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Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) STILL OPEN | Still Alive!

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Gallifrey: Time Academy
"Can you imagine silver leaves waving above a pool of liquid gold containing singing fish? Twin suns that circle and fall in a rainbow heaven, another world in another sky? If you'd like to come with me, I'll show you all this - and it will be, I promise you, the dullest part of all. Come with me and you will see wonders that no Human has ever dreamt possible. Or stay behind and regret your staying until the day you die." ~ The Eighth Doctor

The Story

Far, Far away, In a Land That Time Can’t Change...

Gallifrey. “They that walk in Shadows”, between the warm darkness of Magic, and the cold light of Science. Home planet to one of the mightiest races, the Lords of Time. A noble, ancient and immortal race, they often thought of themselves as gods. Since the Dark Times of the Universe, the Time Lords of Gallifrey have had great mastery over space and time; an Empire of Time that held such great power, none could overthrow it. And for a long time, the Time Lords saw Time Travel as something only they could be trusted with; any other race attempting such a thing were watched carefully...and, in many cases, Gallifrey would do what it could to ensure itself remained the only planet with temporal control. By keeping Time Travel closely ‘monitored’, Gallifrey remained to this day, the greatest Temporal Power in the history of the Universe. Even during its time in Isolation, Gallifrey continued to observe the Universe, and in some cases, would break their own non-intervention policy so as to restore order, and temporal peace. Their dictatorial control over time and their Xenophobic distaste for ‘lesser’ species, has been the source of much hatred towards Time Lords by many other advanced races, for millennia.

But Gallifrey’s time as a great Temporal Empire is coming to an end.
Under the rule of Gallifrey’s newest President, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, the planet is already taking its first steps in becoming a more liberal and open society. For the first time since the days of the great Time Lord Founder, Rassilon, Gallifrey’s long withstanding policy of Non-intervention has ended, and the Time Lords are finally taking their place once again in Universe. No longer will they sit like kings and queens inside their utopian fortress, only watching the events around them. Now the Time Lords will get involved in other planets affairs, using their power and technology to assist where they can.

Indeed, in the short 25-45 Gallifreyan years that President Romana has been in office, Gallifrey has seen an age of change unlike any other. Her political reform and Peace treaties with other species, have been the source of great controversy. Many of the new policies have caused uproar from the more conservative members of Time Lord Society, and welcomed greatly by many offworlders, some of whom are permitted to develop their own forms of time travel alongside Gallifrey, as part of the new ‘Temporal Powers Alliance’, overseen by Lady Romana herself. Times have indeed...changed.

And now, one of Gallifrey’s oldest laws is being changed: Gallifrey is sharing its secrets of Time Travel with the rest of the Universe. And the Lady President is inviting you to join Gallifrey’s prestigious Time Academy, a place where you can learn those secrets. Yes, for the first time in millennia, not only Gallifreyans, but aliens are also being permitted to study on Gallifrey, and given the opportunity to become Time Lords in their own right. All module courses will be accessible to offworlders – something that has never happened before. More than 200 different species will be permitted to study alongside Gallifreyan students; a great historical event which could revolutionize the entire future of Gallifrey and Time Travel...or destroy it forever.

So, students of Gallifrey; enjoy your peaceful Utopia while it lasts. For In this beautiful, cynical world of distrust and manipulation, conspirators and traitors, of naive hopes and ambitious dreams, even the best of good intentions can uproot the greatest of evils...

Gallifrey’s Regime on Time control is finally beginning to weaken. Dark rumours are being whispered out there amongst the stars, just the faintest of whispers:

That a new age of Temporal War is coming. One which will echo throughout the whole of creation.



This RP takes place shortly before ‘The Last Great Time War’ (as often referred to by the Doctor), during the events leading up to it. It’s based loosely on one version of the Doctor Who Extended Universe, during the Eighth Doctor’s Era (and in terms of background information, greatly influenced by it), but will for the most part being following various different plotlines; some pre-existing ones as well as many new ones. In a sense, this is one possible reality out of many - anything could happen. This is a universe which isn’t strictly speaking canon – which gives a lot more freedom than a story based on the TV show alone. This alternate reality is yours to change, but how will you change/affect it?

The RP centres around the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, in the lead up to the war. But in particular, the focus is on the planet’s Time Lord Academy, where students go to learn about time travel (as well as a whole host of other subjects) in order to become ‘Time Lords’. The controversy surrounding the recent changes to who gets into the Academy (Aliens allowed on Gallifrey to learn time travel), means that you (as the students) will be put right at the heart of this political battle. The whole universe’s eyes are now on Gallifrey and its Academy, drawing the attention of both allies and enemies alike...

What could possibly go wrong...? :D

About the RP

Some prior knowledge on Doctor Who will certainly help, but as with any RP, I hope to explain the universe in a way that will welcome anyone to join, even if you’re not at all familiar with the Doctor Who Universe. If there’s anything you’re unclear or uncertain about, just ask.

As you will soon discover in this RP, there are no ‘good guys’, there is no ‘right side’ to be on. This RP is a particularly cynical Black and Grey morality side of the Whoniverse; there are different sides of varying shades of grey, and it will be up to you to decide who to side with. As a student at the Academy, there are many different sides you could choose to support. Every side carries its own brand of evil, even those who believe they are doing the right thing. Or alternatively you could choose to be on your ‘own’ side.

However your character chooses to align themselves and whatever decisions they make, will have a great impact on what happens. This is a pivotal point in Gallifrey’s may be only a lowly student, but just by being at the centre of this event, you have more influence over what happens than you’d think. Just remember that ;D

So, if you want to get ambitious and wish to set a few of your own plans into motion, don’t be shy. If you’re clever and use this current political situation to your advantage...who knows what you might achieve? Alternatively, you might just want to sit back and enjoy/try to survive the ride. The choice is yours. This is a great opportunity; you have a good amount of flexibility here, and although you don’t have a lot of power as an individual student, potentially you could do almost anything, if you play your cards right...

Also, if you wish to play a character who isn’t a student on Gallifrey (i.e. A Villain for a side-plot) you may do so as a secondary character – But please PM me about this first.

Same applies to any side-quests or plot ideas you may wish to pursue – go right ahead, but PM me so we can discuss the details. In fact I heartily encourage you to come up with your own plotlines to follow; I will be providing an underlying plot, as well as having a series of smaller plots lined up ready, but if you happen to come up with a side-plot amongst yourselves to pursue without the GM, that’s brilliant.

You can play either as an off-world student who is arriving on Gallifrey for the first time, or as Gallifreyan student who is now having to share their Academy with aliens. Whichever you chose, both options have their own little perks, and come with their own disadvantages, too. Ideally I’m looking for a good number of both offworld students and Gallifreyans.

The Basics

What is Gallifrey?

Gallifrey is a planet from the Sci-fi tv series Doctor Who. It’s the home planet to the race known as the Time Lords, and was a planet that had a significant yet somewhat secretive influence on the universe.

Who are the Time Lords?

In its simplest form, as a title, a Time Lord is someone who has complete mastery over space and time. Most of the time this title refers only to Gallifreyans, however (theoretically speaking), with the right knowledge and power, any race could become ‘Lords of Time’. Gallifreyans usually gain the title of ‘Time Lord’ after training at Gallifrey’s Time Academy, and becoming qualified and skilled enough to be given their own TARDIS.

As a race, however, ‘Time Lords’ is generally interchangeable with the name ‘Gallifreyans’, and refers to the people of Gallifrey. People will often use the name ‘Time Lord’ and ‘Gallifreyan’ as if they are the same thing (and, to a certain extent they are – Just remember, though, that although Time Lords are mostly Gallifreyan, technically speaking not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords. Follow that, and you can’t go wrong. ;D)

What is a Gallifreyan?

Gallifreyans are (unsurprisingly) the people who inhabit the planet of Gallifrey. As a race, they look almost identical to Humans, but they do have some biological differences. Their biological makeup is thought to be superior to that of Humans. Amongst other things, Gallifreyans are stronger, faster, and have more stamina than that of a Human. They have two hearts, larger lung capacity, as well as other internal differences, such as a superior brain. They also need very little sleep, although they can choose to sleep if they wish to (a couple of hours of sleep a day is highly recommended, however – a week or so without any sleep can make most Gallifreyans tired).

Gallifreyans are also natural telepaths (although these days, training is usually required to unlock telepathic potential and shield thoughts from others), and are time sensitive, meaning they can detect time on a level that some other beings can’t. [Just to note: Gallifreyan’s are not the only race to be ‘time sensitive’.]

Along with having two hearts, one trait which is unique to Gallifreyans/Time Lords, is the ability to ‘regenerate’. Gallifreyans can naturally live a long time and age very slowly, but added to this, when they eventually die (whether through natural or unnatural causes), they can heal and replace every single cell in their body, in a process known as ‘Regeneration’. After regeneration, Time Lords take on a new appearance and sometimes, a slight change in personality, but essentially they are the same person, with the same memories. Time Lords can normally regenerate a total of 12 times (So they have 13 regenerations/lives, essentially). Once their thirteenth body, or ‘regeneration’ is used up, the Gallifreyan can no longer regenerate, and finally dies.
Due to this regenerative ability and slow aging process, Time Lords are considered to be immortal.

However, Time Lords/Gallifreyans are far from invincible. Destroying/piercing both of their hearts, destroying them too quickly for the regeneration process to fully take effect, or getting them to use up all their regenerations/lives, can kill them.
[So yes, if you choose to be a Gallifreyan in this RP, death is still likely, and I will find ways to kill you ;D]

Who is the Doctor?

The Doctor is a renegade Time Lord, who left Gallifrey in order to travel the universe. The stories of why he left Gallifrey vary, but it is generally thought that he was on the run from his own people. He goes against the customs of his people by meddling in the affairs of other planets, frequently breaking Gallifrey’s policy of Non-intervention, as well as taking part in a number of other crimes. He is considered by the Time Lord authorities to be nothing more than a thorn in their side (accept for when they have a use for him, of course)...and it can be said the Doctor and the Time Lords don’t always see eye to eye. However, the Doctor has left something of a legacy on Gallifrey, and there are some Time Lords (particularly of the younger generation), who view him as a hero.

There are other renegade Time Lords as well as the Doctor, but the Doctor is perhaps one of the most well-known.

Despite this RP being set in the Doctor Who Universe, the Doctor won’t be making an appearance (at least, I do not plan to involve him directly any time soon), but seeing as he is an important character and he will no doubt be referenced from time to time, it’s worth knowing who he is ;D

What is a TARDIS?

The ‘TARDIS’ (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), or sometimes called ‘TT Capsule’, is the name of the ships belonging to the Time Lords. These ships can travel anywhere through space and time, and are the main source of transport for Time Lords to get across the universe.

Not only are TARDISes bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, due to Time Lord ‘Transdimensional engineering’, but all of them are fitted with perception filters and other cloaking devices to make them undetectable when visiting other planets. One such cloaking device is the ‘Chameleon circuit’, which allows a TARDIS to disguise itself wherever it lands, blending in with the environment. (So, for example, a TARDIS might become a bookshelf if it landed in a library, or a stone pillar if it landed in Ancient Rome.)

TARDISes are also ‘organic machinery’ – they are technically grown, rather than built like other machines, and are sentient to a significant degree. To say a TARDIS machine ‘is alive’ is not an exaggeration. They usually have the biological imprint of the Time Lord who owns it, linking it with its owner symbiotically and telepathically, and all TARDIS’s are fitted with something called the ‘Rassilon Imprimatur’. This prevents the technology from being stolen, copied and replicated by other races.

Gallifrey has two main versions of TARDIS:
Regular TARDISes, used for exploration and observation.
And Battle TARDISes, used for combat and defence.
There also could be an even more advanced capsule called a ‘War TARDIS’, but this could just be a rumour, since Gallifrey has been at peace now for millennia, and there’s no evidence to suggest such a TARDIS exists.

Time Lords usually get their own personal TARDIS after they’ve graduated from the Academy, and are qualified to own one.
(The Doctor owns an outdated Type 40 TARDIS, the last remaining Type 40 in existence –currently, the newest model on Gallifrey is a Type 101.)

Who are the Daleks?

Information on the creator of the Daleks, Davros

(Thanks Arch)

The above videos practically cover the basis of what you need to know about the Dalek race.
More can be found on the Daleks under the ‘Factions’ section (to be added soon).

Don’t forget, if you have any questions or need more information, just ask!
I’ll add any questions to the FAQs Section [Coming soon]
(Thanks Sam for this idea ;D)

Gallifreyan History

Tl;dr version/‘Fun’ version: An amusingly appropriate educational video, which I recommend you all watch. Especially if you’re too lazy to read the history info below.

Here’s me trying to explain billions of years worth of history, so bear with me on this. Believe it or not, I did have a longer version of this, but then I realised it was completely unnecessary, so I then shortened it (ha ha) to this:

Ancient Gallifrey/The Dark Times

[NB: Gallifreyan Society is in fact so old, that most of its History has passed into legend. Much of Gallifreyan history has that vague, fairytale-edge to it, and it can’t be said how much of it is actually true. This is made even worse by the fact that the Time Lords have erased much of their history from record, and prefer to sugar-coat their brutal and violent past with grandeur and heroics.]

Gallifreyans first appeared during the ‘Dark Times’ of the Universe, a time when the universe was much smaller than it is now, and teeming with magic and chaos. ‘Gallifrey’ meant ‘They that walk in shadows’, thought to be derived from the idea that these Gallifreyans, or ‘shadow people’ utilised and embraced both magic and science. These early Gallifreyans were religious and highly superstitious, and although they used science for their own ends, it was clear Gallifreyans during this time preferred the irrationality and mysteriousness that magic offered, as opposed to the rationality of science.

Gallifreyan civilisation evolved and developed very quickly. Long long before the Earth was ever created, Gallifreyans were already travelling the stars. The Gallifreyans were highly telepathic, intelligent beings, but they were also beings of war and bloodshed. Many planets and civilisations fell at their hands, and it was around this time that Gallifrey first built its great Empire.

Around this time, Gallifrey was ruled by a tyrannical power called ‘The Pythia’. It was a female-dominant society, an Empire ruled by a woman who was worshipped by her people as a goddess. The Pythians were powerful oracles who, although they had no powers of time travel, could see into the past and future, and built their lives on prophecies. During this age, slavery, tyranny, and discrimination against the poor were highly common. The Gallifreyans of this age “had tremendous powers, which they misused disgracefully”.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, the Pythian Order was eventually overthrown, in a major revolution led by a man called Rassilon [This dude is very important]. He decided to completely reform Gallifreyan society, making it a fairer society for all.
It was Rassilon, who would become the Founder of Time Lord society, the father of the Time Lord race.

The Rassilon Era

Rassilon’s Gallifrey, unlike the Pythian Gallifrey, believed that Rationality and Science, not Magic and Superstition, were the way forward. Slavery was abolished. Help was given to the poor. Many Gallifreyan colony planets were given their independence. Government was completely reformed, with Rassilon becoming the first President of Gallifrey. It seemed that Gallifrey was entering a new golden age.

It was also around this point, that Gallifrey discovered the secret of Time Travel. Gallifrey’s greatest scientist and co-Founder, Omega, worked on a project with Rassilon that would make Gallifreyans Lords of Time.
Omega’s project was a success. Finally, Gallifrey had the power to travel both time and space. But the project cost Omega greatly, and he was lost inside a black hole, thought to be destroyed. However, he would be remembered throughout Gallifreyan history as a hero.

So the age of Time Lords began. However, it wasn’t long before Gallifrey became paranoid; there were other civilizations out there, some who would soon develop time travel too. Fearing that these civilizations would become a threat to the Time Lords, Rassilon ordered his people to destroy them. During this time, countless planets, creatures and civilisations, were wiped out by the Time Lords. Anything that was deemed a threat to Gallifrey (and a threat to their rule over time and space), was destroyed.
These wars, would become known as the first of the Time Wars.

