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Children of the Grim, OOC, Sign Ups Still Open, OMFG, A POST

Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:43 pm


You're a fairy tale kind of character, in a horror situation. To say, your stuck on an island, in the middle of the ocean, and which said island, you went to willingly, because you thought the staff their could cure you of your disorder. Turns out, you "volunteered" to become a live test subject for the staff, for their mystical or scientific projects.

To make matters worst, the owner of the island, the wealthy, Dumpty Humpty, is having a corporate struggle with business rival, Raven King, which in turns, causes a civil war on the island. Which spirals, out of control, demolishing the island in its wake. Its worst, because the Agents of the Wolf, take advantage of this fight, to finish both off, and hunt down, patients.

Lucky for you, you somehow manage to escape to somewhere on the island with others like you and discover, your newfound powers. Problem is, those groups are, your only way off the island and they are seeking you out. And what's worst, you or one in your group, is a sleeper agent for one of the groups.

Just to Explain, the Factions

King, Dumpty, the Agents, Doctor ??? all want you, and each has something to offer you, you have to ask if you really want to take their offer, especially the ones with no strings attached.


Her offer is simple, no further experimental procedures and a way off the island. All she asks in return is simply that you be used as a bio-weapon, whenever she deems fits and of course, kill Dumpty and the Agents of the Wolf.

She saw the potential in Dumpty's business and further potential of his precious little toys. She has her hands in many business cookie jars like Dumpty, but unlike Dumpty, who had an interest in Psychology and Medical Science, she is a merchant of death. Weapons, weapons to kill and wage war as business is good in death and destruction. She wanted to take over the island through manipulation than a hostile take over.


His offer is an actual cure to your disorder, a relief of yours powers, and money, lots of it. All he asks in return is for you to remain on the island and restore it to its former glory. That and kill King, Doctor ???, and the Agents of the Wolf.

He is the founder and owner of the island, gone mad as he declares himself god. The island, is his play land, and your his toys, to be used until your broken. Problem is, he now has to learn to share as the King is buying stock into his business . Too bad, he doesn't as his best pal Doctor ??? was the straw that broken the camel's back. He started the civil war and will end it.

Doctor ???

Not on King's side, but he'll work for her since Dumpty wants him dead and he despites the Agents of the Wolf. What he'll offer is simply to increase your powers or add on another power, for free. If you managed to Kill Dumpty, he'll give you a bonus.

Originally Doctor ???, was part of Dumpty's crew as one of his finest geneticists and head of Dumpty's facilities, under him. He worked on several experiments on this island, including King's, which is why he knows about you and your situation. Because Doctor ??? worked on a few King's experiments, Dumpty has labeled him a traitor to the island.

Agents of the Wolf

They harvest you for whatever purpose, protect you, and even feed you. They are stronger than King's forces and a match for Dumpty's forces (for the moment). If you manage to slay one, then they'll like you more, but if another agent tries to harvest you, that agent will be stronger thanks to your kill.

Originally, the agents of the wolf worked for Dumpty and when King arrived, they also worked her . They worked for both, not for money, because both treated them as mindless slaves. Both sides, assumed they were dolls, but in reality, they were waiting bidding their time. The Civil war started by Dumpty and King, were their chances to strike. Rumor has it, they serve an older project of Dumpty, but this remains as speculation.

Your Group

You do want whatever.

"Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger
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Re: Children of the Grim

Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:43 pm


Fairy tale: Where did you get the idea from? Original work is encouraged.

Patient Number: It's a series of numbers and letters. Have fun with this, leet speak is encouraged here.

Name: You have to be called something

Age: 14-35, That's the range, we're going with

Gender: Male, Female, nuff said.

appearance: What do you look like?

Likes: Stuff loved, make a big list

Dislikes: Stuff Hated, make a huge list

Disorders: The Problems, the issues, the ailments, the phobias, etc


I'm going to be clear here. Level with you, the two powers, you selected, has to be something that ties with your character's disorder. Either its something that could help your character get over said Disorder, or something that makes that disorder, much worst.


Main Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:

* Leveling with you, again. In the beginning, you'll start with one weapon, and unfortunately that said weapon, will be a Melee weapon. And I'm just going to say it here, what you'll start with, it will be gardening tools, crafting tools, an axe, and maybe a tire iron. A cane, if your character is classy.

History: Three paragraphs and just three. Any more than, that I will ask for a short summary for your character of highlighted events.


I like music.

List of Characters
William Leprince-Barbot=Iris, Accepted
Johanna=Sam4books, Accepted
Julian Hellion=Kerian, Accepted
Lorenz "the silence"=Garethcool, Accepted, (1)
Liyr Restalt=Geomancer, Accepted
Doctor Dmitry=Musicmac, Accepted.
Karen=Doctress Who
Sincò di Parcadin=nicomon
Pearl Schafer=TheLivingCouch

Summary wrote:Summary of the Story

Act 1

Scene 1 The land of twisted tales

The patients awaken one by one, starting with Liyr, who tries his best to help others out of their pods with the aid of the singer, Lorenz. As they examine the surrounding area, they realize, they crashed landed in a blimp and hit land just before the cliff. Johanna and Karen, at the same time, attempt to dominate others, only to form a division between themselves. Suddenly the arguing was silenced as nearby William's pod a hand held radio shrieked out. Two different voices told the group to head to two directions, South and South East, while the third radio message was about something heading towards the group.

