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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:21 pm

Name: Jerad Gordon
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jerad is almost skeletally thin but not that tall, only about 5'4". He is neither muscular nor weak. Instead, he is simply average in his strength. The only physical attributes that are exceptional are his constitution and running speed. His hands have developed thick caluses from fighting and his face is scarred from his first run in with the Sentinels. His green eyes are almost always hidden under goggles he uses to keep the sun out of his eyes. His brown hair is thin and dirty.

He wears loose brown clothing, a long sleeved shirt and pants, and a red vest over his shirt. His shoes are dirty, once-white sneakers. However, what most people probably notice is the spear on his back. It is simple but well-made and Jerad is well versed in its use. It isn't very long, only 4 feet, and is light. It has a broad, metal head and is wrapped with bits of cloth. All of his stuff is replaced frequently, as his scraps often end up wrecking anything he wears for too long. He carries with him a simple satchel which he stores food, water, and other items in, mostly survival equipment. One item in particular is a simple two-way radio. Another, his only real keepsake, is a family photo, tattered and torn.

Personality: Jared is a creature of bitterness these days. He used to be quite the happy fellow but the years have not been kind to anyone. Jared would hate many things if he spared the energy or thought but he hasn't had the time to do so. He is bitter towards Apocalypse for everything, the mutants who follow him for their weakness, the X-men and 'old mutants' for letting all of this happen, the humans for losing control of their creations, and the Sentinels for everything else. There hasn't been anything to change that point of view. He's an outcast among outcasts, refusing even the minimum human contact during the rare times when he finds anyone.

History: Jared was a normal guy for the most part. Right, up to the start of the war, Jared was considering going to college. However, the war changed all that.

Jared's power were, ironically, activated by the Sentinels. These were in the days before Master Mold made its decision. He was extremely unlucky and was near when a battle between the two powers took place. He had been traveling with his family to a more 'safe' area. A stray blast from a Sentinel almost managed to wipe Jerad from the face of the planet. Fortunately, he managed to escape using his mutant abilities via instinct. Unfortunately, the rest of his family lacked such abilities and suffered the fate he had escaped. In addition, part of the blast managed to follow him through his portal and burned his face. Jerad spent the rest of the battle cowering in a corner of rubble, hoping that another blast wouldn't finish the job.

The days after that were a blur. Jerad kept just ahead of the encroaching mutant forces. During this time, he was forced to learn how to use his powers. Otherwise, he would have expired quite quickly. He learned that he could use it for defensive purposes, not just for movement. He also managed to find a sharp bit of metal and tie it to a long, sturdy stick in order to make a weapon. He never actually fought anyone, he just used it as a kind of comfortable delusion. He has great trouble remembering those years of his life. He saw the war at the front lines as they were pushed farther and farther back.

Then, Master Mold made his decision and Jerad was forced to mature even faster. Now he had to fight off both sides or he would have died or been captured. He never really fought, of course. He would have been defeated quite quickly if he had attempted anything of that kind. He simply made it more difficult for them to follow him. He found that even the new Sentinels had weaknesses that he could exploit to slow them down. And thus he fled. He fled for years, never stopping. He's been at the point of exhaustion for a long time now but he won't stop running until he finds something worth it. He's seen those who put up resistance and what their efforts afforded them. He's scavenged what he can from the carnage. He didn't know who left the spear behind but he is glad that they did. He hasn't spoken for months now.

Jerad hasn't thought about what the future holds for him. He assumes that it will lead to his death soon enough. After all, he has to get unlucky eventually. Maybe the Mutant-Prime forces would track him down and force him to either submit or die. He knew which option he would choose. Maybe the Sentinels would trap him. He would take the only other way out in that case as well. Maybe the world would kill him. Maybe he would get sick or injured and die in the middle of nowhere. He didn't know.

Powers: Rift: Jerad's power is the ability to connect two places in space via a portal about 3 feet in diameter. He can open larger portals but it takes him longer and requires a great amount of concentration. For now, its range is limited to about ten feet.

