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Touch of Evil IC

Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:47 pm

It was rare that the assembly hall was filled. Lit by flickering torch light and filled with the voices of excited students from each of the four magic schools wondering who would take the next step and become full fledged mages and receive their first mission. Students were seated in rows in the massive hall; each bench stuffed with young and old watching their masters discuss who would be promoted and what mission they would have to complete as their first.

On the left of the hall stood the advanced military branch that assisted the magi in keeping the city safe. Including two of the elite members of this branch called Kamen Riders, who stood just next to their superior. Unlike the rest of those who were in attendance every single soldier was silent and stood motionless behind the Kamen Riders.

"I hope they don't give us more idiots this time," he growled looking up towards Lothian who had been sifting through envelopes, "Thats all we need, more little boys and girls thinking they're invincible cause they have magic powers, and blowing our cover," Vincent turned to the two men who stood next to him, looking between both of them behind his tinted goggles. "Both of you are going to be joining the pups that are assigned to the raid. I want Pluto to lead the team that breaks in through the front, and I want X to lead the team that ambushes through the sewers." Vincent sifted through the pockets of his leather coat for something grumbling to himself. "I have no confidence that any of the 'graduates' they give us will survive, so it's up to both of you to clean the place out. Demolish the building if you have to, just make sure nothing leaves that warehouse alive." As the commander spoke he seemed to grow increasingly agitated obviously not liking the idea of sending two of his best men into a mission with inexperienced magi.

After a few moments of waiting Lothian finally stepped up to the lone microphone at the end of the stage. The crowd finally quieted down and the necromancer began to speak. "Unfortunately we're going to have to speed this ceremony up," he said, many of those in attendance groaned, "Due to the nature of the mission following we have to get those attending prepped and ready ASAP. So without further ado would..." Lothian stopped speaking and opened the envelopes quickly, "Illiam of the Priesthood, Leonardo de Huet, Adalrich Baldur, Peter J. Mokerstein, Aureli Valerin, and Samuel Gately please step up to the stage to receive your robe and orders, the rest of you can bugger off."

Lothian stepped back from the microphone and looked to the woman that was on the stage with him. "What do you think Farah?" he asked drumming his fingers on the envelopes he held in his hand.

"They'll live," she said simply folding her arms and looking down towards her brother, who in turn scowled at her. "As long as Vincent doesn't give the order to kill all of them they should be fine, love," she smiled at Lothian and stepped forward kissing him on the cheek. "Its a shame we have to rush this, watching the graduates beat the hell out of each other is so much fun."

He smiled as he watched the rest of the students file out of the assembly hall while those he called up remained, "I hope you're right," he said quietly looking to each new mage with a smirk. "Vincent, if you'd join us," he said looking down at the tattooed man.

The commander sighed and motioned Pluto and X to join him on stage. Vincent stood next to his sister, and avoided any eye contact with the necromancer who held her. "Hurry up! We have to get this operation underway as soon as possible!" Vincent shouted towards the newly graduated magi, his impatience climbing to new heights.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:38 pm

Aureli quickly stood from her seat, looking down the row at her fellow students for a moment before beginning her walk to the stage. They looked bored, and not a single one smiled or congratulated her, everyone in her class knew that she was going to be the one to graduate. Once she reached the stage, Aureli gave the three masters there waiting for her a little curtsy, her bandaged arms pinned behind her back. She stood before them silently, her sharp face held no smile for her accomplishment, but her dark blue eyes revealed her eagerness. She opened her mouth and managed to speak a single, short sentence. "I'll do my best."

The fact she had managed to say anything at all to them was quite a feat, the only people she didn't stutter or make hand gestures around were her parents. As she waited for her robes and orders, she glanced back to see where her parents were her long black hair fanning around from the movement. She spotted them in the back row, their smiles so wide they seemed to extend from ear to ear, and her mother was crying in happiness. The young woman turned right back around at that. her pale cheeks flushing slightly, embarrassed by her parent's reactions.
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Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:58 pm

Adalrich looked up nervously his hair turning back to blonde in his nervousness, he had been practicing changing his hair colour. He bit his lip as he walked forward, Prussian eyes half-closed in the memory of his father’s drunken yelling. He was smaller than everyone here and much younger, there was no respect for him, he would have to prove himself. He pulled on his sleeve and walked forward timidly, shoulders hunched. “H-here sir,” said the German softly, climbing to the stage. He awaited his orders.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:20 pm

No no no no, damn it. This was exactly what he had been trying to avoid all along. "Oh my, look who's suddenly in the spotlights?" Persephone let out a giggle. "Shut up" Leo thought as he pushed his way past the various students.
How come he was chosen? He kept his grades artificially average. The only thing he really excelled at was the actual possessing. "Why dont you ask them?" Persephone teasingly asked, she had been following him up to the stage, seemingly moving through the various students.