Sincò reasons with the group to split up, with each sub-group heading towards their respective direction. Lorenz declares to head to the south east for that second radio message promised of food and shelter. Hades on the other hand wants to stay put at the crash site. Johana and William savage the crash site for materials. Since Johana will travel south east with Lorenz, Karen decides to stay with Hades. As Doctor Dmitry slumbers and dreams, William climbs up the tallest tree for a vantage point.

The South has buildings that are lighting up, the southeast has a candy house, and something supposedly wicked heads towards them from the southwest.

Meanwhile the Vescent makes his move and meets with the Raven King, face to face.

Scene 2 Never talk to strangers

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Re: Children of the Grim

Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:43 pm


Appearance part for the CS.

Villain, the "leader" of the agents of the wolf

Players are Able to have non-human characters.

Ali and Sam are my co-gms.

Tell me, when your finished.

Only Muse, Trag, and Geo, for split personalities. I won't allow for any more.

All agents of wolfs will attack in pairs, expect the leader.



1R0N W1LL/ 5HR1NK-3M

M1ND 3Y3/ 83H3M0TH

9H45TLY/ TRU3 3Y35



8L00D M3K3R/ R3FL3CT0R

D34TH / R3C0V3RY


50L4R 80M8/ M4N 34T3R

Mastermind001 wrote:CS

Fairy tale: A song

Subject Number: 4850R81NG-5HIFT3R

Name: Vescent

Age: 24

Gender: Male

appearance: What do you look like?


Talking to People


Big Boss/Devil
Eating People

Disorders: Ludomania, Compulsive behavior


Absorbing-Vescent is able to consume anything, including people. Course not chemical reactions, electricity, plasma, and other forms of energy. Anything, really consists of organic and inorganic matter, much like metals, plants, and acids for example and process it as if it were regular food. He can't be poisoned or gassed to due how his body functions and never truly has to worry about food or water even again. However, to add, its not called consumption, simply because after he eats said organic/inorganic material, his body becomes it and gains certain capabilities, one being superhuman abilities, and two, the material traits.

Inorganic Solid ex: Minerals, Metals, Rubber



Inorganic Liquid ex: Water, Foam, Acid


Can't hold or grab a damn thing.


This one happens after he consumes a person or animal. By consuming them, he gains an understanding of them, of their genetic makeup, memories, and the unusual things done to them. With this understanding, Vescent literally becomes them, gaining said unusual things. Meaning, he has access to their powers and unfortunately their disorders as well. However, his mind and personality does remain intact so can be himself, unless he stays too long in a particular form. To remedy, he simply needs a reminder, a melody in his case.

Limitless Access



Main Weapon: None, whatever he fancies
Secondary Weapon: None, whatever he fancies

History: Classified


"The Devil went down Georgia" by The Charlie Daniels Band

Bonus points to those who notice a different to this CS, compared with yours. If you have, that's why the disorder and powers don't match
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Re: Children of the Grim

Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:51 pm

Since Shadow Man won't be making an appearance MM, I will be making a milk maid.

Fairy tale:
• From “The Doorway”, an original work:

Johanna had led him to a barn house near the river that ran through the town. It was old, and brown, and small; hardly impressive. “Uh…Johanna?”
“What’re we doing here?” Johanna glared at her companion, “I said quiet! Or he’ll know that we’re here!” John gave her a confused look.
“Who?” She sighed, one of those sighs that lets you know just how much of an annoyance you are. “The Sandman!”
The Sandman? But that was only a myth. Although John did not dare question his new friend, but surely there was no man out there stealing the eyes of children who did not go to sleep. “So why are we here again?” Johanna suddenly dropped the chains that kept the barn doors locked, giving him a piercing glare. She held his eyes for a moment, before finally softening her demeanor. “I… I wanted to show you Bless.”
The doors to the barn house opened, and in front of John was a rather large cow, a rather large and sickly cow. Next to the cow was an assortment of empty buckets. “She won’t provide any milk for me” the girl sighed, sitting at the cow’s side. It looked at John with its sad eyes and gave out a pleading “moo”. It sounded horrible, like it had just been shot with a rifle. Something like that made him feel like a terrible human being. “Is she sick?” Johanna shook her head, she didn’t know. “Why don’t you get it any help?” From the look Johanna gave him John inferred this was not a good idea.

“Are you stupid?! You’re the first person I’ve told about this place!”

“What’s stopping you from telling you anyone else?”

Johanna fumed, “Then HE would know, and he’ll take HER from ME!”

John was confused, “And why’s that?”

“Because of the milk!” John stared blankly at Johanna, trying to make since of the situation. “You haven’t noticed how people keep on coming to the cafe? How the milk seems to have some sort of power to grant wishes?” This was news to John but he nodded anyways. “Well, Bless makes that milk.”

