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FPRP III OOC: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:38 pm

FPRP III: New Beginnings

Before we begin:
RP Rules:
1-Follow the forum rules
2-The Gm’s word is law
3-The Co-Gm’s word is almost law :3
4-You must post at least once a week, and if you do not, your character will be killed in one way or another. If you are ill, traveling, or have another legitimate excuse, send either the Gm or Co-gms a pm(whomever you’re comfortable with), and you will be excused. The reason for this is because if a person is absent or missing for prolonged periods of time, this causes the rp to slow down and decay. Giving the higher-ups notification gives us warning that you will be gone, and we can post something that will keep your character with us, and keep the plot moving.
5-Please head every post you make with your character’s name and location. A color is optional. This is polite and allows everyone to remember your character’s name and where they’re at.
6-Please remain on topic if you can in the OOC. We want to try to keep the rping to the IC thread. You can use the OOC to talk with other rpers and plan things, or use pm’s for the more secretive stuff.
7-Feel free to ask the Gm or Co-Gm’s anything. We won’t bite, and we’ll help you out with any problems or questions you have.
8-If you do not like these rules, then please find another rp.

My lovely Co-gm's:

On another note, I’d like to mention that I am so glad to have this rp ‘live’ again. I hope to remedy some of the problems that we’ve had previously, and I made sure to dedicate time and brainpower to this rp. It’s my brainchild. I hope we all have fun :3

The Story begins:
This story begins in a tavern in a far off, distant world, where anything can happen to anyone, even yourself! Where many different species lived and fought together, and where good fought evil. The path to glory was covered in the blood of many, but a few got under the radar, and survived to tell the tale.
The most important part, the detail I must impress upon you is that there were pirates, and what a breed they were! From Demons, to humans, they all worked together and against, but in the end, all was well with treasure! The Voyage of the Pine Marten, was christened in the early days when life was good, and pirates scourged the seas, and plundered and made merry.
In a small tavern, there were two old men, sealing a deal, signed in blood.
They had both signed to build a vault on a far away island, to horde their treasure, and to guard it with their lives. They were retiring pirates. They needed some place to stash their hard-earned gold, and in the next twenty years, their fort was completed. Before they could build an army to protect their gold, they were captured by the Navy, and hung for high treason.

That was the legend, before ships could fly, before planes could transport people, before steampunk became a reality for some. Now the year is ‘----‘, and there are still pirates searching to find the gold, still have hopes, and will kill anyone for information.

Ready for adventure?

Welcome to the world called Earth. It is not the normal earth that we live on currently; it is an alternate universe, which is a similar planet to ours. Its continents are different, and thus, the places and seas are also different in more than one way. For one, the species that have grown here are different in variety due to the climate and the lack of communication between the races which allowed them to evolve uniquely.

Where we start is with a few pirates wanting to join together and create a crew. We start out with a ship, a beauty if you ask me, and a few key members. As the story goes on, we’ll gain people, the plot will thicken as we plunder and make enemies, and fight wars with other ships!

Positions and descriptions of said positions:

Captain: The captain of a ship’s job is to keep everything running ‘ship shape’, and to have the charisma to order a bunch of people around with authority and without refusal. They must also take care of petty arguments and are in charge of administering punishment, either on sea or land. What the captain says is law. Only when majority of the ship’s crew votes against the captain can anything be changed.

Navigator: Their job is to draw the maps that will guide the ship to all of the places in the world, of setting the ship’s course and plotting its whereabouts using maps or any power they might have, mathematics, or telescopes.

First Mate (also known at quartermaster): is in charge of keeping things running smoothly with day to day activities around the ship. Makes sure nobody sleeps on watch-duty, ect. Second in command on the ship also leads the boarding party when raiding a captured vessel and in charge of dividing up the plunder.

Surgeon/Doctor: In charge of keeping the crew healthy and helping to heal when sickness/injuries occur.
-Can have assistant(s) if we have enough crew members.

Carpenter: Responsible for keeping the ship’s hull and mast sound. Shoring up leaks during a battle and crashes into reefs, ect are also part of their job, decides if a ship is seaworthy or not. Repairs ship.

Cooper: Barrel maker- since the tightness and security of the barrels that hold everything from gunpowder to water and food is crucial to a ship; the cooper’s job is not only important, but vital. Also helps out the Carpenter if necessary.

Boatswain: Maintenance and inventory of ship’s supplies. Knowledge holder of the ship’s construction and how to best use the ship’s rigging.

Master Gunner: Maintains the ship’s cannons and ensured that the gunpowder is safe and dry. Trains teams of men for the use of canons and keeps them battle ready.

Master Swordsman: In charge of the upkeep of the swords. Often has
younger men working under him. Is normally a master of the sword.

Deckhand: In charge of keeping the ship clean, and assisting in the
day to day work on the ship. Should be prepared to fight.

Blacksmith: In charge of forging everything from nails to weapons, cutlery, new swords and tools for use on the ship.

Cook: Preparing Palatable food even when the ship’s food becomes rotten is their main job. Keeping everyone’s mouth watering for the next meal is also a challenge. In charge of learning cuisine from each place they go to and normally has a large book of recipes and notes on new foods. Should also know what’s poisonous or not.

Musician: To play music and learn new music when they travel: also to play even when there is fighting going on. Must have a strong constitution. (no running from a battle)

Housekeep: In charge of keeping the whole of the ship tidy. Nobody wants to fall over dirty laundry and fall onto a sword because nobody was there to pick it up.

Chimney Sweep: In charge of keeping the chimneys clean and also do other small chores such as sweeping the decks, swabbing them, and helping out the Housekeep.


-Elves (high elves, dark elves and wood elves etc)
-Any race that you can make up (within reason, be sure to pm the gm with any not listed here and they will be added.)

The ship can fly because of very powerful enchantments and runes in and on the ships. This ability is only controlled by the Capitan and first mate, so no joy rides for the crew.

We are currently at the port of Cyrill, a warm, tropical environment that has luscious beaches with pink sands and pale blue waters. The local’s favorite dish is Aght flounder, a green fish that has a fresh crisp and clean flavor with little to no fat.

Map: (Coming soon)

There are Four major ports in this world:

Cyrill: A large island that has been flowing lately under the new construction of the largest port in the world where the natives have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. A great place to take a break and enjoy the pleasure of life before the next haul.
Capital: Destinatus

Aetherius: A dry continent with a very strong naval force stronghold in the gulf of Bloomine, a gulf where the salt level is so high that very few animals live in their clean green waters.(There is a wall of coral, now dead, that helps to hold in the salt water.) Here, the people are much more wary of travelers and tend to hide in their houses. A few merchants, though, who travel around have made this port a frequent stop, and have a large market day every Thursday with reduced prices before they get new stock on Friday.
Capital: Mesembria

Eioyui: A warm continent with beautiful trees in fall that range in all different colors. This port is full of the upper class, and many pirates have a fine time trying to ‘act’ and deceive the townsfolk into believing that they are actually part of the ‘upper crust’, and usually get some nice swindling out of the deal. The houses are large, the purses are even larger, and the quality is top notch, just like the crooks hidden in the masses!
Capital: Estoria

Umbar: This continent is about medium sized and has a frigid temperature with frequent ice and snowstorms that force the inhabitants of this snowy region to live in houses made of rock to protect them from the ice that could be quite deadly. The hailstones have been recorded to become up to five feet large! These people are quite talented at cooking and other activities that can be done indoors, and have tunnels underground to get around. This is also called the “Underground continent’ due to the amount of tunnels and the vastness of their largest communal cave that holds an annual festival to celebrate the week when the first snow falls of the year. (The warm season lasts one week at most.)
Capital: Morrotel

Some minor ports:

Aonai: Not much is known about this mysterious port except that it exists and that the temperature is mild in all seasons and that the fruit there is exceptional.
Capital: Illyavnova

Brehgar: A port that is a large island filled with ancient, virgin forests. The inhabitants are vegetarians and live in and on the trees without damaging them and send out fruit and vegetables to trade for necessary items. They allow no foreigners onto the island, and so they will load up the ships to keep the ‘virgin’ land chaste.
Capital: Spetz

Kjell:This continent is filled with grasslands and rolling hills. The land here is quite fertile, and most of it has been turned into farmland where the food quality is high and cheap, a favorite among merchant and pirate alike to restock on food stuffs.
Capital: Terraniz

Rapscord: This island is a steampunk paradise filled to the brim with the top of the line steam technology. If you can dream it, they either have it already or are working on it!
Capital: Lunar Station

Please fill out an application form. Be descriptive and generous with amount that you write, but don’t fill up your empty space with fluff please- your acceptance relies on it! (If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!)

Name: (Your name, full)

Nickname: (What your friends/enemies call you and the story behind it.)

Age: (How old are you?)

Sex: (Are you male or female? Or are you some odd mix of the two or neither! Details if one of the last two)

Species: (What race are you and what are the qualities of said race? Please be especially detailed if you created a race.)

Likes: (What does he/she/it like to do/be around/have, ect?)

Dislikes: (What does he/she/it not like to do/be around/have ect.?)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? Example: Body frame type, skin tone, eye color, hair type/color, clothing style, what do they normally wear on holidays, do they have clothes? Be creative. You can use a picture, but if you do, make sure it is accurate to your character and that you describe everything in a lot of detail, and what is missing if anything is.)

Blood Type: (A, A+, A-, B, B+, B-, O, O+, O-, no blood?)

History: (What is the history of your character? Where and how did they grow up? Who was in their lives that has changed them and how did this change them? How did they get here? Are they a pirate, or possibly one of the more respectable folk?)

Weapons: (What weapons does your character own/ have skill in, ect. Short description please) ((EDIT:For the weapons, I want only the most basic, early guns. I don't want anything too out there. I mean, over the course of the rp, there could be a slight increase in the technology level with regular guns. Buuut, I want steampunk style to be prevalent in one area in particular. So...anyone wanting to use a better gun would have to have a character who comes from Rapscord or has traveled there and taken their weapons with them and or traded for them.))

Powers: (Be very detailed and don’t go overboard. Does your character have healing powers, talk to animals, ect, you get the idea.)

Weaknesses: (What does your character always fall for? Is it big eyes while they get stabbed, or is it a trait of gullibility with traps, an Achilles’ heel or is it something else?)

Quirks: (What does your character have that makes them stand out even in their own race/profession/habits, ect?)

