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Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:53 am

"That...must be quite a handy talent." Aduros replied, thinking about how that would make the priest's job a lot easier. He'd heard many a tale of how a priest had been disemboweled before they could speak the necessary holy words. (But maybe not as useful as you'd prefer.) he though, one of his four floating eyes looking at the priest's scar. Pride, the greatest sin. he said quietly as she described the deluded demon. (He's lucky he was curious about the poor instead of deciding to take over someone of importance, otherwise he would have been found and dealt with sooner) he thought to himself, nodding at the priest's strategy. Others would have thought it a little odd of the priest to suggest such an underhanded tactic or noticed the tremor in her voice, but Aduro had never been good at reading people and the tactic seemed perfectly sound to him. It's what he would have done if given the opportunity, although he would have taken care of the demon sooner rather than later. Probably him in particular. I imagine it must be quite annoying for the other downtrodden souls to have to deal with an egotistical jackass, constantly saying he's better then them. he suggested, although he knew this was just his own opinion. He'd made assumptions on human nature which had gotten him into trouble before, such a strange and varied race.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:11 am

"It is useful for making demons more.. agreeable, and the reason I choose now is not only because of his request, but because of the very reason you just mentioned. Other members of the homeless community have complained recently, suspecting possession." She said, searching for the word. As the two left the grocer's, Harper remained mostly silent as she led Aduro to an alleyway.

"This is the place he frequents." She looked down the alley. "Show yourself, Hans Gro├čer." She called down the alleyway for the possessed man.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:17 pm

Image |Temple - Interior| Image

Arelyn sighed as the demon bellowed at her, she had to crane her neck upwards just to be able to see the thing's face. She skipped backwards a step as the illusion swung it's arm at her, but somehow she still manages to hear the shuffling of feet through the swish of air that blew past her nose. "I'm going to be very cross if my dress gets dirty from this." Glancing down at her glowing hand, she channeled a little more of the energy from her earring and focused the light so that it was creating a beam from her fingertip, rather than causing her entire hand to glow. Now that it was much smaller, she hoped the light would have enough power to cut through the illusion completely, in order to end this nonsense once and for all. Taking aim, she swept the beam of light up between the demon's legs, hoping to reveal the owner of the illusion shuffling around right behind his creature.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:04 am


A weak groan escaped somewhere a few yard from Harper, faint and almost void of feeling but still somehow able to reach it's destination. The man making the weak groan was an elderly man in roughly his 60's, grey hair and bald. His clothing was tattered and patched in odd places and wore a long coat that hung down to his knees while standing, all of it did little to hide how frail the man had become.
Before possession, Hans had a fairly stern frame from years of military life but like most of the homeless in the area he had simply chosen to live indoors after the battle's he'd fought for the temple. A harsh life fit him better than one of a child having his hand held by the Templars grace.

Yet there he lay, a worn wool blanket across his body while he was sprawled across a patch of hay. Groaning again with a wheeze, Hans turned to see Harper approach. Sweat rolled down his forehead continuously. Evidently this was not the finest moment of a former soldier.
With weak and wheezed words, he mumbled. "Harper.... did you.... find a... master.." A violent cough caused the elderly man to spit up a bit of blood.


Her beam had diffused the illusion wherever it touched, even the hulking demon was phased out where it touched. What was disturbing about the situation became apparent as it lunged forward with it's knee, normally it would have simply gone through her and revealed itself as a phony copy or trick... the blow hit was realer than a solid wall.
A brief glimpse revealed a masked figure, a clowns smiling face but twisted and wrong, wearing a hooded coat made of a vibrant white and gold mixture. Only a brief glimpse but not enough to get an accurate idea of who it was at all since nobody in the temple wore such a mask before.

Unfortunately for the duo, Arelyn's prized earring was strangely disconnected when the behemoth's blow landed. Rolling somewhere in the laboratory. A brief glimpse showed it simply phasing out of reality. Whatever was dropped could not be found once it left their bodies.