He smiled at the instructors as they handed him his robe, he made sure to show them the expected respect. But really, he couldnt make heads nor tails of what was happening. He looked at his fellow graduates and gave them a heartfelt smile. He wondered what they were gonna be doing. Persephone had meanwhile taken up position on the edge of the stage, kicked her legs in the air. "Your clever disguise might get torn to shreds now." she said while craning her neck all the way back to face Leo upside down. Her malicious smile was unmistakable. "Oh just shut up already."

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:52 pm

Samuel had actually not expected to be picked. Sure, he was ahead of his class by a couple grades, but he was sixteen. Too young, he thought, to be put in a group of mages on a mission. And yet there was his name, among the others. Truthfully, he should have had some idea that he would have been called; his teachers constantly praised him for his gift of learning and curiosity. On the other hand, most of the people in his class were envious of this very gift. He almost always got perfect scores on everything and made the top of his class, which drew not a few enemies. Not that he was trying to alienate anyone, that was simply the problem associated with trying one's best and actually succeeding.

But still, he had been called, and so he rose to follow the students that were now beginning to gather on the stage.

He recognized the faces in this new group, associating them to their names and classes with no trouble. He had already done a little bit of research on the people in his school; being the son of a private investigator, he felt it was his responsibility to know as much as he could about the people he worked with and around. His hair, acting as a veil through which he could see but others could not, he made several quick, curious glances at the people around him...

Aldrich Baldur: very thin, perhaps due to a high metabolism and lack of proper exercise; possibly of Aryan or Prussian descent; proud eyes, but holds himself in a somewhat timid manner; callouses on the two lead fingers of the left hand and thumb, and somewhat less noticeable callouses on the right hand; from his file it said he was a Necromancer. The callouses were interesting, though, it meant he was in the habit of holding some manner of tools very strongly; not like a wand, but something hard and thin, possibly metallic. What could that be...?

Leonardo de Huet: a Demonologist; body transformed by a possessed demon; heavily tattooed; the runes common in Demonologists could not be seen (perhaps they were covered by the tattoos?); his facial movements suggest he is constantly thinking about something, or maybe conversing with someone invisible---a demon, perhaps; his facial expressions were also quick to change or invert, and fluctuated from moment to moment---first frustration and then respect, then camaraderie, then the barest traces of frustration again; and yet all his expressions seemed genuine, perhaps it was a side effect of being possessed by a demon...?

Aureli Valerin: a Demonologist; she was very, very thin, but remained healthy, a common attribute of Plague Demonologists---they use their blood as a weapon and so tend to run on the emaciated side; she likes the Gothic Lolita style for some reason, despite being dramatically older than she looks---nearly 19 if he remembered correctly; her arms and hands were bandaged, but he could see the faint scars indicative of Plague Demonologists and callouses indicative of practice in some form of martial arts; her eyes showed a strong determination. She was probably one of the strongest Demonologists in their class.

The others were behind him, and he couldn't see them without turning around, which would give away his intent and make them suspicious of him, so he waited, and stepped up to his instructor to receive his robes and mission. He bowed respectfully without a word and took the items they gave him, and then moved to join the others, continuously making mental notes on their actions and mannerisms. He nodded in greeting when spoken to, but said nothing else.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:12 am



Victor V. Vance was in his silver and black armor. The shoulder's of his armor has two spikes, both pointing way from his body, and his knuckles were rounded bumps meant for bashing. On the right breast was a roman symbol for Pluto. His helmet had similar designs of knights, with electric blue eyes that are always narrow as if he's glaring. Why, he was in his armor, rather than a military uniform was simply because, Victor felt more comfortable in his Rider armor and he preferred to remain mysterious in front of these students. He stood silently much like the soldiers behind him, with his eyes trained on Vincent, their commanding officer.

He couldn't blame, Vincent for his irritability. Magic or not, this academy was particularly sending lambs to the slaughter. And in this case, quite literally as the mission was a raid of all things for a group of Cultists. When Vincent focused his attention onto X and himself, he issued orders, one being that he leads the group inside the building while his old pal, X ambush the escaping Cultist in the sewers. And two being, he has permission to demolish and has been commanded the complete annihilation of enemy units. Victor as Pluto, slammed his left hand right into the Pluto symbol on his right breast as he said " Roger that."