Once these wars were over, Rassilon was so ashamed by what he and his people had done, that he ordered that all records of these wars were destroyed, and that these wars were erased from Gallifreyan history. As those who could remember these wars grew fewer and fewer, so the Time Wars past into legend.

One war would be remembered, however: and that was a war labelled as ‘The First War in Heaven’. The Time Lords went to war with the Great Vampires, known throughout Gallifreyan history as ‘The Ancient Enemy’. The war had actually been going on since Rassilon was young, and it would be Rassilon who would end it. He had all the vampires in the universe hunted down and slain. In the end, only one of the great vampires would remain, fleeing to another universe.
However the war was so long, so devastating, and with so much bloodshed, that it was said that the Time Lords became sick of the violence forever.

Not only this, but other events caused the Time Lords to fear themselves, and fear the power they had. There had been cases where, Gallifrey had given time technology to developing worlds, in an attempt to help them...only to have disaster strike, as the civilisations damaged themselves though time travel, and in some cases, wiped themselves out completely.

And so from this moment forward, Gallifrey would become isolated from the rest of the universe; their policy of non-intervention preventing them from interfering with the lives of others. Time Lords swore from this point onward never to interfere – only to watch. Gallifrey itself became something of a legend, whispered among the stars. The Time Lords: the greatest and most powerful civilization, looking down on the galaxies below from their shining paradise.

Although, not everyone viewed Rassilon’s Gallifrey in a good light. Whilst many would view Rassilon as a hero (and, to some extent a god, even), some believed him to be nothing more than a xenophobic tyrant. And indeed, Rassilon kept many secrets from his people. No one knew, that he had chosen some of his most trusted guards, to carry out covert operations behind everyone’s backs. These Time Lords, hand-picked by Rassilon himself, would become the first ever members of the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA).
It was unknown what happened to Rassilon. Some say he died as a hero. Others, say he grew corrupt, and the Time Lords overthrew him and locked him away for all eternity.

But even long after Rassilon’s lifetime, during Gallifrey’s millions of years of peace and isolation, the CIA would investigate and intervene in the lives of others, both on Gallifrey and elsewhere in the universe, in order to regulate Time travel and keep Gallifrey safe. Any other race or planet seeking the use of Time Travel, the Time Lords would keep an eye on...and, if deemed necessary, CIA operatives would be sent to deal with them. Despite Gallifrey’s word to stay out of the affairs of others, the Time Lords’ authoritarian policing over time travel would remain almost an established some extent, at least. No one knows to what extent the Time Lords were present in the universe, since most of their actions during this time were covered up.

The time lords would continue on this way for countless generations.
However, slowly, the Gallifreyan people would become more aware of its government’s secrets. Some Time Lords would even rebel and turn such renegade, was a Time Lord called the Doctor. Although the Doctor would be regarded by most Time Lords as nothing but a pest and a trouble maker, he did have a significant impact on Gallifrey’s history. He has saved Gallifrey and the Time Lords on more than one occasion, and even became President of Gallifrey for a time, although he did keep neglecting his duties... Unsurprisingly, he was eventually deposed of his presidency by the High council of Time Lords, although the Doctor would continue to meddle in Gallifreyan affairs from time to time.

However recently, when former renegade and companion to the Doctor, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, became president of Gallifrey, this is when Gallifreyan history took a new turn.

Current Events [You should definitely read this section if you want to know what is going on]
These are events all from the past 45 years

Unlike many of her predecessors, President Romana sought to change some of Gallifrey’s oldest laws, even changing some of the very laws Rassilon himself put in place. Gallifrey was to become a more liberal and open society. Rassilon’s policy of non-intervention, a policy that had been in place for millennia, was finally lifted. Gallifrey would, instead of going to war with the various races developing time travel, or secretly interfering behind everyone’s backs, make peace with them. Under Romana’s direction, the Temporal Alliance was alliance between the Gallifreyan Empire, and several other civilisations and Empires, all of whom had developed their own methods of time travel.

However, only a few weeks into Romana’s presidency, disaster struck. A sudden dalek attack caused a whole planet to go missing...and amongst the personnel from the Temporal Powers that were on that planet, the new Lady President of Gallifrey was one of them.
An acting president for Gallifrey was drafted in, in the wake of the emergency, but despite all efforts to recover the president, it wouldn’t be until 20 years later that anyone found out what happened to President Romanadvoratreundar. Being kept prisoner by the daleks for the whole 20 years she was missing, she finally escaped, making it back to Gallifrey.

...Although, the Gallifrey she came back to was not in a good position. She escaped just at the moment the Daleks put the next phase of their plan into action – and invaded Gallifrey.

Gallifrey has only had a couple of invasions in the past, throughout its long history (Most notably the Vardan and Sontaran Invasion that happened during the Doctor’s presidency). And never before had Gallifrey encountered such a direct attack from the Daleks. With Gallifrey completely unprepared and weakened from its years of pacifism, the Time Lords stood little chance against this surprise attack. Civilians were evacuated from the Capitol as quickly as possible as the Daleks moved in, killing any resistance. They captured the Citadel of the Time Lords surprisingly quickly, and...for a terrible moment, it seemed that the initial invasion was a success. Gallifrey was now occupied by the Daleks, the Time Lords powerless to do anything but surrender.

However, in a rather unexpected twist, it seemed taking over the Capitol was only planned to be temporary. What the Daleks were really after, was simply access to the Time Lords power source – the power source that gave the Time Lords the power to control time.

Long story short, (you don’t really need to know the details right now, just go with me on this one,) The Daleks sought to invade Gallifrey, and use Gallifrey’s resources to help them expand their Empire. Once they had access to the Time Lords power, they used it to help them wipe out the entire neighbouring galaxy – A whole galaxy, destroyed, billions and billions of civilisations, wiped out in an instant. In the devastation the destruction left in its wake, a new galaxy was born out of the dust. A whole new galaxy, empty and ripe for Dalek occupation.

This action of destroying an entire galaxy, though a success, destroyed the invading dalek force as a result, who burnt up as a consequence of harnessing such great power. The last remaining dalek explained this to President Romana and the others present, as it died. The plan had always been this – the Daleks that invaded Gallifrey would sacrifice themselves, so that their empire could continue to live. They forcibly took the Time Lords power, because they knew the Time Lords would never have given it to them willingly.

After clearing up the mess left behind by the daleks, Romanadvoratrelundar took up her place as President of Gallifrey once more. During the 25 years that have followed (despite the shaky start to her presidency), Romana has proven to be one of the most popular presidents Gallifrey has ever had – with a generous amount of support from off-worlders, as many of her policies have been in their favour. The Temporal powers first temporal summit was a success, with all of the parties involved coming to an agreement. By some miraculous luck (albeit with some coaxing), the High council of Time Lords have supported the President on many of her endeavours, allowing Romana to make some significant changes to Gallifreyan law.

- However, the new changes haven’t been popular with everyone. And Romana’s newest policy, to allow aliens to study at the Academy, has caused quite a stir. Whilst some are heralding this as the start of a new age, others believe that these changes to Gallifrey’s laws, can only lead to disaster...

[Note: Whether Romana has been in power for 25 or 45 years, depends if you count the earlier 20 years during her presidency that she was missing.]

CS Outline

Unusual names are welcome, but you can use regular names if you wish. (Note: If you’re doing a Gallifreyan, just put a shortened name i.e. ‘Romana’. A full long name is optional, and should be placed in brackets.)

If you don’t wish to reveal your characters real name for whatever reason, you may use an alias.
But please, no aliases such as “The Doctor” or “The ____” whatever. Time Lords don’t get a title until they graduate :P

Incarnation:(Time Lords Only).
This is just so I can keep track of how many lives you have left. Although I’m unlikely to make your character regenerate in this game (certainly not at the start, anyway), it’s a good idea to start thinking about what your future incarnations would be like, just in case.
You should be on your 1st incarnation, unless you mention a reason for regenerating in your history.

This field should be left blank. This is something you will gain through your experience and reputation at the Academy. (And in a cruel twist of Time Lord humour, these nicknames are usually negative ones...although you might gain a positive/neutral one, if you’re lucky.)

Any age from 17 onwards. The Time Academy has little restrictions on age – Time Lords can sometimes spend centuries at the Academy. However, your age should correspond logically with your race. (i.e. Gallifreyans could easily be a few centuries old, but obviously if you’re a human, you’re not going to live that long).
Also bear in mind that, obviously, ‘young people’ are more common at the Academy than mature students – but please don’t feel too restricted by this. After all, learning is for any age :)

Pretty straightforward. (I hope).
Although, in the odd event that you do choose to play a sex-changing species, just give me the gender they are currently, and what they were originally. Both or no gender is also allowed, but do think about how you’re going to write for them.

Gallifreyan? Human? Cyborg? Strange hybrid with multicoloured spots? Tell me what species you are. If it’s something unusual, give me a detailed description. What your race is and their general reputation [Ooh and political standing, definitely!] could have a significant impact on how people react to you.
And no, you cannot play a dalek, or any other species with a bad history with the Time Lords. Don’t be daft. (However, this option is available for the purposes of side quests/plots, as stated earlier.)

What’s your native planet?

Detail is always nice. Please include how your character is dressed. [For simplicity’s sake, there is no formal dress code for students, apart from the robes used for ceremonies, but you don’t need to worry about that for now.]

If you’re a Gallifreyan student, you can pretty much pick any taste of clothing from any culture, date, or planet of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be clothing from Gallifrey, since Time Lords can pretty much borrow any fashion/food/stuff/whatever from any culture, time or place.

What are you like as a person? How does your character usually behave ? Do they have any quirks? Likes/dislikes? How does your character tick? What makes them, them? [If you wish some details to remain a secret for now, PM me them].

List any weapons, tech, gadgets or unusual items your character has on you. I’m going to be pretty lenient with weapons in this RP (it’s no fun otherwise, if I said no weapons are allowed on Gallifrey), BUT just be aware that Gallifrey is essentially an anti-weapon planet, and you are going to be attending what is essentially a school. If the authorities catch you wielding weapons, they might see you as a threat. So just be careful.

List any powers you have currently (if any). Keep in mind your species, and your situation. Think logically about what powers you would have. (i.e. If you’re an ordinary human who has lead an ordinary life, you’re not going to have fire shooting from your fingertips). Gallifreyans, if they have any natural powers, are usually psychics. This means if you choose to give your character powers, (unless you give me a good reason why they’d have a power that isn’t psychic, i.e. a power given to them through technology), it must be a type of psychic power (Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc). It’s unusual in this day and age for a Gallifreyan to be naturally gifted with psychic powers, but not unheard of. There will be a chance to ‘learn’ psychic skills at the Academy, so you can pick up new powers as you progress, if you wish to.

(Please be careful if you choose any power that affects people’s free will, such as mind control and mind reading. In fact, that goes for any power where it is difficult not to God mod. Try and avoid them if you can, but should you choose something along those lines, then be cautious.)

The powers you have might have been learnt, they might be natural, or they might be generated through technology. It’s completely up to you.

However, if you are planning on using any powers that are explicitly ‘magic’ apart from psychic magic, you may (cos I’m a nice GM like that) but be VERY careful how you go about it. Gallifrey doesn’t like magic. So if you start waving your arms around going: LOOK AT ME, I’M A WIZARD! ...Expect trouble. I’ll try and be nice, but I’ve got to stay in character. You have been warned.

List here any skills you have, prior to entering the Academy. What are you good at? What can you do that sets you apart from the rest? Is there any particular skill that you really excel at? What are your talents?

Who are you, and what is your story? How did you get here, and what made you join the Time Academy? Is there anything interesting in your past, any significant events that you can tell me about? [If you have any secrets in your past you can PM me about, I’d love to hear them].

If you’re an Off-worlder, how did you hear about Gallifrey and about the Academy? Under what circumstances did you decide to join the Academy? Did you request to join, or were you singled out and offered a place?

If you’re a Gallifreyan, how has life been on Gallifrey for you up until this point? Do you get along well with the rest of Time Lord Society, or are you rebellious? Have you been at the Time Academy for very long, or will this be your first time entering the Time Academy? Did you attend another Gallifreyan college before accepting a place at the Time Academy? (Bear in mind the Time Academy is a bit like a university/college; there are separate ‘academies’ aimed at the younger ones [from the age of eight onwards]).
[If you wish to, feel free to talk about the Dalek invasion that happened 25 years ago, assuming you were around for that. Where we you when the Daleks tried to invade Gallifrey? Were you inside the Capitol when it happened, or were you somewhere else? This is just a topic point if you get stuck for material, it’s up to you whether you talk about it or not.]
Also, feel free to use any of the information I give on Gallifrey and the Time Lords to help you. You can ask me any questions if you need more info.

Theme: I have a theme song now. Theme songs are cool.

[[PM any details on your CS you wish to remain secret for now.]]

Rules & Limitations
- Standard RP rules apply. No god-modding, no power playing, no auto-hits. Have courtesy for your fellow players. If you’re unsure whether you’re allowed to do something, ask the GM about it first, and if you do plan to do something that could be considered god-modding or auto-hitting, consult the people it affects first before you do anything.

- Keep things tasteful. No material of an explicit nature, please. In terms of sex, violence and horror, I want it kept to the standards you’d expect to see from a universe such as this. So yes, sexual references, romance and some innuendo is allowed, but nothing above a PG-13.
Plus, bear in mind you’ll be spending a lot of your time on Gallifrey. A place known for being virtuous and reserved. So let’s keep things tasteful, k?
Violence and horror has much fewer restrictions, (this universe is well known for its nightmare fuel), but please nothing too graphic.

- No functioning TARDISes are allowed at the start of this game. To begin with, only the GM will have control over TARDISes, or anything that involves time travel. This is mainly because I want to limit how much time travel is used. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of relying on time travel to give you a Deus Ex Machina for every problem, so yeah...No Time Travel without the GM’s consent! I’d prefer you all to use time travel as a plot device to get you from point A to B, rather than using it as a cheap solution to a problem. There may be times when I say ‘yeah fine, go back in time, change things so none of this ever happened’...but I’d like to keep that to an absolute minimum. For that reason, you will not be allowed any (working) Time ships or TARDISes at the start of this RP.
However your characters will get the chance to time travel, I can promise you that. So don’t worry ;D

- If you’re a Gallifreyan, this really goes without saying: don’t abuse your regeneration powers. You may be immortal, but you are not indestructible. You can and will, die in this RP. Regeneration is only to be used as a last resort kind of thing, and it won’t benefit you as much as you think. To regenerate is a stressful process, it takes up a lot of energy, and it will most likely leave you incredibly ill or at least considerably weakened for the next several hours in game. Although it might save you from immediate death, it will actually make you more vulnerable to attack, so it’s not something you should carry out lightly. If a player wishes to regenerate at any point, they must consult the GM. Also, just like killing another player, no player is allowed to force another player into a situation where they must regenerate, not without the consent of the GM, and the player/s involved.

- In terms of Magic vs Science:
Ultimately, this is a Sci-fi RP with fantasy elements, rather than a fantasy RP with Sci-fi elements, sooo...yeah, just remember that. Magic does exist in this universe, but science ultimately rules. Just remember: The Doctor Who Universe LOVES Clarke’s Third Law. Wibbly wobbly, science-y magic-y... whatever, just roll with it.
Also, on Gallifrey, magic is a taboo subject. Thanks to the whole ordeal with the superstitious Pythia and the revolution, very few Gallifreyans view magic in a good light these days. Magic goes against the teachings of Rassilon, it’s considered archaic and dangerous, and as far as the Time Lords are concerned, it’s not welcome on Gallifrey (despite the fact that the magic-loving Pythians were their ancestors, and Time Lords still have psychic abilities and other things that could arguably be considered ‘magic’). Whilst I will happily allow you to use magic in this RP, do bear in mind that performing ‘real magic’ on Gallifrey is actually illegal and could possibly land you in trouble (unless you can bluff/wriggle your way out of it somehow).

Aaaand...If I think of anything else, I’ll add it later.


“There was once a world on the brink of war against the cosmos.”

“A world that used its mastery of space and time to kill.”

“A world where creatures and monsters lived deep within the shadows.”