John stared at the cow in shock. She seemed so ordinary. “Her?” “Yes. Which is why you must never tell anyone of this place. Ever.” He gulped, she had that look in her eye, “Y-yes ma’am. But I don’t understand, how can her milk grant wishes?”

Johanna smiled a knowing smiled. “It’s the stars. The falling stars.” The boy reminisced about the night he caught Johanna on a hill with a pail in hand. It seemed to be a meteor shower at the time, with Johanna flailing the pail at the sky aggressively. She had accidently redirected the route of one of the stars so that it crashed into the others before she turned around and saw him peering. “Bless eats the stars.”

"The Milkmaid and Her Pail"

Patient Number: M4103N

Name: Johanna

Age: Seventeen years old.

Gender: Female



• Swings.
• Adventure
• Books
• Singing
• Games
• Sports
• Milk
• Cows
• Birds
• Dancing

• Stupid people
• Stupidity in general
• Her parents
• Chores
• The Sand Man
• Boys
• Disrespect
• Know-it-alls
• Wolves and Bears
• Cow meat (refuses to eat it)
• Loud Noises
• People who talk too much
• Dresses (although she still wears them)
• This little thing called "manners"
• YOU.

• An extreme case of insomnia where it is almost impossible for her to sleep.
• Delusional. Seems to think she's living in some sort of dream world. Keeps on talking about a boy who doesn't exist. Boy may or may not be just an imaginary friend.
• Seems to have an unnatural fear of sand and wishing wells. Also admitted to hating floods and being trapped in tight places.
• Paranoia. Claims the moon is watching her.
• Bi-polar, is known to have very aggressive behavior when pressed.


Illusions---- A curse laid upon her by The Sand Man. She cannot sleep yet she still lives in a dream world, unable to touch, feel or speak to whatever her mind thinks up. They are just pictures, with no substance but still there, products of the imagination that still clings to the boy who visited her dreams. Ironically the boy's and Bless' images are the only ones she cannot produce. She can mainly use this power to fool the eyes of others. Especially her own eyes.

Hydrokinesis---- Very fittingly, Johanna has the ability to control the flow and movement of water. At times she can even freeze the water in mid air, potential using it as a weapon, or trap people in sheets of ice while they are drenched with the water from her pail. Her main source of water is often whatever she can get her hands on, although mainly she would compress the particles of water in the air, even forming miniature rain clouds to drench her enemies with water. In hot and dry environments she is at her weakest, with hardly any moisture in the air to work with. But given the island's environment, this shouldn't be much of a problem....Shouldn't be at least.... Unfortunate though, she also hates floods, so she won't be drenching anyone in rain as much as she should.


Main Weapon---- A pail obtained from a wishing well. Johanna used to dream of catching stars inside such a pail to feed to Bless. Whether this account is true or not is up to interpretation. Johanna prefers to keep this pail full at all times so she can splash you with water whenever she chooses, or wet up the ground a bit if need be. But mainly...she will fling around the pail at her enemies, since its metallic is remarkably strong enough to take on a persons head at least, although it's still not as sturdy as a barbell. She really likes to get aggressive with her pail.

Secondary Weapon---- A knife handed to her by The Sand Man after he cursed her. It has a straight, dagger-like blade and it's hour glass handle is made out of glass with enchanted sand moving inside of it.


Johanna is a girl who lived on a farm near a small town and works for a local cafe as a milk maid, tending to the cow in the barn house who provides the cafe its milk. At least that's how Johanna puts it. One day a boy visits her while she's on the swings and they instantly take a liking to each other. She showed the boy the town, the cafe, and eventually Bless, her cow. But this was all a dream of course, since the boy never existed, and Johanna couldn't catch stars with a pail she took from a wishing well on a hill, a wishing well that was unfortunately claimed by The Sand Man. And The Sand Man was furious that she did and had been stalking her ever since, something Johanna was more than aware of, constantly asking her to return the pail that Johanna simply refused to give back.

So one day, while Johanna was asleep, The Sand Man invaded her dreams to kill the thing she loved the most, Bless. She woke up and rushed to the barn house only to find that the cow was gone, and in its place stood The Sand Man. From then on she would never be allowed to sleep, and her dreams will be nothing but worthless delusions. To add to this he gave her a knife with an hourglass handle, telling her that when the sands were on the opposite end he would come to take away her eyes.

She would later go to the island in hopes to be cured of this disease after recommendation from her parents.

Theme: Les Misérables – “I Dreamed A Dream”


-"The Doorway" was never finished. So the passage written above does not actually exist. But it is still relevant.

-Johanna was originally a girl from an alternate universe in my story, but that has been changed for the sake of convenience.

-The Sand Man and the moon were often the same thing in the original work. I may make a character for the Sand Man, or at least an NPC.

-John was never a product of a dream in the original work. He was actually a real boy who believed Johanna to be a product of his dream.