When the ceremony went under way, to graduate the new magi, Vincent was called onto the stage. Like his commander, he followed him onto the stage as well standing directly behind him with his arms behind his back.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:04 am

Illiam - Paranoia Incarnate

~ Ceremony ~

A small shriek escaped Illiam's lips as his name was called. "OH GOD THEY KNOW MY NAME!" He fell out of his chair, quickly standing up and brushing himself off. He shivered violently as a nearby student asked if he was alright. Illiam's response was striking him across the face and saying something about a saboteur. Illiam stumbled free of his row and paced towards the front, wringing his hands. He felt like something was there. It was trouble, he always had something troublesome on his hands. It never came off, and that was the problem. When he finally reached the stage he averted his eyes to the ground. What he couldn't see couldn't hurt him, and that philosophy worked especially well when pushing something off a bridge into a river. Illiam straightened his robe, glancing at the others around him. Any of them could be an assassin sent to kill him. Suddenly he felt calmer, almost light headed. He turned his head slowly and stared at Samuel. He was practically leaking magic. Illiam drooled slightly before regaining his composure, but not averting his stare.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:15 am

Peter was fast asleep during the assembly when he heard himself being called up. Jerking upwards he hastily looked around at his surrondings before realizing what to do. Pulling out Smiler he points it at the Druid sitting next to him, grinning as he brought it closer before pulling back and walking away, keeping his head next to the Druid for as long as possible. Like one of those cartoon characters that had there head stay while there body moved away until finally the head flys back to where it should be due to the Potential Rubber Energy. Sadly he wasn't that good at Metamorphosis so he could only stretch his neck a inch or two, making him pull his head back to the body that was bent backwards to accomodate for the position. When the head began to come back he instantly went up to a upright position simultaneously with the head coming back, saying "Fwoop" all the while.

Walking down the path he began to comb his jackets shoulders, treating Smiler like a brush making sure to use the blunt side. Halfway there a Priests cough to cover up her saying "Psycho", stopping Peter looks at her before reaching into his pants pocket. From the pocket came a impression of a gun, his pistol to be exact, and soon the Girl shut up and went back to staring straight ahead at her book. Satisfied with what he did Peter returned to grooming his Coat with his knife, occasionally even doing his hair, and saying "Frreeeeeeeak? What if I turned that annoying little mouth into one great big bloody smile, hmm? Then we'll see who the world calls a Fraaaaheeeek." to himself. Finally getting to the line he looks about them all, finding most of them to be boring and regular. Peter took the robe for his graduation before flippin the bird at the area where the Priest was while puttng the robe over his shoulder, no sense in ruining my hard worked outfit now is it? Besides this outfit is to.... Boring, like a bland corny knock knock joke. I'll jut embroider the symbol onto my jacket later. he thinks. Done with the robe he walks over to join the rest while singing/saying "Heres a Knife, here's a gun. It'll be fun for everyone. Death is on the waaaaayhaaay!" pulling out his pistol and Smiler on qué with the words, even shaking them. Standing with the others he licks his lips and has a hap hazard smile on his face, letting out a small mad laugh under his breathe as he see's once again what he's dealing with, all the while making sure to have his gun facing the ground and the knife pointed towards Illiam as he grips It to point in a vertical way.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:14 am

Tashoku 'Terrence' Nisei, Masked Rider X

X, a letter unlike any other. It is like the number zero, with infinite possibilities hidden within but restrained by its own power...

Chapter 1 - Lambs to the Slaughterhouse
Ceremonial Event

A silent man in an armor of black and white sat on his chair with arms folded as his commander spoke to him and his colleague about their mission. Two large Xs were on his face and chest, the symbol which told of his status and job. A silver plate covered his jaw, with the intimidating shape of shark teeth carved into it. He was wearing his armor for the sake of secrecy, not really attracted to the idea of letting someone know his face before he got to know them. After all, he wanted to see how much ability the team of new magi he was about to lead could show.

Behind the white circle of glass which acted as his visor, Terrence's eyes were of a most peculiar shape. Their pupils were a pair of white crosses, scanning the place for the most tiniest of details. He looked around without turning his head, from the students to the teachers to the building itself to his commander and finally, Masked Rider Pluto who was his already mentioned colleague. His brain worked out all the information gathered like a supercomputer. His eyes turned back into a normal shaped pupil of gray when he was finished with his analyzing.

He gave a quick nod to his commander and stood up at the same time as Pluto. His knuckles cracked and his wrists moved around to stretch itself out of the rust it had gained from sitting too long. When he was finished with the little exercise, he walked up to the stage right behind Pluto. On the stage, he stood right next to his fellow Rider and behind his commander, with both arms folded in a relaxed manner in front of him.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:46 am

As Samuel nodded in greeting to the others, he hesitated for just an instant before looking over his shoulder, and then turning slightly, to observe the approaching students. Again, he knew them by name, and observed them with quick, articulate glances.