Pets(optional): (If you have a pet, what species is it and what does it look like, basically write as much about it as you can)

Job: (Title of the job you’d like your character to have and what they would do/what does the job entail? Note: The better CS will get the position over a half-assed attempt. Also note that Co-gm's have first dibs.)

Other Information: (Anything else you’d like to add? Anything I forgot?)

Post your character here, and wait for either the GM, (Akaine) or one of the slew of Co-Gms to vote and approve you!

The Pine Marten:
Current Jobs/Characters Filled:

Captain: Akaine Omorrow
First Mate: Tuor:
Navigator: BG07: Leo Caravaggi
Surgeon/Doctor: Archrival: Eward Sebastian Abraham Valentine
Carpenter: Innocence Abandoned: Dolior’than-menuska-Shanferron
Cooper: TheLivingCouch: Carlon Groveland
Boatswain: Sentios: Lul Dac Regah Cu Zelrinch
Master Gunner: Geomancer: Vin Restalt
Cannon Master: Lord Soth: Ivan Kerzak
Master Swordswoman: Zako: Aki Lightingfall
Mastermind: Maximus the Supreme
Karo: Yuuki Whitefang
Iris: Peter Sampson
Kemious: Nisos of the Osprey Clan
MQuinny1234: Dorian Wilde
timer67: Elizabeth Von Beck
Musicmac: Kotaro Kuragari
Blacksmith: Gigafist: Purah
Cook: Fummo: Jacques Desmarais
Musician: CAghost: Subject F64/Darly
Housekeep: sam4books: Mistress Marfan Babayev
Chimney sweep:
Garethcool: Fissk Amber-eye
Asmodai: Rai'q (pronounced "Rake") Nanato

Minstrel: QuiBears: Quinnverra Shaydale
Musician:NeoWarrior7: Talathel Caladrel

First Mate: HeartlessAngel18: Faust LeFleur
Master Swordsman: CrimsonJack: Karvon D. Vile

Name: Akaine Omorrow (Everyone knows her by either her first name or her nickname, as she has never given her last name to anyone.)

Nickname: White-Tail, White-Anemone (Anemone in greek roughly translates to: "daughter of the wind")

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Species: Kitsune: intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. Foremost among these is the ability to assume human or human-like form. While some folktales speak of kitsune employing this ability to trick others—as foxes in folklore often do—other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives. They have a fox form, a human form with fox tail, ears and possibly whiskers, or a full-out human form.

Likes: Akaine likes black or dark clothing, and light colors everywhere else. She likes food in general, soup in particular. As far as beverages go, she’s addicted to teas and will go very far out of her way to try out new teas and enjoys mixing her own. She has a habit of gathering things that feel ‘nice’ or sound pleasant when tousled: such as small pebbles and shells, bones, etc. As far as weather’s concerned, she loves the wind and storms in particular and she’s quite fond of certain scents like the ocean, grass, pine, good food…and for some odd reason she likes round things, like the circular jade pendant on her neck. She loves reading and music.

Dislikes: She hates cleaning, bad word usage, pompous attitudes, and smoke that irritates her eyes and nose. She dislikes seeing people in poverty, or people who are sick and unable to get help or a doctor.

Appearance: Akaine is a lithe, willowy character of around six feet. Her frame is lightweight, but is built to be strong and withhold a lot of damage. She has long silky white hair that reaches down to mid-hip. Her face is oval-like, but her chin is pointed and her jawline is a strong one, showing her stubbornness even in the flesh. Her eyes are almond-shaped in the way of asian cultures, but they are a dark emerald green that is almost the shade of the dark pine needles of the forest in her homeland and they are framed by long thick while lashes that are usually covered in some form of makeup. Her finely shaped human nose is of a medium size that curls up into a neat little point and is slightly pinker than her pale skin and her teeth are also a pearly white, including the long canines that protrude ever so slightly onto her bottom lip. Her fox ears are the same color as her skin and hair, except for the tips, that are specked mid-ear and towards the tip, they are the full shade of ‘peach’ crayola crayon color, and the very tips of those hairs are black. Her tail is quite large and fluffy, and she only has one of them. It is white, and tipped in the same manner as her ears. Her hands look delicate, but their strength is hidden behind smooth skin and slightly pointy nails that are neatly trimmed.
She’s usually seen wearing tight black pants that are really stretchy, and a loose v-neck long-sleeved shirt that has puffy sleeves and a chord to close the V-neck,(which very often she does not), and a black undershirt. Her shoes are typically brown or black boots that are weather-worn, but have good grips on the bottom for scaling the masts and trees. As for jewelry, she has a large circular jade pendant that she always has dangling from her neck, two small jade studs on the bottom part of her ears, and a few hair ties on her wrists. She never wears rings because they are easily damaged in her profession, and they are easily stolen. For holidays, depending on the occasion, she’ll wear her Captain’s uniform or even more rarely, a dress appropriate for the occasion.

Blood Type: O-

History: Born and raised on Brehgar, (an island filled with ancient virgin forests), she was taught to revere mother nature and to take care of the environment. As she grew older, and began to separate from her people, she practically begged to work on one of the first ships she saw. This ship happened to be a pirate ship. From then on, her life had been hard work and unique to say the least. She worked on that old ship until it crashed because of the drunken navigator. The crew disbanded and she took the opportunity to search for another crew where she might possibly move up in rank.
It was hard going for a few months, and she tried to settle in, but the more time she spent at the port, the more the open water called to her, and she eventually found another ship called the Sea Monkey. The captain on that ship was an old family friend that she had not seen in years, and after the first two years on that ship went by, she was promoted to first mate. Life was going very well for her for a while after her promotion. She met a wind elemental one evening when she was out on watch on a breezy evening, and this spirit kissed her on the forehead, giving her some basic wind abilities that could grow over time. The crew listened to her, and she learned what it took to have a leadership position. She helped the captain make decisions that no one else could, particularly when they were caught in a storm. It just so happened that in this storm, the mast was ripped from the ship because they couldn’t get the sails down in time, and they lost some crewmates. Everyone on the ship was devastated, but managed to wait out the storm without any other casualties.
When the storm calmed down and they were able to get a makeshift mast and sailed, they assisted the ship by rowing when there was wind, and managed to get it to port. Once there, the captain disbanded his crew and retired. The ship was in shambles, and the crew looked for work. It was then that Akaine went to she shipyard and commissioned a ship with all of the money that she had saved over all of her years of sailing, borrowed a little, and brought to life the Pine Marten. For four years, she kept as much of the crew from the Sea Monkey as she possibly could, and they picked up a few new deckhands, and off they went: off to success! After they had plundered to their hearts content, the shipmates from the Sea Monkey and the new deckhands retired, their wallets full, and Akaine kept the Pine Marten in the dock, waiting for a new crew and another age of piracy. A crippling economic depression struck, and Akaine couldn’t live off of her saved funds anymore, as she had been assisting those on the island that wasn’t prosperous even in the best of times, with her funds, and now they were running low again. She looked at the sea, and felt the breeze. It was time to get back to her home in the water…and there was rumor of an island riddles with treasure.

Weapons: Blowdarts, Shinai, and misc. swords. (she picks up swords at every port to add to her collection. She has four at the moment because she got rid of about ten that she wasn’t using regularly to reduce the ship’s weight.) She has little to no skill in any type of gun, and she sometimes uses a small fan.

Powers: She has the ability to understand animals. Not converse, but understand them and convey her meaning to them without words, she’s a very quick learner, has some wind powers and has the ability to heal others, through teas infused with the power of the wind. She was born with all of the above with the exception of the wind powers.

Weaknesses: She is very emotionally driven, and is intimidated by dogs that aren’t outright friendly. Music distracts her, particularly if it’s to her liking or great dislike.

Quirks(optional): She likes round things and talks to the wind.

Pets(optional): None, though she does make friends with the local wildlife wherever she goes and has a soft spot for cats, surprisingly.

Job: Captain of the Pine Marten

Other Information:
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Re: FPRP: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:44 pm

Name: Jacques Desmarais

Nickname: Ze Hoppah

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Species: Frog Humanoid

They stand around 4 ft tall and can stretch to a height of 6 ft. They come in any shade of green to grey and can also be covered in an array in oddly shaped dots that vary from being orange, yellow to blue or red.

In addition these froglike creatures can hop/jump a distance on 15-20 ft as well as climb due to flexibility and dexterity. This species can also use its tongue as an extra appendage or quick strike if you will with its sticky tongue which can reel things in and also could be used against itself.

His race seems rather portly due to its circular build, but is actually much lighter than you would expect. Its elongated arms and legs support its weight as well as naturally enable it to spring, hop, skip or jump, but unfortunately cannot allow it to support/carry heavy objects.

Likes: Jacques loves fine wine, romance, food, his moustache, cooking, pleasing the crew, music, reading, preying on unsuspecting insects, honor and of course joking around.

Dislikes: He dislikes the heat, dehydration, badly cooked meals, the accordion, rowdy or bad behaviour, disrespect towards women or higher ranking officials, flies that get away, running out of ingredients, being forced to cook slop because there isn’t a decent meal that can be prepare d in the kitchen.

Appearance: Jacques is exactly 4 ft tall. He is a greenish grey frog who has tiny to medium sized yellow misshapen dots littered in various places on his skin. He has a pair of golden sparkly eyes that seem to dart around in different directions,(probably inspecting the dishes he is preparing). A finely gelled and twisty black moustache protruded above his lip and his chin is covered in a mess of itchy bristles.

His arms and legs are long and slender while his torso is portly and mostly round...though don’t call him fat! He wears a smart white long sleeved shirt which he buttons up and a pair of black trousers that he held up with a fine leather belt and shiny silver buckle. His elongated fingers are decorated with a few rings (nothing fancy, just for show). His feet are however bare because of his webbed feet. It feels rather unnatural and uncomfortable for him to keep his gorgeous feet trapped in a pair of shoes.

Blood Type: A+ (Cold blooded)

If you haven’t heard of Jacques Desmarais, then you must have been dining in a shit hole. Jacques is a fairly renowned chef in Cyrill, having cooked at some of the finest restaurants in the capital, Destinatus.

From the moment he sprouted legs and crawled out onto land, all Jacques wanted to do was be the man..um frog behind the meal, the person who whipped up an amazing feast that could satisfy even the most fussy of patrons. He was an educated amphibian, having studied at the prestigious “Gourmet De Le Cyrill” under the head chef Ramses, a centipede that could work at six grills simultaneously. Jacques was fond of wine and fencing, having practiced the art of defence because in this day and age if you couldn’t protect yourself then you’d be gutted for all the gold in your change purse.