-Johanna once danced with the bird character I made for the KH RP.
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Re: Children of the Grim

Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:54 pm


Fairy tale:
Influenced by:
**“The Red Shoes” by Hans Christian Andersen
**Also the Ballet, The Red Shoes, based on the same tale

Patient Number: D4N5E 4 3VA

Name: Karen

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture (for reference only, not entirely accurate):

Karen is a slender, graceful young girl, with pale skin and long brown hair, and dark eyes. She seems to have a body that was ‘built for dancing’…if it weren’t for the fact that she has no feet. The lower part of her legs are missing, replaced with wooden ones, making it harder for her to dance anymore. However it was said that she used to have the daintiest feet, which looked perfect in ballet shoes…before the incident.
She likes dressing up in dresses, often gothic Lolita dresses, or dresses to dance in. Loves loves LOVES to wear pretty shoes, even though they may look awkward on her wooden feet.

* Dancing – with a burning passion (Although with her disorder, this can turn on its head in an instant to a seething hate/fear)
*Shoes (so long as they’re not a particular pair of dancing shoes)
* Performing/being on stage/having an audience
*The colour red (red is her favourite colour)
*The colour silver (her second favourite colour)
* Being the centre of attention
*Being in control
*People/having company
* Looking pretty/Looking at herself in the mirror
*Dressing up, make up
*Looking glasses/ reflections
*Sparkly things
*Pretty silver things (including but not limited to gleaming metal weapons. Karen has developed a curious fascination for sharp objects)
*Music (especially the type that you can dance to)
* Nice things (nice clothing, things that look ‘pretty’ or beautiful’, nice landscapes, etc)
*Cutting things (from simply cutting up a piece of paper, to cutting off someone’s head)

* A certain pair of red shoes (Dislike would be an understatement)
*Dancing (see likes)
* Being forced to do things against her will / unable to control her own body
*Objects that seem to have a life of their own
*Being punished
* Ugly things
*Having to use crutches to walk (but she has to anyway)
*Tapping noises
* Church
*Graveyards (or anything associated with death or the church)
*Tiredness/Aches and pains
*Envies people who are prettier than her/have nicer things than her
*Dismembered body parts (And yet she likes the action of cutting things. Expect her to relish chopping someone up, before reeling back in fear/disgust)

*Physically disabled – Karen (generally speaking) has difficulties walking/running with her wooden legs, and has to use crutches to support herself
*Extreme phobia of dancing to death. Frequently has nightmares regarding this.
*Phobia of churches and religion. Fears the cross.
*Severe paranoia that ‘angels’ of a malevolent nature are watching her.
*Manic depression
*Does not like to be left alone, even for a second – craves attention and company. Has been known to be quite clingy and developed firm attachments to anyone in her company for extended periods of time.
*Has developed a questionably unhealthy fascination in shiny, sharp objects, and cutting. (However, it must be noted Karen displays as much enjoyment from cutting up inanimate objects, such as a carrot, as cutting up living breathing things. She shows no satisfaction from killing/making people suffer, but merely enjoys the act of chopping/cutting and separating.)

*However her most severe disorder is that of vivid hallucinations, nightmares, and severe paranoia, which often sends Karen into hysterics of fear and discomfort. Karen claims to be ‘haunted’, and ‘cursed’. She claims that at unpredictable moments in the day, she sees ‘Him’, the angel that ‘cursed’ her. She also claims to see other angels, all of them wishing her ill or harm, staring at her with terrible nightmarish faces. Sometimes they try to reach out to her, and Karen will often attempt to ‘flee’ from them.
But worst of all, is when she sees them. Her shoes, the red shoes. She claims that sometimes, when she is sure she must have done something ‘wicked’ (for why else would they be haunting her, she reasons?), she is visited by her old dismembered legs, the red shoes still on them and dancing eternally. This vision usually produces the worst reactions from her, often resulting in screaming, shrieking, tearing/attacking anything in the way, clawing at the walls, biting, extreme hysteria and shaking. Restraining her only makes the reactions to her ‘hallucinations’ worse. Karen will often display signs of irrational guilt and depression after these visitations from her past are over. She says that only her fear of death keeps her from turning suicidal, and in these moments of depression will refuse to speak to anyone.

(Possibly a Schizoaffective disorder [questionable?] It has been noted, her state of mind tends to affect how frequent these 'hauntings' are. However, the angel tends to be a more regular thing.)


Power/Ability 1 ~“Lady Of The Dance” ~

>>>For a limited time, Karen can transform herself back into the great dancer she once was. Her wooden legs are reformed into strong graceful dancer’s legs, and she can move quickly and easily without the need of crutches once more.
However her strength and speed in this state is increased dramatically more than it was before. She has a superhuman strength and power behind her movements that was never there before. As a result she can jump higher than should be humanly possible for her, with a kick that could easily rival that of a very strong adult man…for example. Whatever shoes she is wearing at the time also transform, often into any type of dancing shoe of Karen’s choosing. Often, much to Karen’s unease, the shoes will transform into red shoes of their own accord, whether they had been coloured red originally or not. Sometimes, sharp deadly spikes can appear on the transformed shoes, which can deal more damage and/or give Karen more grip on whatever surface/ground she is on. But this is as far as the transformation goes.