Victor Vance: The man standing off to the side of the Commander was a member of the Kamen (Mask) Riders; Samuel was under the impression that code names were supposed to be secret, but Victor wore it on his armor---the symbol for "Pluto"; he seemed to be the Superhuman type, perhaps Gadget, but he couldn't see the slots from where he was; the look in his eyes registered strict loyalty; he held himself with the air of military, and yet his eyes were fixed on the Commander, rather than straight ahead, which told Sam that he cared less about his Military Bearing than accomplishing the mission as long as everything went well; still, being accepted as a Kamen Rider usually meant you were exceptional in some regard. Sam looked forward to working with him.

Peter Mokerstein: his eyes told Sam that he had just woken up from a nap; did he habitually stay up late, Sam wondered; from the faint, nearly undetectable smell of death---probably entrained into his clothing---it was clear that Peter was a Summoning Necromancer; his hair was ruffled and unkempt, which showed how much he cared about personal hygiene; the outlines of the objects under his clothes were knives, obviously part of his ensemble of weaponry; he also had a gun and what appeared to be the hilt of a knife jutting from his right pants pocket; he had a sort of psychotic look on his face, the kind that appeared on people who either liked to manipulate those around them or just thought causing mayhem was fun. This one might be trouble, Sam decided.

Illiam: As Samuel glanced at Illiam, the sudden drooling stare caught Samuel off guard and he stiffened, eyes widening in surprise. The way Illiam was looking at Samuel... was this man gay?!

No, he realized after a moment, and gently sighed in relief. It was a Magic Detection Priest; Samuel knew that the magic was literally radiating from his own body, and he had heard that some "M.D." Priests were unconsciously drawn to people like himself; this one seemed to be otherwise paranoid of his surroundings, as if he thought one of the people in his new group were going to attack him at any moment; he observed that Illiam practiced martial arts; he also held handguns on his person---and was that the butt of a rifle on his back? Such an odd fellow.

It seemed that Illiam and Sam would more than likely be fairly close, if only because his residual magic might calm him down and get him to function better. It would be best to make friends with him quickly, rather than let him think that he meant any harm to him at all. He hazarded a faint smile and extended hand to him, but did not speak. In this case, silence might be a virtue.

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Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:59 pm

Lothian looked over each of the new magi for a moment with a smirk growing on his face. "Farah if you'd please hand them their robes," he said throwing the stack of cards behind him carelessly. The woman nodded and walked off the stage for a moment only to return with a stack of folded clothing in arms, specifically tailored to fit each of the new graduates. Each of the garmets were black in color, but they looked more like coats than actual robes. Black with red embroidery was given to the necromancers, while purple embrodiery was handed to the demonologists, and golden embroidery was given to the priests. "Of course wearing these is optional, and you can modify them as you see fit," Lothian said as Farah handed out the final few to the crowd.

"Get on with it," Vincent said, glaring at the younger man across from him, obviously growing frustrated with his collegue.

Farah and Lothian both shot Vincent a glare before looking back towards their new soldiers. "As Commander Bane would have you believe we're short on time and need to get this operation underway. We've already separated you into two teams. Some members of your team may be already at the location awaiting the rest of you to arrive." Lothian unfolded his arms and began to pace back and forth. "The location you all will be attacking tonight is a warehouse in the slums, we've recieved reports that it is infested with shadow mages and possibly corrupted animals. Risk is high so you all need to keep on your toes. Leading the groups will be the two gentlemen standing next to your dear commander, both of whom have combat experience well beyond your own if I remember correctly." He stopped standing in between all of them.

"Team one will be lead by Masked Rider Pluto, under him will be Peter Morkenstein and Leonardo de Huet. The other two members of your team will be waiting on scene if they don't arrive late. Team two is under the command of Masked Rider X, commanding Illiam, Aldrich Baldur, Aureli Valrin and Samuel Gately." Vincent glared at the group of mages as he spoke angrily, "Follow your team leaders to your positions and wait for their signal to begin the raid. Members of the sewer team kill all who attempt to flee, members of the surface team break through and subdue any resistance. No prisoners are to be taken, except one. Their leader."

"The point of this raid is to detain the leader of this sect of rebels for interrogation and hope to find where their main stronghold is in the city. Try your best not to kill him and to prevent him from killing himself," Farah stepped in front of Lothian and walked from each magi looking over them, winking at the demonologists as she passed, "When the threat is neutralized scour the warehouse for any information you can find, whether or not he's alive or dead. Unfortunately we have no information on who and what these mages can do, so you'll be fighting blind." She smiled at the group and folded her arms, "But if you all remember what you've learned over the years you should be fine. All the rumors of most graduates dying on their first mission are because they're arrogant, not because they're unprepared." She gave them all a beaming smile before looking giving a short bow, "Good luck."

Vincent stepped forward as Lothian and Farah began to make their way out of the stage, "You heard her, now move out!" he barked, motioning for the masked riders to take their teams and lead them to their destinations.