Laughter erupted from every direction, high pitched and outright hysterical. It spoke to them during the laughter, "A foe of brawn and twisted steel is felled with the swing of a sword, but an empty mind caught in a horribe bind is not so easily bored! To conquer ones own thought is not with mere trinkets; Stolen or bought. What lays in front of you may seem impossible to overcome, but remember that mind battlers are won by following the rule of thumb!" More laughter echoed from the walls and floor, slowly fading out into the nothingness from which they came.
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Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:52 am

Harper gazed down at the man, a look of pity and contempt in her eyes. "I have, Hans." She nodded to Aduro. She felt sorry for the man on some level, seeing how weak he was and knowing that the process of exorcism might kill him, but she put aside these feelings as she knew this was the right thing to do.

"Demons must be stopped, at all costs. If they aren't they'll bring pain to more than just those they possess." She thought to herself.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:16 pm

"Oh." said Aduro simply, his eyes remaining blank as he looked at the fallen soldie, his other four angelic eyes descended to the man and began to study him, their eyes changing from their original icy crystal blue, exactly like Aduro's, to green, red, dark blue and others as their vision changed, showing Aduro everything that was needed to know about the man, then, each eye turned red and floated away from the man and back to Aduro. "So this is the demon you are." Aduro said quietly, one half of his blue eyes taking a red tint while the other half turned a pale white, light gleaming gently from them. "And the man you were." he added. He bowed, a hand crossing his chest as he did so and straightened back up, waving his other hand to dispell his floating summons, his eyes remaining their strange colour. An odd mixture of blood angry red and an angelic white which stared intently at the haunted man. "I would talk with your denizen now, if you could call upon him sir." His tone taking on a much more reserved and above all, mannerly, manner.
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Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:57 pm

Naomi - Temple Forge

She let her fingers glide along the long cool barrels, the guns themselves looked nothing like hers. Compared to these rifles hers looked like an jewel among rocks. But it wasn't like they didn't serve their purpose, where her weapon failed at range, these excelled at it. But they were completely useless in close quarter combat and had a extensive reload time.

Naomi turned to Elsebelle "If you want to, you can take a break. We wouldn't want you to collapse here." though she seemed to be handling the heat just fine. She turned back to Frederick "First things first, we'll need to design a new firing mechanism. These old flintlock systems are simply too slow. For that we'll have to design a new bullet as well, which will require some trial and error, it has to be the exact right size to deliver both power and range and we'll have to measure how much gunpowder will be needed. Too much and you'll blow open the barrel, too little and it wont go anywhere."

Ideally she'd love to turn this weapon into the field she lacked, long range combat. A single powerful bullet, delivered over an extreme range with perfect accuracy. Something that could drop a demon in one go, if hit in the right place. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, first things first, a firing mechanism that required less reload time. "Perhaps a folding stock." she muttered to herself as she picked up the rifle, turning it in her hands. "Hmm, perhaps you two have a better idea on how to get the bullet into the barrel more quickly?" she asked at both Frederick and Elsebelle, neither had any real experience with guns, but that was a good thing, as neither her or her mother had any experience when they created the shotgun and it was a marvelous piece of technology. Sometimes, all that was needed was some creative imagination.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:20 am


Frederick rubbed his chin, clearly in deep thought about something. He spoke up a moment later when inspiration hit. "What if the reload time Doesn't matter? Shave of a second or 2 would be ideal but hear me out. Holy rounds. Use more efficient bullets like these rifles do-" Motioning to the rifles upon the table, and then picking up one of the pellets used as ammunition. "Put them in capsules with gunpowder already in it. Use the hammer the cause a short spark that launches the contents or something like that."

Fred held out his hands for a moment, asking them to wait while he ran down to the main forge floor to pick up an unfinished pellet. With a swing of a hammer it broke in half with ease, revealing the hollowed middle. Rushing back up to the table he put it down for all to observe before speaking again. "Regular bullet, hollowed middle. Why not make the pellet a stronger material and use the hollowed out part to hold holy water or alchemic poisons. With 1 shot you could fell any demon regardless of where it hit."

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:59 pm

~Chuck Walton - What the hell's going on around here?~

Chuck nodded as Arelyn acknowledged that it was a test. 'No wonder he didn't want me to be late today.' he thought as she continued to shine her light around the area. Out of nowhere it seemed a demon was revealed in the illusion. There was only one problem, Chuck couldn't tell what was real or not in this illusion. Arelyn managed to get out of the way of his strike, but Chuck isn't as...mobile, so he did as he always did in that situation, he raised his shield towards the demon's strike. 'We'll find out shortly if this is just another illusion.' he thought.

