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X-Men, Age of Apocalypse: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:45 am

(Ignore the name. It's pretty much only labeled as such so people will be aware that this is the sequel to my old one. Once the IC is up, the game's real name will take its place)

An Introduction
Hello curious RPers! This here is an X-Men/Marvel RP featuring a (mostly) original cast of characters, who are students to the first generation. However, the twist here is that rather than having a school setting or something similar, it takes place in a dystopian era where the world has been turned upside down. It should be noted that this RP is a semi-sequel to another RP I created, the long-running X-Institute. For the most part, this RP is for those players, who are free to carry over their characters and their progress from the old game. Other players, however, are free to join, so long as they can write relatively well, abide by my rules, make a great character, and accept that they won't be as powerful as the old players' characters. And now, a short story to introduce you to the hell you're dropping your characters into:

The World
“All I see before me is death, destruction, and suffering. The world is nothing more than a shadow of its former self, with all things living slowly withering away into nothingness. Humanity itself is on the brink of extinction, with the last few remnants struggling to survive in this barren wasteland called Earth. Everything that I've come to love and care for have been taken from me. The same can be said for almost everyone else on this forsaken planet. There's almost nothing left for anyone any more. Not even hope.

It wasn't always like this. Sure, the world wasn't exactly at its brightest point, but it most certainly wasn't Hell on Earth. Not for everyone, at least. I suppose you could say it all started with us. It all started with the rise of the mutants. I don't remember when, exactly, but it must've been decades ago when mutants began to suddenly increase in population. What was once a rare occurrence in nature, suddenly began to appear with alarming regularity. By the time I was born, mutants had become a significant portion of humanity. We were, at least, an acknowledged existence... although certainly not accepted.

It is only natural for people to fear things that they don't understand... and they certainly didn't understand us. We could do things normal people could only dream of doing, and there were was little science could do to explain how men could read minds or manipulate metal. Initially, we were just a curiosity... then, we became feared... and finally, hated. That's when two men rose to champion the cause of mutantkind. Friends and allies, the two worked together to create a peaceful coexistence between so-called “regular” people and mutants. They sheltered and taught the young mutants how to control their powers, and use it for good. Their names were Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr.

Unfortunately, Erik Lensherr, having experienced years of prejudice before and after becomes a mutant, could no longer tolerate the aggression and hatred of “homo sapiens.” He and Professor Xavier split ways, no longer being able to agree on the same vision. While Xavier sought coexistence, Erik sought supremacy. To show his separation from the “inferior” humans, he tossed aside his “human” name and became Magneto, the Master of Magnetism. He then began to adopt a campaign of terror and violence against “normal” people, for the purposes of placing mutants into power.

They struggled with one another for many years, with Xavier forming a team of his mutant students, the “X-Men,” in order to stop him. He, however, had his own powerful group of followers... followers who were sick of living in fear and being oppressed. They called themselves the “Brotherhood of Mutants.” Fortunately, more often than not, the X-Men would stop the Brotherhood's acts of extremism. This rivalry would continue with later generations, as other young mutants took up either cause. I was, and still am, honored to have counted myself among them. The victories the X-Men gained, however, would be so small when compared to the monumental losses that would come later.

Around 6 years ago from now, Magneto managed to get a hold of a nuclear warhead: mankind's greatest and most destructive weapon. Using it as a means of leverage, he created his own mutant nation. He promised it would be a utopia for mutants everywhere, and that all would be welcome. All they would need to do was swear loyalty to their new nation, and discard all previous affiliations. It was a small price to pay for a place where they could live freely without hatred, oppression, or fear from humans. It was called “Genosha.”

However, its continued existence was anything but guaranteed. Many nations, including the United States, refused to acknowledge its sovereignty. In fact, they threatened military action to retake what was theirs, only being stopped by the possibility of sparking a war. Magneto, seeking to preserve his sanctuary and end the threat to his people, came up with a plan to end all of the conflict. To do so, he needed many different tools and mutants, willing or not. And, unfortunately for us, the X-Institute was the perfect place to find the latter.

For the first time since he had parted from the school, Magneto and his Brotherhood attacked the mansion. Although we all fought valiantly and skillfully, our losses far outweighed the victories we gained in battle. Two of our own were kidnapped from us, many more were injured, and one... one lost her life. To Magneto, these casualties and crimes were no doubt necessary for what he saw as the greater good. He now had thousands, if not millions, of his own people to think of now.

Utilizing the abilities of the mutants he captured and attempted to sway, alongside the skills of those of his own, he created a powerful device that which he believed would cement mutantkind's place in the world. It was a psychic amplification device that, via the use of various mental powers, would be able to change the way every human being on the planet thought of mutants and even themselves. It was, at its core, a worldwide brainwashing machine.

The X-Men made it their mission to stop him, and save their kidnapped pupils. Although it was against the Professor's wishes, the students would rally together and go to help too. I wish I could've gone with them, but they forced me to stay behind, saying I was too young. Funny, I remember the teachers saying the same thing to them. Even with their increased numbers though, the odds were too stacked against them. It was a fight against an entire nation of mutants... a fight the X-Men couldn't possibly win. Unhindered, Magneto flipped the switch on the device, and bathed the world in pure psionic energy. It seemed that the Brotherhood would finally claim ultimate victory. But then... something went wrong. Something went horribly wrong. The immense amount of energy awoke something... a being... a force that should have never been awoken.

It seized this power and took control of this machine with a mere thought, barely making a move within its ancient tomb. Then, all over the world, humans began to die. Men, women, children, it didn't matter. Whatever the psionic wave touched, it could kill. Magneto was only became aware of the sudden genocide when the machine even began targeting mutants, particularly those who harbored human sympathies. From what I hear of secondhand stories, Magneto bore witness to the last moments of the X-Men... he bore witness to the death of my family. It was then, I imagine, that Magneto, immune to the effects of the machine, knew where his duty lay. Not as a mutant or a leader... but as a human being, who must bear the weight of their own sins.

Summoning every bit of power within him, Magneto began to destroy the machine. Simultaneously, Professo Xavier began to shield all those he could from the psychic attack, using Cerebro to aid him. For one glorious moment, unbeknownst to the two, old friends worked together to save the world like they had so many times in the past. Xavier, as powerful as he was, could not persist with his protection for long. Before the device could be destroyed, he fell into a coma in which he would never awaken from. The destruction of the device also cost Magneto his life, as his spent body was unable to escape his collapsing fortress. Mutantkind lost their two foremost leaders within seconds of one another... and I, another loved one.

As if to fill that void, the ancient being who brought the catastrophe arose from his resting place, and made his intentions and identity clear to the world in a massive, seemingly psionic, message. I can remember it now as clearly as the day it was given. He claimed he was the progenitor of all mutants, the very first of his kind. 5,000 years ago, humanity somehow sealed him away, forcing mutants into a precarious existence for thousands of years, and forcing him to witness a dark age for his progeny. That dark age was all over now. No more would the weak subjugate the strong, and no more would his people suffer. All of mankind would perish. He gave his enemies no name for them to call him by, for they were unfit to know it. Thus, he gained many names. Some called him “The First” or “Mutant-Prime,” designating his status as the first of us, while others called him what he had brought to them all.

In fear of the sudden assault upon their very existence, humanity banded together. They revived the U.S.'s SENTINEL Program for the purposes of combating this threat, and the greatest minds of the world came together to perfect the technology. Any mutants left in these nations were given two choices: flee, or be placed in internment camps for their “protection.” Many fled to Genosha or to the side of their sudden Messiah, while some chose to stay and maintain their former loyalties. A war of enormous magnitude began, engulfing the entire world in its fire.

In spite of mankind's mastery of technology and their sheer numbers, the first year of the war brought them terrible losses. The Sentinels brought them little success, in spite of their overwhelming ability to kill and capture enemy mutants. There were too little of them, and they were too costly to create. As a result, the greatest scientific minds once again came together to resolve this dilemma. The solution was simple: they just had to create a method to mass produce their creations. They took a master mold, the first Sentinel in which all future Sentinels were based on, and repurposed it. It would be an enormous machine and A.I. that could automatically coordinate the creation and deployment of Sentinels all over the world. Although it took several more months of work, they managed to complete it in time to change the tide of the war. Little did humanity realize that it was only further cementing their doom.

Master Mold, being a learning A.I. that could continually gain more and more knowledge as time went on, began to reinterpret its purpose It was created to protect humanity and destroy mutants... but, how could it do so when both “races” were really just one? Seeing the flaw in its prime directive, Master Mold found a simple compromise: capture or kill them all. Of those that it did capture, it would preserve and protect their existence in special, Sentinel-controlled settlements. Humanity barely stood a chance against one adversary, so the opening of a second front completely decimated them. Soon, the Mutant-Human War would become the Mutant-Sentinel War, and humanity itself became a mere afterthought.

The next five years of the conflict were far more terrible than any war the world has ever seen. The loss of human and mutant life was monumental, and the world itself became a desolate wasteland. The Sentinels, in spite of having a mere year to prepare, progress rapidly in their war against Mutant-Prime. With each passing year, their numbers multiplied, with more factories being created in the territories they captured, thus producing more Sentinels for their war machine. Eventually, they took hold of nearly half the world, with the mutant forces claiming the other half. Many of Earth's greatest heroes fell during this period, being unable to defend humanity against so many enemies. There are pockets of resistances here and there, made of humans and mutants who refused to to be a part of the massacre. Some have managed to hold a few territories as human safe havens, but they are a tenuous existence at best. There's talk that Latveria has also managed to maintain its sovereignty, but I can't imagine that being the case for long.