Other: (Anything else you feel I should know?)
Writing Sample: Lessee... from the Persona RP
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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:55 pm

Imenak wrote:A power suit is fine, although they're unusually prevalent amongst the ideas I've heard. You might want to consider changing just for the sake of uniqueness, unless you're all secretly trying to make a sub-team of armored superheros.

If I could make a suggestion, Neo, perhaps instead of regular powered armor and weapons, Leo could use Small robots?Thinking about it, if you made them right, he could carry them on his body so they kind of function like armor in addition to being removable and individually ambulatory. It'd also probably give you a little more versatility. Plus, being into robotics when you're probably going to be fighting Sentinels could be useful

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:06 am

Eh, maybe. Kinda seems like Asmo's power, though.
I kinda prefer power armor, really, as much because it's cool as anything. 'Sides, I've only seen one other with armor, and it's secondary to a actual power, so.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:06 am

TheLivingCouch wrote:
My_Little_Sister wrote:I'm not whining and I'm waiting for a certain person to get on, I'm basing this char off one of my friends.

Interesting. Try not to rely too much on your friend's version of themself when you are writing your sheet. I believe of the reasons people around here are so reluctant to help you write a CS is that when you ask, you really just seem to be fishing for ideas, not just that but fully formed ideas that you can just throw on your sheet and call it a day. Don't know if this is true or not, but it's what I've made of things. Besides, if you fill your character with other people's ideas then it really isn't your character is it? I'm not saying you can't use others ideas as inspiration or anything far from it, but you need to put in the effort and really make it your own in the end.

Only her appearance and some of her personality. Everything else will be either out of my head or a variation of something from somewhere else. Also, for her power, I was wondering if I could have something like pyrokinesis or electrokinesis.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:16 am

Done at the bottom of pg 2. Added to the history and a few tweaks to the power and personality

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:16 am

I tried looking over the original X-Institute OOC to figure out what super-powers I shouldn't bother with, but there is unfortunately no convenient list for me to look at.


To narrow it down a bit, I'm thinking of doing something related with Telekinesis, ESP or whatever. I already see that we have an empath, an illusionist and a radar, but are there any others that I should be aware of?

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:19 am

We have a telekinetic Bob, not that another one wouldn't be handy. We also have a pyrokinetic. Gimme a bit and I'll see if I can't get a list of the powers of the returning players for you.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:23 am

We had to PM our powers in the first one, as it was part of the game to figure out what everybody else had. I don't see Mk around, so electricity and wolf morphing may be up for grabs if her characters don't make a come back. Pyro has fire power MLS, but feel free to make whatever powers you all please.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:27 am

While Karo's doing that, I should also note that Cas's character to-be-returning is a semi-telekinetic/telepath, alongside super intelligence. And to summarize two more difficult powers to explain, Ro's character has a connection with an Eldritch abomination, and Fell's character IS one.

Also, I mentioned this in the first post, but it's easy to forget: you can also make a character who's just a badass human (which some others have decided to do), an alien, a demon, a magic user, some other supernatural creature, etc. Basically, if it appeared in the Marvel universe, it's OK to be (within reason). Luckily, we have a nice pool of mutants, so it's ok to have exceptions like the above.

Oh, and Cable (aka Jimmy from the first game) can negate powers.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:41 am

Wiki's got a good list of super-hero powers if you're stuck. You may want to use them just to get the ideas flowing since they're not exactly...unique.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:55 am

I have a few others racking through my brain, a few from my brother's book. I could make her transform into a big cat, like a panther or tiger, if that's not taken.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:19 am

Here you go. Included the new characters as well, just to have a more complete list.
Please note though, that these are summaries of each character's ability. If you want more definition than that, go read the CSes. =P

Returning characters:
Hisui is an illusionist
Jackie is the Darkness
Minerva manipulates her own bones
Mickey is super lucky
Hiram can distort reality
Ben is a telekinetic
Miranda is a telepath
John is a pyrokinetic
Franklin can put people to sleep
Juliet can see through the eyes of others

New characters:
Maddy can drain life
Bridget can breathe underwater
Matthew generates force fields
Casey can create seemingly impossible machines
Drake turns into a demonic-looking creature
Samuel can create astral projections of himself
Hector is an illusionist that specializes in electronics
Van can control density
Leo has no powers, but is technologically inclined
Jerad can create portals

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:25 am

Lame powers ftw ^o.o^

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:28 am

So, I could make Sheryl control paper like in Read Or Die or metal like in my brother's book?

