, and had little tidbits about them, some of which were far fetched, but interesting. The center piece of the entire store amongst the oddities was a huge chest. On its plaque read the following : From the wreck of the Dutchman, Locked Chest, ask owner if interested.

" But that's tomorrow. Today, I'm just to going to look forward what comes into the shop." The shop keeper said with a smile as he looked out the main window and waited for someone, anyone to come in.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:41 pm

-Grand Opening-

As the grand opening celebrations began in earnest an unassuming man delighted in the colorful confetti raining down upon his meticulously creased slacks, jacket with coattails, and pristine white gloves. A paper bag filled to the brim with groceries was firmly under his arm.

“Oh my, what have we here?” The butler wondered allowed. The shop appeared to be some sort of purveyor of tinker items and gadgetry from the looks of things. He chucked as the cannons atop the shop’s roof peppered him once more with confetti. “How delightful. The master would be most pleased to see some of the oddities and mechanical marvels floating about.”

The master in question would be Timothy Slarstien, an aging but well respected inventor and business man who used his genius to accumulate a vast fortune before retiring to work on some mysterious magnum opus as inventers are wanton to do. Slarstien’s factories and inventions were eventually sold off or had their operations delegated to close relations and reliable managers. All the inventor had to do anymore was sit back and collect a share of the profits. The man with the pleasant smile presently walking through the door into the shop was Slarstien’s newest and most faithful butler.

The butler looked in awe around the shop at all the whirling machinery and billowing smoke of the furnace before noticing the strikingly maroon clad man that occupied the shop with him. “Well, good day to you fine sir.” The butler said with a gracious nod and a warm smile. “I do hope you don’t mind myself taking a look at your wears.”

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:36 am

===========Mystery Chest-=================

" Not at all friend. " The shop owner replied as he walked towards the center of the room. He stood right next to the mysteriously chest. " Just to mention all the items have plaques that list what they are, when I got them, and some history." He explained to his very first customer. The plaques were more or less, so that the owner didn't have to answer a lot of questions. " Prices, as you can imagine vary with each item. There is a price tag on everything except one item. " He said, informing the potential customer with the more important details. And the item that was an exception, the shop owner simply gave the chest a light tap.

" Its a salvaged chest that I can't seem to open. " The shop owner mentioned, he then turned around and gave the chest a once over. " There is no key to it. I've tried dozens of times to break it open with no luck. So right now, I imagine there is a trick to unlock it. " He said as he voiced some of his thoughts and theory about the chest from the Dutchman. The shop owner faced the butler and said " At least that is what I hope. I'm really at my wits end with it so that's why its free to whoever." He shook his head as he realized he got too wrapped up about the chest puzzle. " Ah my apologizes, you don't want to hear me rant about my curious obsession. You're here to shop so please enjoy yourself and take your time." He apologized to other man.

" If you have any questions feel free to ask them." The shop owner added.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:27 pm

-Mystery Chest-

The butler acknowledged each of the knick knacks and gadgets in turn. Each received a curious glance and a once over but nothing more. As much as he tried to focus, the man’s attention was drawn back to that infernal box. The crate was gilded with the name of the sunken ship emblazoned in gold upon the front. The sides were etched with ornate designs of gears and clockwork. At first glance it was too good to be true but then the butler took a closer look. The warped wood and water damage could have been faked; so to could the etching but both… not likely. All of that just to fake a little salvage would have taken quite a bit of time, and there had only been so much since the Dutchman sank.

“My my, how ever did you come across this mystery box from the sunken Dutchman.” The butler bowed his head at the mention of such an unfortunate loss. “It’s been the talk of town of late you know, how a lone pleasure ship nearly fought off a pirate attack before finally succumbing to overwhelming odds.” He sniffed and raised his head once more. “Grim business that, but do tell.”

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:09 pm

-On Deck-

Ahh it was amazing how refreshed someone could feel after taking a nice warm bath and changing into a new pair of clothes. Leo felt like a completely new man after the previous night's peculiar set backs. However his mood seemed somewhat brighter than it had been before, especially now that he had seen all of the new recruits that had gathered upon the deck of the ship. There was a time where Leo thought that any able bodied souls willing enough to enlist onto their ship could have been killed off by those mysterious creatures. However this turnout was much better than he had originally thought, this made the man very happy.

Leo sat quietly with a subtle smirk upon his face, loving the fact that he would no longer have to carry out meaningless tasks that were well beneath his skill set. Honestly the thought of mopping another floor was utterly absurd, he wasn't the kind of commoner that would dare dirty his hands with such a simple task. The man only half paid attention to the captain's speech, and didn't seem to show any interest whatsoever in the questions that followed. His eyes drifted around the deck slowly, watching the newer recruits and older ones all the same. He studied each person for a time, not so much paying attention to their words but their posture and composure. It was important that he learned all of their habits and capabilities sooner than later.

"Ah, my dear Captain... I do have a question..." the man said abruptly, tipping his hat towards the captain with a smile upon his face.
"You mentioned that we would divide up the spoils... but what of the more 'special' treasures that we come across? Certain items are not meant to be divided up or sold for mere profit... in these situations is it appropriate to assume that there is a 'first come first serve' policy?"