However, there is a downside. In this transformation from disabled girl to talented dancer, Karen is forced to dance again. Every second she spends with her new legs, she must dance, and keep on dancing with no rest, just like she did with the red shoes. Despite this, unlike the red shoes, Karen is the one in control. Her feet may be forced into eternal dance, but they dance for her, now…or at least, for now they seem to. And she can stop her torment, if need be. Karen only needs to take the ‘Lady of the dance’ shoes off, and she will revert back to normal, free from the dancing curse (at least, physically), but with wooden legs once again. The shoes would also revert back to their previous ordinary form.

Despite the fact that she can remove the shoes without resorting to chopping her legs off, Karen fears this ability. Not only does it stir a lot of unpleasant memories, but she believes that the angel is trying to punish her again, and has given her this new power himself, so that he can watch her dance to death. It is admittedly uncanny, the way her ordinary shoes try to mimic her old red shoes in this state, and that the ‘curse’ still seems to have a considerable affect on her physical actions. Not only this, but the longer Karen spends in her new dancing legs, the harder it becomes to remove the shoes. She’s frightened to use it much for this reason, and will only become ‘Lady of the Dance’ if there is no other alternative…or if she gets tempted by her pride and vanity again…she really does hate these dreadful wooden legs…

Power/Ability 2 ~“All The World’s Your Stage”~

>>>(Involving illusions created by lights - control over light and atmosphere. “Magic Theatrical lighting”)

Wherever she may be, Karen can transform the surrounding area into her own stage, her own theatre. She can do this by controlling the ‘lighting’ in that area, both artificial light and natural – she can dim the light, make it brighter, turn day into artificial night and vice versa, or make things reflect a certain colour (i.e. she could make it so that everything looks like it’s under a red light, etc) She can add lighting wherever she wants, almost like placing actual stage lights around a room. These ‘added’ light sources actually come from small glowing orbs Karen can summon and control. These ‘orbs’ of light cannot do anything besides altering the lighting of the area Karen is standing in and move around that area – which might not sound like much, but by altering the lighting of, say, a room, different effects, or ‘illusions’ can be created. Lights can confuse and deceive the senses, trick you into seeing things differently, or make you go temporarily blind. They can alter the way you perceive movement and details, colour and shape.

And they can also create atmosphere. A room bathed in a red light will trigger different reactions to a room bathed in pale blue, for example. Where these ‘lights’ are positioned, can also create different effects. Karen can throw spotlights onto things while plunging the surrounding area into darkness, or dim the lighting of the area whilst bring forth a light to shine behind her, so that she can see what lies in front of her, but anyone in front facing her is blinded by the light. She can even create a strobe lighting effect with this ability, making it more difficult for people to keep track of her actions, or create the ‘illusion’ of being invisible (although not genuine invisibility), by hiding in the shadows whilst a light is trained on the person she does not wish to locate her, impairing that person’s ability to see into the shadows.

Usually, this ability works best indoors, however it can be used outside too, although the lighting would not be as effective. The bigger the area, the less effective Karen’s light show will be, so enclosed spaces with four walls are where this ability works best. Outside, the weakness of this ability shows clearly; she can still focus where the light of the orbs falls to a certain degree, just like a stage light, but some tricks and illusions (such as bathing the area in a certain colour, for example) would simply lose their power without any surfaces for the light to reflect off. The lights usually lose their intensity beyond 100 yards away from Karen. Likewise, the ‘orbs’ Karen uses to create this lighting cannot travel beyond the 100 yard radius around Karen (including above and below her), from which the lighting effects work.


Main Weapon: Karen's crutches - handy for giving someone a solid hard wack.
Secondary Weapon: Executioner's Axe - a gift from an old friend who tried to free her from the dancing curse. Heads will roll.

Karen was once a pretty young dancer, but was very poor. As a result she could only dance in thick wooden clogs which hurt her feet. When Karen’s mother died, a rich old lady took pity on her and adopted her. Karen grew up to be a proud and vain child. Everyone told her she was pretty – but admiring her reflection in a looking glass, Karen believed herself to be more than pretty. When she danced, she danced proud, wanting everyone to look on in wonder and awe. Indeed, she was a talented dancer – but vanity has its cost. Seeing a pair of beautiful red dancing shoes, Karen tricked her adoptive mother into getting them for her. From then on, Karen took the shoes everywhere with her…even to church. The people there in their dark clothing gasped and stared, but Karen loved the attention. Even when the old lady demanded she never wore the red shoes to church again, Karen was far too vain to take them off.

When the old lady fell ill, Karen was so blinded by her own vanity, she chose to go to a ball in the red shoes instead of looking after the sick woman that had cared for her all these years. And when she danced at the ball that night, she found to her horror that she could not stop the red shoes. They were stuck fast to her feet, and forced her to dance on; over fields and through forest, through night and day, rain or shine. The red shoes wouldn’t even let her attend her adoptive mother’s funeral. Eventually, she saw him. An angel waited for her in the graveyard.

