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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Silent Hill: Abandoned Children of God (IC)

Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:05 am

Ethan West - somewhere

Ethan's back slid down the wall as he lent against it until he was in a sitting position. After running from the scene in front of the school he was a bit short on breath. "Would you look at me, acting all manly and running away." In his futile attempt at brushing the brief incident he found himself looking up at the what use to be the fog covered sky. Naturally the thick fog made it impossible to see the night sky but the reddish hell that enveloped it now made the boring old fog very much missed. "That sky kinda looks like a blood cover vagina now. I liked it better when I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me." The red tint, the smell of rust, the blood stains, they all didn't really help in anyway shape or form about how he feels about this place. In all this Ethan also noticed his was trying to grip his gun but only found an empty holster. "That's right." He voiced aloud. "I dropped my gun in that dammed river not long after coming to this town, then I decided sit and get drunk on that bench." Normally denial would be an unconventional ally to him, but this time he just could't seem to forget about it. It felt too real to be a dream ether. A small meaningless smile crept up on his face. This really feels like one of those grainy grind house flicks. Before long he decided to plan his next move before any cosmic anvils descend from on high.

Re: Silent Hill: Abandoned Children of God (IC)

Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:02 am

~Harr Esun Blake~ Garage on Bloch~

The monster reacted just as quickly as the boy did. As soon as he screamed, so did Giant. He lifted his body up as fast as he could, and swung his arm, barely touching the clothes on his back.

Giant turned himself over, crawling through the garage door. With both hands and feet working together, he could make long strides, able to keep up with Harr. The children and babies cried in pain as the chain pulled at their bodies and dragged them on the concrete and metal pavement.

~Ethen West~

Down the street was nothing but blackness. Everything around Ethen was consumed in blackness, ominous darkness. Down the street, if Ethen could remember, was the Balkan Church. He remembered many people of Silent Hill went to that church, himself included at times. As he would move down the street, toward the church, he would notice graffiti on the rusty walls of the near by buildings. Not just normal graffiti though, it was colorful and bright with misspelled words and smiley faces and arrows pointing at the church.

“Ethen, if yu need help, pleese come tu the church.”

Re: Silent Hill: Abandoned Children of God (IC)

Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:11 am

Harr Blake – Going the Wrong Way

Harr cried as he bolted down the street, turning right on Bachman, going north. He covered his left ear with his left hand, his right hand occupied with the bat, his bag banging gently against his back and the bandages coarse against his face. Don’t you dare try to cover your right ear, Alecks growled at him, You’ll knock yourself with that fucking bat.

Re: Silent Hill: Abandoned Children of God (IC)

Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:48 pm

Lorena Samhain- Inside Midwich Elementary.

She cleared her throat. "S-sure. She seems to be from here, I think we could trust her." she said hoarsely. She didn't trust either of them, frankly, but could you blame her? Just look at this place. She then inhaled deeply and reached her hand into her pocket, feeling for the letter, and gripped it tightly. This..this is all insane. she said, and glanced at the man. "H-how did you get here, may I ask? This place is completely abandoned, and not somewhere I would expect to find other people."

Re: Silent Hill: Abandoned Children of God (IC)

Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:06 pm

Vincent Maxwell--Wandering Koontz Street; Freaking in the Bookstore

Vincent opened one eye upon feeling the ax stop in its tracks. He was genuinely surprised that he had actually managed to make contact as the monster screeched in pain. But his inner victory was shortly lived as he cried out in shock and panic once the monster swiped at him. It cut the side of his leg as he tried to dodge it. He cursed out loud, tugging on the handle of the ax as he tried to retract it from the monster's arm. He kicked were the ax was lodged, abusing the monster's wounded arm before finally the ax came out with a pop. He stumbled back but revved up his arm speed once he caught his balance and aimed for the head of the monster again.
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