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:13 am

===========Mystery Chest============

The shop keeper smirked at the finely dress butler as he knew curiosity bite him when he came back to the chest. He couldn't blame the butler, after all there are some stories about the ship it was on. " I did say, I would answer your questions." The shop keeper said still smirking that grin. " Simple answer, I savaged it myself since I do have a lot of hobbies." He said as he took his hand off the chest and placed both hands into his vest pockets. " Complex answer, I did some research and calculations to find the ship first and then used my tech to take a look to see if there was anything worthwhile. This piece was the most unusual." He went on to explain his answer to the man's first question.

" And grim business, yes, and strange business as well." The shop keeper said as he then started to stroke his chin with his left hand. " Four ships last I heard took that lone pleasure ship. Very odd, if you believe any of the rumors, but regardless the Dutchman must of had something very valuable, I imagine. The real question I personally ponder, did the pirates get what they want?" He mentioned as he voiced some of his thoughts on the Dutchman's attack.

The shop keeper suddenly clapped his hands as he changed the topic. " Anyways, I like you. You've haven't mentioned your name, you have an eye for detail, and curiosity, all great combinations. You might have better luck opening it." The shop keeper boldly declared to the butler. " Its yours if you want it. After all, it does seem to be the only thing in the store that captures your attention." He added.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:08 pm

-On Deck-

Regah perked up as he heard Leo's question, it was a valid question considering the select number of motivations most pirates had. Though Regah immediately disagreed with the solution Leo suggested, having watched at least one crew nearly cannibalize itself for some trinket that wasn't even the real thing. "Wouldn't it be the right of the Captain, by the virtue that it was her ship that made it possible to acquire them, to decide what was to become of such special treasures should they cross our path?" He scratched the top of his head with the back of his pen, causing a little lizard to pop it's head up for a moment before it disappeared again. Putting the writing instrument and his notepad into a pocket he continued, "If you come across something that so interests you why not simply buy it at the Captain's price?"

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:02 pm

Akaine Omorrow: Cargo

"Well", Akaine said, smiling a little,"You may find this odd, but nothing that is a living creature can be considered cargo. This means that we free the enslaved and give them options as to what they'd like to do with themselves." She nodded before continuing. "This may sound very naive to you, but I like to think that if it has sentience, then it should be free." She smiled gently, looking at her crew members, before listening to their next questions. "Ah," She said, after listening to Leo's question. She had known that this one would come up sooner or later, and it was good that it was brought up so soon, before any scrabbling for goods could come to pass. She was about to answer when Regah piped up. She leaned back with a small smile and gave him her full attention while he gave the crew his idea on the matter. "As Regah mentioned," She paused a moment, giving a nod of approval for voicing his opinion, "certain items are on different value levels, and as such, a sort of bartering system has been made." She paused a moment. "Each crew member will be given coin for their service on top of a share of the combined loot that will also be paid in coin." She paused another moment to let that sink in. "If anyone wishes to purchase an item with some of their share or pay, (or some other deal)," she gave a small grin at this addition, "then they are free to purchase it. The first person to make a reasonable offer will get the item. If they wish to trade, then by all means, trade amongst yourselves." She pursed her lips a moment.

"We will be stopping at many strange places, so I recommend starting up a few bank accounts, as we'll be making return trips. This way your funds are spread out in case we have to abandon the ship." She was a bit more serious now, and obviously talking from experience. She didn't have to explain the gravity of having a ship destroyed and plundered. "There is no guarantee of any kind of safety on a pirate ship." She said this slowly and firmly, as if to knock it into their thick heads before saying the last piece in a gentler tone. "But I will promise that if it is in my power, I will do my best to make sure that we all are safe and successful." She took a moment to look each member in the eyes as she said this. Some might think her soft, but she truly appreciated every soul on her ship, and would consider them family once they officially joined.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:17 pm

-Mystery Chest-

The butler listened to the proprietor’s words with polite interest, smiling the whole time. Inside he was positively brimming with delight. It simply does not take four pirate ships to take down a lowly pleasure cruiser, nor did four pirate ships simply cooperate to take one on. There was likely much more to the incident, but without any real contacts to speak of he was out of luck. It was hardly likely that such a crate would be left to salvage if the pirates had gotten what they wanted, and their loss was his gain. Better yet, Mr. Gadgeteer here seemed willing enough to just give tantalizing box away. It added to the impression that the man knew more than he was letting on. He would be wise to swiftly unload this little piece of pirate marked cargo. There must be a big price out for it, and if this man had been out to the wreck it wouldn’t take terribly long before the pirates tracked him down. “It was nice knowing you pal.” The butler thought to himself as he circled the crate one last time.

“I would certainly hope so.” The butler said with a chuckle and a dismissive wave. “The pirates might still be still after it. It would be a shame if something were to happen to you sir.” The man continued chuckling once more. “That’s right Carlon old boy shake him a little. Drive the point home and the price down.” He thought to himself.

