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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:39 pm


_ Ragnar and his Gargoyles_Insults

" Now kids, its time to gauge his intellect before we start investigating. " Raider commented to his would be students. He acted more a teacher, than an eager battle ready superhero when he jumped out of the airplane. " Investigate to understand the why of this. Sometimes, little stuff like this has a point." He lectured as he explained what he was investigating. " If anything, I could teach, always keep track of things, even small details. You never know, when they'll be useful later." Raider commented with a big grin.

" Hey, Hulk wannabe !" Raider shouted at Ragnar to get at his attention. If anything, probably Ragnar didn't perceived of any of them as threats. Something that Raider needed to change drastically. " Is the whole point of this for week old finger sandwiches and piss tasting tea?" He mocked to the huge beast in the wife beater. " I honestly, wonder how a crockery old bitch like Madame Decay is problem." Raider continued " Ooh she's from space, turns things to dust with her touch, blah, blah, blah."

" Give me, a box of Crackjacks, six triple A batteries, a magnet, and a remote control, and I'll show you a real threat." He went on to say as made quite an effort to make Madame Decay, a mockery .

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:12 pm

Tyler J.

Tyler began to giggle and laugh uncontrollabley as Raider began to insult the humongous bod- BOULDER builder and continued to do so as he followed in Chrysalis's footsteps and progressed forward to a squad of four gargoyles. Revivng his chain sword he charges forward yelling "WAAAAAAAGH!" and kicking a gargoyle in the face. One of them leaped onto Tylers back and unbalanced him sending him on the floor where the other gargoyles took a few shots at him before Tyler sent small tendrils from his body knocking them back a few feet. Quickly getting back up he powerslides next to a gargoyle saying the title of this page as he did. After sliding and cutting into the dirt Tyler swivels around and points his tri cannon at the three gargoyles now charging him and with a mighty slap from his Alien sword sent the tri cannons spinning making it rapidly fire while yelling "MOE DAKKA! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!".

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:35 pm

*Gargoyle fight*

Chrysalis, strangely enough, was more restrained. Well, not his style, just the fact that he was silent. When the first gargoyle came at him, he leaped into the air and came down on the gargoyle. He ripped off a wing, forcing it to the ground. Then he used the gargoyle as a projectile, throwing it into another one and reducing them both to rubble. When one tried to attack from behind him, he turned quickly and grabbed its head and smashed it to the ground over and over again until it stopped moving. He continued through the gargoyles, disposing of them without breaking stride. Some he used bludgeoning force on, some he ripped apart, and others were subjected to his claws. He continued like this until he arrived in front of Ragnar. "You are not supposed to be here. You are not supposed to exist. Cease both actions or you will feel pain."

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:54 pm

Echo – Sparrow’s Team

Echo looked up and nodded at Sparrow and followed. He started playing with a little knife he had found under a desk, letting it float above his palm, gently taking the button and pulling off his mask. He had really good control of his powers, except his psychometry, but it wasn’t as strong as he wished. Carefully he attached it to the inside of his mask and placed it back on.

He listened to the man and then Artifice talk back. He’s in trouble, he thought, I hope Swift doesn’t get mad like Mommy does. He watched the man yell and then Dom get between them. Then Artifice talked back again. This arguing was scaring him. “How are we supposed to defend the city if we can’t stop arguing?” asked Echo timidly, “I mean, aren’t they doing more bad stuff while we are talking here?”

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:11 pm

=Team Raider=

"Investigating you say," Neutrino began as he watched Virus and Chysalis ran straight into the fray, spotted the civilians trying to escape the hideous Gargoyles, forming condensed balls of free-floating energy all around him, eyes glowing behind his dim-lenses as he formed discs of condensed energy beneath his boots, "My eyes tell me we need clearin' out. Be right back Raider!"

At his exclaim he flew from where he stood, leaping over the battling student pair. The flurries of light around him floated like protective spheres, all of which snapped to action as he conducted their arc of flight. As he skid to a stop on the ground he pointed to each target and willed them, shooting like bullets piercing the thickened air into the chest cavities of multiple Gargoyles. They each shook at impact, but knew not what was to come as the boy slashed an arm through the air.


Explosive barrages all around, contained and affecting each target, the Gargoyles were thrown in disarray. Some began to fall, others merely disoriented by the blasts. But the boy didn't intend to destroy them, only to distract them.

"OI! RUN! RUN THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!" Neutrino screamed at the confused civilians who were watching their attackers fall and stumble. They snapped out of their horror, some of them staring at him, waiting for something. The boy created a sparkler that floated in their line of sight, their eyes captivated by the unusual glow. "Follow it out, get as far away as ya can from the Park! Come on people! Go!"