“Dance you shall,” he told her, “dance in your red shoes till you are pale and cold, till your skin shrivels up and you are a skeleton! Dance you shall, from door to door, and where proud and wicked children live you shall knock, so that they may hear you and fear you! Dance you shall, dance—!”
And so, Karen danced. It wasn’t until her feet were little more than bleeding stumps inside the red shoes, that she found an executioner, and asked him to cut off her feet. He explained he was used to cutting off heads. not feet. But he obliged, giving her a pair of wooden legs to wear, and finally Karen no longer had to dance…However, she continues to be haunted by the red shoes. The executioner suggested finding someone else who could cure her from her ‘curse’, and so Karen went to the island in the hope of getting help.

Theme: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Heads Will Roll”

...Dance dance dance till you're dead~
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Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:06 pm


In hindsight he seems kind of evil.
And there's no 'appearance' or 'personality' thingies.


Fairy tale: Original Work - Love songs, Lust songs, and all betwixt

Patient Number: S1NG2S0NG

Name: Lorenz "the silence"

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lorenz has long brown hair that is always pulled back into a ponytail, except a few strands that qualify as his bangs. Lorenz's skin is often referred to as a pleasing brown, as it's only slightly lighter than the leather he works with. Lorenz stands at a fairly tall six feet, four inches (and is fairly proud). Lorenz often wears a leather vest he crafted himself with a white cloth shirt under, with dark cloth pants covered by leather pants (like chaps). His shoes are dark brown boots used to protect his feet in all weathers. He is also known to wear a belt with a special holster for his knife on it.

Likes: Beautiful voices, extravagant food, being classy, the idea of true love's first kiss, love, writing music, the stars, women, and singing.

Dislikes: hatred, crows, fighting, pitch black, the color purple, girls who refuse his love

Disorders: He can only sing what he is speaking, is a 'lovestruck fool' (any girl who gives him the time of his day is his 'one and only' and he will sing to her)

Vibrato - When singing he can cause intense vibrations in anything he is holding

Castrato - Lorenz can hit such high notes he can shatter glass, and if allowed to hold the note for long enough he could (supposedly) shatter eardrums.


Main Weapon: A small leather cutting knife
Secondary Weapon: A shovel

History: A poor leather worker with the gift of song was Lorenz's story when you picked up his book, and that was that. He was a leather working boy from the country side who loved to sing, but loved the ladies more. He used his magnificent voice to change their thoughts, and allowing him to gain a rather unsavory reputation. After using his powers once too many he came across a beautiful girl who he at once tried to seduce with song. This proved to be the wrong plan as her mother (A rather nice woman, but was altogether not pleased with the boy) attacked him with a shovel.

He awoke weeks later, his head bandaged and something wrong. He could no longer speak, but only sing the words that came to mind. Although this seemed like a blessing to him at first he quickly found that it ended in situations that were less than wanted. Even going to the town to but bread, or sell his work became a task that was harder than it needed to be. Women who had planned to purchase his leather saddles and vests came to him, asking for his love. He was scared, and fled. He chose to live in solitude, not moving from a cave. He payed a young boy who lived near the cave to sell his goods, and to retrieve more items when he needed them. The boy was the only one he ever spoke to, until a fateful day when the boy brought a friend. Lorenz didn't speak to the boy this time, watching the girl he had brought. The boy pleaded for Lorenz to speak, and let her hear his singsong voice, but Lorenz refused.

When Lorenz finally spoke the girl's face changed. She fell in front of Lorenz and confessed her love. Lorenz fled, leaving the cave and the boy behind. He was found weeks, possibly months later. He was living in a village, posing as a mute. When he heard that he could be cured he sang out of joy, and quickly vacated the village. Lorenz stays silent, waiting for his cure to come, unless something of interest comes forth.

Theme: The Sound of Silence
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Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:08 pm

Fairy tale: ... X-men

Patient Number: 8e12L9o14

Name: Julian Hellion

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Subject 8e12L9o14 is smaller than he should be with loopy burn-scars on his upper arms as well as the word ‘slut’ carved into his upper back, which he seems unaware of. Note to self: Remove scaring on back. His hair is black and mildly wavy reaching the bottom of his shoulder blades with no bangs. His skin is pale from lack of contact with light and the Subject’s eyes are an acidic green colour.

Subject 8e12L9o14 was given a choice of what to wear when he came to the lab. He is continually given neutral coloured long-sleeved shirts and dark-washed jeans and thick leather boots. Note: this is an expense that should not have been made.

Likes: Subject 8e12L9o14 seems to enjoy books, fantasy mostly, as well as drawing ghoulish creatures which he says are from his dreams. Seems to enjoy company of creatures rather than humans .A peculiar lullaby.

Dislikes: Subject 8e12L9o14 seems to greatly dislike people, small spaces and insects as well as his own speech impediment. Will react violently to people coming near him quickly, avoids open-space if possible. Seems to hate going to sleep.

Disorders: Subject 8e12L9o14 has a Mild speech impediment (slurring and inability to say ‘r’ or ‘l’), which seems to bother him greatly. Causing him to be irritated when he speaks.
Subject 8e12L9o14 also has a Severe Nightmare Disorder and an Avoidant Personality disorder causing him to avoid people and sleep, which lowers his ability to do normal tasks and causing the subject to be constantly paranoid that his nightmares will enter the real world.