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:46 am

It's your choice, just have to be creative about it and stick with what you think is going to work.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:55 am

I got it! The perfect power!

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:49 am

Editing in progress!

Name: Cora Kuremeka
Codename: Hardcore
Age: 23
Appearance: Cora's already athletic build has adapted well to a life of fighting on the run, Sacrificing some bulk for lots of lean, coiled muscle. He remains tall and broad shouldered though, standing at 6'5, and weighing about 165 pounds. He has olive colored skin, blue eyes, and dark black hair which he has allowed to grow slightly so it now reaches just short of his shoulders. There's not a lot of time to be hunting for hair products, so he simply keeps it combed back instead of spiking it like he used to. He retains his fondness for wearing sleeveless, somewhat tight fitting t-shirts, leaning towards mostly dark colors, like black, blues and grays, and still He always wears a sterling silver chain around his neck, with some sort of black colored charm hanging from it. He's also taken to keeping a black hooded sweeter tied around his waist, which he usually wear at night and when the weather gets colder.

Personality: Hurp
History: Cora grew up in a pretty normal North American city in Nevada, with his single father, his mother having died due to heart problems while Cora was still very young. Cora's father was a professional middle-weight boxer, and fairly successful, providing a good quality of life for his son, though it meant he was frequently traveling. When he deemed Cora old enough, he began taking him with him on matches, even allowing the young boy to train with him, and soon Cora gained a passion for boxing, even entering a youth boxing league when he became eligible.
It was during high school, in a school league boxing match, that Cora's mutation manifested. Near the end of the match, Cora was on the ropes against his opponent. It was a extremely tense moment, as Cora knew that one more hit in the right place would put him down for the count, and lose him his spot in the championship. As his opponent threw what would be the match ending punch towards his face, Cora's mutation activated, for a split second turning that portion of his face into a hard diamond-like material, absorbing and returning the kinetic force of the blow on the boys hand, damaging it. Luckily, because of the small area and quickness of the change, no one but Cora and his father noticed the transformation, but it was enough for Cora to take advantage of,And he Subsequently won the match. Afterward, when Cora explained what happened to his father, his father insisted that he forfeit the rest of the championship. Shocked, Cora refused, only to have his father forcibly withdraw him from both the championship, and the youth league, which required parent permission. Cora was furious at this, feeling that it waskeeping him from doing what he was meant to do, but of course his father was only looking out for his safety and that of the other boxers, who would be at risk if Cora's power activated unconsciously during a fight. This drove a wedge between the the father and son. They began to have constant arguments, and Cora began to act out in rebellion, getting into fights at school, and engage in back alley street fighting,generally getting into trouble.
The two got into an argument that led to Cora storming out of the house. When he was eventually picked up, the argument started again, only to be cut short as large truck, it's driver having fallen asleep at the wheel, served into incoming traffic, and slammed into their car. Cora, because of his ability, got out shaken, but unharmed, but his father was in critical condition, and had to be rushed into emergency care. Cora spent hours in a hospital waiting room as doctors struggled to save his fathers life, wracked by the guilt of knowing that if he hadn't stormed out of the house, hadn't argued with his father, then the accident might not have happened.
Eventually, The doctors succeeded in saving his fathers life, to Cora's endless relief, but only just, as his father slipped into a deep coma.