As they began to run he snuffed the sparkler, and clenched his fists as he drew more energy from up above, feeling his whole body pulse with the heat of the sun, hands beginning to glow with wisps of energy. The air around him turned hot and the tattoos on his body glowed bright, creating lines of light to become visible through his clothes. The Gargoyles around him began to notice him and he hissed as he began to retreat back towards the direction Raider, but staying on guard and on his toes. He glared at them with fiery eyes, feeling their presence from the energies that floated around, finding it absolutely sickening to sense. He grunted and felt his body flare with adrenaline.

"Who wants some?" he asked softly with a smirk, spheres of light orbiting the whole of his body.

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:53 pm

~Silver Dancer (Magina Dreamwalker): Park----Let's Get it Started~

Meanwhile, on the other side of the park...

While everyone was dealing with the brawn, Magina was giving her squad what may be the shortest prep-talk before they set out against "Poison Ivy" and her zombie slaves. She wasn't to thrilled about having Ivaunia's daughter fighting along with her, what with the potential of their being a one on one fight between the two. And with that potential...well, she was not sure what could happen then. Thankfully the girl had already decided to help calm down the students, which meant she didn't need to convince her not to do otherwise. That was never fun. But that didn't mean she wasn't about to try to keep them as far away from each other as possible. She knew manipulative villains enough to know that they would try anything to test the resolve of a young hero. The last thing she needed right now was to have someone randomly question themselves in the middle of a fight. That was meant for training.

"Good" she commented to Contagion with a supportive smile. "That's the sort of spirit I like to hear. Alright, here's the lowdown: Contagion, Boa and I will be dealing with the citizens. Chameleon, Raid, you two can deal with Ivaunia. And try not to get caught under her control if you please, I do not want to be experiencing a journey to the centre of your minds this early in the year. Now let's all make like a witchdoctor and soothe some very aggravated spirits shall we?" she said with some drool attempts at humor.
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Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:02 am

Raid – Silver Dancer’s Group

“So we’re fightin’ the Wicked Witch of the West,” cooed the dark-haired man happily, “I can do that.” He turned and walked directly into a sign. “Fuck-a-duck.” He pulled the sign out and looked to Chameleon, “You fucking lead.”

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:40 am

[Clay on your face?]

Chrysalis thought the gargoyles were made of stone and would just shatter but what Ragnar had done was turn it to it's original living form which was clay, the wing Chrysalis pulled of just blobbed back to it owner while the two that got thrown together became a bigger tougher looking gargoyle covered in sharp points and had claws. Ragnar turned towards the four at the insults being slung at him, at their current range between him and them they could see much more detail.

His skin was indeed green but it was made up like a reptiles scales closely knitted together, but they weren't scales rather pieces of emerald gemstones. His face was handsomely chiseled for someone out to destroy the world, though he had a bestial look it as well. His lower jaw stretched out further than his top jaw and two huge tusks protruded out and his large sharpened teeth could be seen, they seemed to be made out of diamond rather than a humans calcium. On top of his head were two large demonic looking horns sharpened to extreme points, his eyes were unusual as they were deep insetted rubies. He looked between the four and smirked.

"So the humans have come to try and stop me? Hahahah I like your spirit, but you stand before Raganrokum Vortexian Ravager the third, prince of the Terrortorn, destroyer of 3 galaxies. I have faced beings that would make your heart turn to ice and your blood to liquid Nitrogen, YOU DARE INSULT ME?! THEN YOU SHALL FACE MY WRATH!" His voice was deep and malevolant, his intelligence was clear. He was brighter than the four first anticipated. With his final roar of words he backhanded Chrysalis with one giant sweep on his hand sending him flying for miles. "ATTACK MY MINIONS!" With this roaring command all the clay gargoyles stopped attacking civilians and turned on the heroes, there must of been at least 48 of them plus the big one chrysalis had just made which was the size of a gorilla.

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:23 pm

*Facing Ragnar*

Chrysalis was ready for an attack but he wasn't quite fast enough. The blow clipped his shoulder and sent him sliding into the ground instead of flying through the air. He carved a deep trough into the ground as he was pushed into it. About two hundred feet away and one hundred feet under the ground, Chrysalis stirred. "Strength has been measured." He burst from the dirt and climbed out of the hole. His skin was cracked in many places and green fluid leaked from the holes. The fluid started to solidify and in mere moments, Chrysalis's armor was whole once again. He then looked at the gargoyles. If he was human, he would have sighed. He ran up to the one that had merged together, sunk his claws into it, spun, and threw the gargoyle as hard as he could at Ragnar.