Before the demon could strike though, Arelyn dispelled it as well. At least he thought so, until a figure struck his fellow knight, an odd looking man to be sure. Chuck quickly ran towards Arelyn instead of after the odd man. "Are you alright Arelyn?" he asked his fellow knight before shooting an irritated look at the new occupant of the room. "Is he mocking us? Or actually trying to help?" he asked turning back his attention to Arelyn.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:34 am

Image |Temple - Interior| Image

A thunderous glare crossed Arelyn's face as both parts of her earring seemingly detached from her ear. The hit had winded her slightly, but she relied on her training and her willpower to hide that fact. She didn't attack the demon in return, that would just be silly, but woe to the man who had taken her mother's earring from her. She glanced back as Chuck asked if she was alright, but only took her eyes away from what was in front of her for a moment. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

She paused as laughter echoed from all around, and the rhyme that intertwined with the irritating chuckle. "An empty mind?" A smile began to creep over her face as she formed an idea. Folding her hands in front of her, she closed her eyes and began to speak, softly at first, but increasing her volume every so often. They were no words of power, but a lesson she had been taught as a small child in the Temple, one of the very first she had learned after her parents had died. She had realized she was focusing too much on what was happening before her eyes, and that was exactly why she had not broken free of the illusion when she had thought to break free using her spiritual power.

"Blessed is the man who lives free of temptation, for temptation is the gateway to Sin. For Sin is all-consuming in heart and in mind, and with Sin lies the path of possession from Evil. Blessed are the Pure-Hearted, who with kind word and good deed, strive to drive Sin away from man. May they ever remain humble and compassionate in their work, for those who are lost in Sin can yet be saved when shown the Light. Blessed are the Mighty, who work evermore to protect man from Evil. May their bravery and devotion shine from every heart they touch. Blessed are the Righteous, for their teachings inspire others to follow the path of Good. May their Wisdom guide us for generations to come." Over and over again Arelyn repeated the short passage, until she relaxed completely, and nothing else filled her mind.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:13 am


"I wish to speak with your denize."

Hans was quiet for a few moments. His chest barely taking in breathe and the poor mans eyes seemed to stare into nothingness. Time crawled forward as an irregular spiritual presence began to fill the area, it leaked in the same way gas founds it's way through cracks in the walls. Aduro's sensitive eyes would likely see the red-tinted gas as clearly as the very person it was being called to.
Swirling and churning around the elderly man before sinking into his body. New life surged in him, muscles expanded and the grim expression turned to a calmer expression while his breathing stabalized. The man looked like time had reversed. A man in his early thirties lay before them now but with violent red eyes, staring at and past Aduro's own.
"Se'engrir-" As the entity spoke it released a foul puff of black smoke from it's mouth, "Has answered... The call..." Leaning up in the bed slowly, it turned to observe Harper and Aduro.

"Excorcists... Cannot.... Remove me...." A faint glow emanated from the mans chest, surfacing from his skin was a faint sliver of some foreign steel that had merged with Hans' body. "Exile.... Angels war.... unholy pact..." It rambled aimlessly, not truly speaking to them but instead trying to remember the circumstances for it's presence.

The demon at this moment was obvious, a voltik as they were referred by other demon ilk. They were the souls used to forge an unholy weapon. In the line of duty, Han's had taken a sliver of one such blade into his chest but never noticed. The voltik soul is not released from it's bonds until the blade has lost a life source. It was killing Hans not to be evil, but to free itself from a prison.


The lumbering demon was staggered for a moment, the woman's chant had an effect unlike any swing of a sword. Once you truly knew something was not real it could not hurt you but you could sure hurt it!
Despite that, the aparration did not fade or turn to reality, instead it got angry. The howl emanating from the filthy creature was meant to break concentration. It's last bit of existence was aimed to swing one of it's heavy clubbed arms at Chuck. Too little, too late.
A sickening pop echoed through the now empty corridors and hallways, the creature was gone and the room had returned to business as usual.

All around them were priests and Alchemists watching with wry grins, younger trainee's from various areas were invited to watch how experienced soldiers fought off a powerful illusion. All had apparently learned what it meant to be calm of mind and clear in mission.