“A world which would end before it had ever even begun.”

“And the name of that world; the world we called our home...”


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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:10 am

Character List

Archrival - Eward (Ewaradiancidental)
MQuinny1234 - Shikin of Dasmens
aj_gatsz - Jeremy Henry Smith (Jerry)
Iris – Alex Chaplin
Keiran - Gilbrid Bhaltair
Ro Wong - Ro-Shi “Shiro” Wong
Asmodai - Dayvan Onwuka
sam4books - Wattles (Wattlegallopavo)
Musicmac - Nisharahamin Lah Kashingmahalia
The Master Incarnate - Gerald
TheLivingCouch - Tos-Strue
Mastermind001 - Roy Everydayman

Pending/Needs work

Removed from Game



Although you’ll be meeting a whole host of characters during this RP (students, guards, politicians, etc), here are some important NPCs to look out for.
A few of these might seem a little familiar to some of you...
(CS’s coming soon)

Romana President of Gallifrey and all her Dominions.

Leela Presidential Bodyguard, a tutor at the Academy, and confidant to Romana.

Braxiatel Lord Cardinal, Head of the Time Academy, and confidant to Romana.

Narvin Co-ordinator of the CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency).

K9 Mark I & K9 Mark II Presidential Security Advisor, confidants to Leela and Romana respectively.

Darkel Inquisitor Prime of Gallifrey, Romana’s main political rival.


Further NPCs to look out for:
[Note: Some characters will just have links to where they first introduce themselves IC, rather than CS's for every character.]

Taylor Addison - A Scottish human from 21st century Earth
Lucid (Lucidameritidianthus) - A country-girl Gallifreyan who can see into dreams <-[See Example CS]

Chancellery Guard:
Henzil - A Captain of the guard


Example CS

I’m not doing CS’s for all the students I’m playing, but here’s one, just as an example:
Name: Lucid (Lucidameritidianthus)

Incarnation: 1st

Nicknames: --

Age: 132

Gender: Female

Race: Gallifreyan

Homeworld: Gallifrey

Appearance: Lucid looks to be in her early twenties, standing at 5’8” with pale skin and wavy ginger hair reaching down to her waist. She has bright green eyes, with a line of freckles along the bridge of her nose. Everything about her seems to be quite sleek and refined, but also very natural. There’s a spark of wit in her eyes, and a keenness to learn.

When she’s allowed to choose what she wears, she prefers to wear something as sleek and natural as herself. Simplistic Gallifreyan dresses with long flowing sleeves, bare feet with natural woven sandals, and her hair often loose and decorated with a Gallifreyan flower or two.

Lucid has a warm, easy-going personality, and is certainly not as reserved as some of the other Time Lords. She’s been known to shrug at things her elders would have a fit over, and has been known to flirt unashamedly. However although she has been known to break rules on occasion, and shows some of the traits of a potential renegade, it’s clear that Lucid loves Gallifrey and Time Lord society too much to ever consider leaving it. In fact Gallifrey is something she is very passionate about and holds close to her heart. She has pride in her planet – a lot of it. She loves the culture of her planet, she loves the architecture, she loves the history of it – and most of all, she loves the planet itself. It’s her utopia, her idea of heaven, and she will not stand for anyone who intends to harm it.

Although Lucid holds no ill intentions to off-worlders, and tends to be a very amiable person (this is a girl who has no shame in interacting with other races or cultures), her lack of understanding of non-Gallifreyans and the cultural differences, could cause misunderstandings. She knows a lot about the Time Lords, but beyond her own people’s activities, she knows very little about the outside universe. So she is very ignorant in that respect, and may come across as snooty or dangerously naive at times.

Considering her background, Lucid also has a very high affinity with nature and anything organic. Although she’s quite familiar with advanced technology, Lucid is certainly more of a country girl than a city girl...and city life both frightens and excites her. She is fascinated by primitive cultures, and even once considered running away to live as an Outsider, living out amongst nature in the wild lands of Gallifrey. However, her education and her dreams of becoming a qualified Time Lady means too much to her to ever consider abandoning Time Lord Society.

- Trans-dimensional satchel - Lucid has a small fuchsia-coloured shoulder bag on her person which is bigger on the inside than the outside, capable of storing a large amount of things. It also allows her to carry heavy objects with ease.

- Artron Crystal Pendant – A certain type of Gallifreyan crystal hangs around her neck which is supposed to be able to absorb small quantities of Artron energy, and can be used as a power source, much like a rechargeable battery (both for machinery and organics). It can also help protect the user (via the Artron energy it absorbs) and the artron energy can be used against certain time-sensitive beings too. Her parents gave it to her as a ‘congratulations on getting into the Academy’ present.

- “Snug” – Snug is a male Gallifreyan house cat belonging to Lucid. It’s a short-haired cat with black and white splotches on its fur, and very sharp claws. Cats live longer on Gallifrey, so he’s actually 32 years old and still relatively young (She got him as a present for her 100th Birthday). He tends to hide in Lucid’s satchel, and doesn’t like to be disturbed. Apart from slow aging, there’s little to suggest Snug is any different to any Earth cat...although Lucid claims that for a domestic cat, he is quite clever.

Lucid has been known to show some raw telepathic ability – however since she has had no training, she has yet to unlock her full potential (something she’s hoping she can learn at the Time Academy).
Lucid seems to have a psychic ability linked to dreaming. She has been known to be able to experience other people’s dreams; either by simply sharing the dream with another, or on occasion being able to actually enter someone else’s dream. However her control over this, currently, is very limited. Although she can watch and observe, she can’t really interact on a conscious level, beyond giving someone a small message.

* Well read – Lucid loves to study, and, as a result, is the kind of person to do extra reading with much enthusiasm. She knows a lot about Gallifrey and of the Time Lords (although her knowledge on anything not to do with Gallifrey is extremely lacking).

*Excellent photographic memory – Can recall places and details with surprising accuracy, even if it was just a mere glance. For this reason, she’s very good at speed-reading and taking in visual information fast.

*Connections with Outsiders/Knowledge on survival – due to her time interacting with Outsiders in childhood, Lucid finds it actually easier to relate to these people more than the Citadel Time Lords, and has picked up a few useful tips on how to survive in the Outlands (although she possesses hardly any experience on actual survival).

Lucid is from the looming house of Dianthus, a little unknown house aligned with the Patrex Chapter. Growing up deep in the Continent of Absolute Beauty, her family’s home situated on top of a hill right next to a forest, it was no surprise that Lucid grew up to appreciate the raw beauty of Gallifrey. Far, far away from the Capitol and city life, out in the middle of nowhere, that was what she called home. Her family tended to be more laidback and nurturing than some of the other Time Lord houses, although they had strict rules about not engaging with Outsiders [Look at the ‘Factions’ section to see more information on who the ‘Outsiders’ are].

And as a child, Lucid often ignored that rule. Often she would sneak out into the woods and play with children from the Outsider tribe that lived there, much to her parents mortification (and to the chagrin of the adult members of the tribe as a matter of fact, who didn’t like the idea of their young ones interacting with a Time Lord child). There were a number of arguments about it, and eventually Lucid’s parents decided the best course of action was to enrol Lucid in the Patrex Academy, the Time Lord Academy for their Chapter. They hoped that by getting her away from home and focused on her education as a prospective Time Lady, would keep the girl out of trouble.

And so at the mere age of eight, Lucid packed her bags, left home and went to study at the Patrex Academy. And like all children entering one of the great Time Lord academies, she had to undergo the initiation ceremony, where she was shown the ‘Untempered Schism’, or as some call it, ‘seeing eternity’.
- She immediately got scared staring at it and tried to bury her head in the robes of the nearest Time Lord, much to the amusement of the adult Time Lords leading the initiation.

She stayed at the Patrex Academy for a good century, and, like her parents had hoped for, became passionate about her education, wanting to become a fully qualified Time Lord. She studied hard, but she never quite lost her passion for nature and the wilderness. She wanted to one day travel the length of Gallifrey, seeing what sights and places she could discover. Lucid has never really considered leaving Gallifrey; it’s where she feels her hearts belong, here with all the other Time Lords and Gallifreyans. However, over time she developed an interest in new and different landscapes, other than the Gallifreyan landscape she knows and loves, and she has wondered what it would be like to see them.

Setting her sights on one day acquiring a TARDIS of her own so that she can observe the beauty of foreign worlds, she has done exceptionally well at her Chapter’s Academy, and has been offered a scholarship to study at the prestigious ‘Time Academy’ of the Prydonian Chapter – the Academy where she can finally reach her dreams of becoming a fully fledged Time Lord.

Theme: ”To The Sky” – Owl City
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:10 am

Here are some of the main factions to look out for:


"Tradition, Obedience, Honor, Understanding, Loyalty, and Respect"

Home planet: Gallifrey

>>>Citadel Time Lords
Generally referring to the law-abiding, City-dwelling Gallifreyans, many of whom have never stepped a foot outside of their Houses and cities, let alone stepped outside of Gallifrey. At best they are civilised, curious, inquisitive and naive; at worst, they are devious, egoistic and dangerously manipulative. There’s a saying amongst the Outsiders which says: ‘Never trust a Time Lord’...and perhaps they are right. A secretive lot by nature, it’s sometimes hard to tell what a Time Lord is actually thinking.

These Time Lords can currently be split up into the following:

________________________Liberalist Time Lords_______________________________

Mostly made up of a younger generation of Gallifreyans, these Time Lords generally believe themselves to be more open-minded than others, and believe that change and freedom is a good thing. Many of these Time Lords tend to have doubts about Time Lord society, questioning the ethics and views of their people. Some of these Time Lords may consider turning renegade and leaving Gallifrey at some point in their lives, or may even make an active attempt to turn renegade.

Embracing change, Liberalist Time Lords support the idea that Time travel should be shared with those who are responsible enough to have it, and that time travel shouldn’t be exclusive to Time Lords. They believe in equality between Time Lords and the many other species of the universe. The Liberalist Time Lords are often seen as naive and foolish by the other Time Lords, as a result of their views.

It is with these Time Lords that Romana’s policies are most popular, and most of them embrace the idea of having alien students at the Academy. The majority of Romana’s Gallifreyan supporters come from this sub faction.

Notable Liberalists: President Romana.

_______________________ Traditionalist Time Lords___________________________

On the other far end of the scale, you have the ‘Traditionalists’.
Often made up of the more senior, aristocratic Gallifreyans, these Time Lords are devoted to the ‘old days’ of Gallifrey – they look to the past and to the old days of Rassilon as the way forward. The most conservative of the Time Lords, the traditionalists believe in preservation, not in change. Traditionalists believe strongly that only Time Lords can be trusted with time travel, and that control, stability, and solidarity is most important. They envisage Time Lords as the wise protectors of the universe, and that it is Gallifrey’s duty and responsibility to remain the greatest power in the universe, if only to ensure the safety of everyone. For them, Tradition is everything. They do not like people who upset the system and the usual Time Lord way of a result, they strongly oppose Romana’s reforms.

Often accused of being xenophobic due to their distrust of non-Time Lords, Traditionalists are vehemently against allowing alien students into the Academy. They view Romana as a dangerous radical, and it would suit them quite well to have her removed from power.

Notable Traditionalists: Inquisitor Darkel.

_____________________Non-Interventionalists Vs Interventionalists_____________________

On a separate scale, there are also the ‘Non-interventionalists’ – >Time Lords who believe in observing the universe and not getting involved with the lives of others, remaining as neutral as possible.
Notable Non-interventionalists: The average law-abiding Time Lord.

And also, we have the ‘Interventionalists’ –> Time Lords who believe in getting involved in the affairs of other planets, and using their powers to change and shape the universe...for good intentions, or for bad.
Notable Interventionalists: Renegade Time Lords, the CIA.

Other Gallifreyan factions to look out for include:

These Gallifreyans lead a very different life to that of their city-dwelling cousins. Rejecting the Time Lord way of life in exchange for a much more simple existence, these Gallifreyans have gone back to their roots, and live outside in the wild lands of Gallifrey. In order to survive in the wilderness, these Gallifreyans have taken on a primitive lifestyle, hunting wild animals and growing their own food, with basic hand-made weapons and tools.

The Outsiders have a very strong sense of community, and are usually divided into tribes. In a way, the outsiders can be considered the true neutrals of Gallifrey; they do not concern themselves with the Time Lords at all and stay out of Gallifrey’s political affairs, and would never attack unless provoked...unless the Time Lords or someone crosses into their territory, in which case, it’s fair game. The outsiders despise the Time Lords in the city and regard them with great distrust, so if one crosses into their territory, who knows what they might do? There have been incidences where a tribe of outsiders have attacked and killed time lords who have strayed from their homes. However there are also times when the Outsiders have helped the Time Lords; particularly when Gallifrey has been invaded. But for the most part, the outsiders want nothing to do with the Time Lords; only to live their lives in peace. Living a peaceful coexistence with nature is the only thing the Outsiders truly care about.

The Citadel time lords despise and distrust the Outsiders in equal measure, viewing them as nothing more than primitive savages and a bit of a nuisance. Occasionally the Time Lords may try to kill, arrest, or ‘rehabilitate’ outsiders if they feel the need to, but for the most part, as long as the outsiders remain outside and do not try to enter the Capitol/Citadel, the Time Lords just leave them be.

[There is a sub-category of Outsider called ‘Shobogans’, who lurk around Gallifrey’s Capitol. Thought to be Time Lord drop-outs (and sometimes descendants of said Time Lord drop-outs), these outsiders tend to be more of a local irritation, often found squatting in abandoned Time Lord buildings and tunnels, and building small shanty towns around the older, forgotten parts of the Capitol. These particular outsiders are more likely to commit theft and petty acts of vandalism against the Time Lords...and the guards tend to have trouble weeding them out.]

Sometimes, Time Lords are exiled to the wild lands as punishment. Some of these Time Lords are left simply to die, but some manage to adapt to the harsh conditions and survive, becoming outsiders too.

>>>Renegade Time Lords
Renegade Time Lords have occurred at various points in Gallifrey’s history. The reason for this is unknown, but every now and then, a Time Lord is born with a particularly rebellious streak. Whilst Time Lord Society is usually able to ‘calm’ this rebellious nature and keep them from causing any trouble, some individuals still reject the Time Lord way of life, and ‘turn renegade’.

Sometimes exiled from Gallifrey, sometimes simply runaways, Renegades are (generally speaking) Time Lords that have taken a TARDIS and abandoned Gallifrey in search of a new life elsewhere in the universe. The nature of renegades can vary, from young Time Lords who just wanted a taste of adventure, to devious and dangerous criminals, on the run from the Time Lords, or exiled due to their crimes.

These renegades often meddle in the affairs of others, taking action on their own accord and without the permission of the Gallifreyan government. Though there are some exceptions, generally, renegades use their Time Lord powers for their own selfish and sometimes chaotic ends.

As individuals, renegades are perhaps one of the most dangerous kinds of Time Lord to cross, since they have a blatant disregard for the rules and prefer to play by their own standards. If you’re lucky, a renegade has high moral standards...if not...Run very fast in the opposite direction.

Notable renegades [I’m not listing them all, but]: The Doctor, The Master, The Rani, (And, in the past) Romana.

>>>The CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency)
The Celestial Intervention Agency is a government agency. Its purpose: to protect Gallifrey, to investigate potential threats, and to keep the Time Lord’s secrets safe.

Up until Romana’s Presidency, the CIA’s job was to covertly and deliberately break the Time Lord’s laws of Non-intervention, interfering in other planets affairs, often without said planet’s knowledge or consent. These Time Lords, often functioning as spies, would act secretly on behalf of the Gallifreyan government to safeguard the Time Lord’s interests. The Celestial Intervention Agency was first set up by Rassilon, who came to the realisation that despite his non-intervention policy, Gallifrey (and time itself) still needed protection from occasional threats, both inside Gallifrey and abroad.