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:21 pm

--- --- Silver Dancer's group - Incapacitating Civilians ---
~ "No visiting mother?" ~

Contagion nodded at Silver Dancer, then turned to Boa "If I can get them to stay still, can you try to get them clean?" Contagion juggled two grenades slowly "With good throws I can make a safe radius around you, and if that fails..." Contagion pulled a long staff-like object from her cloak "A few prods with a bec du corbin should persuade them to back off." Contagion's grin was hidden by her mask "But that's beside the point. I'm hoping that you've got me helping with the humans because of my powers, and not because of my issues with mother." Contagion waved the thought off with her hand "Nevermind, I shouldn't think like that. Let's start this, shall we?" Contagion hooked the bec du corbin to be back, quickly lacing her finger into a pin of a gas-bomb with her right hand. "Because this sounds like it could be some fun."

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:36 pm

=Team Raider=

"Raider, why you gotta make the big guy mad?" Neutrino groaned out as he pulled something out of his pocket, and quickly administered the energy from his core into it. The crystal within the base flared with life, and in an instant a glowing blade of concentrated energy came from it. With his lightsaber drawn he kept his field of awareness high and alert. He slashed at the ugly things that flew in his face, the intensity of the light so powerful that it burned through the Gargoyles that came at him. His body continued to glow with an aura of light, streaming wisps of yellow energy leaking from the edges of his goggles as he continued his defensive barrage.

"This-is-just-creepin-ridiculous!" Neutrino hissed out as he slashed, cut, dodged and kicked at the gargoyles, their numbers already overwhelming the boy. He sharply yelped as one of them hit him in the head and he fell, shaking off the disorientation in the midst of the mob. Instantly they were upon him, and he felt squeezed in a tight place as they crowded. Eyes shot wide in the midst of the attack, and fear triggered a flux.

Suddenly his whole body burned with a fierce bright, and he released a battlecry and an explosive force, a shockwave that pushed them all back. Some of them broke apart due to being in the brunt of it, others warily holding together as parts of them dried and fell off. Rising from his knees Neutrino panted, dizzy, pulling himself back together as he collected once more on both feet. His goggles had slipped at that moment, and there they could see the fierce glow of his eyes, shining as bright as stars, his body once more beginning to gather the sun's rays and storing them away, energizing Neutrino's form. "Dammit, how many of 'em are there?!"

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:35 pm

Team Sparrow

"Enough small talk people,"
Janus barked out, eyes steeled behind her visor, "Swift knows what he's talkin' about. Don't question unless you know better. An' ya don't."

She turned towards Supersonic, her brow furrowed, locks of white rustling as she shook her head, leading them towards where Swift's men were certainly going to be, others escorting them. "Ain't gonna split into teams yet. Unlike Raider's team we don't got info. regardin' whether or not this situation needs us to. If anything, doing so will hurt our chances of bein' successful."

"Let's cut to the chase and get to it. Echo's right. Come on."
she simply uttered out as she led them. But before that she waved at Swift. "Ya got my frequency old man!"

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:07 pm

Boa stretched as he climbed out of that metal monster they called an aircraft, and took a deep breath as he stretched beneath autumn sun. "Good O'l Terra Firma how I mist thee," he muttered gleefully. After being stuck in the school all morning making preparations for the before heading out for the mission, he felt quite good being surrounded by nature again. He took note of his place in helping round up the civilians and listened carefully to Contagion's plan and agreed. Got no clue about what that beck do corban stuff is, but it sounds nice.

"K, I'll try to make sure we stay up wind from your gas. Now then lets see if there's anything wet I can use nearby," he replied as he knelt down on one leg and placed his right hand on the ground and sensed the lay of the land; with any luck he'd be able to find a nearby lake or fountain he'd be able to use. "Quick question ladies; do either of you have anything he can use to drag the clean people away or capture the civilians if need be... or is that up to me too?" he asked quickly trying not to divert too much of his attention from his search, "'Cause it'll really suck if we clean up a bunch of civies, just to get them infected again,"

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:08 am



"He sent all of his forces upon us?" Raider said stating the obvious as he couldn't believe the big guy made such an order. " Wow, I didn't think, he would make such a tactical error so early. " He went on to say with a chuckle. The suit had a belt with compartments, and inside said compartments where various colored pellets. " He could have won. " He commented as he grabbed cyan and navy blue colored pellets and inserted them into his left arm of his suit.

" Such a pity." Raider remarked as he pointed his left arm. It transformed from a hand into a turbine. The blades began to spin as he launched a cyclone from his arm. The whirlwind expanded, hitting the force of Clay Gargoyle in front of Raider. " Fun fact, not only do I enjoy building complex machinery, but I also fancy myself as a chemist." He said, out of the blue while he fired another tornado from his left arm at another group of Gargoyle. " Honestly, chemical reactions, are quite fascinating especially when you cause them." Raider remarked as the gargoyles he hit with his attack were not destroyed, therefore spreading the clay around area.

