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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:41 am

-Mark Rourke-

His hit was stopped. Effortlessly. Thankfully the little shockwave sent through his own baton was a wasted gesture, as an undead he was all but immune to such things. Dead nerves felt nothing in terms of pain. Seeing the attack coming forced the undead fighter to sweep it away with his free hand, opening up the vampire for a rather bland frontal attack.
Kicking out with his foot to hit the Vampire in the chest gave him some distance, but not nearly enough to clear him from the sounds of what came next. The bodies were collecting themselves and advancing again!

Shifting focus from the lead vampire for a brief instant, Mark lashed out in a full 360 sweet of his fully extended arms. A few of the reanimating humanoids went down easily but that was about it. These things were undead like him, pain was not something he'd get out of them without certain... requirements.
Inwardly sighing to himself, Mark lifted his gaze to stare up at the ceiling. His mask prevented anyone from seeing what his lips were saying but it didn't matter, after a brief moment the answer came in the form of a brief HUM in the air followed by a sizzling noise.
Coating the undead's weapons was a faint shimmer of flame, but unlike it's usual form of crimson red and bright orange, this flame was a gold and yellow mixture. The undead creature controlled some small divine power, though it took it's toll in strange ways.

Undead, living, demon, or angel... I must kill you to free what is left of my soul. Forgive me my god, for I kill now in your name. A name time has ravaged from my mind.. The sound of his thoughts swirled in his mind for an instant but he pushed it away. Now was a time for killing.
With an audible click, the batons front end popped off and fell to the ground with a series of clanking noises to reveal a chain attached in the middle of the thick baton. Putting his weapons newfound range into an easy circular motion the undead priest-thing watched his holy flame spread across the chains. "I love this part." He hissed feraly to nobody other than himself.

Crouching low and spinning rapidly like before, Mark felt the satisfactory thump of his chain whips and their extended mace heads make contact on his foes with a sickening CRACK and the eerie noise of blood flowing freely. The instant his flames touched the creatures unfortunate enough to get hit were themselves burst into flames, a holy flame that licked hungrily over their bodies and spread to the unfortunate fools who wandered too close.
Finishing his full spin, mark brought both chains infront of him and brought it behind his back with the swing then down hard atop the lead Vampire. Praying the whole time that he remain sane while the holy rage consumed him.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:08 pm

The 'assistant' watched the battle with glee and smiled to herself "Plans are going just as expected. The proxy kept the heat off of me until now and it's only a mattter of time until the school falls to me. I couldn't have done it without any of the beneficiaries of course."

The man who was formerly in charge of the troops strode forward into battle and began attacking any students who remained outside of the school, fighting with a trained touch, but a rusty one.

~~ Spore Squad

Milliardo stared at Aaron silently for a moment. "You were to be provided with a converter if you were on our side. I suppose this was just overlooked. Take this and be on your merry way then." Milliardo tossed a small item that looked a lot like a water filter at Aaron, then turned and jumped off of the roof.

~~ Vladamir Squad

Vladimir watches carefully as Mark called upon a holy force. He thought for a moment, ducking under the chains then smiled as Mark brought his attack down at Vlad's skull. Vladimir put his hands together for a moment, muttered a few words, then brought his hands up above his head, blocking the attack. There was a brief moment where nothing happened, then an explosion where the two weapons collided. Vladimir was sent backwards and he hit the wall. He coughed violently and brushed himself off with his gauntlets that were now covered in scarlet flames. "I figured levelling the playing field was what had to happen here. Holy power and 'unholy' power tend to be equal and opposites, but not in this case, huh?"

Yurr the VI (sixth)

Yurr continued watching, cheering for Atrus and Zathian "Yeah! Yurr cheers for you both! Yurr thinks you both can win the fight! Yurr says hooray!" Yurr happily jumped up and down, following a dozen paces behind Zathian and occasionally hitting a stray vampire that got too close to his cheering.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:54 am

-Mark Rourke-

Stumbling backwards from the blast, Mark tried desperatly to get his bearings back and his balance stable incase of another attack from either the head vampire or one of his underlings. Though that wasn't likely to happen, he noticed, since most of the unfortunate vampires were currently ashes on the floor. All except for the one whom coated his weapons in dark and perverted magic, Mark could use that to his advantage later if he had to.... If. A dangerous word as any.