Since Romana took over as President, Gallifrey’s policy of non-intervention has been lifted, and the CIA has been forced to take a much more public front...although they still maintain a lot of their secrecy. Romana’s reforms have also forced the CIA to take a more liberal approach to law-enforcing...something that doesn’t sit well with the CIA at all. Although they are still permitted to perform memory wipes and detain suspected criminals for as long as they like, President Romana has banned them from using the mind probe, various forms of torture, and from completely erasing people from history, as well as a number of other less-than-pleasant penalties. However despite the new reforms, the Celestial Intervention Agency is still viewed as a rather unpleasant and corrupt organization, covering up Gallifrey’s mistakes and preserving the planet’s Utopian society through less than favourable means.

Despite this, the CIA still swears that everything they do is in the best interests of Gallifrey, to protect the people and its government. And it is true, that as an intelligence organization with access to so much hidden knowledge and technology, they are one of the best strategic defences Gallifrey has.


“Despite our differences, we shall not fight one another. We shall grow strong together, as the temporal architects of tomorrow.”

A new alliance, headed by President Romana herself. These are the newly acquired allies of Gallifrey. Some of the most powerful and influential time-travelling races in the universe, joining together in one of the most unlikely of coalitions. Their ethics and values vary drastically, but they are united with the aims to work together, and to support each other during these difficult times. With the Daleks growing more dangerous, and other powers threatening to wage war, many planets and races have welcomed the offer of support from Gallifrey. Who better to defend them from the dangers they face, than the most powerful and influential temporal power in history?

In return for Gallifrey’s aid and support, the other Temporal Powers promise to forestall extending their boundaries across the fourth dimension, allowing the Time Lords to continue to govern and regulate time travel. And as a sign of trust, Gallifrey permits the governments of these other temporal powers to continue to develop time technology, under their careful watch. The very recent opening of the Time Lord Academy to off-worlders, is something that has also been readily welcomed by the other Temporal Powers. A gesture President Romana hopes will strengthen the fragile relations between the Temporal powers, and demonstrate to their new allies that the Time Lords can be trusted, and are willing to share.

Notable Races belonging to the Temporal Powers include (but certainly not limited to):

-The Time Lords
-The Monan Host
-The Nekkistani
- The Warpsmiths of Phaidon
- Humans
(Humans both from Earth and other planets/settlements)

Information about these temporal powers will be revealed as we go on, but if you need any information on them in advance, give me a shout.


“Time is not the preserve of an aristocracy -- it is inviolate! Free! Free Time!”

Known base(s) of operations: Gryben (A time travel refugee planet, belonging to Gallifrey)

The ‘Free Time’ movement is a criminal organization working against the Temporal Powers Coalition, in particular Gallifrey and the Time Lords. Some call them freedom fighters – some call them terrorists. Whatever the opinion on them, recently they’ve created quite a stir. Their activity, whilst for the most part unknown and secretive, has led the Time Lord authorities to consider this particular band of insurrectionists a significant threat to Gallifrey and the alliance.

Anarchists through and through, Free Time supports the philosophy that no power should have authority over time, and that time belongs to everyone. And they will do anything to ensure that the Time Lord’s ‘Temporal Empire’ falls.

Free Time does not care for Romana’s policies, and in fact have openly made it known that as President of the Time Lords, they despise her the most. They believe she only has Gallifrey’s interests at heart, and that all she has done is manipulated the other Temporal Powers to ensure the Time Lords remain, ultimately, the superior power in terms of time control.

Some of the Temporal Powers have in fact expressed their sympathy with Free Time. Many of Free Time’s supporters are in fact Humans, Monan Host, and even Gallifreyans.

Notable members of Free Time:
Nepenthe [deceased] -> a human Free Time ring leader. She committed suicide after a failed plot to unleash an alleged Temporal Weapon of Mass Destruction on a Gallifreyan protectorate planet.



Home planet: Skaro

The Daleks are perhaps one of the most feared and most hated beings in the cosmos...even more so than the Time Lords. Like any race, their main goal is their own survival...but the lengths to which these creatures are willing to go to ensure their own survival, is what truly terrifies other civilizations. Daleks believe themselves to be the superior beings in the universe, and will seek to destroy anything that isn’t pure dalek. However, despite what first impressions may give, they are not just mindless killing machines. They are capable of strategy and planning, and of biding their time. Often they’ll use others as pawns or slaves to further their own goals. Of course, once a person outlives their usefulness...the daleks will destroy them. Daleks care only for their own continued existence, and to destroy anything that is not useful to them. Ultimately, nothing else matters to them.

For this reason, the Daleks have made many enemies. And none more so, than the Time Lords of Gallifrey.
Considering the Daleks to be too dangerous, the Time Lords tried to destroy the daleks before they had even been created. Unfortunately for the Time Lords, their plan failed...and the daleks have never forgiven them for what they attempted to do.
And so the Daleks and the Time Lords consider each other to be one of their greatest enemies.

Recently, the Dalek activity in the universe has been very high. The Daleks have been looking to expand their Empire – and as a result, many species have been targeted by the Daleks; their technology and resources stolen, their people either destroyed or enslaved.

One of the main reasons for the Temporal Powers becoming allies, is to help protect themselves from future attacks against the Dalek race.

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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:12 am

Basic Info on Gallifrey

Here’s a few things for you to know, particularly for those of you interested in creating a Gallifreyan character:


There is no question that the Time Lords have hugely advanced technological capabilities. Inventors of things such as TARDISes, Trans-dimensional engineering (technology that’s bigger on the inside), and other temporal technology, the Time Lords have access to technology other civilisations can only ever dream about.

Technology to look out for on Gallifrey (with the exception of TARDISes):

~Genetic Looms ~
As opposed to natural reproduction, the majority of Gallifreyans are ‘generated’ rather than born. This is made possible through great machines which recombine DNA to produce offspring who are related to their relatives. There is usually one Loom for each extended family on Gallifrey. Looms are monitored by the government and there are limits on how many Gallifreyans are allowed to be loomed into each family, to prevent overpopulation. Gallifreyans come out of the looms (usually) as children, and can walk and talk as soon as they leave the machine.

~The Matrix (or ‘APC Net’) ~
This is a colossal virtual reality computer system belonging to the Time Lords, and next to the TARDIS, is one of the greatest pieces of advanced technology Gallifrey has. It contains data on every known planet in the cosmos, and can replay events from any time in history from any angle. The Matrix has information on the past, the present, and the future, and is the ultimate repository of knowledge in the universe. The Matrix exists in its own dimension outside of time and space. Since it contains such a great power of information, there are restrictions on who has access to the Matrix, and what information they are allowed to access. Any classified information is protected by a series of firewalls and encryptions and other things, and requires CIA access codes to grant permission to view it. However general information is accessible to Time Lord students, and can be used to help them in their studies (a bit like surfing the internet, only more advanced).
One particular section of the Matrix also stores the memories and personalities of dead Time Lords. When a Time Lord dies, their memories, their personalities, their very essence, is uploaded into the Matrix, allowing a Time Lord to live on in a kind of afterlife inside the Matrix. The Matrix is where all Time Lords go after they die.

On Gallifrey, technology for transport has become so advanced, that flying cars are now (by this point in Gallifrey’s history, considered old-fashioned and archaic. Whilst the latest brand new model of TARDISes are the most preferred form of transport for Time Lords, only the privileged have access to a TARDIS – for the rest of the population, instant teleportation via a sophisticated ‘Transmat’ system (Matter Transmitters), is the way to travel.
The Transmat network on Gallifrey is huge, and can teleport you quickly to almost any Time Lord settlement on the Planet. Some Transmats have to be programmed manually to take you to your destination, but with many of the ones used by the general public, you merely have to tell it where you want to go, and it will take you there (or as close to your destination as it can take you – obviously, there are limits to where the Transmat network can take you; some areas are out of bounds, or simply inaccessible).
The Transmat network is particularly extensive in the Capitol, with Transmat ports that can take you to almost any building or street in the city (although you can always just walk, if you prefer taking the scenic route). Like many things, the Transmat network is monitored by the government, and any journeys made using the Transmat system are recorded and stored within the Matrix.

~Anti-Gravity/Hover Technology~
Gallifrey makes good use of this type of technology. Although hover-vehicles are considered outdated, there are still a few around. The technology is also used in buildings, TARDISes, objects such as stretchers and objects that need lifting, as well as a number of other things.

Gallifrey does make use of androids and robots; however they are in a very clear minority, and are generally just used as servants. Many of them are just programmed to perform a certain task, and are not given the power of full sentience...although Gallifreyan robots used as personal servants or companions tend to be more self-aware and are capable of having personality.


This is possibly one of Gallifrey’s weakest points – not surprising for a ‘peaceful’ planet who have poured all their money, time, and research into temporal technology. The weapons found on Gallifrey are generally below par and outdated compared with weaponry from other highly advanced civilizations (Unless you’re talking about temporal weaponry, that is – that’s a different story).

The standard primary weapon for any Gallifreyan guard is a ‘Staser’ pistol.


Thanks to Rassilon’s idea of rationality and rejecting superstition, most Time Lords are typically non-religious. Although Time Lords do not deny the existence of god-like beings (they know they exist, because they have fought them), there are no gods that they ‘worship’, as such. However they do have annual festivals in honour of the Time Lord Founders, in a similar way to how other civilizations have festivals for their gods. Some Time Lords do view Rassilon as something of a god, and often the Time Lord founders’ names will be used as profanity, even by the most rational of Time Lords. (i.e. “Rassilon be thanked”, “For Rassilon’s/Omega’s sake”, “What in the name of Rassilon...?”)
On another note, Time Lords also use profanity such as “Damn” and “Hell”.

Religion used to be quite common in the Old Times of Gallifrey, and a minority of Gallifreyans still worship the old gods that they believed in back then (and there are still some Religious cults that exist on Gallifrey) – but they are few and far between.

Time Lord Society

Although in canon there are only two Time Lord founders mentioned (Rassilon and Omega), in the extended universe, there are actually thought to be six Time Lord founders. [In fact six is a very important number in Time Lord culture, and can be found almost everywhere].

There are also six ‘Chapters’ or ‘Houses’ which these six founders set up. These Chapter Houses are the foundations to Time Lord Society. These are something like a cross between political parties and academic colleges. [Think Hogwarts Houses, only more political, basically]. Each Chapter had its own dominant colour, and wore robes of that colour during ceremonial occasions.

The Chapter Houses are as follows:

[Wears Red and Orange] The most politically powerful and influential Chapter. This Chapter is known for producing both the most famous, and the most devious Time Lords in history. (Think Slytherin House).
Prydonians are noted for their cunning, and that one can not take their eyes off them for a second. Whilst they are known to be devious and are often tricksters, it is believed that they are generally quite honest about this trait amongst their Chapter. Prydonians are known to be plotters and decision makers, and often make good leaders. Indeed, the Prydonian Chapter has produced more Time Lord Presidents than any of the other Chapters put together, and also has produced more renegades than any other Chapter. Rassilon himself is the Founder of this Chapter.
The Doctor, Romana, The Master, hell practically any notable Time Lord in canon is a part of this Chapter.

[Wears Green and Brown] The second most powerful and important Chapter/College, and are still very dominant politically, although not as much as the Prydonians. (Think Gryffindor/Ravenclaw, only they don’t do Gryffindor nearly enough justice).
Arcalians will usually side with the winning side of any political debate, since they do prefer to be on the winning side. Arcalians are very into Temporal research and observing the universe passively, and are usually very dedicated to Gallifrey. (Of course, there are exceptions to this, as with any of the Chapters these are just generalizations).

[Wears Heliotrope] The third most powerful Chapter House/College. The Patrexes are an order of artists and aesthetes, (And are highly likely to be responsible for designing a lot of Time Lord Architecture), but they tend to lack any true imagination and are minor players in Time Lord politics. Practically everything they create is beautiful. (Think Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff) .

All the other Chapter Houses are a bit like Hufflepuff, because everyone forgets about them :P

[Wears Silver-Grey] This Chapter has little political power.

[Wears Light Blue] This Chapter has little political power.

[Wears subdued colours, possibly a subdued brown or yellow] This Chapter also has very little political power.

And, just so you are aware:
Members of the CIA are not supposed to be aligned with any political Chapter, remaining as natural as possible. Therefore, CIA members have Black and White uniforms to show their neutrality.

Anyway...Each Chapter is made up of a number of (Looming) Houses, which are very much like clans or extended families. Each of these Houses has their own loom, and in most cases each House is loyal to a particular Chapter...although Houses exist that are completely neutral and aren’t aligned with any Chapter at all.
(For example: Romana was loomed at the House of Heartshaven, which is a House aligned with the Prydonian Chapter. The Doctor was loomed at Lungbarrow, which is also a House aligned with the Prydonians).

Sometimes a TimeLord will have the name of their House within their name, almost like a surname (although not always).
Often than not a Time Lord can be associated with more than one House, particularly if two Time Lords from two different Houses decided to get married, or if a new House was made from a pre-existing House. But anyway, don’t worry too much about that.

I’m not going to list all the existing looming Houses here, because the list would be too damn long, so feel free to just make up a House. If you really want to use a pre-existing House, I’ll PM you the list.

Society (Concerning Looming Houses & Professions...)

Gallifrey has an interesting system, because although there is room for Capitalism and business (many Gallifreyans do in fact run their own business), the government still has control over certain aspects of society (there are things such as government healthcare as well as private healthcare, for example).

Also intriguingly enough, there seems to be an old caste system in place. What House you are born into, usually (but not always) determines what kind of job you’ll be doing later in life. For example, there are aristocratic Houses dedicated to producing high-ranking Time Lords, and there are ‘serving’ or ‘Caretaker’ Houses dedicated to producing Time Lords who will serve in the Chancellery Guard, or become cooks and cleaners, etc. The system is not set in stone, and it’s not uncommon to have a Time Lord break away from their family’s tradition of going into a certain job, and they may well work hard, set their own business up or go into a different kind of job...however, it is seen simply as tradition to follow in your fathers/families/House’s footsteps, and become whatever they (and society) expect you to be. Obviously those born into a highly respected House, are going to stand more chance of getting a good education and a good job, than someone from a modest Caretaker House.
(Really it’s a classic case of ‘Everyone in society is equal – but some are more equal than others’).


I’m not going to go into too much detail about it, but just be aware that there are separate Academies for each Chapter (i.e Prydon Academy, the Patrex Academy, etc) can think of these Academies a bit like exclusive public schools, in a way.

Each of the Chapter Academies is like a huge education institution - Children of Gallifrey can join these Academies from as young as eight years old, and continue studying in these Academies long after they’ve grown up (in fact, a Time Lord can go back to study at the Academy at any point in their life long after they’ve graduated, if they wish to go back to education). The younger ones tend to be taught in a separate location to the older ones, however.

However, only one of the Chapter Academies offers the chance for Gallifreyans to become Time Lords – and that is the Academy of Prydon. The ‘Time Academy’ (the Academy you are going to be joining in this RP), is part of Prydon Academy – it’s the part of the Academy aimed at the older pupils, like a university or College, although it’s still very much ‘Prydon Academy’ - seperate location, but part of the same institution.

Despite this, students attending the other Chapter Academies (Arcal Academy, Patrex Academy, etc) may attend the Time Academy, even if they aren’t a part of that Chapter. Usually they’ll spend some time at their own Chapter’s academies before transferring to study at Prydon (assuming they get a place).

Makes sense? Just thought I’d try and clear that up.

Doctress Who wrote:Before I forget, I’ll add some Gallifrey info that I really should have posted a while ago.
Some of this I got from pre-existing sources, but I’ve also made up a few details just to fill the gaps in the information.


In the world of this RP, there are three different units of measuring Time you need to be aware of.
Firstly, there are Gallifreyan seconds, minutes, days and years, which work in an almost identical way to Earth seconds, minutes, etc.

Secondly there is also a more universally spread measuring system called “Micro-spans”. This form of measurement of time is in some ways more common, both on and off Gallifrey. You’ll hear the term “span” mentioned quite a lot, when talking about time. Even in general phrases (i.e. “I’ll be with you in a micro-span” = “I’ll be with you in a minute”).

