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Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC ~Accepting~ (Join us!)

Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:51 pm

Welcome one and all to the Evil Academy, a place where children of all ages can embrace their true self. That part of you other people would consider "unorthodox" or "unnatural", maybe even "dangerous". Do not buy into these lies, for we know the truth. You are gifted, but do you know how to use your gifts? That is where our humble school comes in. Founded after the great war against the dreaded holy beings in a feeble society full of fools who gave evil a bad name. Much to the thanks of the all-powerful Overlord, the school was established as a means to fix this problem, which it did quite well. With a vast majority of experts in evil practices and the Dark Arts, our mission is to educate you in the very nature of evil, and how to use your gifts to your advantage. Please note however, that the definition of evil is to not be misunderstood with simply committing crime for the heck of it. Evil is an art, where not do you break the rules, but you do it the right way. You can't be evil by stealing from your best friend and getting away with it, but if you steal from your best friend while ruining his/her life in the process. There are certain factions of evil, that if not used correctly, while backfire on you and make you fall in the end. In the same respect, you will learn to control the darker side of your appropriate personality, least it takes control of you, and trust me it will. This school is not for the faint of heart, if you ever hope to survive make sure that you have determination, style, and above all willpower. If you don't have any of these...well, prepare for a world of hurt. We only reward those who perform at their best. But its okay, if you're not good enough, we'll make you better. If you don't agree with our methods, we'll find a way to make you agree.

So children.... Please be open minded about evilness.

This RP is based around the school known as Nether Institute: Evil Academy. A place where Demons learn the ropes of embracing their true selves, and where the teachers have a tendency to be a little less than active in the school. Remember, a Demon is reaching teen-age around 1000, being any younger is often a bad idea.

GM - Garethcool

Co- GM -

Character Sheet


Teacher, or Student?:

(If Student) Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: (Honor students are the ones that skip class, etc. Delinquents are the ones that go to class on time and listen to their teachers.)

Age: ((Demons! Anything from 100 - 10,000! Humans... be reasonable...))

Year: (Only Freshmen for now. If you want to be a higher year, PM me.)

Weapons: (Depends on the class usually...)


Gender/Sexuality: ((Not too many ways you can F**k up here. Alraune have no gender, but they do have a sexuality.))


Appearance: ((A picture and 1 paragraph, or 2 paragraphs. Detailed.))


Reason for attending the Academy:


Catsaber, Cu Sith/Hell Hound, Cockatrice, Warslug, Eryngi (Spore/Mushroom people.) Mothman, Slimes

Prinny, (<--- FTW.)
Nekomata (Neko and a kickboxer mixed. xD),
Succubus, Zombie,
Dragon, Holy Dragon, Zombie Dragon (Take amazing CS's),
Lantern (Scarecrow guys with pumpkin heads),
Spirits/Ghosts, Orc,
Flora Beast (Alraune),
Baciel (Gun Demon),
Wood Golem,
Golem, Ifrit, Dearth

((Humanoid Classes Below.))
Warrior/Lady Warrior - bread and butter fighter.

Cleric/Heretic - Healers that dabble in the darker arts. Mainly use ranged.

Martial Artist/Wind Dancer - Hand to hand combat. Woohoo.

Red/Blue/Green Mage - Female mages.

Red/Blue/Green Skull - Male mage, they wear a hat with a happy skull face on it!

Dancer/Bard/Cheerleader - specialize in raising morale!

Sorcerer/Shaman - because I plan on making one.

Gunner/Gunslinger - a bit iffy, not sure If I even want gunners. you two can choose.

Archer/Ranger - Always need the archery. Archer is Female, Ranger is Male. I want to see how many people screw this up on their CS.

Heavy Knight - Male only. Wears some huge-ass armor, so he moves slowwww.

Ronin/Lady Samurai - Awesome. BUSHIDO.

Ninja - Ninjutsu abound.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: Can't think of a name? Let my favorite randomizer do the work! You can randomize by place on earth. It's the tits. http://www.behindthename.com/random/

Having trouble finding where you're going? Here's your timetable!

First period(i.e. Home room) - Athrogate Vergeth

Second Period - Christopher Frost

Third Period - ???

Fourth Period - Dr. Overkill

What?! You're lost?! Fine. Take this map... jeez...

Here it is:

Basement - http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/130/basementz.jpg

1st Floor - http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/7081/1stfloor.jpg

2nd Floor - http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8143/2ndflooro.jpg

3rd Floor - http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/4950/3rdfloor.jpg
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Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:51 pm


Garethcool - Ruin, Teophur, Yurr - viewtopic.php?p=2974423#p2974423

Fenix13 - Athrogate Vergeth - viewtopic.php?p=2974432#p2974432
Fenix13/Zelosse - Mark Rourke - viewtopic.php?p=2986663#p2986663

Cheesemore - Aaron Falkner - viewtopic.php?p=2974484#p2974484

Keiran - Abraxas and Zephyr Lilith - viewtopic.php?p=2975044#p2975044

Archvillain - Varen Corex - viewtopic.php?p=2975935#p2975935

MQuinny1234 - Christopher Frost and Atrus Veneficus - viewtopic.php?p=2974485#p2974485

iven3000 - Yuki "Wrath" - viewtopic.php?p=2978078#p2978078

Iris - Liam Aira - viewtopic.php?p=2978846#p2978846

Maradyne Andel - Chellzee May, and Marianne Cornell - http://www.snafu-comics.com/forum/viewt ... 0#p2998640

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Draken3000 - Zathian - viewtopic.php?p=3033403#p3033403

Leopardess - Alizea - viewtopic.php?p=3134948#p3134948

Pending/Not accepted yet list!

First room: Abraxas and Artrus
Second room: Of a Thousand and Saga
Third room: Ruin and Yen
Fourth room: Yuki and Moie
Fifth room: Aaron and Yurr
Sixth room: Mark and Zephyr
Seventh room: Zathian and Coren.
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Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:52 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Ruin Retsubalest

Teacher, or Student?: Student

Honor Student, or Delinquent?: Delinquent

Age: 1378

Year: Freshman

Class/Race: Blue Skull (Ice Mage)

Weapon: Staff

Gender/Sexuality: Male, ??? (What's this love nonsense?)

Personality: A silent boy who loves to read. He seems rather scary when angered, as if he had 2 personalities. He's extremely clumsy, and gets embarrassed fairly easily. He has a strong spirit, and stands up for what he sees right. More often than not he can stand up for himself, but when he's surrounded or the odds are bad he often gives up.