Powers/Abilities: Due to the Doctor’s experiments, Subject 8e12L9o14 has two unnatural abilities: the ability to cause nightmare-like creatures and the ability to turn invisible. However the subject cannot use them at the same time. The ghoulish creatures can only be manifested in the dark or shadows.

The ghoulish creatures can only be manifested in the dark or shadows. These creatures seem to be made of shadows. These are fairly strong, having the strength of a typical in-shape man. The darker the shadow the more hits they can take, the strongest taking ten. The more shadow or darkness there is, the more creatures he can make, or the subject can make them larger. In pitch darkness they can take an infinite amount of hits, so caution is necessary when taking Subject 8e12L9o14 through dark hallways. It is advised to keep a flashlight at all times when working with this subject. Often the subject will keep to the main shape he draws, which is included in the file.

Sample Drawing

Weapon: Main Weapon: A broom that has been broken to have a sharp end where the bristles were
Secondary Weapon:

History: Subject 8e12L9o14 was sold as a child to pay for his parents’ debt. He has spent eleven years in the care of a sadistic Master before being sold at twelve to the lab. The Subject will not speak of this time and when he is reminded of it, he will retreat to a small space, hugging his arms around his knees, rocking and staring straight ahead.

Theme: Mordred’s Lullaby
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Fairy tale: Beauty and the Beast

Patient Number: 8345T

Name: William Leprince-Barbot

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: *Patient appears to be somewhat ragged and barefooted, due to the recent trials to test the circumstances of his transformations, we’ve decided against giving him any foot protection as a manner to observe if the patient’s body adapts. After several experiments the soles of the patients feet partially hardened or at least the nerves have been damaged beyond repair as he displays little reaction to pain after several needle pricks. It should be noted however he seems to wrap them in loose cloth to avoid unwanted damage however this is pure speculation, as the subject still refuses to speak to us directly.

*Due to the dangers I have decided to forgo his annual hair-cuts, due to his recent suicide attempt it's decided to keep the subject's hair short, we will allow him to use a safety razor to clean himself up, I must stress not to leave him unobserved as he may try to escape further ‘treatments’ through unsavoury means. The subject for the record has currently long, dark brown hair and brown eyes, he is of medium build and of average height. Upon recent inspection the subject seems to have sever scaring across his chest and shoulders, possibly due to the growth in muscles caused by the transformations.

*In his animalistic state he retains most of his appearance however his build is altered, it appears to be more muscular, his eyes adapt by allowing more light to enter (my college jokingly refers them to his cat.) sadly we must report that there have been little other changes, no fangs or claws thus far have appeared.

Likes: Quite places, Roses, Animals, Books.

Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, criticism, speaking to others.

Disorders: Anthropophobia, Sociophobia (Specifically the fear of speaking or making contact with others.), Polycythemia vera, known to cough up blood.


*Patient 8345T appears to suffer involuntary shape shifting, while under general surveillance it appears that when the subject is placed under high stress situations he will regress into animalistic behaviour. While as a ‘man’ he is hesitant yet watchful while as the beast he is bold and relentless.

*The effect of the shape shifting has increased his endurance, sensitivity of the five senses and strength, however the patient’s body must first cope with the pain it goes through during the transformation. It is during this moment that he is most savage as the pain drives him into a frenzy but once he has regain his composure his wit returns taking advantage of his abilities. I issue caution regardless of which form until he returns to his ‘human’ form as the pains will too return, this is when he is most vulnerable.

*The tell-tale appearance of this ‘beast’ are the eyes, after the transformation they appear cat-like and are blood shot, the majority of the subject’s skin also is covered in his own blood, however during a fight it may as well be another’s depending on the state of mind the subject is in. Speculation is that the experiments have altered his naturally born Polycythemia vera. Naturally the body has adapted this into the transformation process by forcing the blood out of the skin thereby he effectively sweats excess blood during the process.

*Further proof of the fact the subject's body is constantly adapting to the experiments presented to it, although his transformation still holds the most potential it now appears that the body in it's regular state produces some form of information pheromone, warning animals of his pressence. Some of the lab animals had to be forced to combat the subject even then there is some reluctance though there have been some exceptions. I suspect the pheeromones have different effects on different species, pack related animals will act submissive or at least give him space while solitary animals respond agressively.
However as with all of natures creations they remain unpredictable, proceed with caution.


Main Weapon: None
Secondary Weapon: None

History: *Begin recording* The screen lights up and the subject can be seen in restraints.
Please read and answer the questions prompted on the screen ahead of you.
“My name is William Leprince-Barbot, patient number 8345T, I’ve said this before, I’ve said this many times over, to the recording, to the camera. Why must you keep asking? I, I was born somewhere, I can’t remember where I’ve always been given away due to my medical problems. The government decided I was too costly to stay within their hospitals and due to my increasing... social problems, they brought me here.

The, the pains are both growing and disappearing.. I don’t know how to explain it otherwise, on the one-hand I think my body is becoming used to the pain and yet on the other hand the pains are becoming more and more stronger after each experience as the creature. What are you doing to me? Why are you doing this to me? I remember everything I do as the creature, each life I am forced to take, each time I must inflect pain on another, I, I can’t take it much longer. Yet there is a strange logic behind what I do... what the creature does... I feel like I am compelled... NO, NO MORE PLEASE JUST LET ME GO. I DON’T WANT TO, I- AAAAAAAAARGH!”

