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Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:29 pm

-The Asylum-

The speakers buzzed into life with a strange and startling sound for those who have had silence for so long. The sound was quickly replaced by the characteristic sound of a record player sounding up, and soon enough the record began to play a male voice, charming and loud through every speaker in the asylum, in every room and hallway.

"Welcome one, welcome all, to the fall of Everafter!" the voice said gleefully, letting out a small chuckle. "You may have already seen your fellow inmates wandering the halls unsupervised! Well, that is merely because they showed spirit and initiative, not waiting like an animal to be let out of their cage. But I suppose we all must have a bit of help now and again.

But where are my manners? My name is John Uskglass, and don't worry if you haven't heard of it. This little island is very talented when it comes to isolation. Despite the war that was waging on for the rest of the kingdom, you all stayed perfectly safe here and forgot the outside world. Which is, of course, why the outside world had to come to you. I present to you, my associates!"

On cue, both ends of the hallway were now occupied. There were two human-like creatures levitating off the floor, smartly dressed in tuxedos and with sickly yellow skin which clearly showcased the blood vessels underneath. They had no hair and their teeth shone in the light as though they were plated in silver. Their eyes sported a blue iris in a sea of black, and their mouths held smiles to rival even Dr. Crooked's.

One of them bowed slightly to the other and extended a hand with long fingers, cordially inviting his friend to go first. Following them were two creatures who walked like great apes covered in bandages like mummies, moving erratically after them.

"Do not fear them, they are not here for you. They are here for your oppressors! That nurse in your room that's telling you it will all be alright, while feeding you medication to keep you from being yourself." The Gentlemen stopped close to one of the cells, their smiles reflecting in the glass. It was an empty cell, its previous inmate having been transferred out of the M-9 ward a few days ago. "So, friends, in a show of solidarity, of support for the new world order I will usher in, a world in which you are celebrated, not chained, for your talents, unlock your cell doors. Do not worry, the nurse stuck with you has the keys written down in a note somewhere on their person. Take it, friends! Take it by politeness, take it by force, or take it by murder. The time of John Uskglass, the time of the Raven King is upon us, and you must choose where you will stand!"

The speakers buzzed back into silence, and the two pairs of Gentlemen, one pair on either side of the oval cell room, kept a watchful eye on the inmates, eager to sweep in after anyone who unlocks their room and collect the nurse with them.

All of the writing pads began flashing the screen in red, reading in large black text: "The asylum has been infiltrated. Defenses are on their way. Remain in your rooms and DO NOT engage intruders without proper clearance!" Immediately underneath was a smaller, but no less important message: "The nurses do not write down room keys. Any harm to them will merely prolong your stay in the facility and serve to be futile to your attempted escape." The nurses in the rooms carefully held up the pad towards the inmates they were guarding, and picked up the bag of medication, indicating it to the inmates in the hope that they catch on - if anything happens, it is up to them to self-medicate.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:11 pm

Soumi - What's going on?

Soumi's eyes widened What's going on? she thought Why do they want us to leave Elizabeth? She took the pad and quickly wrote It is safe here.
This is very strange. the teapot said We don't like this change.
Get rid of them Mama the cup turned to the teapot, It's too scary.
Soumi put her hands to her lips to shush her friends. She then leaned against he mirrored glass and put the objects on her shoulders, one on each. Teekanu fussed with the blonde hair with her spout. She smiled at Elizabeth and started playing a song, her slender fingers moving fast and her lips mouthing the words. She knew Sverige would hear and he'd think it appropriate

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:56 pm

-Jorgen Petersen, personal cell-

Jorgen did as he was requested and looked up as he read the message, giving Veronica a happy and satisfied smile before taking his time to write another message. "I look forward to having my voice again, I do so love the sound of it, since you know from my document telling tall tales is like second nature to me.... or is it tales from my future autobiography: A Thousand and one thefts, a Master Thief's story.

He would've carried on that thought when the loud speakers suddenly burst to life causing him to make a rather messy line. Jorgen looked up towards the origin of the sound, who did this speaker think he is some kind of circus announcer? Placing the notepad on his lap, the teen began to use his hands as puppets effectively mocking the speaker while he blabbled, oddly enough the gesture made Jorgen look like a crab somewhat especially since he was making faces as well. However he stopped when John Uskglass talked about how the inmates should get their freedom, through brute-force if not out right murder.
The punk styled teen noticed Veronica becoming nervous at the suggestion that was given to the inmates, Jorgen could understand that she'd be nervous but as he looked up he could see she was more frightened about something outside than he was.

He began to scribble on the notepad to reassure the nurse that he wasn't going to harm her when red text began to appear on the pad, he read the notice quickly before finishing off his message, "Not to worry nurse, I'm not interested in their offer. After all anyone who suddenly decides to declare 'The tyme time of X' followed by some other statement kinda doesn't interest me. I'm a Master Thief, I've got other plans anyway.