Appearance: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ywphMOMIpEHscM:http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a34/teej_da_moose/Disgaea/skull-sketch.jpg&t=1 Ruin wears the basic costume of a skull, complete with messy near white hair. The skull-cloak the shirt and shorts and the skull-boots. His eyes are a light blue, corresponding with his element, as are his cloak and shoes. He wears a small pair of glasses, used mostly for reading. He usually carries around a few books with him, the basic spellcaster's guide and a few others, he is usually holding them to his chest, as if they would protect him from the most intimidating 'honor students'. They don't do much.

History: Ruin was taught the arcane arts from day one. and by the end of his first year he had learned how to cast 'ice' which was rather amazing. He continued on for years training through harsh environments, like a volcano to hone his skills under the most intense temperatures. He continued to increase his aptitude in magic, making casting spells nearly second nature to him, and the pull of the magic felt like less every day. He can now cast 'Omega Ice' an achievement that most Skulls only aspire too, but Ruin thirsted for more magic, and more knowledge. So he enrolled in Evil Academy.

Reason for attending the Academy: Ruin attends the academy to expand his mind. He wishes to become the greatest skull in history and become overlord. He is willing to sacrifice almost anything to get there.

Character Sheet

Name: Teophyr Satana
Teacher, or Student?: Student

(If Student) Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: Honor Student

Age: 1457

Year: Sophomore

Weapons: Longsword

Class/Race: Ronin/Demon

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Straight

Personality: Teophyr is a true samurai. He has formed his own law known simply as 'Bweeten' and lives every moment of his life by it. Sadly Teophyr is a ronin, and lacks a master. Although run heavily by 'justice' and strength Teophyr will often ignore people is they bore him. When he finally finds someone who is strong enough to be his master he hangs off of their every word, making sure to fulfill commands down the the syllable. This often causes problems when serving someone with an accent...

Appearance: http://www.darkarizn.com/resources/cars ... _ronin.jpg When wandering Teophyr looks just like your generic wandering samurai. He wears a large hat that covers his face and constantly drinks from an unlabeled bottle... Although he wears a large straw hat when wandering you can often see him outside the school, relaxing at the base of a blanchwood oak. His hat off, revealing his pale skin and strangely calm brown eyes, all shaded by his long black hair tied back into a ponytail.

History: Teophyr entered the school almost 50 years ago, and only recently ascended to the upper ranks of the school, entering the Sophomore classrooms. Although Teophyr is fairly new to the school (compared to students who have attended for upwards of a hundred years and are stiff freshmen) he quickly gained notoriety with the faculty for maiming or killing other students who angered him.

Reason for attending the Academy: Teophyr is looking for a meaning to battle, and for a master worthy of protecting with his skills. He doesn't even acknowledge most of the teachers worthy though...

Character Sheet

Name: Yurr the VI (sixth)

Teacher, or Student?: ???

(If Student) Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: ???

Age: Nobody really knows...

Year: Freshman (apparently)

Weapons: Claws and tail

Class/Race: Dragon

Gender/Sexuality: Male, homosexual (?)

Personality: Are we even aware of what he can do...?

Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/download/126187640/Kyle_with_Dragon_Wings_by_Drafon_Anime.jpg ... or was it http://www.bettsiv.com/gif/greendrg.gif ?

History: The name of 'Yurr' itself carries a history.

Six generations ago a demon was on the run, for what exactly is not known. He escaped his pursuers by hiding in a cave rumored to be inhabited by dragons and dragonspawn. He hid in the dark cave for days, hoping to never have to battle the forces that hid outside the cave. After the third day came to an end his hunger and curiosity drove him deeper into the cave. He emerged in a large open area where several dragons walked about. Some were larger than him by a few heads and walked on two feet like humans, while others walked on all four legs, their magnificent wings outstretched. The first Yurr was brought to the eldest dragon, and a conversation was held.

What was spoken there is a mystery.

Yurr agreed to a plan the dragon made, sacrificing his own body to the dragons. Although his consciousness remained in the body another joined him. The new 'mind' made itself known as the 'First Yurr'. The strange hybrid of minds, demon and dragon. They changed the body, leaving the upright stature, but sprouting wings large enough for flight. The body was capable of a degree of metamorphism. The entity known as 'First Yurr' and Yurr himself lived peacefully together with the dragons, cultivating the agreement that spawned the strange hybrid. After months 'First Yurr' left the cave, decimating the forces that had kept them there. Yurr was amazed by the power that 'First Yurr' gave him and they became a strong being as one. Every 10,000 years a new 'Yurr' is brought forth. It is the combination of the Yurr line and a dragon's child being melded. Each spends a year with it's family, allowing it time to learn and grow as it's own entity before the combination on their first birthday. This has continued for 6 centuries now, without a problem.

Reason for attending the Academy: The 'old one' requests that Yurr attends school to learn of the other races.
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Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:58 pm

Name: Athrogate Vergeth

Teacher, or Student?: Teacher

Age: 6313

Class/Race: Blue skull / Ronin / Demonic Humanoid

Gender/Sexuality: Male

Personality: Athrogate is strange fellow. Not just ‘weird’ or ‘talks to himself’ weird. His mind drifts from time to time, resulting in hallucinations and severe paranoia, voices that call to him and threaten to destroy his soul, or his body moves of it’s own accord, from time to time he feels as though he’s a puppet and hides himself away in his private chambers under his desk, any that come in are at risk of destruction.

Other time’s he’s a calm person. Fast witted and brave. Powerful and elegant. This kind of thing happens rarely on a day to day basis. Maybe 1/30 days he’s not sketching out like a crack junkie. His problems are caused from a strange flow of magic that surrounds him, it has made his mind unstable but his connection to the magical weave very strong.

Appearance: In all his glory.

The Armor he wears is specially crafted for his specific style in mind, not to mention to keep himself safe for time’s when he goes berserk. The armor is deep blue with pulsating red lines that form different seals of power. Each seal on his body will glow a specific color when activated, ranging from a spell to warm his body, to a an arc of destructive lightning.

Though he does not have many imprinted on the armor, he has set it with enough to keep him from dieing in certain ways: heights, cold, heat, drowning, buried alive. He put these spells in to deal with his paranoia of death, he know’s nobody will kill him, so it’s bound to be himself that gets himself killed. Thus the seals to prevent certain blunders.

Though he was originally trained as a heavy invoker of the magic arts, his skill displaying that. He dawns the armor to help when he finds himself up close and unable to use his more destructive magic, instead relying on a rapier and fast movements, pared with his enhancement magic, though lacking in power.

He has a smiley skull imprinted onto his helmet.