Here’s the approximate conversion which you’re welcome to use.

nano-span = 2 seconds
micro-span = 200 sec (3.3 min)
milli-span = 55.6 hours (2.3 days)
centi-span = 23 days
span = 6.3 years
kilo-span = 6341 years

And lastly, there is a third unit called a 'Rel', which is a measurement used primarily by the Daleks. You probably won't need to use this measurement at all (since you're not Daleks), but it's worth mentioning.
(50 rels = 1 minute)


On Gallifrey, the currency used is the ‘Pandak’ (chunky hexagonal coins made of brass), Gallifreyan Pounds and Guineas.
For simplicity’s sake, Gallifrey’s money system is very similar to Old English currency. (Pounds, Guineas, Shillings, etc).
1 Pandak = 6 Guineas = 6 Pounds and 6 Shillings = 126 Shillings [Assuming I’ve done my maths right]

There are also 10 Pandak notes (Pk10), 20 Pandak notes (Pk20), and 60 Pandak notes (Pk60) and the rare 100 Pandak note (Pk100)...but no higher.

If you’re not familiar with Old English Currency, here’s a useful website to help you.

1 Gallifreyan Guinea would, on average, buy you a few drinks in a bar on Gallifrey.
Gallifreyan money can be digitally stored on electronic card as well as physically carried around. All the banks on Gallifrey are owned by the Government, although there is a bank for each Chapter (Prydonian, Arcalian, etc), and these Chapters are often in competition with each all sectors, banking investments included.
[If you’re aligned with a Chapter, you use your Chapter’s bank. But in the case of people not aligned to a Chapter (this includes ‘neutral’ Gallifreyan Houses and Non-Gallifreyans), any bank would happily open an account for you.]

Of course, away from Gallifrey, the currency completely depends on where you come from. “Credits” is one common form of currency throughout the Doctor Who Universe, which may be referred to within this RP from time-to-time. You don’t need to know much about it for now, apart from the fact that it exists and is a very common currency in the universe.

I’ll probably add more bits and pieces later, but here’s Time & Currency just for now.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:13 am

Gallifrey Locations

To get the general gist of what Gallifrey is like:

This is Gallifrey
Our Childhood
Our Home

(Note: Some of the clips shown aren’t actually of Gallifrey. They’re just so you get the general idea.)

Gallifrey is a yellow-orange, rocky planet, known for both its spectacular natural beauty and its equally beautiful Time Lord architecture and golden cities. It’s located in the constellation of Kasterborous, at galactic coordinates ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two from galactic zero centre. The entire planet is shielded from the outside universe from physical attack by the impenetrable barrier called the quantum force field, and from teleportation/time travel invasions by the ‘transduction barrier’ - which can be reinforced to repel most levels of this type of technological attack. This prevents all off-worlders (with hostile intent, or otherwise) from approaching the planet without consent, and allows the Time Lords to observe the actions of the rest of the Universe without actually taking part in its affairs. It’s thought that due to these barriers that separate Gallifrey from the rest of the universe, Gallifrey is enclosed in its own bubble universe (but still closely linked to this universe), located in something called ‘Inner Time’. This means that, similar to the time spent inside a TARDIS or time machine, time moves differently on Gallifrey in comparison with the rest of the universe.

As a planet on the whole, Gallifrey is mainly made up of mountains that are said to ‘go on forever’ and endless desert. However it also has oceans, lakes, winding rivers, jungles, forests, rolling hills and fields of deep red grass. The planet is about three times the size of Earth, but despite this the gravity, orbital radius, star type, pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels are the same as Earth. However, less than half its surface area is water. Gallifrey has two suns and a moon, making the nights quite short and the days long.

The Time Lords actually inhabit a very small percentage of Gallifrey’s surface, with much of the land left wild and untouched. There is much of Gallifrey which has still been left a mystery, even to the Time Lords. Away from the Time Lord settlements, in what is known as the ‘Wild lands’ or ‘Outlands’, it’s thought that there are all sorts of wild and dangerous plants/creatures.

Gallifrey can be split up into two hemispheres: Northern Gallifrey, and Southern Gallifrey. Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere (but pretty close to South Gallifrey), is where the Time Lord Capitol can be found (although it is good to note that there are other (albeit smaller) Time Lord Cities and settlements other than the Capitol – but the Capitol is the main one. That’s where all the good stuff happens).

Moar Images of Gallifrey:

The Idea

...I think you get the idea.


(I don’t want to swamp you guys with more information than I have already, so I’m just going to cover the Capitol and the Academy for now, rather than going through all the different things found on Gallifrey. We can always cover it later.)

The Capitol/The Citadel of the Time Lords

Located in the Northern Hemisphere on the continent of ‘Wild Endeavour’, at the heart of a valley, in between the snow-capped mountains of Solace and Solitude, stands ‘The Capitol’; the very heart of Time Lord Society. It is here that the High Council of Gallifrey and the President resides, where Gallifrey is ruled from, and where Gallifreyans go to become Time Lords. Like any capital city, it is abundant with people from all walks of life, all there for different reasons. It’s the best place for business to flourish, and is the place where decisions about the future are made. The Capitol is home to many things, and features some of the most beautiful architecture on Gallifrey.

The entire ‘Capitol’ is surrounded by a protective transparent glass dome, with a towering, practically impenetrable golden wall at its base. There are points of entry into the city along this wall, with guards patrolling nearby and watch towers close by inside the Capitol, keeping it guarded.

It must be noted that the Capitol used to be a lot bigger, back in the old days. But due to years of civil war, much of the Old Capitol was destroyed, and in the days of Rassilon was rebuilt into the Capitol that stands today. And in the surrounding area around the city, the old ruins and the remains of the Old Capitol can still be seen, lost and forgotten. However much of its foundations are actually buried deep, deep underground, and are not visible from the planet’s surface.

Also although I haven’t got it on the map, there is a small conventional Space Port located near the Capitol. Make a note of that.

Inside the Capitol

If you stepped through the gates of the Capitol and into the city, one would realise that it’s actually even bigger than it looks at first glance. The whole city is a maze of winding walkways, twisting passages, bridges, and great open spaces on various different levels. There is actually as much of the city below ground as there is above it, with many of the lower levels left empty and abandoned. Within the Capitol, the higher up it is = the more extravagant/the better the quality. This means that most of the poor end up living on the lower levels of the Capitol, whilst the rich and the higher ranking Time Lords get accommodation on the higher levels. The buildings in the Capitol get noticeably taller the further towards the middle of the city you are, too, with the tallest structure in the Capitol (The Citadel) being right at the very centre. Right near the edge of the Capitol, there is a 53 story Communications Tower, and there are watch towers situated both near the gates of the Capitol, and the gates leading into the Citadel.

Despite the varying levels of the Capitol, the layout of the city can be separated into roughly 3-5 different sections, or ‘levels’.

The forgotten lower levels of the Capitol

These are the parts of the Capitol that are deep underground, closed off to the general public. These levels are a complex maze of service tunnels, ancient Catacombs, secret underground passageways and a network of old cloisters, as well as the forgotten remnants of the Old Capitol. This level also contains ‘The Vaults’, which are chambers that date back to the Old Times which serve as a foundation to the Capitol. Very few have ever gone down this deep into the Capitol, and few know what is kept there. These deep underground levels are thought to extend beyond the boundaries of the current Capitol, reaching out as far as the lake and the Academy.


Pretty much what it says on the tin – LowTown is the populated lower level of the Capitol, much of it underground, although some areas (particularly in the outer ring of the Capitol) is exposed to the air, albeit far below the walkways leading to the city gates. The conditions in LowTown vary, with some areas completely run-down and poorly lit, whilst other areas are up to reasonable living standards with bright lighting illuminating the underground streets. However even as the slums of Gallifrey, LowTown is not in too bad condition compared to the city slums of other planets, and although it is clear that the poor are poor, they are treated reasonably better than they would be on other planets, and hygiene is generally of a much higher standard – although it can sometimes be a bit damp, dark and dusty in LowTown, depending on where you go – and it’s not uncommon to find the odd rodent or two, and other creatures...

Second rate shops, taverns and other businesses are often found in LowTown, aimed at providing cheap services for those who can’t afford the high quality stuff. The Outsider tribes known as ‘Shobogans’ often can be found lurking here, building make-shift shanty towns between the old underground walls of the Capitol, or squatting in vacant or abandoned buildings.

LowTown also has access points to some of the underground service tunnels of the Capitol, and the upper cloisters which go underground, right up towards the Citadel, and which are often patrolled by guards.


MidTown, again, is practically what it says it is – found above LowTown but not as high as the upper levels of the Capitol (although the boundaries between MidTown and UpTown are not that clear cut), this is home to the majority of the middle class, and those of the working class that can afford it, either through money or through reputation and good standings. This is also the section of the city which is level with the valley’s surface outside the Capitol, and is what first greets your eyes as you step in through the gates. Walkways and bridges stretch high across LowTown, right into MidTown (although there are other walkways branching off which may lead down into LowTown, should anyone wish to get down there). MidTown is picturesque, and gives the impression of an old city, with cathedral-like structures, open-planned spaces, waterfalls and ponds, and beautiful gardens. Residential areas are homely but spacious, and vary in quality, depending on what can be afforded and status...however all of the houses are presentable, comfortable and with a lot of charm. MidTown is often thriving with business, and market stalls and street entertainers are most likely to be found in this section of the Capitol, more than anywhere else.

MidTown is home to things such as the Market district, large residential areas, small shops and museums, libraries, taverns, small theatres and other places of tasteful entertainment, and tourist attractions, such as a Multi-dimensional Art Gallery. There are also two huge towers to the North, named ‘The Tower of Canoncity’ and ‘The Tower of Likelihood’. Both of these buildings are dimensionally transcendental (bigger on the inside).

UpTown/The Upper Levels

This is near the very heart of the city, and is home to some of the finest architecture in the known universe. Its diverse blend of ancient cathedral-like palaces and futuristic skyscrapers, make it a wonder to behold, and this is really where you can see the most just how ancient, and yet how futuristic and advanced, Gallifrey is. Like its people who populate it, this part of the city seems very old, but very new at the same time. Generally only the wealthy and those with high or well respected positions in Time Lord Society reside here, and they get breathtaking views overlooking the city. Privately owned gardens and water features can be found here, as well as many upmarket shops and attractions.
Among the many various places found here, there is the Time Lord Capitol Artron Forum, located very close to the Citadel, where Time Lords can socially gather to participate in both casual discussions and chatter, and in serious debates (Often Time Lord politicians can be found discussing things in here, too). Other buildings include the Grand Capitol Library, the Penansulix Scientific Structure, the Mortal Coil hospital complex, the Retro-Engineered Spare-Body-Parts Repository, the Bureau of Political Advancement, The Temple of Capitol Guilds, and the Office of Public Registry (don’t ask me what half of these buildings do, I’m still trying to work that out :P). Ooh, and the Capitol’s TARDIS Bays, where TARDISes are docked when they’re not in use.

The Citadel

The Citadel of the Time Lords is quite possibly the masterpiece of the Capitol. Located right at the centre, this huge shining golden structure reaches right up to the top of the glass dome. It is from the Citadel that Gallifrey is governed, and the future is decided. It is also the place where the majority of fully qualified Time Lords live and work.
A fortress in its own right, the Citadel is a large complex which holds a great number of things. Its interior is trans-dimensional and has at least 119 levels.
Amongst the many things the Citadel holds there is (in no particular order) a Residential wing, top of the range Recreational facilities and theatres, various offices and government departments, the Panopticon (which includes a great hall where Time Lords gather for important events and from where the President and other politicians usually make speeches), the Panopticon archives, The Bureau of Ancient Records, the Presidential Gardens, meeting rooms/conference rooms, the High Council conference hall, debating chambers, cloisters, the control rooms for the Transduction Barriers and the Quantum Force-Fields, Traffic Control, Temporal Scanning HQ, The Presidential Palace (which includes the President’s Office and living quarters/chambers.), and the Jasdisary building, which is attached to the Citadel and is home to much of Gallifrey’s security, such as the Security Compound where Security Control, the cells, and the luxurious Oubliette Suites are located.
There are also a number of old secret passageways in the Citadel, known to a very few.
(So yes, there is a lot of stuff in the Citadel).

The Academy

‘The Academy’ or ‘The Time Academy’ – people call it by different names, but the chances are they are referring to this Academy right next to the Capitol, rather than any other institution. This is the Academy that for countless years, has produced the Time Lords and Ladies of the future. It is undoubtedly one of the finest College institutions on Gallifrey, and is considered both inside and beyond Gallifrey, ‘the’ place to learn time travel.

The Academy is almost like a self-contained city annexed to the Capitol. In terms of appearance, grandeur and essence, it is the Time Lord, sci-fi equivalent of Hogwarts. There are a great number of students who attend the Academy every semester, but luckily the Academy is huge and spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

Everything you can think of that a top-rate College/University might have, the Time Academy’s probably got it. It has a wide range of facilities, and the Academy even has its own TARDIS Cradles/Bays for those Students with TARDISes, or TARDISes which are currently developing/growing.

I haven’t actually been able to find much information on what specific things the Academy has, so if you’re looking for anything in particular, just ask me about it.


EDIT (after writing all this): HOLY SHIT I FOUND A MAP OF GALLIFREY! *squee*

Okay, just ignore the fact that LowTown is in a completely different location on this this RP, it’s inside the Capitol :P
But whoever made this map, I want to hug them. Like srsly.


Awesome map of Gallifrey is Awesome.

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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:14 am


Q: I was wondering; are canon races the only ones allowed or would you accept new ones?
A: Nope, you are welcome to use any race you like, as long as that race isn't an enemy of the Time Lords in canon (in other words, as long as it's not something like a Dalek or Vampire, it's completely free game).
You can use a race borrowed from another universe, or you can make up a completely new race altogether, if you like. It's completely up to you :)

Q: I have an idea. Would ‘X’ get my off world character into the Time Academy? [If you get stuck, look here first]
A: The Time Lords, in general, would have several different reasons for allowing an alien student into the academy. Lets see if listing any possible motives, might help you...perhaps if you’re stuck, you may find a motive relevant to you in there somewhere? I don't know.

1. Allies.
President Romana is very keen on strengthening relations with other species.
2. Interest.
If the Time Lords come across something unsual, they may decide to keep a close eye on them...and what better way than to let them join the academy?
3. Talent, intelligence, or potential.
The Academy is first and foremost a school for the gifted and the privileged, so if they happen to discover a person with any sort of potential, they are likely to offer them a place at the Academy. If they've done anything noteworthy, they might attract the attention of the Time Lords, and they might be offered a place.
4. Unable to send them back to their own timeline, for whatever reason.
Gallifrey now has an obligation to protect, so one reason for them not being able to send someone back, is if they would be putting that person in danger by sending them back, or if they would be putting others in danger by sending that person back. (think about refugees and about how some people can't be deported back to their own country because they would be killed in their own country, or whatever). Something along those lines would be a more practical reason why a person couldn't be sent back to their own timeline.
But there could be other reasons.
5. Involved in Time Travel related incidents.
Maybe a person from some distant planet discovered Time Travel when their planet wasn't supposed to, or they found an abandoned Time Machine and tried to use it - incidents like this would catch the Time Lord authorities attention...but instead of confiscating the Time technology and wiping that persons memory, perhaps they see the potential that person has and offer them a chance to put their time-travelling enthusiasm/skills/potential to good use, by training them to use time travel 'responsibly' at the academy, for example. There could be other, different situations to that, but that's just one example.

Q: I do have a question concerning [Gallifreyan] family structures. I can assume that there are uncles and cousins and siblings correct?
A: Yep. Pretty much.

Q: What about parents? :0
A: Yep. Gallifreyans usually have parents too.
- Although not through sexual reproduction [usually], but simply through taking the DNA extracts of both parents and 'looming' a Gallifreyan from it, using one of their houses' looms.

Q: Right, what year is this in, earth time?

Or could some use of time travel be used to fudge that point, I need to know if I'm gonna get the age and history to link up.