He graduated and spent the next ten years cooking his way all over Cyrill, perfecting his art and inflating his ego. Those were the good days when people paid good money for a good meal and got it, but sadly it would change. The market for experienced chefs decreased and old Jacques found himself scraping together favours in order to find work till they all ran out.

Business has been tough and Jacques was about to hit rock bottom, when hope arrived in all its glory in the form of a cruise, a ticket to see the world and maintain a long lasting job. Jacques couldn’t believe his luck. Finally a chance to cook for a pleasant and honourable crew...then he found out the truth.

Weapons: Jacques has experience using daggers, either throwing or using in melee as well as with a Rapier or Cutless.
His dexterity allows for him to attack or parry with both speed and grace. He is most skilled in wielding a rapier, as he used to take part in Fencing as a young frog.

Powers: - Blurred Furious Flurry: This power intensifies Jacques bombardment of blade strikes, increasing his speed and flexibility x3.

Weaknesses: Jacques is much more prone to natural heat as he becomes dehydrated after a while and must quench his thirst to keep his skin moist. He also cannot resist a free bite to eat, in this case one that happens to buzz by. You could also say that his honour is both his a weakness and a strength as he cannot let anyone he cares for come to harm. His species is physically weak having been designed mainly to fully support his own weight. Therefore holding, carrying or lifting heavy objects is way more of a challenge (This is why he only uses light weapons and doesn't carry gun). If you fall overboard don't expect him to help because its more than likely you'll yank his wobbly arms off.

Quirks: He’s a man sized frog for starters, he has awkwardly zany eyes, he loves eating bugs even though he cooks gourmet cuisine, his comical yet obnoxious behaviour, his superiority complex and of course he sings when he gets drunk.

Job: Cook
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:50 pm

Name: Maximus the Supreme

Nickname: The Army of Aetherius, Third, Mister Mechanical, MM

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Species: Mystical Sentient Machine

Likes: Books, Collecting more Keys, Repairs, Being wound up completely, Destroying EVIL, Building, and Maintenance of items.

Dislikes: Rusting, Anything he deems evil, Missing Pieces, Damages, People forgetting to wind him up, Junkyards, and Sticky goo.


Mister Mechanical wears a black brodie helmet on top of his head that is held by a strap. His eyes are ruby red emeralds, his nose is a short cylinder, and he has a dastardly looking swirl mustache that move up and down when he talks. His entire appearance looks like he's wearing a military uniform, blocky, but not balky. His shoulders look like he has epaulettes on. On the chest, the turn keys all arranged like buttons on a jacket in a straight line closer to his left side with a huge X in the chest. The complete upper torso is red, the bottom torso is a dark blue. The hands have five digits and have a silver chrome finish. The feet are gun metal black and have a shape similar to a roosters. Has a height of 6ft and 6 inches.

The forearms are square with cylinders, tubed shaped, are connected. Attached to the back of the calves is a container of cannon balls, about three each. The head is square with smooth edges and on the sides of the head is ears, rectangular in shape and holes and a cylinder nose. The mustache and eyebrows are ebony. The wind up keys are gold in color and in shine. The turning key are onyx black, each one has there own symbol. Beyond that, what really separates each key is that the teeth have tiny holes and each and every key has a different pattern of tiny holes on them.

Blood Type: Has no blood


With the pirate menace in the sky, drastic steps had to be taken to counter them. The finest and brightness minds of Rapscord, for eight straight years, designed a weapon to bring down the toughest pirate crew and ship. A weapon that had the power of an army, which is why they created an enchanted wind up mechanical man. Some of the inventors and navel military station there, nick named that machine man as Mister Mechanical. With a simple wind on his wind up keys, he could formulate his own ideas and opinions, move like a butterfly, sting like bee with his steel fists, and speak with a gentlemen accent.

However, that alone isn't what made Mister Mechanical a one man army, but the 24 turn keys for his front. Each individual twenty four turn keys when inserted into Mister Mechanical would unlock a unique power inside him to aid in his fight against all he deems evil. Through experiments and other prototypes, the inventors realized that with such powerful magic active inside can some serious stress and metal fatigue for the machinery. To prevent such wear and tear so their product could last for a century, they determined that three keys were enough for the mechanical body to handle.

After countless testing and maintenance checking, Mister Mechanical was finally ready to be shipped over to Aetherius for naval use. During the maiden voyage of the Dutchman, the flying ship carrying Mister Mechanical was attacked by pirates. The Dutchman's crew put up a good fight, but they were out matched by the pirate scum. They completely demolished the Dutchman and sent the ship into a crash collision with a mountain. Scattering the keys and losing Mister Mechanical all in one moment.

Somehow in some way, Mister Mechanical still stuck in his box wound up in an antique shop on some island. No one yet has been able to find the hidden key on the box so the owner is selling the box as some sort of box of mystery type deal to add more appeal to it and a little flare to the shop.

Weapons: He is the weapon.


Epsilon Key- Epsilon is key number 5 of 24, capable of granting Mister Mechanical control of molecular density of either himself or other items through touch. Allowing him to make things very light or very heavy/ very hard. By light, like a single card from a deck and by hard, like a diamond. Or something heavier than an entire ship. Of course, the more light an item is the less dense it is, thus the more fragile it is. Now if Mister Mechanical does alter the density of an item, its not an immediate effect, but rather a short time delay.

Chi Key- Chi is key number 22 of 24, capable of granting Mister Mechanical the ability to generate chains and chain like objects as well as manipulate said generated chains. There length or girth depends on Mister Mechanical, but where they generate from is on his body as they become apart of his body.

Lambda Key- Lambda is key number 11 of 24, capable of granting Mister Mechanical the ability to dimensional storage items or people in a pocket dimension. Once turned, the chest cavity opens to reveal a place of infinite storage. Great for miscellaneous items and instant prisons for enemies to get them out of the way. Of course, as items or people are brought closer to the chest cavity, they begin to shrink rapidly so that they can enter within that infinite storage area.

Sigma Key- Sigma is key number 18 of 24, capable of unlocking Mister Mechanical's transformation capabilities. The gears inside his body loudly spin with rapid rotation, his body expands and twists in different positions as Mister Mechanical's form becomes something else, something dangerous. Which that something dangerous is a cannon turret, firing cannon balls, in all sorts of directions and in rapid fashion.


Wind up Keys(Back): On his back, near his neck and on his right and left shoulders are wind keys that require turning from time to time. On the right shoulder, is the THOUGHT wind-up key, which lets him think, ponder, and plot accordingly, making him function similar to a living being. The left shoulder is the Speech wind-up allowing him to speak, communicate to others . In the center is the ANIMATE wind-up key, grants him bodily movement, allowing him to move around much like anything that is alive.

Turn Keys (Front): On the front arranged like buttons on a coat is three turn keys that grant him powers. These keys unlike the ones behind him can be removed and if they are removed, they can not, will not grant him those powers. However, they can be only removed if inactive.

Instruction Manual: On his back below the ANIMATE wind-up key is an instruction manual that tells anyone who can read how to run and operate himself as well as providing a key clue on how to defeat him as all anyone has to do is let either the THOUGHT or ANIMATE wind up key run down. Apparently, he can't turn his own ANIMATE wind up key and if the THOUGHT wind up key has run down, he can't think properly.


+On occasion, Mister Mechanical will twirl his metallic mustache when he's thinking to himself or just before he's about to win.

+His reaction to keys is excitable at best and obsessive at worst.

Pets(optional): None

Job: Deckhand

Other Information:

Theme Song:

Tik Tok by The London Symphony Orchestra


Name: Zakurus Dreadful

Nickname: Shop Keeper

Age: ???

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Likes: Choices, Decisions, Variables, Destiny, Chaos, Order, and anything that can change

Dislikes: Anything he deems evil, hot food that turns cold


A short man that wears a black and white checkered top hat. His entire face is hidden by a golden skull mask. His attire of his choice is elegant looking maroon colored suit with gloves and black and white leather shoes with black laces. The jacket is solid in the color with clockwork designs around the pockets and on the ebony buttons and cuffs. The pants are stripped with very thin black lines. The vest is also maroon, but with a diamond pattern, ebony buttons, and a silver pocket watch stored in the right pocket . The dress shirt is a solid black shirt.

The silver pocket watch does more than measure time, but keeps track of the year, day, and month, wind conditions, and functions as a compass, it has several golden gears with ruby encrusted dials and numbers. On his person is a clockwork ivory cane with several constantly moving gears that spin counterclockwise. Attached to the frame of his body is a gun metal black stream pondered contraption that is around specifically his limbs and torso.

Blood Type: AB


Zakurus Dreadful is at best a genius and at worst a mad man for stream engineering designs. So it wasn't surprising that he was selected for Rapscord's think tank to work on the biggest project of the decade. Of course, he was invited much later to the think tank due his "eccentric behavior" and radical ideology. He first started contributing to the think tank, when Mister Mechanical, or Maximus the Supreme (their third prototype) was just schematics. Maximus's brain was what Zakurus worked on. He wanted something more than just a tool of war, but a thinking man, that way he could decide for himself what was just and what was wrong. This is more or why the group was reluctant to invite him, because of such crazy ideas as their view point was the what if it decided to betray them (He argued that if the pirates were that just, than they deserve to lose). However, he proved that his skills were needed desperately as he was the only one to find the flaws of the other prototypes and developed a solution for it, which is the power source of the key powers, where it is housed, and how it is used. Zakurus was also the one that suggested a limited amount of keys as well as a secondary power source that would solely power their Mechanical Man, which is why Maximus is a wind up robot.

Weapons: None

Powers: Ingenuity, Scheming, Finding and Development of Bizarre Items


To play games with people, if the opportunity arises he will feel compelled to do so for either simplistic or ulterior reasons. Nor, can he resist beholding the ingenuity and cleverness of other people and clap at the accomplishments. Sometimes he presents those special people with free gifts, just because he can. Other than that, he is a physically average person


Must be eccentric at all times.

Pets(optional): None

Job: Renaissance Man of various talents and studies.
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:50 pm


Name: Yuuki Whitefang

Nickname: Snow. Her name actually means courage, but more people assume it means snow because of her white coloration

Age: Unknown. Even Yuuki herself isn't exactly sure.