I am bearing witness to the last days of humanity. Although I have chosen to fight and chosen to protect those that I can, I am sure that I'll be killed any day now. As what many people believe to be the last surviving X-Man, people are looking to me for hope. They've even tried to give me the codename “X-Man,” a moniker I've refused. I could never bear their legacy. Some then tried to call me “Link,” as I was the last “link” to those past heroes. Somehow, I can still associate the name with a certain video game, and I can't say I'm fond of the mental imagery. I refused the name too. I eventually had to compromise with them with “Cable.” An acutely subtle connection, but one that suits my tastes. Personally, I'd prefer to just be called Jimmy, but if a name can give them some faint glimmer of hope, how can I deprive them of it?

I'm not sure why I've decided to record this... this retelling of the fall of mankind. Maybe I'm hoping that in some distant future, someone will listen to this and know our story... know how mutants and machines rose, mankind fell, and how we all doomed our planet. Maybe this can prevent them from repeating our mistakes. Then again, maybe this will just bear our history, so that even if we are all gone, there will still be some trace of us in this recording. There is no hope for a brighter tomorrow, not for us. It is an age of despair... an age of ruin... an Age of Apocalypse.”
- a recording made by James “Cable” Yang.

Read the backstory? Great! Didn't? Then go back and read it! Read it carefully too. Even if your character suffers from amnesia or suddenly woke up from a 6 year coma, I still want you to know the details of the world you've decided to take part in. I'm so keen on it, in fact, that your acceptance will one part character, one part proof-of-skill, and one part quiz on the history above. Not only that, but you will HAD to have read it to understand what I'm going to explain in sections below!

Other Details of the World
Here's a general layout of the world map in this new age. As you can see, old nations and borders have been practically wiped clean. The blue represents territories held by Master Mold and its Sentinels, while the yellow represents territories held by mutantkind and their Messianic figure (who, yes, is Apocalypse, but will not be regularly referred to as such in-universe). The white represents territories either still held by humanity, or are neutral (neutral meaning neither major force has actually come to conquer it yet). The tiny green spot is Latveria, a nation still held by Victor von Doom. Don't worry too much about him right now.

The Sentinels have separated their territories into different “sectors,” giving each one a successively higher number as they capture them. Sector 0 is said to be their main base of operations, where Master Mold is thought to be. Each Sector, aside from Zero, contains heavily guarded “settlements” where humans are kept for their “protection.” Each of these settlements are called “Districts.” Each Sector has at least one District, starting from 1. Thus, Sector 1 and Sector 2 both have a District 1 (but aren't the same of course). I haven't bothered to label them on the map, since there are many of them. Players are free to make up their locations and their conditions, granted that the information doesn't overlap or contradict anything I or another player has said. And I mean, like, one district per player.

Apocalypse hasn't separated his territories at all. To him, they are all just under his dominion. Thus, if there's a need to describe locations, names of old nations or cities would still do. No one knows where Apocalypse resides, although some guess it to be within the nation formerly known as Egypt. He holds many prisons, where people who are captured are either tortured for information, or brainwashed into serving him.

Resistances will be entirely run by the players. However, one fact remains: there is no united resistance. Additionally, no resistance has managed to really take the fight to either force. New players are allowed to run their own small ragtag group of fighters, but the “privilege” of leading actual resistance forces are kept solely for the veteran players. If you make a good case for your character, however, I'm willing to reconsider.

Rules and Guidelines
The Things to Know
- Your character is not a swiss army knife of super powers. Try to control yourselves.
- Canon characters are allowed. Being an AU, they can be of any incarnation as long as they’re the right age. However, I encourage you to be unique and original. Also, certain characters are entirely off limits. They include: the listed instructors, Wolverine, Cable, Nate Grey, Rachel Summers, Vulcan, Franklin Richards, Mister M, Kid Omega, and any manifestation of the Phoenix. Supervillians like Magneto and Apocalypse obviously go into this category as well.
- How the plot plays out will be based on the players’ abilities. If things are going well, you’ll lead a powerful resistance against all but impossible odds! If things aren't, you die.
- I will allow few non-Mutant characters (meaning, not born with powers but given them. Or alien). After all, in a setting where the whole world is involved, it's not just a mutant problem any more.
- You can give yourself your codenames, but if you can't think of anything, I'll be more than happy to suggest you some.
- Similar to how some RPs are separated into chapters, parts, or episodes, this RP will be separated into 'Issues.'
- More then one character is allowed (two being the maximum). Whether I will accept your second (or even your first) though, is another matter entirely.
- Special little warning: your character's death is a very real possibility. Although I feel your character is your creative property, you're still playing in my sandbox. If you give me enough reason to, your character can and will be offed. In
- Include location markers with every IC post you make. That means, putting something like - In Abandoned Ruins - within your post. I like to have an easy way to see where everyone is.
- There is a "Three Strikes Rule of Godmodding" for this game. Basically, if you do anything beyond the measure of what you're player can do or that you have previously specified without my permission, that's one strike. This includes everything and anything under the sun that can be construed as godmodding or being a powersinker. This includes: 1) overstepping the boundaries of your power, 2) making your power do something you've never cleared with me, 3) auto-hitting without the direct permission of the target, 4) making another character do something without the permission of its owner unless the situation is determined to be absolutely necessary by a GM, 5) avoiding injury and damage during combat despite the fact your character should've incurred damage, 6) experiencing the damage yet still insisting that your character can barely feel it or can keep going like nothing happened, 7) saying your character knows what another's thinking or doing from across the room when realistically you can't (save certain exceptions, possibly involving telepaths or highly intelligent individuals with eidetic memory and superhuman observational abilities), 8) messing with the creative property of any player's without their express permission, 9) do any sort of action considered a GM only action, and 10) defying the decree of a GM unless the two other Co-GMs deem the decree unreasonable. This list is always subject to change. After three strikes, your character in question is suspended indefinitely, no questions, no excuses.

The Character Sheet
Ah, finally, the character sheet! There's a bit of information exclusive to old players, so new players can just skip down to their part.

For old players:

For those of you who were part of the old game, assume that this universe has gone exactly as the old RP went, up until the assault on Genosha. The primary difference at that point is that Cable was never there to drive away Magneto, and he was never there to (eventually) aid the students in getting to the mutant nation. Thus, in this universe, the students got to the island nation much later than the older X-Men, resulting in the domino effect into AoA. Following their loss and the destruction of Magneto's machine, the students can have either stayed, or chosen to flee, resulting in their separation in the confusion. Because this is an alternate universe though, I will allow some alteration to characters' past events so long as they aren't drastic.
Codename: (Your old one, but if your character has taken on a new one, state it and then explain it in the history)
Age: (It's however old your character was in X-Institute, plus six years)
Appearance: (What your character looks like. Hair, eyes, accessories, build, etc. What's really important here, though, is that you note how they've changed. Have they just aged? Did they get more muscular? Lose an arm?)
Personality: (How your character acts. This is something that’s more for other players, so they can get a feel of what your character’s like. Include how they've changed as well)
History: (What has your character been doing for the last six years? Have they been leading resistance forces? Are they well known? Will other players know them as the “So-and-So, the Resistance leader of Sector 12”? Or did they choose to live in seclusion somewhere, away from all the fighting?)
Powers: (Keep in mind your powers have grown even more these past six years, especially if they chose to train or fight. Go wild, but don't go Omega here.)
Other: (Should I know anything else?)

For new ones:

Age: (Don't go too young. It'll be hard to justify bringing, say, a nine year old along into war)
Appearance: (What your character looks like. Hair, eyes, accessories, build, etc.)
Personality: (How your character acts. This is something that’s more for other players, so they can get a feel of what your character’s like)
History: (Self-explanatory. You should probably go more into detail about where they were when the world fell, and what they've been doing since then.)
Powers: (Your powers should be pretty developed, but you're not exactly “powerful.” For example, if you chose to be a telekinetic, you could move objects or even people with your mind, but you won't be throwing abandoned cars at people.)
Other: (Anything else you feel I should know?)
Writing Sample: (Link me to something that indicates your level of writing ability. This is especially crucial if I've never RPed with you before, and/or I have no idea who you are)


Characters and Their Players


Returning Players

New Players


I post this fully aware that characters will most likely (and frankly should) take some time to make. I'm also aware interested players are in and out often in the forum, so it could take them even longer. Thus, don't expect the IC to start any time soon. And forgive me for taking so long to do this. It took a lot of thought, writing, and rewriting. And I'm still not 100% satisfied!
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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:52 am


Name: Hisui Ito

Codename: Figment

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hisui looks very different from before the incident on Genosha. Her sleek black hair has grown twice as long in the last six years, brushing her hips instead of resting lightly on her shoulders. The layers have remained though that have grown out considerably, indicating that the most that has ever been done to in it the last six years is the occasional brushing and washing. Her height has remained exactly the same, not a centimeter over 5'6", and she had never expected to. She was tall for a Japanese woman, two inches taller than her mother had been, though her height was merely average for most of the rest of the world. Her frame has changed quite a lot, all of the baby fat she had retained from having such a comfortable lifestyle was completely erased in the last six years. Her frame was now thin and fit, with not an once of wasted weight anywhere, but without obvious muscle definition either. Her form seemed more lithe, than ever before. Her face had narrowed out, taking on a more ovalish shape that is commonly found in Japanese people than the rounded heart-shape that gave her a very generic asian look. Her almond-shaped brown eyes seem tired and untrusting, lacking the fiery spark that she used to have.