A: Gallifrey exists on a different Timeline with the rest of the universe, so it can be any time you wish it to be in earth time :)

You could have your character come from the 19th century or the 51st century - it doesn't matter, because they will all arrive at Gallifrey at the same time.

You can think of it as Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Gallifrey allows anyone from any location in space OR time, to come together and arrive at the same date and time on Gallifrey.

Q: That reminds me... My guy's planet will have had to recently made contact with the Gallifrey by their time. With the past decade of his planet's calendar, in fact. But since Gallifrey exists in a different time, would it be possible that delegates and such had stayed in Gallifrey for multiple decades to boost relations while a shorter amount of time has passed on their home world? I'm considering how much political stance there might be, so this could all really help me out.
A: Well Gallifrey has only been establishing contacts with other planets within the past 45 years (from Gallifrey's point of view), so your guy's planet would have made contact with Gallifrey for 45 years tops, from Gallifrey's perspective.
But if you can have the relations occur somewhere within those 45 Gallifreyan years, then yes, it is entirely possible that while 45 years has passed on Gallifrey, less time has passed on your character's planet.

Q: Also, for races of our planets, would you be needing info for each race on the planet?
A: If you are planning to refer to them or involve them in the RP, then yes, info on them would be helpful - but if it's a long list of races, just highlight any particularly important factors you think I should be aware of.

Q: What about interplanetary trade? Does Gallifrey trade with other planets? Or does it just keep to itself (I mean, there are space crafts and all that, right? How else are all those students going to arrive?)
A: Gallifrey doesn't engage in any commercial trade or anything like that, it very much still keeps itself to itself. Apart from establishing political relations with other planets, Gallifrey is still very much isolated. Opening the Academy to aliens has been the very first and only thing Gallifrey has really ever done in terms of 'sharing'.

Gallifrey and the governments of the various Temporal Powers would be providing transport to anyone who has no means of getting to Gallifrey on their own (if they are expected at the Academy), and there will probably be government time-ships that pick people up at a pre-arranged time...a bit like a school bus, in a way. :P

But if you can think of a way to get to Gallifrey by yourself, then that's fine too.

Q: Huh... Weird place. So the first time they open the doors to other races, they immediately give out their most powerful secret? For free most likely, seeing as they have little use for foreign currencies if they don't trade. Silly planet :D
A: The trade is, that in return, everyone lets Gallifrey continue to regulate and police Time Travel ;D

In other words, Gallifrey is basically saying: "You can study here, you can learn time travel. But you've got to keep to OUR laws, and use Time travel 'responsibily'. If you abuse our trust and use our secrets to break the Laws of Time, we maintain the right to legally intervene in your business, and we have the right to do whatever we see fit to ensure the law is kept."

In the end, Gallifrey doesn't care about money. It's doing this because it wants to make allies, not enemies, but Gallifrey also wants to make sure that time travel is used 'wisely'. So instead of fighting other races who want time travel, they're giving planets the option to join them instead...with restrictions :P
MQuinny1234 wrote:On one hand, that's a very good way of bridging relations, but on the other, they probably still have the power to obliterate any race from time that abuses it.

Yeah, MQuinny's got the idea ;P

Q: Just how much can we write about our own race? As much as possible, or just a superficial description?
A: You can write as much as you like, but I really only need to know the basics, and any important details that could affect how Gallifrey reacts to you. Although any extra details you can add would be interesting.

Q: Also, Doc... What exactly would it take to get the attention of Gallifrey, outside of tech that uses time manipulation? I'm want to see whether they might have taken notice of that occured leading up to Gabriel's "death" on this planet. XD
A: Well Gallifrey does 'observe' the universe, that's want they do best, so no doubt they would have heard about it.

Q: Also, one question. These...lower abandoned are they?
A: ...Without saying too much, all I can say is that Time Lords seldom go down there. They are told that the lower levels are dangerous, so everyone is forbidden to go down there...but no one knows why.



...And I’m so sorry for the wall of text ;___;
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 11:15 am

Name: Shikin of Dasmens

Nicknames: --

Age: 2197

Gender: Male, apparently.

Race: Unknown

Homeworld: Earth

Appearance :
Image ... led6-2.jpg

His favourite attire is a red black-striped suit and some neat black trousers. He’s very tidy and particular about his appearance in general, his shirt tucked in, top button put in, tie put away, etc. His only little weakness’s are the bandages that hang around him, randomly moving and flapping in the non-existent wind, but which still remain spotless and the few spikes of black/white hair sticking out from the two gaps of his masked face. Also, because of this, the only visible part of his natural body are his hands. Long baggy trousers, long socks and thick shoes, a blazer which could pass for a short trench coat and layers of shirts and jumpers cover up a lot, and the bandages wrap around him, covering his neck to his head.

He’s normally about 6 foot with a slender build, he seems to be very light on his feet and now for his hands. The skin is oddly pale but smooth and pure with thin eloquent fingers, and that’s all you’re gonna see of him, that and some of his hair.

His bandages commonly have strange images of an eye, the same one copied and imprinted over and over again which seem to be able to disappear from where they were once seen. The only ones that seem to be permanent are the three where his face should be and the six eyes on his two hands. Even the white/black contrasts of his hair seem to resemble ever-watching, never-blinking eyes.

Personality: Considering his age, surprisingly youthful and energetic. He’s always moving, fidgeting, twitching, activity and energy seems to be coursing through him. He likes to keep things light-hearted, staying away from any serious topics and ducking from and personal questions involving himself. They say that you’ll make more friends in a year by taking an interest in others then in a lifetime of expecting others to take an interest in you. If you try that with Shikin he’ll quickly leave you alone.

He’s a great lover of music and art, especially music. He enjoys finding out about the culture and styles of other planets and can often be found hanging around theatres, concerts, librarys and museums and other areas full of knowledge and higher activities. One minor fault of his is an urge to get into the spotlight, if it’s joining in an orchestra, hosting a lecture or having a little fun with some little magic tricks. But if he’s not in any of those places, you can expect to find him bang in the centre of the loudest and wild and most disorderly party going on, normally with a girl in one hand and the most alcoholic substance the planet’s got in the other, laughing his head off. It’s the one time that he seems to let go and a much more boorish and less reserved personality comes out. Ruder, lecherous, misbehaved and sometimes a bit of an ass, he’s one heck of a party animal. It’s a bit of a weak point for him though, and he knows it, he tends to let certain views and the mask we all wear slip a little, revealing the inner self. Although he still keeps a leash on himself, albeit a lax one.

Equipment: A lighter with a few handy tricks, much like Dumbledore’s fabled magic tool, it can both absorb and give out light whenever he so wishes, and many different forms of light too.

One ordinary black, with white tips, wand with a simple ability to move things, instead of moving things with his mind, he prefers to use the wand, which he says amplifies his abilities, but still only gives him an a mild telekinetic level. With a few swishes and shwooshes, anything could be flying arouns the room, or dancing actually. There are some other tricks he can do with this mystical item, after some practice with it which he keeps to himself for now.

Two packs of cards, one plain and the other a set of tarot cards, with both the major Arcana and its suits. The pack of cards with the Arcana in it is really just used as a focus for his power, each one having taught him and which helps him with a certain spell and can be used for its tradition purposes too. Finding the past, the present and the future, discovering about a person’s being or just to play a game with. The plain set could be said to be much more dangerous, from a certain viewpoint, the deck itself is infused with power. They can be used as a weapon, fifty-two paper thin cards, strengthened with power that dip and fly with his will.

He also has a magician’s hat and cape, each one blacker then the darkest void, and a set of clean white gloves which also have three eyes upon them. Each of them has strange powers and an aura that seems too eldritch to belong to such an innocent set of tools, they both seem to also function as a "bag of holding," many strange and wonderous items have been pulled from the hat or hidden behind his robe. Their previous form, their true form has long since been fashioned to Shikin’s will and to complete his appearance, once he’s put them on they look as if to slot into place and turn into ordinary items. Now making Shikin into a jovial and joking magician, giving off bright and colourful sparks, unfeeling winds blowing his cloak about him and a cute little rabbit sitting on his head as he tips his hat to you.

Powers: Magic ladies and gentleman, the most wild and entertaining and chaotic powers of the universe, or so he claims his powers are, although there tends to always be some excuse some clever clogs can make, or a flaw noticed by one with sharp eyes but let it be the flux of power or the summoning of doves from his hands, his powers range from devastating to amusing.

His powers of battle generally involve classic manipulation of the elements, fireballs, water orbs, stones jutting from the ground, strong and violent winds. He has no powers that could allow him to be a true terror to society, at least not a blatant one. He has no truck with rituals or summoning of major or minor deities, if one should be forced to rely on power, let it be your own. He knows a few other little tricks but he tries to keep himself out of fights and scuffles of a major magnitude, it really doesn’t fit the image of a suave and mysterious sorcerer of the darkest and most mysterious magiks. He is of course a skilled illusionist also, so don't trust your eyes with him.

He can control his clothing and to a limit, his appearence. During battles, tears or rips in the fabric of his clothes repair themselves quickly to protect him. His clothes are strong because of this, and can lessen physical blows while still retaining their flexibility and lightness.

Skills: Technology savy, after all, and sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. He has to know how all his tricks work, how else can he improve upon them? And with a hunger for knowledge and a perfect memory, it just grows and grows, and he's got over a thousand years of growing done so far.

The sciences, chemistry and physics and a dash of biology. Chemistry for his strange glowing concoctions, giving the faint smell of an alchemist, luckily some of his other skills are running and dancing otherwise he may not have gotten away from the more disastrous of his results. Physics is a very important knowledge to have, it’s the basics for just about everything, and contains moments, light and sound, laws of energy, and space and time. Biology because...well, magic is all about illusion, you've gotta know how people work if you want to fool them.

An innate gift for languages, thanks to his perfect memory. Once you’ve gotten the basics of it all everything else falls into place. With a bit of psychic skill, he's even learnt how to talk to animals, more or less, most of the time they rely a lot on context. Like "run" or "eat", etc.

Musical talent as well, he’s got clever and dextrous fingers, perfect pitch and the perfect memory really helps in learning tunes.

A master of Capoeira, one of his favourite martial arts, mainly because it doesn’t involve him using his hands, makes use of his agility and just looks cool. Some decent sword skill, he spent a good few decades doing nothing but practice but he's gotten rusty over the years

Psychic resistance, he hates people meddling with his mind. The first one who tried it, a human girl he'd met at a carnival, he killed after he realised she wasn't a fraud and actually did have the skill required. So after a few centuries of practice, and a few tests, he's locked it down as tight as he could. Unfortunately since actual experience involves the risk of someone trying to enter his mind, he hasn't been able to really hone them. Although, he will try as hard as he can to hurt you as well while stopping you from gaining access, so far he's begun to cause nosebleeds in those attempting casual access. No ones attempted to break right in and bypass that point, psychic links are two way streets.

History: He’s wandered the earth for a long time. His earliest mentioned appearance was in the roman age when a tale tells of a user of the black arts was sentenced to be burnt at the stake. After half an hour, of him just screaming angrily and refusing to die, they just left him there to burn out and sent out the slaves and lions. After the slaves were dealt with and Shikin had climbed out of the fire, the ropes finally giving out, the crowd were cheering to see the warlock get torn apart too. They were a bit surprised when the lions started purring as he scratched their ears, then they made the mistake of opening the gates to let the guards finish him in a sure fire way, by turning him into a smear on the ground. The lions suddenly turned violent and rushed them as they marched into the coliseum and he slipped out during the commotion and the cries of the crowd at seeing some new action. Apparently it was quite popular.

He showed up again all over the place, and the timeline, normally as a strange masked magician or hidden voice of some kind in the tales of the people, but he was there. He was there when Houdini made his first and last performance and at hundreds of other wizards and tricksters acts. He was there when Rasputin absolutely refused to go down and kicked him into the icy river himself. He wasn’t there for the witch-hunts in Europe and North America, especially Germany though. He gravitated to a lot of special events but stayed clear of all forms of war and such, preferring a more peaceful environment. He spent a century or two as a priest, trying to get into the Vatican library and while he did manage to get in and read through a big chunk of it, they quickly got wind of him and he had to leg it, not without stealing a few sacred documents though referring to heretical magic and the location of some of their users’ remains. They gave up on him after he spent a century hiding in Asia studying the Chinese empires ancient secrets thankfully, unfortunately they came after him then so he spent a lot of time shifting between the two great powers until Britain got into the industrial revolution and he spent the rest of his time in Great Britain, especially around their science departments and the like, learning from some and steering others along paths of education and intellect. He had two rooms at oxford and Cambridge for whenever he wanted to visit and a small house near the royal institution of great Britain, he even did some lectures there and took holidays to Ireland.

In the 22nd century he finally got off Earth and spent some more time hopping around other alien civilisations until he heard of Gallifrey’s “time academy” and he became a man obsessed, like hell he wasn’t going to get a chance to see the most advanced race’s culture and discover their knowledge, think of the libraries, their museums, their collection of art a race billions of year old must have. And getting a TARDIS would be quite interesting too. He finally came across a time lord on the planet “the library” and after a friendly discussion, one spirited the debate, a mild scuffle and a full-on fight over some of the more theoretical laws of the universe, they were politely asked to leave, luckily for them as the vashta Nerada would appear soon after. After they’d cooled down though, the old time lord said that even though some of his theories were downright foolish, ignorant and barbaric, he was still fit to be a good candidate for the academy and had him recommended. Shikin is still grateful to “John Smith” although he did walk with a limp for a week after their encounter. Sneaky little git pushed him down a flight of stairs, twice.

Theme: A groovy kind of magic.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Mastermind001 » Mon May 23, 2011 11:18 am

Names: He prefers to be called Roy Everydayman, his real name, he has left blank.



Gender: Male

Race: Bio-Droid, Omicron Soldier Class

Scapia, but doesn't exist in this universe.


"Roy" appearance is that of a young man in his late twenties. He has the typical body type, not fully muscular, but not a complete weakling. The hair color is an unnatural shade of color for a person, purple. The hairstyle is short but curly. The color of the irises resembles something close to glowing ember, a bright amber.

<Roy Everydayman> On the top of his head, "Roy" wears a brown flannel cap where the bill is folded into the hat. The jacket wears is also made out of flannel, red and black, with onyx black colored buttons. The pant is brown, the shoes are black boots.

<Roy Noir> A top hat with a purple band is placed on his head, his face and hands are wrapped with his bandages concealing himself. A black flock coat with cape, a black vest with orange designs, and purple stripped pants with black vertical lines. The shoes guess the color.

<"Roy"> There is no humanity in his appearance, Roy looks like a cold killing machine. His is a visor with coloring yellow eyes that change shape to display different emotions and a face plate (like Prime), gold and dark crimson. The shoulders are oval in shape, the forearms are box like, and the fingers are round like humans. The upper torso has the appearance of muscles, the forelegs are box like, like the forearms, and the feet are oval shaped.



Roy is strong willed and determined, when he's set on a particular agenda. He comes off as a well intention extremist as he tries to attempt good and do good those who have done right to him, however his methods are cold and precise, and he doesn't much care who he harms in his way. To those that Roy deems evil, he will often go out of his way to completely and utterly eradicate them if left unchecked. Killing things, comes easy to Roy, he has no qualms against it, and only if someone else is against it and respects them.

Roy is a huge fan of different cultures. He enjoys learning the history, tasting its food, and everything else, he could possible do if he was someone else. His secret wish, would be to spend the rest of his days traveling, visiting new places for sole reason of experiencing something new. Roy is also a fan of fine wine and books, he is truly never without either, unless he's up to something. At the core of Roy's being, he is a scrupulous schemer and a devious manipulator of others, which others often include his enemies and his own allies. He has no shame or regret for tricking or lying to an ally as along as its for their benefit or well being.

However, since this Roy is a copy, this Roy has no goal or motive, except to meet with Romana, no matter the cost.


-Chainsaw Bladers:
Two mini saucer looking droids that hover around Roy or is launched at an enemy or enemies in front of Roy. They bombard the foes of Roy with their diamond edged chainsaws. The chainsaw is attached to their spinning sides. They last for a short amount of time so its for one attack. Their range is limited to 20 meters. Amount of use is about 16.