Sex: Female

Species: Ookami. Cousin to the Kitsune race, Ookami are a race of demi-humans descended from wolves. They are characterized by large animalstic ears set on the top of the head above the temples, and long bushy tails protruding from the end of the spine. Their strength, speed and durability are higher than the average human, as well as their senses, but their animalistic natures leads to less emotional control than regular humans. As a group, the race is very social, and follows a strict pack mentality.

Likes: Yuuki likes music of all kinds, from classical pieces to (and especially) bawdy tavern ditties. And with a love of tavern music comes a love of booze as well. Yuuki doesn't go out of her way to get drunk, but she certainly doesn't pass up the opportunity to do so.

Dislikes: Sitting still. Yuuki is a creature of action, and as such, feels the distinct need to be doing something at all times. The only time she feels comfortable staying still is when she's sleeping. Also, she has a thing against restrictive clothing.

Appearance: Like her nickname states, Yuuki is a white Ookami. While not rare, the pale coloring is certainly unusual, and quite striking. Tall and lanky with honey-tanned skin, Yuuki is a powerfully built young(?) woman. Her frame contains very little body fat, but she doesn't look like a twig because of it. Her face has a diamond shape to it, with wide,defined cheekbones, a thin, rounded chin, and a broad forehead. Her large, ice blue eyes have a slight almond shape to them. Her bushy white hair is rather long, falling in a straight sheet that ends near the middle of her back, while long, feathery bangs frame her face and sweep across the left side of her forehead. Not far behind her bangs, right behind her left temple, Yuuki keeps two thin braids, decorated by many colorful glass beads that clink together when she moves. Her ears sit on top of her head, large white triangles with a delicate shade of pink peeking out from the inside, and are almost constantly moving.

She prefers simple clothes more likely to be found on a deckhand than a first mate. She wears a slightly overlarge cream-colored shirt with leather lacing just below the collar. Truth be told, it was a man's shirt, but Yuuki tends to dislike the close-fitting nature of women's clothing. With her shirt, she wears a baggy pair of black harem-style pants. And while her shirt is made of a soft cotton-linen material, her pants are a well-worn heavier canvas type of material. Over the waist of her shirt, Yuuki has two belts. The first is a red silk sash wound around her torso several times so that the excess hangs unevenly down to her knee. The other is a wide black leather belt with a large silver buckle, layered over the center of the sash. She wears black knee-high boots with no heel, and tucks the bottom of her pants into them, so that the canvas material balloons out around her knees. Other than the beads in her hair, Yuuki wears a bleached white wolf fang on a simple leather thong around her neck. To other Ookami, this marks her as a member of the the Whitefang clan

Blood Type: O-

History: Yuuki is the youngest member of the Whitefang clan of Ookami, one of the longest-running clans in the race. In the social hierarchy of the Ookami, Whitefangs are considered the beta family, protectors of the alphas, and to be obeyed by all others. But there were reasons for this respect, fierce fighters in their humanoid form, Whitefangs had the uncanny ability to shapeshift into a wolf form as well. They gained power and ferocity, but at a price. A shifted Whitefang was no better than a berserker, and were usually left to fight alone for the protection of the pack they belonged to. Also, shifting too much can lead to memory loss.

A long-lived race, Yuuki is much older than she looks, or is even aware of. Born nearly a century ago, she was the youngest in a small litter (three pups). She spent her life being raised with all the other pups of her pack, playing and learning together as a cohesive unit, only vaguely aware of the social status they would have later in life. For pups, everyone was equal until someone got good enough to dominate the play fights they practiced with. But once they got big enough for that to happen, they went back to their families for specialized training based on their families rank (which worked well, as pups usually had the same or similar temperament to their parents).

Yuuki proved to be a phenomenal fighter, standing far above her siblings and cousins despite her thin frame. She made up for her size with ingenuity and speed, with a grace and fluidity of movement that few of her family had seen, and ferocity unchecked when she transformed. But for her, memory loss set in early. A condition usually only seen in adult Whitefang, Yuuki had forgotten most of her childhood by the time she had reached the end of her adolescence, and she forgot more every time she transformed, managing to hold onto only the barest of information about herself, as well as the well-practiced fighting abilities. One day she simply wandered away from her home, and has been wandering the world ever since, knowing something important was missing from her life, but not being able to place what it was. She hopes to one day find what she's lost, but every transformation she makes pulls her a little bit farther away from what she longs for.

Weapons: Yuuki carries no weapons, since she herself is pretty deadly. Between her firsts, claws and fangs, she can do a substantial amount of damage unaided.

Powers: As is consistent with animalistic humanoids, Yuuki is stronger, faster, and more durable than a regular human. And her senses are as keen as her canine ancestors. But unlike most of her kind, Yuuki has the ability to transform fully into a great white wolf. It is a rare ability, passed down in only the oldest of Ookami families.

Weaknesses: Like most animalistic humanoids, with enhanced senses comes the altogether too easy failing of having those senses overloaded. Loud noises, strong smells, and bright lights in the darkness can put Yuuki out of sorts very easily. Also, she takes a lot more feeding than the average person to keep up with her enhanced physical abilities.

Quirks: Yuuki can only remember the last 20 years of her life. She's aware of the fact that she is much older than that, but she has no clue about her past. She remembers only travelling and fighting, and the intense longing of knowing who she is, but having no idea how to find that information out.

Pets(optional): None

Job: First Mate

Other Information: None
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:50 pm

Of course! Just don't o.d. on the power and we'll be good :3

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

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Name: Mistress Marfan Babayev

Nickname: Nanny/Grandnanny/Nanna
- - - -
She got the nickname "Nanny" from her motherly demeanor. She would treat any and all beings as if they were her children...that is, in the strictest way possible. And in that sense, she would always find something to nitpick at. The nickname was meant to be taken as an insult, but Marfan embraced from the very moment it was given to her. She takes a certain pleasure in knowing that people do not enjoy her overbearing nature.

"My name is Marfan Babayev. But yooh children may address me as Mistress or any diminootive of ze title Grandnanny. I vill not tahlerate ze vords 'hrrag' or 'vitch' being yoosed in description of my line of vork, jahst as I'm sahre none of yooh vill enjoy being categorized ahnderneath ze label as ze very dirt of ze Earth. If I hear ANY grahmbling, let me assure yooh zat I vill make sahre that yooh vill come to view me as ze MOST EVIL WOMAN YOOH'VE EVER ENCAHNTERED, IN YOOHR VORTHLESS EXISTENCE."

Age: 57 years old

Sex: Female (Believe it or not)

Species: Domovoi (but could also have giantess blood)

Domovoi are characterized by their hairy, short and gruff bodies. Some of them have tiny horns on their foreheads or thin tails coming from their backsides. They are hardly known for their beauty. According to common myth they have the ability to change their face or perhaps entire appearance if they wanted to. They particularly do not enjoy being watched while working, and prefer to be referred as "master" or "mistress" by those not of their race regardless of social standing or title.

They are an honorable folk, who treasure good conduct and a well kept home. Anything otherwise is met with their undying, terrifying rage. If they express ill will towards a stranger it'll probably be for a reason. They have the eyes and ears of oracles, and tend to take up work as fortune tellers or the like in whatever city they settle in. Sometimes they may even do favors for the city or town, if the citizens take care of it enough. They would even partake in festivities if invited. A common Domovoi meal is bread with salt and honey, one of their favorites and is one of the rare items that would calm a Domovoi's temper. Other favorite dishes include biscuits and milk.

Likes: Salted bread, small dark places, peace and quiet, good manners, and kindhearted folk

Dislikes: Rudeness, disobedience, gluttony/slobbery, too much sun, loud noises/places, messes/unkempt places


Blood Type: A


Marfan grew up in a small town in Umbar to a household of six children, a mother, and some members of the extended family. The weren't well renowned for being the sociable family, a lot of the townsfolk thought they were quite strange. They rarely came out during the day, but instead the elders of the family would wait until sunset to lead the family in what was a sort of nightly cleanup operation. The entire family was involved, and regularly expected payment from the town's mayor, either in money or food. If the mayor refused, disaster often followed the night afterwords, and no one would ever see who did it. But people suspected that it was the domovoi family's doing.

The town was called Dankuv, after the founder Alexander Dankuv. A statue of him stood in the townsquare, and was a popular subject for pranks played by Marfan's siblings. Marfan was against the pranks, even as a youngling. She was rather against making messes in general and had her mother's OCD for cleanliness. She, along with her siblings, was homeschooled as a child. But every now and then they would go out during the day with their mother to shop for food.

But the only time the family would ever make themselves known to the townsfolk was during the annual winter festivals. Every year they would go out of their way to help the town prepare for the winter celebrations, either by putting up decorations, sweeping the streets, or baking the food. And during the festivities themselves they would offer their services as fortune tellers, offering up half of their earnings for the town's benefit.

It was a nice exchange that the family had with the town they lived in, and they were well respected for it. Every now and then a humbled citizen who visit their abode with grateful gifts of bread, biscuits and milk, so the family always had enough food to feed the entire family. Along with her siblings, Marfan was expected to continue the grand trade of fortune telling that her family had taken up. However, Marfan wished for something more. At the age of thirteen she took up work as a maid for the local tavern, making a living for herself cleaning the tables after dark and sweeping the counter. She made good money off of it, a sixpence for every night. She kept her earnings underneath a loose floorboard located next to her bedspread on the floor up in her home's attic. She planned on saving just enough money for her to travel to the Umbar port and become an adventurer much like the ones she met while working in the tavern.

She kept the entire plan secret from the rest of her family, even the closest of her siblings. If they knew she was going to live the life of a lazy nomad they would really be cross. But Marfan disagreed with their settlements. She thought traveling could be a great experience for her and perhaps might even help her enough enough money to build her own home that she herself could be a matron of, maybe even an orphanage.

It is difficult to say how the idea of becoming a matron invaded such a young mind. But there was something about seeing the urchins on the street that just struck a chord. It was like doing the same thing her family did for centuries wasn't going to help solve the roots of the townspeople's problems.