Oh and you've got a message from your boss.

Carefully so not to startle Veronica he got up and tapped her on the shoulder to once again get her attention without making any sounds before giving her the notepad.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:59 pm

Lady Amalthea – In her room ~ Divided thoughts

Amalthea seemed satisfied with the answer Pepper provided, nodding silently. But then she heard the voice coming through the speakers. For a moment she looked bewildered. Her reaction to this new turn of events was a mixed one, a jumble of emotions which for the moment seemed unfathomable.

The fall of Everafter? Unlock our cell doors? Amalthea didn’t know what to think. A large part of her was horrified by the idea. How could she get better if there were no nurses to take care of her? She was frightened.
I do not want to leave Everafter! I need to be here, to stop this illness--

--But what if I end up staying here forever? Another small part of her whispered. You can not tell yourself that would be any better. A creature like me was never meant to be in a cage...
I see no cage. Only help.
But this isn’t home.
I have no home! I can’t remember...
Think, Amalthea...
What do I want?
I don’t know!
But you do. You just can’t—
Who was I? Long ago...running through fields and forests...no arms or hands...just legs and...
--No. It must have been another dream. So many dreams...when will I wake up?
I’m so confused...
Why am I always so confused?

Amalthea tossed her pale head, shaking the thoughts away. What mattered was to be cured. That was all that mattered...right? She was thinking about it too much. She knew if she carried on, it would only stress her out further. She had to focus on what she knew. What she was familiar with. Apart from her medication, it was the only way she could regain some sanity.

But what she wouldn’t give for the day she could be free...the nurses were nice and she felt safe here, but it would never be home...never...

However she shook her head again, long hair tossing, irritated at thinking of things in that way. And there were some things that the announcer said that she didn’t agree with at all. There was a terrible twinge in her gut as she heard the voice compare them to animals. A stinging, hurtful sensation, as if she felt personally insulted by it.

Animals do not wait to be let out of a cage, she privately scorned the voice. Considering there were animal inmates amongst them, she found it a very poor choice of words on the announcer’s part. And who is this man to say who has spirit and initiative and who doesn’t? She felt offended and disgusted, and yet...she wasn’t sure why she found such a comment an insult to her. But it didn’t matter. He was wrong. And she was appalled by the suggestion of taking the room keys by any means necessary. No, she wasn’t so sure about these intruders in the asylum, and she decided then and there that she didn’t like them. And those gentleman did nothing to help ease her fears.

Yet...she stared at Pepper, her mixed emotions still present. Fear, hurt and confusion in her expression. She stared for what seemed a very long time, as if trying to decide what to do...what to say.

* I’m not going to hurt you,* Amalthea told her telepathically, after a pause. * You’ve done nothing wrong but been kind to me. And I don’t want to leave my room; I don’t like those people and I don’t trust them. But I have to ask: do you have the keys written down on you, like they’ve said? You don’t even have to write it down. Just think it and I will hear you. But I must know.*
Amalthea looked at the nurse with a sadness in her eyes. * And please, do not lie to me again, like you did when you told me what Gretel was doing here. I’d like the truth this time. Please.* The pale white girl kept her mind trained on Pepper’s own, hoping for a truthful answer.
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Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:03 pm

Beast smiled as he listened to the music, considering what he was going to do. He closed his eyes and nodded at the window. He placed his rose on his head, resting against his horns and he turn to pick up the candlestick and the clock. He looked at Victor then took the pen, writing, “Give me the key.” He stood at his full six foot nine, his eyes surprisingly gentle.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:57 pm

Gideon listened to the message carefully, and quietly in it’s entirety. Once the message ended, Gideon’s usual scowl was replaced by a gigantic, insane smile. It was show time. Gideon quickly stood up, and stared at the nurse, his smile never fading. In a flash, he had the nurse pinned against the wall, his hands wrapped around his throat. Gideon slowly raised his other hand, and made a shallow cut across his for-head in the most painful manner possible. Gideon then picked up the notepad, and dropped his victim. Using the blood on his nails, Gideon spelled out a message on the notepad.

“The first cut was just a warning. Write down the code, or there will be more…and next time it will be worse.”

The message clear, Gideon handed the bloody notepad and the marker to the nurse, licking the remaining blood of his nails.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:12 pm

Grey's ears pricked up when he heard the speakers. He looked towards them. As the message was given he thought to himself "A chance at freedom for my captor's life?" He thought a moment about the situation and looked at Troy. "No. These people give me enough food to make me full. They treated me well. Also I get to meet many characters I've never met before. I don't want to leave." he thought as he shook his head. Grey then got up and went over to the pad and paper. With what one would call his hands, he wrote the words "Open the door please. We've got to make sure the others are okay."