"You fail to realize a few things." Mark hissed, the glow in his eyes was brighter than before, his chains still going in quick circles of holy flame. "You cannot take a hit anywhere but your gauntlets. I am a creature of Undeath regardless of my... talent, so what good does your dark magic do?" Taking a lazy sweep with his right hand, following the arc into a full and powerfully fast overhand swing like a bolt of lightning from the heavens. The momentum he was building was not lost on his righthand swing as it came down almost directly behind his overhead smash while the left hand retracted into a regular baton to brace across his arm. Mark rushed Vlad like a demon born of chaos, relentless and deadly.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:27 pm

(apologies for the late, crappy post- stupid busy tech school schedule, plus not really sure how to write a post for a fight without godmodding)

Annoyed with the werewolf's flirting, Alizea lands smoothly and leaps back, drawing a thread of wind filled with dust and grit to fling in his eyes before rushing forward to grab his wrists and crush his insteps, her tail ready to make another attempt at his throat.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:09 pm

-Aaron Falkner-

Aaron wasn't quite sure how the attacker would react to his proposal, though the item was a surprise. He snatched it out of the air and stared at it for a bit before the man left as quickly as he arrived. "Thank you. I do hope this doesn't affect future business with you." he yelled back at him as he jumped off. Aaron placed the container on the roof for a moment and pulled an arrow out of the lowest holder he had. "Well Alphonso, it's been a pleasure. I do hope your master...Dr. Overkill was it? Let's you explore the school a bit more." He quickly pulled his bow taught and fired the arrow in the general direction of Alizea and Fenris before grabbing the container yet again. "Have a good one buddy." he said before the arrow hit the ground, relatively close to the duo. And in a flash, he was gone.

Alphonso stood there for a moment, confused as to where the student had gone, but decided it was best to continue on with his mission when he began to beep. Alphonso turned his hand into a phone and answered it accordingly. "Hello?" "Alphonso, you know who this is of course. I have a new job for you." "New orders?" "Yes yes, new orders. Listen, I've been following your entire time on the roof. That boy, Aaron, he intrigues me. Follow him. He seems to have taken a liking to you.” ”Understood sir.” ”Atta boy. Take care Alphonso.” *Click* Alphonso stood for a moment before hanging up himself. He glanced around, confused as to where Aaron had gone. So he started back towards the stairs, he’d have to find him shortly.

Where had Aaron gone you may ask? He stood at the base of his arrow just outside the fighting range of Alizea and Fenris. ’Wow, I’m getting better at random aiming’ he thought before shouting at the two. ”Oh so sorry to interrupt you two.” he said before immediately firing another arrow right in-between the two. When he thought he had their attention, Aaron began to speak again. ”Again, sorry about that. And my classmate, I’m sorry about her as well.” he said walking his way over. ”I will settle this matter right now, if you so choose. We’ll leave immediately with no resistance if you’ll let us.” he said to Fenris before whispering to Alizea. ”Play along for now. We’re too far outnumbered right now. We’ll get out of here and regroup. I have a proposition for you as well if you agree. You might like it.” he said to her as he waited for Fenris’s and Alizea’s responses. But while he waited, he carefully slid the first arrow he shot towards them back into the third holder of his arrows. He was ready for either response from them though.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:45 am

Atrus chuckled darkly, his own bleed dripping freely from his arm now, black stains against dark clothes. Get out to where? Are you just going to flee this battle, or are you going to fight like the monsters you are? He shook his head, the tip of his hat flicking to the sides as the black wall began to buckle. His raised arm was beginning to wobble. Tch. Fine. His fingers flicked out and the wall exploded outwards into the room. He quickly raised it and one of his two remaining tendrils of shadow burst upwards, thin spikes grew out of it like hardened fur as pure blackness spun upwards, like a drill shaving through the ceiling. The onther tendril fell to the black puddle growing around his feet and lifted him up through the hole, wisps of black shadow followed after his torso as he rose like a ghast. TO THE HIGHER GROUND FELLAS. He yelled happily, spinning himself as he whooshed upwards, bits of stone flicking into surrounding walls and other thin tentacles lashed out from his sides as he climbed up. These rooms were going to cave in beneath him so they'd better follow quickly. He'd leave the last roof alone although it certainly wouldn't be very steady.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - IC

Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:14 pm

Zathian jumped back from an attacking vampire. However, mid jump he was intercepted by a leaping werewolf. They tumbled through the air before Zathian managed to kick the wolf away. Sword and sheath still in their corresponding hands, Zathian stood, a bit cut up, but no worse for wear, in front of the hole in the wall they had emerged from. While not really a difficult fight, it had proved to be a good way to vent some of his frustration at the events that had unfolded at the school. However, they did not appear to be making nay progress. Their foes were unending. He looked back again to check on Yurr. It was then that he noticed and heard Atrus' cry. "Got it." he said aloud mostly to himself seeing as Atrus had already burst through the ceiling.

He sheathed his sword. A wave of creatures was charging towards them and the ceiling was collapsing, so Zathian acted fast. Dashing back towards the new hole in the ceiling, he scooped Yurr up in one fluid motion, unfurled his wings and used them to propel himself up through the hall. Landing next to wherever Atrus had ended up, Zathian closed his wings and gently placed Yurr down. "I apologize for the abrupt contact there, Yurr." he said with a bow of his head as the area behind them caved in, preventing any enemies from following them but also limiting their movement. He glanced around. They seemed to be on the upper floors now. There was no telling what awaited them. "Have we met?" he asked Atrus. I am Zathian, and this is Yurr. Thank you for your assistance." he said, gesturing to Yurr. "I am not entirely situated with the school yet, do you know of a good escape route that is nearby?" the dragon man questioned, looking about.
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