Marfan grew aggitated, desperate to escape her family's hold on her life, desperate to be free and do something useful for a change, something that would make a difference. It was obvious that some travel would play a major role in fulfilling her life goals. The problem was who to go to. Marfan knew that once she saved up enough money she would need to have some connections. So she began sneaking outside during the day and socialized with the townspeople, something a Domovoi wouldn't normally do. She would talk with everyone; the shopkeep, the shoemaker, the mayor's children, the banker, the innkeeper, the crazy and senile, the homeless woman, the old sailor, the baker, the doctor, the tailor, and the woodcutter. She made as many connections as someone of her caliber could. Everyone was kind to her out of general admiration, not fear. But when she eventually told the town of her plans she noticed that they seemed...sad. The first thing they did was ask what her parents might think, not that it mattered her being the youngest and all. Once she assured them that it wouldn't be a problem they would address the issue of money. The more she talked about it, the grimmer the prospect seemed to become. Marfan couldn't understand why the town was so reluctant to let her go, somehow it was worse than the grip her family seemed to hold on her. The only person who really stood up for her was the tavern owner.

His name was German Mil, a simple man who was very down to earth about most things. Marfan found that, on several occasions, he was the easiest person to talk to and not because of his kindness or open mind. German was almost like the father Marfan never had. She told him her plans for the future, and he agreed that she should have a right to choose her own future but advised that she let her family know at least before they get too upset. German explained that he knew a friend who was staying at the inn who had passed through the town a number of times. His name was Doran and he usually did business with the shopkeeper in town. German suspected he was some sort of errand man for someone of noble birth. The shopkeeper would often say how odd the man's requests would be, and expensive too. He had recently stopped by asking for some strange trinket that the shopkeeper kept in the back, offering quite a hefty price for it. German advised caution and respect, for some reason Marfan suspected he didn't trust the man.

Marfan, however, liked him the moment she met him. She remembered him being nice, understandable, and not at all judgmental. He had said that he'd love a companion on his travels, someone who could handle carrying the luggage. Marfan just wanted to be useful, and useful she would eventually prove to be.

Marfan remembers the day she left her home like it was yesterday. The night before she had a large argument with her parents concerning her studies and a lack in responsibility. She was so enraged at them, that she just sneaked out. She didn't even bother leaving an apology note like she originally attended.

The night was bare, quiet, and cold. Marfan's fur hardly helped her feel any warmer. There was only one source of light that night, which came from Doran's lantern. He smiled at her, and let her use his cloak, she smiled back. She had hope, a hope that this life was going to be the life she wanted.

Her journeys with him were perfect, inspiring even. He taught her skills that were necessary in survival and showed her magic beyond her wildest dreams, while she told him the secrets of domovoi kind, secrets that were probably best kept secret. But she didn't mind, for once she was free to say whatever she liked without being judged, and she intended to take advantage of such freedom.

But it came at a price. Marfan would soon realize that her willingness to trust others would cost her dearly. The man was a errand runner for a greedy woman known only to her as Cheva. There had been talk of the daughter of a well known thief who had took her fathers stolen riches and used them to buy off land from innocent people scrapping to make a living in the frozen wastelands. They say she sent out errand boys to travel through the tunnels, collecting expenses for her contracts of protection and shared wealth. Who knew what she claimed to be protecting her clients from. Some reasoned that she was in league with the pirates, funding their raids for the sake of building an underground empire. The moment Marfan found out who Doran was, it was far too late. Cheva had learned of her family's secrets, possibly from another errand runner.

Doran had abandoned her.

Marfan had found herself, at the age of seventeen, alone at the center of commerce in Umbar. She found work at the local inn, explaining that she once worked at another inn before setting off on what she thought would be the greatest adventure a domovoi had ever faced. When the innkeeper saw her skill with keeping things tidy, she was hired on the spot. Every now and then she would encounter the very same sort of adventurers she encountered in hometown, but she somehow felt different around them than she used to act. It was like she was more wary about them. Thankfully the innkeeper took note of her insecurity, and respected it. But she couldn't open up to him the way she could before.

Two years passed, and word got out that there was a domovoi inside the city walls of the major port. Curious folk would come to peer inside the inn, only to be bluntly turned away. Everyone seemed to be convinced that this domovoi could change her appearance like the others. While Marfan had the ability, she didn't have the skill. The innkeeper himself had finally gotten her to open up about it.

"It's true that my species are experts at the art of concealment, but I'm afraid I can only make part of myself invisible."

To demonstrate this, Marfan's hand had disappeared right before the innkeeper's eyes, right before she buried herself into his chest and wept, fearing for her life.

After that, she told him everything. The innkeeper informed her that Cheva was arrested months ago, after attempting to launch a raid on a little town up north. There was apparently a family of domovois there, who chased her thugs off with such rage, they never dared to go back again. Eventually every city would claim that there were domovoi amongst their citizens.

The innkeeper had no details on the capture of Cheva and her accomplaces, but it was clear that Marfan's family had done the country a great justice that day, at the risk of exposing her people's secrets to the world. For the many months that followed, Marfan was allowed to hid in secret, but during the night she would weep periodically.

What if some members of her family were dead?

What if she would never see them again?

What if somebody tried to kill them?

Or her?

But the innkeeper was kind and allowed to stay as long as she wished so long she kept on working. However, luck would soon have it that she became ill with a terrible sickness during one of Umbar's darker winters, and had to stay all locked up in the cellar until she could feel better. Twenty year old Marfan's only friends at the time were the innkeeper and the rats that lived inside.

On the sixth week of her illness, a man who claimed to be learned in the arcane schools of magic visited the innkeeper's inn. The innkeeper had hired him, in hopes he would cure Marfan's disease, but he had to do so in secret, so no one would know. Much like any other stranger, Marfan distrusted him, and out of fear hid her entire body, for the first time in life becoming completely invisible to the naked eye. But the man was well trained in the art of detection.

She couldn't get it.

Why did the innkeeper trust her life with this man's magic?

What if he was like the others?

Marfan told herself she would rather die than be subject to a man's magic. Obviously the man disagreed. No matter how much she fought, it would be worthless in the end. The man had arranged a potion for the innkeeper to serve Marfan in disguise. This plan had failed plenty of times before he had to resolve to feeding her the drink in the middle of the night. The next morning, Marfan found that she could walk again, work again, and the innkeeper told her that she had the man to thank and that he had invited her to live with him in his manor. The man was a noble named Ezekiel.

Walking inside a nobleman's manor for the first time, filled Marfan's heart with wonder, and although she was still suspicious, although she tried to refuse, she couldn't deny the beauty of it all. For the thousandth time she wept, but this time she wept tears of joy.

The next few years with the noble were gradual, full of higher learning and mingling with the other servants. She met Arma, a human girl her age who was taking lessons from the noble. She was no servant and her family were rich, but she always stopped by to talk to the servants, maybe even sneak out some bread from the kitchen. She and Marfan would become the closest of friends, never to be seperated, always there for each other... except, for that one day on Ezekiel's ship.. That one, dark day.

The entire fiasco begun when Ezekiel offered to Arma a chance to come with him on an expedition on his private ship. She could bring a friend along if she liked, as long as it was okay with that friend's family. Her family had already agreed that she could go, after offering Ezekiel money to keep their dearest member safe. It was going to be a glorious trip, and much to Marfan's great joy Arma had chosen her!

Oh the dreams she had the night before.

The dreams of adventure, the dreams of discovery, the open seas.

She was finally going to fulfill her goals after all.

Then, that day... When Ezekiel's ship was attacked by pirates, when her best friend died.

Ezekiel probably died as well, Marfan didn't know or care. His ship was sinking, and she chose to stay with her friend's corpse until help came their way. And help did come, in the form of a trade ship on its way to Aetherius. The captain had noticed two bodies in the water, belonging to Arma and Marfan, ordering his crew to fetch them both. The captain saw that the domovoi was devastated when she arrived on his ship, and sick with the flu. On the matter of her dead friend, he ordered his crew to perform a funeral for her, and haul her body back into the sea while the crew's medic tended to Marfan. Once she got better she shared with him what had happened, and the captain would then share with her the old sailer's tales of pirates roaming the seas, cursed treasure, and ghastly voyages. And she listened.

When the ship reached port, Marfan decided she would avenge her friends death and discover the identity of the pirates who killed her friend, ruining her first voyage.

From then on Marfan's life was with the sea, and she learned from it, and kept ships clean for money and a place to stay.

She was always a quiet worker, never questioning orders, never abandoning her post, always keeping her ears open for word of pirates who flied a red flag.

Weapons: Any cleaning tool within reach is her weapon. Whether it be a pail or broom. If it strikes a nerve, she'll use it. Otherwise her heavy arms and rough hands are weapons in themselves. She is not above headbutting enemies with the sharp stubs on her forehead either.

Powers: To make up for her (ahem) largeness, Marfan inherited an ability passed down through generations and generations of Domovoi, the ability to cloak her body in a curtain of faerie glamour that allows her body to appear as glass. In other words, she can become unseen to the naked and untrained eye. This allows her to sneak into the background, and potentially spook her underlings. It is a talent she takes great pride in, and uses regularly.

Weaknesses: Her rage is her greatest weakness. Marfan has a short fuse for a temper, and can get angered easily as a result. Most of the time her rage gets the best of her, and she could get blinded in battle like an animal. An enemy can easily trip her or lead her into a trap.

Her sense of honor also stops her from attacking an enemy from behind. Whether or not they deserve it is completely out of the question. Marfan would never stand for looking like a coward in battle.

These attributes do have the potential to be a great assist, perhaps if she wasn't so overweight. Her weight and eating habits have put a great strain on her ability to keep balance, earning her a right to be called a "monster".

Quirks: Marfan knits, which is surprising for someone of her caliber, and a well kept secret. Marfan often waits for others to be fast asleep (or moments when she's completely alone) to pull out a knitting kit. Her favorite things to knit include sweaters and mittens. If she likes you enough, don't ever be surprised when suddenly you find a newly knitted sweater being stuffed underneath your sheets. It may not seem possible, but Marfan can in fact be kindhearted when she wants to be. She's not a total monster after all.

Job: Housekeep

Other Information:
• Speaks with a very thick, very deep accent. Imagine something like a lion speaking with a deep roar.
• She's a bit taller than what's expected of a Domovoi. This is possibly due to the presence of a giantess in her genealogical history (or a half-giantess more likely) who probably married her great grandfather on her mother's side.

Theme: Regina Spektor - "Apres Moi"
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:57 pm

Why not? Let's try casting my lot here as well.

Name: Ivan Kerzak

Nickname: Big Ivan, also known as “An angry drunken beard…with legs!” Big Ivan is big! Sometimes small things get smashed by accident when Big Ivan drinks...Big Ivan is sorry...