Her clothes were generally the same, though she had traded her tight, ripped jeans for loose dark green cargo capris that gather and tie just below her knees. With that she wears a silver grey tank top with purple flowers screened all across the top and down the left side. With that she wears a thin lavender zip up hoodie, though only in case she gets caught outside in the rain or snow, which has happened often enough. Over it all she wears a fitted black leather jacket with a faded golden zipper on it. The jacket itself looks worn, with a few cracks around the bottom, and scuff marks at the elbows. Her shoes are just a simple black and purple checkerboard pair of vans that are obviously worn down. It seems as though Hisui has done a lot of running in the past few years.

Long gone is her cutesy purse, replaced with a simple lime green backpack that is dirty enough to obviously have seen better days. In it she carries non-perishable foods and a large bottle of water. Other than that it holds a few small necessities, like an extra shirt, a comb, a toothbrush, and a old washcloth. There are only two mementos of her old life in the bag. One being her cellphone, long dead, but kept to remember the family she will most likely never see again, or ever find out what happened to them. The other is the keychain of the black rabbit that used to hang off of her purse, that had been given to her by her best friend before she had left for the institute. The little plush toy wasn't far from falling apart now. The black fabric was wearing thin, an eye had fallen off, one of the ears was ripped and cotton was beginning to poke out around the neck and tail, and the clasp on the keychain had rusted shut. But it was a precious memory, so it had to stay.

Personality: Hisui is no longer the temperamental, loving girl she used to be. Her passion for life and the people around her has been severely dampened by the failure on Genosha and the current decline of the world. Her spirit broken, she keeps to herself and relies on no one for anything.

The truth is, she blames herself for the colossal failure that the young, idealistic mutants saw that day when they tried to rescue their friends. Has she not convinced them all to go on the absurd mission, they wouldn't have been at ground zero when the machine went wrong. People she cared about had died, and as far as she could tell, it was all her fault. She knew her survival had been pure luck, but she just couldn't enjoy the life had been spared, when she had been the root cause of death among the people she cared about.

History: Hisui's life since the failure at Genosha has not been a happy one. When the machine struck out, she could feel the Professor's comforting protection around her mind, and watched as the people he couldn't reach dropped dead around her. Then she felt his own consciousness slip away. She didn't realize it then, but it was her powers to affect the mind that allowed her to recognize the Professor slipping deep into his own mind. Overcome with guilt and grief, Hisui's mind followed suit. Her powers went on auto-pilot, shrouding her motionless form in deep illusions for her own protection. Then, it created a similar shell for her mind, a waking dream of her old life to momentarily erase the pain that she couldn't handle. Unknown to herself, her powers slowly stitched her fragile mind back together, developing far beyond what they had been in order to protect her.

It was two years later when Hisui came out of her self-induced coma, and was hit all over again with the reality of what had happened. But this time she realized she had to face what she had caused head on. But in order to do that, she had to get off of Genosha. With her discovery of how much stronger her illusions were, getting out of Genosha was a breeze. But it wasn't until she got out of Genosha that she found up exactly how powerful her powers had become. She was running from everything when one of the followers of Mutant Prime had tried to recruit her. She refused, and was subsequently attacked. Hisui, still being very emaciated from her coma, was in no condition to fight for her own life. She vanished, cloaked in her favorite illusion for hiding in plain sight, and gave him a few illusions to fight with. They hit him so hard and so fast that he was quickly left prone on the ground, screaming in pain without so much as a mark on his body. Hisui realized then what she was able to do. Her illusions were now so perfect that she could fool the human mind into firing off it's own pain receptors, causing whomever she was fighting into seeing and reacting to injuries that weren't even there. She didn't stick around to see what happened to the man after that.

Two years later she saw another power increase, once again due to the mutants loyal to Mutant Prime. She had been able to eat well enough to gain back a small shadow of her former figure, though her body looked more like a runner's than a fighter's. She came across a full grown adult beating on a child, one that showed not a single vestige of power. Remembering the ideals Xavier had strove to uphold, she immidiately assaulted the man's mind. To her surprise, she managed to lock him into a dreamspace, much like Mastermind had done to her so many years before. The mutant saw himself as a child, being beaten into submission by a human adult, much like he had been doing only moments before. Helpless, he lay trembling in the street, calling for someone to save him from his own mind as the little boy ran away, a grateful smile on his tearstained face. He didn't know who, but someone had saved him.

It wasn't long after that when Hisui ran into Ben's small group of resistance fighters. She kept herself hidden from them, watching and following as the little group moved from place to place. She hid their trail from the followers of Mutant Prime, the least she could do for someone who had supported her so much in the Institute. Leadership suited Ben, much more so than it ever had suited her. Knowing his powers, she knew that he sensed her hanging around, but he never confronted her, leaving it up to her to decide when to show herself. No one else knew she was there, not even Mickey, who showed up from time to time, bringing supplies to the ragtag little band. Hisui managed to find her own things, knowing Ben's group needed every scrap they could get ahold of. Thanks to her powers, acquiring supplies from nearby Mutant Prime followers was almost ridiculously simple.

After a few months of following along, Hisui finally showed herself to Ben. She didn't say much to her old friend, she had no words to explain what had happened, but it was likely that her eyes explained the whole story to the young telepath. She simply said that she would always be nearby, providing what little safety she could to the people in his protection. After that Ben was the only person she would allow to see her, every night after the others were asleep she would give Ben an update on enemy movement in the area, or if Mickey was on his way in with a new shipment of supplies. In exchange, Ben explained to her what had happened to the world, as well as he understood it.

Powers: Hisui is an illusionist, and a very powerful one at that. While telekinetics and telepaths get the credit for being the most frightening of the manipulators of the mind, a good illusionist can do just as much damage, if not more. Hisui can do things to the mind that no telepath ever could. She can create illusions in the real world that fool the brain into thinking that they are actually seeing something real. Able to move in real time, her illusions can be felt, seen, smelt, heard and even tasted, and can consist of anything she can think of. In addition to that, she can create a whole world of illusions around a person, though the more people she entraps, the weaker the illusions are. Her power is just as dangerous as it sounds. Messing with the mind is a dangerous thing, as she has proved to herself already. Her illusions are so convincing that she can cause pain receptors in the brain to fire in accordance with imaginary injuries. Were she to push that ability far enough, it would be most likely able to kill someone.

Other: Hisui does not fight hand to hand as much as she used to, so her combat skills are no longer what they used to be. Instead, she now carries a very large folding knife in her front left pocket.
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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:34 am

(WIP - Not done but farther)

Name: Sheryl Zentz
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sheryl has brunette hair with natural auburn highlights that is straight, layered and goes down to her mid-back. She normally keeps it in a ponytail or leaves it down. Her bangs frame her face when it's down and left untouched. She has chocolate brown eyes that stand out against her fair white skin. Her natural clumsiness has left her legs scarred and bruised - she is rarely seen in anything shorter than ankle-length skirts and pants. However, where her ankles connect to the lower leg, the scars change to a crisscrossing pattern. She got the scars while tripping over something, or sometimes nothing, only to notice a few minutes later there's something dripping down her leg.
Her body is average, thin but muscular, yet she has skinny arms, earning her the nicknames toothpick, twig, stringbean and other similar names. She is fairly short, only just above 5 foot tall, and light weight, barely more than 100 lbs. She also has a pair of large, grey feathered wings speckled with white dots. When stretched to their full length they stretch to over 10 feet and when folded, add a fair amount to her height.

She mostly wears tank tops or a normal T-shirt and jeans out in public. Sometimes she wears almost completely skin-tight shirts that show off her curves a bit. Around her neck she wears a gold chain necklace with a golden Irish Claddagh ring. On her right wrist, she wears a metal bracelet with half a heart. On the heart, the letters are arranged to spell, three words, Sheryl only has half.


Personality: Sheryl is a very lovable person. She’s generally happy all the time and rarely gets ticked off but when she is she begins throwing her fists and swearing like a sailor. However, for the most part, she’s basically care-free and will cause herself harm most of the time. She is also stubborn to a fault. She may not always show it but when she wants something, she will keep trying to get it, realizing only when it's too late that the cost was greater than the want.

History: Sheryl was raised as a good girl, always taught to do what's right. Her parents tried to raise her right. The doctor that birthed her nearly dropped the infant at the sight of the wings. She grow up in a small city and, despite her wings, she made a few friends. Because her wings were so large, she had trouble hiding them and everything she tried either hurt her wings too much, left them showing or both. She eventually found a way to hide them that wasn't as uncomfortable and didn't reveal that she had them. Since she was such a nice girl, helping people whenever she could, most people loved her. At least, until a group of mutants caused trouble in another part of the country. Some people started trying to stay away from her, though she didn't understand why until one of her closest friends explained it to her.

When the machines began taking over, she ran and hid, always trying to make herself as small as possible, despite her large wings. She spent most of her time running in places with a large amount of trees, slowly working her way south until she reached South America. Once there, she thought she was safe and began trying to ask people for help.

She is hoping to join a group to go back to where she grew up to help as many people as she can to escape. She left some of her best friends behind with the promise she would return for them.

Powers: Added to her wings, Sheryl has some control over the wind, allowing her to fly great distances without using very much energy, as opposed to flying just with her wings. She can also use this to raise and lower the temperature of the air up to a foot away from her with enough concentration, sometimes allowing her to temporarily freeze her enemies. While flying, she can carry two light weight people with her, one in her arms, the other on her back.