“Oh, the name is Dalton Earnest.” The butler said finally introducing himself. “Forgive me for being so rude as to not introduce myself. Oh my, what a terrible breach of etiquette. I do hope you will forgive.” Dalton bowed to the man for the offence.

“Now, I do believe I will purchase this mystery box from you. My master would love a good puzzle to clear his mind,” Dalton nodded profusely. “and between you me I’m more than a little interested myself.” The butler smiled a genuine smile for the first time since he entered the man’s shop. The old fool Slarstien would be good for one last thing after all.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:33 am

Akaine Omorrow: Come sail away!
"So that should answer all of your questions. Now, let's head out!" Akaine had sat for a while, patiently listening to any further questions and had answered them adequately. (If you have any questions, post them in the OOC)
And with that, the crew got to work on heading out to their new destination: Rapscord, Lunar Station. As they left the docks, Akaine looked at the village for a minute and noticed something lurking in the shadows of one of the buildings that shone. Doing a double take, she blinked and concentrated on the shadow, but this time saw nothing. Frowning slightly, she sighed softly and turned back to the crew, and began yelling out the typical orders. "Pull the anchor!" and "Man the sails!" were common. She was intent on getting to the Lunar Station as quickly as possible, not only to get more crew members and new toys to mess around with, but to also get away from this place and those strange creatures that struck in the night.

Unbeknownst to the crew and passerby alike, something was in the water. Something dark. With yellow eyes. And it was latched on the bottom of the ship more tightly than a barnacle.

And so the new crew sailed onwards to the Lunar Station without any major mishaps, despite their 'guest' on the bottom of the ship. It had been raining for a few days now, and the sails had been lowered, and Akaine had called upon some friendly wind spirits to assist the ship in heading in the right direction. She had been asking Jacques to make extravagant meals every night for their airy guests, and placed them on the deck every night while she stood on watch. The spirits were shy with most other people, and wouldn't make themselves visible, so most of the crew hadn't noticed the source of their mysterious wind. Some of the more aware mates would notice a shape out of the corner of their eyes, but wouldn't see anything once they turned. They were close to the Lunar Station. It would be any day now.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:19 am

===============Mystery Box===========

" Well all have to die someday, but friend it wouldn't a shame." The shop owner said nonchalantly with hand gestures and arms stretched out. "No, No, It would be a grand show if I can help it." He remarked with a snicker. " Anyways, since we're doing introductions. My name is Zakurus Dreadful and of course, I can forgive a customer." He added, finally introducing himself like the other man had done. " And like I said before, Dalton the box is free. All I ask is that you tell me what's inside."

"Seriously, the damn thing has drove me crazy. " Zakurus mentioned as he picked up a pocket watch off a counter table. " I mean really its not much. Hell if it was nothing, even that would be enough for me." He went on to say " That is to say if you can get it open after all. "

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:48 pm

-Aki Lightingfall: Inside the ship-

Inside the ship Aki had busied herself with settling down and inspecting the ship’s stores of bladed weapons. The poor overall shape of the weapons and the failure of most of weapons to cut clean into a piece of cloth stood in stark contrast to the weapons she saw the rest of the crew who dangled them out in broad daylight. She made the mental note to send the whole lot of these to the blacksmith as soon as she figures out who was the blacksmith and instruct him on the plan to repair all these worn implements of war.

Tch…lots of work to do in here” she muttered to herself.

Re: FPRP III IC: : New Tides and Horizons

Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:19 pm

-On deck-

Today was a miserable day, like everyday since they left the last port. The weather wasn't particularly strong as far as sea storms were concerned but the unceasing rain was enough to encourage Regah to spend the bare minimum amount of time on deck. Fortunately with the sails down there wasn't much he needed to do outside with the exception of routine checks, to make sure the ship secured. Adding to his urge to stay off the deck, he'd caught a brief glimpse of something moving around the ship on the first night out of port and immediately considered the possibility they had tag-a-longs just waiting to murder them.

Finally he got to the last knotted rope in his usual rounds of the deck, a good tug said it was still holding up through the weather. After that he practically flew across the deck and darted inside, pulling off the soaking wet rain poncho he was wearing over his robes. Putting it away to dry just inside the door he kicked his feet a few times to shake the water from his legs leaving a great puddle at the entrance.

Fishing around in a pocket of his robe he pull some jerky to nibble on as he moved farther into the ship. Despite their crew acquisitions at the last port the ship was still far from a flurry of activity, except perhaps the kitchen during mealtime, as Regah had walked the ship on several occasions without bumping into anyone. That made sense though everyone had their own duties to attend to and some people were probably just down right unsociable.

On this occasion the timing happened to be right to that he heard one of their newer members muttering to herself in the armory. "That's not good to hear." He said walking up behind her, almost to the point of standing on top of her, to look at the weapons she was inspecting. "I don't think we have anyone who can fix these on board with us yet even if we had the extra materials..." He pulled out his notepad, his various tentacles pointing at different items around the room as he counted so he could make a note of this whilst groaning under his breath. "and that means we'd have to pay to get these worked on."
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