-Crusher Net: A bright purple glowing net that captures an enemy. The range is limited to Roy's throwing range, which is similar to an ancient gladiator of old. Once the enemy has been trapped by the net, the glowing net releases 300,000 pound of force in an attempt to squash or shatter the enemy. Amount of use is about 6.

-Barrage Blaster: A blaster that uses plasma energy, heated energy, that melts and destroys foes. The barrage blaster, however, is a blaster that shoots several plasma shots instead of just one. By several shots, its about five for each pull of the trigger. The amount of use is about as long as Roy functions or as long as he has power source.

-Tesla Beam:
A charging cannon that unleashes a bolt of devastation electricity. Must always charge first, but shooting. This the type of gun that requires a lot of patience to use, but quite worth when destroying an enemy is desired. Amount of use is about as long as 884 functions or as long as he has a power source.

-Slime Shield: Released from Roy's body is a green slime that coats his entire body with thick slime armor. The liquid slimes becomes hard the instant it comes into contact with oxygen. Once the slime hardens it is a protective armor against ocean pressures (and other intense pressures), explosive forces, and extreme temperatures. With the latter two, the slime could only last for a certain amount of time, but this depends on the explosive power of the explosive or constant fire based attacks. If the slime encounters an ice based attack, then eventually the slime will shatter.

-> Blue Variation: Instead of the usual slime kind, this type of slime for areas and attacks that have high radiations. The blue variation is capable of absorbing the radiation to attempt to deplete the surrounding area of it. This came to be due to a battle with a Liger machine, so Roy decided to updated his slime incase of another battle with that Liger Machine.

-Spear Grappler: A spear that fires a retractable spear head .

-Dual Armor: The organic armor that Roy hides in, can function as another being. It is mindless, but responds to 884 commands and acts accordingly to those orders.


Power Soldier Type:
As the power soldier type, Roy is pretty much what it says. The average strength of a soldier is about even with a human, however like a regular human and unlike a regular solider a PST also possesses adrenaline. Its form of adrenaline is referred as D.I.M, which radically increases the strength of a PST. At this point of time, when Roy enters into the D.I.M state, he can lift about 3,000 kilograms. When quick speed is needed for running (or scaling up a wall or any vertical surface for example), a PTS enters into the A.R.M state. A normal soldier is about as fast as a profession athlete, however when a PTS enters into this state, its speed is 50 times that. Both states are limited to avoid internal damages so D.I.M and A.R.M are recommended to be used for emergency situations. A PTS is also given a D.T.M., which convents weaponry into data and its reverse, allowing a PTS to have weapons whenever he needs it. Currently Roy weaponry data slot is filled due to the level he's at. The combat computer, CC, is the learning module that every PTS will need. It allows Roy to grasp foreign concepts with easy, adapt to them, and be able to use them properly. It takes less than two tries to master something after observing something thanks to the CC.

Dual Type: As a dual type, Roy possesses an organic armor that allows him to blend in within an area. However, this organic armor can function as a separate machine, a simple machine. It will go into battle alongside Roy as long as commands are given. If damaged, it will repair itself, but must remain nonoperational for a couple of hours.

[i]Teleportation [/i]: Taught by his mentor and friend, Charles Price, Roy has mastered making portals to transport items and himself over distances to various areas within reason. Price also taught Roy how to use this newfound power for combat and to how to use them for traps. However, different universe, different rules.


-Good at using spears

-A Good shot.

-Combat Computer learns things fast. From combat skills to practical skills. With this kind of ability, Roy can become a fearsome soldier of death, one day.



-Portal Combat


From the Secret Files of Lunatic Inc.

Roy Everydayman, real name Killroy Alstroemeria, walked Scapia, 432 years ago in the year 19XX as warlord. He is the clone of one of Emperor Joseph Alstroemeria miscarriaged twin sons, cybernetically modified and placed in the Omicron Project, to have free will, only fifteen will selected for it. They dominated the lands, and nearly conquered the entire planet until Killroy staged a coup on his father, taking over as Emperor. He proceed to release control of the lands, he conquered, and destroyed the mindless bio-droid soldiers, the Empire's tools of war, all just for the sake of restoring balance and to prevent others to become like him.

In the year, 23XX, Killroy has resurfaced again, changing his name to Roy Everydayman, has become leader of Lunatic Inc.'s newest squad. His reasons for joining as declared by him was to become stronger for an ulterior motive, said motive is destroy his brother Edward and Mu Galaxy to prevent tragedies.

In the second time, the brothers crossed paths, Edward has discovered Mu Galaxy. They find out, the device is exactly a transport device to take one of the brothers to an ultimate power source or to oblivion. Edward believed the latter, and used the device as a trap for Roy to send him on a one way trip to hell. However, that's not how it ended, where it sent Roy was the center of the mult-verse, infusing him with infinite energies. To find a way home, Roy accidentally created copies of himself and opened several portals.

He gotten the time lord's attention, due to a certain action on a certain allied world, and because of that, it earned him a spot at the academy.


"No Future" by Anti-Flag
"The Touch" by Stan Bush
"Devil's Calling' by Elizabeth & The Catapult





*While wearing Dual Armor, Roy has still access to the DTM so he summon his weapons at any point much like when he's not wearing Dual Armor. However, once Roy has separated from his dual armor, the Dual Armor does not have any access to the DTM. So whatever weapon Roy gives to the Dual Armor, it is stuck with it.

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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC)

Postby Iris » Mon May 23, 2011 11:18 am

Well then, I'd best get cracking with a CS. I'll try to finish one in a couple days.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 11:33 am

Heh, the ocean of poon.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 11:38 am

I believe it's called 'poon' after certain types of tree :P
But yes, I snickered at the name too.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Archrival » Mon May 23, 2011 11:45 am

Name: Eward (Ewaradiancidental)

Incarnation: 1st

Nicknames: Edward, Clipso.

Age: 97

Gender: Male

Race: Gallifreyan

Homeworld: Gallifrey


Eward appears to be in his final teens 19-20, standing at 5’7” with faintly pale skin, has short black hair that is swept to one side (the left). He has brown eyes with flecks of green in them most say when they look into them the green begins to dance and play but that’s mainly for the ladies. His presence seems to be rather tidy and civil, but there’s an air of mischief to him. There’s a slight coyness in his smile as if he’s already two steps ahead of someone he’s talking to.

He wears a traditional Earth suit with a slight modern twist in that it’s entirely red apart from the shirt which is black, he also wears a red fedora with his suit which sits at a slight angle to the right. He wears this outfit nearly all the time and wishes that his next incarnation will want to do the same but he knows that he/she won’t.

Eward has a rather suave and unabashed personality; this causes a stir with his peers as it’s not known for a Time Lord to be so proud of one’s self. Eward has a tendency to promise not to do something and then go around the promise and still do it which has led to a few mishaps. Eward regards Gallifrey highly but he prizes other species higher, he finds other Gallifreyans fusty and old fashioned like one would a school librarian. He enjoys Gallifreys artistic aesthetic and the way the landscape is designed but apart from that he has no care for the planet itself. Eward does not want it to be destroyed or changed however but does not wish to stay forever stuck on it.

Eward is very intrigued by various other races much like the notorious Doctor but only recently has he picked up this interest. But in the time he has noticed this small numbered yet resilient species he has learned a lot, mostly from reading books on them or recordings. Most of his elders fear that this near obsession with other races will turn him rogue.

Eward loves his mechanisms and doodads; he finds anything that has springs, cogs and bolts interesting. He likes spending his time tinkering and toying with his Laser Screwdriver on any sort of gizmos and mechanical machinery; he spends the rest of his spare time in the library reading about various inventions along with his recent alien life hobby. His greatest wish is to be able to play around inside an actual TARDIS upon becoming a Time Lord.

- Pocket Fob Watch- In the top suit pocket on his outfit sits a golden fob watch which he will pull out every so often and will flick it open but what others don’t realise is that it’s actually stopped and broken at a certain time which is due to his past.

-Laser Screwdriver- Similar to a sonic Screw driver in that it functions as a device that can manipulate objects such as locks and openings, intercept signals, take readings, Reattach materials together etc. But another feature is that it can be used a rather powerful blaster but only with stunning capabilities but modified can be lethal, Eward’s is non-modified but has Isomorphic controls meaning only he alone can use it. Its design is very sleek and modern; it has a red glowing diode, chrome handle, black button with black and red aesthetics, he carries this in his right trouser suit pocket.

- Various parts and pieces – These are just left over bits from his time spent fixing mending or taking apart items, they’re mostly bits like screws, nuts, washers, wires, cogs and other assorted bits, they are kept in his left trouser pocket which has been trans-dimensionalised.

Eward has some telepathic ability; he is able to see inside a person’s mind as if one was looking through a window into a kitchen or living room, their emotions are shown as the wall colouring and their furniture represents their personality an example would be if they were happy and excited then the wall colouring would be yellow or orange, if they were avid reader then the room would be filled with book cases, good memory would mean lots of photos on the walls etc. He sees this almost passively, he cannot enter their room without physical contact or verbal agreement to let him in.

* Bookworm – Eward reads often when he isn’t tinkering or fixing, or just making a complete mess in his workshop. Mostly he tends to read diagrammatic books than ones with massive amounts of texts as his Gallifreyan brain thinks more in schematics and pictures than words.

*Gremlin– No he’s not a Mogwai of any kind but he knows how to make something malfunction just by looking at it, this has got him out and into scrapes when it comes to getting out of something or when he’s playing pranks.

*Mechanical wizard– As good as he is spotting how things fall apart and malfunction, he knows exactly how stuff should go back together and be put right, he knows where all the little bits and bobs go and if something is not necessary for construction which he then puts in his left trouser pocket.

Born to a Traditionalist mother and a Renegade Interventionalist father known to most as ‘The Corsair’, (Yes I know we do not know much about him at the moment but damn-it I want it) meant that Eward’s life was one of mixed teachings, In that it’s best not to intervene unless truly, positively and undeniably necessary, though this has become more lenient in the recent years under Romana’s rule. Even though his father was a renegade Eward had rather good “Childhood” growing up in one of the higher levels of the capitols Higher Midtown rather close to Uptown, he had many acquaintances and a handful of good friends all of which shared his views on time intervention and how Gallifrey should help other species rather than watching from afar.

Upon reaching the correct age Eward was sent to the Prydon academy which all of his predecessors had attended. Like all children entering one of the great Time Lord academies, he had to undergo the initiation ceremony, where he was shown the ‘Untempered Schism’, or as some call it, ‘seeing eternity’.
-As he look in, various sounds could be heard in his head, the ticking of gears, the chiming of bells, beeping of buzzers and finally the sound of a TARDIS, though he did not understand what these he was sure that he would indeed pilot a TARDIS.

He studied well at the academy, discovering his mental ability at a young age this was focussed and perfect by personal tuterage by an elder Time Lord. He began to show a great level of mechanical prowess even if he’d caused than his fair share of fires from it. Even though he enjoyed his education at the academy his hopes of leaving his home planet and exploring space and time still stuck true.

He graduated through the various degrees of the academy before finally moving over to the citadel’s main Prydon, he was so close and yet so far to achieving his dream of becoming a Time Lord and owning a TARDIS, he carried on his well to do level of education. He was still at the university during the changeover to President Romana, her policies agreed very well with Eward’s own political views so he was mildly disheartened when the president went missing and was substituted. Upon her return he was rekindled with passion for escaping Gallifrey knowing that Romana in charge would allow it.

During the course of the Dalek invasion Eward actually busy in his workshop working on a new form of transportation, a form of planetariel teleportation. Allowing a person to step into the device and be moved or transported via delta particle waves to another twin device. By the time he'd realised his idea would not work when his guinee pig ended up in two rather gruesome halves, it was all too late. His friends however were more than happy to tell him what happened. But his Revelation of finding out about these autonomous life forms left him curious as to what other life is out there, this is where he discovered the human race during one of his library research stints and was instantly fascinated. His research of these beings led to him to discover details about ‘The Doctor’ and Eward began to see that The Doctor’s interventional lifestyle was more prosperous than disastrous , rethinking his entire upbringing and how his mother had raised him.

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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Asmodai » Mon May 23, 2011 12:21 pm

Sweet heaven and hell, thats a lot of information... I'm no Doctor Who fan, but a chance to create my own race with culture and all that? I like it! I'll be shooting you some PMs soon about some ideas I've had
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Archrival » Mon May 23, 2011 12:22 pm

Be an Ood! Ood rule...
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Ro Wong » Mon May 23, 2011 12:40 pm

Hmm... Well, I think I'll bring my oldest hero character out of retirement just this once. Always liked crossdimensional/cross-time settings with him in place.

As for races... I got a couple that I'd made years ago for his homeplanet. So it works out. XD
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Asmodai » Mon May 23, 2011 12:53 pm

The hell's a Ood?
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 12:53 pm

Google image it.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Asmodai » Mon May 23, 2011 12:54 pm

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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 12:58 pm

An ood.

You should see the ones that are possessed.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Geomancer » Mon May 23, 2011 1:36 pm

Awww... don't be mean. Ood's are our friends! As long as, you know, you don't piss them off... and the    devil    isn't around.

I'm going to try and join.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby sam4books » Mon May 23, 2011 2:31 pm


Name: Wattles (Wattlegallopavo)

Incarnation: 1st incarnation


Age: 114 years old

Gender: Male

Race: Gallifreyan

Homeworld: Gallifrey




In the simplest terms humanly possible; Wattles is a fool. In every sense of the word. Whether or not his Loom-Tender dropped him when he was a child, is up to debate. But it doesn't seem to bother Wattles at all. In fact, he's rather carefree for a Gallifreyan. Or maybe he's just fed up with the ancient conservatism that he grew up to know.

Wattles considers himself a liberalist, and a supporter of the strange and taboo, a trait which he shares with his late Cousin. Something about the topsy turvy end of the spectrum always fascinated, where-as the classical architecture born of his chapter bore him. He mostly means well whenever he makes a fool out of himself in front of his peers. It is as if he believes that he can somehow loosen the tight pants that most of the Time Lords seem to wear. Any Gallifreyan who had the courage to stand up to the old ideals is worthy of honor. For that reason, and that reason alone he respects the current Lady President. Usually, he tends to stay as far away from politics as possible, finding it to be a dreadful topic unless you're making fun of it. But debate? Inaugurations? Forget about it. He would have nothing of it. And he would much rather attend a special even in a clown suit then those dull robes they always make you wear.

History and culture is interesting it all. But the urbanized tales, the legends, the culture of creatures shrouded in darkness by thousands and millions of years of prejudice. They generally interested more then his own culture, although he hardly ever gone beyond the myths, or got the chance for that matter. But they would surely make for an interesting play...wouldn't they?

All in all, he is a fool in the eyes of those who know him, even his most closest friends. And to tell the truth, he'd rather things stay that way. Where's the fun in being a jokester if everyone took him seriously? Though one day, he wishes that someway, somehow he can perhaps visit the Citadel itself. Maybe then he can perform for the Lady President herself, and learn a new trick or two. Until then, he's content with studying the heroism and follies of the other species that are flocking through the gates of the Capitol. More or likely the follies. And believe me, if he ever sees reason to, he WILL pull off a deliberately elaborate prank, whether to teach a lesson, or to be the cause of good fun. He generally doesn't mean any harm in those either. In fact, he'd much prefer that you get a laugh out of it as well. If all else fails, well...there's always the flowers. Yeah.

All around, he's an easy going, fun loving guy. If there's a party, you can bet your arse he's the one who's hosting it. That, or the life of the party.


~A prestigious looking walking stick with a handle completely molded out of gold. The handle was hand crafted by a member of House who created the props for the productions in his Family's theatre, and it's handle crafted from the finest wood that his Family could afford. Originally, it was meant for his cousin, but it was given to him upon word of his acceptance into the Time Academy instead.

~A large suitcase that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, which he carries with him wherever he may go. Inside it, is an assortment of costumes, wigs, props, and various joke items.