In the doorway stood the Elder who'd brought the two of them here, beside him was a the laughing figure in the twisted clowns face, a white and gold coat overtop the robes of a high ranked trainer for the temple. When it spoke, Chuck and Arelyn knew who it was completely. Merissa Elicott. Leader of the Alchemy division of Blessed Temple.

Her voice was sincere, if a little crazed from the years of alchemic mishaps commonly associated with the job title. "Congratulations you two! That was incredible, most people who inhale the mixture I used simply faint or fail to complete the final trial. I must say that was certainly impressive!"
Clapping hysterically she walked forward to hug them both before addressing the gathered crowd. "Thank you for watching the lesson today everyone, please remember the tips used here today should you ever find yourself in a situation like this. It is Mind over reality, once a trick has been revealed it cannot exist!."

The crowd cheered for the two knights, slowly thinning as they returned to various duties or training. The elder at the back simply bowed humbly at the two, praying silently they did not become enraged for his deceit.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:28 pm

Naomi - Temple Forge

She couldn't help but frown, hollow bullets with chemicals in them? That's... That's... Well, it's brilliant actually. Not only doing the damage from the impact, but also poisoning them. And what Frederick said was true as well, as long as the holy water got in a demons bloodstream, it was as good as dead. Accuracy would become mote as even a shot in their toes could potentially kill them. Immediately Naomi's eyes started darting left and right, thinking of possibilities, while a smile started forming on her face. Pacing back and forth she felt that familiar energetic feeling bubbling up from deep within, that same gleeful energy she had always experienced when she and her mother were tinkering.

Abruptly she turned around and started searching through stacks of work-orders, hoping to find a piece of paper that was somewhat empty. "Frederick, you sure you weren't an engineer in a previous life?" she called out towards the man behind her, when she finally did find a piece of unscathed paper. Quickly she grabbed for a piece of charcoal and made some quick doodles. It was almost as if the lines were flowing out of her hands, as crude as they were. But after a few minutes she was pleased with what she had, so she turned around and placed the scribbled piece of paper on the table in front of Frederick and Elsebelle.


"Frederick, we could kiss you right now." she blurted out, high on the excitement. The numbers were still very raw, but field tests should easily resolve those. It would be a very expensive round to make, requiring a lot of fine-tuning and craftsmanship. It was like creating a piece of jewelry, any little mistake would immediately be seen. Or in this case, it could make the glass shatter just from the sheer power exerted on it inside the barrel. "If we can get this to work, it'll open up a whole new field for demon hunting."

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:13 pm

Aduro stepped back cautiously as the red mist began to expand around the alley and then concentrate into the man. Interesting. he thought as his eyes flickered through colours, blue and red, white and black, orange and green, staring back at the man's demonic eyes with a certain fascination. His heart swelled as he saw the metal shine through the man's chest. A voltik. he whispered in a hushed breath as he breathed out in wonder. That goes by the name of Se'engrir. He remembered coming across the name of Se'engrir in the library before, one of the demonic swords actually akin to the infamous Stormbringer. The wonder in his eyes turned to a sinister craftiness as he gazed greedily at the sliver, a plan beginning to spark off in his mind. He wondered if he could give it as a present to Naomi, he was sure she'd at least find something she'd enjoy doing to it, even if it was just hammering at it on an anvil. He stepped to Harper as his eyes settled on a mixture of red and white again, and whispered to her "We'll have to cut it out of him somehow, it's physically possessing him. You'd better contact a doctor or a surgeon of some kind as I suspect it could get bloody I'll summon a lower angelus militus and the moment it has a chance it will slash his chest open."

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:45 pm

Tyvail, Simplicity. If only.

"Were it so easy, my masters." Tyvail breathed as weariness once more crept into his mind, something was haunting him and it reflected deeply in his eyes, "A year ago a came across a village plagued with an infestation, one that was far beyond my capability. I...I was unable to determine the true cause of this infestation, I still seek the answers for those who have lost their lives... I would tarnish their memory if I merely stopped." He shook his head as he realized that his words were somewhat incoherent.