If that were done, they would have probably fused into a bigger clay monster. No, what Raider did to them was harding the clay by freezing them with chemical agents from his pellets. He grabbed a few more pellets and inserted them into his torso now, using the same colors as before. " Raggie, was it? I doubt you destroyed three galaxies by yourself." He commented " And secondly, how hot is Madame Decay, out of a scale, between 1 and 10."

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:30 pm

Tyler J.
There bloody everywhere!!

 As virus began lobbing his fireballs at the three oncoming gargoyles the ammunition worked its way up to them. The first shot plopped itself two feet infront of the cannon and in this sort of two feet after the other it proggressed forward scorching the ground in purple fire. Burning the straightline a gargoyle shifted to the left and avoided the firewall. The other two were not as lucky as they tumbled in and the fire began to eat them. Swarming into there insides through anyway they could the fire devoured there entire bodys, flames shooting from what would be there eye sockets and mouths. There bodys, absorbing the flames, grew hardened and chiseled until they were stone hard and stuck in place. The surviving beast leapt forward like a leapord on a gazelle and attacked Virus from the front. Knocking him over Virus went with the force and rolled backwards, kicking the gargoyle when his feet came up knocking the monster into a car. Slamming into the door it broke through the glass and, furiously with glass embedded on it's skin, rose up from it's position grasping onto the bottom of the window for support. Quickly turning around Virus fired a shot into the car sending it into flames and causing it to explode into the air.  "I thought that only happened in movies...." he said in a state of wonder as his eyes tracked the car in the air, noticing the angry swarm of gargoyles flooding forward Tyler revved his chainsword and began firing into the mob as quickly as possible. Hitting the faster gargoyles who were blockig his path to regrouping with Neutrino he had finally chopped off the last hardened head of a gargoyle and had made his way to Neutrino for support as he continually fired forward. He began feeling queezy and light headed from the suit expelling organs faster then it could make them. Large tendrils sprouted from his back four feet circumference ten feet long, cut there way into the ground and rooted themselves in. The plants around him began to wilt as he drained the ground and plants of the energy and nutrients he needed. In his rapid attack at the mob Virus had directly hit three gargoyles, missed one, lit one on fire by the missed ball lighting the ground and the gargoyle running on it, and had caused a chain reaction between a few gargoyles through the original lighting others on fire due to there close and compacted formations. "Holy crap, where the hell are these freaks coming from!" he says as he cuts a gargoyle vertically in half as it was hardening. Looking over at Raider Virus decides to join in and says  "With a name like that she's definetely a seven, maybe a eight." grinning at the leaders plan before having that nibbling sensation of a gargoyles clay skin hit his suit.

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:15 pm

--- --- Silver Dancer's group - Incapacitating Civilians --- ---
~ "Lookit me!" ~

Contagion waited a moment in silence before speaking. "Well... I'll lead?" Contagion looked at the sky for a moment before pointing "I'm thinking a well-aimed throw should get a good dozen or so..." Contagion walked out of the medical area, one grenade in each hand, her mask making a slight wheezing noise. "I'm too excited about this, aren't I?" Contagion started running, pulling the pin from the first grenade and waiting. "OVER HERE! Looks like you're having a good time!" The delay was ticking. Her mask made another light wheeze noise as she waited for the citizens to come flocking to her.

Re: Super-High-Roics 2 IC "The Beginning"

Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:25 pm

(Silver Dancer's group)

Yanko gained little insight from his probing; as he had expected there were several fountains within the park, as well as a pipe system running through it underground. Sadly the fountains were too far from their current position to be off use and the piping would be far more trouble than it was worth to deal with. He craned his neck and took a quick view of the area, everyone seemed to be completing their preparations for the mission. The young man took a few moments to center himself and focus for what was to come, or at least he would have had Contagion awaited for Silver Dancer's orders.

"Hey wait up girl!" he called out as he gave chase to his companion, arriving just after the young lass had lobbed her first grenade. He swore as he went to work guiding the winds the best he could; making it so the gas wouldn't head towards them, and causing it to spread further and faster than it would have normally. "Would it have killed ya to wait for Silver Dancer to come up with a plan?" he blurted out not waiting for answer. "Oh well, no point in bitching about it now. Hope you're ready as you look girlie, cause the shows about to start. he added as he began focusing his spiritual energies. He'd have to be ready to act the moments at the drop of a hat.
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