The Complete List
22 Costumes.
(7 of them are impersonations of famous historic figures in Gallifreyan History)
(10 are of mythological and theatrical characters)
(5 are of Gallifreyans he personally knows including his Cousin and best friend)
47 wigs (and they come in all colors too, including green, blue, magenta, etc.)
1 Complete Makeup kit
1 Set of Fake teeth (wooden)
1 Set of Vampire Fangs
Sewing Supplies
1 Fiddle
1 Donkey Head
1 Kite
1 Pinwheel
5 Juggler's Balls (Even though he can't juggle for shit)
1 Unicycle
1 Yoyo
2 Bags of Balloons
1 Clown nose
1 Rubber Chicken (He sleeps with it)
1 Spray Flower
1 Joy Buzzer
3 Disks of Fake Vomit
1 Whoopie Cushion (His personal favorite)
1 Snake nut can
1 Chewing Gum Bug
1 Shocking Gum
7 Stink Bombs
1 Eye Popper
1 set of 5 Dribble Glasses
15 Packages of Itching Powder
1 Chinese Finger Trap (He's had a history of trouble with this one)
1 Groan Tube (He loves this one)
1 Pair of Groucho Glasses
1 Pythagorean cup (reserved for those who are "special" to him)
400+ Trick Candles (ya know, for birthdays)


Favor of the Lady Luck---- A sort of precognition in which Wattles experiences a "tingly" feeling within his body, before something undesirable happens, like him being tripped for instance. Whether or not he chooses to act on this feeling, depends. And it happens at the most unpredictable moments. Wattles himself is slightly weirded out by it, describing the feeling as something similar to feeling that you get when the space between your joints gets shocked by static electricity. Or when it seems like somebody flushed soap down your arm. Or that time when your brain feels like it is being filled with helium. It's generally a very strange feeling, a feeling that most of his Cousins jeer as "coincidental", or "luck" (and they do tease him) while the older members of his House don't actually know about it (he is slightly embarrassed by it, even though there are those who may be supportive). One of his hopes at the academy is to mainly get those "tingles" under control.


~Impersonation---- As an actor, he is skilled at impersonating other people (historical figures in particular), even to the point where he could sound almost exactly like them. Usually, this is one of the many reasons why you'll see him studying you with a huge grin on his face. More or likely, it means he finds you to be a suitable candidate for impersonation. Normally, the act of impersonation is meant to be a joke (and a means to incorporate his acting skills), he never really takes it as anything seriously. But he does carry sewing supplies and a whole lot of make up...just in case he might be struck with some "inspiration".

~Tailoring---- He was taught how to sew by a cousin who made his Family's costumes alongside her own looming mother. Although he had his suspicions every now and then that they might be related. On more then one occasion, he helped her with her sewing during his visits to his Family's theatre workshop. It was there that he learned every trick of the trade he could, to the point where he could make an eccentric costume out of the simplest materials if wanted to, although his teacher liked to remind him that he would never be able to surpass her skills. Wattles still likes to experiment with what he learned every now and then. He's also more than happy to make you and outfit if you'd let him, with the guarantee that it'll be absolutely fabulous. Just...don't get too mad if he ends up making you something pink.


~Fiddling---- Something that was forced upon him by his Uncle. He's quite good at it, but he's no musician. Still doesn't mean he won't be pulling his fiddle out every now and then.


Born and raised in the quarters of a Family owned and run theatre in the district of Midtown, even from the beginning Wattles knew the world from behind the eyes of a clown. It is said that as a child he came out of his loom laughing, and hardly ever wore a frown. He was described as a troublesome child, but charming. Despite his inadequacies the child always found a way to make his attendants smile. That one capacity for humor would forever blossom into his adulthood.

His Family was a bit against sending him to the Patrex Academy, knowing fair well of the child's nature. The elders would say that the child would not be serious in his studies, while younger members would insist he'll be fine. His entry into the Patrex Academy was faced with delay a number of times. However, there were those who felt that it was about time they considered bringing honor to their family's reputation. Never before had his Family produced a Time Lord. Thus, each and every newly loomed child was expected to bring to them that sort of honor. No member of the House of Pavo was more serious about this honor than Accidaepavo (or Accio), Wattles' Uncle, and the Head of the House. Accio oversaw all productions in his Family's theatre (amptly named the "Pavo Center for the Arts"), and taught trained it's prestigious orchestra. He had thought Wattles would make a fine musician ("He has the fingers for it."), as well as a potential Time Lord (amongst two of his cousins, Ava and Mimir).

Yet as he grew, doubt also grew in Accio's mind about just how dedicated the young would be. Instead of doing chores, he'd sneak out on sunny afternoons and climb fruit trees, returning home with ruined clothing. He never got along with much of his siblings, or cousins for that matter. They either saw him as too silly, or too much of a nonsense. The child's jokes were too ill tasted, he acted too strange. Mimir (or "The Golden Boy" as his mother called him, though Accio never found that amusing), Accio's son, was Wattles' only true companion through their younger years, and it seemed as if they would be just as close until the ends of Time.

"Have you heard of the lower levels?"

The conversation came up not too long before they would be both sent to their Chapter's Academy. Mimir claimed he heard one of the actor's talk about a dangerous place where Outsiders roamed and decapitated the lower city.

"Do you think that it's true, what they say about the Outsiders?"

"I thought Outsiders were exiled."

"That's what I thought too. But these are different, they live within the city. The adults hate them! Some of the actors were talking about how much trouble they cause the guards."


"Sometimes, even Asso* worries."

The prospect that Asso would worry about anything was foreign to them. They've known him for the first eight years of their life as a man who worried about nothing. To say the least, these lower levels had sparked their imagination, and they came to question why everyone seemed so hesitant to speak about. They asked as many of the House members as they could about it, whenever they got the chance. Each on forbade them from speaking of it further, or completely avoided the question. The only clear answer they received on its nature was that it was dangerous.

"I think there's something down there that they don't want us to see."

"Of course there is! Why else would they not tell us anything?"

"I don't get it, all this access to all this information, and nothing on this part of this stupid city!"

"Why don't you go down there and see for yourself!"

"I might do that. One day, when I get big."


"And you can come with me, Wattles. It'll just be like those old stories. Adventure!"

"I was just kidding! And besides, Ava says that Asso will find out and then we'll all be Outsiders."

"Who cares what she thinks. She's just a stupid female. Females have nothing interesting to say."

"But what if she's right? What if we never see each other again?"

Wattles was nervous about attending his Chapter's Academy. He'd thought that they would separate him from Mimir, and that he would lose him forever. That day, Mimir put a brotherly arm around Wattles and made this promise, "We're always gonna be together."

Sure enough, he was soon sent to learn at the Patrex Academy alongside Mimir and Ava. None of them like to talk much about the initiation ceremony. But it is said that when Wattles looked into "The Untempered Schism", he had wept. Why it had made him cry so, was a mystery to him. Mimir on the other hand, was terrified. The day after the initiation ceremony, Mimir posed a question, "Is it normal to be afraid of Time?"

Time went on, and Wattles' reputation as a clown began to take off. While Ava was serious in her studies, they busied themselves in looking for opportunities to entertain themselves as they were easily bored in classes. Neither would ever be seen without the other, they stayed together like peanut butter and jelly. Not even in the rigid structure of the Patrex Academy were they ever separable. In the Academy, they earned for themselves the title "Twin Cyan Fools", most likely due to the fact that they almost looked like twins. Wattles would even later fashion an entire costume that mimicked Mimir's appearance. The more they learned, the more daring their pranks became. What began as small jokes skyrocketed into elaborate plots and devices, some of which would be whispered of even after they would both leave the academy. Ava was not particularly impressed.

"You have absolutely no respect!" she'd tell them. And they would just laugh it off.

"Respect? Why would we need the respect of others? Isn't knowing who you are enough?"

It was all fun and games at the Academy. Mimir got all the girls, Wattles threw all the parties. It wouldn't be long until Wattles started thinking about the future. 'Where will I go after all this?' No doubt, Accio would make him work in the theatre, or some other backwatered place he could think of. So, he proposed to Mimir that they started doing stand-up comedy.

"We can do it every weekend, invite all of the Patrex students, even the teachers if they'd like. We can create an entire business out of it. Even Ava wouldn't be able to disprove of it!"

Turns out, she did disapprove.

"Stand-up comedy? How do you suppose you will make a living out of that?"

"It will be a double act. Mimir and I will do some silly stuff. You'll collect the earnings. We can fund the theatre that way. Don't you think Asso would like that?"

"Or your mother for that matter?"

"It's Accio, and I don't care! Anyways, I highly doubt you'll be allowed."


"Oh what is it Mimir?"

"You can be our manager."

Stand-up comedy was a new hit amongst the Gallifreyan youth. Their jokes, for a time, were mostly harmless. Just average, normal silliness. Absolutely no politics, no controversies, no crude humor. They even brought a rubber chicken to include in the show, which Wattles wisely named George. But unfortunately a joke told too many times will eventually die, Mimir and Wattles constantly quarreled over what should be included in order to perfect their act.

"See, you run across here, slip, and land in some mud..."

"We've done that before!"

"Are you two giving up yet?"


"We just need to come up with something new, something fresh! Something no Gallifreyan has never seen nor heard of before!"

"You know...we could do what some species do, and take inspiration from the political sphere!"

"Are you mad?"

"It won't be anything too serious. We could do something anyone can relate to."

"By Omega, you really are mad!"

"Well, it can't hurt, can it? Who knows, we might even be a hit!"

"I say we go for it."

"You're both mad!"

Needless to say, it wasn't as big as a hit as Wattles thought it would be. Both he and Mimir ended up in detention for months. No fellow member of their Chapter would even look at them in the eyes. It was devastating.

"I think Ava's right..."


"We can't keep doing this Wattles."

Wattles was in shock. Never before had he imagined that his best and closest friend, his cousin, would just give up like that. Yet, before he knew it, they had split up and gone their separate ways. It was a popular topic of gossip for a few years. During that short period of time, Wattles learned the trade of a tailor with the help of Ava, making regular trips to his Family's workshops. He also returned to his previous interests concerning the Outsiders upon learning why those who lived in the Lower levels were often considered as such. It was from their that he discovered the Doctor and other renegade Time Lords, even learning that Romana was once a renegade Time Lord himself. From then on he told himself that the society he grew up in was too strict, too conservative. Why else were they not able to take his previous jokes? He felt as if he could lift those seemingly permanent frowns, somehow, and continue to do what he and Mimir had been doing before. A majority of his costumes created in this time were those of historic figures and politicians. He had even decided to sneak in some of his own personal thoughts into future acts somehow. Ava, of course, had no idea, and neither did Mimir for that matter. Wattles hadn't talked with him since forever. Even so, Wattles felt that if he had a good enough argument, they would both be back in business and usher in a new age of Funny in Gallifrey.

Unfortunately things didn't happen that way. The Dalek invasion completely destroyed all of Wattles' hopes to continue having a comical career with his dearest cousin. On the day of the invasion he and a majority of the students at the Academy thought they were safe, strictly ordered to stay in their respected areas. Wattles was uncharacteristically more worried than the other students about the outcome of the invasion, for a valid reason. Mimir was missing. Wattles disobeyed his professors in hopes he would find the missing Cousin, or at least anyone who might've known where he was. The first person he ran into was Ava, who was just as clueless as he was. "Maybe he's in the library" she suggested, "He does spend an awful amount of time there now-a-days." Angry, and desperate, Wattles ran through the halls of the Academy, hearing fresh whispers of what was happening inside the Citadel. Horrible whispers, that still haunts Wattles' memories. And what's worst, when he finally reached the library, he found that it was completely empty. No matter where he went, Mimir was nowhere to be found. Wattles stayed in the library, afraid for his life, he had not yet heard the news of the Dalek takeover, but somehow he could feel it within his very joints. It was a terrible feeling that made him sick to his stomach. A couple of times he could have swore that he threw up his own bile. All hope was lost.

When the Daleks were finally defeated, Wattles was still in the library, quietly hoping for some sort of miracle. Not even the funniest joke book could brighten up his day. Even when a group of students found him underneath the table and took him to the nursery, he did not express gratitude. Even when the nurse told him that the Daleks had been defeated, and Romana was back in power, he did not cheer. All he wanted to know was what had become of his best friend. Ava would eventually become the bearer of bad news.

"I'm so sorry Wattles. He was nowhere to be found."

It was assumed that Mimir had somehow been exterminated in the invasion, and a moments of silence was held for him. Wattles had his revenge against those who would not look at him before, by not even acknowledging their existence. Ava decided that it was time she came home, and invited him to come with him. Upon his refusal, she departed with one last gift, her own suitcase that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. The night Wattles filled it with all the joke items and costumes he had acquired over the years was a long and tearful process. The last item to be placed inside was George, the rubber chicken. For the first time, Wattles began talking to it as if it were actually alive. He treated it as if it was his Cousin, his best of friends.

"Good morning George! How are you doing today!"

"I'm doing great, thanks!"

"What do you think we should do on this lovely morning!"

"Why don't we put glue in the female's shampoo bottles?"

"Lovely idea!"

It was not unlikely that one would spot Wattles having a conversation with a rubber chicken such like this. It is estimated that it took a good twenty years before Wattles can get back to his normal partying self. And even then, it felt strange. It seemed like Wattles was hosting a party at a funeral home, not a dorm. And he would always stand in this little corner to himself just having an average conversation with that chicken. Yes, he greeted every guest with kindness, but there was a bit of a storm cloud that hung in the air. Wattles' jokes had become increasingly more critical, especially after hearing about how then time lord's just surrendered. Wattles never missed a moment to poke some fun at a being if he or she was doing something that seemed wrong in his eyes. Even his practical jokes were cruder, almost to the point of being cruel. A part of him refuses to believe that Mimir is dead.

"Just you wait. One day he's going to just waltz right in and say, 'Jokes on you!'"

His uncle, Accio, was ignorant of his nephew's state of mind. His son was gone, and Ava would rather tend to the theatre's costumes then become a time lord. He saw Wattles as his last chance to bring honor to the family, and suggested that they sent him to the greatest university in Gallifrey, the Time Academy.

"He will pass."

Of that, he was certain.

But to Wattles it was not an opportunity to become a time lord, but to make a new start and put everything behind him. Whatever happened in the past wasn't going to bother him anymore. He planned on throwing even more parties, making even more friends, all for the sake of Mimir.

"I'll see you again Mimir. You can count on it."

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The Beatles – “The Fool on the Hill” (Secondary/Sad)
The Offspring – “Original Prankster” (While Acting the Fool)



*Asso---- Wattles and Mimir's personal nickname for Accio. Yes, I made sure it deliberately sounds like "Asshole".
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 2:38 pm

Right, what year is this in, earth time?

Or could some use of time travel be used to fudge that point, I need to know if I'm gonna get the age and history to link up.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby sam4books » Mon May 23, 2011 2:52 pm

Also, Wattles is definitely gonna be a member of the Patrex Chapter.

It's his calling.

(I'll even have him come to class in a pink wig)
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby MQuinny1234 » Mon May 23, 2011 2:59 pm

Huh, I was thinking of making Shikin one of those also.

Then I realised they only really applied to time lords and I could just let him go free.
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Re: Gallifrey: Time Academy (OOC) SIGN UPS NOW OPEN

Postby Doctress Who » Mon May 23, 2011 3:01 pm

MQuinny1234 wrote:Right, what year is this in, earth time?

Or could some use of time travel be used to fudge that point, I need to know if I'm gonna get the age and history to link up.
Gallifrey exists on a different Timeline with the rest of the universe, so it can be any time you wish it to be in earth time :)

You could have your character come from the 19th century or the 51st century - it doesn't matter, because they will all arrive at Gallifrey at the same time.

You can think of it as Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Gallifrey allows anyone from any location in space OR time, to come together and arrive at the same date and time on Gallifrey.

sam4books wrote:Also, Wattles is definitely gonna be a member of the Patrex Chapter.

It's his calling.

(I'll even have him come to class in a pink wig)
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