"So are we all clear then, R.E.U.?" The man looked over the armored soldier, his hands folder in front of his face, "You'll be called to which location you're needed most, and keep any intruders from the area. You'll be paid well, failure is... well... not preferable. To you anyway." A dark grin spread across the man's pasty white face, "I could always use another mindless corrupted drone." He looked over the mercenary from behind the wall of greasy black hair that covered a majority of his face, "If things get to dicey though, feel free to retreat. You'll recieve orders from the communicator we've given you if you're separated from the cabal." He stood up from his chair and paced around the man.

He continued to stare at him, almost as if he were obssessed with his newly hired mercenary. "We have a vast array of stolen gadgets in our armory if you need them. Take what you want, modify what you want, you won't be charged. Just be sure to kill anyone that tries to break in, if you are so inclined to take a prisoner for any pleasures you may have just be sure to kill her, or him, when you're done. I intend to use the bodies for experiments." He spoke as if he was talking to himself, staring blankly at R.E.U. as he paced around him. His body concealed by a coat made of tattered patches that almost looked like it was sewn from multiple robes of dead mages. "Questions?"

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:56 pm

Adalrich looked up and nodded slowly, running his finger though his hair and pulled his new cloak on. He took out his small dagger and slashed the cloak across the shoulders, showing the t-shirt underneath, then cutting the sleeves half-way up the forearm. He left it open as he back away from the others slightly, still listening to Vincent. “So we’re the back-up, alright,” he said softly, adding muscle to his frame, not a lot. Enough to look like an young adult who worked out regularly, that’s why he wore clothes that were far too big for him.

“This shouldn’t be so bad, for a first mission anyway,” he said aloud, smiling timidly and walking to Mask Rider X, still the same height so he had to look up, “R-reporting to duty, sir.” He fiddled with his staff nervously.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:44 am


The hood hid his face but the icy stare of his demon mask glared out more noticably, his face concealed by a large demon-faced mask of steel. What lay on the other side was a mystery to anyone who ever heard his code name spoken.
He listened closely to the briefings. The expected ways to enter, when and even an estimate of how many people that would be coming. Odds were in his favor regardless of the amount of people entering the area and how well guarded or armed they were, that's just how things worked for R.E.U. A mercenary of great infamy had a reputation to uphold.

"I appreciate your lenience on the subject of retreat, if I heard you correctly my job is to kill or stall as many as possible. Yes? If so I have all the gadgets I need to get the job done." Standing up softly, the only noise was his chair sliding back ever so slightly before the hooded figure in the soldier uniform started to walk off. "I hope you don't mind a bit of collateral damage." R.E.U stated with ease, his boots soundless as the walk carried him into the darkness. It was time to earn his keep.

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:45 am



" Peter, Leo, let's move out." Pluto said as he issued an order.

_Location, Location, Location_ 3 miles away from the Warehouse_

Pluto parked his ride some in the middle of an abandoned parking lot. " Well gents and ladies, this won't be easy." Pluto said as he turned to face his team, a pair fresh graduates, Peter Morkenstein, a Necromancer , and Leonardo De Huet, a Demonologist , Aelelia Breslin, a druid, and Randall Lupus, another soldier, who if he recalls was apart of some kind of super human project. For the million dollar answer, Pluto would guess it involves that right arm of his. Then, again, its more of a gut feeling, and planning on asking about it soon.

" I'm not really a fan of killing, but an order is an order and I hate those guys." Pluto mentioned and as he talked he used his hands. It seemed, he was the type to use hand gestures to talk to others. " But the biggest problem, is the Leader of the group, now before we begin chaos and disarray on their asses, we need the leader alive." He discussed with them as he wave around his left hand in a circle while he paced. Suddenly Pluto, raised up his right hand and dramatically pointed amongst the crew, no one in particular. " Solutions?" He questioned them.

" Well my one gadget and dog over there, can find the leader. " Pluto said and as he mentioned his hell hound, Cerberus, the robotic companion barked "Woof! Woof! ". " Yes, Cerberus, not now." He went on to say as he waved back at the dog. His attention returned his group, and then said " How do we get him, anyone?"
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Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:10 am

Aureli slipped the robe on after it was given to her, arranging the edge of the coat-like piece of clothing along the edge of her skirt. Once it was neatly in place she reached inside the fabric to the small of her back, and drew her obsidian knife. With two deft strokes, she cut the sleeves from her new garment and let them slip to the floor, turning the robe into something more akin to a vest. She hated wearing sleeves, they got in the way of her magic, and the fabric soaked up her blood instead of letting it run freely. With her modifications complete, she returned her knife to it's sheath, and removed her belt from inside the robe, and buckled it over the new addition to her wardrobe, making her knife easily accessible once more. Her modifications thus complete, she began to glance at the other graduates around her, wondering what each one was like.