Taking several deep breathes Tyvail opened the Grimoire, or rather the book seemed to come to life as the pages moved by themselves until it felt it was at the appropriate placeholder for the tale. The time-stained pages seemed blank at first until the paladin spoke, "It was a year ago in the village of Areita, I heard a disturbing rumor of people vanishing leaving on blood stains and severed limbs to mark the missing. I thought foolishly that perhaps I could assist them, still I sent my report as protocol demanded yet as the days passed I learnt that my chosen messenger was amongst the recently deceased meaning. I was forced to decide to either wait and attempt to contact the temple through another messenger or to investigate alone. Naturally I choose the latter, time had been lost and I knew it would days perhaps weeks for assistance to arrive..."

The pages now flow with ink as the inert magic was awakened, in one fluid motion still images were drawn, of a village cast in a long shadow, frightened mothers, fathers, of frightened sons and daughters. The page turned revealing a hesitant Tyvail, "At first I believed it to be bandits who recently turned to demon-worshiping, the killings were random, it was sloppy... or at least that was what I thought..." Tyvail closed his eyes as an image of a cloaked figure was drawn, hidden within a living shadow save for it's glowing blade; A bastard sword covered in countless runes and decorated with the souls it had devoured. Somehow the still images were able to capture the very screams and pleas of the lost, those who had been slain without mercy by this blade.
"On my fourth night within the village I witness the creature take it's next victim, I was powerless to stop it... my incantations, my wards, my shield.... nothing.... the blade and it's pet merely claimed what they willed before turning to me. With but a single stroke they cut me down... leaving alive to spread fear and sow doubt within the village." The next page held the image of a humiliated paladin who knelt in prayer and repentance.

"Were it not for the local clergy I may have lost my will to continue, somehow the blade was able to pass on the despair of it's prisoners, the despair of the hundreds of souls who could only watch as they watched their loved ones slaughtered like livestock... it reveled in their cries... and so too did it's pet." The paladin took a moment to regain his composure as if he was reliving the events, "I knew I could not best him. But I also knew that I could not turn away from those in need. Paying no heed to the clergy I left their care to face the demon once more. " A desperate battle took place, the images showed that Tyvail was fighting a losing battle, the images grew more and more vivid as every page was turned, one could almost hear every time the blades met, the dull metallic clang and the wet wrench that signaled rending of flesh until finally it showed Tyvail once more on his knees, the cloaked figure stood victorious but as the page turned it was Tyvail who was smiling, as the image expanded the ground was covered in his blood but the area around where the paladin knelt held significance for he had painted several runes using his very blood.
"It never realized the duty of a paladin, my duty is to the innocent, not to myself. Had it not been for the relics the answer would never have come to me and I would have certainly been slain." The pages seemed to burst into fire as the runes began to glow, a hollow cry began to erupt from blade as it was forced to remember it's defeat, "Because it had taken my blood, it was beginning to claim my soul as it's own, it was trying to trap me within... I allowed to do so, I became the bridge so that the relics could purge it from the inside. Whilst I still lived I am an avatar of the light, that was what you taught us and as a paladin, I. am. sacrifice."

The figure seemed to howl in fury as it was cast back into the abyss, unable to hold the blade any more, leaving it's host crippled by the few wounds Tyvail had been able to deal it, the bound demon and the representations of the two relics seemed to battle within the blade until darkness fell... the pages went blank once more. "When the ritual was done, I was able to exorcise the blade to an extent, a victory for the light.... but at a price you as my masters will find much too costly.... My very soul is anchored to both the blade and the relic, I feel the blade tugging at me whispering promise of power, while the Grimoire and Lantern prevent the darkness from truly claiming my body. I was able to liberate the lost, guide them towards judgement's gates but was unable to lift it's curse... to purge the demon within the Blade of Thirsting.... The prison of Kal'Drwer..." The candles seemed to flicker at the mention of the name.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:39 pm

Harper looked skeptically at Aduro. She was not one to immediately prescribe to slashing a man open, even if he were possessed by a demon.

"I will not resort to such hideous means as a first resort in exorcising this beast." Harper whispered harshly to Aduro. She was dismayed at how quickly the young man had turned to violence as a means to victory. This was one of the primary reasons she did not much care for many of the younger temple members, as she felt they were too hasty and eager to get their jobs done even at the cost of others in some instances.