‘Quickly restrain it before it gets out of hand’
*The sound of the cell door banging open in haste interrupts the subjects screaming and groaning, two guards lead the restraining attempt but are quickly forced back into their backup creating a tangled mess, the creature is able to break free and momentarily disappears from the screen, only the sounds of the struggle and the cries of the creature are heard.*
‘Use the tranquilizers, quickly! Hit the men if need be but we want the subject alive!’
*The creature is forced back on screen two darts in his torso and is swarmed over by the guards, eventually subdued.*
Observers note; The restraints aren’t enough, must devise stronger methods while still being able to test the growing strength. One confirmed death, one maimed during this attempt. Two more are wounded, non-lethal. Improvement with current design. Overall evaluation, success.

Three days grace, The Animal I’ve become
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Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:37 pm

Well thought out, Iris. I like the abilties.

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:46 pm

Thank you, the only problem I see in the future is that unless William showers after every transformation you down want to stand up wind of him. Besides I wanted to avoid the whole "Grows more hair" scenario. Then I'd have to shave very frequently haha.

I'll work on the history now that I can work with the abilities and disorders.

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:18 pm

Hey Master, should we include what our charater looks like?

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:18 pm

Keiran wrote:Hey Master, should we include what our charater looks like?

MM, and fuck, I forgot that part.

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:19 pm

I'll add it in mine.

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:21 pm

Yeah, gonna edit it into mine as well. I find it funny that I noticed the 'I like music' after I made my character.

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OMG Gareth, I fucking love your song choice.
Sound of Silence is awesome.

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:00 pm

And it's done. I love X-men.

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Doctress Who wrote:OMG Gareth, I fucking love your song choice.
Sound of Silence is awesome.

A tinge of irony makes the good music flow.

I chose it because not only is the song itself amazing it works well with his story. That and SIMON AND GARFUNKEL FTW.

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Fairy tale: Pinocchio is my main influence. The puppet thing.

Patient Number: 5T0P-M0V1N6

Name: Liyr Restalt

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Liyr is a boy who is always smiling. He has bright blue eyes and blond hair so pale it is almost white. He wears a green shirt with a leather jerkin, brown, coarse pants, and a large control bar on his back. He is thin and gangly with light skin.


Likes: Animals, games, riddles, making things, machines (especially clockwork), puppets, fixing things, performing puppet shows

Dislikes: Donin (see below), death, blood, breaking things, broken things, unfinished things

Disorders: Liyr has a split personality. His other personality is called Donin. Donin likes to break things to find out what makes them stop and Liyr must stay in control of himself to avoid letting Donin out.


Puppeteer: Liyr can control objects and sometimes people by bringing out a smaller version of the thing on his back. He points the instrument at what he wants to control and says "Attach". Then, by manipulating the insturment, Liyr can make the object or person do what he wants, at least physically. Strong people can break the control on themselves or other objects. Also, if Liyr drops the instrument, the spell fades. Liyr can 'force' something if he wants and it usually cause the object to break (trying to make a piece of wood bend in half). Usually it is Donin which does the breaking, however.


Main Weapon: Control Bar


Liyr's mother died giving birth to him so Liyr was raised soley by his father. His father both created and used puppets to earn a living. He taught his son the trade and for a time, all was happy. But then, Liyr was taken. He was carried off to the island, leaving behind a shop with one dead man who had tried to stop them.

Liyr's hatred knew no bounds but he couldn't vent it. They were forcing him to develop powers to manipulate others. Unbeknown to them, he was purposefully restraining himself. After a certain point, he began to slow his progress. The only source of happiness was one of the assistants. Unlike the others, he was a bit less malicious. Liyr latched on to this tiny bit of 'happiness' and thought of the assistant as a friend.

Then it happened. In order to test his full powers, the doctors goaded Liyr about the death of his father. Unfortunately for the assistant, he was the one in the room, doing the goading. Liyr snapped and so did the assistant. He died extremely quickly with his arms, legs, ribs, and neck broken. Then Liyr snapped a second time. He couldn't believe what he had done. He hadn't just hurt him, he had mutilated him. In his horror, he created another persona to take responsibility for his actions. Thus Donin was born.


This is Halloween (yes, I know, unoriginal, but that was what I was listening to when I created Liyr)
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Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:36 pm

Editing has been 'mostly' completed, I'm still unsure if I should bother with a weapon. By the way Geo, do you mean the classic 'This is halloween' or the Marilyn Manson version?

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:24 pm

Almost done with my CS. I'll most likely have a picture up either tomorrow or Thursday.
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The Manson version

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:10 pm

....where did I put my book of short stories?

Re: Children of the Grim, OOC

Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:28 pm

Maybe it's over there?

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:36 pm

Ooh, I think I know what fairy tale I'm going to base my character on now...
The inspiration has struck me.

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Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:12 pm

And with a bolt of lightning... DOCTRESS' IDEA CAME TO LIFE!
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