Aelelia paced back and forth in the empty parking lot as Aoora watched her from his position underneath a nearby street lamp. A low growl emanated from the back of the girl's throat as she stepped back and forth, kicking a rock out of the way in the process. She had chosen to wait at the rendezvous point for the metal-bound man and the new graduates to keep from being indoors for as long as possible, but she was getting tired of waiting. She disliked the city, everything was cramped and dark, and the smell was nauseating. She could not wait to get home. Aelelia and Aoora turned at the same time when they heard footsteps, it seemed that the rest of the team had finally arrived.

The moment they arrived, the metal man began asking how to get the leader alive, and quickly adding that his robotic dog could find the man. She and Aoora both bristled as the thing made noise, it was one of the most unnatural things that either one of them had seen. "Aoora and I could apprehend him non-lethally. Most likely unconscious too, if you prefer it. We would just need cover to protect us from his subordinates. There aren't many people who can outrun Aoora, and he doesn't kill human beings unless I give him an order." She looked down at the black wolf and gave a short bark. Aoora flicked his ears, much in the same way a human might roll their eyes, and got up to stand next to Aelelia, and she buried her hand in his thick fur, without leaning over to do so. Aoora was an intimidating sight for a wolf, easily the size of a Great Dane, with paws as big as his human partner's hand.
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Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:57 am

Tashoku 'Terrence' Nisei, Masked Rider X
Assembly Hall

Terrence simply listened to his commander and the two other figures of authority talk about their mission without a single movement from where he stood. He felt slightly amused by how his superior got along with Farah Bane, his sister and Lothian, the Necromancer who was in charge of the others. The amusement didn't last long though, when he forced himself to pay attention once more as the Lothian and his commander started to speak about their mission. Then, he listened to the names of his team members, repeating the names into a list in his mind.

    Illiam, Aldrich Baldur, Aureli Valrin and Samuel Gately.

When the speech was over and everyone left the assembly hall, Terrence stretched his arms forwards for some relief before gathering his team for the mission. His colleague, Pluto had already left with a single command. The man in black and white showed no signs of rush however, there was still a few hours before night would come. The Masked Rider stepped down from the stage to find his team, he had already seen two of them when they received their robes. Where were the others?

A boy with blue eyes approached him without his notice and he looked down at the boy and his weapon as he spoke. His name was Aldrich Baldur if he remembered correctly from the files he had read, a Metamorpher. He only gave a brief nod before speaking for the first time, "You're a bit young for a Necromancer, aren't you?" His helmet seemed intimidating as he spoke, but he sounded friendly. He looked around the hall as more people started to leave before continuing. "Anyways, where's the rest of the team?"

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:27 pm

Illian - Paranoia Incarnate

~ Ceremony ~

Illian shook Samuel's hand happily, feeling the power contained within. Illian nodded, more polite than he had first seemed. "M'name's Illian or Illiam... Never can tell. WHoever wrote my name on the birth certificate had a shaky hand methinks." He bowed, mostly an excuse to get his face closer to Samuel's hand. As he stood back up he took his robe and poked at it carefully. He didn't feel any magic in the robe, but there was ways to conceal it. He opened the robe and continued poking at it as everyone left the room. He finally donned the robe, leaving his white robe on undearneath. He spun a bit, nodding as the robe moved as logic would dictate. He blinked as X spoke. "Your team? Ooh! Me! WAIT! You're an ally, right? I don't want to be on anyone's bad side..." Illian twitched slightly, watching X with an unswayed glare.

Re: Touch of Evil IC

Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:02 pm

Samuel - What an odd fellow...

Illiam---or was it better to call him Illian, like he says?---seemed temperate enough on a basic level. His nervousness might become irritating at times, but his mannerisms were as interesting as they were sincere. Illiam was very friendly, and intentionally bowed simply to be closer to the source of magic. Sam chuckled affibly. "Illiam, then. Samuel Gately. Greetings," he said, his voice a low, even barritone.

As he received his robe, he glanced up at the one he hadn't inspected yet, Tashoku Nisei, who went by Terrence, otherwise known as Mask Rider. Other than seeing that he was half-Japanese, Sam didn't find a lot to draw from; he was clearly a Gadget-type Superhuman; he had the toned body of one who excelled in martial arts; the backs of his hands were tanned, the palms were calloused---possibly from riding a motorcycle without gloves? Sam noticed a modified Walkman X---exactly what was it modified to do, he wondered.