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:17 am

~Frode Schlemiel~

_Before - Hypnosis Room_

The music came back again, which was more than enough to lighten Frode up once again. He wasted no time letting himself become lost in the rhythm. To become lost in the darkness, that eternal darkness that would embrace him...again, and again, and again...

Before he succumbed to slumber, the joyful sounds of festivity filled his ears.

_Waking Up - Frode's Room_

Frode didn't notice his voice was gone until Amalthea contacted him telepathically. Beforehand he had awoken as he always had. Confused. He was depressed from the start, to find that his friends were gone. In their place, was one of the asylum's nurses, and his rather bland room. But something was wrong. The nurse seemed...uneasy somehow. Was something the matter? He couldn't bring himself to ask. Partially out of shyness, but also because he thought the nurse didn't wish to be bothered.

Instead, he merely allowed his medication to be administered, and patiently waited for the time to come, where he would be allowed to leave his room. But he knew, oh God, he knew, that time would not come. He could not allow himself to be fooled. The worried expressions, the ominous air... It caused a great sadness to come over him. Before he could consider doing anything about it, the most heavenly voice filled his head. At first he thought it was the nurse, but saw that she wasn't moving her lips. It was by then he heard the name, and his grey eyes lit with a temporary happiness; Lady Amalthea! But there was no one in the room. It must've been some magical ability. That must be it! 'Lady Amalthea! My dear! I can hear you!' The news of Amalthea's voice becoming lost struck him as tragic. In fact, he attempted to speak to see for himself if the same had happened to him.


No sound would escape from his lips, and Frode had to fight to not sink into sorrow. Oh, what a terrible day! 'Oh my dear! I am without a clue!' Woe unto him, for how could he share his tale now? There was no chance! He felt himself sinking, deeper into the ground. It sure seemed like that, with his line of sight becoming lower. Eventually he found himself wishing to become lost in the pavement. Unknowingly to Amalthea, he could not speak telepathically. It hurt him even, thinking about how it was possible that she couldn't even hear him, and that it was all hopeless. Without much else to do, he buried his head into his hands, and wept.


His weeping was interrupted by a voice, a sickeningly gleeful voice. A voice that made him wonder, 'Who could be this happy?' It was a different happiness. It wasn't like that of the nice cat. It was an entirely different manner. And it made him curious.

The fall of Ever After?
The nurses?
They're the oppressors?
Stopping him from being himself?


He refused to believe that. He...he knew he was unhappy. He knew...that he would have possibly died. If it weren't for this place. He wanted no part in any war, in any new world order. This place took him in, while everyone else scolded him. Such kind people. He could not fathom. That the nurses. THE nurses, of all people, would want to oppress him. No one else had listened to his stories. All of them cared enough to stop by and listen. No one else would do that. They even brought him books, and music. He had forgotten the last time he could say he owned a book. May God bless them. Why would this man accuse the nurses of such things? Such individuals that he knows nothing of? Did he know these nurses? Had he stared into the deepest hollowness of their hearts?

He had to admit, a world where he could upstage his shadow was tempting, to finally reveal him as the fraud he was. But he could not harm another in his quest. Or at least, he thinks he doesn't want to. Either way, he did not want to join up with any group. He preferred solitude to solidarity. He felt he would go back to his suicidal ways. Those awful days he could not remember. Very awful days until he came here. He did not want that. The Raven King, that name stuck in his head...

The feather.

The nurse, he could still talk with her. He looked to her, who had held up a pen paid with flashing red letters. A warning. But who to believe? Does she have the keys, or not? Not that he wanted to leave, he'd rather stay here. But he also felt compelled to help. In a rigid attempt to communicate, Frode began making hand gestures, preying to the God almighty the nurse could understand sign language. Each gesture stood for a letter; I-D-O . . .


He couldn't stand around and do nothing, but he also could not risk leaving without knowing what he was up against. The events outside, those things, looked terrifying enough already.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:26 am

Corane - Still sleepy

Corane groaned and shifted under his blanket as a loud voice echoed through his room, pulling him roughly from his pleasant slumber. He moaned and pulled the blankets over his head as it continued, hoping that it would just, shut, up...But eventually he just groaned again, rolled and fell off his bed with a jerk. He flailed wildly for a few moments, panicking at the initial blackness and smothering sensation before pulling the blanket off his head and gasping, his normally dull, half-closed eyes open wide before they began to droop again as the fear subsided. He blinked and looked up just as the voice said "and you must choose where you will stand!" He looked helplessly to the nervous nurse, smiled timidly with embarrassment and steadily pulled himself to his feet, using the bed to pull himself up. He yawned loudly and stretched backwards, his spine cracking loudly as he straightened his arms upwards. Another morning, another day. he thought as he walked slowly towards the nurse, his little smile still there as he took the bag from her and rooted around in it. He pulled out a small, thick cylinder and made a face as he saw it. I hate the tablets. He shrugged slightly, peeled off the protective ring and popped two out and swallowed them one after the other.