History: Athrogate was brought up in an invoker family, mediocre mages all, with few excelling beyond mere adequacy despite their demonic heritage. Athrogate on the other hand soared off with tremendous speed and skill to quickly establish himself as a being of destruction and knowledge at a very young age, for a demon.

Given the resources of his demonic family and their connections, he was given room to tamper with his magics to hopefully strengthen his allys and himself in the process, one of his experiments involved the connection of the soul to the weave, it backfired and fried his mind to complete confusion. Bed ridden for almost 50 years he was unable to do anything, coherent thought was a myth to him.

At some point his strong will seemed to shatter the veil over him for a moment, to which he managed to stabilize his hold on his own body. His experiment had worked but at a heavy cost. His body was no longer in his complete control and his mind seemed to fight itself at times. Yet he hid it well. Hearing of an establishment from a mysterious tipster, he packed his things and went to train. Pronouncing himself dead with a flashy exit and a smoldering landscape where once he was, the mage Athrogate left no traces behind.

Arriving at his destination he began training, learning to control himself. Becoming stronger and stronger. Upon his graduation he became the teacher for all thing’s arcane.
Over time he developed his paranoia, from students who threatened his life, and other teachers who had betrayed him.

Reason for attending the Academy: He was broken, and the school could fix him. So he went. He learned. He adapted. He became unstable.

Class’ Taught: Magical Enhancement 101. Offensive Magic.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:19 pm

Working on it.

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:43 pm

Dude, can I make a pair of half-siblings?

Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:17 pm

Name: Aaron Falkner

Teacher, or Student?: Student, Delinquent (Depends who you ask though. Some think he skips classes, but he likes to hide.)

Age: 16

Year: Freshman

Weapons: Bow and Arrows (Camouflaged bow that changes with the environment, also collapsible, explained later)

Class/Race: Ranger/Human

Gender/Sexuality: Male/Straight

Personality: Well, to be honest, he’s mostly a mercenary. Incredibly greedy, he does any job for the right price, and most of the time it’s pretty cheap. Quite skilled at distances and traps, he’s great for payback or even just scare tactics. Because of his history of a hunter, he tends to hide in the shadows, even for normal activities, like classes. But, un-like a hunter, he does like to talk, which creeps some people out because they can’t see him. He also has one annoying habit, he can never lie. A nasty little trick his parents trained him, it’s impossible for him to lie, literally. In fact, he often just spurts it out randomly, which makes his job as a hired hand a pain some times.

Appearance: He stands around 5’3, pretty short for a hunter, but it makes it easy to hide. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, and a white complexion. No one has really seen his face though, because of the fact he hides too well.

His wardrobe is, interesting to say the least. First of all, he wears a giant bamboo hat, which if you’ve seen it, it was black. He also wears a huge black poncho, long enough to completely cover his arms and go all the way down to his knees, it’s very light though, so movement isn’t difficult. The poncho has huge pockets inside as well, so he can collapse his bow and arrows for storage. Strangely enough, he also wears an eye patch over his left eye. He likes the look, but if he really needs to hunt, he does remove it. Just some boots and black pants, with black gloves and a black undershirt of course, to complete his look. Well, that’s how he looks if you ever caught a glimpse of him.

Finally he has one unique item on him, a gem at the base of the neck. Roughly the size of a half dollar, it has a bright blue tint to it, and almost appears like a large diamond. Infused with magic, it allows Aaron two different abilities. It was a very unique item that his family possessed, making hunting extremely easy for them. It only works for whoever’s wearing it, and as long as they’re a member of his family, so stealing it isn’t an option.

The first is allows him to camouflage to his surroundings. Much like the Predators, the image where he stands is a bit distorted and seems off, however there is another downside to it. The camouflage only works for his clothes, so if he were to activate it, his face would still be visible. He usually overcomes this downside with gloves, a mask, or simply pulling his hat down over his face. The other ability is very useful, he can create up to three holograms of himself at a time. They all seem to share his personality, and he has as much control over them as a parent has over a child. He cannot physically move while using his gem for this, however the projections are free to move where ever they please. If Aaron were to move at all, the projections would stop in their tracks.

History: Grew up with a family of Hunters, he quickly picked up on the skills of the bow and arrow, just like his fore-fathers before him, all around the age of 10. His parents hoped he’d grow up to be a great hero, and frankly, he was on that path. . . . .all for about 2 weeks. That’s when he discovered the power of money. Yes money is great, it can buy amazing items, and can enhance your general life, and even make people do crazy things. His parents didn’t notice all the nice things he seemed to have from petty theft, until they watched him do it. (Kind of like “Oh look honey, he’s just like Robin Hood. . . .wait a minute; he didn’t give it to the poor!”)

Since he’s been hunting since he was 10, he’s incredibly accurate, but only at some times. Oddly enough, he’s dead on when it’s a moving Target, yet if they’re standing still, he misses horribly. Quite odd, but it made sense for hunters, since no animals tend to stand still (well even those who did managed to start running after he missed them).

Reason for attending the Academy: Wants to improve his skills, and to learn how to use them to satisfy his own needs.
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Re: Evil Academy: Bloody Hell - OOC

Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:19 pm

Name: Christopher Frost, known as bonehead by his friends as a term of affection.

Teacher or student: Teacher of fighting skills and battle tactics, also enjoys helping out with other physical activities around the school.

Age: 562

Weapons: FISTS OF STEEL, nah I kid. Lemme think…Two knifes and a scythe which can turn into a staff or a sword, just replace the red with a bright electric blue.

Also, the ability of control over fire because apparently he should have some kind of magic.

Class/Race: Death.

Gender/Sexuality: Male/straight, not that it matters anymore except to annoy him.

Personality: He enjoys wise-cracks and likes nothing more then to see a classroom of people talking to each-other. Despite his skills as a fighter, he disapproves of seeing it used over trivial things and tries to make sure it doesn't get out of hand, of course, he is highly hypocritical and will happily begin a fight if words fail him. He gets along with people and enjoys reading and music, he used to play the viola but even since his lack of skin has started up the piano and is thoroughly enjoying it.

Appearance: http://www.citv.co.uk/static/skulduggery1.jpg

Exactly like this, dark black jacket, light black shirt, normal black scarf and tie, dark black hat, light black gloves and normal black trousers with light black stripes. His shoes have spiked bottoms and a metal toe-cap, his gloves have metal plates to cover the back of his hands meaning it's helpful for blocking, adding weight and he now has one hell of a backhand and his hat is structurally reinforced, he tries to take care of it because he loves it. All his clothes are magically strengthened and fire-retardant, and can be easily packed up into a small ball if necessary and not crease as well as repel filth. They're also quite thick, tough and are good at spreading out force and have the last, very helpful and unique effect of being able to be washed with colours, no matter what's gotten on the clothes.