"Se'engrir, you wish to be rid of this mortal who you are bound to, yes?" She looked with contempt upon the possessed man. The plan that had formulated in her head would be to attempt to move the Voltik into a body that was expendable, somehow. Harper was fundamentally opposed to killing humans, but she had no problems with killing animals if it was required of her or was for the sake of banishing a demon.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:51 pm

Aduro stepped back, partly from surprise at her tone and also because he sensed this little discussion was over. He fumed silently, his expression remaining blank as he stared at the demon in the man's chest, this stupid woman was making things difficult, true, his methods were a bit messy, but it as the best option. If this demon escaped, people would die, possibly one of them, and besides, angels are very perfect creatures, it would attack at the exact chance that had the best chance of hitting and expelling the demon whilst doing the least damnage, and besides, it's not like this man was important. It was unlikely he'd be of any use to society now and he probably didn't even have a family or anyone to miss him, but, protocol was important, she was in charge and he would follow her orders.

He knelt on the ground and unzipped his jacket, revealing a plain white shirt and several pockets inside the jacket. He reached into one and pulled out a small box of chalk, popped one out, placed it on the floor and put the box back. He started sketching a wide circle on the floor, about the size that two people could comfortably stand in, and then started drawing smaller circles inside it, the gap between each circle shrinking until he just drew a dot in the dead centre of it. It was the frame work of a summoning circle, all he needed to do was write the symbols inbetween the two largest circles, maybe the second gap as well, and he'd be able to summon an angel of moderate power. Most Masters his age needed to fill in at least five gaps for a moderate angel but Aduro had advantages.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:14 pm

Harper nodded toward Aduro. She did not intend to come across harshly, as she stood looking at the Master removing his chalk, she sighed and accepted that he would have a plan waiting in the wings. she just did not want to resort to violence first. She had an idea but had no idea on whether it would work or not. Fingering her rosary, Harper moved toward Hans, exerting her presence all the while as she moved, partially to protect herself but also to draw attention away from Aduro's actions and toward herself, hoping to distract Se'engrir for the duration of the time it took to draw the circles. Harper shook away her nervousness as she approached the demon.

"Se'engrir, you wish to reunite with your true presence, right? What would you do if I possessed another portion of your being?" She intended to bluff and feed him a bead from her rosary, hoping that ingesting a holy item would help in casting the demon into a state where it would be able to easily be overcome. If her plan failed, then she would relent to Aduro and allow his plan to take place.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:43 pm

~Chuck Walton - Standing Ovation~

Chuck watched Arelyn quizzingly as she started the chant, he hadn't quite picked up on what she was doing, until about half way through her passage and then he realized what she was doing. If they were to get out of it together, he'd had to do just as she did. He silently prayed in his head, just like Arelyn. His mind was so clear, he never noticed the demon taking one last swing at him. Once the pop occured he finally opened his eyes. He noticed the many priests and the trainees had watched them. 'Definately more than I thought. I hope they got a good show.' he thought as they were adressed by Merissa. Of course she'd the play the role of the crazed clown. He returned her hug with a bear hug of his own though, with a wide grin as usual.

When he was finished and Merissa was finished adressing the crowd he walked over to a corner of the room. 'Wasn't it about....here is it.' he thought as he found Arelyn's earring that had been knocked away in battle. He quickly returned and handed her the earring. "I believe this belongs to you." he said to her as he continued back towards the crowd. Chuck shook a few of their hands and had a laugh or two with some of them. After a while they cleared out, and left only the elder who had lead them there. Chuck went to the man and gave him a playful slap on the back. "Enjoy the show?" he asked with a laugh. "I do hope they learned something from Arelyn. I wasn't much of a good example for them." he said with a grin.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:51 pm

Time seemed to slow down as the creature hit the mace out of Matthonius's hand. He watched it spin around through the air and land with a loud clang. Now he was pissed. And when the creature lashed out with its tongue Matthonius without so much as blinking grabbed it just behind the mouth. with a violent tug he pulled the creature closer to his face and spoke. You do not touch my mace you hear me you little f!@#er! I will F$#% you up you hear me! And I will not stop until everylast one of you pieces of Sh!@ is sent back to the burning pits of Oblivion! And with that he brought his right fist down and punched the creature and he kept on punching. His iron gauntlet coming down like the fist of god. Matthonius was venting all his rage into his punches as tears wept from his eyes and his memories of the past rushed into his now exposed mind. He just kept punching.
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Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:52 pm

Image |Temple - Interior| Image

Arelyn glared as the illusion disappeared, and her hand immediately shot to her ear, revealing tht her mother's earring was indeed gone. She didn't mind being used to teach the youngsters, she would have agreed to that in a heartbeat. She stood stock still as Merissa hugged them both, still fuming about her earring. The frown didn't leave her face until Chuck handed her the small piece of jewelry. She took it carefully from him and fiercely clipped it back in place before turning to face the elder. She watched as Chuck good-heartedly spoke to the man, praising her performance. "She threw my mother's earring into the corner." Arelyn's voice was flat, and very clearly she was still annoyed about the removal of her mother's memento without her permission.