Sam made himself visible to his new team leader Terrence, and bowed quickly but respectfully. "Samuel Gately, sir."
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Peter grinned as he listened to the plans for the break in start with the Druid. Finally deciding to interject Peter says "So while little red riding hood and the big bad wolf handle the leader I'll summon some undead and disperse them to handle the guards. Panicing and confusing them before picking them off with my gun, and everyone elses magic. Hopefully the minions of mine will be able to fight fine but I don't trust them that much so I'll give them some leadership past my own. Give me some time to summon them." He looks up at Pluto waiting for his answer.

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_Something wicked is coming_

"Time is an illusion, and I have lots of bullets." Pluto commented as he crossed his arms and leaned against his ride. "So that's not a problem, Pete. " He said as he solved Peter's summoning time. He pushed off his ride and walked over to the druid and her giant wolf. His eyes emitted a soft blue light as he was face to face with Aelelia. " I know your kind doesn't like the city, so I appreciate you waiting for us, and you too will have the protection, you need." Pluto mentioned and went on to say " But, please, I do take offensive to rudeness to my dog like your druids with nature."

He stepped away from Aeleia. " My only hope for this operation, that they didn't get wise and hired mercs." Pluto then, get on his motorcycle. " I despite, wild elements like that. " Pluto remarked with a shrug. His mechanical dog climbed into his side car and wagged its tail. " Well troops, we got a plan, so let's move out."

_Warehouse_ Burn in Hell!_

" I do, bad things for my country." Pluto thought as he parked his motorcycle and his empty side close the enemy's base. " Irredeemable deeds, so I know, I will burn in hell for all my sins." He remarked as he got off his ride and pulled off the PSP on his belt. As he fiddled with his hand held, the side car with plopped with metallic grip onto the ground as a rather long and big gun barrel rose out of the side car. On the PSP, it read " Attack All Enemy Units." in white lettering with a blood red screen. " However, do I really do this for my country, out of blind loyalty?" He questioned to himself as he turned his PSP on his belt.

The gun barrel on the side car, thrust in and out, firing smart rounds, air burst grenades. It was like the fourth of July had come on a war zone. " No, no, I don't." He answered in his head as he reached and pulled his Tavor assault rifle from his back. Pluto quickly took it off the safety and embraced lovingly as if it was a new born. He pulled the trigger rapidly, firing it at enemy units and marched forward. He needed to give Peter time for his summoning. Bullet casting fell and bound on the ground like rain droplets.

" I do it, for a little girl so she can sleep soundly at night. Never to fear ungodly monsters." Pluto thought as he continued to shoot at people. It was those thoughts that gave him comfort, justification for his actions. "VIP, tickets to hell, boys, come and get it! AHHH!" He screamed as his side car and himself brought hell to the warehouse. Under the helmet, Pluto was grinning.

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Tashoku 'Terrence' Nisei, Masked Rider X
Assembly Hall

Terrence looked at the young priest named Illiam for a while, a reply to his stare. Eventually, he answered him, "Yes, you'll be with us for your first mission." He was still a little confused by his talk, shouting one moment and talking quickly like how a madman would next. Looking around, the armored man saw from behind his visor another graduate taking a glance at him. It was a good way to glance, turning the eyes for only a mere second without turning the head, like how the observant detectives he once knew would always behave.

The graduate soon greeted him, respectfully with a bow and introduction. Samuel Gately was his name, his robes and files mentioned that he was a talented priest. He gave a polite nod to his bow and counted them to see if he had the team assembled. One, two, three, but where was the four? He looked around and saw the last member, a girl who was still standing on the stage. "The three of you prepare yourselves and rendezvous at the entrance to the sewer tunnel later tonight, I'm getting the leftover," he walked away from the group, letting them go and prepare themselves for their mission.

The place was practically empty now, making echoes as he walked up to her, it made the Rider look somewhat eerie. "Aureli Valrin? You were suppose to gather with the others," his voice didn't sound angry, but he was slightly annoyed and he seemed to be frowning slightly behind his helmet. "Never mind that, make your preparations and meet at the location tonight." Without hesitating, he walked out of the hall. Outside, a sleek sports bike roared to life as Terrence stepped on the accelerator. It sped away quickly in a blur of black and white. The edges of a black trench coat could be seen fluttering in the wind before he disappeared into the traffic.

The Slums - Sewer Tunnel Entrance

A pair of neon blue dots lit the road as Terrence drove into a small deserted parking lot. Even at night, the rusty steel gates that were suppose to lock out trespassers was left open. The Masked Rider passed them without a single worry and stopped in at one of the yellow boxes. He switched off his bike and the place went dead quite with the noise of his engine. They should be here by now, he thought while lifting off his goggles and helmet. The parking lot was quite comforting despite being in the slums, it had a good view of the ocean in front. A flight of stairs were nearby with rusty brown railing to make sure anyone careless enough to fall down into the water. As he got off, he looked around and lifted his trench coat to reach for his modified Walkman X.