He emits a slighty aura, which leads to the appearence of the light around him always seeming a little darker and sometimes he appears to blur slightly as he moves quickly. One interesting side-effect of his transformation is normally an immediate sense of decay around his immediate person so that anyone touching him may feel slightly sickish and plants will clearly begin to wilt around him as well as animals generally hating his guts which does quite upset him, apart from some magical animals which only tolerate him.

History: He used to be your ordinary run-of-the-mill fighter extraodinaire. dedicating his life to mastering his body and becoming the best of the best, y'know, the standard stuff. After he'd become a pretty decent fighter in his own right, having studied under other masters of their unique styles, he'd travel the land, looking for a worthy fight to keep his skills sharp. So he'd do bounties, join mercenaries, fight duels and take a small part in the odd war. Back in those days he loved his fighting and loved nothing more then defeating a good opponent, though he tried not to kill them the more talented ones unless he had too, no point in wasting good fighters and he could travel back some day.

One day, he walked into a small town looking for work, along with booze, food and pleasurable company, so he travelled to the local lord of the area and asked if there was any disputes that needed settling. The lord mentioned that he had been having some trouble with his citizens lately due to a "Edward Linkin" rousing them up with stuff about lowering taxes, equal rights and giving power to the common people. Christopher agreed that this was a serious problem, as the son of a nobleman himself, he understood that peasants needed to know where they stood in the world, mainly at the bottom. Afterall, if they actually got all the stuff people like Edward preached about that would mean the nobles would be on the same level as peasants and that certainly wasn't right. Noblemen were clearly a better class of people, they ruled over vast expanses of land, lived in great mansions and knew music and art while peasants lived in filthy hovels, lived on pennies and only knew how to do simple things like farm or cook or make clothes and the like.

So after training his fighting skills against some of the ruder citizens, informing the others of the high probablility that their families will die before them and mentioning how flammable some of the buildings in the town looked, the people of the town were amazingly helpful and quickly informed him of Edward's whereabouts which were on the outskirts of the lord's land. After that it was just a simple matter of waiting til nightfall, going to his house, climbing through a window, killing everyone inside as quickly and quietly and possible and burning the house down. After that he walked back to the town and spent the money he'd found in the house on booze and wenches before picking up his payment from the baron in the morning and moving onwards, whistling cheerfully as he jingled the silver in his pockets.

A few years later, on another continent, there was a charming little war over some girl who'd gone and left her husband for a younger model. He'd just particularily enjoyed setting a giant wooden dog alight full of enemy troops and then setting his team's town on fire and opening the gate for the remainder of his opponents army to create a huge giant chaotic free-for-all in the burning megalopolis. It had been very enjoyable right up to Edward's, now grown-up and very pissed off, son, who'd been staying at his grandfather's when Chris had visited, popped up, threw sand in his eyes, kicked Chris in the shins, pushed him down a flight of stairs and chopped Chris's head off as he tried to get up, and then everything went dark.

Chris awoke to blackness, a slight pain around his neck and a face full of sand. “Ack” he coughed and retched and tried to get the sand out of his mouth. He stood up slowly and cricked his neck and blinked as his adapted to the darkness. “That was lucky, thought that little bastard had got me there.” he muttered as he rubbed his neck “Coulda sworn I saw that sword come right do-“ He stopped as he noticed his surroundings. All around him, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing, and sand. Black sand. No rocks, no trees, no movement at all and Chris had always prided himself on his amazing eyesight so if he wasn’t seeing anything moving, there wasn’t anything moving. “What the hell?” He asked himself quietly as he stared open-mouthed at the black desert. NOT EXACTLY. “HOLY FUCKING CHRIST ALMIGHTY” Chris swore violently as he spun round, doubled over, clutching his chest and gasping for breath. ALSO INCORRECT, I'M AFRAID. The tone of the voice managed to hammer through to Chris’s brain, causing puzzlement and nervousness to swiftly take over the anger.

“Eerr…” Chris slowly looked up, and then straightened up, and then looked up some more until he managed to look the newcomer in the eye, or at least where the eye should be. “um…” All his cockiness and bravado started to leak away as he stared into the empty eye-sockets of the permanently grinning skull of death, at least, almost empty, apart from two tiny blue lights, like small bright supernovas that would go on forever. Hello Christopher frost, how’s death treating you so far? Chris’s mouth opened and closed a few times as he grasped for words“…So…he got me then?” YES, QUITE A CLEAN CUT ACTUALLY, I GATHER HE SPENT A LOT OF TIME SHARPENING IT. “Really?...Well, at least he was dedicated about it then.” UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU.

They stood there for a while as Death waited patiently for Chris to get to terms with things, he had plenty of time anyway. “So…what now?” THAT DEPENDS. “On what?” NORMALLY, I'LD TELL YOU TO BE ON YOUR PATH BUT THAT DOESN'T SEEM TO BE THE ONLY OPTION HERE. “My path? Where?” AT THE END OF THE DESERT. “What’s at the end of the desert?” I DON'T KNOW. THAT IS FOR YOU TO FIND OUT. Chris thought about this, he knew a enough about religion to know that his life hadn’t been exactly…good and that lives that weren’t good seemed to end up somewhere bad. He thought that he could handle that, he’d been in lots of bad situations, but then he remembered why exactly his life hadn’t been good. “So…everyone who dies, goes to the end of the desert?” THAT IS INDEED WHAT NORMALLY HAPPENS. “So, everyone I’ve ever known…is at the end of the desert?”

PERHAPS, YES, AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING OF AND I'LL TELL YOU THIS. A LOF OF THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE MET WERE VERY ANGRY WHEN I COME FOR THEM, AND SOME OF THEM WERE VERY VALM, AND THE OTHERS SEEMED TO BE LOOKING VERY FORWARD TO MEETING YOU AGAIN. “ah” Chris’s face went dark as he tried to remember the people he had met, he knew he couldn’t remember all of them but he did remember some of them. Some of them had been right bastards, and a few had been monsters, and a handful had been human, but had been far, far worse than the demons and monster’s he’d faced down.