Other: Sheryl loves to be around trees and other places she can stretch her wings and fly. She often hated school because she couldn't bring out her wings without someone else seeing them.
She also likes to lay beside streams or small lakes while she sleeps.
She can use her wings to swim but it taxes her strength fast and she can't always fly right away afterwards, therefore, she doesn't like to do it often.
In school, she had a crush on one of the boys, though he acted as if she didn't exist until the Genosha incident, which he, like many of the other people in the city, could have reacted to better.

Writing Sample: Sheryl sat in the tree, her wings folded behind her back. "It's a nice day today." she said, letting the sunshine hit her face between the leaves. She heard the sudden snap of a twig and spun around to see a machine. She curled up and put her back to the machines, knowing her wings would blend in with the leaves. She soon heard them walking away and risked a peek to see if she could see them. With a sigh of relief, she climbed up and leaped into the air to get a little flying time in. She landed on another tree a few hours later, having not seen any machines during her flight, and looked around at the sky. "Where are all the people?" she asked, looking at a valley that sat a few miles away. The area behind her that had once been a town was destroyed. The people had either been killed or captured. "I will come back for you," she said, looking at the bracelet she wore, "soon, I hope, so I can get you to freedom."

roleplayerguild.com, Free Roleplay, The Beginner's Tavern, post #98, Orensa Baenre
The tavern door opened. In walked a humanoid covered in black cloth. They had a hood covering their face as well as a thin black cloth over their eyes. A little of their snow white hair was visible. They were shorter than a human. Their body was covered in a thick black cloak. They sat at the bar and, in a beautiful, feminine voice, asked, "Do you serve fey wine?" The pulled back their hood, revealing the face of a beautiful drow female.

She had caught sight of the elf as she walked in but didn't feel in the mood for killing at the moment.

Patrons of the tavern who could see spiritual energy would see a large blur going from her right shoulder past her left hip. She removed her black gloves, revealing one normal hand and one hand of metal. She was no normal drow.

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small bag of gold coins. "This is all I have to pay with. Hope that's alright." she smirked.

She glanced at the elf, the kitsune, the angel, and many of the other patrons of the tavern, trying to see what worlds they were from. Many of them were simple, sich as the racer, but many of the others were quite difficult, such as the girl with the eyepatch.

"And don't water it down." she added, turning back to the barkeeper. "I'll be able to taste if you do."
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Oh, I forgot to mention that's it OK for the veteran players to collaborate as well (not like I'd forbid it). It'd make sense for a few of the characters to have managed to stick together.

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Oh yeah.. You didn't get it voted in but it was practically done already by eleven of us, so I guess it's okay. Have Fun Immy.

Give me a while and I will try and figure out a character for this. *_*

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Name: Jackie Estacado

Codename: Dark

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jackie stands at a height of six feet and two inches. His hair is jet black and reaches down to his shoulders while parted down the middle. With eyes that are deep brown. His powers have made him a bit reclusive during days, so his skin is rather pale. Jackie has a small tattoo on the left side of his neck that says “Amor,” while another on the right side of his neck says “Pravus”. Jackie was never short on muscular development, but the years have garnered a hardened body that has been finely tuned through combat, gaining some size with his rather muscular physique.

He wears a gold cross in his left earlobe these days. Along with a silver chain around his neck that overlaps a tribal tattoo on his chest that surrounds the name Jenny like a black mist.

Personality: Jackie is a quiet guy. Not because he’s introversive. No. Far from it. Jackie is quiet because he likes to listen more than talk. And whenever someone has a problem, Jackie does what he can to help out. Sometimes this includes methods that he’d rather not tell anyone about, for their own good. Jackie’s personal code of honor is rather strict to his actions, but ensures extreme loyalty to any who have earned or deserved it. While he has done many bad things, he’s never done them to anyone that didn’t deserve them. Respect and honor are high priorities for Jackie as he was raised to follow the ‘Old Ways’, as he calls them. This includes the practice of never harming a woman, never acting crude in front of small children, and treating any elderly citizens with respect. Jackie’s very truly a good guy… He was just roped in with very bad people early on in his life.

The past few years have led his old methods of brutal violence to prosper greatly. He continues holding onto his morals and the memories of his friends during his time at the Xavier Institute, teaching them onto those who have started to follow him. The years spent leading and fighting have made him a tad arrogant, but not without just cause for being so.

History: For the year after the mission into Genosha, Jackie was dead. He stayed behind in the fortress, helping stragglers and prisoners to escape by keeping the structure up as best he could using his powers. And for some time after, he stayed behind, trying to help the disheveled mutants to move to safer locations or relocate friends and family. But the recent awakening of an ancient power gave rise to those who would want his neutrality gone. One of the recent followers to Mutant-Prime struck out amidst a crowd, taking Jackie by surprise with a lethal blow. For the next year, Jackie just didn’t exist on Earth. Only rarely would people randomly catch sight of a dark figure in the night, traveling by the side of strange, monstrous creatures while Jackie’s body was being rebuilt by The Darkness. Even once it was restored, Jackie was stuck within the Hell that existed for all those The Darkness has ever consumed.

By the time Jackie escaped again, he was back in America, in the state of New York. Things had already been going wrong. Especially recently as the Sentinel AI, Master Mold, had taken control of North America. Jackie first found the remnants of the old Franchetti Family, knowing that he’d need to have people willing to fight if he was going to lead anything lasting. He took down the corrupt and cruel remainder of his old, adopted father’s relatives, naming himself the new Don. Using what was left of the mafia’s hold on the surrounding area of New York City, Jackie began to pull together people of all creed and ilk to follow him in the stead of imprisonment or worse by the hands of the Sentinels or those controlled by Mutant-Prime.

The remaining years have been spent keeping as many of his followers alive as he could, keeping them moving erratically. Their nomadic settlement became a home base for Jackie and those willing enough to volunteer for raids and guerilla assaults on Sentinel strongholds around the former state of New York.

Powers: The Darkness A supernatural creature, existing within the universe while being the spiritual presence of an unholy dimension. It has existed for as long as time has existed. A spirit of unholy, chaotic power that damns the souls of all it consumes or calls host. It creates life and existence from nothing, being a bringer of life in spite of its otherwise sinister and evil presence. Aside from the various abilities it gives to Jackie, there dwells a presence of The Darkness deep within Jackie’s mind, locking away any secrets of its power from prying minds, giving Jackie a naturally heightened amount of mental defenses that grow more powerful the more sensitive the information is to The Darkness.

Darklings-- Jackie’s manifestation of creatures has progressed to where he can create nearly a dozen of his agile, goblin-esque minions at any one time. None of them are really much stronger than humans, but their size and weight allows for rapid movements. Added with their chameleon-like skin, they become quite useful for stealth operations.

Creepers/Appendages-- Aside from being able to now form up to six new appendages as either tentacles or creepers, the serpentine creatures can now resist more physical damage -- with the exceptions of direct slashing weapons, or rapid gunfire, all of which severs them from Jackie -- thanks to their regenerative powers. The tentacles carry enough raw strength and sharpness to their tips that they can impale a human with one thrust, while being capable of creating additional spikes and blades all along their length. Jackie is also capable of creating a pair of wings of varying shapes to allow for flight.

Armor-- Jackie has constructed himself an armor that not only makes him immune to blades and carries the bullet resistance of Kevlar armor -- unless supernaturally intuned -- but also boosts all of his physical attributes. His strength allows him to toss around fully grown men or break human bones with ease with one hand. Speed capable of matching the speed of most cars with time to gain momentum. It even allows for alteration in his senses, capable of changing his vision mode. Ranging from zooming in at various distances to night and thermal vision, the armor greatly helps his sight more than the rest of his senses. The armor has a time limit, though, and Jackie can only use it for a maximum of three hours each day.

Guns-- Jackie now makes use of his powers to form himself a pair of pistols\s with a multitude of ammunition types that can suit any situation. Explosive rounds are possible, but never do much more than half the damage of a typical frag grenade. Attachments for scopes and such are possible, but best left for use when he doesn’t have his armor. As for larger obstacles or menaces, he also can create an RPG, though the rate of fire and the use of the weapon typically limits its practical use during combat, leaving it best used for purely demolition purposes.

Regeneration-- Jackie’s ability to heal has grown, now allowing him to heal damage on the fly during combat to mend cuts and wounds from small arms fire or melee weaponry. Direct hits by explosives take about one or two hours to heal, depending on the extent of damage. This also gives him greater endurance and has aided his body’s natural muscular growth, making him a bit above human limits even without armor. (Just nowhere nearly as durable against damage.)
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I've already got a bit of a plan for Hisui, but if anyone wants to collaborate, then go ahead and PM me.

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CS time :D So excited!

Name: Minerva Hitaome

Codename: Ossein (Means 'bone')

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Over the past six years, Minerva's let her black hair grow out to just under her ribcage. It has a few split ends from some neglect, but nothing too drastic. She still has the same light teal eyes and the lithe muscular form that she had when she was eighteen with a few differences. She grew a few inches and is now 5'10". Her skin is still extremely pale and she has a few more light scars on her arms right near the top of her wrists in particular. Those scars are also on the tops of her knees and are a soft pink that's almost raw. Her face thinned out slightly, and as a result, her nose grew more defined, thus making her a more attractive person despite the hint of lines on her face where her brows scrunch up when she's mad or concentrating hard and the dimples in her cheeks from smirking a little too often.