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Species: Human (Though some have speculated that he is actually more closely related to a gorilla than a human)

Likes: Big Ivan likes to talk about Big Ivan in the third person! Big Ivan likes to be LOUD! Big Ivan likes things that are loud! Big Ivan likes cannons and explosions and gunpowder! Big Ivan likes to see puny enemy ships go boom! Big Ivan likes to drink! Big Ivan likes beards! Big Ivan likes talking about his beard! Big Ivan is also very attached to the small songbird that has taken up residence in Big Ivan’s beard (his name is Charles and he is Big Ivan’s friend) Big Ivan likes friends. Big Ivan also likes a nice corncob pipe sometimes, Big Ivan thinks it funny to light fuse with the pipe.

Dislikes: Big Ivan does not like small cannons! Big Ivan does not like when Big Ivan misses! Big Ivan does not like when people think Big Ivan is stupid. Big Ivan does not like when people make fun of Charles.

Appearance: Woe be to whatever poor soul was Big Ivan’s mother. Big Ivan is a monstrosity of a man, clearing 6’7”. If there is two things that you could say about Big Ivan it would be: “big” (obviously) and “hairy”. Not many people have seen what Big Ivan’s face looks like and fewer still remember. This isn’t because of any mysterious hood that he wears or some sort of disguise. No, the truth is much simpler, no one can see through the gigantic beast trying to eat his face that he calls a beard. Massively bushy and a deep brown, his beard extends from his upper lip, allowing for a small slit where his mouth is and continues down from his chin down to the middle of his chest. On top of his head is mass of thick dark brown hair that connects to his beard through thick sideburns on each side. What little skin that one can see on his face is creased in a mass of crinkles and is a deep ruddy red from years of hardy laughter. The rest of his body is just as hairy, though most of it is kept at bay from errant sparks from the gunpowder that singes it back. Usually tanned a moderate brown, Big Ivan usually has some significant level of filth coating him which consists of some combination of gunpowder, sweat, gunpowder, grease, gunpowder, alcohol and gunpowder.

His shoulders are broad and his chest is powerful. If you had to think of a third word to describe Big Ivan, it would be “brick”. He is built powerfully and thick, with strong muscles in his arms, shoulders, back and legs that have developed from years of heavy lifting. Some say that he could carry around a cannon and use it as a personal weapon with little strain. Because of his uniquely large size, it’s difficult for Big Ivan to find clothing that don’t tear when he tries to wear it. Usually he’ll wear a rough linen shirt (often amounting to little more than a rag and stained black beyond recognition of the original coloring) and a pair of well-worn and heavily repaired linen trousers. His shoes amounted to little more than cobbled sandals made out of old strips of leather (Big Ivan is especially proud of these since he made them himself). On the rare occasion that he has to look more presentable, he had an old blue coat made out of worn calico.

Blood Type: B+

History: Big Ivan was raised in an orphanage in Cyrill ever since he was a young boy. He never learned much about who his parents were, all he ever got out of the matron was that he was probably dropped on his head when he was very young. He was always large, even as a young boy and most of the other children shunned him in fear (it didn’t help that he would accidentally smash almost any toy just by holding it in his massive hands). Instead of giving himself into loneliness, he focused his energies into tinkering and building. He started with small slingshot like mechanisms (which were more like miniature catapults to everyone else). As he begun to age past his childhood, he discovered the magic of gunpowder, much to the dismay to everyone around him.

After his first mishap nearly blowing away half of the orphanage building around the age of 14, he was suddenly decreed to be old enough to go out and live on his own. With his meager possessions in hand (which mostly consisted of several attempts to improve on his slingshot-catapult) he set up into the world. He eventually ended up in a nearby port where his large size and considerable strength quickly got him a job on a merchant ship hauling cargo. Over the next decade, he spent time on several ships where he had time to perfect his design and improve his knowledge of gunpowder, explosives and all manner of things that go boom. Those who employed him quickly learned that he was a natural as a cannoneer. Years of practice improved his skills around explosives. He even managed to redesign his childhood slingshot into a serviceable gun, though most who see it would classify it as a handheld cannon than any sort of gun.

One day after working on merchant ships for years the vessel he was on was attacked by pirates. After a fierce but ultimately losing battle, the pirates captured the vessel. Recognizing how useful Big Ivan was on the cannons, and took him in as part of their crew. For 12 more years, Big Ivan has served on several ships as a pirate, quickly changing to the change in lifestyle.

Weapons: Boomstick – Big Ivan’s own invention. A massive musket specifically built to be the right size for Big Ivan, it looks like a miniature cannon to most other people. Slow, powerful and loud, it’s the perfect weapon for someone like Big Ivan.

Fists – When your fists are the size of someone’s head, you don’t really need much more in a fight.

Powers: Big Ivan is big. His large size and brute strength makes for excellent intimidation. Big Ivan has a natural affinity to explosives and can cobble together improvised explosives with the right materials.

Weaknesses: Big Ivan isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and it isn’t that difficult to get him confused or fooled. There is a limit to how maneuverable someone as large as Big Ivan can be. Though he can be tough, most enemies see him as a giant target more than anything else. It gets really old when the hundredth drunkard thinks that he can pick a fight with you in a bar as well.

Quirks: Big Ivan doesn’t need very many things in his life to keep him happy. His favorite things, in order, are: Charles, explosions, big cannons, slightly less big cannons and alcohol. He might not be incredibly smart but he is good at what he does, and he is really good at tearing holes through ships.

Pets: Charles, a small songbird that lives in Big Ivan’s beard. It might just be Big Ivan’s relative dimwittedness but Charles seems to be more intelligent than you would expect to see in a bird. Some people joke that out of the two, Charles is the brains of the outfit. The quickest way to get Big Ivan riled up is to make fun of or endanger Charles.

Job: Master Gunner
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I'm reserving with this slightly completed CS.

Name: Fissk Amber-eye

Nickname: (Tiny) Titan - During many drinking contests Fissk has proven he can hold his own and can even deal with a drunkard or two.

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Species: Kobold - A fairly short (Ranging from 3 to 4 feet) race of bipedal lizard people. They are known to be fairly tribal, but kobolds who are not raised within the tribe will cling to any culture they are presented with. This causes many kobolds to live like a nearby culture, making many have full settlements while others have shacks. Kobolds are thought to have a very short lifespan, but they actually can live for a very long time. Conditions in which they live often causes premature death.

Likes: Felines, alcohol, basking in sunlight

Dislikes: Canines, the cold, people who can't hold their alcohol, the colour teal

Appearance: Fissk Amber-eye

Although he doesn't often wear the goggles, he is rarely seen without his gauntlets. His shorts and vest are barely more than rags but he doesn't complain. Although the tags of metal on his tail and ankles are claimed to be trophies from fights, they are actually bindings that claim ownership of him. There are three different 'previous owners' of Fissk, but none of them seem to care that he is on his own. The pack on his back is often filled with a small well-mannered kitten by the name of "Bootsy", who he is very protective of. His necklace and belt buckle are both gold with a sapphire in the middle. The necklace is rather simple, but the buckle has the symbol of a fairly well-known faith.

Blood Type: AB+

History: Fissk spent the first years of his life living off the scraps of society. His 'parents' (a few homeless people who raised him) jokingly referred to it as "Trickle Down ec'nomics". Fissk never really understood it, but he was happy. Life was simple and everyone was fairly happy. One day a few of the older homeless men thought it'd be a good idea to get some work at the docks. Sadly, this idea didn't quite pan out and they ended up getting drunk and rather in debt. For lack of a better plan they sold Fissk to the owner of the tavern and cut their losses.

Fissk quickly became a valuable member of the tavern's team, cleaning the chimneys with ease as he could climb inside them and chasing rodents with surprising skill. Fissk was loved by many of the patrons, and was seen as a 'little brother' of the community. He spent a large portion of his life here until a fateful night when a large man came in to drink. Fissk thought nothing of this, as plenty of people came into bars all the time to drink and be merry, but this man was different. He demanded information nobody had. Information on a treasure left behind by some dead pirates. After a few hours of him getting progressively drunker and irritable he finally snapped and attacked another patron. The bar became chaos, with everyone either throwing punches or leaving through the closest exit. Fissk panicked and hid under a table, watching the carnage unfold. The man had thrown two people across the bar and was striking people with no pause. When the bartended raised a pistol to shoot the man, and was quickly hit with a chair Fissk moved to action. His tiny stature made it easy for him to weave through the crowd, and he had a perfect plan. A large pair of gauntlets sat on the bar, from a patron who had fled. Fissk put them on his own hands, feeling his hands nearly hit the ground from the weight of the immense weapons. He looked up at the drunkard who had instigated the entire situation and dove at him, the gauntlets striking him in the jaw and throat. The man staggered backwards and clutched at his throat while choking. Fissk looked at the man worriedly and ran, the gauntlets still weighing him down.

Fissk sat in an alleyway, staring at the blood that stained him. He looked at the gauntlets, and at what he had with him. A travel pack, a pair of stolen brawlers gauntlets and a few gold left over from tips. He got up, putting the gauntlets in the pack and setting off to make a living where he didn't depend on others. He nodded resolutely and walked out of the alley, but his attention was turned to a bright blaze coming from the tavern. Fissk turned and ran to the tavern, staring in horror. He looked around, noting the bartender, and several barmaids who had been all inside. He sighed with relief, but the horror soon returned when the large man walked from the blazing building. Fissk raised his fists, but lowered them as he remembered he didn't have the gauntlets on anymore. Fissk turned and ran, making sure to remember the man's face so he could get revenge someday.

A few months later Fissk was traveling through a small city when he came across a pathetic mewling from a street corner. A tiny cat sat on the curb and looked up at him. Fissk just smiled and picked up the small creature, placing her in his bag. He wasn't sure why, but he felt like this was the day everything changed. He began training to fight with the gauntlets, making sure to partake in a bit of the 'drink' every once in a while to remind him of what he was doing.

Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat with clawed feet and gauntlets (both drunk and sober styles)

Powers: Fissk has the ability to hold his breath for a fairly long time

Weaknesses: A 'slight' alcoholic

Quirks: He has a slight accent, and has taken a vow of celibacy

"M'name's Feesk an I talk like thees! Hiccup..."

Pets(optional): A small tabby cat named Bootsy that hangs around his feet or in his pack at all times.