After that, he finally noticed the red flashing from the young nurses notepad. Once he'd slowly read throught it twice he frowned unhappily with confusion, looked up into the nurses scared eyes and then turned to see outside his room at the new strange gentlemen in suits. He opened his outh to say "oh dear" but no sound came out, he tried another few short phrases and then even some sounds but nothing. That's when he realised that he hadn't actually made any groaning noises but the ones in his head and groaned again, internally. Corane turned to the nurse and held out a hand towards her. As he placed his thumb beside his middle finger a faint blue light outlined around his hand, he tried and failed to snap his fingers a few times, just making a pathetic scratching sound until he did it right. Instead of a "snap" however, what came from it instead was Thank you miss for my medication, and there's no need to worry. I wouldn't open that door if I thought you'd be harmed because of it, even though I do think there is a part of my that wishes to leave this place. He smiled gently at her throughout the small talk, even though his mouth didn't open once. He snapped his fingers again and his voice asked Is there anything I should know or anything you wish to tell me miss, or anything I could do to help? I think I could play some small tune if we had to wait.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:41 pm

Whisker - Cell

Whisker was just about to write down his responce, when he was startled by the cheerful, yet creepy, voice which announced the end of the Asylum and it's staff. The pad suddenly flashed the warning.

He narrowed his eyes. He is...or was a hero! He can't just let any of the nurses or staff come to harm.
It just isn't in his nature.
He gestured for his medication and placed it in a small travel bag. He looked over at Jeanie and motioned for the pad. He scribbled the message and nodded in an reassuring way.

"It's ok, Jeanie. I'm not one for war or a revolution anyway. We'll stay here till reinforcements arrive..but if things go bad, I'll need to get hold of my items so I can help. Will you help me retrieve my items?"

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:43 pm

Sherlock Holmes-Cellar

Sherlock grinned at his handywork, he always seemed to have a way with the ladies on pissing them off. But before he could get more jabs in about her flaws the alarms went off. Soon incredibly creepy businessmen came in alongside a voice that made Sherlock want to rip out whoever was talking left lung and shove it into there left eye. He began to wait and hear what had to be said, makin sure to look around for anything he could use. He spotted the small words on the Nurses pad easily and decided that violence was not the way.  "But the way to what exactly?" Sherlock thought as he tried to decide whether or not to aid the strangers "The strangers offer me freedom and the chance to get Moriarety, but the asylum can get rid of him for me and can kill me. What to do, what to do. I need more time.... I need more data! But the guards are coming soon? GRAH! Curse my marvelous brain! What do I do, what do I do?" he repeatedly asked himself without emitting any actual noise. He began to think back and forth of all the negatives and positives from what he knew until eventually Moriarety showed up. 

Standing in the place of the Nurse, Moriarety wiped his hands and looked at Sherlock before saying "Ahhh what a ironic place to be. The master of logic can not seem to make up his mind and is stuck in a rut. Face it Sherlock, this is something beyond your comprehension. Far greater forces then you are at war with each other, it is your turn to decide: Will you be a pawn or a mighty knight. And for whom? Join these new strangers, this asylum is falling apart, these nurses know nothing!" Sherlock quickly yelled (in vain, but Moriarety can still hear it) "Be quiet!". And with his rebutall a new figure appears in the room. This one being Watson, who stands by the side of Sherlock. Putting his hands on Sherlocks shoulders Watson angrily tells Moriarety "Moriarety, the time has come for you to SHUT THE HELL UP." sending out spit at the last part. With a grumble Moriarety glances at Sherlock and snorts before folding his arms in and stepping back and leaving the cell, turning the bars into a liquid state before reconfiguring them right as he left. Moriarety then takes the side of the gentlemen and looks about the other prisoners with disdain. 

Still wracking his head Sherlock finally stops and thinks "I must go with my gut, logic will get me nowhere here.". With a sigh he picks up his piece of paper and writes on it

Sherlock Holmes

Look, things are not going well. And you of all people should know that I can easily overpower you. Give me the key to leave and some medications and I'll be on my way. I do not wish to join this new world order, and the last thing I want is them keelpng Moriarety around with me. But I do NOT want to be caged up in here and forced to annoy mundane nurses like yourself. Please try to be reasonable.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:40 am

-Soumi's Room, Elizabeth-

The nurse took the pad when Soumi handed it to her, writing a response: "I do not know who they are, but I'm positive they don't have anyone's best interests at heart. It will probably be safer if we stay in here, for everyone." She smiled at the song that Soumi played, expecting something calmer from the inmate. The noticed that the nearest Gentleman had begun staring as the music bled outside of the room walls ever so slightly. It was probably like a scream in all the stillness outside. She carefully approached Soumi and gently put a hand on her shoulder when it seemed she had reached the end of her song, indicating the intruder's gaze. He seemed very intrigued at the instrument and the woman playing it.