While her usual clothing years ago was hoodies and exercise clothing...nothing has changed much there with the exception of her upgraded wardrobe. The skeleton hoodie she almost always wore was burnt irreparably in a fight, so she replaced it with layers of thinner clothing styles, and just did away with the whole concept of a hoodie. She tends to wear running pants, as in the tight black pants that you see professional runners wearing, and a pair of running shorts over them, a tank-top and thin layers of long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts that aren't meant to last too long. Since she usually is fighting or training, she's almost always in something like this. 'You never know if you're going to have to run and fight, so why bother putting effort into what you wear if it's only going to be ripped and burned anyways?' And, of course, she always has on a pair of running shoes. None specific, because she wears them out prematurely by scuffing her feet when she has to stand around and wait for something. Amazingly, her anatomy/health book mas made it through all of the trials and tribulations that she's gone through, but she's replaced that old relic with an updated version that's slightly smaller and manages to have more information due to the smaller print. As for jewelry and whatnot, she's surprisingly bare. She has the regular ear piercings and a cartilage piercing with rubber jewelry. It's practical to have something that bends and if it gets ripped out, won't bloody your ear up in a fight.

Personality: Over the years, she changed from her 'cold loner' attitude because she finally realized that true strength is in showing your emotions for others to see (within reason, of course), and having the power to overcome the negative. She's still one tough cookie, and doesn't give up, particularly when it comes to her friends. She learned some valuable lessons in friendship at the institute, and has become quite loyal to her old school friends, particularly Franklin and Mickey. In a bad situation, Minerva is the kind of woman who realizes her limitations, but will go the extra mile for her friends and those she thinks need her protection, even if they don't agree with her.She still loves reading, and during her many visits to bad hospitals and doctors in her youth, she realized that there weren't too many qualified doctors for mutants. She hopes to remedy this in the future. She would have loved to become a doctor, but in these trying times, she set aside her dreams to fight for the good of others in another way. Once in a while, she'll be a little bitter about not becoming the surgeon that she'd dreamed of, but she feels that she still has time to do that in the future if things get better.

History: Minerva was raised in a nuclear family, went to a normal school and the like, until her mutant powers awakened during an anemic episode. From then until seven years ago, she had been tested on by a doctor who wanted to advance technology for his own gains, not the patients. His tests were usually painful and harmful to Minerva's health, thus leading her to get sick frequently. Once she attended the X-Institute in her 18th year, she began to flourish and learn more about her powers.

When the students gathered together to assist the X-men in their attempt to save their fellow students, Minerva had been unconscious, and misses the opportunity to assist, something she will always regret. From then on she realized that she would have to try harder, and not give up on things, like she had in the past. Later on, when Professor X and Magneto worked together to try to save humanity, in the end dying for the cause and the Professor fell into a coma, it was devastating. In her eyes, Professor Xavier was one of the few mutants that she looked up to, and one that had always seemed so rock solid, as if he would never be beaten. Losing the leader that she looked up to made her feel weakened and vulnerable: 'The First's' message only made her realize what a monstrous creature this was. Her first thought was "Is this really happening? We have to seal it away again." When mutant groups banded together to fight this creature, she joined the closest one and did what she could to help out and train herself at the same time. Over time, she earned the name "spike" because of her bone-manipulation, but only within her dwindling group. It was a way of trying to keep things light-hearted in dark times. More often than not, it reminded her of the X-men and their previous glory, and it made her feel uncomfortable; but like most nicknames, you don't come up with them, you're given them. Many-a-time she found herself in the hospital from blood loss, because she had little control over her bones. However, over time, her skill increased till she was able to almost completely control her bone growth. Ironically, during this chaotic time, with the exercise and the added control, she began to become a much healthier individual than before such harsh times came upon humankind.

During the time that she was fighting for the survival of humankind, she always tried to keep her parents out of harm's way. She had been doing surprisingly well until the A.I's had been produced, and they successfully killed her parents and there was nothing she could do about it. She had been out with a group of mutants fighting the sentinels, when another group of sentinels found the little hide-out that her group of mutants had sequestered their families under the protection of a few of the stronger mutants of the group. Upon her wounded group's return, she was greeted by the sight of more blood and gore, this time, the blood of her mother and father. For about a week, she did nothing but train, eat, sleep, fight, and train some more. It was during this period of training that she gained enough control to make weapons out of her bones. While the new found control was heady, the loss of so many friends and loved ones was beginning to leave her numb. Her group of resistant mutants were quickly diminished in numbers, and they were going through leaders left and right.

She ran into Mickey while getting supplies, and for her, the reunion was very bitter-sweet. It reminded her of what an innocent child she had been even at the age of 18. Seeing him again was like a breath of fresh air: she was with friends. She asked him what he knew of the rest of the students, and some things she was glad to hear about. Others, not so much. She asked to join him in his adventures, and wound up protecting his boat while he was out running errands.

Powers: Bone Manipulation: The ability to manipulate the bones in one's own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones. Six years ago, she had a major problem controlling her power. Over the past years, she has been training and now can fully control her powers and has learned how to make weapons out of her bones.

Other: (Should I know anything else?)
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Oh, right, should state that I'm putting Jackie up in New York to be doing things there, if anyone else was going to be setting up around the old institute or NYC.

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Name: Mickey O'Brian
Codename: Clover
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: A few things have changed about Mickey's appearance since the events of Genosha. He's still a very tall man, standing at 6'1 however now he has a slightly more bulky build indicative of how for the past few years he hasn't had any time to slack off and have 'fun' the way he used to. The man is certainly more muscular than he was before, but he could still be considered somewhat slender for his height. His raven black hair has been trimmed down and kept fairly short giving him a more professional and tame look than how he usually kept it. His trademarked go-tee is still very present, and overall he's still a very attractive guy who looks as if he's made it through the past six years without receiving a single scratch. The scars are there though, several small almost unnoticeable and fairly faded scars are spread out all over his body. Along with the scars he also bares a new tattoo on his left shoulder, a single rose with the words "Remember the fallen" written near it, in memoriam for all the friends he'd lost.

Mickey's style of clothing hasn't changed much since his time at the Institute. He still looks somewhat like a punk, wearing dark jeans, a tight black t-shirt, and a thick black leather jacket. Mickey has heavy boots with steel tips, a large metal belt buckle with an emerald green clover to match his eyes, two large metal bracelets on his wrists, and a small backpack that completes the set of pieces that were given to him from Tony Stark.

Personality: Maturity hit Mickey O'Brian like a freight train due to the events during and after Genosha. He still retained much of his personality from before, but tasting defeat and seeing allies get torn apart right before his very eyes has turned him into a more serious person than before. Mickey is still a very cocky and arrogant person, who will joke inappropriately at times but now he seems to be more in control of it. Instead of simply blurting out the first thing that comes to mind like he used to, he's much more cerebral and reads the situation before making any comments that could offend people. To put things simply, after all that he's been through he's become less selfish of a person and now cares more about the well being of other people.

History: Following the events that took place on Genosha, Mickey decided that he wanted to continue to fight in order to make up for their failure of not being able to stop what happened on the island nation. He did so by linking up with various hero groups that were defending humanity against the mutants. At first he worked solely in the capacity of a support role, using his power to help more experienced combatants gain an edge in battle. After some time spent helping the fight from the sidelines, Mickey slowly gained more credibility and started to serve as a more active role in the war. Mickey's increased involvement with the fighting was also greatly influenced by his acquirement of a mechanical suit provided by his friend Tony Stark and some combat training he received from other heroes that he worked with.

It was around the time that Mickey started fighting that Master Mold went rouge, turning all of the Sentinels that were helping humanity fight the war into nothing more than another threat to worry about. The allies he had made in the first year following Genosha were now being torn apart from having to fight against two enemies at the same time. He tried to fight back alongside the heroes he had befriended, but there was nothing but defeat to be had against such odds. Again and again Mickey fought, each time being the only survivor, the only one to return alive. After a short time things got out of hand and humanity was broken, having only small pockets of resistance left to help any survivors. Mickey's not sure how he got started doing it, but for the majority of the last few years he's been traveling between those remaining groups. Each time he would stay for a while and help out in any way that he could. Water, food, supplies, there were many things that Mickey could get that others would have difficulties with and this became his role amongst the groups he encountered in his travels.

Extreme Luck: Mickey's mutant power increases his odds of success in every aspect of his life. Not so much a manipulation of space and time as it simply causes Mickey to make decisions or take actions that lead to positive results. It is a passive power that cannot be turned off, however at times Mickey can sense when the odds are against him and can consciously do things that would go against the 'luckiest' course of action. He can share his luck with objects or people through direct contact with them, however these effects are only temporary and can only slightly effect their chances of success.

Backpack Suit: A gift from Tony Stark that was designed specifically to bolster Mickey's combat capabilities. The primary focus of the suit was to increase the user's agility and dexterity, severely sacrificing raw power and protection for something that was much more lightweight and maneuverable. Powered by the arc reactor stored in Mickey's belt, when activated the belt sends a signal to his backpack, boots, and bracelets which transform and begin to interconnect with each other to form into a mechanical suit. Aside from the heavily armored hands, forearms, feet, shins, spine, and head the rest of the suit that covers Mickey's body is either lightly armored or completely lacking any real protection.

Web Shooters: Something Mickey acquired from working with Spiderman for a brief time. He had Stark incorporate the web shooters into the design of his backpack suit.

Other: He's still an alcoholic and smokes a lot.

I'm planning on having Mickey slipping into a bit of a 'supply runner' role, so if anyone wants to work with me I'd be up for that.