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Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:44 am

'~Orion Threston~'
Location: Sewers

Orion cussed under his breath as Matt struck at the creature "Fuggin hell man! Ya figure ya would've at least warned me that you were gonna-" He was cut off by the creature attacking Matt and knocking his weapon away. Orion watched for a moment, then raised his axe and got ready to charge in to help. He stopped after only three steps as Matt began to bludgeon the thing with his fists, and was doing a rather fine job. "Erm... Very well then. I guess I'll go grab yer weapon for ya..." Orion awkwardly walked around the room, picking up Matt's weapon from where it had landed. He walked back over to Matt, watching the creature warily, hoping that what Matt was doing was enough to get rid of that and he wouldn't have to do anything.

Re: Temple of the Blessed IC

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:03 pm


Frederick took a step back, trying to hide his blush from the compliment. "Oh, stop, it was a fluke.." Clearly he wasn't used to compliments. Poor Fred. Examing the notes carefully, he looked back to the empty building and gave a sharp whistle, all the others came rushing in quickly and quietly to stare up at him with a smile.
"Listen up boys, we got a breakthrough here that will put this workshop in the history books!" Picking up the note, Frederick dropped it down from the balcony to be caught by one of the other boys below. "Everyone take a look. We're gonna be using the same method we did back when they called for us to get steel poles. Make a small mold with a hollow middle, follow the instructions to the letter. Be careful. Naomi will be overlooking progress. I want atleast a dozen of these things ready in the next couple hours. Can we do it?"

A chorus of cheers erupted from the youths, quickly separating into groups to work on the specific parts of the bullet. Frederick turned back to naomi with a grin. "We don't have much experience with guns or metal or bullets, but we got teamwork and dedication. We should have this thing operational within the week!"


"Se'engrir... Merge with... other portion..... Become whole.... Free from bonds."
Aduro continued to make the circle, getting a blank stare from the possessed man. Slowly he climbed to his feet, shakily at first but eventually becoming stable on it's feet. From where they stood, they could clearly see the man's skin. Bronzed from age and war alike, but it had a metallic tinge. The Voltik had turned the mans skin to a steel-like substance. He was a walking weapon!

"Se'engrir... must die...." Pain and suffering brought a Voltik to creation, with the help of an angel there was a chance for it to be free.


With a shrug, Merissa turned to stare at Arelyn's eyes. All Arelyn would see back was a void. Vast. Empty. Cold. Unfeeling. Yet her body movements were so full of life, so joyous and genuine. It was hard to believe this woman was considered a revenant. "Your mother would be proud to know you care for her trinkets, but you should control your emotions a little better."

"Both of you run along, the Masters challenge will not be easy."
Merissa turned and walked away quietly.

-Tyvail Cowl-

The illuminated and shrouded templar's shared an uneasy glance, eyeing the sword cautiously.
The illuminated spoke up with a serious tone, "The blade you wield will continue to draw out your very life force... Until you die, this sword will continue to draw out your life force... Make peace with yourself, I fear you will not last another 10 years."

The shrouded templar chimed in a moment later, "Rest up Tyvail, you will need all the strength you have left to win in the masters challenge... You chose the right path, I wish we could help more but we do not know much about this twisted steel you have brought to us."


Again and again the man pummeled to parasite creature, it squirmed and hissed violently while snapping it's jaws in a desperate attempt to escape. Despite drawing blood, the creature continued to have savage attacks barraged down. After what felt like eternity, the creature simply stopped moving. It's blackish red blood oozed out from multiple cuts and mangled limbs. The brute had overpowered a creature renowned for it's ability to evade and retaliate.
But if he didn't leave the sewers and get attention soon, the demon would return through Matt's body and finish what it had started. Such was the ways of a parasite.