“You mentioned….that the desert wasn’t the only option?” He asked hopefully, as he tried, and failed, to put his old friends out of his mind. THAT IS CORRECT. “Could I please hear it?” I SEE YOU ARE NOT USED TO THAT WORD YET, PERHAPS IF YOU WERE, WE WOULDN'T BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. Chris growled under his breath as he tried to hold back an insult. “I know, I know, would you please tell me now?” VERY WELL said Death. He flicked out his robes and shrunk until he was just one foot above Chris’s height of 6 foot 4. He held out a bony hand and took a scythe out of the air, it was only slightly shorter then death and the blade jutted out and curved over the top of Chris’s head. Chris gulped as he stared up at the blade just above his head. A blue glow slowly travelled from the hilt along each edge of the blade and when they met at the point, it flared once before flowing back along the hilt, strengthening itself.


It wasn’t any sword, it was a sword that killed for people and people killed for, the first owner of the sword had had to chop off the blacksmith’s limbs to get it off him, and the second owner had killed the first owner to get it before being immediately attacked and killed by the third owner who had been hiding in the bushes, planning to kill the first owner to become the second owner, and this had gone on until Chris had gotten his hands on it, and had then fought off fifteen other people who’d planned on being the 356th owner, eight others planned ahead on being the 357th owner and one who was aiming for 358th.

He rushed at death, his sword flicking from side to side, up and down, in a complicated flurry of movements making it almost impossible to see where he was aiming and what angle he was coming from. He grinned at death as time appeared to slow down as he rushed at him, who grinned right back, now despite the fact that death is always grinning, Chris got a small naggling liitle feeling in the back of his head that his grin was a bit too cheerful. Death slowly lowered his scythe and twisted the handle so the blade was resting horizontally in front of him. A small part of Chris’s mind told him that because of the way death was holding the scythe, it should be easy to simply bring his sword down, knock the blade to the ground, leaving death open for an upward sweep, but another tinier part quietly suggested that possibly, just maybe, there was a slight chance that death knew this.

Chris swung the blade up from the ground and began to swing it down again as he closed in on death. “Prepare to lose bone-face” he said gleefully as he thought of the fact that’s he’d have beat death and how easy it was going to be, and then in one movement Death moved forward and pushed the scythe upwards towards Chris’s sword and moved his hand towards Chris. As the scythe met the sword, without the slightest hint of friction, Chris’s sword cut itself in half, with the scythe continuing upwards and Death’s hand reaching up and stopping right in front of Chris’s neck causing him to run right into Death’s bony death grip which immediately locked around and closed off his windpipe and lifted him right off the ground. YOU’VE LOST BOY. Said death smugly as Chris desperately kicked out and tried to pull Death’s fingers off his neck. “….”Chris breathed out, his eyes bulging as the desert around him started to blur, before he suddenly dropped to the ground. NEXT CHOICE BOY.


Name: Atrus veneficus

Teacher, or Student?: Student

Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: Honour student.

Age: 15

Year: 1st year, I guess.

Weapons: one magic staff with what appears to be black fire flaring around the tip, which is harmless but just spreads darkness, kinda like anti-light. He also has one black knife which he got from his father, which has the nasty little ability of turning wounds septic. It also can heal him if he stabs himself, by sucking out poison and infections. He’s still stabbing himself in the process, so he just uses it in emergencies, like say, someone went and put scorpion venom in his drink because he’d given them a box full of jumping arachnids for a birthday present.

Class/Race: Sorcerer, mainly human, part demon and other...things, way back with varying powers over darkness, and it could be said he's basically an abomination.

Gender/Sexuality: Male, straight.

Personality: Exceptionally twisted, violent and cruel, on the very far end of the spectrums, but considering his family and past, it’s fair enough. He likes to make wise cracks and insult other people and violence, he enjoys violence, and more violence…but he knows not to be an idiot about it, he’s a bit of a coward in a sense. He likes to be bad and enjoys people’s hate, mostly, and has a thirst for power. He’s not big on taking orders, but has a small knowledge of the fact that he isn’t great at tactics normally.

Appearance: http://s699.photobucket.com/albums/vv35 ... sachoa.jpg
Around a little lower then 6 foot in height, and quite thin but built with a kind of wiry muscle. All his skin is covered at all times, and he wears about three to four layers of clothing so he’s hidden deep under the fabrics and materials. He permanently emits darkness around him so it’s like he’s always in the shade, and no light is ever seen on his person. Under his hat, there is always black, apart from his glowing yellow eyes most of the time unless he wishes to smother that too, except for perhaps the slightest hint of the appearence of a fangy grin. He wears leather boots with cushioned soles to keep his footsteps silent and his gloves, while skin-tight, are very soft also, so he can still get a good grip on things with a little bit of pressure.

His straw hat is kept on his head with a thin piece of old string and his belt is just made from older, thicker rope. His robes have numerous folds and pockets in them, so he’s always got stuff stored up in there, and as for the magical properties of his clothes…they’re pretty tough, soak up materials quickly, like blood, and strand themselves back together if whipped or torn. One last odd little thing about him, is his smell. It has the strange effect of changing depending on the persons mood, so that the more of a negative emotion someone is feeling, the more horrible and disgusting it is to the person smelling it. Let's say someone detested the smell of rotten flesh, the more angry, scared, jealous, etc they are, the stronger his scent appears to be, but this works both ways so the happier they are, the better he smells, etc. He finds this quite useful to distinguish how people are feeling.

History: Born and raised in isolation with his family up on a lone hill, in a mansion surrounded by a graveyard beside a battlefield and a corrupt and violent city of sin and desolation. His family lived out side the town because after they’d lived in the city for a while, they’d been attacked and forced out because of fear and hatred. His father and mother were a summoner and necromancer respectively, his big sister was a succubus and his big brother was a giant hulking violent and angry behemoth that once got stabbed in the head and had his neck clawed open by a demon and proceeded to bite it’s neck open, tear it’s head off and shoved it’s head down it’s neck.

Now, in a family like this, Atrus’s entire life was basically Trainingfromhell since he was three, only because it was deemed unsporting and not challenging to start before then. When he was six, his powers finally manifested in the form of shoving his eight-year old brother out the fourth story window after his bro had attempted to push his elbows back because he had wanted to have cereal that morning, and Atrus had finished the last of the milk and then stabbed him in the eye with a spoon when he had lurched towards Atrus for a minor beating and then Atrus had ran like hell from him, while dropping down various vases on him from the higher floors as he lumbered up the stairs.