-Jorgen's Room, Veronica-

Veronica took the pad as if in a gaze, and read it quietly. She looked up at Jorgen, as if trying to judge his sincerity, before sighing into a slight smile. She took the pen and wrote her reply. "Thank you, it relieves me greatly to hear you say that. Would you mind if we stayed in and waited for reinforcements? I don't have the right equipment for this encounter, no nurse in this ward does. I'm sure it will be taken care of, and they can't come in without the proper key anyway." She paused in her writing and left a space between that paragraph and the next sentence.

"I don't have it, by the way. I know the key to your room, but I don't have it written down."

Carefully, she handed the pad over to Jorgen again, looking up at the youth and turning her back to the Gentlemen outside the room in the process.

-Lady Amalthea, Pepper-

Pepper stood her ground as she watched the inmate think, not backing away from Lady Amalthea or from the Gentlemen beyond the glass. She gave a little start when she heard Lady Amalthea's voice in her head, but also visibly, bodily sighed in relief when the first sentence was finished. When the inmate asked a question, however, pleading for honesty, Pepper took a moment to answer.

*Yes,* the nurse thought reluctantly. *I don't have everyone's, but I do have yours on a piece of paper. It's not really policy for me to have it, I just--I'm new, I haven't been to your room before, and in all the commotion when they assigned us, they had to write the keys down on paper and hand them out individually to the nurses. We were instructed to burn the paper once we got to the rooms, but I have such a bad memory and--and I was scared I wouldn't remember it if anything happened.* Even her thoughts were uneasy, reluctant, even ashamed. She was keeping eye contact with Lady Amalthea during her talk, however, as if to make sure the inmate was "listening".

-Beast's Room, Victor-

Victor read the message from Beast, carefully. The nurse had been watching the inmate since the speakers buzzed into life and the call for overthrowing the asylum came. He had impulsively taken a step back when Beast stepped towards him, noting how the items in the room were gathered. He took the pad with shaking hands and carefully wrote, "If I do, what will you do once you leave the room?" He passed the pad back to his intimidating ward, waiting for a reply.

-Gideon's Room, Oscar-

Despite the wince as the painful cut was etched into the nurse's face, Oscar did not seem willing to budge. He noticed the blood message, and gave the best look of disinterest he could to the inmate. He took the notepad and, his face stoic, wrote on another page.

"I'm not with you because of my good looks, so don't think I'll crumble because of a few scratches. And I'm not afraid to die here, because in a matter of hours I will be reanimated at the labs. I'm not setting you loose, Gideon, so we might as well just sit and get nice and comfortable here."

He thrust the pad back at the inmate, his face reflecting determination. Blood from the cut dripped down his face, but he did not make any attempt to wipe it off.

-Grey's Room, Troy-

The nurse read the request, and then looked up at the wolf. He stared at the inmate for a few moments, trying to read an expression on his face. Carefully, he wrote "I appreciate your enthusiasm to help, but what do you think you could do? There are nurses in every room with the inmates, qualified and selected for each patient to be able to handle such situations. Leaving the room, especially with those intruders so close, would cause more trouble than good." He handed the pad over carefully, complete with a reassuring smile.

-Frode's Room, Isabelle-

Isabelle administered the medication for Frode, and let him be, as the man seemed content to simply be in his own thoughts. Once John Uskglass's voice filled the room, however, she kept a watchful eye on Frode as he thought things over. When he began using sign language with her, She nodded and slightly furrowed her brow as he signed in concentration. When he got to the end of his sentence, she took a moment longer to put it all together, before beginning to sign a few letters, then shaking her head and writing her response on the pad, dismissing the two warning messages. "I'm not sure how to help at the moment," she wrote hurriedly. "Our best bet is to sit in the cells and wait for the better-suited staff to come and deal with this." Here she took a moment to check a gadget on her belt, glancing at it at first and the holding it closer to her face for a second look. She looked around and across the room she could make out Gideon's cell and the two shapes in the slightly dim light. As far as she could see, Oscar was standing and alright. She stared into the cell for a moment longer, before returning to her pad. "All of the inmates still seem to be healthy, and the nurses seem to have things under control in the cells. No one has left their cell yet." She handed the pad to Frode with a reassuring smile. She was still visibly worried about the presence of the Gentlemen, and as Frode took the pad she glanced back at them through the glass.

-Corane’s Room, Luna-

The nurse tensed up as Corane came towards her, and jumped in her chair at the snap turning to sound. Then, slowly, she relaxed at his words. She wrote down her reply, handing the pad back to the inmate. “Thank you. I feel that staying where we are would be the best course of action for the moment, at least until we know more about the intruders. My name is Luna, and which I’ve been here to tend to you before, I don’t believe you’d remember me well – you do so enjoy to sleep.  Any sound would be welcome, however, to replace this silence.” She handed the pad over to the inmate, smiling.