The black object was easily taken off a metal clip near his waist and he fished out a card from an inside pocket from his coat. "Transform," he said quietly and held out the Walkman in front of him. The screen began to glow white with a large X on top. A large silver belt materialized on his waist and he inserted the Walkman with ease, followed quickly by the card. The card was black with a white X on top and it easily slid into a slot on top of the Walkman. "Confirmed. Masked Rider X," a robotic voice was heard and the battlesuit materialized on Terrence's body in a matter of seconds. He stretched himself when the transformation was complete and dusted his hands unnecessarily. "Let's do this," he said to himself nonchalantly before walking down the stairs towards the sewer tunnel's entrance where he would meet his team.

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Adalrich followed immediately, feeling the muscles that he added bulge slightly and he spoke quietly to the Masked Rider, "I am young for a necromancer," he said timidly, "But I practiced a lot. I am good at what I do." He watched Illiam and Samuel. Illiam seemed paranoid and Samuel seemed a bit arrogant. Oh, well. Adalrich held his staff close to his side, looking around nervously.

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Peter Mokerstein: It's close to midnight.....

Peter was pleased at his plan being accepted. If he could he would join in with his pistol but he had more pressing matters to attend to. Summoning was a form of game to Peter; he loved doing special things for his summoning. However he had learned that if a summoning necromancer has special objects or does some kind of motion then the results will change. Sometimes it's a minor thing, a zombie has a helmet, other times it's a major thing, and the zombie is on fire. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a switchblade, the blade has bits of dead human flesh on it. He flicks the blade causing the meat to fall on the floor.

Cracking his neck Peter snaps his finger with his right hand and puts his left hand on his crotch making a "Wapoosh" noise. He then begins to dance the Thriller accompanied by song. The moment he raised his arm to do the signature left right motion all the dead flesh sunk into the ground and 4 rotted dull grey/ dark green arms bursted forward from the ground. They began to claw their way out of the ground until the four of them rose up and began to do the dance with him. At the moment he says "And horror looks you right between the eyes, you're paralyzed!" a portal in the center of the four zombies (Conveniently in a square formation) appears. Through it one can see the netherealm, and a form of energy tendril ring appearing from it. Riding upwards is a ghost, a wraith to be exact. The Wraith seems to be a human that lacks skin (All flesh), has no legs, intestines drooping downwards, has its spine drag across the ground, and is wearing a business suit. Its eyes scan across the zombies dancing before the Wraith does a face palm. Peter stops dancing and walks forward to the Wraith so that he can say "You're the support and leader for this squad ok? Keep them alive... I mean undead and command them. Under the circumstance that your undeath is in danger I would highly recommend fleeing to safety before returning to battle. If you fail me... Let's just say I can make your time in earth an unliving hell. Got that?". The Wraith salutes before Peter orders the zombies to stop. Looking over at Pluto's area it was a good thing he had walked to about 14 meters away from the fight. With a forward motion with his pistol the zombies charged forward with the Wraith in tow to support Pluto. Peter ran forward as well but made sure to keep in the back, he had something up his sleeve for when he was in the fight.

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Samuel Gately - At the sewer entrance (Sorry about before!)

Sam had already cast True Sight on himself about ten minutes ago so he could see perfectly in the dark; he could tell his body had reabsorbed nearly all the magic and that he would need to cast it again soon; no spell he or anyone else had ever cast on him lasted nearly as long as it was supposed to. Some spells that could last an hour or more on a normal person only lasted a few minutes on Sam. Yet even with True Sight fading, he could see perfectly through the veil of his hair that constantly covered his eyes, and wondered whether or not the glow from his eyes could be seen from behind them. Terrence's armor had changed since he last saw him; it now more closely resembled battle wear.

"Sir," Sam said quietly, bowing. "I am ready."
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Aureli walked down the street, the only noise she made aside from her quiet breathing was the clunk of her boots. Her deep blue eyes watched the operative descend down into the sewer entrance, so she hurried across the street and down the stairs after him. She stepped out from behind him and looked up, staring at him without a word.


Aelelia and Aoora went dashing in right after Pluto. The girl kept low, moving with the lithe grace that she had learned from the wolves. She and Aoora worked flawlessly together, moving in unison as they stormed into the warehouse. It would take some time to discern the scent of the leader, and Aelelia's nose began to twitch like her canine partner, even though she would never catch their target's scent before Aoora did. The pair kept out of the way of the operative's bullets, and Aelelia whipped her staff free from her back, breaking the twine that held it in place and rushed the first mage she saw. She swung the staff low and hooked it behind the man's knees, while Aoora jumped up, his large teeth going for the man's jugular. Once the rest of the team joined them, she and Aoora would be able to focus 100% on finding their target, until then, they should assist in causing mayhem.
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