After that, his parent started to join in on the hefty free for all, so Atrus had to deal with his insanely vengeful brother, a father who routinely sent various types of imps and lesser demons to keep him on his toes and to force him to adapt quickly when chased by one fire and one water ims and then followed up immediately by a demon made entirely of spikes, fangs and claws, a mother who would send swarms of skeleton rodents after him and also resurrect some of his father’s demons out of spite and a manipulative and twisted sister who, while not having a lot of physical or dangerous magical power of her own, was an expert on turning and controlling the rest of the family, including himself, and making them fight each other like animals, at least, animals that could use magic and use sharp, blunt and painful tools.

There was also the fact she was a quick little bitch, great at psychological warfare, a genius at torturing people and insanely talented with a knife and bladed weapons. She and Atrus got along the most overall in the family and she taught him everything he knew about handling a knife and using whatever he could get his hands on as a weapon, partly because she wanted him to become better and she wanted more of a challenge but mainly because she just enjoyed hurting him, but he didn’t blame her for that much, she was nicer to him then the rest.

When he was thirteen, he drugged his brother, slit his throat and stabbing him into little bits in his sleep until he was sure he wouldn’t be able to get up again. He’d once cut off his brothers hand to try and get away from him after he’d grabbed his arm and then it had instantly turned into a death grip, and crunched his arm slightly. After that, he snuck into his father’s laboratory and swapped around chemicals and smudged the summoning circles and waited until his father had started a summoning and then stabbed him in the back with his own knife as he fought off an angry minor demon lord who poofed into smoke once Atrus’s father stopped writhing in pain. Then he crept into his mother’s lair and failed completely in sneaking up on her and ended up fighting off a swarm of skeletons and other undead abominations with a poisoned bear trap around his ankle until he was out of magic and she was out of bodies. She then proceeded to strangle him with her bare hands with Atrus’s knife sticking in her leg and he only managed to win because he’d managed to grab a femur and club her around the head with it.

After all this, he stumbled, fell and pulled himself up the stairs to his sisters room, leaving about one and a half litres of blood as a trail behind him, determined to finish what he’d started once and for all, but she wasn’t there. After bandaging up his wounds, searching the entire house and throwing a huge fit of destructive rage at the absence of any clues or leads, his brother would have been proud of, he set the house alight and limped down the hill quickly, as explosions of magic and various destructive properties went off behind him.

After spending the next two years wandering around the place, looking around for his sister, solely because he wanted to finish the job and that he had nothing else to do, he heard of the evil academy from a shady figure at the back of a location-jumping bar he routinely stayed at whenever it appeared close to him and immediately enlisted, and the rest is history.

Reason for attending the Academy: He’s got nothing else to do, and he wants to get more power,see what the other powers he may be fighting against one day and try to gathe information.

Theme song. Bad things by Jace Everett which I think accurately sums up Atrus and his sister's relationship as well as fits with the characters.


Name: Saga fallax

Teacher, or Student?: Student

Age: 16

Year: Freshman

Weapons: A knife along with it's elemental allies.
Ice knife, increases defence of user, hardening their skin and if stabbed into someone, ice will quickly grow around the wound so you'd better get it out fo yourself quickly.
Fire knife, increases flexibility or agility of user, leaves a brief trail of fire behind itself in the air, if swiped through the air, it sends a curve of fire forwards and if stabbed into someone, it will quickly begin to burn.
Earth knife, adds strength to user and if stabbed into someone, the skin begins to petrify.
Air knife, adds speed to user, and if swiped through the air, sends a curve of air forwards which cuts through objects.
Each knife gives her a mild control and resistance to the element.
Also, if anyone attempts to use them but her then they'll find their hands freezing, burning, turning to stone and getting torn to pieces respectively.
That's the basic abilities of the knives.

Class/Race: Succubus mainly, and other.

Gender/Sexuality: Female, and whatever the heck she wants.

Personality: Quite sociable and charismatic, which could also be seen as being interested about people and manipulative. She's not the type of person that tries to be the big bad but she does love attention. She can control her emotions perfectly. She also prefers to not take a direct influence into others affairs.

Appearance: This cutie. Along with some slight manipulation, she has some subtle control over her natural appearance. She has her four knives hanging at her hip, two on each side. Numerous thin chains and the like about her person, she wears good old Doc Martins with spikes sticking out of the bottom of them and her main colour fashion is black or dark purple. Her hair is inky blakc and her eyes are a bright yellow that seems almost to glow. Her skin is an ivory white and remains like that due to a natural regeneration which helpfully gets rid of scars and other permanent injuries. She has her own white fangs and her hands are naturally as they appear in the image, claws but can be easily changed to a normal hand, which still has pretty sharp nails if she wished it.

History: The same as Atrus's right up until the whole murdered family thing. After that she just travelled the land for a while, meeting some young men with potential, building them up, robbing them of everything and knocking them down against each-other. After a while, she heard from her contact at a location jumping bar, that her brother had decided to go to school. After a few days of consideration, she thought that it had been long enough since she'd seen him and besides, she was getting bored of her lifestyle. She could do with a challenge, and Atrus had always been such fun to play with, pushing him down stairs, putting laxitives in his drinks, cutting him in his sleep...ahh, good times.

Reason for attending the academy: curiousity and boredom.
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In the process of a character. Should be up in a day, two max...... What am I supposed to say next?....... Oh yeah


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Bringing back that crazy sonofabee, eh Fenix? Accepted. yet again, any traps etc. are to be approved by me.

Yes you can Keiran! That's all yours to deal with!

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Thanks, Gareth. Almost done, should be up sometime later today.

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Here we go, Abraxas and Zephyr.

Name: Abraxas Lilith

Teacher, or Student?: Student

(If Student) Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: Delinquent

Age: 1023 years looks 13 years old

Year: Freshmen

Weapons: Throwing knives, Short Sword, Dagger (All simply made)

Class/Race: Ninja, Incubus

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Homosexual

Personality: Dark and quiet, Abraxas prefers to be alone, plotting ruin of those whom had hurt his beloved twin, turned him into a whimpering mess. His Mother first and foremost. He can be cruel to those he doesn’t know but is quite affectionate to those he cares about, even to the point of destroying someone to protect his loved ones.

Appearance: Abraxas is just under average at 4’3” and has a petite build. He is pale and has crimson red eyes with black sclera and slit pupils. He has inch long canines that peak from between his lips. He has red tattoos on his face, smooth deliberate lines, showing him as the heir.

Abraxas’ hair is really short and dark purple, and he is always sweeping back the left side of his bangs away from his face. He has black horns that curve upward and outward with designs carved into it, gotten at the same time as his tattoos. Abraxas has rather large black bat-wings, which he usually folds to his back and a whip-like tail with a barb on the tip.