Also Imenak, I was wondering if other superheroes were present in this timeline/universe? People like Ironman, Spiderman, the Avengers, etc. Mainly I'm asking because it involves the evolution of my character's power. I'm not sure if I should just give him some kind of power boost, or better equip him because of his power's influence.
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Glad I dropped by today! :grin:

I'll be cranking a CS out sometime over the course of my four day weekend

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Name: Maddy Decadance.

Age: 28

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Her appearance can change due to her age, so I’ll keep things basic here, the things that don’t really change with age. She has light gold like hair which darkens as she get s older generally, it flicks out slightly as it descends and her face is framed by two long tufts of hair. Her eyes are slightly too yellow to be called amber so while it does look different than normal, it is quite dismissible, although the oddly oval pupils don’t help matters . She always wear a plain black dress with a hood at the back. It’s a very odd dress as it can greatly stretch out, sort of as if it has elastic properties, meaning that when she’s a child it’s just like she’s wearing a thick, very loose, black dress that stops about a third above her knee to her hips and when she becomes an adult it becomes a much more skin-tight dress. It’s normally sufficient for modesty’s sake but she keeps a pair of trousers in her bag to put on if she can and the dress is then turned into a jumper instead, much more respectable, as well as a dark cloak to wrap around herself if stealth or protection from the elements is required. Her body is very healthy, clear skin, good nails, white teeth, much better condition actually than someone who is living in this current world actually. While it seems that she’s got quite a nice figure underneath her clothes, which she does, she’s also quite muscular, not to the point that it’d be repulsive, but just noticeable. She’s a little slimmer then average with a notable chest, small hips and slender legs, quite an elegant and beautiful body overall, apart from one thing, that could be said to mar it. Two long tattoos, that twirl along her arms, two lines that criss and cross each other as they travel around her arms and meet each other at her shoulders and wrists, to form a sort of convoluted symbol of infinity. At her adult stage she stands at 5 foot ten and while she naturally prefers to go barefoot, in this world it’s become necessary to wear shoes really, so she wears small shoes, more like slippers really but more than tough enough to protect her from anything sharp or too hot.
Here’s some pictures to help you get a mental image.
Her adorable 6 to 7 year old form.
Her ten year old form.
Her teenage form, with cloak
and her adult form

Personality: Interested. It’s a big world, and with the fall of mankind some interesting new things have shown up, it’s just a shame some interesting old things had to fade away as well, but what a world. She only finds it a shame that Paris was lost to the sentinels, she’d only been there for six years before her city of lights was taken from her by those accursed robots. She prefers the finer aspects of life, good books, rich food, old wine, etc, although she has a rather embarrassing fondness for modern music, and regularly frequented France’s nightclubs when she wanted to blow off steam. Ever since the end of the world, she’s had to find new ways of entertaining herself and she discovered that the surviving people were quite interesting too. Even before she’d been fond of playing with people, balancing the thin line between manipulation and control, taking a few risks now and then too, she’s a bit of a danger-seeker. Although, since she isn’t a fool either, she’d requested to begin learning marital arts from a young age which her parents were happy to support. She specialised in Capoeira, being attracted to their stylish way of combat and it’s unpredictability. Later on she reinforced her Capoeira skills with Taekwondo and to avoid focusing too much on her lower body strength and because of its growing use by the military, she looking into Krav Maga also. After all this, she’s got an attraction to power which is hampered only by her keen sense of self-preservation. She also enjoys acting, manipulation and subterfuge, and her skills have increased exponentially since the world fell, by necessity really.

History: She was born in England despite having French parents, her father was a business man while her mother was a designer. Her father dealt with drugs and other medicines while her mother was more of a critic, trying to decide on what clothes looked natural, suited humanity, perfected the body, she was actually better at studying people than designing but she loved being part of it. Of course, these jobs took a lot of time, for a lot of money, and quite naturally, Maddy was a little neglected by them, relatively speaking. Although being in a comfortable environment and not that naturally close to people, she was happy with the affair. She spent her younger years at an advanced primary school but she didn’t try very hard and as such, didn’t get amazing results, but still in the top 10%, and followed the same trend into secondary school. She had tutors over the winter and summer holidays which was interesting as they focused on more miscellaneous subjects like cookery, music, languages, the arts and such. Overall still quite a relaxed and enjoyable life, or at least she felt it was.

She never had much trouble with being mutant as she was quite secretive in general, smart enough to get that she should shut up about it and her father was a mutant too. All he could do was tell the chemical make-up of anything he could touch, small, taste, etc. Quite a handy power in his line of work and not very noticeable, her mother did mind a little once she found out her lover was a mutant but knowing that he was as naturally less harmless than a kitten, and didn’t have any destructive powers anyway, her original nervousness of mutants wore away. Then she discovered Maddy’s powers and got a little nervous again, Maddy’s father too. They’d just gotten her a kitten for her seventh birthday, something quiet and easy to take care of while giving her some company around the house. They were a little horrified when the kitten in Maddy’s hands began to turn into an old tabby cat, Maddy was pretty shocked too although…more interested than horrified, a strange feeling was passing through her as it happened. She snapped out of it when papa told her to drop the poor cat and quickly realised she was probably hurting the cat and should be feeling guilty about it, causing her to drop the confused creature which now had to figure out how to deal with a 14 year old body while it hadn’t even mastered control of its younger body yet. After a month of her father testing her ability with planets, Maddy was able to give some of the years back to it, in bits. It would be a long time before she gained control over it and discovered her other powers from it.

She was very curious about it naturally, but it wasn’t really an ability you could practice much. Thankfully the school ground had plenty of trees and a forest area, and Moggy was always a helpful subject, so long as he knew he was getting a bowl of cat treats afterwards. Anyway, she’d gotten a lot better and by the time she left school, Moggy was the same age as he’d entered the school and one of the trees seemed to have really sprouted up. After Secondary school, she moved to Paris and stayed for the first year in her mother’s apartment there before finding a small place of her own. She took a leisurely pace with her studies at the university and began to downgrade her living style, her parents were still paying for her living expenses but she’d decided that she had better learn to live a more cost-efficient life if she ever struck out on her own. After three years of living in Paris, she knew about its locations and landmarks than some of the inhabitants themselves, especially the catacombs under the city, a fascinating place, she’d even got a part-time job there as a guide. Plus, it was a great place to hide the bodies. She’d been practicing a lot since her move there.

Then, things got a little complicated when everyone in her tour started screaming and died in front of her. After trying to decide if she should report what had happened to someone, run off or decompose the bodies and hide them amongst the other skeletons, she made it her business to find out what the hell had happened, and when she did, she decided it was time to move on from such a populated area, maybe she’d move back once things calmed down and the dust cleared. As for now, she’d see if she could move back to see her parents back in England. That…wasn’t an option anymore. Once she returned to England she dealt with the funeral arrangements and her father’s business, thankfully her father had been a good judge of character, excluding herself, and she was able to leave the company in the remaining members of the boards’ hands. The funeral took place a month after she returned, it was a small ceremony, just her, the priest and one or two old family friends, everyone else had their own losses to deal with, she’d left Moggy in Paris.

She became a little colder after that, as if some restraints had been thrown off, she sold her homes, moved her finances into cold cash, gold, diamonds, etc and had it all spread over the world. She knew a storm was coming and she was making sure that once it passed, there’d be some funds remaining, she had no idea of the magnitude of change though. Once the sentries went mental, she decided it was time to join her mutant brethren and it was a lot easier to find groups of them now. She skipped from group to group, whenever one faction was meeting another, she changed places and ended up travelling all over the world, she’s currently skirting through the borders of Canada with four other mutants, but frankly, they’re starting to bore her now. She’s looking forward to meeting up with some new company, especially after the terrible fate that is going to befall her dear, dear friends.

Powers: At the moment, most noticeably the touch of life or death. She can drain the life energy out of people in various ways, all of them need contact, flesh on flesh to be the most effective but there are two styles. Say a bullet got her in…well, it didn’t hit any organs, this is normally quite easy to fix and doesn’t take much energy, she could either drain the immediate energy from someone, a much faster and easier method to use which could push them to the point that they’d fall unconscious, she probably wouldn’t need to kill them to get enough to force the bullet out and heal herself. The other way is cut a portion of their life from them as well, normally just a few years but it wouldn’t push them to the point that they’d fall unconscious, just tire them out a little. This doesn’t seem that dangerous overall but she can drain quickly if she isn’t worried about absorbing it and that combined with her close-combat style of fighting means that she can quickly wear down any living opponent. Non-living things are trickier, she can also drain them of energy but she can’t transform the energy into life energy and has to dump it, meaning that if she touched a computer she could rust it away but in the process make a heat dump or feed kinetic energy into something or she could touch batteries and drain their energy, or if she was sliding a board down a hill, she could drain it’s kinetic energy. But, she rarely does these effects, instead opting to drain them in a more noticeable manner, basically they quickly rot and decay away, wood rots, metal rusts, brick crumbles, etc.

At her current level she can store energy, about a lifetimes worth, but not enough to appear immortal, just enough to heal any dangerous wounds in an emergency and to keep up an amazing amount of stamina. It’s a very close-combat power overall. Finally, to a small extent, she can heal other people, she doesn’t do this often so in no way is it a clean transaction, energy is lost in the process, normally it takes about three or four times more energy to heal someone else than it would herself, but she can use other people for energy too so that’s not too bad, although the more people used the less efficient it is. Finally, though this has just recently been discovered by her, sometimes when she absorbs powers from a superhuman, other affects come with it. She suspects that some of these new affects have come with experience while others come from her new diet. The ones from experience tend to be flashes of mood or memory, but that’s it. She’s been very interested in that affect but has no idea how to strengthen it apart from continuing to absorb life.