There was a loud thunder of a sound on the windowed wall of the cell, which caused Luna to jump out of her chair and back away from the window. One of the henchmen to the Gentlemen had hit the wall, and its smiling master was mere inches from the glass on the other side, carefully tilting its large head to look at Corane and then look at the nurse. The attention of both henchmen and the Gentleman had been easily grabbed by the muffled sound of the speech Corane created, the Gentleman’s head turning sharply and inspiring him to slowly glide over to the cell. With a long hand full of crooked fingers, the Gentleman indicated the door lock, staring at Luna intensely with his silver teeth gleaming in the asylum light. Luna took another small step back from the glass wall, and glanced towards Corane to judge the inmate’s reaction to this development.

-Whisker’s Room, Jeanie-

Carefully, Jeanie read the message, and then reread it. She carefully wrote down instructions on the pad. “Whisker, should something happen to me, I want you to make sure you take care of yourself. Your belongings are in patient storage, in the 3rd floor, East wing. We’re on the 5th floor right now, so you’ll need to take one of the elevators or, better yet, the stairs. If you go down either hallway, you’ll find stairs eventually. Chances are, if you have to do this, the storage won’t be guarded. I will not open the cell door for you, however. We are far safer in here than out there. This plan is a last resort, and you should not go looking around unless you have no other choice – I don’t know how much of the asylum is already occupied.”

She seemed to hesitate to hand the pad over, but finally decided to do so and watched Whisker carefully as he read her message.

-Sherlock Holmes’s Room, Emily-

Emily tensed up when the voice called for a revolution, but only for a moment. She watched as Holmes seemed to have an episode, her hand reaching for the medicine bag slowly, until he seemed to calm down again. She waited as he wrote his message and read it carefully before replying. “You’re a smart man, Mr. Holmes. How far do you expect to get with those things on the outside waiting for anyone to emerge from their cells? Also, yes, you can overpower me, but do you really think I’d be so stupid as to come in this room with the code written down? No, I can unlock your room, but I don’t think it’s in the best interest of your or for me. I just had that big promotion, as you said, wouldn’t want to get demoted my first week.” She handed her pad over with a gleeful, triumphant smile.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:46 am

“I will go see Soumi, nothing else,” he wrote calmly, rubbing his furry arm. “I do not care for what is going on in the asylum, I just wish to see her. If you wish I will even take my human form so you know I cannot attack anyone.” His tail drooped to the floor and he crouched gently, listening to the music, “She is ill at ease, I fear for her.”

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:00 pm

Whisker - Cell

Whisker read the message and was relieved that Jeanie shared this information with him.
He didn't want to fight, but he didn't want to sit around. like she said, it would be a last resort.

He looked up at her and nodded to show that he understood.
He was worried that the two floating creatures, wearing tuxedos, would eventually get tired of waiting and attempt to free everyone from their cells.

Whisker is a chubby cat, but looks can be deceiving. He is in fact extremely dexterous and swrift.
Although he has no special powers, his strength and courage lie in his heart.
He admitted himself into EverAfter in the hopes of restoring his sanity.
The one thing Whisker misses most of all is adventure.

Finally, something extraordinary has happened, but he can't go against the wishes of the people who are trying to help him. He isn't dangerous like some of the patients here, but he still needs the medication in order to keep his mind at peace.

Whisker wrote on the pad and gave it back to Jeanie.

"Thank you for giving me that bit of information. I hope that we can all get out of this alive, but for now we wait".

He then went to sit on his bed, pondering the fate of the Asylum.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:28 am

{Happiness Bunny}

_Haps Cell_Wake Up_

In the real world, Happiness Bunny aka Haps always sleeps. Dressed in examination gowns rather than the thuggish threads, he appeared in the Hypnosis Room, the crooked doctor crafted. His arms, waist, and legs were strapped to his grey bed while a machine on the right of his bedside was pumping one of their new experimental drugs, codenamed B4D455 at regular intervals into his system. Voices or voice was muffed, at first, but the more John spoke, the more it became clear. The machine by his bed overloaded just as the nurse in his room's writing pad flashed red.

As the machine pumping B4D455 silenced so was Hap's room. In the other cells, namely Amalthea's, Gideon's, Schlemiel's, and Holmes's and the hallway, tiny bubbles were floating harmlessly in those rooms. Clear as ice, those bubbles were, with only a hint of lavender. Suddenly those bubbles started to move, phrasing through the walls as they hit Haps's body, wave after wave until they were no more.

Haps's eyes opened and in one motion, he tore through his bindings. As he sat up on his bed, Haps shot the nurse a glare and tried to say something but in the end nothing came out. He shook his head and then turned his glance on the dresser in his cell. He approached it, opening to reveal his clothing, which immediately changed into, a short sleeved dress shirt with a white vertical line on the left side, baggy brown pants, with sneakers and white socks. Inside it were also Hap's rings which he wore on his tattooed fingers.