Abraxas wears tight, black leather pants, tight woven fishnet and a white muscle shirt. If possible he doesn’t wear shoes, if he has to he wears knee-high buckled boots.


History: Abraxas is the elder of a pair of near identical half-siblings, born miraculously on the same day and as a child loved his brother, Zephyr, more than anyone. He is the Heir to the Lilith Family, and his Mother view Zephyr as a contester to the Heir ship. So when his Father was gone when the boys were 237 years (looked and acted 4 years), his Mother took Zephyr and had him tortured for the 7 years his Father was gone. Often Abraxas was forced to watch, his Mother whispering that she did it for him, so he would lead, not his half-breed brother.

Abraxas’ Mother was banished when his Father returned, but it was too late, his brother was changed, different… broken. He flinched when anyone but Abraxas went near, and he whimpered most of the time, more animal then being. His Father wanted to put Zephyr ‘out of his misery’ but Abraxas wouldn’t allow it. Abraxas swore revenge on his Mother and all those whom had tortured his brother and when old enough entered Evil Academy to learn to do it properly.

Reason for attending the Academy: Revenge on his Mother

Name: Zephyr Lilith

Teacher, or Student?: Student?

(If Student) Honor Student, Or Delinquent?: Whatever Abraxas is doing

Age: 1023 years looks 13 years old

Year: Freshmen

Weapons: Bladed Gloves

Class/Race: Berserker, Incubus/Grigori Half-breed

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Anthropophobic and Haptephobic

Personality: Zephyr holds his brother above all other, Abraxas is his Master. He will protect Master, he’s a Good Boy. No one touches, no touch, touch bad. Loves his Master, Zephyr is a Good Pet, he watches and attacks the Bad People who want to hurt them. He will protect Master, his Brother.

Appearance: Zephyr is taller than his brother by an inch and slightly heavier, more muscular. He is as pale as his brother with more jagged tattoos, showing his status as the secondary son. He has one blue eye, right with a circular pupil, and one crimson eye, left with a slitted pupil, and sharply pointed ears.
His hair is the same colour as Abraxas but longer and slightly messier.

His black horns are curved back behind his ears, and he also has a long barbed tail like his half-brother. His wings are dark red, unlike his brother’s black, and are feathered like a large bird’s. He often flares them out showing aggression to keep people away. He is often crouched beside Abraxas, growling and leaning against his Brother/Master. His body is covered in thick, layered scars.

Abraxas gives Zephyr his clothes, to make sure he is perceived well, like a younger heir should. He wears a dark purple button-up shirt and looser leather pants. He wears black combat boots and often a black scarf.


History: Zephyr is the younger of a pair of half-siblings born on the same day. To him, his brother, Abraxas, was his world, his guardian, his best friend. His Mother died in childbirth so he was raised by his Brother’s mother, who he never seemed to be good enough for her. When he was 237 his Brother’s mother took him to the dungeons and people did bad things, horrible things, to him. The only good thing was when his Brother came and the Bitchy-Witchy left. His brother was so gentle, healing him and trying to make him better. It didn’t take long to only trust his brother, to only feel safe around his brother.

When his Father came the Bitchy-Witchy was sent away, and his Father wanted him to go to. But Brother protected him, saved him, saying he’d make them pay for what they did. He loved his Brother, gentle and caring Brother. He became his Brother’s Guard, no one could touch his Brother. No bad people, if his Brother wanted them to be allowed to touch them, he told Zephyr. He only talks to his Brother and never around others; must keep quiet, the bad people would take him away, hurt him again.

Then his Brother wanted to go to school, and Zephyr would follow, he is a Good Boy, a Proper Pet. He followed his Master/Brother.

Reason for attending the Academy: His brother wants to go
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Do you like them Gareth?

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I'll make an accepted list eventually.

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I must admit I had to search to find out what a Grigori was, but the incubus brother may make some interesting situations... Posting both (if not more) of my CSessessesesesesesesss soon. I'm thinking of starting when we have either 7 people, or 15 students.

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My CS be up. Fear the return of the one eyed invisable archer. (Gem powers approved over multiple conversations (PM's) with the GM)

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CS has been accepted by Gareth, but before I show it I just have to say Fenix pay close attention.

This is for pure viewing and can be edited if asked, so say you need another teacher I could work with that so Varen is Gona be your one stop quick fix Gareth. But I'd prefer sticking with what I got.

Name: Coren Vorex

Student: Delinquent (occasionally does honor student things when he feels it's necessary)

Age: (A bit of a hard area to define) Body’s Age: 3745 Soul’s Age: 14

Year: Freshman

Weapons: Duel Black Katar’s (http://media.photobucket.com/image/katar%20weapon/phyreblade_blog/Weapons/Fire%2520Guardian/FireGuardian.jpg) and a cutlass with spikes on the handle to be used as a brass knuckle attack (Like one of these http://www.mqwiki.com/images/thumb/d/d0/Mystraven_mech.png/180px-Mystraven_mech.png).

Class: Ninja (But he prefers the term Assassin)

Race: Undead Dragon

Gender: Male

Personality: Varen s a drifty person who fades in and out of paying attention and reality, he tries his hardest to blend into a crowd but with his new body it’s pretty hard to. He is incredibly cynical and believes most attempts at things will fail, unless he is the one doing them. Prone to the occasional angry and violent outburst he is harsh to people in a sad state of mind and will normally give them an angry lecture about why they shouldn’t be like that and how things could be worse so stop being a pussy.

Think of a smaller version of this standing upright like a human. And yes even the wings, tails, red glowy eyes of doom, and black bones and fog are a part of him they are not removed. http://www.celestialheavens.com/heroespedia/images/6/65/HOMM5_Necropolis_Creature_Shadow_Dragon.jpg

Varen normally wears a black full body suit with hood made of leather bounded together with a nearly invisible incredibly strong string. On the back of it is a spiraling insignia with barbwire wrapping around it and ending with the impaled skull of a man. On his left thigh is a strange purple arcane marking which lies on top of one of his Katar holders (Duplicated on the other side). On his back is a built in sheath that gets put straight into the clothes as if he was skinning his back.