Job: Chimney Sweep

Other Information: (Anything else you’d like to add? Anything I forgot?)
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:04 am

I need to think of a better name than Mister Mechanical for my CS as well add more meat to that bone.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:06 am

Name: Lul Dac Regah Cu Zelrinch

Nickname: Regah (shorter version of his name)

Age: 24

Sex: N/A. His race have no sexual organs. The young are born from within the deceased, they call it 'growing from'. This is a purely biological process not to be confused with reincarnation. (More details on request) (I'll use male language for him for convenience, feel free to mix and match though)

Species: We. Yes I know it's a pronoun, outsiders mistook that for a name apparently and 'the We' don't care to try and correct them. They are roughly the height of the average human but their head, legs and torso are around 40% larger as well as the We being about 80% heavier overall. They have no arms; instead they have two pairs of six long, thin, bony prehensile digits extending directly from their torso around where arms should be, which are roughly as long as arms should be. Their skin is translucent by the way. Don't worry too much about a biology lesson though, most of their organs are hidden behind a dark exoskeleton save for a few membranes in the head for breathing, a reserve stomach sac at the belly, and perhaps a few nerve bundles running out to the skin. Even then you likely won't be able to see anything through the long hair all over their body and face as even though it's translucent (except on their head) it's thick enough to appear white (think polar bear).

They can eat just about anything though some cooked foods give them digestive troubles. They're well adapted for life in harsh, cold environments though with the right precautions they don't do too badly in hot weather either. They are one of the few, if not the only, surface dwelling species of Umbar. They mature at a very young age (around twelve) due to the conditions of their homeland and their absence of sexual development. They're a highly intelligent race which deals largely in philosophy and astronomy, when there isn't a blizzard. They don't have much in the way of industry though, the region in which they live just doesn't lend itself well to that.

Likes: Calm starry nights, instrumental music, the feel of soft, math (a little bit at least), observing the various other races, cakes

Dislikes: Getting wet in any significant degree, having to explain things more than once, turnips, sleep, clothes that drag the ground

Appearance: Regah is a mostly average We (See Species). He has extremely long (for a We) crimson head hair which hangs down to his shoulder and matching eyes, sometimes giving the illusion his eyes have disappeared behind his hair. He normally wears simple, solid colored robes of the sort a wizard might wear though he doesn't bother to tie them shut. On special occasional he'll where more exotic robes which are like a star map, he has several for different seasons, complete with a fiery sash. None of his clothing drags the ground, a style less common among the We. Regardless of the occasion though Regah loves to have pockets and has pockets both on the inside and outside of his robes.

Blood Type: Undefined

History: Regah was one of those who grew from the Elder of the Zelrinch council after his death, having 3 'brothers' with whom he was not close though not in conflict with. He had a slightly elevated raising because of his origin though no where near as far as human society goes. Rather he enjoyed greater expectations on him, which pushed him to maturity at an earlier than average age, he was insightful and that was encouraged of him. At nine he was handling diplomatic relations with some of the other people on the continent Umbar. This of course included travel to the capital where he learned many curious and useful things of the outside world. On one such journey, when he was around seventeen, he encountered a sailor who told him a great many stories of the world outside of Umbar. Regah had known of such places existed before but it wasn't until that encounter that he became truly interested. Within two years he'd passed on his position to another deserving individual and began his journey out into the wide world to bring back a wealth of knowledge to his people.

His journey has taken him across the sea countless times, in varied ways and with varied company. He's been to all the major ports of the world at least once, though he's mostly traveled back and forth between Eioyui and Umbar. Through the years he's learned much about the various peoples of the world and he's definitely earned his sea legs. He's also had his share of encounters with pirates, sometimes fighting them and others fighting with them (only small time pirates who spend more time endlessly wandering than successfully raiding anyone). He's gotten good at feeling when to move on to avoid trouble with the Navy though and it just so happens he's parted ways with his last crew when he quickly found another life aboard the Pine Marten.

Weapons: Ropes and chains. With all his time at sea he got very good at rigging, somewhere along the way he also learned various rope tricks, knots, and how to work a lasso. He'll have you so tied up so quick you won't be even be a threat to yourself. If you are some how he'll just slap you with his 12 bony appendages and kick you with what could essentially be iron boots.

Powers: Various fluids can be stored in the space between the skin and exoskeleton, this is great for keeping cool and hydrated in hot weather. Also since his bones are outside his body it's hard inflict any life threatening injury on him (he'll still feel injury to his skin though so get ready to get choked to death). He's almost supernaturally intuitive.

Weaknesses: He's a sinker, no literally just kick him overboard, he's not built to swim and his only hope is to suck in air and puff up like a balloon. He's extremely flammable. His 'arms' don't have a great deal of raw strength compared to even the average human. Can't even passably use most weapons.

Quirks: Has no sense of personal space, though that's much more problematic with other races than with the We. Has no table manners, eats most things with his arms instead of utensils. Is prone to writing backwards so that you need a mirror to figure out what he wrote.

Pets(optional): Kul – An extremely small (like four inches long), orange, warm weather lizard from Aetherius that often hides out on Regah's head.

Job: Boatswain

Other Information: Has a shedding prolem.
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Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:07 am

Jacques is pretty much done yay

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:17 am

I can already tell my character will not like Ivan.

But at least he's polite.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:24 am

Holy fuck, suddenly CS's

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:24 am

With rules like that, I simply have to join! Plus, steampunk pirates <3


Name: Rai'q (pronounced "Rake") Nanato

Nickname: The Rake (from his appearance and name) (might still change this)

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Drakar.

The Drakar are a race of humanoid people, who live in the far western corners of the world, among the great open fields and canyons (think Grand Canyon). They're a hardy people, who's most noticeable trait is their strange hair. Though actually calling it hair might be wrong, spikes is the more common description.

Drakar are born bald, which is the only time in their life when their ears show. As they grow older, spikes grow out of their head just like hair does. Males generally have longer, pointier spikes, whereas those of the females are smaller and nubbier. Females also feature spots on their faces. Drakar don't have "hair" color like humans do, their spikes are either black or white. They don't grow any body hair.

Their hands and feet have the same color as their "hair" does. Their fingers end in razor sharp talons that are made of the same material their spikes are made of. This allows them to easily ascend irregular, vertical surfaces. Although with the last few generations, blunting your talons is considered more civilized.

Their spikes aren't as solid as stone or metal, but are of a softer, more organic material, like really thick hair. Though they can still feel painful if bumped into. There are have nerves in them, pulling on their spikes is like pulling on someone's ear. They can move their spikes, much like a human can move their ears (to some degree). This is mostly done to show their mood, much like a dog and their tail.

There are a few variations of Drakar, there's the full colors, who are either full white or full black. These are rare and generally only seen in the royal families. The more common variation is the mixed Drakar, who has black hair and white body color.

They're quite tall, having an average length of 6'8". They're fervent jumpers and formidable climbers. Generations of climbing and jumping has also blessed them with a sturdy, but surprisingly slim build. Looks can be deceiving, a Drakar is quite strong. Their arms are rather long, in comparison to humans.

Culturally they're not so different from humans. There's a clear hierarchy, where a matron or queen stands on top. Each Drakar has their assigned task, usually based on their family. Therefor you rarely see a Drakar who's family is into mining, outside the mines. The queen (there's a king, but the queen is considered more important) and the nobility rule the Drakar society. Though the opinion of the people is asked for, if a big proposition concerns them.

Religiously the Drakar don't believe in any gods, considering the work they themselves do is more important than some unseen force. But that doesn't mean religion has no hold in the Drakar cities, human influences and international trading have opened up opportunities for churches to get a new foothold in new territories and some Drakar seem to be intrigued by these so called religions. Currently there's a small dispute in Drakar lands, as the queen and the majority of the nobility are voting to outlaw any and all forms of religion. As they feel it "Threatens the Drakar way of life."

The Drakar are excellent hunters and miners, both of which are their main export products. Technologically they're still years behind on most other civilizations.

Likes: Climbing, running, being active. Rai'q also loves to talk and talk and talk and talk, often telling three stories at the same time. He also loves to eat, all that moving and talking can work up quite the appetite after all. Warm places, it reminds him of home. Heights, its the whole reason he joined the crew, Drakar are used to heights unlike any other race. Despite his love for moving, he also loves a good nap. But that is more of a Drakar thing.

"Why run, when you can walk? Why walk, when you can stand still? Why stand, when you can sit? Why sit, when you can lay down? Why stay awake, when you can sleep?" - Drakar saying.

Dislikes: Sitting still for a prolonged period of time, this makes him shifty and he'll usually start bugging other people. Being hungry. Colds, Drakar are more suited for warm climates although they can take some coldness. Fighting, he isn't much of a fighter. He's more of a coward really. Hates waking up, he's not much of a morning person. Animals, there aren't a lot of them in Drakar country, it being a rather desolate place and all, and his first encounter with wildlife was less than successful. People pulling on his spikes, it hurts and is rather rude, what would you say if someone suddenly starts pulling on your hair?

Appearance: Rai'q looks like your typical Drakar, standing at around 6'17" with a slim build. He's a mixed Drakar, so he has a caucasian body color, while his spikes, hands and feet are black. Unlike most of his generation, Rai'q prefers to keep the talons, it makes moving about so much easier, even if he sometimes accidentally hurts someone.
His eyes are dark blue of color, which always seem energetic.

As for clothing. A simple looking grey tank top, with beige shorts and suspenders. Around his waist he wears a red cloth he can use to clean things with, although he prefers no to (it makes him look dirty). He doesn't wear any shoes, like all Drakar. When they're in high altitude he wears a very large coat, which kinda makes him look like a big puffed cone. And it's the only time he'll reluctantly wear shoes. He doesn't deal with the cold very well.

Blood Type: All Drakar share the same blood type, but it is incompatible with other races. For vampires it would probably taste like metal.

History: (What is the history of your character? Where and how did they grow up? Who was in their lives that has changed them and how did this change them? How did they get here? Are they a pirate, or possibly one of the more respectable folk?)

Weapons: Rai'q isn't much of a fighter, but like a cornered cat he can still lash out quite severely with his talons. And most people tend to underestimate him just from the way he looks. And at least he can figure out which side of a sword is meant for stabbing.

Powers: Other than being a good climber, jumper, stronger than he looks and quite agile. No.

Weaknesses: Rai'q isn't the smartest person out there and is easily outmatched by someone who is simply smarter. He also has trouble hurting people, so a little acting can help you drop his guard. Pulling on his spikes is also a good way to get him angry (or hurt, depending on the situation).