Haps as per his usual style grabbed the writing pad away from the nurse in his room and wrote " I don't like the sound of them as much as I don't like you guys." . He then, went on to write " Something about this ain't right." A lot of what John mentioned seemed fishy and the fact he uttered the words New world order, didn't help his case either. Haps then wrote, " Stand behind me if they try something."

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:06 pm

-Jorgen Petersen, Personal cell-

"Wouldn't really do much for me anyway deary. You'd have to write it down and trying to make you do that wouldn't go with my morals." Jorgen wrote at first before pausing to consider what was happening outside, some of the strange creatures had moved away causing him to wonder what the other inmates were doing to attract their attention. He looked across from his cell into the one across of his; inside was Frode and another nurse from where he was located. They were communicating through some means but the nurse blocked his view for the master thief to properly determine how. The nurse turned to look outside as well, meaning that she too was unsure of what was going on.
Jorgen began to contemplate the possibilities that were open to him. His eyes darting around the room constantly, going from Veronica to the notepad, from the door to the cell across from them.

"I'm not sure what's got those things' attention, hopefully it's those reinforcements you mentioned. But right now I'd like to make a request.
I need to have most of my mind active, in all honesty those drugs were far too weak to begin with so you guys didn't really suppress much. I am a liar after all. Part of thieving is the art of deception.
" Even as he wrote he began moving his legs and feet to warm them up without making it too obvious to those outside the cell, most likely Veronica could see him move though.
"I'd like to make a quick check list of some questions I'd like to ask you. You don't need to answer all of them if you feel like you don't trust me with that knowledge (The irony once again.) Regardless you are free to write your own questions if you have the time. After all knowledge for knowledge. And in times like this knowledge is everything.

How much do you know about me? Physically anyway? I highly doubt I blabbed too much about what I've done outside of my tales. But then things do get hazy from time to time.

Is there anyway to force one's way into a cell? In practice and in theory? I'd like to have something to fall back on.

Do you have any idea on who and what these guys are? You seem to be very concerned. (Perhaps I am a wee bit jealous that your attention is diverted. This is a joke. How I wish I could talk right now.)

How capable good a fighter are you? Since you're my warden I suspect you were chosen for a reason.

Finally, if worse comes to worse. Should some of the patients take action. Do you think we should help? Personally I'd like to avoid direct conflict, simply a job preference. But I can understand that you'd like to help your colleagues, from a less personal view you understand.

With that he handed the notepad back to Veronica before moving away from her to warm up the rest of his muscles as subtly as possible, from walking in circles with mock fear to going down to his knees so that he can rock himself backwards and forwards, doing his best to appear as pathetic as possible.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:31 pm

Gideon took the notepad, and smiled. Gideon raised his hand, and backhanded Oscar, his nails making deep cuts on his cheek. Using the fresh blood on his nails, Gideon wrote out another bloody message.

“Who ever said anything about killing you my dear nurse? As long as everything is silent…no one can hear you scream as I torture the answer out of you.” Gideon handed the message back, and a split second later dug his thumb deep into Oscar’s upper arm, and began to slice upward, slowly. Gideon was careful not to cut any tendons…just the muscle. He wanted to have more fun with this nurse before he finished him off. Gideon took his thumb out of Oscar’s arm, took the notepad, and wrote another message.

“Ready to co-operate yet? Or must I go on?”

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:22 pm



Raven stared quietly at the note telling him that they were fixing everything.

'So this is suppose to be Reassuring?' He thought to himself. He decided to let it be, and slowly walked back to his writing desk when a sound filled the asylum. The strange voice spoke out in a strange manner speaking of something He could not comprehend. Raven took the words of the man who introduced himself as John Uskglass into mind.

'The End of Everafter? ha.'
'Cage? So your going to set us free?'
'What then, Where do you think we'll go once were free?'
'I doubt you can offer the freedom I need'
'Raven King? I'll Challenge that.'

Raven smiled and grabbed the Paper and wrote. Gave it to the nurse.


Is it possible to leave the cell now?
No I'm not going to leave just yet, I Just want to know

Also can you fight? To be a ward or Nurse here you must have even basic knowledge.

If the situation demands it, Will you fight?

What do you prefer a Dagger or a sword?

Anyways we need to prepare ourselves, I doubt the security will get here, In time
These guys seem like professionals.

He held his right wrist with his left hand and began concentrating. He looked towards the nurse with a message in his eyes 'If we need to, We shall fight

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:14 pm

Lady Amalthea – In her room ~ Conversations with the mind

The Lady Amalthea focused intently on what the nurse was thinking, ‘listening’ to every word. * I see. Don’t worry, I can understand...I am always forgetting things,* she replied once Pepper had finished...even giving the smallest of rare smiles. Amalthea seemed grateful. * Thank you, for being honest with me. I shall not forget it...I know that sounds silly coming from me, but believe me, I will try not to forget that.*

She looked away for a moment, blinking as she noticed the bubbles in her room. Was she having another hallucination? Or is this Butterfly’s idea of a joke? she asked in puzzlement, shaking her head. I wouldn’t put it past him to start blowing bubbles everywhere, for no reason. He’s mad enough to. She watched them disappear, before dismissing it entirely. It was hardly important, what with those...things, on the move outside.

