Saving the World: One Villian at a Time [IC/open]

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

Saving the World: One Villian at a Time [IC/open]

Postby RokkuHoshi » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:55 am

To makes this easier on me, I will keep everything in 1 place.

To sign up, you need a character

Attitude: [includes how they act and feel]
Appearance: [physical description, height, weight, and anything else u need]
Element: [each element has a specific weapon]
Weakness: [at least 1]
Other: [anything else needed]


Name: Rokku
Age: 20
Attitude: He's a strong man on the outside, but can be sensitive at times. He hates when he sees his friends crying. He would sacrifice himself to save his friend.
Appearance: He is 6 feet tall, svelt, weighing 180 lbs. His black hair falls to his shoulders, which nearly matches his dark brown eyes. He has a birthmark on his left hand the shape of a guitar.
Element: Sound
Strength: He's a fast learner.
Weakness: He's a major hydrophobic. [afraid of water]
Other: He doesn't always think before he acts.

No, you may not copy any part of him.

There are a few elements to choose from.

Earth - [stone] club
Wind - [air] staff
Fire - duel blades
Water - [and ice] chakram
Sound - large blade
Light - [ultimate good guy] thin, small blade
Dark - [ultimate bad guy] curved blade
Shadow - [bad guy's right hand man] mace
Nature - [controls plants] whip
Life - [takes life]
Death - [gives life]
Beast - [controls animals] claws
Storm - [can make and stop storms]
Metal - chain

There are 14 elements. I will not stop at 14, any extras will be put on a side as an angel or demon.

Angels - winged humans, good or evil

Demons - beast-like humanoids, good or evil

You may request to be an angel or demon.

As soon as we have 6 people, we will start.
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Re: Saving the World: One Villian at a Time [IC/open]

Postby Amaranthine Ali » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:00 pm

Fuck, no one reads the rules anymore do they?
viewtopic.php?t=16368 READ THEM.
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