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Upon seeing Hans's body metamorphosed so far into the Voltik's lifecycle, Harper immediately abandoned the notion of saving the man. Now it was a matter of dispelling the demon and killing it before it killed others. Harper began to speak, though her voice resonated more strongly as she used holy words to try to keep the demon at bay as she moved away from it.

"Aduro! How is that summoning coming along?" The priest questioned her young comrade as she backed away from Hans. She would run distraction if necessary for Aduro to continue, but she did not want to lead the Voltik out into the crowded streets where it could cause harm to innocent civilians, so she kept her eyes fiercely trained on it, all the while speaking prayers in her Voice to try to restrain it.

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Aduro glanced up from his work and frowned slightly at the advancing man. From the priest's question, it seemed that perhaps she's come around to his way of thinking, not that it mattered really, just meant he wouldn't get into as much trouble for this. He paused his scribbling and considered his options from the incomplete circle. He didn't have time to finish this circle and summon one of the purer angels, he'd have to summon one of the spirit-kind instead. He didn't like them much despite the fact that they were the angels that traditionally dealt with mankind and earth, such as the rare fox-spirit, the spirits of the elements, their kind. He dropped the chalk and flexed his hand, grimacing at this more...personal form of summoning. He bit down hard on his thumb, dark blood quickly flowing from the wound and dripping down his chin as he calmly ran the thumb over the circles, ignoring the empty spaces that should have been filled with symbols. Ignoring the taste of his blood and the drips that stained and defiled what should have been a greater work of art. As the last circle was smeared over with blood, the previously drawn symbols flashed red and reshaped themselves, spreading out to fill the gaps.

The blood rose into the air, leaving only a glowing red circle on the ground, the blood grew and reshaped itself, flesh and organs quickly began to form as a body was fashioned for the chosen spirit. The resulting creature that stood in thfading circle was only slightly less repulsive after it had finished being born into being. It looked like a sort of humanoid leech with insects featuring heavily in it's ancestory. Black leathery skin shone as a strange goo seeped through it's skin, clawed hands squeezed open and shot, clearly designed to penetrate into any flesh and latch into a death hold if necessary, strange lightly furry legs jutter out from the creatures lower regions, curved toes with long nails rapped into the ground, digging in and out instinctively, designed to gouge into earth and prey alike, instead of a nether region, it's alien black body just speared to a long prehensile tail that flicked left and right, flicking that sickly smelling goo around as it twitched erratically. Most terrifying of all was the creature's head, or lack of it. All there was there was an open gaping maw, filled with hundreds of tiny, pin like teeth, that extended and retracted, each one ready to stab into flesh and suck it dry like hundreds of organic thirsty syringes, it drooled at the sight of the demon-man's flesh, gibbering madly with glee, a terrible, patheticly child-like giggling as a long black tongue flickered out at Hans, tasting the smell of him. Aduro grinned happily, his own eyes as black as this creature's skin, for that is what it was. The look of obvious emotion was quickly pulled under as Aduro got hold of himself and forced his will on the creature. I think you should...ggooo gget ssome hheealp. he said, his young human vice suddenly turning into a horrible hissing drawl, the sound of his new euphoric voice fitting horribly with his blank expression and form. I doo...noo...ot knoow if I can feeaasspieercce... it'sshiss flessh. he choked out, trying to control his words as he swayed back, blinking wildly as the creautre stepped forward, lusting for battle. He'd underestimated this creature's instincts slightly.

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Image |Temple - Interior| Image

Arelyn held her ground, her expression neutral, her grey eyes locking cooly onto the empty ones Merissa had. "I would rather be accused of feeling things too vibrantly than be accused of feeling nothing at all." She left the room shortly after Merissa, headed home. If she was going to be involved in a Masters challenge, it would be a good idea to be properly prepared for it. She opened the door and stepped inside, turning on the light as she did so. Her home was a simple affair, big enough for just her with simple furniture for only a few guests at a time. Heading into her bedroom, she turned the light on and took her armor down from the coat peg on the wall. It was a quick change, and soon her dress was hanging on the wall, with her sandals on the floor below. Going behind the door, she strapped her buckler and sword in place, fastening her father's old sword belt across her chest. ONce that was done, she was ready to leave again, and headed back to the courtyard she had been sitting in that morning.
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