Other: A sweet tooth, her one weakness.
She also carries a backpack, adult size, and in it she keeps a notepad, a packet of pens, a flask, Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, an Ipod, a cloak, a pair of trousers and a brown teddy named Edward.
Writing Sample: http://snafu-comics.com/forum/viewtopic ... &start=702 Not as fancy as that but a good example.

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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

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Name: Bridget Gibbson
Age: 19 years old
Gender: Female



Personality: Extremely optimistic, despite the fact that the whole world is practically falling to ruins. Bridget tends to look past all of that, and focus on the joys of being alive (that does not mean she doesn’t have her concerns, hint hint, nudge nudge). She is a rather adventurous lady, who tends to get ahead of herself at times, going as far as to barge into situations by herself if it means keeping the people she cares about safe. In general she has no standing in the human-mutant conflict, as far as she was concerned there are bad humans and good humans, the same with mutants. Bridget is an extremely loyal individual who is rather sensitive of other people’s feelings. Her attempts to bring out the brighter side of life come off as awkward, even though there are good intentions behind them. To say the least her jokes are corny, and her puns are horrible. The worst of them tend to be fish related.

She also come off as a bit geeky at times, she might also be a bit of a bother. However if you need anything done she would be the first to volunteer, if you need a good laugh she’ll try her best (boy she will try her best), and if you need entertainment…well, her singing isn’t that bad. For the most part, she is just a girl who is desperately trying to find her place in society. If anything it's her optimism that keeps her moving forward.

Bridget was borne to a USCG First Class Petty Officer by the name of Harvey Gibbson. He was a member of a boat crew of Sector San Francisco(specifically Station San Francisco) of the Eleventh District (which would later be renamed to District 8, Sector 3). His wife was Mrs. Margaret Wells-Gibbson. It's said that the both of them met on a ferry ride to Angel Island. It had been Harvey Gibbson's eleventh time visiting the site, but it was Margaret's first. She was visiting family in San Francisco for the summer, but didn't plan on staying there for long.

It was meeting Harvey that changed her mind. He told her that he was a member of the Coast Guard, and could sail the boat they were on if he wanted to, perhaps better than the current sailor could. He told her about tying knots, and how to navigate just by watching the sun. He had enchanted her.

They spent their time on Angel Island cycling and exploring as much as they could. Margaret admitted that she always loved the water, and the smells of the ocean bay.

After a few years of talking to each other from long distances through the use of letters, they both agreed to marry, and raise their children by the bay.

Bridget was their first and only child. Margaret could recount her birth coming as a shock. Bridget was born with strange tiny thin skin flaps on the side of her neck (not yet gills), and webbed fingers and toes. Her appearance frightened both Margaret and Harvey, and concerned doctors who suggested an operation right away. The Syndactyly correction was quick and successful, but they couldn't do anything about the loose flaps of skin.

From kindergarten and onwards kids made fun of her defection, calling her a double skinned freak. It drove her to request that her parents dressed her up in clothing that would cover her neck so no one could see, thus earning her the nickname "Turtle Neck Girl"

There were times when Bridget's parents considered homeschooling her, but Margaret's sister convinced her otherwise plenty of times. "Give the little lady a chance. She just needs to find a way to relate." But the day Margaret discovered some deep ridges in between each of the flaps on either side of her daughter's neck one afternoon, she panicked, and sent her to the hospital believing that her daughter had been deeply cut.

The doctors could not explain it. The ridges seemed to be pretty deep, but Bridget was still breathing just fine, and there were no damages to her central nervous system. The doctors were hesitant to perform any operation on it, in fear that they would somehow damage her respiratory system. Bridget was only eight years old.

From then on Bridget wore a neck brace, mainly to keep her blood pressurized, but also to keep her neck from being "damaged any further". With it came an excuse for her not to participate in any gym activities. During this time she spent most of her days reading up all she could about the ocean and the sea, which her parents forbade her from swimming in. She wasn't even allowed to swim in the local swimming pool. It was tough for the little lady, her father was always aware of her love for the ocean. As a little kid he would take her on boat rides, and she would try to reach over the railing into the water. She just had this natural attraction to it. She soon became an elementary expert on maritime wildlife, doing a majority of her science projects on the subject. This only gave children more of a reason to tease her.

On her ninth birthday her father bought an aquarium in order to quell her curiosities. She got to handpick each and every one of the marine life in the aquarium, but her favorite was always Cosmo the starfish. For a while, it seemed as if her curiosities were under control, and she forgot all about swimming in the San Francisco Bay.

That wasn't until she began thinking the fish and the aquarium looked rather lonesome and frightened, all cramped up inside an aquarium like that. She began feeling hurt for them, and decided that it was best that she released them into the ocean. So, on a sunny Saturday morn, without her father's or mother's knowledge, she took her bike and wagon, and cycled the aquarium down to the beach. It was not an easy task, and she had her obstacles, but she did manage to reach the beach with the aquarium and the fish still in tact. Feeling a bit agitated by the bracer and the heat of the sun, Bridget decided that it was about time she took off the thing. With no one around and her father not there with her no one would know, and more importantly no one would object. It really wasn't as difficult as she thought it was going to be, sick and tired of the thing Bridget merely tossed it to the ground and proceeded to dump the contents of the aquarium into the water.

Watching the fish swimming merrily, and the starfish sinking down below, Bridget became compelled to join them, if only for a while. She dipped her head underneath the waves, and chased them all into deeper waters, copying their movements the best that she could. Never mind that she never swam in the ocean before, it all seemed to come naturally to her. And what's more, she had forgotten for a while that she was not holding her breath. She seemed to have no trouble breathing underwater, and thought she could spend all day with the fishes if she wanted to. It was like a new source of heaven for her, more real than anything she had read in the biology books. She was free.

Ten minutes later, real life came fast, and she started to forget how to breath. Bridget began suffocating underneath the water's pressure and started to drown. If it wasn't for a boat that happened to be nearby perhaps she would have died.

The fisherman's name was Joe Smokes, and he would soon become a sort of guardian for Bridget during the war. He knew what Bridget was, but saved her regardless of her gills. He was a rarity, to say the least. Bridget could never find a way to pay him back. He chose to tell her that she was special, more special than any of the other kids at school, although he would never say why. As he returned her to shore he told her stories of mermaids and sea monsters and pirates, suggesting a mountain of classics for her to read whenever she got the chance. Bridget hung on every word, especially when he spoke of mermaids enchanting sailor from on top of rocks. This entire new world was just as enchanting as the fish she read about in biology books. When they almost reached shore Bridget had become so engrossed in Joe's stories that she had completely forgotten about the bracer she had left back at the beach. Bridget begged him to turn the boat around and help her retrieve her bracer or else her father would be cross, but Joe made it clear that she shouldn't want to hide her gift as he called them out of fear before going on to explain that perhaps her father would buy her a new one, so it was nothing to be concerned about.

As Joe had said, Bridget's father did get her a new bracer, but he was still rather cross with her for doing what she had done, even when Joe attempted to explain everything. He also forbidden Joe from setting foot on his porch and inside his house ever again, much to Bridget's dismay. But Joe assured her that if she ever needed any help she could find him at the Fisherman's Wharf. Her father took great measures to make sure she didn't sneak out on her own again, knowing fair well of what she was by then, given Joe's recount of the events that transpired. He also took notice of Bridget's sudden interest and fairy tales and myths, becoming ever so concerned that Bridget knew too. And despite being a member of a group of military Guardians, Harvey by no means wanted his daughter to be taken from him. His wife felt the same. Neither did they want their daughter to live amongst mutants. So they kept her as close as possible, even homeschooling her. Only a year later Bridget would no longer agree to wear the neck brace, instead choosing to wear scarves and handkerchiefs even in San Francisco's hot weather.

They could not hold on to her for long.

On her thirteenth birthday her father decided that they should take her out somewhere special with Angel Island in mind seeing as she was behaving well lately. They gave her the account of the day first met as they sailed across the bay on board a ferry. There was another family with them at the time. All of them had the same curly dark brown hair with the exception of the mother. One of the boys introduced himself as David Sagal, a boy with an almost obsessive love for the strange and paranormal. She and David almost immediately become friends. He told her about how he believed the immigration station on Angel Island was haunted.

"See, there was this lady who was supposed to get married, but they told her she couldn't live in America. So before they deployed her back to China, where she was from, she hanged herself in the woman's shower room. All of the woman who got processed there were terrified of that room, they couldn't go inside without having a friend come with them. Really spooky stuff."

Bridget thought he was nuts. There was no way ghosts existed, but the more they spoke the more she realized that they had a lot in common. They both knew that there existed some other world out there that was hidden from the public eye, they just didn't know what it was. Bridget hoped that she would get to spend more time with each other but as it turns out both families had different plans in mind for Angel Island. David left Bridget with a note containing his home address. He also offered her a chance to join his new club dedicated to investigating the strange and unnatural. For the most part, he didn't seem to get the clue that Bridget was a midget, though he did think it was pretty weird for her to be wearing a scarf in over ninety degree weather.

It took a lot to convince her father to let her go over to his house to visit, but when she did it was the best day of her life. Their first "play date" was well spent watching Ghosthunters and debating over the existence of the Loch Ness.

She eventually met with some of David's other friends, a rather gloomy child named Paul and his younger sister Elizabeth (or Liz), as well as an older kid named Terance. David wanted them all to form a secret club where they would explore abandoned places and expose their secrets. "Kind of like Ghostbusters!" Only this would have never come to past. Nevermind the fact that there was no way Bridget could sleepover without getting caught. Nevermind the fact that her father would never allow her to go anywhere so late at night. Nevermind the fact she was way behind in her studies.