This event almost drowned him in a wave of guilt and shame, and he found himself falling even deeper into street fighting as a means of escape, even participating in a few fights against others with powers. One of these led to a acquaintances of his offering him a chance to go somewhere where his gifts would be better appreciated. The offer was vague, but in Cora's state, he was looking for anywhere else to be.
Which is how he ended up in Genosha, as a member of the Brotherhood.
And he quickly grew to hate them. It didn't take long for Cora to determine that most of the Brotherhood as far as he could tell was made up of the craven, the weak minded, and the psychotic. They were mostly thugs and acted accordingly, only working as one thanks to the leadership of Magneto, one of the only people on the island whom Cora could grudgingly respect, even if he disagreed with his views. But unfortunately Cora would soon find out his views weren't welcomed, and neither were his attempts to leave.eventually he was informed that if he didn't stay, people who were less able to defend themselves may become involved. The threat was enough to stop his attempts to leave, but he continued to get into "disagreements" with the more obnoxious members on the island, which was tolerated, more or less.

When Magento's plot went pear shaped, and the general confusion that followed the massive event, Cora thought he could finally start making his way back home, But finding the former former X student Miranda in shock, and clearly in no shape to take care of herself, he couldn't bring himself to just leave the girl alone with who knows who still running around on Genosha, now without a leader to hold them back. So, he ended up staying on the island a entire year, taking care of her, it becoming pretty obvious that if he hadn't she probably wouldn't have lasted so long. At one point, they met up with a friend of hers who was ferrying people back to the mainland, and it seemed they would be set, but the friends untimely death sent Miranda into an even further spiral of depression, and also sent her running towards the ruins of her old school, it became clear he still couldn't leave her alone. It was around this time she began to insist that she and Cora were "not friends" which Cora easily deduced was some sort of desperate attempt to shield herself from further loss. He just told her to think of him as a stalker in that case because he wasn't going anywhere. He was hardheaded enough himself to recognize when someone didnt know what was good for them.
After Miranda got over her issues enough to travel, they ran into another one of her friends, leading a small resistance and refugee group.

Powers: Super enhanced Durability and endurance, via the power to transform all, or parts of his body into a an incredibly hard and durable diamond-like crystal material. This material is not true diamond, and appears semi clear, with a pronounced blue tint to it. While in this form, his body has the ability to absorb, store, and then release kinetic force/energy. This energy is released primarily in bursts of force through contact, but can also be released through contact with the air to create short range concussive blasts. Any absorbed energy must be released before Cora can change back to his organic form. It requires a conscious or subconscious effort to initiate the change. Cora has learned to grow and shape the crystal parts of his body, and even dislodge and and use parts as projectiles, though when not connected to him, they lose some durability and their kinetic absorption. The form also gifts him with a measure of super strength, and of course, Given the nature of the material, resistance to corrosive damage, and to extreme temperatures and pressure.
Other: (Should I know anything else?)
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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:51 am

Imenak wrote:While Karo's doing that, I should also note that Cas's character to-be-returning is a semi-telekinetic/telepath, alongside super intelligence.

Koren will only have super intellect pretty much. He was the only student in the original RP whose powers were degenerating rather than strengthening.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:09 am

Cascade wrote:
Imenak wrote:While Karo's doing that, I should also note that Cas's character to-be-returning is a semi-telekinetic/telepath, alongside super intelligence.

Koren will only have super intellect pretty much. He was the only student in the original RP whose powers were degenerating rather than strengthening.

Err, doesnt Koren has the ability to have more control over his motions or something too? not sure what that ability is called.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:53 am

Koren's brain works like a supercomputer, which results in:
1. Perfect memory.
2. Ability to multitask with precision and "partition" his brain to handle a wide variety of thought processes and calculations at the same time with equal attention.
3. Able to "overclock" his brain to think at hyper-velocity and control nervous system with 100% accuracy.
4. Brain is "encrypted" as a side effect of his irregular neurological processes. Telepathic immunity/backlash.
5. Limited telekinesis. *Vestigial Ability*

Genius level intellect is innate to him.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:01 am

So you could basically say that he has near perfect control of his own mind?

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:15 am

God why is this 9 pages already bah

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:31 am

It's 9 pages already because people are excited about it. Obviously.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:10 am

Yes! Karo is right, I imagine.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:29 am

Woooot.... Gots Silly Sam and Ginny back. It'll be so much fun seeing the two of you ladies participating. ^__^

Ahh... So nice, seeing so many old friends around again~
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