Quirks: Most Drakar are contend with whatever job they are assigned to, knowing they are doing their part for the society. But not Rai'q, he never was one to settle down into his miner job, instead he craved adventure, to see the world, maybe even get rich. Something that isn't very common among Drakar and made him somewhat of an outcast.
Rai'q also talks, a lot, often multiple stories at the same time. Most revolve around him, but discerning which ones are true and which ones aren't can be a daytask.

Pets(optional): Rai'q doesn't like animals.

Job: Chimney Sweep. His agile climbing skills make cleaning the pipes a breeze... Somewhat, there are times when he gets a little too overconfident and he gets stuck in the chimney. He loves to sit on top of the chimney and enjoy the view, knowing that he got the best view of everybody on the ship.

Other Information: Don't pull his spikes, he really doesn't like that.

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Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:29 am

Name: Eward Sebastian Abraham Valentine

Nickname: The Leech, ‘Bloody’ Valentine

Age: 27 in appearance (Probable actual age is more like 270)

Sex: Male

Species: Vampire

Likes: Eward has severe OCD, meaning that everything has to be tidy and everything must have its place, if not then he freaks out and begins to tidy up even if the thing he is tidying is already in perfect order. He likes wine and likes to think of himself as a connoisseur, tasting various types with an extreme degree of criticism he does the same for blood as he views the two very similar in taste.

Dislikes: HATES mess, anything messy or unclean he will go berserk over and will have to stop what he’s doing immediately to sort it out. He dislikes sunlight as it causes him a severe allergic reaction unlike most vampire who’ll burn to a crisp on contact, to prevent this he’ll usually carry around sun cream and goggles as to stop it giving him a very irritating and painful rash.

Appearance: Eward stands at 5’7” which is small for most pure vampires who tend to be taller and leaner, his weight is 115lbs which means he is skinny but there are skinnier taller vampires. His skin tone is the classic vampire porcelain white that makes his short black hair look even darker and his brown eyes even deeper.
His clothing consists of a set of black goggles with red lenses that sit on top of his forehead unless on a very sunny day in which he properly wears them, a lab jacket that is buttoned up all the to the top of the neck as his OCD won’t let him have it any other way and also has a black bandolier which houses all his surgical tools, a pair of tight black latex gloves which fit his hands perfectly as if fitted, a white belt which contains pouches that store all his syringes and chemicals, a pair of black silk trousers and a pair of white suede shoes which are immaculately clean.
He does have other clothing when not in his surgical gear which consists of a red velvet high collared shirt with black cravat, black lace gloves, black silk trousers and red suede shoes, on his eyes he still tends to wear his goggles as he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blood Type: O+ (But enjoys to sample a variety of blood as if it were like wine)

History: Estoria, a capital in the port of Eioyui. A place filled with high class and higher purses, also a place where the eccentric and socialistic live it also happens to be the where Eward lived. A very well respected surgeon born to a socialite mother and a stock exchange father meaning he had the money and the connection to back up his fame. He's sliced and diced the wealthy to the poorest of people, his only fee is a wine bottle of his patients blood a small price for mere moments of sheer perfectionist surgery and absolute healthcare.

Though for one man it was a price too far, a gangster name Anatolli well known in most circles like Eward but a man known for his darker antics such as giving a whole ship cement bunny slppers just for being one penny short of a docking fee in his territory. Anatolli had come to Eward for some routine surgery to keep his receding hairline from retreating any further, upon completion Anatolli was delighted up until the point that Eward asked for his fee of the Gangster's blood. Anatolli was furious and pulled out a gun and shot Eward, Eward being a vampire took the hit and still stood but Anatolli called in backup in which his group of gangster buddies burst in with Tommy-guns a blaring. Eward jumped out of the window of his 5 story high healthcare complex in which he completely owned. Eward feared for his life in that Anatolli would be soon beating down his mansion's doors so the vampire decided to do the only thing he could. Flee the port under the guise of a pirate ship.

Distraught to leave his old life behind Eward waved a sad farewell to his old life and reluctantly accepted his new, with his collection of blood wines that he's collected over the hundreds of years and all his surgery gear Eward plans to make a new start on the ship as the crew's Doctor.

Weapons: Eward has a bandolier of various surgical implements such as knives, cleavers and scalpels, he has a rather specialist skill level with these tools to the point of cutting someone’s ear off and only 5 minutes later will the person feel it which helps greatly in his profession. He also has a belt full of syringes filled various liquids that could either be helpful (morphine to ease pain) or harmful (various toxins and poisons) which can be used on friend or foe alike.

Powers: Being a vampire he can regenerate most wounds depending on the amount of blood he’s ingested during the day, this does not include his own blood which will do him no good but other blood will help stimulate the regenerative process. He also has immense strength, being able to lift nearly two cars with the ease of a human trying to lift a half gallon barrel. He can also climb walls with relative ease due to his vampiric claws and can even levitate short distances.

Weaknesses: Sunlight can cause him immense suffering and discomfort if not properly protected against with either sun cream or clothing, he can die from it if left out long enough but it’d take hours of agonising pain until he succumbed to death. Some poisons can kill him outright especially anything mixed with Silver and Garlic but the two separately won’t have much effect as he can eat garlic whole and be stabbed/shot with silver, but the latter will cause him to regenerate the wound slower meaning that enough silver wounds can cause him to bleed out.

Quirks: As Eward is a vampire but also being a Doctor he must refrain from drinking his patient dry if they sustain a wound that is of a bleeding nature, with this he has his surgical mask attached to an air tank full of blood as to stop him from feeding.

Job: Doctor

Other Information: Eward is a keen reader and will often be seen perusing through some fine literature or book on philosophy as he loves to read stuff about how people perceive the world because he thinks it ridiculously funny for people to have these strange notions as he is a man of fact and scientific understanding.
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Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:14 pm

Name: Faust LeFleur

Nickname: The Fallen Flower. Faust's last name can be translated to the flower, so for kicks, those Faust know like to call him the fallen flower.

Age: 25 

Sex: male


Likes: Roses, Woman, Meat, animals, and fine wine.

Dislikes: Self entitled people, authority.


Human Form:


Wendigo Form:


Blood Type: O

History: Faust was once a simple sailor who had gone to sea as a simple deck hand. Poor and starving, Faust had been desperate for money, and so signed up for the task without even knowing where they were off too. It would turn out to be a suicide mission. The sea was rough, the ship hitting storm after storm, weather like nothing Faust had ever seen. After one such storm, Faust asked one of his fellow crew members, and found out that the captain was in search of a mythical island that could grant one amazing power. The Captain had been obsessed with this, and in his pursuit, drove them into a typhoon.

When Faust awoke, he found himself on a beach, the ship completely destroyed, blood in the water. He had survived along with a handful of other, including the captain. Convinced that this was the island, the Captain ordered his men to search for anything that could lead him to the mysterious power. It was shortly after this that Faust began to hear the voice. A monstrous voice that told him to give in to his most primal instincts, to kill and feed. Faust ignored the voice, believing it to be simply the island playing trick with his mind. However, the voice got louder and more forceful until finally, Faust gave in. He ambushed the captain, his strength suddenly twice it was before, and sunk his teeth into his neck, tearing flesh from bone. Within minutes, Faust had consumed the Captains flesh, and turned on the few remaining crew mates, his body transforming into a monstrous beast. Faust had found the power that the Captain had been looking for, the power of an ancient spirit that had resided on this island for centuries: The power of the Wendigo.

Faust lived on the island for another year, feeding on the flesh of the wildlife. He learned to gain control of not only his hunger, but the power that came with it as well. He created a raft, and left the Island with a bag of raw animal flesh, and was picked up by a pirate ship after a week on the sea. Faust proceeded to transform and consume the captain, taking control of the ship, becoming a pirate. After three years of the Captain life, Faust decided to call it quits, and left control of his ship to his first mate, and simply disappeared. However, his crew would hear rumours of a man with amazing strength who could consume an entire person within seconds.....

Weapons: Six Daggers that Faust hold in between his fingers. Each Dagger is tied to wires, which are tied around his fingers. The wires allow Faust to manipulate his daggers even when he throws them. The wires can reach around 10 feet, giving Faust an edge.


Massive Strength: Faust's strength is 2x that of a normal man.

Craving for Human flesh: Though not an actual power, Faust has an insatiable craving for human flesh due to the power of the Wendigo.

Accelerated healing: A wound that would normaly take weeks to heal will only take a day or two to heal for Faust.

Wendigo Form: When Faust takes on his Wendigo Form, all these powers are increased. His Strength becomes 4x that of a normal man, and his skin becomes harder then rock. The side affect of taking this form is that Faust must consume at least 4 full grown people during or after he is in this form, or he will die....so he uses it only as a last resort kind of thing.

Weaknesses: Faust's greatest strength is also perhaps his greatest weakness: His Wendigo form. If Faust uses the form in battle, he will die unless he can consume the flesh of 4 people. Another one of Faust's weaknesses is his craving for human flesh. While he has it under control, it can be hard for Faust to control it sometimes, and the smell of blood, especially on the battle field, can make it hard for him to keep himself under control.

Quirks: Despite living as a homeless person most of his life, Faust is very articulated, and dresses very well. Also, he has a more then odd love of meat, any meat in fact. When he eats, he orders huge amounts of meat to eat, usually....raw.

Pets(optional): Faust has a pet Peregrine Falcon, which is actually quite safe, as Faust does not like the taste of bird meat. It serves as his companion, and as a spy, usually flying ahead to indicate if Faust is near land or not.

Job: First Mate
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Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:16 pm

Kinda OP aren't ya, Wendigo?

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:17 pm

Maybe. I tried not too, but if the GM thinks I am, then I will be more then happy to....dwindle his powers.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:20 pm

o.O .....Ok like Fummo said bit overpowered I mean my character is a vampire and even then I really played it down to a fairly almost underpowered status.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:33 pm

Alright, I fixed him up. He shouldn't be over powered now. I hope.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:55 pm

HeartlessAngel18 wrote:Image

With something like that I would have white wine, I think.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:12 pm

That or a blood with a dark rich texture and a nutty taste.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:21 pm

Yeah, might want to tone that down a bit Heartless :/

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:55 pm

Not to mention actually write out an appearance for your character, instead of snagging a picture from an anime.

Re: FPRP III: New Beginnings

Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:03 pm

Karo wrote:Not to mention actually write out an appearance for your character, instead of snagging a picture from an anime.

Or do both, since it's very rare that anyone actually intends to copy and paste a character's appearance 100% anyways.
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