Something much more terrible happened.

The death of her mother, followed by the war.

Apparently her mother wasn't the only one who died that day. There was an uproar in the streets about people suddenly dying. For the first time in her life Bridget felt fear for her future, and her friend's future. It was as if the world was ending then and there and no one would be left standing. For the following days her father was called to active duty and she was sent to live with her aunt. Even though her father did his best to hide his Bridget's condition it became clear that somebody was going to figure it out sooner or later. For one thing her Syndactyly condition was returning. Still he instructed his sister-in-law that, no matter what happens, she should never be placed inside an interment camp.

Bridget recounts her days with her aunt quite well. The experience was horrible and discerning. Her aunt was just as discriminating as a majority of humans at that time. The moment she found out about her gills she was treated as if she was a shark lounging around the living room. Practically the only comfort she had were the books she managed to salvage from her home. And even then she didn't get much time to herself. She was forced to work every hour of the day, doing her aunt's chores and taking care of her cousins. Her uncle was a bit more sensitive, but not as much as Bridget would've liked. She was constantly reminded that the only reason her aunt and uncle were doing this was because they actually had some respect for her mother.

"God rest her soul. Do you know how much of a fright you gave her. You should consider yourself lucky. If you were my child, I would have left you at the dumpster where you belonged. Raising a mutant, that poor dear. If you ask me your father spoiled you far too much. Look at you! You act as if you own the seas, what with all of these little stories. Do you honestly believe that there is a place in this world where you can be accepted?" That sort of stuff.

Bridget was tempted to argue. She has heard word of a supposed Utopia for mutant kind called Genosha. But at the same time she could not abandon her father, and most of all, she could not abandon her friends. She felt trapped, like a fish at sea world, or something similar. Every night she would sneak downstairs and listen to the world news along with her aunt and uncle from behind hollow walls. She heard talk of the Sentinels at breakfast time and dinner. She listened to it all on the radio. She did whatever she could to keep herself on top of world events, and be useful around the house, all in fear of being sent to the camps.

Her days of conforming to her father's wishes ended when she overheard her aunt talking about sending her to the camps one night, once again. Except that time she sounded rather serious.

Out of fear, Bridget finally fled, but her sights were set on David's house, the one person she had been looking forward to seeing throughout this whole mess. Word was going around about the Sentinels getting out of control and the AI turning against its masters. One of Bridget's worse fears was finding David dead, or his house completely empty.

Her fears were correct. There was no one in the house. Either the family had completely moved away or they all died. Heartbroken, she went to the last person she could hope to trust. The fisherman from so long ago. Just like he said, she found him at the Fisherman's Wharf after asking around the docks. He had a ship at Pier 39 and at the time was moments away from taking off himself. Whether or not it was coincidental or purely fate was up for grabs. At the time, everyone had roughly the same idea.

The pair traveled north, in an attempt to avoid any naval stations. They would stop every now and then at small fishing towns in order to pack up on supplies while making what goods they had last as long as they could. It was decided that they would hideout in the sloughs north of San Pablo Bay, safe from the Sentinels who by now have already destroyed much of Oakland. It was assumed that San Francisco was also falling to the massacre as they sailed. Which meant Bridget's friends had either escaped or were amongst the death toll. And who knew what happened to her father. All the while Bridget felt terrible, once or twice suggesting that they turn back. Joe attempted many times to quell her fears. Mainly by teaching her how to steer a boat, navigate, and fish for food. She turned to be a quick learner, and her powers were ever growing.

Eventually they settled into an area in the Sloughs north of San Pablo Bay called Skaggs Island. It was mainly a place filled with mutants as far as Joe could see. It was also a secluded area. He left her there, making it clear that he could not stay in one location for long, making it clear that she needed to be amongst her own. They parted ways, and almost immediately the mutants took her as their own. According to them there were plenty of human resistances nearby, some of which held their own quite well, others not so much. For the next five years they kept her safe, and put her to work. Unfortunately she was the only person her age there. People were either a few years younger than her or a few years older. She was lonely, to say the least, and itching to return to San Francisco in hopes of meeting her friends there, something the mutants would try to sway her against. In the last years of her stay at Skaggs Island, Bridget would no longer stand to stay in hiding.

Bridget was born with a mutation that first and foremost, gave her the gift to swim underwater without the use of scuba gear. She can breathe underwater for up to around thirty or forty five minutes (depending on the type of water she swims in), a little more than the maximum amount of time a dolphin can hold its breath underwater. Once that time is up, she must hold her breathe and resurface, otherwise she would drown. The gills (her mutation) are very sensitive to the touch, and cannot withstand pain easily. They are also very ticklish.

Bits and pieces of her body have other evidence of this maritime gift, specifically her hands which have some evidence of Syndactyly, the same with her toes. Even though it has been corrected at birth they have some evidence of gradually growing back. Note that this has yet to aide her in swimming, as it's still just bellow the proximal interphalangeal joint on her hands and the metatarsal phalangeal joints on her feet. They appear to be strangely translucent as oppose to normal symptoms of Syndactyly and are covered with the use of fingerless gloves. However, Bridget fears that eventually she won't be able to wear gloves any longer.

Other than that Bridget has the uncanny ability to sense vibrations underwater around a five foot radius of her surroundings when underwater. It is actually a mutation in her inner ear, causing her to sense motion in a way similar to that of a fish's lateral line. The senses are very faint, but it helps her navigate well without the need of water goggles. Bridget hopes she can expand this power one day.

• On the sides of her neck and right behind her ears are two sets of loose and thin flaps of skin, similar to that of gills, which aide in her breathing underwater. She covers this often with the aide of handkerchiefs or scarves, and sometimes a turtle neck.
• She is very short sighted.
• She is a big fan of anything related to the sea and enjoys pirate stories.
• She also loves anything related to the paranormal.
• She hates oranges.
• Her favorite fish is the Pacific Manta.
• Her second favorite fish is the starfish, especially the Carpet Sea Star
• She likes stars.
• Even though she’s a bit on the chubby side, she’s really not that bad of a runner. Her weakness is typically in the upper body strength area.
• She has great sensitivity when it comes to rainstorms, specifically in her joints.
• She has some mild skill in hacking.
• She is skilled in handling and steering a boat but dislikes submarines.
• She is also quite skilled at navigation, and once fancied herself a navigator.
• She is afraid of enclosed areas, especially if it’s a tight box.

Writing Sample: viewtopic.php?p=3170832#p3170832

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Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:35 pm

Uuuuuh. Yeah, confusing. I don't think I have a good enough grasp on the RP to even try my hand at creating a character. I'm out. D:

Also, BG I thought you weren't gonna RP here anymore. o.o

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:43 pm

I'm torn between a gay green fellow with the power to generate poisons and acids from his body, basically a walking chemical factory, or a psychopathic eight or nine year-old girl with the power to suck the life from people.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:49 pm

Sure. I was going to use this girl.
http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... Medusa.jpg
http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/ ... rtos91.png
She's fun.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:51 pm

Ignore what I just said on me being the eight year old girl. (deleted that post) >_> Chibi Medusa looks cool though.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:54 pm

I may just go for her, I'm not sure I'm ready for the guy.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:56 pm


Age: (Don't go too young. It'll be hard to justify bringing, say, a nine year old along into war)

Pretty much the reason why I decided against the idea so quickly, too.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:59 pm

I suppose, the whole "decay" power wouldn't be very effective against sentinels either I suspect, so she'd be in trouble against them. The guy would probably be athletic enough to survive them.

*Sighs* I had this whole "evil little mastermind" thing planned.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:02 pm

You could always do so in one of my RP's if I ever get them off the ground. ._. I know I keep going on about one in particular, procrastination and the inability to figure it all out is a bitch. Not to mention the last two RP's I've tried running failed.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:04 pm

I won't deny you the right to make a young character, but it will definitely hurt your chances of getting accepted. A character could always just look young.

Ro Wong wrote:Oh, Im'k, wanting anything PMed to you this time too?

Only if you feel like your power growth is so absurd, that we'll need to discuss how to keep it under control. I want everyone to be powerful, but not to be gods.

BG07 wrote:Also Imenak, I was wondering if other superheroes were present in this timeline/universe? People like Ironman, Spiderman, the Avengers, etc. Mainly I'm asking because it involves the evolution of my character's power. I'm not sure if I should just give him some kind of power boost, or better equip him because of his power's influence.

They are, and most of them are dead now. The big hitters were some of the first to go, although a few of them are still alive. Regardless, it wouldn't unusual for you to have picked up some tech in the mean timem, so you could easily go either route for your character's growth. He could even be carrying a legacy item for safekeeping, or something (i.e. part of Ironman's suit).

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:08 pm

Oooh.. That just got me thinking.. ohohoho. I've always wanted to RP my shadow girl again, and... ohohoho. I make her older this time.. and. less of what she was last time. REINVENTION! *ponders* Could be possible.

Forgive my ramblings also. ._.

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:10 pm

Hmm, I could make it that she uses her drain/decay power to keep herself young, but that would still men she had the body of a nine year-old, is that okay? Although I could just make it that she can change her age...I'll work on making it a legitimate power but how would you feel about a character that could absorb life in a way that she can also make whatever she touches decay, and can use some of her stored energy to change her age?

Re: The X-Institute 2: OOC

Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:11 pm

XD A character that is really old who can use their power to drain the life of someone else, and then thus become young? :3
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