History: Varen was raised in a small castle on an island a bit off from Europe. It was hidden to all of civilization and few dared to enter it. It seemed as far as the island was first discovered no one had ever entered it, except for 1 small group of pirates during the first year of its discovery. When they went on the island it was a fantastical and strange mini world, there was strange creatures and exotic plant and wildlife that made it seem like all a hallucination. They captured some animals but were generally ignored by Varens father Liocious a reclusive necromancer. Strangely on the same year one of Liocious’s maids had given birth to Varen and Lio took him in and raised him. The pirates continued their little safari hunts and were generally ignored by Liocious as he was preoccupied by Varen’s childhood. It was not until Varen was 4 that the pirates made a grave mistake. One of them had light a campfire and it attracted a form of zebra striped dolphin like beast with claws, tentacles in its mouth, and acid spitting eyes. They panicked, not knowing how or what to do one of them threw a lit stick and it hit the monster causing it to recoil and extinguish the fire. They continued this process until eventually they had corralled it into a small crate for shipping. They soon learned of its tentacles drug like properties, good tasting t skin that was easy to prepare, and spices that could be made from its eyes and tail. They started a large business from it and became rich beyond their wildest dreams. It was not until 1 month into the business that they started to have beer pong style games with the beasts where someone would get obscenely drunk and attempt to hit the creature with the most amounts of torches as possible. Of course anyone who knows alcohol knows that drunkenness and fire don’t go together well and on the first chuck they lit a whole fucking section of the forest on fire, which had to be put out by swarms of Liocious’s skeletons and zombies charging at it and batting it and dog piling it.

Lio grew angry at the pirates and had begun to attack there small forts, and in desperate need they struck a bargain. They kept people away from the island with rumors and attacks, and he would spare them and give them more of the kolokon as the pirates had nicknamed the cash animals. Lio agreed and they continued this little agreement until Varen was 14 when the newest pirate captain grew greedy and ignorant and wanted to attack Lio’s island to get even more profit. Most of their attacks pitifully failed but one single maid/spy was able to take Varen hostage and attempt to ransom him back to Liocious. Lio had far more confidence in his magic then he had in the pirate’s word so he fired a magic bolt straight at the maid who used Varen as a meat shield and blew a hole in his chest which completely destroyed any chance of healing magic getting him back. Lio fell onto his knees and wept, simply wept there and then, he wept for days and never left the spot long after the maid had left and was disintegrated and her ashes spread with a wind gust spell. In all of his sobbing he captured Varens soul, intent on not letting it go to the afterlife. After 4 days of weeping he recomposed himself and had turned himself into a lich as to give him enough time to work with what he got. And for the past 3643 years he spent crafting a masterful body for Varen to inhabit, taking from dragons and imbuing them with powerful dark magic. This was no small task (which is why it took so damn long) and 2 past bodys were kept as extras just in case. When the deed was done he took Varens soul, which was stuck in a form of time suspension, and spent 5 days carefully crafting the soul into it. Varen decided that it was best for him to go on his own and learn how to defend himself and create a name for himself in this world. Lio was originally suspicious but he obliged on the one oath that Varen would swear that once he had learned what was needed he would hunt down and kill each and every descendant of the pirates who deceived the two of them.

Reason for joining: Wants to have a place in this world and become famous, also wants to seek power so he can bring eternal torment to his enemys descendants.

Name: Yen Barborous (Pronounved Bar-boar-oose)

Teacher, or Student?: Student Delinquet

Age: 1050

Year: Freshmen

Weapons: Death Blade (Shown in appearance) 

Class/Race: Blood Knight Human/Succubus 

Gender/Sexuality: Female, Heterosexual

Personality: Yen is a incredibly Axe Crazy girl, as she believes almost every problem can be solved via either a riot or a humongous brawl. Whether the problem is over treason, enslavement, or who ate the last muffin. Being raised by succubus has made her an easier person to get then most girls, but her battle frenzy love has also made her adore pain, to the point in which she loves it and craves it from men occasionally. Her loyalty is rather iffy as she will just as easily turn on her allies if it meant a more epic battle. Of course she isn't stupid enough to do that all the time and has even shown to be able to manipulate men into giving her what she needs, and quickly banding whatever forces are left around her and forming a hair brained scheme. 

Appearance: (Her when in her armour and holding sword) http://i44.tinypic.com/nc13ir.png 

Yen stands at an imposing six feet four inches, her face is smooth and normally has a small smile on it most of the time. On her left eye is a black eye patch while her exposed eye is red. Her hair is long and silky when she takes the helmet off and it reaches down below her shoulders to a few inches above her elbow. Resting on he red hair are two curved small (four inches high) black horns that are positioned on the center of her head. Her body has an hour glass shape and a larger then average chest and bosom. When wearing her helmet she tucks her hair into her armour, in a ponytail snaking down along her spine while the helmet has it's own mane on it (As shown in picture)   

History: Yen's life was originally looking to be amazing and joyous even before her birth. Her mother and father were well respected paladins and had held crusades against evil and darkness. What was not expected was for a group of Demon raiders called the Lonep to assault the cathedral she was in and isolate the mother. The seer for the group of demons had predicted that if Yen was born she would lead a massive war on the Overlord and everything they knew and throw the world in dissaray. To prevent this they had at first attempted to kill the baby before it came out, but instead began to cast a curse on the baby so that it would be a Demon and thus a champion for darkness. Sadly they had come to late and the spell was only partially through when she had come through. Taking her in they set the cathedral ablaze and escaped into the night sky. 

Yen was soon thrown in with the pirates group of succubus sluts and entertainers, there she served as a wine holder or just stood and watched most of the time. After four hundred years of that they finally threw her in as a slut aswell, she had liked it at first but she soon had to fend against some of the more idiotic pirates. She became fed up with them and in the hush of the night she escaped, she wandered around for a year until she was picked up by a group of necromancers, Blood Knights, and other nefarious criminals barely banded together. She trained under the wing of the incubus Shalboon For six hundred years before she had her armor and sword forged and she was a fully fledged Blood Knight. Seventy years later the criminal organization she was in disbanded and she quickly left town to avoid a majority of the criminals who no longer had a boss to stop them from killing her. She spent fourty five more years doing something she had thought was the greatest gift in her life, mercenary jobs. In which she was literaly being payed to do what she loved, go crazy and beat things up. 

It was on one of these missions that a group of thirty enemys she made in the organization had ambushed her and caused her to run away. Afterwards she escaped to the academy thinking it was a safer way to get stronger without nearly killing herself in the process.

Reason for attending the Academy: She wishes to become more powerful in her arts and to beat the shit out of as many people as possible.

Misc: Her armor is tweaked to fit her body (that means it has curves and the other parts the picture is just a general idea) 
The Blood Knight is a hybrid between the Heavy Knight and a original form of Mage called a Blood Mage (Also refered to as Doom Mages) 
-Her voice becomes deep throated, demonic, and gutteral when she is wearing the helmet but returns to it's seductive lullaby voice when she takes it off.
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