The young woman turned back to Pepper. *Is there anything I can do to help? I can contact people without leaving the room and without others hearing, just like I am with you, if that might be useful...?*

And Amalthea had heard Frode’s response from before, even though he might have thought she didn’t hear it. Not only that, but she had sensed him crying. But her attention had been caught by the other events before she could send him a reply, so she responded to him now. * By the way, I can hear you Frode, if you wish me to. And I can feel your sorrow. Don’t fret. The voice may be gone, but even though we can’t speak, we can still talk.* her voice echoed inside Frode’s head again.

Amalthea then stared outside, at the cell directly opposite. There was something not at all pleasant going on in that room, she could tell. If she focused her attention on it, she could feel the pain, at least emotionally. It made her tense up all over.

*Why are you hurting him?* the girl’s voice echoed inside Gideon’s head. *Please stop. Please.* Amalthea stared intently at Gideon’s silhouette, which she could see clearly through the glass on the other side of the ward.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:36 pm

Gideon’s eyes widened at the sound of the girl’s voice in his head. His attention instantly turned from the nurse to the outside of his cell.

“Carla!?” Gideon called out silently. It sounded so much like hers…the voice so pure and innocent…was Carla here?

Gideon walked over to the cell bars, and wrapped his hands around the bars.

“Carla!? Are you here!? It’s me, Gideon!”

Gideon was now frantic. If there was any chance of Carla being here, he had to get out now…and rescue her.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:45 pm

Corane reached out and took the notepad slowly from her, it took him a while to read through it, his eyes slowly travelling from left to right and then jerking back again, pausing on some parts as he digested the information, his lips silently trying out a few of the words and phrases. He finished just in time to hear a loud crack of noise and twisted hesitantly round to look at the strange hairless man smiling nastily through the glass at him. Corane blinked slowly in surprise and stepped round to face the newcomer, his own head moving to mimic the creatures. When it gestured towards the lock, Coranes gentle sky-blue eyes flickering to the lock and then back to the creature's cold blue and black eyes. He held it's gaze for a time, slightly more then most would find comfortable and then yawned silently at it, a hand rising to cover his mouth. Right after his mouth closed again, he stepped round to face Luna, smiling confortingly at her and moved his hand forward in the air, placing his fingers together. A "phhf" came from the first failed attempt but from the next. I'm sorry if I've forgotten you, my mind's just been a jumble since... he paused, his face twisting awkwardly as he tried to think back. He moved his hand to his hand and groaned silently, standing still for a moment as a small internal struggle began. He sighed after a shorter period of silence, the more tired look he'd had in the hypnosis room returning as he snapped his fingers again. Sorry again, this just happens, you said you wanted a song? I'm afraid I can only do simple tunes now, I used to be able to make such nice music once but ever since I came here, I just... he froze again, a look of sadness and confusion joining in with his tired expression. .... he said, his mouth stuttering some unknown and unheard words. He shook his head slowly and snapped his fingers, his other hand rubbing his eyes. I'll play you this, it's one of my easier tunes to play when I'm tired. He snapped his fingers once more and music came into the room, filling it with the sound of plucking strings. The creature outside would be able to hear it easily, if it could hear and maybe even those in other rooms would be able to pick up the soft, simple and innocent tune.

Re: EA: Into Night - Can't Even Shout

Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:43 pm

Lady Amalthea – In her room ~ When you’re alone, Silence is all you see; When you’re alone, Silence is all you’ll be~

Amalthea was glad that Gideon had stopped torturing the nurse. But she silently opened her mouth in dismay, as with her mind she heard what he was trying to call out. He had mistaken her for someone else.

*I...I’m sorry,* her voice echoed sadly to him in reply, as the young pale lady in her cell bit her lip. *I do not know anyone by the name of Carla. I am...I’m called Lady Amalthea. I’m in the room opposite yours, on the other side of the ward.*

So saying, the girl silently held her fragile hand aloft and waved timidly at Gideon, so that he would be able to see her outline wave to him through the thick glass, on the other side of the hallway.* We met earlier, in the white room with the other patients...although we didn’t speak to each other personally. I-I’m sorry if you thought I was someone else...*

Amalthea also thought she could hear music from elsewhere in the ward; the plucking of strings...it was a comfort to hear it, especially in such a terrible silence as this.
Will this silence ever stop? she wondered forlornly to herself. I only wish I had my voice back. And that those creatures outside would leave us in peace. I'm afraid.
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